tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @dohbee, yes actually you are right, screen lock happens immediately, and phone goes to sleep a bit later in time.00:17
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @dohbee, that part is not somwth8ng i made up but rather something i experimented with and then i drew conclusions. Perhaps wrong ones, but:00:18
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> 1. a gui app itself starts a http server to provide a website i terface. In windowed mode, after screen lock (and a bit after that when phone goes to sleep) i can no longer access that server from anotherachine. But in the windowed mode i still can even an hour after the lock.00:20
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> 2. in the windowed mode battery drains down much faster00:20
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @milkor73, that is part of their CDN, normal for blogspot00:21
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @milkor73, that is related to specific versions of Firefox. Any other webbrowser will show it.00:24
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @milkor73, oh... its addblock that causes this, not FF? were u able to rwnder the page without addblock? apparently it only happens in FF anyways.00:26
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> Hello crew! I just want to give a big thank you shout-out. Ubuntu touch has so much to offer at such a young and comparatively unsupported stage. The only things I miss are exchange services, which has already been mentioned, dynamic keyboard apps, and the social app aspect of android (as so many of my aquaintances use whatsapp and the like, and getting them to switch is like trying to persuade a Chevy man to convert to Dodge). For my purpos00:27
tgBot3battery drain isn't considerably higher after several days of testing. It's great! And customizable.00:27
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @Lukas Wolfskin, We sincerely appreciate your feedback!  Thanks for sending it....00:33
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> As for apps written for android, though the apps themselves are not compatible with Ubuntu touch,  are some …  of the coding languages the same? And if so, can one use large sections of that similar code to reproduce something similar? My guess is no... Because that hasn't happened, really...00:48
tgBot3<stuiterveer> @Lukas Wolfskin, As far as Ubuntu Touch apps go, they are mainly written in Qt which is different from Android apps which are written in Java. So to port them, all code needs to be ported between programming languages which is extremely time consuming00:54
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> Thought so...00:54
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> There's no automatic "translator", per se00:56
tgBot3<stuiterveer> Indeed00:56
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @Lukas Wolfskin, it's not barely the language that makes cross-platformness difficult but the APIs. Apps for androud can be written in many languages, java, c++, object pascal, and more. All these languages can also be used to write apps for UT. But the code in these languages on Android might dynamically or statically link against libraries that are not  provided on another platform. Such app is still a valid binary for another Linux OS with00:57
tgBot3same CPU architecture (some android devices are intel) but these binaries will fail to load libraries that are not present.00:57
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> more precisely only the dynamic linking will fail but some of libraries that are linked statically may then try to link dynamically to yet something else, that may not be present.00:58
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> I kind of get it...00:58
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @stuiterveer, qt is not a programming language but a widgetset. Android also supports qt5 since version 4.100:59
tgBot3<stuiterveer> @KrisJacewicz, Ah, my bad. Thanks :)01:00
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> The main thing I'm trying to …  ascertain is whether or not the logarithms and visual implementations of a keyboard app could "easily" (rather than a years worth of line by line grind) be moved over.01:02
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> also the java written android apps depend on a java runtime of android that is not a pure standard jvm but a dedicated runtime for Android.01:02
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @Lukas Wolfskin, not sure what you meant, sorry01:03
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @KrisJacewicz, i just thought that perhaps switching between staged and windowed mode changes sleep setting (in relation to screen lock?)...01:08
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> http://minuum.com/ … This app is phenomenal, and the word prediction and resizing keyboard are addictive. The thing is, I want to know if its worth even trying to port/retool or if it's an unsurmountable mountain.01:09
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> Probably the latter...01:10
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> And maybe illegal...01:10
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/4CDSSdyg/file_3682.webp01:11
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @KrisJacewicz, maybe the design ignored the possibility that users may switch to windowed mode on the device screen with tweak tool or from command line and only assumed it would ever happen when an external monitor is connected for convergence adding another assumption that phone would then have been docked or at least powered up so the power saving policy would be loosen up.01:12
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> and perhaps if u do switch to windowed mode in the toucscreen you also effectively switch over to a less power saving mode01:13
