McJuicydoes the key to my encrypted home partition get evicted when my laptop is suspended?00:04
McJuicyor at least when the lid is closed?00:04
kandinskihi, the "host" command doesn't work on my laptop. I look at resolv.conf, and it says nameserver, despite the fact that I set on my network connection in NetworkManager00:08
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kandinskigoogling ["host" command] doesn't help much. Any idea what I should look at to fix this?00:09
tanubis@kandinski which version of ubuntu are you using, and do you have anything else managing network settings on your laptop such as a VPN?00:10
XXCoderHP laptops is very hot!00:12
XXCoderliterally. they are recalling batteries and sening tech to replace em.00:12
tanubis@kandinski That looks like you are running resolution through systemd; you can check systemd-resolve --status to see actual nameservers in use.00:12
kandinskitanubis: I'm using 17.04, and I use VPNs too, via NetworkManager, but right now I'm not connected to a VPN00:13
kandinski(I know 17.10 is the supported one now, but I need to get work done before a trip, can't stop and upgrade)00:14
XXCoderdid they fix bios killing bug in 17.10?00:14
adman120hey quick question, on .service files can i say uid instead of user?00:20
tanubis@kandinski do you see as a nameserver under systemd-resolve --status?00:27
speedy__Hello everyone.00:28
kandinskitanubis: I do, for link 2 (eth0)00:29
speedy__I ave a ati mis r580 gaming x 8gb---- how do i install the drivers for it? -----how do i get the sound to play through hdmi to my tv?00:29
TheLoraxI'm having trouble finding packages on ubuntu. I'm using 18.04, and http://packages.ubuntu.com is not turning up an obvious match for a "gtk3" search00:30
brainwas1TheLorax: gtk-300:31
TheLoraxgtk+3.0 seemed to work on the commandline00:32
TheLoraxbut provides no match on packages.ubuntu.com00:32
gracious1Had a major crash and burn with Basilisk just now.00:34
gracious1Completely froze, a lot of errors in Terminal window00:34
speedy__I have a ATI MSI r580 gaming x 8gb---- How do I install the drivers for it?00:35
kandinskitanuki: there is no link 1, link 3 is wlan0 (same DNS server, as expected) and link 4 is vboxnet000:35
adman120hey quick question, on .service files can i say uid instead of user?00:36
brainwas1adman120: I would guess no. however, I did not read the man page, nor did I test it (which is pretty easy to do, isn't it?)00:37
Bashing-omkandinski: vbox; Maybe ?? . See: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bug/1624320 .00:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1624320 in systemd (Ubuntu) "systemd-resolved appends to resolv.conf alongside existing entries" [Low,Confirmed]00:40
kandinskiBashing-om: thanks, looking into it00:40
kandinskiBashing-om: except that my resolv.conf looks like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26336272/00:41
Bashing-omkandinski: Yeah, standard desktop network manager config . But you are attempting a bridge, no ?00:44
kandinskiI don't know what I'm attempting. I just installed standard ubuntu packages and the 'host' command stopped working. I do write code for a living, but I don't know that much about networking.00:45
Bashing-omkandinski: systemd and netplan is a whole new ball game . I too do not know nuch about this new management system .00:46
tomreynspeedy__: they will install by default00:47
tomreynthe driver is called amdgpu00:48
tomreyn(this is starting ubuntu 16.04 lts)00:48
speedy__tomreyn, how do i check?00:48
speedy__dpkg -l amdgpu-pro00:49
speedy__dpkg-query: no packages found matching amdgpu-pro00:49
tomreynspeedy__: sudo lspci -k | grep -A3 VGA | grep Kernel00:51
tomreynspeedy__: it should say "Kernel driver in use: amdgpu". if you want amdgpu-pro you'll need to follow the instructions available on amd's website. i don't think this is packaged, yet-00:54
Bashing-omkandinski: Looking at ' man hostnamectl ' . seems this is the way to go now-a-days .00:54
speedy__nothing happened..00:55
tomreynspeedy__: are you talking to me? if so, nothing happened when you did what?00:55
speedy__sudo lspci -k | grep -A3 VGA | grep Kernel00:56
speedy__speedy@speedy:~$  sudo lspci -k | grep -A3 VGA | grep Kernel00:56
kandinskiBashing-om: ta very much00:56
tomreynspeedy__: what happens if you just run "sudo lspci -k | grep -A3 VGA"00:56
kandinskiI need to cook for the fam now, but I'll come back to this later.00:56
speedy__ sudo lspci -k | grep -A3 VGA00:57
speedy__01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Device 67df (rev e7)00:57
speedy__Subsystem: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. [MSI] Device 341900:57
speedy__01:00.1 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Device aaf000:57
speedy__Subsystem: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. [MSI] Device aaf000:57
Bashing-omkandinski: Got to take care of what is important :)00:57
tomreyn!paste | speedy__00:57
ubottuspeedy__: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:57
tomreynspeedy__: which ubuntu release is this?00:58
tomreynspeedy__: lsb_release -ds00:58
tomreynspeedy__: 16.04.0 then?00:59
Orvalvisjedoes there exist a program in ubuntu 16.04 to program the hour when your pc turns of? Not sleeping, not idle, really, physically turning of. (closing all programs that are running in the proces as well)00:59
Orvalvisjelike the opposite principle of an alarm clock01:00
speedy__tomreyn, how do i check in cli?01:01
tomreynOrvalvisje: you can configure a cron job to run 'shutdown', but you'll loose any unsaved data of running desktop applications.01:01
tomreynspeedy__: run: lsb_release -ds01:02
XXCoderjust retighten it, it;ll be fine01:02
Orvalvisjetomreyn: what's a cron job?01:02
loltrollhow is 16.04 situated wrt meltdown and spectacle?01:02
tomreyn!cron | Orvalvisje01:02
ubottuOrvalvisje: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto01:02
tomreynloltroll: there's a patch for firefox available. other patches are being worked on. it's "spectre" btw.01:03
tomreyn!kpti | Orvalvisje01:04
ubottuOrvalvisje: Spectre and Meltdown are security issues that affect most processors, mitigated by a set of Linux kernel patches named KPTI. | General info: https://spectreattack.com/ | Ubuntu (and flavors) info: http://ubottu.com/y/ubukpti/ | An Ubuntu Security Notice will be released when updates are available, subscribe at https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/01:04
tomreynsorry, this was for loltroll ^01:04
Orvalvisjeno prob01:04
Orvalvisjethanks fot the info, will have a read through the site you linked01:04
loltrollIf I just do regular apt-get upgrade then the patches will show up sooner or later, right?01:05
speedy__tomreyn, Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS01:05
tomreynloltroll: yes, if you also have intel-microcode installed (assuming you have an intel cpu)01:05
billythekidI am trying to set the umask to 077 on my 17.10. When I create files on console it works normally but if I create one with a GUI editor it gets 644... I tried modifying the following files: /etc/login.defs, /etc/profile, ~/.bashrc. Do I miss something?01:06
loltrollgot intel but don't know nothing about microcode.01:06
tomreynloltroll: from your desktops' main menu, select settings -> additional drivers, and make use "Using Processor microcode firmware..." is active01:07
loltrollthat's for kubuntu?01:08
loltrolloh, nvm, found it.01:08
tomreynbillythekid: did you logout and in again?01:10
billythekidtomreyn: yes01:15
billythekidI'm reading about the "session optional pam_umask.so"01:15
billythekiddo I need to pass the parameter there instead?01:15
tomreynbillythekid: editing ~/.profile should suffice01:19
billythekiddude I have it all over the place... :(01:19
tomreynbillythekid: also ~/.bash_profile if you use bash01:19
billythekidin bash it works fine, from GUI it does not01:20
tomreynbillythekid: oh so in a virtual terminal you get the right umask but not using e.g. a graphical file browser?01:21
tomreynbillythekid: which graphical desktop and ubuntu release are these?01:21
billythekidubuntu 17.10, Gnome01:22
tomreynbillythekid: maybe you also need it in ~/.xsessionrc01:24
tomreynbut i really dont know then01:24
billythekidhmm thx let me give it a try01:24
billythekidtomreyn: so basically put "UMASK 077" in ~/.xsessionrc right?01:26
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billythekidand then reload gnome01:26
tomreynbillythekid: it's lower case, everywehre01:27
billythekidright only on /etc/login.defs is upercase01:28
tomreynyes, but this will change it system wide01:28
billythekidyes, I basically have it in 3 places but still does not work :P01:29
billythekidlet me try the 4th that you suggested01:29
billythekidbrb :)01:29
billythekidtomaw: that did not do it either... :(01:33
tomreynbillythekid: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/254378/how-to-set-umask-for-the-entire-gnome-session01:35
tomreyn2nd answer01:35
michael2does anyone know if its possbible under ubuntu's license/policy for packages in universe to not have source code available?01:37
billythekid$ grep Umask /proc/2913/status returns Umask:002201:37
billythekidlol... :P01:37
billythekidtomreyn: spot on01:37
billythekidtomreyn: should not the setting on /etc/profile override this?01:38
billythekidI have it in /etc/profile AND /etc/login.defs. it should be the default for all users right?01:38
billythekidlet me try one of the 2 solutions listed in the link...01:40
billythekidtomaw: I tried adding a record in .gnomerc and also "systemctl --user edit dbus"01:55
billythekidnothing works...01:55
billythekidgiven that setting Umask in /etc/login.defs affects the entire system, should not it be working also for gnome?01:56
McJuicydoes the private key for my encrypted home folder get evicted from RAM when the computer is suspended?02:05
gracious1I seem to be having trouble staying connected...02:11
laptopI finally got the printers to work in ubunt02:31
* ykoda cheers02:31
laptopother than firefox or there any other mitigation strategies for meltdown or spectre02:32
laptopi.e. updates02:32
laptopand has archlinux and gentoo already patched with the new kernel02:32
laptopis the 4.14 linux kernel universal to debian, arch, and gentoo02:33
Ben64laptop: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2018/01/04/ubuntu-updates-for-the-meltdown-spectre-vulnerabilities/02:34
laptopwould you recommend getting AMD and just tossing the intel processor machines02:35
Ben64up to you02:35
laptopI mean spectre effects everyone and buying a $2000 machine seems kind of pointless02:35
laiththe internet on ubuntu is very slow02:40
laithwhat sould i do?02:40
laithand i have a question mark on wifi icon02:41
bonhoefferafter several failed connections, I'm getting ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused02:54
bonhoefferi'm worried that i've made too many failed attempts -- how can i check the server logs?02:55
bonhoefferi restarted the ssh service02:57
Ben64cat /var/log/auth.log02:57
bonhoefferbut still no connection -- looking in that log02:57
Ben64theres other logs too02:57
bonhoefferok -- i can put in a password again02:59
bonhoefferso timeout must have passed02:59
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bonhoefferBen64: thanks for the pointer -- that was the right log03:02
Ben64cool np03:02
bonhoeffertypo -- i granted sftp access by password to a particular user -- i can get into the directory with their password, but they don't have permissions there to change anything03:03
bonhoefferthey belong to the group that owns that directory03:04
striveWe're closed.03:39
striveCome back to tomorrow.03:40
leftyfbstrive: please don't do that03:40
leftyfblaptop: do you have a support question?03:40
laptopI still need help with updates for meltdown03:42
leftyfblaptop: Any security updates will come as they are released. Just run your updates and you'll get them when they are released.03:43
leftyfblaptop: also, the recent security issues aren't really anything for the average user to worry about. They're been no exploits in the wild, it will take a lot of work for someone to exploit the bugs and someone needs to be logged into your machine.03:44
michael2hi, can does anyone know if ubuntu documents its licensing and ethical policy for packages in universe, i.e. its policies are detailed at the foollowing link for main and restricted.03:46
leftyfblaptop: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/SpectreAndMeltdown03:46
Checkmatehow much time to remove dupplicate strings ,for a file with 23GB03:46
leftyfbCheckmate: there's lots of variables to determine that03:47
michael2specifically im interested to know if there are any conditions under which non-open source programs can be included in universe packages?03:47
Checkmategive me some i do pv but not very helpfull03:47
leftyfbCheckmate: drive speed, memory, cpu, file type, number of lines in the file, number of characters03:48
laptopanyone try bodhi, is it faster than lbuntu for playing games03:48
laptopmy assumption is lubuntu is faster03:49
Checkmateleftyfb i want something to know like Progress Bar03:49
Checkmateso i can check how much left03:50
leftyfblaptop: bodhi linux isn't supported here03:50
leftyfbCheckmate: pv might be your only way03:50
Checkmateleftyfb the script already running !!03:50
leftyfbthen no03:50
Svetalaptop: bodhi uses a Moksha window manager - could try that on your ubuntu but Moksha isn't packaged, so you would need to create a package locally03:51
Svetalaptop: (or alternatively try both distros in a vm to compare performance)03:52
Svetalaptop: http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/packaging-new-software.html has a guide to making your own package if you are interested in that option03:53
Checkmateleftyfb stat -c "%s"  ??03:54
Svetalaptop: also, http://www.bodhilinux.com/moksha-desktop/ suggests that installing 'e17' (enlightenment wm) on ubuntu may give you a vaguely similar performance03:54
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V7Hey all04:22
V7The strange thing04:22
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V7The booted system can't mount a disk with uuid which is not in blkid04:22
=== NotHappyHotDog is now known as HappyHotDog
V7Btw it doesn't boot properly because shows initramfs04:24
adman120hey does anyone know how to clear mono dns cache04:27
cpcatMy ubuntu laptop is connected to my TV via HDMI.  The TV is getting a picture just like a 2nd monitor but the sound isn't routed to the TV.  I don't want the laptop sound.04:28
Svetacpcat: did you try to specify the sound in system settings?04:30
adman120hey does anyone know how to clear mono dns cache04:32
Svetaadman120: programmatically or you need a button?04:32
adman120just once04:32
adman120Sveta i just need a command that i can type04:33
cpcatSveta: they are enabled.04:33
cpcatGot it thanks.04:34
Svetacpcat: ok04:35
V7It's strange04:35
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yucasper▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ LRH IS LIVE NOW!! TODAYS EDITION SLIMER GETS FUCKED IN VEGAS!! https://www.youtube.com/user/l0de/live CALL 315-505-4666 jhhsr: jackmcbarn percY- TheLorax ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄04:36
V7Could anyoine help me out with this one: the system says it can't mount some disk with uuid which doesn't exists in /etc/fstab04:36
lotuspsychje!fstab | V704:37
ubottuV7: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.pclosmag.com/html/Issues/200709/page07.html and !Partitions04:37
V7Already checked04:37
V7fstab has all blkid values04:37
lotuspsychjeV7: did you add recently harddisk or so?04:38
oerheksif that disk is dirty ( not closed clean ) this happens too, run fsck on it?04:39
adman120Sveta please?04:39
V7lotuspsychje: removed all from / and copied from backed up archive, but before formatted / partition04:40
V7Now I see initramfs screen04:40
V7So I guess kernel can't mount /04:40
Svetaadman120: i've found `ServicePointManager.DnsRefreshTimeout` setting in mono can help, but i don't see proper documentation for it, it may be worth asking #mono at irc.gnome.org04:42
lotuspsychjeV7: does your backup match your harddisks?04:42
oerheksV7 please don't crosspost, not fair for volunteers ..04:42
V7lotuspsychje: You mean grub's config ?04:43
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Guest35520hello everyone .. i closed terminal during update command and now it's locked. what do i do?05:18
XXCoderGuest35520: I guess lock file still exists so it cant run05:19
Guest35520hello everyone .. i closed terminal during update command and now it's locked. what do i do :D05:20
Guest35520deleted those files :D05:21
XXCoderyou deleted the lock file?05:23
Guest35520yes - it should reset now by itself. that what the google said05:24
lotuspsychje!cookie | google05:26
ubottugoogle: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!05:26
XXCoderwell guess it fixed itself or something since guy left05:30
XXCodernothing in computing world I hate worse than self-resolving problem lol05:30
V7Anyone ?05:33
V7All steps: on working machine it was copied into tar.gz arhive and an arhive was copied without /sys /media /mnt /home /proc to other storage. After that /dev/sda1 which is / was formatted and this arhive was extracted to /dev/sda1. After that grub said it can't find uuid so grub was reconfigured and /etc/fstab was rewritten. After that I've got kernel panic: "like it sync or smth. like that"05:36
