gourhello, just watched a talk about breezy...it's nice that bazaar gets some new life...after darcs (which i liked a lot), i used bazaar for all my personal projects, but seeing the state of the project moved to fossil eventually. now while waiting to see what will happen with Pijul, there are news about Breezy. :-) How do (brz devs) see Breezy in the light of e.g. Fossil/Pijul? personally, i don't like git at all16:54
goursince it, as drh said, burns too many brain cycles of its users to be operated safely which could be used more efficiently for the work itself, so my git-usage is minimal (mostly cloning stuff from github to be built). what is going on with bzr explorer, iow. what about brz's gui? i always like(d) simplicity (of bzr) and nice to see nw life in the project16:54
gour*new life16:54
gourfossil devs do work on interoperability with git, but it's not there (yet), so brz should have that advantage, right? what about performance? bzr was plagued with the label that it's generally too slow?16:57
gourof course when we speak about Explorer, we must remember Ian - such a great soul!!16:59
mgzgour: thanks for your interest (and watching my talk!)18:27
mgzI'm EOD at work, but will be on later this evening18:27
gourok. ;)18:28
* gour is utc+118:29
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mgzokay, I sent mail to the list with a few suggestions for breezy changes that can be picked up and worked on22:39

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