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @Lukas Wolfskin, the logic may be possible to port but i wont be looking into the code to asses that. … Porting the gui might not be as easy as copy/paste though. … Also the integration with the OS,. registering that kbd for OS to use might not be straightforward either. … If you are really interrested you could consider porting that logic into a maliit plugin. As i said, i wont be looking into the source code of that though, so wont hv 01:16
tgBot3asvise or feedback01:16
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> (Sticker, 360x512) https://irc.ubports.com/k8ne9q00/file_368301:17
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> @KrisJacewicz, Thanks for the help!01:17
tgBot3<crutchcorn> I have a bunch of questions about Ubuntu Touch as I want to get involved sometime soon(ish). I know there was some TODO work on getting on top of helium base, is that still being worked on or is that already done? I can't seem to find any documentation on it anymore.  … Also, has there been a common census on sticking to Mir vs moving the Wayland? I'd love to read any conversation on this topic so I can understand the goals, challenges, etc04:26
tgBot3<donR> @vanyasem, Then will this support apk files ?? or andbox?04:35
tgBot3<crutchcorn> That answers one of my questions 😅05:00
tgBot3<crutchcorn> Also, does anyone know about this? It seems that Halium is closely tied to UBport development (as far as I can tell) … https://twitter.com/crutchcorn/status/95096209029810176005:28
tgBot3<Akira_rulezZ> I've received an update on my BQ, it's called R3, is it a minor bug fix?05:35
tgBot3<urielc> @crutchcorn, t.me/halium05:52
tgBot3<crutchcorn> Thanks @urielc!06:01
tgBot3<Rekols> (Voice, 5s)https://irc.ubports.com/aqAdMIXv/file_368406:14
tgBot3<Xray2000> Do anyone know how to install apk on UT Anbox ?07:40
tgBot3<Javacookies> was it already released? I mean the initial instructions?07:46
tgBot3<Xray2000> @Javacookies, https://docs.ubports.com/en/latest/userguide/dailyuse/anbox.html07:47
tgBot3<Javacookies> 😅 I guess I missed that news LOL07:50
tgBot3<Javacookies> so has anyone tried it already?07:50
tgBot3<Xray2000> A frend of me i´m waiting for my PRO 5, but we dont know how to install Android apps yet07:51
tgBot3<Flohack> @Xray2000 ^^07:53
tgBot3<Flohack> Fwd from xreactx: is it the same as on regular 16.04... "adb install [android].apk"07:53
tgBot3<Javacookies> Nexus 5 is not yet supported :( well I won't be able to try it anyway since it seems to do some flashing stuffs which wlill be a problem in MultiROM 😅07:53
tgBot3<xreactx> @Flohack, was i correct?07:53
tgBot3<Xray2000> @Flohack, Ok thanks!07:53
tgBot3<Kieran> Does installing version 12 of the 16.04/devel turbo image using ubports-installer work?07:54
tgBot3<Flohack> @xreactx, No and07:54
tgBot3<Flohack> @Xray2000, No 😆07:54
tgBot3<xreactx> Florian, enlighten us...07:54
tgBot3<Flohack> @xreactx, I have no idea, we have to wait for the big brains of @mariogrip ^^07:54
tgBot3<Flohack> If its not in the document already, probably smth is not working well for it07:55
=== ecloud is now known as ecloud_wfh
tgBot3<Javacookies> maybe in the anbox documentation that's mentioned? it might be the same way07:58
tgBot3<Flohack> In other news, working on the first community channel:07:58
tgBot3<Flohack> (Photo, 593x145) https://irc.ubports.com/5Hgm0IJn/file_3686.jpg07:58
tgBot3<Flohack> This will be for community ports for new devices, we will not maintain it, but provide the Infra for this07:59
tgBot3<Flohack> Its like xda platform integrated in our services haha07:59
tgBot3<theimpulson> @Flohack, print ("This is awesome");08:05
tgBot3<Xray2000> @Flohack, Florian, do wee need to do this command from the PC side as we try it inti the terminal on a M10 and that dont works08:05
tgBot3<TomasOqvist> @Kieran, I have tried both installer and command line, but my Pro 5 won't enter recovery.08:08
tgBot3<Javacookies> @Flohack, I don't exactly understand this but my reaction is "Awesome! cool!" :D08:14
tgBot3<theimpulson> @Javacookies, More like XDA and Dev's base kind of platform for porting stuff where porters and people can interact as I assume.08:17
tgBot3<Flohack> @Xray2000, I said no. So why you think that works? It was a joke ;)08:20
tgBot3<Flohack> @Javacookies, It means: People from the community can port UT to their device, and then publish the result, so others can install it08:21
tgBot3<Rekols> 😜😜😁😁😉😊😽👽😐😐😱🙀🙀😂08:22
tgBot3<Flohack> In the current case, you can use Walids build to install on Moto G 2013 or 2014, I am not sure. What is Titan?08:22
tgBot3<Flohack> Later on the installer should be able to use those channels too08:22
tgBot3<Xray2000> @Flohack, Oh ok i missed that sorry ....08:23
tgBot3<theimpulson> @Flohack, Why don't just get corporated with Dev's base or XDA for OS specific forums? They are already having a nice user base.08:24
tgBot3<Flohack> @theimpulson, Because we need to have the images in our system-image server, to enable auto-installaton and updates to devices08:26
tgBot3<Flohack> They can do whatever they want on xda, but our ecosystem makes things much easier08:26
tgBot3<Flohack> No manual flashing with shady tools etc08:26
tgBot3<Flohack> xda is great for developers but a mess ofr ordinary users08:26
bshah(xda is mess for devs as well tbh)08:27
tgBot3<Flohack> hahaha 😆08:28
tgBot3<Flohack> And at the end, we want people trusting our deliveries, so if we authorize a build on the community channel, it was at least tested and verified a bit08:28
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Can you guys add MX4 to the tester devices for Anbox? Would like to help testing as that phone isn't doing much else right now for me but it needs to be brought into the Anbox fold.08:30
tgBot3<theimpulson> @bshah, +20008:36
tgBot3<TomasOqvist> @Kieran, I tried again starting the installer with `sudo ubports-installer`while having Pro 5 in bootloader mode. Was asked to reboot to recovery and this time the install succeeded (16.04/devel r13).09:22