JOHNSONhii cananyone help me05:36
JOHNSONplzz  help me05:37
lotuspsychje!ask | JOHNSON05:37
ubottuJOHNSON: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:37
JOHNSONi have downloaded ubuntu mate image ad64 and want to do a testuite05:38
JOHNSONplzz help05:39
XXCoderwhat is testuie05:39
XXCoderokay heh05:41
Guest972join #vim05:46
draguu#blender coder06:24
arunkumar413do we have patches for the hardware security flaws recently discovered in intel processors?06:29
Svetayes, just click update in your update manager and the relevant updates will be offered for you to install06:31
TaZeRi opted out of the patch for this because i didnt want to lose 30% cpu performance on my already slow computer06:33
lotuspsychje!kpti | arunkumar41306:34
ubottuarunkumar413: Spectre and Meltdown are security issues that affect most processors, mitigated by a set of Linux kernel patches named KPTI. | General info: https://spectreattack.com/ | Ubuntu (and flavors) info: http://ubottu.com/y/ubukpti/ | An Ubuntu Security Notice will be released when updates are available, subscribe at https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/06:34
TaZeRthe chances anyone would want to hack my puny little computer is pretty much nothing06:34
TaZeRand if they do i will restore a backup06:34
alkisgBots do it automatically, they don't target individuals06:34
alkisgYou may see a 80% decrease by being part of a botnet06:35
alkisgAnd not ever realize it :)06:35
TaZeRstill not very likely to happen, and like i said it it does i can just do a system restore06:35
alkisgIF you realize it, sure06:35
TaZeRnot worth losing half my cpu power everyday06:35
TaZeRif being hacked really slows u down that much then id notice06:36
kkremitzki30% and 50% are pretty different, and besides, 30% was IIRC the *upper* estimate on certain types of workloads06:36
alkisgI've seen bots that pause when you try to run `top` or similar06:36
speedmannloosing all your money should be worth a few percent of performance loss06:37
alkisgSo you don't realize they take up cpu06:37
speedmanngetting possibly all your passwords stolen is a very high risk06:37
TaZeRits not a big deal to me, nothing i do online is THAT important that a simple password reset wont fix06:37
alkisgNo online banking i presume...06:38
speedmannno amazon, no paypal, no mail no nothing06:38
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XXCoderTaZeR: its not all cpu, there could be keyloggers and stuff06:45
XXCoderim sure not all your usage is porn, but some is bank and such06:46
V7Hey all07:02
V7So why https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem/TAR doesn't work ?07:02
V7I've made a tar.gz of the whole system with a command suggested.07:02
V7After that I've formatted partition, extracted arhive, changed /etc/fstab and grub.cfg, but now I get Kernel Panic07:03
pizzadudewhy hasn't ubuntu patched the kernel for meltdown yet?07:03
EriC^^pizzadude: it's on jan 9th07:05
pizzadudewhy that date? the vuln was disclosed already07:05
V7pizzadude: They are copying needed stuff from attacked so ... just wait some time while password are copying ... would you07:06
V7You know ... give some hackers some time ...07:06
pizzadude; - P07:08
EriC^^pizzadude: someone was saying that they had planned on jan 9th but it got released without their knowledge07:08
pizzadudeok, why is it so hard to git pull and merge the changes?07:09
pizzadudeand create a .deb07:09
EriC^^i dunno maybe it's not done yet or something07:09
pizzadudei see07:10
pizzadudewell i'll just keep using mainline for now until then07:10
ix_Debian has released a kernel update for the Meltdown bug on the 4th07:11
V7pizzadude: I told you ... just wait some time on net while you creds are transferring to rogue one .. (hope not)07:11
pizzadude...ok dude...we get it...you're trying to be shady...07:11
alkisgV7: upload a screenshot of the kernel panic07:12
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:12
V7alkisg: https://i.imgur.com/21Gngsu.jpg07:12
alkisgV7: could be you have the wrong uuid. Boot from a live cd to reinstall grub07:12
V7alkisg: Already changed grub.cfg and /etc/fstab07:13
alkisgBtw, you were root while tar/untarring, right?07:13
alkisgV7: not enough, did you reinstall grub?07:13
V7nope, jsut changed grub.cfg07:13
alkisgNot enough07:13
V7How to chroot then there ?07:13
alkisgAnd you also need to update-initramfs -u, in order for fstab to go to initramfs07:13
alkisgAre you on the live cd now?07:14
alkisgsudo lsblk --fs==> pastebin07:14
V7alkisg: no such blkblk07:14
V7lsblk *07:14
alkisgRead again07:14
alkisgCopy/paste it07:14
V7livecd is ubuntu server07:14
V7fdisk ?07:15
alkisgWhich one is your main partition, sda1?07:15
alkisgsudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt; ls -lha /mnt/bin | nc termbin.com 999907:15
alkisgV7: bios or uefi? mbr or gpt?07:17
V7bios and dos (mbr)07:17
alkisgfor d in proc sys dev dev/dpts; do mount --bind /$d /mnt/$d; done07:18
alkisg(all as root)07:18
alkisgchroot /mnt07:18
alkisgdpkg-reconfigure grub-pc07:18
EriC^^^ typo in /dev/dpts07:18
alkisgupdate-initramfs -u07:18
alkisgTy EriC^^, V7 note the typo there07:18
EriC^^(should be dev/pts)07:18
alkisgV7: those should be enough, but for good measure, also upload this: ( blkid; cat /mnt/etc/fstab ) | nc termbin.com 999907:19
V7alkisg: when chroot: can't execute '/bin/sh': No such file or directory07:19
alkisgV7: and, ls -lha /mnt/bin/sh shows it's there?07:20
alkisgOr did you change some of the commands?07:20
V7yup and it's link to dash07:20
V7I didn't change there anything07:20
alkisgV7: dpkg --print-architecture07:21
V7no such dpkg07:21
alkisgV7: so the ubuntu server cd does not have dpkg?07:21
alkisgAre you sure you're using ubuntu?07:21
V7uname -a says x86_6407:22
V7alkisg: yes07:22
alkisgHrm... what do you get if you directly try to run: /mnt/bin/dash07:22
V7alkisg: https://i.imgur.com/4U37yZN.jpg this's how it looks like when I'm in rescue ubuntu server's livecd07:23
V7alkisg: I see #07:24
V7So ... that means that dash works ... isn't it ?07:24
alkisgOK, type exit07:24
alkisgThen try: chroot /mnt /bin/dash07:24
alkisgDoes that give you a shell?07:25
echelonhi, i just installed ubuntu in qemu, but i just get 800x600 screen resolution07:25
V7alkisg: chroot: can't execute '/bin/dash': No such file...07:25
alkisgV7: that's strange. Can you boot with the ubuntu desktop live cd instead?07:26
alkisgechelon: what's the output of `xrandr | nc termbin.com 9999` ?07:26
echeloni read that -vga std is supposed to support up to 2560x160007:26
V7Ok ... I'll try to, but is it necessary ?07:26
V7Look alkisg I've tried to backup like in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem/TAR was said07:27
echelonalkisg: http://termbin.com/sxna07:27
V7So ... I've created an arhive in booted up OS and after that I've formatted /dev/sda1 to check if it works. So after that I've tried to extract an arhive to /dev/sda1 and I got uuid error ... so I've changed /etc/fstab and grub.cfg07:28
alkisgV7: yup, I get that, but having dash there and being able to execute it normally but not with  chroot, doesn't add up07:28
V7Also I've understood that I've missed grub reinstallation, but for it I need to chroot into /dev/sda1, but chroot doesn't work. So why it would be happening ?07:29
V7Could it be because of libraries ?07:29
alkisgYes, it may07:29
alkisgechelon: what qemu command line are you using?07:29
V7How we would check that and how it could didn't copy into backup archive >07:29
alkisgV7: i would prefer to work from a real system instead of from a server session which is very limited07:30
alkisgV7: it may introduce additional issues that I wouldn't want to bother with07:30
echelonalkisg: qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm -machine q35,accel=kvm -device intel-iommu -cpu host -boot order=c -drive file=lubuntu,format=raw -m 2G -vga std -nographic -vnc :007:31
V7alkisg: Started to download ubuntu desktop07:32
alkisgechelon: -vga std offers me a lot of resolutions here, but vnc :0 doesn't work and says: qemu-system-x86_64: -vnc :0: Failed to start VNC server: Failed to create socket: Address family not supported by protocol07:35
echelonaddress family? ^_- are you using ipv6 or something?07:36
echelonhow about -vnc
alkisgAh, maybe it meant "port already in use" :)07:36
alkisgTrying vnc :2...07:36
alkisgechelon: works for me07:37
alkisgI get 5 resolutions, using 16.04.3 on both host and guest07:37
echelondid you install any particular guest drivers?07:37
alkisgUsing the live cd07:38
alkisgSo nothing installed07:38
alkisgechelon: are you using wayland?07:38
alkisgE.g. 17.10?07:38
echelonalkisg: yeah07:39
alkisgechelon: ah, that's why then07:39
echelonwhy :/07:40
alkisgwayland only shows 1 resolution to xrandr07:40
alkisgAnd you need the wayland-specific way to change resolutions07:40
alkisgNot xrandr etc07:40
echelonoh boy07:40
echelonhow's that07:40
alkisgIf that's ubuntu 17.10, there's a display settings dialog in the control panel or something07:40
V7Btw thank you very much alkisg for trying07:40
alkisgV7: np07:40
echelonalkisg: i see "monitor settings" under preferences07:41
alkisgSomething like that, yes, I'm not using gnome07:41
echelonand it brings up a "display settings" dialog box07:41
echelonit's lxde07:42
alkisglxde is using wayland? that sounds strange07:42
echelonanyway, under resolution, it also shows only 800x60007:42
alkisgps aux|grep -i wayland07:42
alkisgDoes that show anything wayland-ish?07:42
alkisgor, ps aux|grep -i xorg07:42
echelonnothing shows for wayland07:42
echeloni see xorg-core process,07:43
alkisgThat doesn't sound like wayland then07:43
echelonso should i just edit xorg.conf?07:44
echeloneh, there isn't an xorg.conf07:44
alkisgBy default there's no xorg.conf07:45
alkisgechelon: do you have some livecd.iso that you could test with, using the same command line?07:45
V7alkisg: Could it be that /mnt/usr/lib/libc* doesn't exists so chroot doesn't work ?07:45
alkisgBecause afaik it should just work...07:45
echelonit showed only 800x600 in the live cd as well07:46
alkisgV7: yes, if libraries are missing it could cause that. strace -e trace=file chroot.... could tell you, but I wouldn't want to do that from server.iso07:46
echelonoh, you mean the same iso you were using?07:46
alkisgechelon: some other iso, maybe a 16.04 one07:46
alkisgechelon: for example, lubuntu 16.04.3 works fine here as well07:46
V7Roger that alkisg07:47
echelonok, i'll give it a try07:48
echelonalkisg: and you're using -vga std -nographic -vnc :whatever ?07:48
alkisgkvm -m 1024 -vga std -nographic -vnc :3 -cdrom lubuntu-16.04.3-desktop-i386.iso07:49
alkisgHeh 10 MB/sec here, I can try with 17.10 in 1 minute... :D07:50
=== matthiaskrgr_ is now known as matthiaskrgr
echelonprobably why i'm getting only 400KB/s :P07:51
alkisgechelon: 17.10 works fine here too07:53
echelonthis is disheartening07:57
echelonalkisg: ok, this is weird08:05
alkisgechelon: what's your host? It shouldn't matter.... also, does it have gui, or just console?08:06
=== tom is now known as Guest99882
echelonalkisg: running slackware, i'm logged in from ssh08:08
echelonthere is an xdm process running08:09
alkisgechelon: maybe it's missing some components on the host, that qemu needs in order to do the vesa extensions08:09
alkisgechelon: since it doesn't sound ubuntu-related at all, maybe ask in #qemu08:10
echelonalkisg: well, i just accidentally ran the 17.10 live cd by accident, and it showed additional resolutions08:10
echeloni dunno why it behaves differently in the install08:10
=== r0Oter is now known as r00ter
echelonalkisg: unbelievable.. works fine from livecd, same issue from within installed drive08:38
alkisgechelon: compare the two /var/log/Xorg.0.log08:40
alkisgechelon: it's also possible to use a custom edid, if it gets to that08:40
alkisgthe monitor information, passed to the kernel08:41
McJuicyanyone know if the encryptfs password is evicted from the linux keyring when the computer is suspended?08:41
McJuicy*encryptfs key08:41
echelonalkisg: from the install.. http://termbin.com/xa9v from livecd.. http://termbin.com/ni1q08:49
alkisgechelon: it's using fbdev in the installed, vesa in the live cd08:50
alkisgTry booting with nomodeset08:50
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:50
echelonhow do i do that, i just see a black screen when it boots08:52
alkisgechelon: hold shift down for the grub menu to appear08:53
alkisgsudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc08:53
alkisgAnd put nomodeset there08:53
echelonwhere it says "quiet splash"?08:55
echelonjust append nomdeset?08:55
alkisgechelon: right08:55
echelonalkisg: did it, haven't noticed any changes08:56
echelonafter rebooting that is08:57
alkisgechelon: grep nomodeset /proc/cmdline08:58
alkisgDoes that display the command line?08:58
echelonBOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.13.0-21-generic root=UUID-....... ro quiet splash nomodeset vt.handoff=709:00
alkisgechelon: can you pastebin your current xorg.log?09:00
alkisgechelon: also, try with this /etc/X11/xorg.conf, which forces vesa: http://alkisg.mysch.gr/steki/index.php?topic=5220.msg79135#msg7913509:01
=== LocaMocha is now known as Sauvin
q0_0pi see that ubuntu 17.10 was pulled09:05
=== leon is now known as Guest11915
q0_0pis Linux pagusph-MBP 4.13.0-21-generic #24-Ubuntu still the latest kernel ?09:06
=== michele is now known as Guest67142
echelonalkisg: that worked! :)09:08
echelonthanks a lot09:08
ShekharReddyhow to upgrade from 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS09:20
ShekharReddyor 17.0409:21
dv`ShekharReddy: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes#Upgrading_from_Ubuntu_14.04_LTS_or_15.1009:22
lotuspsychje!ltsupgrade | ShekharReddy09:26
ubottuShekharReddy: The automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st, but due to last bug testings it has been opened on July 28th.09:26
ShekharReddyi did that dv`  but the update manager is showing that my machine is up to date09:30
cfhowlettShekharReddy, what version is currently installed09:30
cfhowlettShekharReddy, do this then:  sudo apt do-release-upgrade | pastebinit        and past the url here09:31
cfhowlettsorry:   sudo do-release-upgrade | pastebinit09:32
ShekharReddyi didn't pastebin it09:34
ShekharReddyi will do manually09:34
ShekharReddythat prog is not there on the machine09:34
cfhowlettwhich prog?  cuz pastebinit is basic to all *buntus09:35
ShekharReddyyeah pastebin09:35
cfhowlettbut no worries: sudo do-release-upgrade | nc termbin.com 999909:36
aLeSDhi there09:36
alkisgcfhowlett: pastebinit isn't preinstalled09:36
ShekharReddyseems like it is upgrading09:36
aLeSDI have a strange prob with ubuntu 17.10. I downlòoaded the net installer for qt. I run chmod +x ./<installer> and when I try to run it I get :09:36
cfhowlettalkisg, eh?  i've never installed it, but I've always had it09:37
aLeSDbash: ./qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online: No such file or directory09:37
ShekharReddyand will that take several hours really?09:37
alkisgcfhowlett: sounds strange, I never had it installed at all09:37
ShekharReddyand is there any data loss in the process09:37
alkisgcfhowlett: maybe you have it in a big apt install line that you run after your installations?09:37
cfhowlettalkisg, well unless it gets pulled in by my post install of restricted-extras09:38
aLeSDls -l gives me the files09:38
alkisgDunno; it's not there on normal installations or live cds though09:38
aLeSDbut I can't run it09:38
alkisgaLeSD: what's the output of `file qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online` ?09:39
aLeSDalkisg, ./qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online: cannot open `./qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online' (No such file or directory)09:39
alkisgand of `ls -l qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online` ?09:39
alkisgaLeSD: no,  I said "file" in front of it09:39
alkisgI didn't say ./qt...09:39
aLeSDalkisg, asini@icaro:~/Downloads$ file ./qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online09:39
aLeSD./qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online: cannot open `./qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online' (No such file or directory)09:39
alkisgaLeSD: why are you putting the ./ there?09:39
alkisgJust press qt<tab> and it will autocomplete the name09:40
alkisgfile qt<tab>09:40
aLeSDfile qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online09:40
aLeSDqt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online: cannot open `qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online' (No such file or directory)09:40
alkisgaLeSD: well then the file isn't there09:40
alkisgRun ls -l instead09:40
alkisgls -l | nc termbin.com 999909:40
aLeSDasini@icaro:~/Downloads$ ls -l09:41
aLeSDtotal 3346809:41
aLeSD-rwxrwxr-x 1 asini asini 34258540 gen  7 10:26 qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online.run09:41
alkisgaLeSD: see, it has a .run in the end which you're ommitting09:41
aLeSDI am on a fresh install with ext4 and encrypted home09:41
alkisgIf you use tab, it will write it correctly for you09:41
alkisgSo try again, ./qt<TAB>09:41
alkisgAnd it will complete the correct name and it will run09:41
