mate|85587gdebi doesnt work04:59
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alexey_Hi all. I see patches for Meltdown&Spectre will be available for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for Linux 4.4. Is it means if I have Linux 4.10.x x86_64 I cant use this patch?11:36
alexey_Thx for answers.11:37
sixwheeledbeastI believe it will be released just for 3.13, 4.4 and 4.13 on 9 Jan12:00
sixwheeledbeast4.10 kernel was the latest available for Zesty which is EOL. You should ideally be using 4.13 Kernel if you need something later than 4.4 provided with Xenial.12:13
kk_my display looks very large14:08
kk_hw do i customize it?14:08
mate|4831Just loaded mate and the tweek function does not work?  is this common?15:12
usrshvhi! How can i set the fan (in laptop) to be always at max speed?15:29
diogenes_usrshv, why?15:31
usrshvdiogenes_ because the laptop is about 79 C, every time i playing 0AD.15:32
diogenes_it's inevitable, your fan is autoadjusting to the cpu/gpu temp.15:34
diogenes_you could check in bios.15:34
usrshvI were find nothing in bios.. there is really no way?15:35
diogenes_usrshv, maybe you could reboot and sometimes fans start running in full power after reboot.15:37
mate|4831any ideas why tweek does not work?15:38
diogenes_usrshv, read: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/fan_speed_control15:38
usrshvJust lm-sensors says that critical temp is 85, high is 80. And i hear fans at maximum (loudly) only at start of the system. Worse thing - lm-sensors not see my fan!15:39
usrshvdiogenes_ thanks for link, also!15:40
diogenes_usrshv, it's high time for you to clean pc and replace thermal past15:41
UlstermanLoaded a new copy of mate on a clean ubuntu and tweak will not work?  Any ideas15:45
usrshvdiogenes_ ... I only say, that windows worked good. So i, of course, will check for cleaning. But not until i hear fan LOUD again. Fan work slow - that is a trouble. Always slow, even under load. Thanks!15:46
mate|58419someone is there?16:40
mate|58419I'm fairly new in bash scripting, could anyone suggest what is the best way to go through and make it work?16:41
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swift110hey all23:52

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