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Lukas Wolfskin, Fancy word prediction generally implies intrusiveness from a privacy perspective.Handle with care I think09:30
tgBot3<Stereofont> @donR, UT will not run apk files natively. Some will run, to some extent, in the Anbox emulator09:32
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Xray2000, Unfortunate use of 'dailyuse'. Better to name it 'absolutelynotfordailyuse'09:34
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Akira_rulezZ, It is OTA3. You are very late to the party!09:35
tgBot3<delijati> @Xray2000, Neee this for OPO09:37
tgBot3<Akira_rulezZ> @Stereofont, Yes, Sorry 😬 … Is there a changelog for it?09:44
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> @Stereofont, Thanks fornthe input, Lionel. 😎 I had minimum running on a google-less rom and didn't allow the app access to my phone or contacts and it worked really well. Additionally, the dictionary is local, as you can see in the review below...09:45
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> http://android.appstorm.net/reviews/utilities/minuum-keyboard-gimmick-or-innovation/09:45
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> I just have no idea where to start... I've landed on the ubports app development page--which is okay.  I'm no programmer, but as a mild hobbyist I think I can figure things out a bit.  The real thing is, I don't know where to start digging within the .apk, how to tell the code from other code, etc...  A place to get some beginner/background info would be a great help.09:48
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> ideally, pulling the logic , as @KrisJacewicz  suggested, and adding it as a plugin for maliit would be where I'd try starting...09:49
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> and if there are severe privacy issues embedded in the thing, then I'll stuff it.  So being able to identify those within the word prediction logic would be a key "to do" before doing any real heavy lifting"09:51
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @Lukas Wolfskin, well, despite the fact that apk is a compressed archive that you can extract the content of, that extracted content will not contain program source code, but a Dalvik bytecode. So a compiled program. Good luck with reverse engineering it;) … The only way you can prot, is to have access to the source code, no to apk file.09:51
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> LOL, see— i have no idea what I'm talking about09:51
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> sure, some portions in the apk can be plain text, but not the main program09:52
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> 🙈09:52
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> <— n00b...  g33z i l0v3d th3 90s09:53
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Lukas Wolfskin, I guess wireshark to start?09:54
tgBot3<Stereofont> I am not a programmer either but what I have picked up here is that it is much easier to build from scratch than to 'import' from Android. Inspiration is of course a different matter…09:56
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> I don't have it to write this kind of code for language prediction...  I'm inspired... but lack resources--particularly time.10:01
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> ideally, a disassembler (there are programs that do it, apparently) would "convert binary code into assembly code and also used to extract strings, imported and exported functions, libraries etc. The disassemblers convert the machine language into a user-friendly format" [https://blog.udemy.com/reverse-engineering-tutorial/].10:02
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> but, anyway...10:02
tgBot3<malditobastardo> @Akira_rulezZ, Maybe you can start by going to the ubports main page ???10:03
tgBot3<malditobastardo> Don't be lazy10:04
tgBot3<Xorpad> what are you trying to disassemble?10:04
tgBot3<Xorpad> I use IDA Professional from HexRays10:05
tgBot3<Xorpad> it's does more than disassemble, it recreates the code in it's own C-like pseudo-code10:05
tgBot3<Xorpad> It can also just disassemble it10:06
tgBot3<technicalbird> @Flohack, Does this mean community devices will never be core devices?10:07
tgBot3<technicalbird> My understanding of core devices are working well with the os.. if community build works well.. why it cannot be core device?10:09
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> Well, I'm not trying yet @Xorpad . But If  I were, it would be Dalvik bytecode10:09
tgBot3<Flohack> @technicalbird, Community can be core devices if they are able to follow the requirements. Its just a denomination to tell you "Look, this is not built & supported by UBports crew, but by possible a single guy. All complaints to him please :P"10:09
tgBot3<Akira_rulezZ> @malditobastardo, Oh yes, sorry, I'll take a look, thank you10:10
tgBot3<Flohack> We cannot support all possible devices, we instead want to help the community to help itself10:10
tgBot3<Xorpad> dalvik  is the one feature not in the free version:P10:10
tgBot3<Flohack> So we create the ecosystem10:10
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @Lukas Wolfskin, "user friendly" you say, have you seen assembly code?10:10
tgBot3<Flohack> @Lukas Wolfskin, Forget reverse engineering. It does not produce output you can use for porting an app. Plus it violates the copyright probably, which means you can be sued for stealing IP. Be careful ^^10:11
tgBot3<Xorpad> before you can work with a disassembler, you need to know assembly...10:11
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> @KrisJacewicz yes... and I'm crosseyed! 😜10:11
tgBot3<technicalbird> @Flohack, What are the requirements a device should satisfy to become core device?10:12
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> @Flohack I am aware, as I posted above ^^10:12
