NoCodefossfreedom: tbh, this is how I've always set up my system. But this install seems to be different/changed. I'll ask elsewhere.00:17
NoCodeOkay, I've found that the session manager isn't hooking into PAM properly. In Budgie, ulimit -l" suggests 64. While I've set it to unlimited. I've logged into virtual console to get "ulimit -d" which suggests unlimited. How can I fix this issue?04:03
NoCodeDoes Budgie use Lightdm as default?04:09
Cl4ra-frHello everyone07:56
Cl4ra-frI just installed ubuntu budgie, it's great, but i have a problem :(07:57
Cl4ra-frI installed gnome-boxes in order to have some VMs but i can't manage to make my mouse and keyboard work inside of these VM07:58
NoCodeStill having issues even try to see if gdm would fix the issue12:56
NoCodeI'm memlock'd to 64 in Budgie. But virtual console I am at unlimited.12:57
NoCodeSo instead of /etc/pam.d/common-session, I put session required pam_limits.so in /etc/pam.d/systemd-user. memlock has changed from 64 to unlimited. Hopefully that's the proper way to fix it.13:29
fossfreedomNoCode, yes - the greeter is a lightdm greeter called "slick greeter"16:16
fossfreedomthe session manager is gnome-session16:16
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dlaube_deis there any reason for network manager being a dependency for budgie-desktop?20:39
dlaube_dei feel like even the minimal package has too many dependencies that are not required20:40
fossfreedomdlaube_de, that is an upstream issue - the network applet is specifically coded to display in the system tray.  It isnt optional in its current coded form.22:57
NoCodeI'm glad with all the changes I had to endow the last day, everything has worked well. No meltdown yet.23:32
fossfreedomsounds like good news NoCode23:33
NoCodeI hope so23:34
NoCodefossfreedom: That PAM change in systemd-user, does that sound right?23:34
fossfreedomsorry - I'm not an SME in this area so cannot say if its correct or not correct.23:35
NoCodeah ok23:35
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