fatgooseanyone know how to get the kube-controller-manager log from a k8s (the canonical distribution of kubernetes) deployment?00:37
fatgoosewhere is it on the master node?00:37
thumperunfortunately many of the k8s charmers are in the USA and past EOD00:43
tvansteenburghif fatgoose comes back, the answer is:04:51
tvansteenburghjuju ssh kubernetes-master/0 -- journalctl -o cat -u snap.kube-controller-manager.daemon.service04:51
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magicaltroutdocker crashes when removing containers \o/18:26
rick_hmagicaltrout: howdy, and :(18:38
rick_hmagicaltrout: I wanted to make sure you saw https://blog.jujugui.org/2018/01/03/accessing-the-juju-cli-from-within-the-gui/ and see if your folks had a chance to try it out18:38
rick_hhave to pull the plug on the juju show due to some issues on my end today folks. Apologies for all of you looking forward to hearing my dulcet tones again after the new year18:53
kwmonroebummer rick_h - i have wicked allergies today and was hoping to have an opportunity to blow my nose on youtube.19:06
rick_hkwmonroe: lol sorry man19:06
jhobbsis there a way to show the current space bindings for an application?21:16
thumperjhobbs: does it show in the yaml status?21:22
jhobbsno thumper21:24
kwmonroejhobbs: does 'juju list-spaces [--format yaml]' show the apps for each space?21:29
jhobbskwmonroe: no21:30
kwmonroei don't have an env to test atm, but i'll keep my fingers crossed that it does21:30

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