villyamhi elopio01:45
elopiovillyam: helo01:46
villyamhi kyrofa01:46
villyamhi serguisens01:46
villyamhi popey01:46
tsimonq2hey hey hey01:47
villyamhi flexiondotorg01:47
daniellimwstsimonq2 just got ignored01:48
coolpolygonshey tsimonq2 can u check my task? https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/4613563035418624/05:49
tsimonq2coolpolygons: It's not the end of the day yet here and I'm close to it on my todo list05:50
coolpolygonsoh srry i dont know the utf -6 time :P05:50
coolpolygonsi thought a day has already passed :(05:51
tsimonq2coolpolygons: Approved.05:54
coolpolygonsthank you :D05:54
m4sk1nelopio: but it would require running the whole build in lxd, is it what we want to do?07:03
m4sk1nmaybe there is any way to run `npm run dist` with skipping snap test?07:04
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: hey! I'm probably have some rendering issue on the graphic card, under the video editing tab, the blender renderer is just plain black08:31
didrocksI'm still unsure why I have this title though08:31
didrocksmoving the cursor gives me some artefacts, so there is clearly something not rendering well…08:32
daniellimwsdidrocks, the title should be expected08:33
didrockswhy? shouldn't it be something in English?08:33
daniellimwsas it is at the start of the screencast08:33
daniellimwsI'm not sure I think it just randomly picks one language08:34
didrocksinteresting ;)08:34
didrockswell, I'll let you render with a low res08:34
daniellimwsbut when it is built it will correspond to the correct language08:34
daniellimwsyea ok sure08:34
didrocksto give a first feedback08:34
daniellimwsI hope I don't have to make any changes because that'll just be another 20 mins of rendering time :(08:35
didrocksdaniellimws: yeah, let's see, the day we'll generate the real one, I'll switch laptop or ask someone else to deal with this08:36
daniellimwsI thought we'll be generating the video via the package?08:37
daniellimwsanyways I'm using a scrappy intel integrated graphics card so I'll just have to deal with it08:38
daniellimwss/package/package build08:46
didrocksdaniellimws: yeah, if possible. Now that I see those artefacts… Unsure the builders suit it08:47
didrocksdaniellimws: so, I think some modifications should be done09:04
didrocksdaniellimws: like, first, clicking on an app displayed in the dock09:04
didrocksthen, clicking on the application icon to show more apps and starting another app which isn't in the dock09:05
didrocksmaking sense?09:05
didrocksthe rest looks good :)09:05
daniellimwsregarding the webm videos, as mentioned last time "make" wont generate them, but you said ideally we generate them during package building, how do we achieve that?09:07
daniellimwsor rather generating the webm videos in general, say I want to do it now09:08
didrocksdaniellimws: I think it's a question of running blender with the correct options, hooking them up in debian/rules under the dh_auto_build target09:10
didrocksas my current laptop doesn't seem to work well with blender, I can't really experiment the correct options unfortunately…09:10
didrocksonce I switch to another one, will be better09:10
didrocksbut don't sweat too much on it, the task doesn't require to do that and I'll achieve it myself as needed09:10
daniellimwsok, sure thing09:11
daniellimwswith that said, shall I just give you the .blend files and .page files with the updated transcripts?09:13
didrocksdaniellimws: sure! just ensure once all the videos are done to have a quick rendering so that I can give finale feedbacks, but for completing the task, just give the .blend and .page files and I'll do what's needed09:14
konrad11901didrocks: hi! I'd like to to this appstream metadata task (https://codein.withgoogle.com/tasks/6215052078088192), but actually, the description is pretty general and doesn't provide many details. Could you describe this task a little bit more (like, where should we change the metadata, also some sort of example would be useful)?09:22
konrad11901s/to to/to do09:23
didrockskonrad11901: I'm asking a friend to join, he's an appstream metadata specialist! :)09:26
konrad11901ok, thanks! :)09:27
didrockskonrad11901: sending you his emails, he will be off for a little bit and back later on09:29
konrad11901didrocks: thanks! :)09:33