aLeSDasini@icaro:~/Downloads$ ./qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online.run09:42
aLeSDbash: ./qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online.run: No such file or directory09:42
aLeSDasini@icaro:~/Downloads$ file qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online.run09:42
aLeSDqt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online.run: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (GNU/Linux), dynamically linked, interpreter /lib/ld-linux.so.2, for GNU/Linux 2.6.18, BuildID[sha1]=9ea4268c125432f5405461cf5eca892e1d351020, not stripped09:42
aLeSDI am downloading again the file09:43
aLeSDsame stuff09:44
alkisgaLeSD: what's the download link?09:44
alkisgAnd, the output of `dpkg --print-architecture` ?09:44
aLeSDI am on amd6409:45
aLeSDbut you have to go in dowload the opnsource version09:46
aLeSDI tried 64bits and 32bits version09:46
alkisgaLeSD: ok, let's try this:09:46
alkisgcd /tmp; wget https://download.qt.io/archive/online_installers/2.0/qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online.run; chmod +x qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online.run; ./qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online.run09:46
aLeSDalkisg, same stuff09:47
alkisgCan you copy/paste ALL your screen now, and put it to pastebin?09:47
aLeSDis ti the filesystem ?09:47
alkisgStarting from the cd commands, up to the end09:48
alkisgaLeSD: you didn't use the cd command at all09:49
alkisgPlease copy/paste the exact command I gave you09:49
aLeSDif it works it is the encryption ?09:49
alkisgYou can cancel the installer. Just run it, it's faster than assuming things09:50
aLeSDhowever I have / on a ext4 clear09:50
aLeSDand /home on encrypted ext409:51
alkisgaLeSD: try this now: dash -c /tmp/qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online.run09:51
alkisgIt may be a problem with your PATH or with bash's hashing. Anyway bbl :)09:55
aLeSDasini@icaro:/tmp$ dash -c /tmp/qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online.run09:56
aLeSDdash: 1: /tmp/qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online.run: not found09:56
zarkosdo you want to be my friend ? :)09:57
aLeSDno ! I am f*****g mad actually09:57
cfhowlettzarkos, ubuntu support channel here.  go elsewhere for friends09:57
zarkoswhere can i download a version of ubuntu that accept ryzen cpu ?09:58
aLeSDit is not possible something like this09:58
aLeSDI mean ... fresh install and it si not working09:59
aLeSDI have to turn back to 16.0410:00
cfhowlett16.04 is LTS = highly recommended10:01
aLeSD18.04 will be LTS ?10:01
aLeSDit will inherit from 17.10 ?10:02
aLeSDsorry ... I am a c++ developer10:02
aLeSDwhy only the run file doesn'ty work ... I just downloaded a entire git repos into my home ... and I can access to the files10:05
aLeSDcould it be the Qt file ?10:05
=== andre is now known as Guest48239
aLeSDmaybe qt is beed hacked10:06
dn`while doing a netinstall with a preseed file, is there an option to set ‘GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash”’ to ‘GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=“”?10:08
aLeSDalkisg, have you tried on your machine ?10:27
trincyoloHi all, I have some imput method conflict that I could use a little help understanding.10:30
trincyoloI'm getting this message when I click on the Keyboard icon: `Available input methods: ibus xim10:31
trincyoloUnless you really need them all, please make sure to install only one input method tool.10:31
stephan_moin, wo oder wie stellt man ein das der screen sich nicht nach paar sekunden abdunkelt?10:33
trincyoloThen I click `okay`, Then it asks me: "Do you explicitly select the user configuration?" No is recommended. I select it and then It closes.10:33
trincyoloSo I'm locked out of my keyboard settings10:33
Cursarionhi, can apt-get install a conflicting package in an alternate path? like /opt/10:33
CursarionI'd like to install two versions of wine that are marked as conflicting10:33
Cursarionwhen I tried to install the other one, apt said it'll remove the one I have atm10:34
egrainhi. mouse is working in bios and on other machine. has a consistency problem though. if i plug it in the box i want to use it on, it works for a second and then it doesn't anymore. i know i need a new mouse, but is there another solution for now? it's sunday and i live in the country side. so i can't buy one right now.10:45
CursarionI can always put the files in /opt/ by hand, but that sort of defeats the purpose of having a package manager10:45
Kon-Is it true that Ubuntu is signed by Microsoft to allow Secure Boot with UEFI?10:52
Kon-Or rather, Ubuntu's GRUB implementation10:53
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
Kon-I just read something that claimed this and it would be neat if true. Almost everything else I've ever seen about UEFI says to disable Secure Boot10:53
egrainnever mind. the mouse just works sometimes, sometimes it doesn't.11:00
egrainthanks anyway though.11:00
Kon-egrain, If there's a hardware problem with your mouse, the OS isn't going to fix it11:06
Kon-Does it work 100% of the time on the other machine?11:06
egrainKon-, tell me about it. it just worked on the other machine a lot more often. so i thought i could at least get the same result here.11:06
resatHello Guys11:11
resatHey Guys11:11
resatLook At Me11:12
resatHello World11:12
cfhowlettresat ubuntu support channel.  stay on topic please.  chitchat in #ubuntu-offtopic11:13
trincyoloHey all, I can't open im-config with out getting this conflict dialogue box11:13
zarkosi can t run ubuntu on my amd ryzen 5 160011:14
trincyolohow do I continue ?11:14
resatthis is a exper11:14
resati have got ubuntu pc11:14
resatraspberry pi 311:14
resatthis pc is a got slow11:15
resatcan you help me please11:15
resatyes I can please a lot of commerce11:15
resata future is card flat header11:16
resatHwy dudes11:19
aLeSDI am on 16.0411:19
resathelp me11:19
aLeSDsame stuff!11:19
resata future is card flat header11:19
aLeSDresat, what do u need ?11:19
resatyes I can please a lot of commerce11:20
cfhowlettresat, what is your spoken language please?11:20
aLeSDmasybe it is an AI11:20
cfhowlettaLeSD, possibly.11:21
resatI should you stop pc11:21
trincyoloPlease help with keyboard. Can't type unicode11:21
sdfgsdfwhy would anyone put an incoherent chatbot in here11:21
aLeSDtraining ?11:22
cfhowlettfor the lulz I suppose11:22
resatplease this pc is got a have put off keyboard11:22
aLeSDhowever ... something very wired with qt installer file11:22
=== dreamon_ is now known as dreamon
HardradaMy screen brightness is going up and down randomly. What cani do to fix it ?11:32
trincyoloHi all, I can't access my keyboard settings. I'm getting the same conflict dialogue box as this user: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/debian-chinese/h3xbIz2cCwk11:39
trincyoloany help deciphering this?11:39
_eMaX_I've an old ubuntu 12.04 LTS here - any ideas how to upgrade?11:42
trincyoloI've tried to select for IBus only and not XIM but still not working11:42
eraserpencilhey guys! i'm testing out kmail and kwallet prompts for my password. HOw do i reset my passsword? I couldnt find any gui in unity dash with "kde wallet" or "kwallet" searches, nor the same in CLI tab completions11:42
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades11:44
brainwash_eMaX_: ^11:44
brainwasheraserpencil: I would ask in #kubuntu and/or #kde11:44
eraserpencillets hope kubuntu has guys to help. kde send me here11:45
brainwasheraserpencil: they should at least be familiar with kmail and kwallet I'd think11:47
BluesKajHowdy folks11:47
brainwashtrincyolo: did you do this? "Try to run the ibus-daemon in the terminal, such as gnome-terminal,  it will tells you why ibus can not be run."11:47
trincyolobrainwash: I get this: :~$ ibus-daemon11:48
trincyolocurrent session already has an ibus-daemon.11:48
dragerHey, I can't find my phone when I plug it in via the USB-port. It's a android phone and my computer are running Ubuntu 16.04. `lsusb` wont list the phone. Any ideas? (The phone are listed with another computer running Ubuntu 16.04 though)11:49
brainwashtrincyolo: and you've enabled "ibus-pinyin" in the Region and Language settings?11:49
dragerThe usb port works with other devices though11:50
trincyolobrainwash: I was worried that that was Chinese specific11:50
brainwashtrincyolo: oh I see11:51
brainwashtrincyolo: it certainly is11:51
trincyolobrainwash: in Language Support I've got Keyboard input method system set to IBus11:51
trincyolobrainwash: I'm not trying to change language. English is fine atm11:51
brainwashtrincyolo: which ubuntu release is that?11:53
trincyolo16.?? LTS with the latest kernel11:53
trincyolobrainwash: Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS 64-bit11:54
brainwashshould be fine. 17.10 may not work properly with ibus when the wayland session is being used11:54
brainwashthat's why I asked11:54
trincyolobrainwash: may be because I have an en-au setting somewhere11:54
trincyolobrainwash: okay, don't know what that is but I have the same kernel at 1711:55
brainwashshouldn't matter11:55
brainwashsadly, not sure what to suggest11:56
trincyolobrainwash: damn11:56
trincyolothanks all the same11:56
alexey_Hi all. Year starts funny. I see patches for Meltdown&Spectre will be available for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for Linux 4.4. Is it means if I have Linux 4.10.x x86_64 I cant use this patch?11:57
trincyolobrainwash: I think this all started when I set my aspell dictionary to en-au for weechat11:57
brainwashtrincyolo: that's a weechat specific setting though11:58
trincyoloyeah ...11:58
brainwashoh. you should test with a new user account11:58
trincyolobrainwash: okay. I don't have one though so kind of annoying11:59
brainwashyou can create one11:59
brainwashcan't you?11:59
brainwashjust for testing purpose11:59
trincyolookay I'll test11:59
kostkonalexey_, all the supported kernel versions will get the patches. 16.04.4 will soon have the 4.13 hwe kernel anyway.12:00
Richard_CavellWhat is the gcc version in 17.10?  I'm on 16.04 and I'm running into trouble with my gcc version being too low12:01
alexey_<kostkon> thanks. I asked caz I see spec and care about kernel problem with Linux 4.1012:01
kostkonalexey_, np. 16.04 will be on 4.13 pretty soon i reckon12:02
egrainwifi doesn't want to connect,  but once i start firefox it connects instantly. any ideas?12:02
trincyolobrainwash: same deal. Maybe it happened when I installed gnome312:03
ienchhello everybody12:03
ienchI am new on ubuntu12:04
brainwashtrincyolo: did you try with the previous desktop environment yet?12:04
ienchsomebody can help me12:04
brainwashtrincyolo: probably Unity, right?12:04
brainwashtrincyolo: unless you've removed it12:04
trincyolobrainwash: i'll try now12:04
brainwashRichard_Cavell: 17.10 has gcc 7.212:05
alexey_kostkon , pretty soon it is uncertain time :) so I prefer to patch asap12:06
Richard_Cavellbrainwash: Thanks12:06
iench_hello everibody12:06
trincyolobrainwash: yep, it works in unity12:06
Richard_CavellWhen are we getting patches for Spectre/Meltdown?  Is it 9 January?12:06
kostkonRichard_Cavell, that's the plan it seems12:07
cfhowlettcould be it's top triage priority.12:07
* Richard_Cavell is going to benchmark his machine before and after12:07
brainwashtrincyolo: sadly, nothing related comes up when searching the web12:11
zanoTHE SOUND12:12
zanothere is noise in it12:12
=== Jochen_wvdT is now known as Schlawiner
trincyolobrainwash: I know :( I'll just add my compose key from unity and come back another time. thanks for your help12:12
brainwashtrincyolo: alright :)12:13
RoBzhey guys, if i went and installed 12.04 on my old macbook pro, it'd usually be straight forward enough to update to 17.10 from there right? the reason i ask is because there is a good page on the wiki for my particular mac and it instructs one to install 12.0412:14
cfhowlettno one should be suggesting you install a no longer supported OS, RoBz12:14
RoBzright but there is a thorough guide for getting it to work on this special hardware, if i updated it to 17.10 immediately after, would that not suffice?12:16
RoBzim fairly confident that if i go for 17.10 straight, it will not install correctly12:16
cfhowlett!mac | RoBz start with the mac page resources.  If that is where you started, then their stuff is seriously outdated.12:16
ubottuRoBz start with the mac page resources.  If that is where you started, then their stuff is seriously outdated.: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages12:16
RoBzaiight thanks, yeah this mac is one of the mid-2009 ones, new OS X is no longer supported and snow leopard is too old to install some things on12:17
dragerHey, I can't find my phone when I plug it in via the USB-port. It's a android phone and my computer are running Ubuntu 16.04. `lsusb` wont list the phone. Any ideas? (The phone are listed with another computer running Ubuntu 16.04 though)12:17
cfhowlettinteresting things were happening back in 2009 :)12:18
brainwashdrager: I would check the terminal output of "dmesg"12:22
brainwashdrager: there could be related entries12:22
RoBzdrager: sorry if obvious but have you selected the option on your phone to send files over USB or such12:23
varrezahello every1112:24
varrezai need some help12:24
dragerbrainwash: Checking!12:26
varrezai am new, how does this work? nobody is talking so whats the point12:26
dragerRoBz: Yeah, I have set USB Debugging to true and USB configuration to MTP12:27
BluesKajcarif, just ask your question12:27
BluesKajvarreza, just ask your question12:27
Ben64drager: unplug it, wait 30 secs, plug it back in, wait a bit and then check for it in dmesg12:28
BluesKajsorry carif, typeo+tab12:28
lorddoskiashello if i'm on 4.10 HWE 16.04 kernel will i be getting PTI?12:31
Ben64lorddoskias: no12:32
dragerbrainwash: Couldn't find anything useful :/12:33
dragerBen64: Will try that!12:33
MonkeyDustwhat's PTI12:33
Ben64the intel thingy12:33
lorddoskiasand when 18.04 is released there is going to be a 4.15 HWE kernel for 16.04 as well? so presumably i should be able to update to that?12:34
lorddoskias(or of course revert to 4.4 )12:34
Ben64yes, no, 4.13 is available now and will be supported until august12:34
Ben64if you install linux-generic-hwe-16.04-edge you'll always be on the latest hwe12:35
dragerBen64: Wow, now it "popped" up :D12:35
Ben64drager: another genius solution by me!12:35
dragerHowever, it didnt get any name in lsusb12:36
Ben64that's not too surprising12:36
Ben64mine shows up as Bus 004 Device 009: ID 22b8:2e81 Motorola PCS12:36
dragerbrainwash, Ben64: Thanks for the help!12:37
lorddoskiasBen64: i'm currently using : linux-generic-hwe-16.0412:37
Ben64lorddoskias: yeah 4.13 should be in there very soon, but you can get it now by using edge12:37
trevorjHello, can someone help me understand why my builds for one of my PPAs all are due in a god awful 11+ hours to build when there are countless idle workers in launchpad? https://launchpad.net/~trevorjay/+archive/ubuntu/nyancat/+build/1422136812:38
lorddoskiasbut 4.13 doens't have mitigations, no?12:38
Ben64it will12:38
lorddoskiasi don't see it here: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2018/01/04/ubuntu-updates-for-the-meltdown-spectre-vulnerabilities/12:38
lorddoskiasUbuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial) — Linux 4.4 (and 4.4 HWE)12:38
trevorjI'm guessing it must be something I'm doing oddly here12:38
Ben64lordcirth: hmm i saw it on another page12:39
lorddoskiasthere are upstream ports for 4.4, 4,9 and 4.1412:39
ubottuSpectre and Meltdown are security issues that affect most processors, mitigated by a set of Linux kernel patches named KPTI. | General info: https://spectreattack.com/ | Ubuntu (and flavors) info: http://ubottu.com/y/ubukpti/ | An Ubuntu Security Notice will be released when updates are available, subscribe at https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/12:39
lorddoskiasBen64: perhaps you got confused by 3.13?12:39
Ben64oh it is there12:40
Ben64Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful) — Linux 4.13 HWE12:40
lorddoskiasah right12:40
lorddoskiasmy bad :)12:40
Ben64yeah i missed it too12:40
Ben64you'd expect it to be on 16.04's line12:40
lorddoskiasyeah, okay, thanks a lot :)12:40
Ben64no problem12:40
lorddoskiasso not all is lost then12:41
Ben64nope, everything is fine-ish12:41
V7hey all :)12:45
V7Is it okay when dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc: https://i.imgur.com/tkRnsZh.png ?12:45
V7It's written under restore|grub section here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem/TAR so12:46
fraktorI'm using Ubuntu GNOME (at least, that's what I installed), but I'm mostly using i3 as my window manager, compton as my compositor, etc. I looked at memory usage, and gnome shell is taking up quite a bit of memory. How can I stop using gnome shell, since I'm no longer using gnome?12:54
V7... I get an error "device node not found" while grub-installer /dev/sda12:56
V7Is it okay ?12:56
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nojiatronzguys need a hand working out why my file copy is taking so long on 16.0413:00
nojiatronzhappy to use terminal just teach me pls13:01
brainwashfraktor: can't you select the i3wm session from the login screen?13:01
nojiatronzwhat u mean13:01
