tsimonq2Am I missing something, or is there no Git support for Launchpad translations?06:04
tsimonq2And if no support exists, does anyone (cjwatson or wgrant?) mind if I write it?06:05
tsimonq2(consider this the pre-pre-implementation review ;) )06:05
wgranttsimonq2: Indeed, Translations doesn't currently support automatic imports or exports to/from Git. It's on our TODO list, but we're not likely to get to it any time soon, so if you want to have a look then by all means :)06:06
tsimonq2wgrant: Awesome, I'll do that after my linkCVE() fixes are in ;)06:07
tsimonq2(if you couldn't tell, Lubuntu's trying to convert as much as possible to Git)06:09
wgrantI gathered :)06:12
cjwatsontsimonq2: I've done some preliminary work on it (uncommitted because there are some non-trivial data modelling things to sort out), so if you're going to tackle it then we should reconcile that first08:04
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tsimonq2cjwatson: Sure, what do you want to do about that? ;)12:50
cjwatsonMy current works in progress are https://paste.ubuntu.com/26359977/ and https://paste.ubuntu.com/26359978/ - but the main complexity is going to be working out what the replacement for ProductSeries.branch will be, since that's essential to how translations work for Bazaar.  I suspect the correct answer will be some way to nominate a particular repository and branch as being associated with a ...12:57
cjwatson... ProductSeries, but in the "soft" way that we do for git that doesn't break if the branch is deleted, and with some kind of integration with repository deletion12:57
cjwatsonThe launchpad-buildd side is mostly done - I just need to get round to checking that it's entirely polished and pushing it12:58
cjwatsonI wasn't going to bother with that until I was sure that we were going to get round to using it though12:58
cjwatsonOh, that also needed https://paste.ubuntu.com/26360002/ for lp:turnip (the git backend)12:59
cjwatsonAll of that's for imports.  For exports, a different set of work is needed, mainly coming up with an implementation of lp.code.model.directbranchcommit that works for git.13:00
cjwatson(i.e. an API provided by lp:turnip that constructs a commit in some way, and a thin wrapper on the LP side to make use of it)13:01
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