studio-user252Hi; Studio 16.04 , changed pauvcontrol from working but incorrect setting to 2.1 analog out and stereo in. Now pauvcontrol blinks and plays nothing and I cant change anything.01:25
studio-user252Any hints out there? I saw something about Nvidia but I'm still on the default nouvoue driver.01:26
OvenWerksI don't think the video driver would affect that unless the output you are using is part of the video card.01:27
studio-user252Nope, me neither. Using an older audigy value card01:28
OvenWerksI have not had trouble with pa that way. Normally, the easy way to start over is pulseaudio -k01:30
studio-user252Any command to reset the pulseaudio back to what it was set at or change the profile to the other stable but incorrect one?01:30
OvenWerksyou may need to start pavucontrol again after that and it will restart pa01:30
OvenWerksI don't know where pa stores it's config. Let me see if I can find it.01:31
studio-user252john@john-Dimension-2400:~$ sudo pulseaudio -k [sudo] password for john:  E: [pulseaudio] core-util.c: Home directory not accessible: Permission denied E: [pulseaudio] main.c: Failed to kill daemon: No such file or directory john@john-Dimension-2400:~$01:31
OvenWerksyou should not need (or want) to run pulseaudio as root01:32
studio-user252Funny, made this mistake in 14 LTS and it let me correct the profile no prob. In 16 seems to be very oicky01:32
OvenWerks just pulseaudio -k should be fine01:32
OvenWerksyou can try rm -r ~/.config/pulse01:33
OvenWerksbut I think PA needs to be stopped while you do that01:34
studio-user252Tried -K now, no response from the system and pauv restarted is still blinking.01:34
OvenWerkspusleaudio -k just stops pulse. As soon as the system figures out pulse is stopped it respawns.01:35
studio-user252Pauv was not running when the command was issued, just did it agian to be sure, no change01:35
OvenWerks restarting pavucontrol after killing pulse will restart it too.01:35
OvenWerksYou may have to turn off pulse's respawn before you remove the .config/pulse directory or pulse may just recreate it the same way.01:38
OvenWerks I use pulseaudio in an unconventional way, so it is harder for me try things.01:39
OvenWerksIn my case pulse does not see any audio devices and only sends audio to jack.01:40
studio-user252Whoo Hoo! Got it going now! -K command and then RM -R etc.  Did it!01:40
OvenWerkssounds great01:40
studio-user252No kidding! It does sound nice now.01:41
studio-user252Bowie "Heroes" to celebrate01:41
studio-user252Thanks so much!01:41
OvenWerksno problem.01:42
studio-user252Over and out, got another PC that I did that to.01:42
studio-user252Whee, practice makes perfect01:42
studio-user409Hi all!  Is there any easy way to uninstall one install of 16.04 and leave the other (which is running grub) alone?03:10
studio-user409The second one I want to delete has got this crazy ticking sound once a second a second and the other is perfect03:11
studio-user409So I want to leave the perfect one alone and get rid of the other.03:12
krytarikstudio-user409: So just 1.) format the partition the second one is on, and 2.) run "sudo update-grub" from the other.03:16
studio-user409Ok, stupid here.  Looking at gparted, how do I tell which is which?03:24
studio-user409It looks like there may be more then one partition involed or is that my ignorance showing?03:26
studio-user409Doesn't Studio grab muliple partitions by default?03:27
studio-user409I've a nice multi OS going; MS XP, Vista, Win 7, 2 of Studio, Fedora and Suse03:28
studio-user409All running on an updated but obiously behing the time Del 24000 with upgraded processor and 500 MB drives03:30
studio-user409So right now I'm on the weird 16.04 studio that should go bbye03:32
studio-user409It ticks one a second and nothing stops it. Besides its taking up too much room03:33
studio-user409Is there a simple way of telling this 16.04 to erase itself?03:35
studio-user409Sorry, my bad, seems to be some instructions but not toattly relevant out there. Hugs and Kisses!03:39
Xenos_good time of day23:04
Xenos_anyone alive in here?23:05

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