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> which is why I've run into a wall at every turn and decided to go back to correcting essays...10:13
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> 🤕😶10:13
tgBot3<Flohack> @technicalbird, Being able to run certain features: Anbox, Halium, Convergence. Or just what we decide ;)10:13
tgBot3<Akira_rulezZ> @malditobastardo, I'm not lazy, I simply forgot about that, sorry for bother10:13
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Lukas Wolfskin, Swift knows what you are going to type before you have even thought it. Terrifying! In a couple  of years, it will send the messages you would have sent to your friends, so that you don't have to bother 😂10:17
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> 👻10:17
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> what word prediction is the keyboard in UT using? Anyone know?  hunspell, presage, or something else?10:36
tgBot3<DanChapman> presage i think10:37
tgBot3saverius93 was added by: saverius9310:39
tgBot3<Stereofont> @saverius93, Welcome Saverio! Ask questions, join in. Glad to have you in our community. https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome for lots of newcomer information 🚪10:40
tgBot3<DanChapman> Lukas see the prediciton section here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KeyboardLayouts10:41
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @DanChapman, I see hunspell files in /usr/share10:41
tgBot3<Stereofont> https://t.me/ubportsitaliano10:43
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> That's the trick!  @KrisJacewicz @DanChapman  … presage is rumored to be better (along with the depreciated aspell) but hunspell is more widely used (even in iOS) as it was closed and not LGPL10:45
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> anyway, is it possible to use more than one ebook as the "trainer" for the keyboard?10:45
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> wasn't LGPL, it is now...10:48
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> hunspell, that is10:48
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Lukas Wolfskin, Would be great to have a dedicated keyboard maintainer group. If only the keyboard was as good as the terminal app …10:51
tgBot3<DanChapman> @Lukas Wolfskin, You might be able to do it using `text2ngram` and point it at the keyboards database_<LC>.db10:51
tgBot3<DanChapman> https://github.com/ubports/keyboard-component/blob/1ea721476ed10b62e63fb0037ec353d0f53fe01b/plugins/en/src/src.pro#L27 is how the database is generated10:52
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> I don't really know what that means, but i'll keep it in mind as I keep learning.#10:52
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> LOL!! Dorian Gray... that explains SOOO much.10:54
tgBot3<DanChapman> 😊10:55
tgBot3Asror16 was added by: Asror1610:55
tgBot3<Asror16> Hello guys10:56
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Asror16, Hello Асрор. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!10:56
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> hiya Асрор10:56
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> so, it looks like it uses presage AND hunspell...10:57
tgBot3<Stereofont> http://t.me/UBports_Ru10:57
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> regarding libs.  so, which one is the default?10:57
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> and why include dorian gray three times, and not two other, more diverse texts?10:58
tgBot3<Asror16> Can i ask you about ubuntu problems with wifi adapter10:58
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Asror16, You can ask 😂10:58
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Lukas Wolfskin, Why language from 1910??10:59
tgBot3<Asror16> Ok my wi fi is BCM 43142 802.1110:59
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Asror16, Your router?10:59
tgBot3<Asror16> And it doesnt'n work on ubuntu in all wersions11:00
tgBot3<Asror16> V*11:00
tgBot3<Asror16> Its not router11:00
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Asror16, Please explain a little more11:01
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> @Stereofont If you look at the link @DanChapman sent me, above, you'll see the three texts used to teach the ubports keyboard are all The Picture of Dorian Gray...11:01
tgBot3<Asror16> Internal wifi adapter  wich is inside the notebook11:01
tgBot3<ifranci84> Guys, my telegram contacts are not synced with my google (norma contacts) ones. How can i do? The only thing happening is a circular icon spinning forever...11:01
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Lukas Wolfskin, Yes that is odd but it is only a small progressiion from Charles Dickens11:01
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> ??11:02
tgBot3<Asror16> What can i do with wifi on ubuntu to make it work11:02
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Asror16, Ubuntu OS on a notebook? So it is a driver problem11:02
tgBot3<Asror16> Yes11:03
tgBot3<Stereofont> You can buy a very cheap USB plugin. In some the chip will work well with Ubuntu11:03
tgBot3<Asror16> What is11:04
tgBot3<Stereofont> This is a Ubuntu Touch phone/tablet group11:04
tgBot3<Asror16> I cant catch11:04
tgBot3<Asror16> Can you explain more11:04
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Asror16, Some Realtek work, others don't. Search the chips and hope for some luck. Chips vary in the same usb11:05
tgBot3<DanChapman> @Lukas Wolfskin, hunspell is used for spell checking https://github.com/ubports/keyboard-component/blob/7c7e20afe2fa4d53c24031b23b6f497019e1094c/plugins/westernsupport/spellchecker.cpp#L3611:05
tgBot3<Asror16> Is there any list of support11:06
tgBot3<Stereofont> https://www.bestbuy.com/site/networking/wireless-usb-adapters/abcat0503007.c?id=abcat050300711:06
tgBot3<Asror16> Thanks11:06
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> @DanChapman, Aaand presage is for?? Prediction? Why are both libs included?11:08
