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usrshvhi! where can i read history of kernel updates in ubuntu mate? After update my laptop wont boot with new.11:07
carl_me gusta el maincra17:43
DarkPsydeLordshame on you17:44
chaotixhello.  i have just done a fresh install of ubuntu mate 17.10, and I have no right click context menu in anmy application at all.  The corresponding keyboard button between right-alt and right-control works for the context menu, but not the right mouse button.  it is a laptop, touchpad...19:31
chaotixi think it actually might be a driver thing, because it treats the right and left mouse/touchpad buttons as the same and i also have no wifi, forced to use ethernet19:32
diogenes_chaotix, what pc?19:35
chaotixtoshiba sattelite c5519:36
chaotixdorry l5519:36
diogenes_how old is it?19:36
chaotixit was a gift, and from what i am reading toshiba is not linux friendly19:36
chaotixi think fairly new19:36
chaotixlet me try to find out.  i htink 2 years max19:37
chaotixits an intel core i519:37
chaotixfound it....   https://www.amazon.com/Toshiba-Satellite-L55-A5284-15-6-Inch-Processor/dp/B00DMMPQ3O19:38
chaotixi tried to live boot quite a few linux distros and had no wifi support, so i decided to just install ubuntu mate and see if i could find a way to make everything work19:39
diogenes_chaotix, ok have you checked the driver manager?19:39
chaotixit says 2 proprietary drivers arte in use19:39
diogenes_which ones?19:40
chaotixsorry...   one being the broadcom wifi one...  the other one says...19:41
chaotixunknown:unknown,  and "Using processor microcode firmware for intel CPUs from intel-microcode (proprietary)19:42
diogenes_ok try to uncheck the broadcom and let it use the open source driver if available19:44
diogenes_so as a result you need to get only 1 proprietary driver in use, the microcode19:44
diogenes_reboot afterwards and come back here19:45
chaotixok thank you19:47
sixwheeledbeastYOu need to find out which broadcom card you have. i would look at the mouse issue first.19:47
chaotixmuch appreciated, I love the ubuntu community!19:47
sixwheeledbeastlspci will help19:47
diogenes_ok when you back, sixwheeledbeast will try to assist you further.19:47
sixwheeledbeastlspci | grep -i wireless19:47
chaotixok hold on19:48
chaotix"lspci | grep -i wireless" gives no outpu19:48
chaotixim going to reboot and come back19:49
sixwheeledbeastBroadcom Limited BCM43142 < this is what you need19:49
diogenes_sixwheeledbeast, why the proprietary driver didn't see the card?19:50
sixwheeledbeastb43 isn't compatible with that card IIRC19:51
chris__ok back19:56
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chaotixok back19:59
sixwheeledbeastThis will help for you wireless issues https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx19:59
sixwheeledbeastb43 is not compatible will that card20:00
chaotixthank you20:01
sixwheeledbeastI would try removing b43 (which I imagine has been installed automatically) and use bcmwl.20:02
sixwheeledbeastit could even be they are both installed and are conflicting so removing b43 and restarting may do the trick20:03
sixwheeledbeastHad that before.20:03
chaotixand what are the steps, or a link to them, for removing b43?20:04
chaotixi did "apt-cache search b43" and see a b43 installer20:05
chaotixill just google it lol20:05
chaotixthat link tyou gave nme has it all, sorry20:07
chaotixshould have openned my eyes20:07
sixwheeledbeastYeah most of the issues are listed on there. If try bcmwl if not you could try ndiswrapper option as a last resort.20:14
chaotixim having trouble getting any of them to work other than b4320:16
chaotixcan i share the outputs with you and get some feedback?20:16
chaotixsixwheeledbeast, you suggested removing b43 and using bcmwl, but thats the proprietary one...  is that the one you mean?20:23
sixwheeledbeastYer, that card is not compatible with b43 open drivers I believe20:24
sixwheeledbeastso the options are bcmwl closed or ndiswrapper20:25
chaotixi kind of just lost touchpad support also20:28
sixwheeledbeastthe wireless will work with some messing but I am not sure about the touchpad.20:29
chaotixi tried installing xserver-xorg-input-synaptics20:29
chaotixand after that, ran sudo rmod psmouse && sudo modprobe psmouse20:29
chaotixand now the touchpad wont move20:29
sixwheeledbeastYou got the wifi working then?20:34
chaotixI got the right-click fixrd20:40
chaotixNow for the WIFI20:40
chaotixMan, this reminds me of back in the day linus20:40
chaotixi'm used to everygthing working out of the box, for several years now, on every computer I have installed any linux distro on20:41
chaotixthis is still much better than installing windows20:41
diogenes_chaotix, but has this particular pc worked fine before with other linux versions?20:43
chaotixThis was a gift from my boss20:44
chaotixI just got it20:44
diogenes_I see20:44
chaotixI have never installed linux on it20:44
chaotixFrom what I am reading toshiba doesn't play well with linux20:44
diogenes_so it was kinda double surprise :D20:44
chaotixyeah :)20:44
chaotixi dont mind, we'll figure it out20:44
chaotixhopefully the issues will be fixed in future linux kernel versions...  i dont know if thats possible but i assume that's why things work out of the box on most laptops now20:45
diogenes_chaotix, maybe getting yourself a wifi dongle for 10 dollars on some ebay might be a good thing.20:45
diogenes_and it will be only a temporary alternative because I bet there will be a fix for your wifi card also.20:47
chaotixhey, what is the easiest way to get hotcorners in  ubuntu mate?  compiz settings?20:48
diogenes_yeah, compiz is the best thing in the world :D20:48
diogenes_it can do literally everything20:48
* alkisg would love some coffee now... runs apt install compiz... :)20:51
* diogenes_ adores compiz, without it there is no Sun!20:51
chaotixspeaking of which, i think unity is going to get really cool once the community takes it over20:52
sixwheeledbeastI don't use compiz, keep things light.20:53
chaotixi love it, but innovation stagnated20:53
chaotixthat works20:53
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sixwheeledbeastnot keen on Unity/Munity either, part of the reason I switched to MATE in the first place.20:54
diogenes_sixwheeledbeast, with the help of compiz and xdotool, I set up the pc for my 74 yo granny so with only one or two button she does all the work that otherwise would take a dozen of clicks :)20:54
diogenes_she is happy and I am happy.20:55
Guest37782how is she finding the pc? guessing she can use it easliy? planning on setting up the same for my grandad20:55
Guest37782mostly because windows is too expensive lol20:55
Guest37782i think as long as I set it up for him it will be okay, just need to make sure I tinker with it20:56
sixwheeledbeastYou could do similar without compiz. but there are so many ways to do lots of things that's the point.20:57
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sixwheeledbeastI prefer to keep thinks light, compositing is off.20:58
chaotixhey how to change expo desktop switcher so that the desktops are 2x2 instead of 4x1?  In compix20:58
diogenes_sixwheeledbeast, nah, the trick is the window rules dimensions and strict placement so only conpiz has all in one20:58
diogenes_otherwise I'd have to use a ton of different apps20:58
chaotixdiogenes_, how to change virtual desktops to 2x2 instead of 1x4?21:03
sixwheeledbeastEveryone has there own work flow and ways of doing things. Another person may have had another way to keep it simple.21:04
chaotixgot it.....   ccsm->genera;->general options->desktop size21:08
ylanesGood evening. How do you uninstall software like LibreOffice?22:14
diogenes_ylanes, apt remove libreoffice22:19
ylanesThank you so much.22:20
diogenes_you're welcome22:20

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