snadgewhat about the PCID patch, is that being backported as well as pti? or is the priority just to get it patched02:51
pizzadudewhy hasn't ubuntu patched the kernel for meltdown yet?07:03
tsimonq2pizzadude: The original disclosure date was on Tuesday, so they sort of planned for it I guess07:06
tsimonq2pizzadude: I know they're working at it, but you can only go so fast when your deadline moves up, no?07:06
tsimonq2(I'm not on the kernel team by the way, just an interested bystander)07:06
pizzadudeis the mainline kernel 4.14.12 that ubuntu compiles patched? cuz im using that07:07
pizzadude(for now)07:07
tsimonq2Should be, if it's mainline07:07
tsimonq2Not sure though07:07
pizzadudeok, i think it is, since i get "bugs: cpu-insecure" in /proc/cpuinfo07:07
f_gapw: thanks for all your work in the past week and this weekend! I'm sure it has been long..20:12
f_gcurrent branches did not show any problems so far, and we've begung rolling out to our downstream users. will report back any negative feedback.20:12
f_g(thanks also to the rest of the kernel team of course!)20:13
=== cyberzeus_ is now known as cyberzeus
bjff_g, we have test kernels available: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/SpectreAndMeltdown21:56

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