tgBot3<Stereofont> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide/Drivers11:08
tgBot3<DanChapman> @Lukas Wolfskin, Yeah presage for prediction and hunspell for spellchecking11:08
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Asror16, $7-8 should be sufficient. Maybe easier than replacing your wifi card11:09
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> @DanChapman so how does that practically work when the keyboard makes a suggestion?  is only presage used? because none of my apps show spelling errors AFTER i've typed a word...11:10
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Asror16, This group is for Ubuntu on phones 😀11:10
tgBot3<Asror16> Understood11:11
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Asror16, 👍11:11
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> @DanChapman, This is the primary post I'm referring to.11:11
tgBot3<DanChapman> @Lukas Wolfskin, No they are both used. Hunspell will try to correct a misspelt word after you hit the space bar. For instance if it type `Tesst` is changes it to `Tessy` when i hit space. This would come from hunspell. Presage shows the predictions in the predicitons bar above the keyboard11:13
tgBot3<delijati> has someone a working Dockerfile for ubuntu touch development !? ...11:14
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> Got it. And presage learns from my typing and word selections.11:14
tgBot3<DanChapman> Yep 😊11:14
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> I'm going to settle in, then, with trying to retool the appearance and sizing of the keyboard and keys.11:15
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> and can I change the training texts locally, or is that something that has to be done externally and reinstalled?11:41
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Asror16, My suggestion was cheap and simple. More correctly, update on an Ethernet connection and enable Additional Drivers. Check which wifi chipset you are using, in terminal. Search around for the right driver. Success rate maybe 30%. https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-find-wireless-driver-chipset/11:44
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> @Lukas Wolfskin, @DanChapman11:53
tgBot3<DanChapman> @Lukas Wolfskin, text2ngram has an `--append` option so i suppose you could add to the current db. http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/xenial/man1/text2ngram.1.html but if you wanted to make it available to everyone then yeah it would need a rebuild11:57
tgBot3<PsP238> Ubuntu 16.04.03 samba not working?11:59
tgBot3<Stereofont> @PsP238, Explain?12:00
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @Javacookies, News gets missed... from time to time... :(12:25
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @Flohack, This is for people like me who want the device to actually work and have no skills to fix broken things12:28
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @Flohack, smart!  good idea.  this will actually speed up ports and allow people to 'port-as-you-need' and prioritize ports without hindrance from community's own goals.  For example an older device might not be cared about by 90% of community but the 10% can work together to port it... i like12:31
tgBot3<Flohack> @wayneoutthere, Exactly!12:32
tgBot3<Flohack> Authorized porters can upload all files by themselves, so we dont need to be in the loop. It sounds really promising12:32
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @Flohack, 👊   … that's a 'fist bump'.  The cool kids do it.  I still prefer the high five, though.12:34
tgBot3<Yance> Di mejanya om denny seingatku. Krn saya kasih ke om denny semuanya.12:42
tgBot3<Stereofont> Saya minta maaf tapi kami tidak memiliki kelompok dalam bahasa Indonesia12:46
tgBot3<milkor73> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/cFh9j7bw/file_3687.webp12:47
tgBot3<Stereofont> It was deleted.  I was apologising that we don't have an Indonesian group12:49
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> I'm over 30🙇🏽13:03
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> 🤦🏼‍♂️13:03
tgBot3<YougoChats> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/ZdVe0V09/file_3688.mp413:08
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @Lukas Wolfskin, 👊👊13:10
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> Just hit 40, brother from another mother13:10
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> Updated my will... got a bit of back pain, wish I had my motorbike... good times!13:11
tgBot3Noroholms was added by: Noroholms13:25
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Noroholms, Welcome Dmitriy! Ask questions, join in. Glad to have you in our community. https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome for lots of newcomer information 🚪13:28
tgBot3<Stereofont> http://t.me/UBports_Ru13:29
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> lol... same story, different place13:45
tgBot3<Sunshine> have a big bug?13:46
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Sunshine, Explain?  😀13:47
tgBot3<technicalbird> @Flohack, Authorized Porter? How? More info!13:49
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/9GQqcMsn/file_3689.mp413:49
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> Big Bug (band)13:50
tgBot3<Sunshine> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/IWWqlpQ0/file_3691.JPG13:50
tgBot3<Flohack> @technicalbird, Finish a port successfully and get recommended by 2 or 3 testers, I would say. But we did not make an official process for that13:50
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> Oh... that bug13:50
tgBot3<Sunshine> Because my phone ota update failed ,so i flash at ubuntu , to do ubuntu-device-flash ,,,,,13:51
tgBot3<technicalbird> @Flohack, @Flohack I think these info's should be written some where as all these are basic things! Probably on wiki or forum!13:52
tgBot3<Sunshine> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/l9FRndRX/file_3693.JPG13:53