pranavgade20hi guys12:17
omairqazihi guys13:06
konrad11901sergiusens: could you check my submission please? :)13:43
omairqaziany idea when tsimonq2 will come here13:47
tsimonq2I'm spontaneous, you can't predict me /o/ \o\ /o/13:49
tsimonq2And empty pings solve nothing btw ;)13:49
omairqazitsimonq2: hi! please take a look at my submission https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/6047433035350016/13:54
tsimonq2omairqazi: Have fun :)13:58
omairqazitsimonq2: thanks13:58
elopiom4sk1n: if you skip running snapcraft, then the snap won't be generated.15:01
sergiusenskonrad11901 your PR fails15:17
Villyam12Hi elopio, kyrofa, sergiusens, popey and flexiondotorg15:18
elopiohello Villyam1215:18
daniellimwssergiusens, hi can you help approve the tasks related to my recent 2 PRs?15:39
Villyam12_Hey elopio How am I supposed to select the project15:41
Villyam12_I've gone to the github upstream candidate snaps15:42
Villyam12_I think I'll go with the mps-youtube snap15:43
Villyam12_Oh I'm supposed to select a python snap.......15:44
Villyam12_Wait that is a python snap, sorry15:45
m4sk1nelopio: I know15:57
konrad11901sergiusens: hmm, I don't know why it fails, any advice? :/16:04
konrad11901elopio, you there?16:10
elopiokonrad11901: I'm her16:11
konrad11901could you take a look at my PR and see why the integration tests fail?16:11
elopiokonrad11901: it ran too long. It's not caused by your changes, maybe by the slow down of the world because of the big bugs recently found.16:12
elopioWhen a suite takes too long we split it, so I will take a look at the other branches to see if this was an unfortunate situation, or a thing that I need to fix.16:13
sergiusensdaniellimws can you add a link to the PR in the task?16:13
konrad11901yeah, I also thought that it's not my fault :/16:13
elopiokonrad11901: pleae rebase your branch with master and push again.16:13
konrad11901done, the tests are running16:14
elopiothanks konrad1190116:15
Nissaarpopey: hi16:50
daniellimws[m]elopio, hi can you approve my add unit tests task?16:50
elopiodaniellimws[m]: I don't see any tasks for review.16:53
Nissaarelopio: hi i need help with ,y task16:53
Nissaarim packaging superpowers app16:53
Nissaarollowing this tutorial16:53
elopioNissaar: how can I help?16:53
Nissaarwhen it comes to snap run dist16:54
Nissaarerror: cannot find current revision for snap dist: readlink /snap/dist/current: no such file or directory16:54
Nissaarthis is the output. and there is no script section in the package.json file16:54
daniellimws[m]elopio, sorry just submitted, maybe a network issue just now16:55
wxla little less than 30 more completed tasks and we'll be in 6 place16:56
Nissaarelopio: what should i do ?16:58
elopioNissaar: please push your changes to the repo, and I will try to reproduce.16:58
Nissaarpush it to my forked repo ?16:59
Nissaarelopio:ush it to my forked repo ?17:00
elopioNissaar: yes. Then I can pull it and try the same commands that you are trying17:01
Nissaarok im on it17:01
Nissaarelopio: https://github.com/Nissaar/superpowers-app17:04
Nissaarelopio: is it good ?17:04
elopioNissaar: no, you need to commit and push your branch17:04
Nissaarelopio: can you please check it now ?17:06
elopionow I see it Nissaar17:06
Nissaaryay thx. ill wait for you17:07
Nissaarelopio: i have uploaded creeshots of the terminal in the following link17:10
elopioNissaar: that's not how you use electron-builder. The "linux" key must go inside a "build" key. You can learn more about it here: https://www.electron.build/17:13
elopiobut I would recommend you to start with an app that it's already building for linux, so you just add the "snap" builder.17:14
elopiootherwise you might find many unexpected problems, and that wouldn't be a good task to start learning.17:14
Nissaarcan you suggest an app ?17:14
Nissaaryou mean the linux key should be in the build key in the scripts section ?17:15
Nissaarelopio: do you think ndm would be better for me ?17:19
elopioNissaar: you can try. It looks nice.17:20
Nissaarok im on it17:20
NissaarWARN engine hawk@6.0.2: wanted: {"node":">=4.5.0"} (current: {"node":"4.2.6","npnpm WARN deprecated gulp-clean-css@2.4.0: breaking changes from clean-css 4.x. Please install gulp-clean-css 3.x17:24
Nissaarelopio: when it says these things, shoould i modify the package.json file to suit these ?17:25
