brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:33
diddledanyeesh: https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2018/01/09/spyware-user-tracked-boyfriend-to-have-him-killed-by-hitman/10:12
zmoylan-piproblem is they tried to use outsourcing and had no previous experience hiring a hitman :-P10:23
SuperMattgood morning all10:25
foobarryThe Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project (cve.mitre.org) has assigned the identifiers CVE-2017-5753 (Bounds Check bypass) and CVE-2017-5715 (Branch Target Injection) to these issues.10:31
foobarryare both of these as risky as each otehr?10:32
foobarryvmware 5.5 doesn't have a patch for 5753 , dunno if its forthcoming or not10:32
diddledanebay, as a single man why are you advertising at me "Lapel Flower Lace Brazilian Briefs" (for women)?!16:16
diddledanoh dear: https://community.letsencrypt.org/t/2018-01-09-issue-with-tls-sni-01-and-shared-hosting-infrastructure/4999616:18
knightwisehey diddledan16:42
knightwisediddledan: I told you about covering up your webcam when you are in drag16:42
diddledanthat was just for you16:42
knightwiseand having monthly rants with alexa when you are on your "period" also is confusing the hell of out jef's algorythems16:43
zmoylan-pibecause ebay knows you better than you know yourself? :-)16:47
diddledandidn't the Orcale say something about knowing thyself?16:47
zmoylan-pino no, that was dirty harry...16:47
diddledanoh, I thought he just asked whether you were lucky..16:48
zmoylan-pigarak never stood a chance...16:48
diddledanwell, what's a simple tailor to do?!16:48
zmoylan-pisew his own shroud?16:49
diddledanGarak was epic16:49
diddledanI really need to watch that again16:49
zmoylan-pigarak was enough reason to love ds916:49
diddledanproblem is, end-to-end is a lot of hours16:49
zmoylan-pihis spin on the boy who cried wolf...16:49
daftykinshe was ace :D16:51
daftykinsi liked how long he kept you guessing about his true history, too16:51
diddledanI've forgotten most of everything16:52
daftykinsi get that with all TV series too, it's great for re-watchability, but weird for trying to think about what you just spent hundreds of hours doing16:52
zmoylan-pinearly as good as b516:53
diddledanI've been enjoying that new spacey thing with the weird crystal life and the undertones of war between the belters and mars and the UN16:55
diddledancan't think of it's name now though16:55
diddledandamn I suck16:55
diddledanthe expanse16:56
zmoylan-pipsaw one episode, liked it, haven't watched it since...16:57
daftykinsah i never kept up with that, though the season 1 headless bit was amusing16:57
daftykinswatching GDQ at the mo, Battletoads on arcade hardware :o www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick17:00
diddledanI've been catching up on "travellers" the past couple17:02
zmoylan-piand in recent news a chinese company has revealed a suitcase that follows it's owner which is straight from red dwarf...17:03
daftykinsnot Discworld?17:04
daftykinsis it scutter-esque?17:04
zmoylan-pino legs involved and were would you get the sapient pearwood?17:04
daftykinsbtw i spotted creme eggs already, what's going on?17:20
zmoylan-pithey're not cadburys creme eggs, they're now kraft creme eggs, taste different17:21
zmoylan-piand we have a small window pre valentines day push for easter crap17:21
daftykinsthat's concerning17:22
daftykinsi will have to examine the packaging closer!17:22
daftykinsi only recently discovered why all the sacla pesto i keep buying tastes like crap, turns out i want the "#1" and not this "#9" the shop by me sells17:22
zmoylan-pikraft bought cadburys, they changed the recipe17:24
zmoylan-pinext thing been changed is irn bru. scots are not a happy bunch... even more so than normal... :-P17:24
daftykinsmmm read about that one, nasty17:28
zmoylan-piif they make the scots eat healthy food, there'll be a surplus of scots!!17:30
czajkowskipopey: are you on 17.10 ?20:04
popeyI have a 17.10 machine next to me20:04
czajkowskiwhat's it like ?20:04
czajkowskigood bad indifferent ?20:04
czajkowskineed to upgrade this machine20:05
daftykinsdownload it and take it for a spin? :)20:06
popeyMy main machine is 16.04. I only have 17.10 to test it.20:06
popeyI am running Unity on both. I ran GNOME Shell for a while on 17.10 but I found it too slow.20:07
czajkowskican always do a fresh install if I don't like it20:09
czajkowskicant hurt to try something new20:09
daftykinsor can it...20:15
czajkowskiwe're at the installing the updates part20:22
czajkowskicleaning up20:30
czajkowski190 packages going bye byw20:30
czajkowskiand back20:34
czajkowskipopey: how do I lock things to the side bar ?20:35
popeylaunch them, then right click the icon and add to favorites?20:35
czajkowskihmm my right click on the track pad seems to have been disabled20:36
czajkowskinothing right clicks20:36
czajkowskiomg the buttons are on the right hand side20:38
diddledanbiggest mistake ever to move them to the left. and an even bigger mistake to put them back again20:42
czajkowskino hud20:43
czajkowskipopey: any idea where I can find track pad - right click settings?21:19
czajkowskiI found Mouse and Touchpad21:20
czajkowskibut nothing for right click21:20
popeythere's a tweak tool which has more options21:20
popeybecause it seems gnome upstream have removed some things from some places that people like21:20
popeytweak tool provides a UI to see those things you miss in many cases21:20
czajkowskiah interesting21:22
czajkowskito me right click is a default21:22
czajkowskieverthing else seems not too bad21:22
czajkowskidiffernet but usable21:22
czajkowskipopey: how do I install stuff?21:23
popeygnome software or apt or snap ;)21:23
czajkowskiohh buttons back on the left - nice tool21:27
czajkowskiand right click21:27
czajkowskipopey: thank you21:27
czajkowskioa  few things are off like clock and calendar21:28
czajkowskiand then the tweak tool fixes it21:28
popeyI find some of the GNOME design decisions to be very odd, but seems I'm in the minority :(21:28
diddledanno, you're wrong. the Gnome design decisions are correct. As mandated by the Ministry of Truth21:29
czajkowskithe clock being off is very odd21:29
daftykinsdiddledan: :)21:36
diddledanif I knew what one was, I still wouldn't be able to Even: https://twitter.com/jedisct1/status/95123193308170649723:21

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