tgBot3<Flohack> @technicalbird, Yes we are preparing community channels. Everything hits us at the same time, so need a little bit patience still ;)13:55
tgBot3<Sunshine> (Photo, 1280x960) https://irc.ubports.com/IAW2o5TV/file_3695.jpg13:58
tgBot3<Sunshine> Try again13:59
tgBot3<Sunshine> (Photo, 960x1280) https://irc.ubports.com/EyggJHMu/file_3697.jpg14:01
tgBot3<shen feng> @Sunshine, What  happen ?14:01
tgBot3<Sunshine> ota update fails,flash update fails14:02
tgBot3<shen feng> 16.04or15.04?14:03
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> LOL, I'm totally lost @DanChapman @KrisJacewicz  … all I want to do is change two of the books, lines 28 and 29  [ https://github.com/ubports/keyboard-component/blob/1ea721476ed10b62e63fb0037ec353d0f53fe01b/plugins/en/src/src.pro#L27 ], on MY PHONE, to see how it will change the text prediction... but I've spent the better half of my day reading, poking around, and trying figure this out.  Help, guidance?14:05
tgBot3<DanChapman> What have you tried so far?14:06
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> I haven't tried, because I can only find resources...14:06
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> i know WHAT i want to do, but can't find HOW...14:07
tgBot3<DanChapman> Do you have your additions in .txt format?14:07
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> i've been searching around with terms like "change keyboard-compenent src.pro locally" and etc14:07
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> yes, I do!14:08
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> pulled them both from Project Gutenberg14:08
tgBot3<DanChapman> Do you want to completely wipe the db and replace or append to the current db?14:08
tgBot3<Sunshine> i hope it's good luck this time14:09
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> append--but I don't understand why the_picture_of_dorian_gray.txt is repeated on lines 27, 28 and 29...14:09
tgBot3<Sunshine> 16.0414:09
tgBot3<Sunshine> @shen feng, 16.0414:09
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> well, I have tried to find files on the phone--but the files app doesn't have a search function that I can find...14:10
tgBot3<DanChapman> @Lukas Wolfskin, it's the number of n-grams see the man page i linked before. 😊 You need to find where the database was installed to and then run each of those commands passing in your new txt files. i.e `text2ngram -n 1 -l -f sqlite --append -o /path/to/database /path.to.new.txt`14:11
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> so there are three possible ngrams. okay.14:12
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> I've been trying to figure out where the database was installed to on my phone.  Additionally, do I need to install a program to run text2ngram?14:13
tgBot3<Sunshine> my god, it's failed14:14
tgBot3<Sunshine> (Photo, 960x1280) https://irc.ubports.com/FgV671j4/file_3699.jpg14:14
tgBot3<Sunshine> It used to be very smooth, why did it fail this time?14:16
tgBot3<Sunshine> (Photo, 1280x960) https://irc.ubports.com/YJI9XM0F/file_3701.jpg14:17
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Lukas Wolfskin, FileManager devel version has more features. UTtweaktool is also useful15:47
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Sunshine, 16.04 is unstable. No predicting what it might mess up15:49
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> (Photo, 720x1280) https://irc.ubports.com/c0Vt7UGG/file_3703.jpg15:59
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> This is my favorite language15:59
bshah@mariogrip didn't backport qt patch yet? o_O16:00
bshahor you are using wrong qtbase version16:00
tgBot3<mariogrip> @bshah, he's missing the env var,16:00
bshahah well16:00
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> I think it only happens on this specific build, with this specific configur...yeah16:00
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> (Photo, 720x1280) https://irc.ubports.com/OJVbkeCG/file_3705.jpg16:03
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> All better16:03
tgBot3<Javacookies> I have an observation with the battery on my bq E5 … I think it also has battery drain while in idle (for example overnight) but the battery percentage doesn't move or just barely. What happens is that when this happen, the battery percentage shown to use isn't accurate anymore and when the time comes that the battery actually has low charge, the battery percentage suddenly drops in a very fast pace. … What do you think? Although I'd say my16:28
tgBot3has great battery, I currently have 54% in 130 hours though I predict it'll drop to 0 very soon :D16:28
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @Flohack, patience?????  I'd be in a forum if i had patience!  I want it and i want it NOWWWWWW!16:34
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> (that was a joke - but normally I'm a very serious man)16:35
tgBot3<C_Chat> @Javacookies: I already have this sudden battery drop on my BQ E5 since one a half year or so. Because this behaviour started suddenly and never changed I guess it's more a problem with the battery.16:35
tgBot3<nfsprodriver> @wayneoutthere, This is a recursive sentence.16:37
tgBot3<Javacookies> @C_Chat, yeah, it's a very old bug but I just think that's what really happen16:38
tgBot3<Javacookies> in Nexus 5, battery drain is very apparent because you can see the percentage drops16:43
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Javacookies, I think the only certain points are 100% and 0%. Any reading in between is a work of fiction16:52
tgBot3<Javacookies> LOL, on my Nexus5, I think everything is a fiction, I fully charge it for only around 1-1.5 hours :P16:56
tgBot3<NikosChat> @Lukas Wolfskin, In response to why this text/book was selected I think it has to do with that the text/book should be free to distribute. I think it was mentioned in adding languages to keyboard documentation that Mike Sheldon has pointed to once.16:57
