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flocculantochosi: it's not - see it in artful, bionic and my frankenstein version09:33
ochosiflocculant: what is not?09:58
flocculantthe clear icon, bug 1644917 - sorry for the vagueness10:02
ubottubug 1644917 in xfce4-indicator-plugin (Ubuntu) "Label missing from indicator-plugin clear option" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/164491710:02
flocculantscreenshots for them all there10:03
ochosi"great", so it was merged but never release probably10:12
flocculantok - just thought I'd say after your comment on the bug :)10:12
ochosik, guess i will have to release a new version then10:13
ochosisince andrzejr doesn't seem to be around10:13
ochosibut it sucks a little, because we'll switch away from it anyway10:13
ochosiand i dunno if anybody will care enough to sync that back to 16.04 now that we're approaching 18.04...10:13
flocculantnot sure about in 16.0410:14
flocculantlemme check10:14
flocculantyea - fail there, not sure it's sru material though tbh10:16
flocculantnot many people mark it affecting10:16
ochosimaybe still worth releasing upstream so other distros benefit10:16
ochosinot many notice it10:16
flocculantyea ofc10:16
ochosiit's a fairly hidden dialog10:16
flocculantindeed :)10:16
flocculantbbl - motorbike maintenance ...10:17
ochosibluesabre: mind reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~samuel-thibault/lightdm-gtk-greeter/at-spi-bus/+merge/335523 ?11:16
ochosibluesabre: i read through the bugreport and the code change seems uninvasive and a meaningful cleanup when the greeter is closed...11:17
ochosibluesabre: plus we will have to patch xfdesktop if we want the "user wallpaper at greeter" to continue to work in 18.04: https://code.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/unity-settings-daemon/accountsservice-background/+merge/33543111:18
ochosibluesabre: because lightdm changed its method https://github.com/CanonicalLtd/lightdm/commit/6015bce25f241e7580c03594d846769f8236232f11:18
JackFrostOh finally!  Nice.11:20
JackFrostochosi: If someone releases a new ind-plug, should port to ayatana first as the other ones are Ubuntu only.11:20
ochosiyeah meh11:22
ochosinot sure why anyone would do that if there's statusnotifier11:22
ochosimaybe it's simply time to retire it11:23
JackFrostindicator-application isn't the only one...sn-plug only replaces that one.11:25
JackFrost(Also the "port" is simply rename.)11:25
JackFrostI don't suppose now that lightdm is using a more global method, the xfdesktop version could be upstreamed? :>11:32
flocculant!team - done smoketests for the artful .1 release, would be good if others can do some if possible12:22
ubottuflocculant: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:22
ochosiJackFrost: indeed, it could13:58
bluesabreJackFrost: don't suppose you know if the builders are back online? Hoping to get some new builds at https://code.launchpad.net/~menulibre-dev/+recipe/menulibre-daily for folks to try14:20
bluesabreochosi: will try to look at those today14:21
flocculantbluesabre: don't think they are - things I'm expecting aren't built :)14:23
JackFrostbluesabre: Early next week at the earliest.14:53
bluesabreJackFrost: shew16:40
bluesabreflocculant: since the builders are down, if you want to test out menulibre's recent changes:16:56
bluesabresudo apt build-dep menulibre16:56
bluesabrebzr branch lp:menulibre16:56
bluesabrecd menulibre16:56
bluesabresudo python3 setup.py install16:56
flocculantbluesabre: you got a camera in here knowing when I've actually sat at the pc?16:57
bluesabreflocculant: we don't talk about the camera16:57
flocculantha ha 16:57
bluesabrehttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~menulibre-dev/menulibre/master/revision/430 summarizes the changes for the upcoming release16:57
flocculantahah - that saves me asking the what for :D16:58
flocculantI'll take a look :)16:58
bluesabreflocculant: much appreciated!16:59
flocculantdoesn't like some desktop files :p17:01
bluesabreIndeed, but now it tells you why :)17:01
flocculantyea :D17:01
flocculantbluesabre: in the log 3 icons - folder, txt editor and something else - what's the something else supposed to do?17:02
bluesabreflocculant: the third icon copies the path to the clipboard17:03
bluesabrethe clipboard icon probably makes more sense there17:03
flocculantaah ok17:03
bluesabrethere is no standard clipboard icon17:05
bluesabrethat seems silly17:05
flocculantseems silly to expect something to be standard :p17:07
bluesabreThat's fair17:11
flocculantbluesabre: got an issue ...17:20
knomeonly one?17:20
flocculantcreated a test folder - in games, added launcher - saved it, wasn't saved in games, tried to delete it - that worked but the delete dialogue won't buggar off ...17:21
bluesabreflocculant: neat17:21
bluesabreanything interesting in the terminal?17:21
flocculantterminal says17:21
flocculantTypeError: expected str, bytes or os.PathLike object, not NoneType17:21
bluesabreChecking it out17:22
flocculantwhole bunch of stuff in terminal - ignorign the gtk warnings17:22
bluesabreflocculant: care to paste all the terminal output somewhere?17:23
bluesabrearen't you awesome17:23
flocculantI try :p17:23
bluesabreflocculant: if you bzr pull and run the installer again, I think things may run smoother for you17:42
flocculantbluesabre: ok - delete works now :p17:49
flocculantnot got huge time to play this evening - but how do I add a directory in an existing one?17:50
flocculantand now it doesn't17:52
flocculantdelete not working that is17:52
bluesabreflocculant: open the directory and click on something inside, then add directory17:52
bluesabreterminal output?17:52
bluesabreI should probably make it possible to add subdir on empty dirs17:53
flocculantftr here bzr pull had a conflict so I just removed it and grabbed it again17:55
flocculantwill have another look later if you say so :)17:57
flocculantctrl+alt+esc on menulibre took out the irssi terminal :p18:02
JackFrostbluesabre: Well, depending on when you count "next week"  Eg, next few days.18:17
bluesabreflocculant: pushed another maybe-fix18:25
bluesabreJackFrost: cool18:25
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ochosibluesabre: standard clipboard icon is edit-paste19:02
bluesabreochosi: yeah, not quite the right context, https://i.imgur.com/0tyCcYE.png copying filename to clip using edit-copy in this case19:05
ochosiis that a gtktreeview or a gtklistbox?19:05
ochosiand agreed, edit-paste may not seem correct19:06
ochosinice, i guess i should use treeviews more, they're much more efficient... but i'm lazy...19:06
flocculantbluesabre: I'll look tomorrow - don't know if it's my end of weekness or something up with it when I try things :p19:30
bluesabreflocculant: I consider it a gift for finding bugs19:47
flocculantnight all22:01
ochosinight flocculant 22:16
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