SargunIs Bionic going to get Systemd v236?00:45
infinitySargun: Almost certainly.01:07
sarnoldhey infinity :D01:10
tsimonq2Oh hey infinity :D01:10
JackFrostsarnold: Heh, what's up?05:51
sarnoldJackFrost: my pandaboard (irc host) kicked the bucket .. so this is me trying to get a five-year-old configuration updated05:52
sarnoldJackFrost: .. and of course I can't remember how to run irssi well enough to make changes live, so I edit the config and restart.05:52
JackFrostOuch...  Mainly just saw 'sigh I hate irssi'05:52
JackFrost1. They prefer you use commands as editing config is very picky.  2. /reload05:53
sarnoldif you looked up "technical debt" you'll surely see a screenshot of my irssi configuration.05:53
sarnoldno kidding05:53
sarnoldI've screwed that up before too :)05:53
sarnoldbut I don't know how to change the port of a network on the fly. heh.05:53
Odd_Blokesarnold: Take this opportunity to move to weechat.05:54
JackFrost/SERVER MODIFY -network Freenode -port 669705:54
JackFrostLikely needs the server name, buuut. PD05:55
sarnoldJackFrost: heh, I thought /server was deprecated a decade back05:56
sarnoldOdd_Bloke: you know, a teeny tiny small part of me wanted it busted bad enough that I'd have to05:56
JackFrostsarnold: You don't use /server to connect to a new network, just /connect for that.  But you do use it to add/modify/delete.05:56
sarnoldOdd_Bloke: rofl05:57
JackFrostI don't think I could break irssi enough to switch to weechat. :>05:57
sarnoldJackFrost: this is part of the problem :D  I used to use /server for those kinds of things but then they added /network to manage networks separate from servers and then *years happened* and now I'm hopeless.05:58
JackFrostAh yes, I'm a much more recent convert to Irssi.  Sometime in 2010 or 2011.05:59
JackFrost...Which isn't exactly recent anymore, but is in IRC time!05:59
Odd_BlokeI can't remember when I started using irssi, but that really only means it was more than two weeks ago.06:00
sarnoldthe conversion from bitchx didn't go painlessly. but it was worth it.06:01
JackFrostI uh...Converted from finch. >_>06:01
sarnoldthe conversion *to* bitchx didn't go painlessly either, but that too was worth it.06:01
sarnoldheh, I can kinda see how you might have used finch .. and why you'd move :)06:02
JackFrostYeah seriously, pidgin → finch → irssi. >_>06:03
sarnoldanyway, dinner time ;) thanks06:03
tsimonq2I was straight from Pidgin to Irssi very quickly and haven't looked back :D06:03
tsimonq2o/ sarnold06:03
JackFrostEat well, sarnold.06:04
valoriekonversation is <306:04
JackFrosttsimonq2: finch is ncurses pidgin, fyi.06:05
tsimonq2valorie: I bet you use KMail too ;)06:06
* tsimonq2 runs06:06
tsimonq2JackFrost: Ahh ok, this is the first time I've heard of it06:06
valorieon the web06:06
tsimonq2valorie: There is nothing worse than KMail >_>06:06
Odd_BlokeWhat is this, #kubuntu-devel? ;)06:06
valorieused to be my favorite KDE application06:06
valoriebefore I discovered IRC06:07
valorieOdd_Bloke: you too can use konvi!06:07
valorie'tis in the Archive06:07
Odd_Blokevalorie: Given the way I use my desktop, I'm not sure I'd notice if I switched to KDE.  You know, once I'd learned the shortcut to type in a command, and the name of the KDE terminal program. :p06:09
tsimonq2Odd_Bloke: orrrr you could just install QTerminal ;)06:09
valoriejust f12 and you're there06:10
JackFrost...Dinner at 10pm?06:30
valoriein Spain, that's how they do it06:33
valoriefinding dinner before 8 is nearly impossible06:34
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TJ-Would you consider it a bug if, with root FS on LVM, having done an "lvrename VG LV LV_new", update-grub has no way to figure out the new name (since /proc/mounts doesn't update).12:21
tkamppeterxnox, slangasek, hi15:50
jbichadoko: can we demote idle to universe? I think it's the only thing keeping tcl and tk in main16:00
dokojbicha: hmm, it's the only supported Python IDE. Is there a request to demote Tcl/Tk?16:03
jbichayes, I'm requesting it ;)16:04
jbichawhy do we need a supported Python IDE in main? where's the supported IDE for every other programming language?16:05
jbichaI think most Ubuntu developers use something other than idle when writing Python code16:07
tkamppeterxnox, slangasek, can you have a look at bug 1721839? It is a severe regression which we should not have in LTS and upstream is not answering.16:11
ubottubug 1721839 in systemd (Ubuntu) "[REGRESSION] Services asked for by UDEV do not get triggered" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/172183916:11
jbichadoko: one more reason is mentioned at LP: #1740926, it looks like we would need to have tk8.6 recommend "gnome-terminal | xterm" in order to demote xterm to universe16:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1740926 in ubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "Demote gitk to universe" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/174092616:13
dokojbicha: hmm, that might be a request from edubuntu at some time ...16:19
jbichadoko: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/platform.bionic/revision/40416:20
dokoblame the comitter for not giving a rationale ...16:22
jbichaWikipedia says Ubuntu Education Edition had its first release shortly after that, so your theory might be right16:22
dokoogra: what's the status of edubuntu?16:23
jbichabut Edubuntu included universe anyway in recent releases16:31
ginggsdoko: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2016-March/039281.html16:36
ginggswoops jbicha already did that16:36
ogradoqdead since 14.04 i think ( i havent touched it since 2012, better ask the edubuntu-council)16:54
ogradoko, ^^16:54
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