Kamiliondoesn't p7zip and file-roller create rars?00:32
wxlyikes never tried00:32
Kamilionalso, probably won't be able to modify a RARv3; it hasn't been supported for very long in WinRAR either.00:32
wxlp7zup works if non-free p7zip-rar is installed00:33
Kamilionin order to create the newer propritary format, you'll probably have to install wine, and pay for winrar.00:33
wxldoesn't really say what specific RAR formats are supported00:37
wxlhere's the one thing i found re: p7zip and rarv3 https://sourceforge.net/p/p7zip/discussion/383044/thread/68a6eb5a/?limit=25#e93300:41
wxllove that slogan tho00:50
wxlLubuntu.  NĂ©cessaire et suffisant.00:50
wxlat least it's up to date00:51
wxluhhh ok wrong channel yay00:52
Kamilionurrghhh, when's the alpha 1 ISO gonna release, I've been waiting all day01:05
wxlsorry alpha 1's cancelled01:06
tsimonq2I should follow up on the MP01:06
Kamilioncanceled? what?01:06
wxlKamilion: he has yet to email the mailing list the fact that Alpha 1 has been cancelled01:07
wxltl;dr the SPI and Meltdown/Spectre mitigrations haven't landed in Bionic yet01:07
wxlalso the builders are down due to Meltdown/Spectre01:07
Kamilion... oh.01:07
wxlso they're just going to ditch Alpha 101:07
Kamilionokay, well, the former, I would say "screw it, build anyway"01:07
wxlbuuuuuuuut Artful Dot One will be out on the 11th XD01:07
Kamilionthe latter is a bit more of a problem if you can't build...01:07
* wxl ducks01:07
Kamilionyeah, that's worthless01:08
Kamilionnot a LTS.01:08
Kamilionnot touching it with a thirty foot pole01:08
Kamilionnon-LTS releases eat machines01:08
* wxl gives Kamilion a consolation prize01:08
Kamilionokay, so, when are the daily builds going to start back up?01:08
Kamilionalso, why's lubuntu-next been stalled since late last month?01:09
wxlit hasn't been that long has it?01:10
Kamilion12-27's the last.01:10
wxlwell, i'm not sure01:10
wxlbut i will say this: the world went down around the 3rd01:11
Kamilionyeah, kpti01:11
Kamilionno big deal for me, I xen.01:11
wxlso it was probably some minor build error because of all the mucking around tsimonq2 has been doing with our seeds and git and cdimage and all01:12
wxlwhich i believe is all now fixed01:12
wxlbut then the world was down, so.......01:12
Kamilionroger that01:12
Kamilionshould be back in a week or so then?01:12
wxlyeah or less, i think01:12
tsimonq2Now it's all fixed and Git support has landed for seeds :D01:12
tsimonq2Yeah less than that01:12
KamilionCan I twist y'all's arm into rolling a late alpha 1 once the proper boot patches have landed?01:13
wxlwell maybe not less for LP getting fixed tho, eh, tsimonq2 ?01:13
tsimonq2wxl: I doubt it, the kernel fixes landed today. Honestly, I don't know anything for real here, but I'll bet that it'll be back up in 48 hours or less01:13
wxlKamilion: *I* didn't talk to the release team about it so you can ask tsimonq2 about it but my guess is that without everyone else being on board, they'll just wait until Alpha 201:14
wxlwe DON'T have control over the infrastructure01:14
tsimonq2Right, Alpha 2 is a go, Alpha 1 is no-go01:14
wxlso, unless they're all a good, then you can twist all you want, but it won't matter01:14
Kamilionso nobody's willing to even bother pushing for it01:14
tsimonq2wxl: I know, I could be totally wrong, but it's an educated guess given progress XD01:15
tsimonq2Kamilion: It was already pushed back a week to give time for people to get back from vac01:15
tsimonq2If we did it next week there would be a two week difference.01:15
wxlit's alpha 1, Kamilion. most flavors don't even care01:15
tsimonq2Not worth it imho01:15
Kamilioni figured the infra team would welcome having a test case to fire off when they think things are ready, even if it's a late release, the news sites would probably put it in a good light01:15
tsimonq2wxl: Kylin and Lubuntu always do XD01:15
wxlp.s. this is a little off topic for #lubuntu and should probably go to #lubuntu-devel but evs01:15
tsimonq2Kamilion: Well it's that and 17.10 spins also land this week so testing should go to that, really01:16
wxltsimonq2: ack, but that's why i said MOST. we're not most.01:16