tgBot3<Yance> @Stereofont, I'm sorry. It was wrong posted.17:09
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Yance, No problem. Our apology stands 😎17:10
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tgBot3<MrChanakya> (Sticker, 402x512) https://irc.ubports.com/17fN44tn/file_370617:51
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @Stereofont, we're always recruiting new Language Captains.  It's a position of the highest honour18:22
tgBot3<YougoChats> Can someone come to the FP2 chat and assist with a windows ubports installer doing nothing with a FP2 in fastboot mode? Adb and fastboot are installed.18:47
tgBot3<YougoChats> Fwd from Wolfgang Zenner: Hello, I connected my FP2 two hours ago to my PC and started "adb devices". Then I started UBports installer, selected my FP2 and got the screen "Please reboot to bootloader". I entered "adb reboot bootloader" and the FP2 restartet and shows the screen Fairphone powered by android. No I have made a hardcopy...18:47
tgBot3<YougoChats> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/outsFv0a/file_3707.pdf18:48
tgBot3<stuiterveer> @YougoChats, If you type … ```adb devices``` … do you see the FP2 coming up?18:50
tgBot3<YougoChats> It’s not me who needs help, it’s a guy in the FP2 thread. There’s backlog there.18:51
tgBot3<stuiterveer> Ah18:51
tgBot3<Flohack> @YougoChats, Can you ask him to exit the installer and type fastboot devices?18:52
tgBot3<YougoChats> @Flohack, Fastboot works fine18:56
tgBot3<YougoChats> It sees the phone18:56
tgBot3<Flohack> This I dont understand then. The installer just waits for fastboot seeing the device19:03
tgBot3<YougoChats> @Flohack could it help to start the installer with admin privileges, or start it from cmd to get verbose output?19:03
tgBot3<stuiterveer> I think admin privileges can help19:05
tgBot3<stuiterveer> No idea if that's the reason, but might be worth a shot19:05
tgBot3<Flohack> @YougoChats, Sure is it snap version?19:05
tgBot3<YougoChats> He just got the installer for Windows from the website. Don’t know what is under its hood19:07
tgBot3<YougoChats> Win1019:07
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> @NikosChat, Thats clear, but more than one book can be selected and diversifying the type of texts used increases probability of better prediction from the outset--if the program really uses them as a guide from point 0. I would think... But I don't really know...19:09
tgBot3<Marcos> If I understood well, uNav will stop working soon with no apparent solution. As well, google maps works in basic mode so, we will not have an online navigation system?19:39
tgBot3<Marcos> Is there any possibility to get google maps in 'normal' mode?19:40
tgBot3<Marcos> not having navigation system is a big issue from my point of view!19:40
tgBot3<Konrad_Fichtner> @Marcos, +119:44
tgBot3<Ingo_FP_Angel> Where is that FP2 chat?19:49
tgBot3<Gorsh2> @Marcos, What? Why? When?19:49
tgBot3<YougoChats> @Ingo_FP_Angel, https://telegram.me/joinchat/AI_ukwlaB6KCsteHcXD0jw19:50
tgBot3<Ingo_FP_Angel> Ah :)19:50
tgBot3<Cesar_Herrera> The app OSMScout shows you how to go anywhere offline. But we had to know how to make updated maps. It would be good that a developer will continue the program.20:25
tgBot3<malditobastardo> el problema es el gps20:28
tgBot3<malditobastardo> que un mapa te marque el camino no es problema20:28
tgBot3<malditobastardo> el problema es no saber donde uno esta parado20:29
tgBot3<Mark> I've noticed QGIS is available on Raspian. If it has been made to work on the Raspberry Pi is it a future possibility for our higher spec phones?20:52
tgBot3<dohbee> @Mark, You can probably install and run it under libertine today.21:01
tgBot3<dohbee> it doesn't seem really designed for touch based systems though21:01
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> about libertine... i've created a libertine container, per https://docs.ubports.com/en/latest/userguide/dailyuse/libertine.html#  … however, what goes in the place of PACKAGE-NAME? Is this an application package name i'm supposed to pull from some list I don't know about... and/or where is the package supposed to be? (like i put it somewhere that libertine knows to look...)21:08
tgBot3<dohbee> @Lukas Wolfskin, it's the debian package name (for example, gedit or firefox)21:11
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> and where/how do I find out the debian package name for a program?21:11
tgBot3<Mark> @dohbee, Probably not on my E4.5 :) I know it isn't particularly touch friendly but I was thinking it would be good to have access to as we get nearer 'convergence'. I'd be interested to know if anyone has installed it and whether it was useable on a newer phone or the tablet.21:13
tgBot3<dohbee> @Lukas Wolfskin, If you have an Ubuntu system, you can search the archive with `apt-cache` for example. you can check packages.ubuntu.com to find packages as well21:15
tgBot3<dohbee> @Mark, Given the breadth of features available, I would guess it would be usable up to a point.21:16
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> ??? @dohbee  … phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ libertine-container-manager install-package -p master-pdf-editor … Package 'master-pdf-editor' is already installed. … phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ libertine-container-manager remove-package -p master-pdf-editor … Reading package lists... Done … Building dependency tree        … Reading state information... Done … E: Unable to locate package master-pdf-editor21:40
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> Thanks heaps, btw for the tip!  Libre office is properly installed.21:40
tgBot3<dohbee> weird21:40
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> 😊21:41
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> but master-pdf-editor is acting funny21:41
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> Maybe I should erase the container and try again...21:41
tgBot3<dohbee> isn't it proprietary?21:42
