tiagoscd__Hey guys! Do you have any ideas on why my PPA build is stuck for more than 24 hours? https://launchpad.net/~tiagohillebrandt/+archive/ubuntu/wp-cli/+build/1422377010:18
tiagoscd__I'm not sure if I did something wrong or if it is normal to take this long to build a package10:19
cjwatsontiagoscd__: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/launchpad-announce/2018-January/000103.html (and followup to correct the date)10:19
tiagoscd__Oh gotcha, thanks @cjwatson :-) Hopefully it will get back soon (fingers crossed)10:22
ricotzcjwatson, hi, could you please bump the firefox-trunk builds, I have the impression that those 5000 downloads got your attention?13:58
cjwatsonricotz: I'm about to go out, and we should be able to reactivate the x86 farm today at some level so it shouldn't be necessary to do too much manually14:00
ricotzcjwatson, I see, while firefox-trunk is not in the archive it got a quite low priority14:03
cjwatsonricotz: I've at least moved them up the queue a bit.14:51
ricotzcjwatson, thank you14:52
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kyrofaI haven't seen anything on launchpad status, so I assume the build farm is still down? Weren't the mitigations released yesterday?17:31
mgedminkyrofa: "<cjwatson> ricotz: I'm about to go out, and we should be able to reactivate the x86 farm today at some level" is from earlier today18:02
kyrofamgedmin, yeah I saw that. I just thought his "today" was much earlier than mine, haha18:03
mgedminI'm not sure when "today" ends; the kernel updates promised from Jan 9 landed after midnight of Jan 10 in my timezone, but who's nitpicking ;)18:03
kyrofaYeah, also curious about the non-x86 platforms18:03
mgedminalso "at some level" doesn't necessarily mean my ppa packages stuck since Jan 7 will get unstuck, so I'm not holding my breath18:03
mgedmin#hugops to launchpad admins!18:04
mgedmin(twitter hashtags don't really work on IRC)18:04
Pr0t3usAny news on the build farm?23:06
Pr0t3usWe have a pretty big release for today and most of our users use the PPA repository.23:06
wgrantPr0t3us: Just waiting for a handful of builds to finish before we apply the last set of Spectre mitigations and turn i386/amd64 builds back on.23:16
wgrantOther architectures won't be turned back on today, but x86 should return very shortly.23:16
naccwgrant: thanks for the hard work and update!23:16
Pr0t3usThank you wgrant23:35
luke-jrwgrant: there are Spectre mitigations?23:49
wgrantluke-jr: Not in general, but patches exist that mitigate it for certain use-cases, and Intel has released microcode to allow those mitigations to work on some of their CPUs.23:52
luke-jrwgrant: do you know where I can find these?23:52
wgrantluke-jr: Some distros have kernels with early Spectre mitigations, and there are a selection of patches flying around upstream on LKML atm. Ubuntu kernels will soon have Spectre mitigations in addition to the existing Meltdown fixes -- see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/SpectreAndMeltdown23:56

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