nojiatronzi am copying 2G file from internal to usb and its taking for ever to finish13:02
nojiatronzit does eventuallly but takes a long time13:02
brainwashtry with the terminal command "cp"13:02
nojiatronzcan we look at processes on terminal logs or what ever and see if anything is wrong with my sys13:02
brainwashthe command "iotop" gives you info about current I/O activities13:03
nojiatronzwill that show usb copy13:04
brainwashwith "top" you can see the CPU usage13:04
nojiatronzwould you extect a 2G file to take around 10-15mins and finish %99 then hang for the last minute part13:05
brainwashI could be slow due the file system on the USB device13:05
nojiatronzSSD to older usb (2.0)13:05
brainwashlike, NTFS may be slower13:05
nojiatronzFat 3213:05
nojiatronzusing GA-870-A v 3.013:06
nojiatronzquad core amd13:06
nojiatronzi think13:06
nojiatronzcant member13:06
brainwashand the issue is specific to this particular system?13:06
nojiatronzwell cant be certain but even windows is copying faster13:07
brainwash"dmesg" may print some USB related messages13:07
brainwashI gave you plenty of commands to work with13:08
nojiatronzdo i need to read man for its use while i copy the file or just copy past and then run it from terminal13:08
brainwashnow you gotta start debugging the issue13:08
brainwashyou mean the copy command?13:08
nojiatronzsoz dmsg13:08
brainwashdmesg is just dmesg13:09
brainwashideally, use it after the copy operation13:09
brainwash"iotop" and "top" are for live monitoring13:10
nojiatronzare they options or terminal programs13:11
nojiatronzoptions for dmesg13:11
nojiatronzsoz my terminology may be way off i am new to terminal and linux but learning13:12
nojiatronzhow to save output of dmesg to file on /home/Desktop13:13
brainwashdmesg > ~/Desktop/log.txt13:14
nojiatronzis there a command to upload dmsg file here am using https://webchat/freenode13:16
nojiatronznot client13:16
brainwashmaybe http://termbin.com/13:19
brainwashso it would be:  dmesg | nc termbin.com 999913:19
brainwashor:  cat ~/Desktop/log.txt | nc termbin.com 999913:20
brainwashor open the file with an text editor and copy&paste the content to https://paste.ubuntu.com/13:21
V7Hey all :)13:21
V7I get an error when update-grub: WARNING: Failed to connect to lvmetad. Falling back to internal scanning.13:21
V7/run/lvm/lvmetad.socket: connect failed: No such file or directory13:21
brainwashV7: isn't that a warning, and not an error?13:21
V7Nope I guess13:22
V7cause /dev/sda5 was encrypted13:22
V7Isn;t that could cause a problem  \?13:22
brainwashI wouldn't know13:22
brainwashdid you search the internet?13:23
V7i.e https://askubuntu.com/questions/745218/ubuntu-wont-boot-because-of-lvmetad13:23
V7Btw I don't remember would I use lvm or not13:23
V799% that not13:23
nojiatronzdone pasted it to pastebin13:24
nojiatronzcan u see anything weird with my system13:24
brainwashnojiatronz: you gotta share the link first13:25
BluesKajnojiatronz, copy the pastebin url and paste it here13:26
nojiatronzi have the uploaded to Ubuntu pastebin how do i share it13:26
nojiatronzis this it13:26
nojiatronzcopy paste addy into this13:27
PissWizardwhy does updating a program not update it to the version shown in the software center's reviews?13:27
nojiatronzthank you very much for ur help so far13:27
PissWizardIs there some way I can get VLC updated to the one on their website of 2.2.8 instead of 2.2.2?13:28
TJ-!info vlc bionic | PissWizard  ... the current in-development 18.04 has a later version, you could run that in an LXD container13:30
ubottuPissWizard ... the current in-development 18.04 has a later version, you could run that in an LXD container: vlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0.0~rc4-1ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 31 kB, installed size 154 kB13:31
brainwashnojiatronz: https://askubuntu.com/questions/832394/what-does-this-error-mean13:31
PissWizardI don't know what any of that means. is 18.04 the current version of Ubuntu?13:32
brainwashI think you can install the current stable VLC version via snap13:33
TJ-PissWizard: it's the in-development version due for release in April13:33
PissWizardis snap the software manager?13:33
PissWizardmy software never updates. it's always old and busted.13:34
brainwashit's a packaging platform13:34
brainwashsudo snap install vlc13:34
nojiatronzim back13:34
irisfhello this is my problem   : https://thepasteb.in/p/k5hYBEMj7DLiE13:34
brainwashirisf: what exactly?13:35
PissWizard.... huh.... well I don't see an update/upgrade option so... let's see what happens when I install this even though I already have VLC installed.13:35
ikoniairisf: your OS is not supported13:35
ikoniairisf: you "downgraded" from 14.04.5 to 14.04.1 that is not supported as the bot told you13:36
nojiatronzum im sorry but what does that link mean for me and my slow copy times i dont understand how it pertains to me can u explain please13:37
nojiatronzis there any reason to think i can get better copy times if i fix anything on my system13:38
irisfikonia  : yes13:38
nojiatronzdo i need to update my kernel downgrad?13:38
irisfikonia  : what do i do  ?13:38
ikoniairisf: re-install with a supported configuration13:39
PissWizardoh this is fun. now I have VLC in my list of programs twice.13:39
brainwashnojiatronz: the linked site mentions that these kernel messages should have no impact13:39
brainwashnojiatronz: the ones found at the very bottom of your dmesg log13:39
brainwashPissWizard: does the new entry work? if yes, which version is that?13:40
V7So ... an error: https://i.imgur.com/LDaqJXj.jpg and the partitions: https://i.imgur.com/anpipgg.jpg. As you see storages are mounted, but apt says read only filesystem btw I've seen some strange fails when it has booting like "[FAILED] LXD Service not started" etc ... what's it would cause ?13:42
brainwashnojiatronz: well, I would suggest that you download either ubuntu 17.10 or 18.04 (which is the current development release), boot into live mode from an USB device, and then try to reproduce the issue13:43
PissWizardah this is fun. I get this new version of VLC installed with that snap thing, and it doesn't crash in the video I play like Parole Media Player, but the framerate is garbage for some reason and it flickers occasionally. this is crazy.13:43
PissWizardthanks for telling me about that snap thing though.13:44
brainwashPissWizard: could it be due to hardware acceleration?13:44
nojiatronzreally appreciate all ur help13:44
brainwashPissWizard: you can enable/disable it in the VLC settings13:44
brainwashPissWizard: would suggest asking in #vlc also13:45
rearikonia:   :)13:54
promillesorry, wrong chat :)14:10
punyahereIs there an Ubuntu Telegram chat as well, in addition to the one here?14:11
punyahereHi @parsa282014:12
oerhekspunyahere, only kubuntu gives that service, AFAIK14:12
punyaheregives the service of a Telegram chat?14:13
punyahereI won't count a chat as a service, hence the question :)14:13
cmihaiWhat was the name of the online unofficial Ubuntu FAQ / Guide / Wiki that contained a list of apps / backup tools, media, etc?14:13
oerhekssupport-service, https://community.kde.org/Telegram14:13
parsa2820I have problem with Ubuntu network icon. It does not show the current network status It is a question mark always. even when I am online.14:14
oerhekserr .. https://telegram.me/kubuntu_support14:14
TheSilentLinkhi how do I get clementine to play alac?14:16
TheSilentLinkIt says I'm missing a gstreamer plugin14:16
punyahereDo you mean "FLAC?"14:17
oerheksalac - apple lossless .. if that is a drm file, i guess not?14:17
punyahereOh, alac is a format as well. Didn't know thhat14:18
TheSilentLinkyes apple lossless14:18
oerheksi had to look it up, too :-)14:18
punyahereI had the same issue you're having with FLAC thhough14:18
punyahereA reinstall strangely fixed it14:18
punyahereIf it doesn't work, turn it off and on xD14:18
TheSilentLinkpunyahere: a reinstall off?14:18
cmihaiI think it was http://ubuntuguide.org/ but it's gone14:19
oerhekspunyahere, please give serious answers, reinstall/on-off is so retarded14:19
punyaherereinstall of clementine14:20
TheSilentLinkpunyahere: wow thanks it fixed it!14:22
punyahere:) glad to be of help!14:22
TheSilentLinkoerheks: reinstall fixed it lol14:23
punyahereoerheks: By "reinstall," I meant removing and installing clementine.14:24
oerheksi understand, but reinstall is unlogical to me, in this case ..14:26
cmihaihttps://web.archive.org/web/20170712120820/http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Trusty nevermind, found it. Looks like it's been down for a year or so. Weird.14:28
punyahereoerheks: It is unlogical, that's why I said it was weird lol14:29
punyahereHi there!14:32
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IhrFusselWhen I try to install awk on my root server it tells me to choose between those packages: original-awk:i386 2012-12-20-5  original-awk 2012-12-20-5  mawk:i386 1.3.3-17ubuntu2  gawk:i386 1:4.1.3+dfsg-0.1  mawk 1.3.3-17ubuntu2  gawk 1:4.1.3+dfsg-0.1 ... which one is the standard awk?14:33
|Night|I'm stuggleing with realvnc, when ever i conenct after ugprade to 17.10 i get a black screen14:33
newbiwHi Guys.. are there any simple installations instructions to install ubuntu 16.04 from a usb drive14:34
newbiwfor pretty naive fellows14:35
punyaherenewbiw:https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/linux/create-a-bootable-ubuntu-usb-flash-drive-the-easy-way/ should be helpful14:36
punyahereThe "hard" part is creating a bootable pen drive, installation is pretty standard and everything is explained on the installation screens as well.14:37
cmihaiIhrFussel: I would suggest using `gawk`, it's GNU AWK and has the most 'features' (aka GNU extensions).14:37
punyahereI'd use gawk as well!14:37
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misc11hi, im using an older system. it was a pentium 4 system, but i upgraded to pentium d (64bit). the system is limited to 4gb of ram. now i have 4gb of ram installed and a gpu with 2gb vram. the question is will the system limit of 4gb include the vram? (should be memory mapped, right? - shared virtual memory space?) and if so, how will the memory be split between main ram and vram?  or does anyone know where i could go14:40
misc11to get help with that?14:40
oerheksmisc11, if you type 'free' in terminal, what number of total ram does it give?14:42
Guest78538hey guys14:42
Guest78538how can i see my last chat messages in hexchat ?14:42
misc11oerheks im not on that machine right now, but i remember it shows 3000 - sth as available memory14:43
oerheksGuest78538, settings > pref > logging, if you enabled this, you can open the data folder14:43
punyahereGuest78538: Do you have a bouncer set up?14:43
Guest78538i didntt enable it before14:44
Guest78538punyahere, no14:45
oerheksGuest78538, oke, then no, no logs from last chats14:45
oerheks* unless the service stored the logs14:45
Guest78538i really need to it14:45
Guest78538the person that i talked is offline14:46
Guest78538and i need to some messages14:46
Guest78538there is no way ?14:46
dv`it's lost, like tears in the rain14:46
oerheksGuest78538, sorry, it is gone14:46
akikGuest78538: you can read the logs from ubuntu irc logs web site, but no private messages there14:46
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EriC^^misc11: i dont think the gpu memory will be used as memory for programs14:48
punyahereUsing a bouncer / IRCCloud is really the only solution you have to prevent similar scenarios in the future, @Guest7853814:49
misc11EriC^^: no, of course not, but the memory space is shared, right?   so if the system is limited to 4gb and i have 4+2gb installed, not everything can be addressed, right?14:51
oerhekspunyahere, 'only'?? no, if he enabled logs, or check the service for stored logs..14:51
EriC^^misc11: i thought you said you have 64bit cpu?14:52
Krennicis too laggy to download ubuntu to a usb stick  about 1 hour is too much to laggy14:52
lotuspsychjeKrennic: start from the begiining, what are you trying?14:52
punyahereoerheks: I'm comparatively new to IRC, do the logs display personal messages as well?14:52
misc11EriC^^ yes, a pentium d.... memory controller is in the chipset, so its still limited14:53
oerhekspunyahere, no14:53
oerheksbut hexchat can14:53
EriC^^misc11: oh, i think you know about this than myself then14:53
Krenniclotus trying to get a ubuntu image for my other pc  in this pc i use windows 10 with the linux subsystem  and in that subsystem i use ubuntu but i want to install ubuntu in my other pc14:54
akikmisc11: the 32-bit memory limit is per process, not per os instance14:54
Krennicso i need to put it in a usb stick14:54
linuxlovehey guys i need to get some information about mining with gpu in which channel i can ask for some informations ?14:54
misc11EriC^^ ok, thanks anyway :)14:54
lotuspsychje!usb | Krennic14:54
ubottuKrennic: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:54
Krennicbut is too laggy  takes to much an hour14:54
EriC^^misc11: no worries :)14:54
lotuspsychjeKrennic: are you burning an iso to usb right now? with what tool?14:55
misc11akik but i cant install more than 4gb in that system....  thats a limit of the memory controller14:55
lotuspsychje!alis | linuxlove14:55
ubottulinuxlove: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"14:55
Krennicrufus as i said im on windows 10 in this pc14:55
lotuspsychjelinuxlove: ##hardware or #bitcoin perhaps14:56
akikmisc11: i understand14:56
lotuspsychjeKrennic: try universal usb installer14:56
Krennicok thank you il try that14:57
Krennici'll try that14:57
oerheksthe usb tool ask for a password, maybe it is hiding under the window14:57
blackbird1Hi, the usb drive is not assigned to a /dev kernel.15:07
blackbird1These are the out put of some commands:15:07
blackbird1lsblk: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26340052/15:08
oerheksblackbird1, what is on that usb drive, ntfs/exfat?15:08
blackbird1lsusb -v: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26340063/15:08
blackbird1oerheks: fat3215:08
blackbird1lshw: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26340068/15:09
blackbird1All the other usb are detected.15:09
blackbird1This one "Device 006: ID 058f:1234 Alcor Micro Corp. Flash Drive" is not15:10
oerheksmaybe there are errors on that drive, that prevents mounting?15:10
blackbird1oerheks: lsusb -v15:11
blackbird1Bus 001 Device 006: ID 058f:1234 Alcor Micro Corp. Flash Drive15:11
blackbird1Couldn't open device, some information will be missing15:11
blackbird1What could be the missing information.15:11
oerheksrun fsck.vfat https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilesystemTroubleshooting#dosfstools_-_FAT12.2C_FAT16_and_FAT32_.28vfat.29_filesystem15:12
blackbird1oerheks: I don't know the path to run fsck.vfat.15:15
akikblackbird1: sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdc15:15
akikblackbird1: does the device work in some other machine?15:16
oerheksi read more issues with that alcor usb.15:16
blackbird1akik: $ sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdc15:17
blackbird1fdisk: cannot open /dev/sdc: No medium found15:17
blackbird1 15:17
blackbird1akik: no it dosen't15:17
akikblackbird1: that command should've displayed the partition table of the device. maybe there's no partition added to it yet or it uses the whole device as the file system15:18
akikblackbird1: so it could be: sudo fsck.vfat /dev/sdc15:19
akikblackbird1: although that error is a bit weird15:19
blackbird1I remember that I pasted accidently the $ĤOME directory on it, and since that time I have this problem !15:20
blackbird1sudo fsck.vfat /dev/sdc15:20
blackbird1open: No medium found15:20
newbiewwhich option to select in this boot menu15:27
newbiewusb hardrive or usb hardive(UEFI)15:27
newbiewi am installing ubuntu from usb15:27
lotuspsychjenewbiew: single or dualboot?15:28
lotuspsychjenewbiew: have you disabled secureboot & fastboot in your bios?15:28
newbiewdisabled secure boot15:29
lotuspsychjenewbiew: fastboot also, legacy15:30
newbiewlotuspsychje:  is fastboot and legacy support the same15:31
newbiewit is enabled BTW15:31
aotanyone has idea how long this takes for 2TB ext harddisk: "sudo dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdd1 bs=1M"15:32
lotuspsychjenewbiew: allright reboot and start ubuntu setup mate15:32
striveaot: Become root, then add "time" in front of the dd command: time dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdd1 bs=1M15:33
striveaot: When it's complete, you'll know how long it took.15:33
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aotstrive: yes, but the point was if anyone knows if this kind of operation takes 1h, 12h or 200h15:33
akikaot: it takes a very long time. if you just want to zero it, use /dev/zero instead of /dev/urandom15:34
Krennic/b 3315:34
aotakik: how long could it take with zero instead15:34
cookmodcompiz keeps crashing when i click the search button15:34
striveaot: That depends how big your drive/partition is.15:34
aot2TB ntfs15:34
striveLONG time.15:35
striveaot: I'm curious, why does this need to be done?15:35
aotstrive: im selling it15:35
striveaot: Ah, cool.15:35
TJ-aot: a long time; are you wanting to randomise the sectors before using block-device encryption ?15:35
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cookmodHELP ME GUYS15:35