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> one CAN buy it... but it's in the ubuntu store21:43
tgBot3<dohbee> there is no master-pdf-editor package in ubuntu archive though21:43
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> it's a buy for more functions, kind of thing21:43
tgBot3<dohbee> you can't install it on your phone in libertine that way21:43
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> even if it's in the ubuntu store? hmm...21:43
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> okay21:44
tgBot3<dohbee> in ubuntu store?21:44
tgBot3<dohbee> as a snap?21:44
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> that software install store thing Ubuntu ships with21:44
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> ? dunno 🤦🏻‍♂️ the software center just has an install button21:46
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> so I tried installing the package...21:46
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> meh21:46
tgBot3<dohbee> it must be a snap21:46
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> one can download it as a .deb from https://code-industry.net/free-pdf-editor/#get21:48
tgBot3<dohbee> yes21:48
tgBot3<dohbee> probably only for x8621:48
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> aha...21:48
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> 🙇🏻21:49
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> or 32? but my phone is armf21:49
tgBot3<dohbee> so you could theoretically install it and use it under unity8/libertine, on an x86 machine, but you'd still need to do a more manual install, because it's not in the ubuntu archives, being proprietary21:50
tgBot3<dohbee> right, phone is armhf21:50
tgBot3<dohbee> so it can't run x86 code21:50
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> got it... steep learning curve... but it's fun.  Sorry I look like such an idiot! 🕺🏻21:51
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> what's a livecd-rootfs?22:01
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> https://github.com/ubports/livecd-rootfs22:02
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> (Sticker, 416x512) https://irc.ubports.com/cjlK0Cfc/file_370822:02
tgBot3<per_sonne> Any news regarding the new battery drain on the BQ's? Is there any clue on why it's happening since the last OTA?22:03
tgBot3<dohbee> @popescu_sorin, a rootfs for a live cd? :P22:09
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> CD ewww :D22:10
tgBot3<dohbee> well, the "cd" is historical jargon22:10
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> my case doesn't even have a place to mount a cd :D22:10
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> maybe a cd drive on usb22:10
tgBot3<dohbee> it's for the ubuntu ISOs22:11
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> like a distro of sort? :D22:11
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> ubports distro!22:11
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> muhahaha22:11
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> would be coool22:11
tgBot3<dohbee> sure22:11
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> i only need 6-7 snaps and a stable core22:12
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> i don't like to mess with random PPAs and the system stuff22:12
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> if i have whatever ubuntu with some new snaps like gimp, inkscape22:13
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> telegram, firefox, chrome i think i'll be ok :))22:13
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> maybe also krita22:13
tgBot3<vince1171> @popescu_sorin, Agree … Snap fix the package conflicts22:15
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> and now i need to buy this22:15
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOq51hvZ-lk22:15
tgBot3<tylnesh> anybody else got problems with Telegram app?22:25
tgBot3<tylnesh> it hangs on white screen22:25
tgBot3<dohbee> on 16.05?22:30
tgBot3<dohbee> err, 16.0422:30
tgBot3<Michele> @tylnesh, Is it your connection good?22:30
tgBot3<tylnesh> UBports on BQ m10, so 15.04 probably22:31
tgBot3<XavierXX> Does anyone here have a link to a good comparison of ubports and plasma mobile?22:32
tgBot3<tylnesh> @Michele, Should be.22:38
tgBot3<Michele> Github.com/ubports/telegram-app/issues/73 it seems something like this: The login is taking too much time. Or Maybe it's more similar to Github.com/ubports/telegram-app/issues/33 ...22:45
tgBot3<tylnesh> Also the notifications and webtelegram works, just the UBports telegram app doesnt.22:45
tgBot3<tylnesh> @Michele, Seems to be neither of those22:54
tgBot3<Michele> Have you already tried to restart the phone?22:55
tgBot3<YougoChats> @YougoChats, @mariogrip @neothethird can one of you help this guy out in the Fairphone 2 + ubports group? He's running into increasingly weird problems trying to install UT on his FP2 and has now softbricked it. He's afk now, but I'm out of wits on this.23:01
tgBot3<tylnesh> @Michele, Yep, also tried to uninstall, purge the app and install it again23:11
tgBot3<tylnesh> still white screen23:11
tgBot3<nanu_c> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/xSVdD2yh/file_370923:24
tgBot3<nanu_c> Fwd from nanu_c: Hey ubuntu touch folk, great news, the signal app now has a passhprase secured message storage that can be activted under preferences. https://open.uappexplorer.com/app/textsecure.nanuc23:24
tgBot3<Flohack> @per_sonne, Some ppl think it comes from push client going wild now23:29
tgBot3<per_sonne> @Flohack, "going wild"? Snorting cocaine on horse back while playing the violin? Or is someone doing something sexual to the server?23:40
tgBot3<Flohack> @per_sonne, we dont know yet :)23:41
tgBot3<per_sonne> battery drain only happens when cellular data is turned on23:41
tgBot3<per_sonne> weird.23:41
tgBot3<padraic7a> @nanu_c, Cool to see this being developed again23:58

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