elopioNissaar: did it fail? It sounds like a warning, not an error17:26
elopioand doesn't sound like something you introduced17:26
Nissaarits a warning. im running npm install right now17:27
Nissaarand it has said these things. just wanna know if i should change the package.json file17:27
Nissaarelopio: can you please check this ? https://imgur.com/a/SYNcE17:33
elopioNissaar: try npm run linux instead of npm run dist17:36
Nissaarelopio: it has opened the application ndm. i think thats right ?17:37
elopioNissaar: that looks like the file browser, not ndm17:39
Nissaarwhich one should i take as the snapname to install it with dangerous ?17:39
Nissaaryes thats file browser. im searching the application name.snap to install with dangerous17:40
Nissaarthis is ndm https://imgur.com/a/ZsWsF17:40
elopioyeah, that one looks good. I'm not sure why you have so many .snap files.17:42
Nissaaryes. its confusing to know which one is the snap to be installed17:42
elopioNissaar: well, non of the ones in the screenshot looks like the ndm snap17:44
Nissaarelopio: uhhmmm what should i do now ?17:45
elopioNissaar: commit and push your branch, so we can give it a try.17:46
Nissaarim on it17:47
Nissaari had a problem while git commit -m "Add...." tho.17:52
elopioNissaar: that doesn't look like something git would run.17:57
elopiothat's the output of an npm command most likely17:57
Nissaarelopio: take a look at this17:58
elopioNissaar: so you have found an upstream bug :)18:01
elopioin this line18:01
Nissaari think so18:01
elopioit should be !==18:01
elopioyou can propose a pull request upstream with that change18:02
Nissaarelopio: https://github.com/720kb/ndm/pull/23818:04
ubot93Pull 238 in 720kb/ndm "upstream bug" [Open]18:04
Nissaarhere it is18:04
elopioNissaar: the title of the bug should be more useful than that18:05
elopiosomething like: fix lint error: replace != with !==18:06
elopioNissaar: also, your imgurs are not very nice for sharing terminal snippets. It's better to use paste.ubuntu.com18:07
Nissaarill use it next time. thx18:08
Nissaarelopio: https://github.com/720kb/ndm/pull/23918:08
ubot93Pull 239 in 720kb/ndm "fix lint error: replace != with !==" [Open]18:08
Nissaarafter this pull request has been done, should i fork, clone again and start all over with npm install etc... ?18:09
elopioNissaar: you can rebase your snapcraft branch with this patch-2 branch18:13
elopioand then commit, push, and I can take a look. No need to fork and clone.18:14
Nissaari dnt know how to use that rebase command18:15
elopioNissaar: On your cloned directory run git fetch18:19
elopiothen git checkout add-snap-support18:19
elopiothen git rebase patch-218:19
Nissaarim getting this error18:21
Nissaarelopio:atal: Needed a single revision invalid upstream patch-218:21
elopiohum, hum, please paste all the git commands and outputs you tried18:23
Nissaar git fetch remote: Counting objects: 7, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (7/7), done. remote: Total 7 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 0 Unpacking objects: 100% (7/7), done. From https://github.com/Nissaar/ndm  * [new branch]      add-snap-support -> origin/add-snap-support  * [new branch]      patch-1    -> origin/patch-1  * [new branch]      patch-2    -> origin/patch-2 nissaar@nissaar-CX62-7QL:~/ndm$ git 18:24
Nissaarnissaar@nissaar-CX62-7QL:~/ndm$ git checkout -b add-snap-support fatal: A branch named 'add-snap-support' already exists. nissaar@nissaar-CX62-7QL:~/ndm$ git rebase patch-2 fatal: Needed a single revision invalid upstream patch-2 nissaar@nissaar-CX62-7QL:~/ndm$ git checkout add-snap-support Already on 'add-snap-support' nissaar@nissaar-CX62-7QL:~/ndm$ git rebase patch-2 fatal: Needed a single revision invalid upstream patch-18:25
elopioNissaar: not here, in paste.ubuntu.com, next time :)18:26
elopioNissaar: try git rebase origin/patch-218:29
Nissaarelopio: already pushed18:30
elopioNissaar: I need to have food now. I will keep looking at it later. You can also start a topic in the forum, and then more people can help and you don't have to wait for me.18:33
Nissaarok no problem.18:34
Nissaarelopio: enjoy your meal18:34
konrad11901sergiusens: all the tests pass :)21:13
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