aoti just want to somehow prevent that not just anyone could get my files :)15:35
lotuspsychjecookmod: ask a question first15:36
cookmodi did15:36
|Night|I found my issue with nc, it was problem with x11 and Wayland15:36
aotmaybe just format it without any systematic eration15:36
lotuspsychjecookmod: then have some patience plz15:36
cookmod"compiz keeps crashing" my desktop keeps refreshing15:36
TJ-aot: there's a much faster way of doing it using luks/dm-crypt and /dev/zero15:36
cookmodi hate ubuntu15:37
lotuspsychjecookmod: start with details plz, ubuntu version, kernel version DE?15:37
yeatscookmod: probably not a great way to get actual help :-/15:37
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lotuspsychjehey MonkeyDust15:37
=== Scytale is now known as Scytale89
lotuspsychjecookmod: graphics card chipset & driver?15:38
cookmodlotuspsychje: dunno but it's old15:38
striveaot: There's something called Dban.15:38
lotuspsychjechoguk: better not join irc as root mate15:38
lotuspsychjecookmod: have you tried a lightdm restart yet?15:39
lotuspsychjecookmod: try plz? at wich point compiz crash? can you proceed? what happens?15:39
cookmodlotuspsychje: crashes when i click anything on the side bar (search, firefox)15:41
lotuspsychjecookmod: is your system up to date? check lsb_release -a plz15:41
cookmodhow do i restart lightdm lol15:41
cookmodlsb_release -a15:41
cookmodUbuntu 16.04.3 LTS15:42
lotuspsychjecookmod: ok so far so good15:42
lotuspsychjecookmod: now check sudo lshw -C video for chipset & driver= at bottom15:43
TJ-aot: this is how I do it (create a temporary encrypted device then write zeros into it, causes the disk surface to be randomised) "cryptsetup create temp1 /dev/sdXY --key-file /dev/random ; dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mapper/temp1 bs=200M ; cryptsetup remove temp1"15:43
lotuspsychjecookmod: allright, try sudo service lightdm restart15:44
shashikantdwivedhello friends15:45
cookmodlotuspsychje: oh but i also have lxde btw15:45
|Night|who wold you that @shashikantdwived15:45
TJ-cookmod: have you tested whether the issue is specific to your user account? Create a new user, log-out your regular user desktop, log-in to the new user profile, and see if you can reproduce the error15:45
cookmodTJ-: k ill try this too15:45
lotuspsychjecookmod: you mixed flavors?15:45
shashikantdwivedhlo tj15:46
shashikantdwivedhello cookmod15:46
cookmodshashikantdwived: yo15:46
lotuspsychjeshashikantdwived: do you have an ubuntu question?15:46
shashikantdwivedso from when u are using linux15:46
cookmodlotuspsychje: well i just ran a command to install lxde DE alongside unity15:47
cookmodso i can choose between them15:47
lotuspsychjeshashikantdwived: this channel is only for ubuntu support, no general chat here please15:47
cookmodbecause unity is so slow for me :(15:47
tueftlertomreyn: FYI The first HDD are copied with success :)  Now i had connect the other one, these are readable without the commands directly - great15:47
lotuspsychjecookmod: when compiz crashes, did you check the errors on the details?15:47
shashikantdwivedso can anyone can explain me about shell scripting15:48
TJ-shashikantdwived: see https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/backup-shellscripts.html15:48
cookmodlotuspsychje: do i still run that lightdm restart command?15:48
lotuspsychjecookmod: no crashes on lxde?15:48
cookmodlotuspsychje: haven't logged into lxde15:48
lotuspsychjecookmod: try all tests suggested yes15:48
MJCDworkhey I cant get synergy to work15:48
MJCDworkeven using quicksynergy15:49
TJ-shashikantdwived: also see hte tutorial: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/BashScripting15:49
MJCDworktwo identical ubuntu systems heh15:49
shashikantdwivedok thanku and bye15:49
lotuspsychjeMJCDwork: tell us whats your purpose please?15:52
cookmodstill not working15:52
MJCDworklotuspsychje, to share mouse and keyboard15:53
lotuspsychjecookmod: have you looked what kind of details the crash has?15:53
MJCDworkbetween two systems next to each other15:53
MJCDworkusing Synergy15:53
MJCDworkor quicksynergy15:53
MJCDworkneither have worked15:53
cookmodlotuspsychje: well i don't see a crash report gui this time15:53
lotuspsychjeMJCDwork: have you tryed the #synergy channel?15:53
cookmodso i can't check15:53
lotuspsychjecookmod: ok so whats not working?15:53
cookmodlotuspsychje: same thing just this time it didn't pop up an error15:54
cookmodi'm going to create a new account and see if the same sstuff is happening k15:54
lotuspsychjeallright try15:55
ghostnik11where is the file located in ubuntu that controls micro sd mounting?15:55
lotuspsychje!mount | ghostnik1115:55
ubottughostnik11: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount15:55
ghostnik11lotuspsychje, so i could use mount to do it manually from terminal? okay will try15:56
lotuspsychjeghostnik11: tell us what you trying to do please?15:56
cookmodbtw is this the command to create new user15:56
cookmodsudo useradd -m -b /bin/bash testuser15:56
lotuspsychje!user | cookmod15:57
ubottucookmod: To add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "sudo" - See !sudo15:57
TJ-cookmod: "sudo adduser newusername"15:57
cookmodTJ kk15:57
ghostnik11lotuspsychje, i am trying to mount my micro sd card but i am not in ubuntu right now i am in android-x86 and wanted to see if i could just use the command b/c it doesn't come up automatically like in ubuntu. so i will try the command15:57
lotuspsychjeghostnik11: #android for android issues mate15:58
cookmodoh is there a command to logout from terminal? because the button just crashes compiz XD15:58
ghostnik11lotuspsychje, yeah i know bro but some times they don't respond and i need to get that fixed b/4 i get back to school unless i will be screwed15:59
lotuspsychjeghostnik11: android doesnt work like ubuntu16:00
cookmodnevermind ill rebeoot :D16:00
TJ-cookmod: in that case if you have terminal just do "sudo systemctl restart lightdm.service"16:00
ghostnik11lotuspsychje, yeah but isn't its base still ubuntu/linux/debian? its worth a shot i figure16:01
cookmodTJ-: thanks16:01
TJ-ghostnik11: the only thing Android shares with GNU/Linux distros is the Linux kernel; it's userspace is vastly different16:02
TJ-ghostnik11: and the Android kernel carries several customisations we don't have in the mainline kernel16:02
hexnewbieWhat program does one have to purge on Ubuntu to get rid of ‘System program error detected’?16:03
lotuspsychjehexnewbie: errors are there to get solved16:04
lotuspsychjehexnewbie: can you tell us what it says exactly?16:04
hexnewbielotuspsychje: Is that a joke?16:04
TJ-hexnewbie: That's the crash reporter, because it finds a new report in /var/crash/, apport is the base of that16:04
hexnewbielotuspsychje: For an error to be solved, there needs to be an actual error. I just get ‘System program error detected’.16:04
jcerveiraI'm running the last release of Ubuntu in a laptop with 5th gen intel i7-5500U and 4GB DDR3L RAM (1,600 MHz) in a 1TB 5,400 rpm harddrive and graph AMD Radeon™ R7 M260 with 2GB dedicated VRAM, and sometimes it blocks for 15 to 20 segs and then starts moving again. Are those specs not enough to Ubuntu to work fine?16:05
lotuspsychjejcerveira: wich ubuntu?16:05
TJ-jcerveira: if it hangs there's possibly a hardware problem.16:05
TJ-jcerveira: first place to check is the kernel log using the "dmesg" command16:06
hexnewbieTJ-: I have only files from 2016 in /var/crash. Does that mean that I'm getting those popups for errors from 2016? I do get some auditd log entries in dmesg, I thought they were the cause of the popups16:06
jcerveiraartfull, 17.10 lotuspsychje16:06
lotuspsychjehexnewbie: wich ubuntu version are you on?16:06
lotuspsychjejcerveira: are you on the wayland session?16:07
TJ-hexnewbie: hmmm, that's possible. Are you able to capture a screenshot of the warning dialog so we have a chance of figuring out why/where it comes from?16:07
hexnewbielotuspsychje: 14.0416:07
lotuspsychjehexnewbie: system up to date to latest?16:07
TJ-hexnewbie: usually the system crash reporter offers options to file/examine the crash in detail and file a bug report16:08
hexnewbielotuspsychje: No. Just booted it up to apt-get upgrade it (hadn't been powered up in 2 months).16:08
lotuspsychjehexnewbie: lsb_release -a plz16:08
hexnewbieTJ-: Will get a screenshot when I reboot16:08
jcerveiralotuspsychje: yes16:09
jcerveiraTJ-: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26340449/16:09
lotuspsychjejcerveira: can you logout and compare with the xorg session please?16:09
Aboeyplease tell me the channel to join for ubun help16:09
lotuspsychje!support | Aboey16:09
ubottuAboey: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com16:09
TJ-jcerveira: reading it now16:09
Aboeyis there any helpline channel for ubuntu in irc16:10
alkisgAboey: this is it. Ask you question.16:10
TJ-jcerveira: nothing obvious as to cause, although I see the kernel adjusting itself due to something causing a delay (" perf: interrupt took too long (3182 > 3141)" )16:11
cookmodnah didn't work16:11
TJ-jcerveira: are you always doing the same thing when this happens (running the same application maybe) ?16:12
TJ-cookmod: failed for the new user too?16:12
cookmodoh i think i found a asubuntu post16:12
cookmodwith a related question16:12
lotuspsychjecookmod: what didnt work16:12
AboeyI have come acrrossed the ubuntu os in my adventure in to various OSes in youtube... so Iam interested in Ubuntu after watching the youtube video on Ubuntu16:12
lotuspsychje!download | Aboey16:12
ubottuAboey: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Artful, and help keeping the servers' load low!16:12
lotuspsychjecookmod: you can always test previous kernels16:13
cookmodguys go to my link16:13
AboeyI dont know anything outside MS-Windows, will I need to know programm languages or DOS like Ommand to use Ubuntu profeesionally??16:13
connor__Am I on the right channel to ask a technical question?16:14
lotuspsychjeconnor__: about ubuntu, yes16:14
alkisgconnor__: yes16:14
cookmodbtw i'm in lxde right now and everything's fine TJ-16:14
jcerveiraTJ-: normaly using Firefox or Thunderbird. And sometimes, when it comes back, it shows up many times the letter I was pressing when it blocks (like for example "kkkkkkk" or "ttttt")16:14
connor__can I install the Ubuntu SDK on a raspberry Pi? When I run ubuntu-sdk from terminal it gives me an error.16:15
lotuspsychjecookmod: perhaps unity doesnt like your intel graphics16:15
cookmodyeah it's old16:15
TJ-cookmod: when it crashes in Unity are you using Google Chrome/Chromium web browser?16:16
lotuspsychjecookmod: but i didnt see much computers yet that dont like xenial..16:16
lotuspsychjecookmod: give us your full pc specs plz?16:16
alkisgconnor__: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ubuntu-sdk says it's available for armhf, up to 16.0416:16
alkisgconnor__: if you have 16.04, pastebin the output of sudo apt install ubuntu-sdk16:16
cookmoddid you guys even go to the link i posted?16:16
TJ-jcerveira: I'm wondering if it's the SSD doing a TRIM operation on the file-system. Can you "pastebinit /etc/fstab" for us ?16:16
connor__It keeps reporting that it can't create a network bridge; errors with not inplemeted16:17
lotuspsychjecookmod: it doesnt show your pc specs16:17
TJ-cookmod: not only the link, I'm trawling through compiz bug reports for anything that looks similar16:17
cookmodlotuspsychje: my pc is old af no point in posting specs16:18
lotuspsychjejcerveira: can you also test the xorg session for me, im testing few bugs xorg vs wayland atm16:18
lotuspsychjecookmod: try us anyway...16:18
lotuspsychjecookmod: cpu,ram,hd,16:19
jcerveiraTJ-: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26340500/16:19
cookmodnah the link tells it all.. it's a bug with compiz16:19
connor__What does that even mean? I understand how to configure lxd, but it's not implemented?16:19
jcerveiralotuspsychje: I will, but it happens sometimes, not allways, so it will take a while, probably16:20
TJ-jcerveira: OK, so looks like it's not a TRIM operation - we'd see "discard" in the mount options16:20
TJ-jcerveira: the default TRIM is fired by a cron job about once a week16:21
TJ-jcerveira: there was a subtle hint there may be an issue with the AMD GPU driver not finding functionality it was expecting whilst configuring the GPU, but no sign that is causing ongoing issues in dmesg. Check /var/log/Xorg.0.log for further clues on that front16:22
jcerveiraTJ-: that log will work with wayland ?16:23
TJ-jcerveira: Aha, nope!16:23
qwipHow can I change my default terminal in KDE Plasma? I have already tried changing it from Settings > Default Applications > Terminal16:24
TJ-jcerveira: I'm not sure where wayland writes it's logs to either - anyone else know?16:24
jcerveiraTJ-: /var/log/Xorg.0.log: cannot open `/var/log/Xorg.0.log' (No such file or directory)16:24
TJ-jcerveira: there's an idea; could you test whether the stall occurs using Xorg? That'd be a useful indicator of where to focus the investigation16:24
cookmodguys here's a youtube clip of the same thing happening to me :D16:26
lotuspsychjecookmod: systems specs?16:26
TJ-cookmod: next time it happens can you pastebin the Xorg log? /var/log/Xorg.0.log  or possibly /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old16:26
lotuspsychjeqwip: perhaps the #kubuntu guys might know that one16:27
qwiplotuspsychje, they are not able to help me with this16:27
cookmodanyhow incase other people come here with questions related to mine16:27
lotuspsychjeqwip: ok no sweat, ask again and idle here16:27
cookmodjust tell them to get lxde :D16:27
qwipHow can I change my default terminal in KDE Plasma? I have already tried changing it from Settings > Default Applications > Terminal16:27
lotuspsychjecookmod: we wouldnt know to compare, because we dont know your system specs16:28
TJ-cookmod: there have been no updates to Compiz on 16.04 since August 2016, so something else that has been updated is causing it. I'd check in /var/log/apt/history.log for the list of packages recently installed/upgraded16:30
lotuspsychjeqwip: doesnt work here? https://userbase.kde.org/File:Settings-default-applications.png16:30
qwiplotuspsychje, as i have already said. I have already did that but it didn't worked16:31
Aboeywhat is the difference of Ubuntu OSes from between these two websites:16:32
hexnewbielotuspsychje and TJ-: https://imgur.com/k0IPhaz  is the error message, https://paste.debian.net/1003894/ is lsb_release -a (was the same before apt-get dist-upgrade)16:34
lotuspsychjeAboey: whats your end goal with ubuntu? long time support or newer/testing purpose?16:34
LinuxHack3rI just setup an SSH server and generated private/public keys from a client. Question: Would it theoretically be possible for a man in the middle attack if I was in public and someone captured transmissions while I was authenticating with my private key?16:34
hexnewbieThe two ‘error’ ‘messages’ are the same, by the way16:34
lotuspsychjehexnewbie: click on report now plz16:35
hexnewbieAnd why would I do such a thing? I don't want to report16:35
lotuspsychjeLinuxHack3r: try #openssh16:35
Aboeylotuspsychie: for test purpose:16:35
lotuspsychjehexnewbie: to help your system and the community?16:36
LinuxHack3rlotuspsychje: thanks. hungout around #ssh for a while, perhaps openssh will actually have active people?16:36
lotuspsychjeLinuxHack3r: large channel yes16:36
laptophi anyone know if there is a channel for expats16:36
lotuspsychje!alis | laptop16:36
ubottulaptop: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"16:36
laptopthank you16:37
lotuspsychjeAboey: so you can choose 17.10 or help test 18.04 development version if you like16:37
lotuspsychjeAboey: do you have a lenovo?16:37
Aboeyno I am using HP16:38
AboeyHP AMD PU16:38
hexnewbielotuspsychje: I don't see how submitting potentially sensitive information, whose nature is withheld from me, will help my system.16:38
cookmodTJ-: oh yeah i wrote down the gui error message "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV"16:38
ghostnik11what is the command to find all devices plugged into ubuntu, is it lsusb?16:38
Aboeyi mean ADMCPU16:38
lotuspsychjeAboey: ok, 16.04.3 for long time support, 17.10 non-lts with gnome, or 18.04 development branch16:39
alkisgIf I put an SSD to Ubuntu 12.04, which AFAIK doesn't have autotrim, and use it for years... is there a possibility that writes will become e.g. 100 times slower? Because I'm seeing extreme slowness which doesn't show up in dmesg, top etc...16:39
alkisgFor example, `apt-get install debsums` has been installing for 20 minutes now :(16:39
hexnewbieTJ-: Yeah, thanks. It is apport. I guess I will purge it now. :)16:39
lotuspsychjehexnewbie: reporting a bug isnt revealing personal info16:39
lotuspsychjealkisg: what kind of ssd?16:40
alkisglotuspsychje: Model: ATA Samsung SSD 850 (scsi)16:40
hexnewbielotuspsychje: Yeah, because when I report a bug I usually see (or even compose) the report, and can inspect the backtrace (if one is present) and system info. Here I'm being told nothing and offered to submit.16:40
hexnewbieNot going to happne16:40
lotuspsychjealkisg: pro?16:40
alkisglotuspsychje: no idea, that's what parted -l shows, would lshw have more info?16:41
TJ-cookmod: there are a lot of SIGSEGV bugs, see if you can find one that sounds similar from https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bugs?field.searchtext=SIGSEGV16:41