Kamiliondamn right, lubuntu's almost always been A1 for the past six years of my knowledge01:16
tsimonq2Kamilion: 17.04 was no-go, couldn't get it together in time.01:16
Kamilion... Testing for a release that's going to be SoL in a few months?01:16
Kamilionnot to the LONG TERM SERVICE release?01:16
Kamilionpriorities are weird.01:16
tsimonq2Alpha 1 vs. Pulled ISOs that need to get republished ASAP01:17
tsimonq2So yeah01:17
tsimonq2I can see it01:17
wxlwell it is flipping bits and rendering BIOS (well, serial flashes) read-only01:17
Kamilion17.10 already took the black eye, it's not like you can fix it now01:17
wxlso that's Kind Of Badâ„¢01:17
KamilionI've already told everyone I know not to upgrade to it, skip it, and do a fresh 18.0401:17
Kamilionor wait for 18.04.1 and go from 16.04 ->01:17
tsimonq2You can upgrade and be fine as of December 18th...01:17
tsimonq2(to 17.10)01:18
tsimonq2Soooo it's not completely bad01:18
wxlmaybe we should reach out to flavour leads and see if they'd be into a late Alpha 1? i'm... not... entirely convinced of the need01:18
Kamilionno, 17.04 is a pile of half-unbroken crud, I tried to get my metapackages to work with 17.04, but too many things changed01:18
tsimonq2It's gotten a bad rep now, sure, but I wouldn't avoid it now01:18
Kamilionwxl: it's more of a good news item01:18
tsimonq2nonono, 17.10 Kamilion :)01:18
Kamilion"hey, we're late, and we got everything fixed, please test our late alpha 1"01:19
wxlKamilion: i know. and i don't disagree. but it is what ti is.01:19
Kamiliontsimonq2: 17.10 was worse01:19
Kamilionlots of xorg problems01:19
* tsimonq2 declares dead horse, let's go to #lubuntu-devel01:19
Kamilionthat's why I needed A101:20
Kamilionso I could get everything else up to date for what was likely to ship in 18.0401:20
Kamilionand figure out what was broken or could be worked around in the 3.3 months before release01:20
tsimonq2Please Kamilion, let's go to #lubuntu-devel, it's the better place for this :)01:20
KamilionI have to dump supervisord this round01:20
Kamilionhold on, lemme reattach there01:21
Pinkamena_Dhow to set up static ip address in /etc/network/interfaces like other versions of ubuntu? I have put the valid information there, but it does not use the configuration on reboot. Also, there is no 'networking' service to reload and test the changes immediatly. Using ifconfig down/up also does not use the config01:21
Pinkamena_Donly way I can get networking so far is to manually put it on ifconfig command switches01:22
tsimonq2Pinkamena_D: We recently did a switch to netplan, that's probably what you're looking for.01:24
Pinkamena_Dtsimonq2: so I should not use the /etc/network/interfaces file anymore?01:25
KamilionPinkamena_D: should've been /etc/network/interfaces.d/<ifname> for a while now01:25
Kamilion/etc/network/interfaces has a line to import from there by default01:26
Pinkamena_Dok, maybe I look there, I have been using to 16.04 the other way01:26
Pinkamena_Dthere is no import line I think, 1 sec01:26
Kamilionalso, networkmangler's probably got a hold of the adapter if you're on 16.0401:27
Pinkamena_Dthere is no network interfaces.d folder either01:27
Pinkamena_DI have removed network manager01:27
Kamilionwell, there ya go then.01:27
Pinkamena_Dis the networkmanager applet/package required to allow /etc/network/interfaces to work? I don't believe so but possibly it is different in lubuntu?01:28
KamilionNope, not at all.01:28
Pinkamena_DI thought that package was for the gui client01:28
Kamilionnetworkmanager is the daemon01:29
Kamilionnetworkmanager-cli is the commandline interface...01:29
Kamilionnetwork-manager-gnome is the GUI client.01:29
Kamilionso, if you had network mangler installed, it disabled /etc/network/interfaces somehow01:30
Kamilionchecking on that, one moment01:30
Pinkamena_DOk, I did try to use the config file before taking the action to uninstall the package01:30
Pinkamena_DI will try to install it again01:30
Kamilioni dump network mangler off my ISOs, and I use /etc/network/interfaces.d/01:31
Kamilionplus I include a bunch of examples on my ISO01:31
