tsimonq2Anyone around to chat about RAI in #ubuntu-google?04:58
tsimonq2(Well, anyone who's op there, ofc :) )04:58
tsimonq2I'll stick around here for the next ~ 30 mins I guess05:00
tsimonq2The tl;dr is that he seems to be a troll that should be banned.05:00
tsimonq2*sigh* I hate to be That Guy who triggers it, but I'll do an !ops there soon if nobody seems to be around...05:09
JackFrostThe technically accurate operator channel for that one defaults to #ubuntu-irc, though I doubt the other op there is around either.05:21
tsimonq2Oh, hey, someone :)05:21
tsimonq2JackFrost: Alright, but do you have access to do something about it yourself?05:22
dax( specifically: anything mentioned in either list on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/Scope is here, rest are #ubuntu-irc. though we're not hugely inconvenienced by it )05:22
tsimonq2Good to know.05:22
JackFrostdax: jose is there, only reason I bothered.05:22
tsimonq2As a side note, how would I apply to get OP access there?05:23
daxtalk to jose, he has founder access05:23
tsimonq2Alright, will do.05:23
daxoh, balloons and popey could do it too05:23
dax(and since I'm being educational tonight, I found that out with /msg chanserv access #ubuntu-google list. people who can assign +o have either +F or +f+o in the list on the right side)05:26
tsimonq2Oh, TIL.05:27
tsimonq2(I see nobody's kicked me in here, while I'm only OP in two fairly low volume channels, am I cool to idle in here, or would #ubuntu-irc be better?)07:32
elthe fewer in here the better tbh07:37
tsimonq2I'll exit, y'all know where to find me :)07:38

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