alkisg(running things takes minutes, so I can't quickly test a lot of commands :D)16:42
Aboeylotuspsychie: thank you!16:43
jcerveiraTJ- and lotuspsychje: i'm using xorg now and did not blocked yet16:45
lotuspsychjealkisg: how much data had the ssd filled?16:46
lotuspsychjealkisg: lshw disk shows this on mine:  version: 2B6Q16:46
TJ-jcerveira: how predictable was it previously? 5 minutes, 30 minutes?16:46
jcerveiraTJ-: it wasn't predictable :|16:47
=== eraserpencil1 is now known as eraserpencil
lotuspsychjejcerveira: give your system some work on xorg :p16:47
lotuspsychjejcerveira: 10 windows, apps,browsers,YT16:48
cookmodlinux is so fun16:49
hexnewbieWait, so this is for the reports in /var/crash, so if I refuse to report a crash, I'm pestered for the same report over and over until I report? That's downright coercion.16:50
lotuspsychjealkisg: the 850 pro doesnt need a firmware, so im guessing other factors16:50
lotuspsychjehexnewbie: and error to the system, is supposed to get solved by reporting16:50
cookmodTJ-: how do i send you the logs you wanted to see?16:51
hexnewbieI guess apport has a lot to learn from drkonqi16:51
lotuspsychje!paste | cookmod16:52
ubottucookmod: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:52
lotuspsychjehexnewbie: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Apport16:54
TJ-hexnewbie: apport should only tell you once about reports in /var/crash. You can simply delete those crash dumps though16:56
cookmodTJ-: do you want to check out the logs yes or no? :P16:56
TJ-cookmod: see what lotuspsychje said ^^^^16:57
alkisg(06:46:16 μμ) lotuspsychje: alkisg: how much data had the ssd filled? => I think about half of it. I just tried to reboot it but it didn't come up... I'll ping the local school teacher :/16:59
alkisg(ty :))16:59
lotuspsychjealkisg: got other system specs of that machine?17:03
alkisglotuspsychje: I think it's an old quad core, that was working fine for years until this extreme slowness started a few days ago17:03
alkisgThe teacher said that reboots need about 30 minutes :(17:03
lotuspsychjealkisg: hmmz17:04
alkisgI'm looking to salvage what I can, and install either 16.04 or 18.04...17:04
lotuspsychjealkisg: i would not suspect the ssd17:04
TJ-alkisg: did you check SMART health ?17:04
alkisgRoot is in an hdd, and /home in an ssd17:04
alkisgTJ-: I couldn't do it yet, due to that slowness... I asked for a live cd and I hope I'll be able to do it from there17:04
lotuspsychjealkisg: ah mechanical hd going faulty?17:04
lotuspsychjealkisg: im still running very old machines with 850 pro without issues17:05
TJ-alkisg: will it allow switching to another tty so you don't need to wait ?17:06
lotuspsychjealkisg: but that 12.04 isnt esm i presume right17:06
lotuspsychjejcerveira: still no blocks?17:08
jcerveiralotuspsychje: yes, still no blocks17:09
lotuspsychjejcerveira: could you check my bug, if you experience any of these? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/174014617:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1740146 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "System slow on wayland, lagging mouse and programs on 17.10 & 18.04" [Undecided,New]17:09
alkisg(07:06:14 μμ) TJ-: alkisg: will it allow switching to another tty so you don't need to wait ? => I have many shells using epoptes.org but they all lag, e.g. dmesg may take 2 minutes...17:13
jcerveiralotuspsychje: I don't have lag, just sudden blocks17:13
vin_where is everybody from17:13
lotuspsychje!chat | vin_17:13
ubottuvin_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:13
TJ-alkisg: i'd concur with lotuspsychje ; if the root fs is on the HDD there's probably disk I/O errors due to a failing disk17:13
lotuspsychjejcerveira: yeah but if its not happening on xorg, it might be related?17:14
vin_i am new to ubuntu i am trying to install google chrome17:14
lotuspsychjevin_: chromium-browser is the ubuntu alternative17:14
* alkisg wonders if the fs is remounted ro, and errors no longer show up in syslog... but they should still appear in dmesg, right?17:15
lotuspsychjevin_: sudo apt install chromium-browser for a fast browse experience17:15
TJ-alkisg: correct17:15
vin_then what do i do17:15
vin_does it open automaticlaly17:15
lotuspsychjevin_: after you install a package, you can launch the icon17:15
lotuspsychjevin_: or start it from terminal17:15
vin_how do i do that17:16
vin_from the terminal17:16
lotuspsychjevin_: just type the name of the package to launch17:16
lotuspsychjevin_: chromium-browser in your case17:16
vin_ok i am going to try thanks for the help this is my first time ever using ubuntu or linux17:16
alkisgTJ-: no errors in dmesg whatsoever :(17:16
lotuspsychjevin_: welcome to the ubuntu community17:16
TJ-alkisg: something's eaten up all memory and it's using swap on HDD?17:17
jcerveiralotuspsychje: it just happened, because I opened several tabs in firefox at once. But music (from youtube in of the tabs) never stopped17:17
lotuspsychjealkisg: yeah good idea from TJ- to test htop stuff or so17:17
vin_thank you very much,17:18
lotuspsychjejcerveira: so not fixxed in xorg?17:18
TJ-jcerveira: is it only Firefox that froze, or then entire desktop?17:18
vin_ok so i just downloaded it and it said unable to fetch some archives17:18
lotuspsychjevin_: have you added ppa's to your system?17:18
lotuspsychjevin_: tryed a sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade first?17:20
jcerveiraTJ-: only the mouse moves17:20
vin_trying now17:20
TJ-jcerveira: can you Ctrl+Alt+F2 and log-in to a console?17:20
TJ-jcerveira: if so, then run "top" and see if any process is eating the CPU17:21
TJ-jcerveira: if not, check the Xorg log for recent stall/errors/abnormalities with tail /var/log/Xorg.0.log"17:21
dzikiwhat's the best virtualization software (free/open source) for Linux/Ubuntu except for Oracle VirtualBox?17:22
jcerveiraTJ-: /var/log/Xorg.0.log: cannot open `/var/log/Xorg.0.log' (No such file or directory)17:22
dzikiit would be best if it works with Vagrant17:22
TJ-jcerveira: hmm, this is an Xorg session isn't it?17:23
akikdziki: ubuntu includes virt-manager which is somewhat similar to virtualbox17:23
TJ-jcerveira: check if it's got a different name with "ls -latr /var/log/Xorg*"17:23
dzikiakik: thanks, I will check it out17:23
jcerveiraTJ-: in top "Web Content", "gnome-shell", "pulseaudio", "Xorg" and "Firefox" are the first17:23
jcerveiraTJ-: still No such file or directory17:24
TJ-jcerveira: is there a high % number in the CPU column for the top one?17:24
TJ-jcerveira: then I have to assume you're still in a Wayland session, not Xorg17:25
TJ-jcerveira: you can confirm that with "ps -efly | grep X"17:25
jcerveiraTJ-: i'm in Xorg. I chose it in login and it shows Xorg in top17:25
jcerveiraTJ-: "Web Content" as 14% in CPU17:26
jcerveiraTJ-: it seems you are write https://paste.ubuntu.com/26341062/17:27
TJ-jcerveira: OK, so whilst you've got the bug going on let's investigate as best we can!17:33
TJ-jcerveira: can you show us "pastebinit <( systemctl status )"17:33
jcerveiraTJ-: I logoff and logged in again just to be sure I was in Xorg. I took a pic https://quuu37.s.cld.pt17:36
jcerveiraTJ-: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26341116/17:37
lotuspsychjejcerveira: is it equal xorg and wayland or worst on wayland?17:38
TJ-jcerveira: is there sign of an Xorg log-file now?17:40
jcerveiralotuspsychje: since I changed to Xorg it only blocked one time, when I opened several tabs at once in firefox (music did not stop, only mouse arrow moved). I'll keep using to test it17:41
jcerveiraTJ-: ls: impossível aceder a '/var/log/Xorg*': Ficheiro ou directoria inexistente (that's portuguese for no file or directory found)17:42
lotuspsychje!info firefox artful | jcerveira this the version you have right?17:42
ubottujcerveira this the version you have right?: firefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 57.0.4+build1-0ubuntu0.17.10.1 (artful), package size 45050 kB, installed size 171531 kB17:42
vin_ok it worked thanks so much for the help17:45
lotuspsychje!yay | vin_17:45
ubottuvin_: Glad you made it! :-)17:45
jcerveiralotuspsychje: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26341172/17:45
vin_i have another question, is this is process to install all new programs?17:45
vin_how will i know what to type for the program i want17:45
ioriajcerveira, what's in ~/.local/share/xorg ?    (note the '.')17:45
lotuspsychjevin_: you can install packages via terminal or ubuntu software centre17:45
vin_ok thanks again !!! im super excited about this!!!17:46
jcerveiraioria: Xorg.0.log  Xorg.0.log.old17:46
ioriajcerveira, paste that17:46
lotuspsychjejcerveira: this happens on other browsers too?17:47
jcerveiraioria: the *.old too? https://paste.ubuntu.com/26341197/17:48
jcerveiralotuspsychje: only use Firefox17:48
lotuspsychjejcerveira: would be interesting to know on chromium for example17:49
lotuspsychjejcerveira: just to closeout things17:49
tezogmixWere there any major LTS 16.04 for metldown? I did a few sudo-apt get update/dist-upgrades but didn't notice anything from today/yesterday17:49
lotuspsychjejcerveira: while you hammering firefox, can you launch it from terminal plz, so you can follow errors17:49
lotuspsychje!tkip | tezogmix17:50
lotuspsychje!kpti | tezogmix17:50
ubottutezogmix: Spectre and Meltdown are security issues that affect most processors, mitigated by a set of Linux kernel patches named KPTI. | General info: https://spectreattack.com/ | Ubuntu (and flavors) info: http://ubottu.com/y/ubukpti/ | An Ubuntu Security Notice will be released when updates are available, subscribe at https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/17:50
lotuspsychjetezogmix: the firefox usn has been pushed, others to follow17:51
jcerveiralotuspsychje: i'm installing it17:51
tezogmixlotuspsychje, thanks my initial question was in relation to that wiki ubuntu link: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/SpectreAndMeltdown - I saw that a few days ago and just wanted to make sure I was doing it right in checking, still learning/new...17:53
lotuspsychjetezogmix: if you keep your system up to date, youl be fine in most cases17:53
lotuspsychjetezogmix: your on desktop or server?17:54
tezogmixlotuspsychje, as for firefox 57+, that's been updated thankfully... also running PPA-firefox esr from the mozilla team PPA, and its latest version was apparently immune to meltdown (SharedArrayBuffer was disabled already),17:54
lotuspsychjetezogmix: great17:55
tezogmixlotuspsychje, running ubuntu lts guest on vmware 14.1 workstation via win7 host (win7 is updated to its KB patch), waiting on mfg/intel's end for their bios/microcode but not expecting this on the i5 2nd gen being ever updated from them17:56
tezogmixvmware 14.1 is patched17:56
tezogmixon laptop...17:56
tezogmixI have a branch of ubuntu-mate I'm running on the raspberry pi 3b17:57
lotuspsychjetezogmix: allright, feel free to join #ubuntu-discuss17:57
tezogmixnot sure how their update patterns follow but just recently installed it over the raspbian os, seems much smoother/stable... ah ok thanks lotuspsychje17:57
lotuspsychjejcerveira: did you have this issue, all-time or after something happened?18:03
jcerveiralotuspsychje: normally when using Firefox and thunderbird. But still did not happened like before since I changed to Xorg18:05
lotuspsychjejcerveira: hmm so it might be a wayland thing afterall18:06
jcerveiralotuspsychje: but it only happened sometimes, not everytime18:06
lotuspsychjejcerveira: but i meant like at your first ubuntu install, or started to occur after an update/kernel?18:07
jcerveiralotuspsychje: can't remember18:07
lotuspsychjeallright no sweat18:07
MJCDworkhey how do I change it so the desktops are horizontal not vertical18:09
MJCDworkI found some capabilities in keyboard shortcuts18:09
MJCDworkbut not enough to clarify18:10
MJCDworkwow latest ubuntu comes WITH wine preinstalled18:11
jerMJCDwork, yeah but wayland =/18:11
MJCDworkstuff like pressing windows key + e18:12
MJCDworkdoesn't give me a file explorer18:12
MJCDworkstill a ways to go UX wise18:12
MJCDworkhas a lot better accessibility tools than windows18:12
lotuspsychje!chat | MJCDwork18:12
ubottuMJCDwork: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:12
MJCDworkjer, its a bit heavy18:12
MJCDworkbut then again this second laptop finding it heavy is 10 years old18:13
MJCDworklotuspsychje, sorry18:13
jernah my only problem with wayland being the default is i use the proprietary nvidia drivers and have no integrated gpu, so i can't upgrade this system easily.18:13
jer(also can't use the open source drivers beause of work related requirements -- cuda etc)18:14
saciozmsg #Ubuntu hello all18:14
lotuspsychjesacioz: welcome18:16
brainwashjer: but in this case the Xorg session will be started18:17
brainwashjer: if support for wayland is not available18:18
jerbrainwash, oh interesting; ok that bit i didn't know (i've had problems on another system, probably different then)18:18
saciozmsg  no joy18:20
dragerBen64: After I rebooted my computer, is not my phone listed anymore. How can I make it permanent? :P18:24
miseanyone know if i can launch programs with different configuration files? for example if i wanted to have two different profiles for a program18:29
dragerBen64: nvm18:32
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dan01How's dual graphics support on Ubuntu for AMD(apu + gpu)?18:39
lotuspsychje!amd | dan0118:42
ubottudan01: Open driver for AMD cards: amdgpu (cards >= GCN1.2 aka GCN 3rd gen), radeon (older cards). Closed drivers: amdgpu-pro (>= GCN1.2) fglrx (older cards, unsupported by AMD in 16.04+). For info on GCN levels, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_graphics_processing_units . For fglrx info, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD18:42
lotuspsychjemise: what kind of program did you have in mind?18:43
miselotuspsychje: cmus. would be handy to have a test config to check metadata but not affect my imported library. then i thought it might be a handy thing to be able to do in general for experimenting with config files.18:46
lotuspsychjemise: over my head sorry, manpage shows anything usefull?18:47
miselotuspsychje: no, and i was hoping that there might be a generic way of doing this for programs but i guess that's being optimistic18:48
ioriamise, well, in my case, wanted to run different instances of xfce-terminal with different background image ; so i did a script to change the default config folder (by default ~/.config) , modifying  the XDG_CONFIG_HOME variable18:49
miseioria: sounds interesting. can you guide me somewhere that would show me how to do that?18:52
tt33how i can hide the cache/config/local folder in pureftpd accounts? and why i need this?18:53
ioriamise,  nope, never found such a resource; but it's easy : let's say that the config files are in  ~/.config/xfce/terminal/terminalrc; you make a a script that clone the tree, edit the main file  set again the variable18:54
miseioria: i'm afraid i don't know much about modifying variables18:55
ioriamise,   like this : XDG_CONFIG_HOME=$DIR/$var xfce4-terminal --disable-server&18:56
miseioria: will look into this. cheers18:57
ioriamise,   ok18:57
lotuspsychjett33: be carefull with ftp these days, its a security risk18:59
ikoniatt33: if you're asking "why do I need this" why are you looking to do it18:59
tezogmixwhich areas of ftp are you implying lotuspsychje -19:00
ikoniathe fact that it's an insecure protocol by design19:00
ikoniawhich is why no-one really uses it these days19:00
tezogmixOr rather, if we still had to use ftp... how would you approach it?19:01
ikoniawhy do you "have" to use it19:01
ikoniawhat is the requirement19:01
tezogmixTo fetch data stored on their - I use an ftp manager on windows with a login/pass to its ip19:02
ikoniawhy does it have to be ftp19:02
tezogmixI think that's one of the options in which historically I was just use to, not saying I wouldn't consider other options... lftp is supported as well but not familiar with using that yet.19:03
ikoniaso it's not a requirement19:03
ikoniayou've just not looked at other options19:03
tezogmixAh right ikonia , yes thanks for clarifying the thoughts...19:04
ikoniaso thats what you need to do, research other options19:04
tt33i cant find informations about this 3 folder in the docs19:10
ikoniatt33: again why are you trying to do something you don't even know what it does ?19:11
tt33i know what ftpd does ... but i dont know why in every virtual user the 3 folder exist19:13
TJ-tt33: $HOME/.{cache,local,config} are used by the GUI session tools19:15
tt33TJ-: thanks, think i can hide this?19:18
TJ-tt33: it sounds as if you've got pureftp configured to have many virtual users share a single system user account, in which case presumably at some point you have logged into that system user account using the GUI. If you do not intend using the GUI with that account again you could delete those directories. Otherwise, you'd have to change the permissions (probably using ACLs) in order that pureftpd cannot19:20
TJ-read into those directories19:21
tt33ok thanks19:26
mota57hey guys I setup a proxy using my linux machine digital ocean so I can navigate in some pages block in my country..but the proxy doesn't hide my ip completely how can I hide my ip?19:39
