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lordievaderGood morning07:06
batteronizerHi, I'm running kdevelop 4.7.3 on Kubuntu 16.04 and I get the following error07:18
batteronizerHow can I fix it?07:18
valoriedid you Make sure that Kate is installed, KDEDIRS is set properly and that you ran kbuildsycoca4?07:19
valorie`apt-cache police kate07:19
valoriehard to remember how to do this old stuff07:21
lordievader`apt-cache policy kate`*07:21
batteronizerKate is installed07:21
batteronizerI'll check the blog07:21
lordievaderThere is no 4.9 available for 16.04? Thought 4.9 was Plasma 5 based.07:22
batteronizer4.7.3 seems to be the lates07:23
valorielordievader: I'm just going by the pastebin07:23
acheronuksadly kdevelop lagged behind on stable releases then07:23
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valorieif it's giving bad error messages, then we're sunk07:23
daggs-workGreetings, I have an ubuntu 16.04 lts installation with the kernel hwe install (4.10), how can I verify if it is patched against the new meltdown bug?07:23
valoriedaggs-work: did you update and upgrade today?07:24
daggs-workyes, no kernel upgrade found07:24
acheronukdaggs-work: there will be a HWE update to 4.13 to provide meltdown fix07:24
valorieI got one security update in the background today07:24
valoriebut they do roll those out a bit at a time07:25
daggs-workacheronuk: so I need to upgrade to 4.13 and it will come later on?07:25
lordievaderbatteronizer: [1] shows how you can install the lastest kdevelop via an 'AppImage'. [1] https://www.kdevelop.org/download07:25
acheronukdaggs-work: the update is currently in -proposed. not finished testing yet I assume07:26
valorielordievader: batteronizer is running 16.0407:26
daggs-workstill it will be merged only to 4.13?07:26
acheronukprobably as an early HWE version upgrade needs a bit more testing07:26
acheronukdaggs-work: that is the info so far07:27
acheronuk"The Rolling HWE kernel for Ubuntu 16.04 will go to 4.13 early, instead of also fixing 4.10 HWE kernel."07:27
lordievadervalorie: I know, the 5.0 release page said "We also provide an experimental pre-built binary package which should run on any moderately recent linux distribution"07:28
lordievaderHence the appimage might work on 16.0407:28
daggs-workunderstood, thanks07:28
valorielordievader: cool07:29
acheronukkdevelop 5 is laso in backports ppa. version 5.1.x I think07:29
batteronizerThe backports ppa was causing problems for me so I removed it07:39
batteronizerThe problem with Kdevelop seems that I changed KDEDIRS for building something else07:39
batteronizerSwitching it wold probably fix it07:40
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pracownia_mazurek to daun07:51
dawidostry cienias07:51
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ostrychyba ty kurwa07:51
user|30885I just updated my Kubuntu 16.04 with the newest kernel, which leads to a crash on the next boot. Exists there some kind of ticket system to tell the develops this?10:28
hateball!bug | user|3088510:29
ubottuuser|30885: If you find a bug in Kubuntu, please follow the instructions at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Bugs/Reporting to report the issue to the developers.10:29
user|30885thanks! bye10:31
BluesKajHowdy all12:19
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[Relic]Upgraded linux image and headers, now I get a black screen on boot.  If I purge nvidia files it boots and the screen comes up normally but at a low resolution.  If I install the nvidia drivers, the logout screen crashes so I need to power button shut down the computer and I get back to black screen on boot.15:26
[Relic]What am I missing?15:26
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[Relic]finally works with 384, not sure if I should update the driver again to the higher version though15:59
EvilRoeyhi guys17:02
EvilRoeyhow do I set it again so that the virtual terminals are not blanked out and unavailable?17:03
MashaWho wants to see my naked photos in the link download  http://bit.ly/2CYpsCy17:18
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janarhey, please build the next kubuntu version pulseaudio equalizer :)20:10
janarthis install is sometimes impossible20:11
janari hope next version of kubuntu is pulseaudioequalizer default built in :)20:12
sononuovoknow channel italian kubuntu?20:18
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someone_ I want customize KDE 5 to load only basic services such as network manager , I don't want any thing extra , I don't want taskbar because after login the specific program will run and I don't want user be able to use anything.22:23
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