Kamilionbut that's probably not as helpful to you.01:31
Kamilionwhat state is your 'networking' boot unit in?01:32
Kamilionsystemctl status networking01:32
Pinkamena_Dmy network config uses the 'inet static' which is not in your examples, but has always worked fine on other ubuntu 16.04 servers01:33
Pinkamena_DI will need to get back the networking package or repair this01:33
* Kamilion snaps fingers01:33
KamilionLoaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/networking.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)    ?01:34
Kamilionyo comprende instructionnes?01:36
Pinkamena_DI have ssh on local network working but package manager gives network unreachable. Do you know any quick fix or should I just reinstall? I am just messing with the system so nothing important is there01:36
Pinkamena_D(cant reinstall network-manager)01:37
KamilionNo response then?01:37
Pinkamena_Dthat one you said it just (obviously, at this point) Unit networking.service could not be found.01:37
Kamilionk, one sec01:37
Kamilionwajig> whichpkg /lib/systemd/system/networking.service01:38
KamilionINSTALLED MATCHES (x1)01:38
Kamilionifupdown: /lib/systemd/system/networking.service01:38
Kamilionthere you go, apt install ifupdown01:38
Kamilionsystemctl enable networking01:39
Kamilionsystemctl start networking01:39
Kamilionand you're good to go.01:39
Pinkamena_DI get network unreachable from the package manager01:39
Pinkamena_DI guess I would just sftp the deb01:39
Kamilionthat works01:39
Kamilionit's tiny01:39
Kamilionusb stick and dpkg -i would probably work too01:40
Kamilionbut that should get your networking back immediately if your /etc/network/interfaces has the correct info in it01:40
Kamilionas soon as you 'systemctl start networking'01:40
Kamilion(also, the wajig package manager manager is your buddy)01:41
Kamilionwhichpkg is such a useful command from it01:41
Pinkamena_Dservice has error...01:41
Pinkamena_Dfailed to raise interface01:42
Kamilionno biggie, something's wrong in /etc/network/interfaces01:42
Kamilionfix it and 'systemctl restart networking'01:42
Pinkamena_Dheres what I got01:43
KamilionPinkamena_D: https://hastebin.com/futibaroka.rb01:44
Kamilionhere's my running config off one machine.01:44
Kamilionyour config looks correct01:45
Kamilionit matches the syntax of mine01:45
Kamilionall my extra lines are for openvswitch bridging, you can ignore them01:45
Pinkamena_Dthe error is "RTNETLINK answers: File exists" for that interface01:46
Pinkamena_DI tried replacing your 'start' with 'restart'01:46
Kamilionsystemctl stop networking01:46
Kamilionsystemctl start networking01:46
Pinkamena_DI guess for that I have to run to the server lol01:46
Kamilionsometimes it gets a bit goofy01:46
Pinkamena_Dmah its k01:47
Pinkamena_Dits close01:47
Kamilionsystemctl stop networking; sleep 1; systemctl start networking01:47
Kamilionor, at this point, as long as 'systemctl enable networking' was done, you can just reboot01:47
Pinkamena_Dhmm even after  `sudo systemctl stop networking` ssh stays connected - and starting gives the same error01:47
Kamilionpoor thing's probably confuzzled01:48
Kamiliongive it a reboot with the package in place and see if it purrs.01:48
Pinkamena_Dlol nice01:48
Kamilionif all else fails, reinstall01:49
Kamilionand instead of removing network mangler, just disable it from boot01:49
Kamilionyou want line 12 here.01:50
Kamilioncan ignore the rest01:50
Kamilionsystemctl disable NetworkManager ModemManager01:50
Kamilionthat should keep things from breaking too badly on you01:51
Kamilioni have to keep network mangler around just in case someone using my ISO needs to use wifi01:51
Pinkamena_Dwow awesome, I dont know exactly why that did not work before I removed networkmanager, but somehow it works now01:51
Kamilioncause nothing cued ifupdown for install01:51
Pinkamena_Dthats missing from lubuntu I guess01:52
Kamilionwhich contains the boot script01:52
Pinkamena_Damazing, well I will never forget that01:52
Pinkamena_Dthank you so much for the help!01:52
KamilionSure. Stop by again if you need further assistance.01:53
Pinkamena_Dwill do01:53
Kamilionsomeone shall certainly try to help01:53