mota57in short words how can I make a anonymous proxy?19:39
TJ-mota57: can you use TOR ?19:40
imihi, how do I install adobe flash player to my ubuntu? why doesn't it preinstalled? does it have any security implications on installing it?19:40
TJ-!flash | imi19:40
ubottuimi: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash19:40
bobeoanyone on?19:41
* xs2 just offed himself19:42
bobeolooking for some good pointers on tighting security. any pointers or tutorials would be awesome. current version is 16.04.3 LTS19:42
ubottuSecurity Updates are dealt with here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Security - See also !root, !firewall, !server, and !usn19:42
alkisgMeh, that "how to install flash" page is terribly out of date19:43
alkisgimi: run `software-properties-gtk`, enable the "partner" repository from there, and finally install "adobe-flashplugin" from software center19:44
TJ-bobeo: not quite what you asked for, but a list of the hardening features Ubuntu implements: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Security/Features19:44
bobeoTJ-: We have a massive project we are about to take public, and we are looking for some last minute measures to increase security before letting people have access to it.19:45
TJ-bobeo: also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Security also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BasicSecurity19:45
mota57i want to use tor shit because is too lazy my man19:45
bobeoThe boss is pretty edgy after a previous admin came in and blew up a bunch of stuff19:45
mota57i dont want to use*19:45
bobeoreally set the project back weeks19:46
mota57well I google a littel bit I hope this works IF SOMEONE WAMT TO USE A ANONYMOUS PROXY FROM WINDOWS USING A CLOUD MACHINE IN VULTR OR SOMEWHERE ELSE FOLLOW THIS GUIDE. https://www.vultr.com/docs/install-squid-proxy-on-ubuntu19:47
mota57is a crap*19:47
TJ-!info lynis | bobeo see also this19:48
ubottubobeo see also this: lynis (source: lynis): security auditing tool for Unix based systems. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.5.0-1 (artful), package size 174 kB, installed size 1323 kB19:48
ketoprofenbobeo , i am missing something or you have to be more specific with "increase security"19:48
KeyboardNotFoundCan I change color theme in Ubuntu 17.10 ?19:49
TJ-bobeo: and this article has a LOT of good advice relating to securing server applications and monitoring them https://blog.mattbrock.co.uk/hardening-the-security-on-ubuntu-server-14-04/19:49
bobeoketoprofen: we are looking to do everything we can to increase security, everything from reducing exposed ports to implementing regular account auditing, systems auditing, log forwarding, cron jobs, anything and everything we can to drastically increase security posturing. we are looking to do a full security overhaul.19:51
oerheksthese are my 'hardening' docs >> https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/security.html -- https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/best-practices-for-hardening-new-sever-in-2017 -- https://github.com/konstruktoid/hardening -- https://samiux.blogspot.nl/2016/08/howto-hardening-and-tuning-ubuntu-1604.html20:02
oerheksas 16.04 uses systemd, that 14.04 is a basis, but not all20:02
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VystyTJ-: My first time in here. What am I looking for? An autoadjust?20:30
TJ-Vysty: sometimes, to the right side is a control that indicates it's toggling some kind of amplifier on inputs20:31
TJ-Vysty: it very much depends on the sound device though20:31
Vystyhmm... all I have is: card, Chip, View, Item, Help, System Information, Select Sound Card, Exit.20:32
VystyCard is: HDA Intel HDMI, Chip is: Intel Haswell HDMI20:32
TJ-Vysty: you see mixer controls with titles beneath them?20:33
VystyTJ-: Nope.20:33
TJ-Hmmm, that doesn't sound correct then. You should see controls similar to this https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/86/Alsamixer.png20:34
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TJ-Vysty: on my system for example there's a mixer control titled "Mic Boost" and another "Auto-mute"20:35
VystyIn the AlsaMixer?20:35
VystyNo, I don't have those.20:35
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TJ-Vysty: hmmm, OH! your system has defaulted to the HDMI output! Press F6 and select the other device!20:37
VystyTJ-: Alright, I selected my microphone.20:38
Vysty"This sound device does not have any playback controls."20:38
VystyI can adjust the "Capture"20:38
TJ-Vysty: try other devices if there are more than one shown with F620:39
VystyBut there's nothing about auto-adjust.20:39
TJ-Vysty: Are you sure it's not audacity doing active levelling ?20:39
=== rypervenche_ is now known as rypervenche
VystyTJ-: Nope. Was looking into that, too.20:39
VystyNope meaning "Not sure".20:39
ioriaVysty, do you have other sw using your mic ? like skype ?20:39
Vystyioria: Looked into that. Closed Skype. Still same problem.20:40
ioriaVysty, check the mic skype settings20:40
VystyTJ-: I selected "HDA Intel PCH", and I have these options to work with: Front Mic, Line Boost, Capture, Capture 1, Input Source, Input Source, Rear Mic B20:40
Vystyioria: I did and I set it to "not auto-adjust". It still auto-adjusted when recording with audacity.20:40
VystyAnd I'm looking in Audacity itself for an option that auto-corrects.20:41
ioriaVysty, some other program you forget about it ?20:41
Vystyioria: The only other thing I have open is Discord, but I'm not on a call with anyone.20:42
ioriai see20:42
TJ-Vysty: right; I can't recall or find a live recording normalise function so it must be something to do with either the hardware, ALSA, or possibly Pulse Audio (although I'd guess Audacity is using ALSA)20:43
VystyWell shit...I closed Discord and it's not doing it at this moment...20:43
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TJ-Vysty: haha, there you go!20:43
VystyTJ-: I'm still suspicious. I remember having this problem long before I signed onto Discord.20:43
TJ-ioria: nice call :)20:43
TJ-Vysty: well I have seen it in hardware devices so it may be it was being triggered by Discord20:44
akikso discord keeps the mic open adjusting the levels while not in a call...20:44
ioriaVysty "he dirty little secret is that if you have that option selected in any piece of software, all software that uses your microphone (including Audacity) are also affected."20:44
Vystyioria: that is a dirty secret.20:45
TJ-akik: or configures the input for it and doesn't unconfigure it until it terminates20:45
Vystyioria: I have a recording I've been working on for quite some time and I'm going to have to redo the whole thing because my input levels weren't consistent.20:45
ioriaVysty, sorry about that20:46
VystyNot your fault.20:46
VystyShould have done my homework first.20:46
VystySpeaking of homework, before I start my googling rampage, anyone have experience adjusting the settings on audacity to ensure consistent audio quality?20:47
VystyIn the sense that, I will have to record multiple times over multiple days in order to finish this.20:47
VystySo there will be things like shutting down the computer involved.20:47
TJ-Vysty:  you might be able to fix it in Audacity; using an inverted Auto Duck track20:47
VystyTJ-: Whazzat?20:47
mragyi want program like photo shop on ubutu20:49
TJ-Vysty: Auto Duck is generally used for DJs to do voice overs; whenever the level in the voice-over track reaches a certain level it 'ducks; (lowers) the level in the music track. You could create a clone of your music track, invert the amplitude levels, and use it as the 'Duck' track which should bring the peaks in your original to the same level as the quieter parts20:49
EriC^^mragy: gimp20:49
TJ-Vysty: once you've done that you could then Normalise the main track20:50
EriC^^mragy: install gimp, sudo apt-get install gimp20:50
EriC^^no problem20:50
VystyTJ-: No music track involved.20:51
VystyTJ-: It's more like an audiobook.20:51
VystyI'll be putting music to it after I'm finished, but it will be putting music to voice, not voice to music.20:51
TJ-Vysty: so? that is an example, whatever is in your primary track, you could use an inverted version to cause ducking20:51
mragyi want play any games on ubuntu i know linux dont run .exe  what can i do20:53
VystyTJ-: hmm... guess you're recommendations are still outside my skill level.20:53
TJ-Vysty: You might find the Leveller effect is better, especially with make-up gain, see http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/limiter.html20:54
VystyTJ-: What I was planning on doing, is just making sure the microphone is set low enough that my voice doesn't exceed the recording amplitude at any time, then normalize when finished.20:54
Hell_Hello there. I currently have a fully installed live usb running. Is it possible to use that to install ubuntu on a laptop instead of making a new live usb for installing?20:54
TJ-Hell_: in theory, yes, but quite complicated unless you're familiar with the innards of the system20:56
Hell_So I'm better off finding another usb drive and creating a standard installation drive?20:58
TJ-Hell_: the 'fully installed live usb' you have running, that sentence confuses me. Do you mean the LiveISO is booted and running in Try Ubuntu mode ?20:59
EriC^^that would be easier, unless the drive's have identical sizes20:59
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Hell_I mean ubuntu is fully installed on the flash drive. It's not running in the Try Ubuntu mode but as if it was installed on a regular hdd21:00
TJ-Hell_: OK, thanks for clarifying. As EriC^^ said, although a 'clone' from the installed system to another is possible21:00
asdlasdkI need to create an alias for youtube-dl. But bash shows an error for the use of "(". I tried this. alias youtune='youtube-dl --output /home/alpha/Music/Instrumental/%(title)s.%(ext)s --extract-audio --audio-format mp3'21:01
Hell_I see, thanks for your responses. Have a good day21:02
EriC^^asdlasdk: try escaping the ( with \(21:02
akikasdlasdk: if you want to expand variables, the syntax would be ${title} and ${ext}21:04
asdlasdkEriC^^: Thanks. I was looking for this.21:04
EriC^^asdlasdk: no worries21:04
asdlasdkakik: Thanks for the help man.21:05
ReimuHakurei_>Failed to connect to http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release. Check your Internet connection or proxy settings21:08
ReimuHakurei_every time i log in21:08
ReimuHakurei_i can wget that URL with no issues21:08
ikoniaReimuHakurei_: what version of ubuntu are you using exactly21:10
ReimuHakurei_upgraded from my server host's 14.04 image21:10
ReimuHakurei_14.04 -> 16.04 -> 17.04 -> 17.1021:10
ikonia17.10 is there, in the list so it should be fine21:10
ReimuHakurei_i can wget that url, but i get that message every login21:11
ikoniaI wonder if something has gone wrong in the multiple-step upgrade process21:11
ReimuHakurei_there's also the long-standing bug where dns is 100% broken with systemd-resolve21:11
EriC^^ReimuHakurei_: try running the motd fetch program maybe?21:11
ReimuHakurei_EriC^^: update-motd does the same21:11
_eMaX_hi all21:12
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_eMaX_I'm upgrading an old box here from 14.10 LTS to 16.10 LTS, and while doing so, am asked for a password. I see in /etc/passwd that a bunch of users have been added. It asks me for something in the context of systemd-journal. Any ideas?21:13
ReimuHakurei_14.10 and 16.10 are not lts21:13
ReimuHakurei_do you mean 14.04 and 16.04?21:13
_eMaX_sorry, yes21:13
EriC^^_eMaX_: systemd is new for 16.04 vs 14.0421:14
_eMaX_but why is it asking for password?21:14
_eMaX_when I do do-release-upgrade21:14
adman120Hey im having an issue with slow transfer speeds over nfs21:14
EriC^^_eMaX_: can you post the error?21:14
ReimuHakurei_try entering the password for your current user?21:16
ikoniathats not systemd asking you for a password21:16
_eMaX_tried to do that, that's not working21:16
ReimuHakurei_or failing that, root password if set?21:16
ikoniathats the user already existing21:16
ikoniaand not being able to carry on21:16
ikoniaI suspect you've set a root password21:16
_eMaX_the user was created: https://pastebin.com/9aEege8e21:16
_eMaX_these users weren't there before21:16
ikoniawhich begs the question how is a systemd user already on the system if this is an upgrade21:16
_eMaX_yes, they were created as part of the do-release-upgrade21:17
_eMaX_and now it is asking me for password ¯\_(ツ)_/¯21:17
ReimuHakurei_try your root password21:17
ikoniawhat's asking for a password, is this during the upgrade or after the upgrade21:17
ikoniathis looks like part of the upgrade21:17
_eMaX_ok I've set passwords manually for all of them and it rand thorugh21:18
ikoniathose users are not meant to have passwords21:18
ikoniathey are system accounts21:18
_eMaX_yes but for some reason it was asking for password, and it was not the root password21:18
ikoniayou don't set passwords you need to understand what's going on with this21:18
ReimuHakurei_ah, systemd...21:18
archiebaldaI need to backup all .odt office wiles before doing operations on system, by which command I can execute search in between all files in terminal, or where I can read about it in depth?21:18
ikoniaarchiebalda: find21:19
ReimuHakurei_nothing but problems with systemd, shame you can't disable it entirely on ubuntu...21:19
ikoniasystemd is fine21:19
archiebaldaikonia: can you specify for .odt files the whole line maybe?21:19
ikoniaand you can't disable it on any operating system - more so if you use modern desktops like gnome that depend on it21:19
ikoniaarchiebalda: you can find speficily odt files yes21:20
ReimuHakurei_servers sure don't depend on it21:20
gambl0reanyone know how to fix this mounting volume error? https://gist.github.com/rickywid/e8a8f405635a70123bef6ba515f32b4c21:20
ikoniaReimuHakurei_: they do21:20
EriC^^archiebalda: sudo find /path/to/search -iname '*.odt'21:20
ReimuHakurei_or rather, none of the SW i use does21:20
EriC^^archiebalda: for more info 'man find'21:20
TJ-archiebalda: something like "find $HOME -type f -name '*odt' " to locate them; you can add something like " -execdir cp {} /mnt/backup" to also copy them to a backup directory21:20
ikoniagambl0re: change exfat to vfat21:21
archiebaldathanks to all!21:21
ikoniagambl0re: or remove the -t argument and let it work it out21:21
adman120Hey im having an issue with slow transfer speeds over nfs21:21
gambl0reikonia, it's an sd card21:22
ikoniagambl0re: and ?21:22
gambl0rei never changed the file format21:22
VystyTJ-: Looking through some audacity options... I realized that I can't select my Microphone in audacity. I can only select "Pulse" or "Default". Do you think thinks makes any sort of difference?21:22
ikoniagambl0re: no-one said you did21:22
gambl0reis it supposed to be vfat?21:22
ikoniagambl0re: try the -t vfat21:22
ikoniagambl0re: then try not using -t at all21:22
ikoniasee what happens21:23
gambl0reok so whats the full command. im new to this21:23
ReimuHakurei_gambl0re: for an SD card, should be vfat for 32GB and under, or exfat for 64GB+21:23
gambl0reim typing any commands. im trying to open the volume by clicking on it21:23
ReimuHakurei_at least, that's what the SD card spec requires; it's not always followed.21:23
gambl0reits a 64gb21:23
ikoniagambl0re: ahhh21:23
ikoniagambl0re: ok, so you're not manually mounting it you're trying to get nautlius to auto mount it on click21:23
ikoniaoh ? what are you doing then21:23
gambl0rei can see it i just cant access it21:24
gambl0reit gives me that error21:24
ikoniawhat ?21:24
ikoniawhat exactly are you doing ?21:24
TJ-Vysty: I see "ALSA" then to the right of microphone icon a list where as well as "pulse: xxx" entries there are "default: xxxx" and raw hardware device names21:24
gambl0rei can see it in the folder tree structure. it says 64g volume but when i try to open/access it i get that error21:24
ikoniaright, so nautlius to auto mount it when you click on it21:25
ikoniaso that suggests to me that the dos tools are not installed21:25
ikoniawhich is odd as thats normally default21:25
gambl0recan i explain a little bit21:25
ReimuHakurei_sudo apt install exfat-fuse exfat-utils21:25
ReimuHakurei_try that21:25
ikoniaexfat-utils should do it21:25
ikoniabut that should normally be there by default on a desktop21:25
gambl0rethis is a windows laptop but i installed ubuntu maybe around christmas time so now im dual booting ubuntu/windows21:25
VystyTJ-: Yea, that's the one I'm looking at.21:26
gambl0redo you want me to run this command? sudo apt install exfat-fuse exfat-utils21:26
ReimuHakurei_run that in a terminal21:26
VystyTJ-: My options are: Default, Pulse, my webcame, and a HDA Intel PCH: ALC662 rev2 alt analog (hw:1,2)21:26
ReimuHakurei_if it installs something, try it again; if it says already installed, your problem is somewhere else.21:26
gambl0rewhat am i installing?21:27
VystyTJ-: I have no idea what that last one is.21:27
ReimuHakurei_the libraries for using exFAT21:27
gambl0reok its done21:27
gambl0renow what21:27
ReimuHakurei_try again21:27
ReimuHakurei_see if you still get an error21:27
mischfireAnyone having issues booting 4.14.12?21:27
* mischfire raises hand21:27
gambl0reoh ok. i get a different error but...21:28
ReimuHakurei_what error now?21:28