Kamilionand you may get lucky and run into a developer who knows how the legos fit together01:53
Kamilionif you'd like to permanantly modify your own ISOs, you can use https://github.com/kamilion/customizer01:54
Kamilioni have no need of the office packages, so I remove them to shrink the ISO01:54
KamilionI have a preshrunk 580MB 16.04 ISO at https://github.com/kamilion/kamikazi-core/releases/download/0.9.0-rc6/lubuntu-core-amd64-16.04.iso01:55
Kamilionfeel free to make use of it if you wish01:55
Pinkamena_Dmk, I was just trying out the best ubuntu for old slow equipment, to see what I can get out of it01:55
Pinkamena_DI dont think I will need to distribute, but I guess if its useful enough01:56
Kamilionwhat I do is shrink an ISO by getting rid of all the packages I don't want01:56
Kamilionand then build a new ISO on top of that one by adding all the missing packages I do want.01:56
Kamilionit only takes about 10 minutes to recompress the ISO01:56
Pinkamena_DI see, for my purposes, the storage size component is usually the least of worries :|01:57
Kamilioni just like being able to make custom USB sticks without having to turn on the "Persiantance" live usb mode01:57
KamilionI didn't write customizer, I just keep it maintained and working on 16.04 and soon, 18.0401:58
Kamilionit's a pleasant little GUI01:58
Kamilionalso, i don't want firefox on my discs, hahahaha01:58
Kamilionit's literally the very first thing I replace, with qupzilla.01:59
Kamilion(this is the guy who did six years of "linux sucks" talks at linux conferences)02:00
Kamilionhe's kinda gained enough street cred by this point for his opinion to be taken seriously02:01
tsimonq2(my brain wants /or but my fingers like .ir much better :P)02:01
Kamilionbut i must stress, it is but an opinion; and just because *I* don't want firefox doesn't mean i'm gonna lobby lubuntu et-al to remove it or replace it02:02
Kamilionthey've flopped between firefox and chromium too many times already :D02:02
Kamiliontsimonq2: is qupzilla going to be included with lxqt builds?02:03
tsimonq2Kamilion: Yes02:03
Kamilionis firefox gonna stick around too, for the time being?02:03
Kamilioni assume it will be for 'lubuntu' 18.0402:03
Kamilionthat's good, no need to rock the boat on something already working02:04
Kamilionand main lubuntu doesn't include qt anyway, I don't think02:04
Kamilionso trying to shove qupzilla on there to replace firefox wouldn't change the size02:05
Kamilionsure you'd dump 45MB of firefox's bulk, but you'd gain it back from the QT5 requirements02:05
Kamilionat least those are more reusable than xulrunner though02:05
Kamilionbut yeah, I don't see any real gain by going down that path02:06
Kamilionso 18.10 will likely be lxqt's "real" debut, stablizing in 19.04, and being stable in 19.10, in time to be 'old' for 20.0402:07
tsimonq2We'll see.02:07
Kamilionthings were already working well for me on 16.04's packages.02:08
Kamilionother than the annoying desktop background root window bug02:08
Kamilionand I already confirmed that was fixed in 16.10, just never got rebuilt for xenial because nobody cared to02:08
Kamilionalso, simon.02:09
KamilionYou been doing a damn good job. Keep it up. Not enough people are telling you that.02:10
KamilionThanks for your time.02:10
tsimonq2Thanks :)02:11
KamilionI didn't expect this much out of you when you first showed up. Glad to be pleasantly suprised.02:11
tsimonq2Thanks again :)02:11
KamilionKeep the 80/20 rule in mind. 80% of your problems come from %20 percent of the people. For every two noisy people, there's eight more quiet ones.02:18
Kamilionat least.02:19
Kamilionkeep trying to reach that 80% and you'll be fine for a long long career in linux02:20
tsimonq2I'll keep that in mind02:21
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MrEXEhi all11:38
MrEXEi have an isuue11:39
MrEXEi can't type arabic chars in lubuntu11:39
MrEXEi got lang indicator set correctly11:39
jacks_hi, i cant get pulse-simple libs working https://pastebin.com/R1DLCa3n it's seemingly missing yet installed.. ??14:50
jacks_any ideas ?14:52
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