gambl0reit opened the folder still21:28
gambl0reUnable to mount 64 GB Volume - Device /dev/mmcblk0p1 is already mounted at `/media/ricky/CC23-17B3'.21:28
ReimuHakurei_should be fine21:28
ReimuHakurei_you can safely ignore that21:28
gambl0reyea it works. i can access it21:28
gambl0rebut how did you know i needed to install that package?21:29
ReimuHakurei_did a google search for what package is responsible for exfat, copied and pasted the package names21:29
gambl0rebut how did you know i needed a package for exfat21:29
ReimuHakurei_>unknown filesystem type 'exfat'21:29
ReimuHakurei_this means that it can't find a program that can handle exfat21:29
ReimuHakurei_so you need the package that does21:30
gambl0rewaas that in the error message?21:30
ReimuHakurei_at the very end21:30
gambl0rei see...21:30
ReimuHakurei_the important stuff is often at the very end of the error21:30
gambl0rei thought you memorized all the packages and knew which one to install. i've been using ubuntu on/off a few years so im still new to all this21:30
ReimuHakurei_nah, google is your friend21:31
gambl0rethis is awesome. thanks21:31
adman120Anyone good with nfs troubleshooting21:31
gambl0realso do i need to upgrade my ubuntu 1421:31
E30GK2G9gambl0re: you can try using apt search [term] to look for relevant packages21:31
gambl0reto 16 or 17?21:31
ReimuHakurei_gambl0re: if you just installed it and you're on 14.xx then it's a good idea21:31
gambl0reor can i just leave it at 14?21:31
TJ-Vysty: My audacity selects one of the "default: " entries, specifically "default: Internal Mic:0"21:31
ReimuHakurei_especially on a desktop system21:31
gambl0reReimuHakurei_, ok21:31
E30GK2G9gambl0re: it's not requried per se (as long as it's not EOL yet), but doesn't hurt21:32
ReimuHakurei_14.04 is supported until april 201921:32
VystyTJ-: Yea, it looks like default is my only option that works.21:32
ReimuHakurei_the command to upgrade is do-release-upgrade; if you're on 14.04 you'll go to 16.04 which is supported until april 202121:32
gambl0reok when it its time to upgrade, is it a straight forward process like simply running a sudo command?21:32
ReimuHakurei_sudo do-release-upgrade21:32
gambl0rethats truly amazing21:32
ReimuHakurei_note that 18.04 (the next LTS release) will be out later this year21:33
E30GK2G9gamblore: note that do-release-upgrade is unique to Ubuntu IIRC21:33
_eMaX_hmm. apt-get upgrade also just now asked for a password, when upgrading, in this case, spamassassin21:33
ReimuHakurei_a lot of people stick to the LTS releases because they tend to be more stable21:33
ReimuHakurei_but the other releases give you new features sooner21:33
ReimuHakurei_your exfat problem might've been because of 14.0421:34
ReimuHakurei_on newer versions it should be installed by default21:34
E30GK2G9gambl0re: Also, if you're running 17.10 but dislike Gnome (the default desktop environment), you can install Unity desktop (default the older Ubuntu versions). You'll be able to switch between them,21:34
=== sandeep is now known as Guest14249
gambl0reim using cinnamon desktop environment21:34
ReimuHakurei_anyway, g2g21:34
gambl0refor some reason my touchpad gestures didnt work in gnom/unity21:34
gambl0rethanks ReimuHakurei_21:34
ReimuHakurei_gambl0re: newer hardware can have issues on older releasesa21:35
Guest26178Can anyone help with my problem21:35
ReimuHakurei_drivers usually improve with newer stuff21:35
E30GK2G9gamblore: have you looked into libinput gestures?21:35
gambl0rei see....im gonna check if i can access my sd card in windows. bye21:35
E30GK2G9Guest26178: What's your problem? Just ask away21:36
Majora320What would the best place be to ask about a broken package in the repos?21:42
carbanhey there21:43
carbansomebody here?21:44
E30GK2G9carban: just ask if you have any questions21:44
TJ-Majora320: here initially21:44
E30GK2G9carban: if someone is able to help, they will get back to you21:44
Majora320I've been getting 404s on libssl and openssl21:44
Majora320They're dependancies of curl - this is in a docker container initial setup21:45
Majora320The package files do indeed appear to be missing21:45
carbansomebody knows how can i install a c++ compiler21:45
Majora320but only for ubuntu4.921:45
Majora320carban: g++21:45
TJ-Majora320: which ubuntu release is it?21:46
E30GK2G9carbon: it should come by default IIRC, it's called g++?21:46
Majora320TJ-: The Dockerfile just specifies ubuntu:latest21:46
E30GK2G9carban: typo, that was addressed to you21:46
ikoniacompilers are not installed by default21:46
Majora320It's xenial I think21:46
E30GK2G9ikonia: strange...I'm on livecd and it's here by default21:46
TJ-Majora320: assuming it's 17.10, you may need to do "apt-get update" in the container first to fetch the latest package lists - if those packages have been upgraded since the last 'update' 404s would be expected21:47
Majora320TJ-: I already do21:47
ikoniaE30GK2G9: livecd is not an installed image21:47
oerheksE30GK2G9, livecd and gcc installed? not on ubuntu ...21:47
TJ-Majora320: check what "apt-cache policy <package-name>" reports21:47
carbanI'm reading about, and I find that I need this command  sudo apt-get install build-essential.21:47
Majora320oh I see21:47
E30GK2G9oerheks: maybe I pulled it in without realizing21:48
Majora320docker must be using apt update from cache21:48
Majora320let me clear the docker cache21:48
carbanI don't know what is a correct method to install it21:49
ikoniacarban: that will install a complete development enviornment21:49
ikoniacarban: probably the quicket path to getting a complete c++ development and build environment21:50
E30GK2G9carbon: first do a 'sudo apt update', followed by 'sudo apt install build-essential'?21:51
oerheks!build | and check the wiki21:51
ubottuand check the wiki: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)21:51
Majora320yep that was it, needed to run with --no-cache21:52
TJ-Majora320: :)21:53
carbanthanks, if I have new questions, I'm going to write again21:54
xebrahi, sometimes (rarely) the sound doesn't work at all when I connect external headphones to my ASUS laptop (but built-in speakers work!) If I reboot the system, it works. What could it be? What could I do to fix it without rebooting?21:55
Majora320Try selecting a sound card with alsamixer21:56
_eMaX_why would dpkg —configure -a ask for a password if I'm running it as root21:58
E30GK2G9_eMaX_: pretty sure it doesn't21:59
ikonia_eMaX_: this is why I told you not to set a password22:00
ikoniaand understand the problem you rushed in and "fixed"22:00
_eMaX_It did that now with a number of packages, and I've still no idea what's going on22:00
_eMaX_.oO(as you rightly said)22:01
ikonia_eMaX_: as you've now altered the state during the upgrade, I'd advise you to backup the work you want to keep and do a clean install with the correct target version22:01
_eMaX_only thing I did was to set the password for a number of service accounts, all of them I still know. So I can undo this22:02
ikonia_eMaX_: too late - you did this during a multi-hop upgrade that had a problem with it (accounts that shoudn't be there - being there)22:02
ikoniawe don't know what's happened with the upgrade process now22:02
ikoniahence why I'd suggest you backup your data and do a clean install of the target version you want22:02
whitebeastim having issues with my internet download manager, and i have a red negative in the upper right hand of my screen. can anyone give me a lead to fix these issues22:02
TJ-_eMaX_: ikonia I don't think it's a case of accounts that shouldn't be there, but of system accounts (installed by packages) that are expected to not have passwords, having passwords assigned22:03
ikoniaTJ-: no, that's not what I was saying22:03
oerhekswhitebeast,  what download manager exactly?22:04
ikoniaTJ-: the accounts that shouldn't be there where systemd accounts on a 12 upgrade, that was an example of "one" of the problems the upgrade had22:04
ikoniarather than understand the probem - the password was set and it was allowed to continue22:04
whitebeastim not entirly sure, i did some google searches and i was under the ipression its my download manager. the standard for 16.04 i guess22:04
daxhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/postgresql-common/+bug/1528822 looks curiously similar22:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1528822 in postgresql-common (Ubuntu) "Installation hangs at password prompt" [Undecided,Invalid]22:04
ikoniait was multi hop of 12->16 through 14/1522:05
E30GK2G9whitebeast: download manager? synaptic?22:06
whitebeasthow do i check which download manager im using ?22:06
E30GK2G9whitebeast: what exactly do you mean by 'download manager'?22:07
whitebeaststandard internet chrome download.. except it finishies with say missing or lost file22:07
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_eMaX_Interesting. => https://pastebin.com/AAu3DvBT22:09
_eMaX_this is one of the installers (postinstallers). It detects the owner of in this case /var/lib/spamassassin, then does a su - to that user. Hence the password prompt22:10
E30GK2G9whitebeast: can you try replicating it with wget?22:11
TJ-ikonia: where did you get the 12.x from? I can only see 14.04 > 16.04 mentioned22:11
whitebeastwhat is wget?22:12
_eMaX_whitebeast: a tool that allows you to fetch something from a web server (for example), from the command line, instead of using a UI browser.22:13
whitebeastive never used it. i can try it22:13
E30GK2G9whitebeast: what are you trying to download?22:13
whitebeasta new iso22:14
E30GK2G9whitebeast: try coping the link location in chrome, open a terminal, and do 'wget [link'22:15
adman120anyone know a reason why nfs file transfer would be slow/not working22:15
laptopwhy does hls not work on chromium on 32 bit ubuntu and how do you autoupdate chromium22:16
algidanyone have any thoughts on why htaccess might not be working?22:21
algidcould it be related to 16.04?22:22
laptophttps streaming or hls is not working22:22
laptopon chromium 32 bit but works fine under manjaro 64 bit22:22
laptopwhy is this?22:24
hfpHi, I have installed an Ubuntu 17.10 server with the hostname 'myhost'. I then reconfigured this machine to a static IP on a bridge interface instead of dhcp on the default ethernet interface. But if I `ping myhost`, every machine on the network still has the wrong, dhcp supplied IP. I tried `sudo systemd-resolve --flush-caches22:25
hfp` but no luck22:25
vfwadman120: http://nfs.sourceforge.net/nfs-howto/ar01s05.html22:25
hfpHow do I get every machine on the LAN to update its definition of myhost?22:25
vfwhfp: .... may be an issue with your router, or may be an issue that can be solved with router settings22:27
hfpTo add to that, when I `dig myhost`, the answer comes back from
tomreynalgid: you'll need to provide *way* more details22:28
tomreynlaptop: you, too22:28
vfwhfp: You might try leaving the server on dhcp and set a static lease for it on the router.22:28
hfpvfw: That's what I used to do, but I switched it because it's easier to manage from Ansible playbooks22:30
qswzhttps://unix.stackexchange.com/a/170781/223868 write-env-file is a command?22:30
vfw"Ansible playbooks"?22:31
vfwhfp: That's what you used to do, and it worked?22:31
algidi don't know, i enabled mod rewrite22:32
vfwhfp: Well, let me ask another question;  Do you have it outside the dhcp pool? Or inside the dhcp pool?22:32
algidi updated 000-default.conf22:32
algidit matches my other machine where htacess works22:32
hfpvfw: you mean the IP range?22:33
laptophello may I ask for help22:33
hfplaptop: dont ask to ask, just ask your question and if someone can they'll help22:33
laptopdoes someone know how to enable https streaming in chromium22:34
vfwhfp: Are you using an IP address that is outside the router's dhcp pool?22:34
hfpvfw: yes22:35
hfpold ip was in the pool, new static one is outside of it22:35
vfwhfp: Ok, that's good, (if it is outside the dhcp pool).22:36
hfplaptop: how do you mean? streaming from https websites should work without any additional config22:36
oerhekslaptop, for DRM streams i use chrome, not chromium22:40
hfpvfw: thing is, I don't know where the stale info comes from. If it's from my local resolver, the router, or the local dns server22:40
laptopactually https streaming does not seem to work on chromium 32 bit and there is not chrome 32 bit anymore22:41
DeihmosTrying out Ubuntu server. It boots to TTYL and I can't do anything. What is that?22:42
laptopI notice it works under manjaro 64 bit for chromium but I am not sure why22:42
hfpDeihmos: do you get to the login prompt?22:42
ikoniaDeihmos: ubuntu server will only boot to a tty22:42
DeihmosThere is no login22:42
ikoniawhat do you see ?22:42
vfwhfp: Reboot the router and you'll renew routing tables22:42
DeihmosTS Ubuntu TTYL22:43
ikoniaTS Ubuntu TTYL ?22:43
DeihmosActually tty122:43
ikoniawhat is the TS bit ?22:43
DeihmosI don't know22:44
ikoniaI wonder if it's ts for the timestamp22:44
ikoniaDeihmos: what happens if you hit enter ?22:44
DeihmosNothing happens22:45
ikoniaDeihmos: if you hit caps lock does the light go on / off on your keyboard22:45
DeihmosKeyboard works22:46
DeihmosWhen I press enter it just shows another tty1 line22:46
vfwDeihmos: You can not login?22:47
vfwDeihmos: No login prompt?22:47
vfwDeihmos: Will Alt-RightArrow take you to tty2?22:48
vfwDeihmos: ... or Ctrl-Alt-F2 ?22:48
vfwDeihmos: So no login on any tty?22:49
algidanyone have a clue as to what could be preventing htacess from enabling in ubuntu 16.04?22:49
algidi don't have LAMP or anything, just apache22:49
algidadded directory directives in 000-default.conf, restarted apache22:50
vfwalgid: Site specific or global?22:50
algidthere's only one site22:50
algidthis procedure works on my other vps's22:50
KeyboardNotFoundCan I make ubuntu cycle through all open windows when clicking alt + tab ?22:51
algidthe only difference here is that i haven't installed php or mysql22:51
ikoniaDeihmos: how are you confirming keyboard works22:51
algidwhich shouldn't impact22:51
ikonia(sorry may have missed some detail)22:51
DeihmosI can type Ctrl alt opens tty2 and so on22:51
ikoniaDeihmos: and there is no login prompt on the other ttys22:52
vfwalgid: grep AllowOverride22:52
algidi did that22:52
algidmaybe i have to do it in apache2.conf22:52
adman120is a high id in top bad?22:53
daxadman120: as in PID?22:53
adman120no as in id by the cpu row22:53
daxno, the id there stands for idle22:54
daxso high just means the CPU isn't doing much22:54
hfpvfw: it must be elsewhere, I rebooted the router and now myhost is unknown. I guess the ubuntu server isn't advertising its hostname properly or something22:54
adman120hey do you know how to make mono not run like shit22:54
Deihmosthere is no login prompt on all of them22:55
vfwalgid: grep AllowOverride /etc/httpd/conf/*22:55
Deihmosthink I am giving up on this22:55
vfwhfp: It would be a function of the router to allow hostname to be "advertised"22:55
laptopI figured out the solution in case anyone interested22:56
laptopthere is an HLS extension that will work to play the videos22:56
adman120why do my containers hate me22:56
KeyboardNotFoundCan I make ubuntu cycle through all open windows when clicking alt + tab ?22:57
algidgrep: /etc/httpd/conf/*: No such file or directory22:57
cfochwhat can I do to avoid this error22:58
cfoch/usr/bin/ld: main.o: undefined reference to symbol 'dgesvd_'22:58
hfpvfw: hmmm... not sure which direction to look now. Ubuntu should advertise out of the box, so something is wrong with the router I suppose?22:58
cfochI installed liblapack-dev but I still get that error23:01
ikoniawhere are you getting these packages from23:01
cfochikonia: are you talking to me?23:03
MagusAgnus@cfoch probably :-)23:08
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TJ-cfoch: are you linking liblapack ?23:15
cfochI am building my own program that uses dlib and opencv23:16
cfochI guess that opencv needs that liblapack thing internally23:16
TJ-cfoch: as in gcc .... -o myprog myprog.c -llapack23:16
algidis there a global file i can use instead of htaccess?23:17
=== Kon[m] is now known as Guest22192
TJ-algid: the site config file usually23:18
TJ-algid: under /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/23:18
cfochthanks :)23:18
cfochI will see if that works but probably it will23:19
algidso i can put htaccess style redirect code in there?23:19
algidinside <VirtualHost> ?23:19
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TJ-algid: Yes23:20
TJ-algid: as the docs say, "Any directive that you can include in a .htaccess file is better set in a Directory block..."23:21
algidthanks dude that works23:22
algidi think there is some config change with 16.04 default apache that is different for setting up htaccess23:22
algidi see some people talking about it on google after upgrading but no answers23:23
laptopanyone from australia or new zealand23:28
hfpvfw: so it seems hostnames aren't advertised at all. it works with dhcp because the router knows which hostname has which ip, but it doesn't with static ips, and you're supposed to update your dns yourself with hostnames and ips.23:31
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cfochI have installed libopenblas-base but how do I find the .so?23:56
akikcfoch: dpkg -L libopenblas-base | grep so23:57

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