cmaloneyGood morning14:10
cmaloneyHow's the morning so far?14:14
rick_hlooking forward to the warmer day with some rain to wash some stuff away hopefully14:15
cmaloneyWe still have ice on the driveway so hoping it melts it14:16
rick_hyea, there's a couple of spots. I've got packages coming today to did toss a handful of salt on a couple of spots this morning14:16
rick_hmainly I'm thinking the road stuff needs to get flushed. It's such slush out there14:17
rick_hin our neighborhood road at least14:17
Scary_Guyglobal warming, huzzah!15:14
waldo323also great lakes warming15:45
cmaloneyThat's OK; we'll have a shit-ton of snow this weekend15:46
cmaloneybecause why not.15:46
cmaloneyAlso: That Lake Huron pizza at Buddy's is amazeballs15:46
cmaloneyI never thought I'd say that about a non-tomato-sauce based pizza but here we are15:47
rick_hI've got to drive up north friday...I love snow but a multi-hour drive in 5-8" :/15:47
cmaloneyrick_h: Ugh. Is this for camping or ... ?15:48
rick_hcmaloney: annual ski weekend for the wife and boy15:48
rick_hwe go up to crystal mountain every winter15:48
cmaloneyWell, at least there will be snow up there.15:48
rick_hso yay fresh snow maybe up there15:48
rick_hbut definitely not looking forward to the drive at night15:48
cmaloneythough the weather forecasters are saying 20" for some lucky area15:48
* rick_h hates driving highways when you can't see the lines with other people15:49
cmaloneyThat's "lose a small child in a snow drift" levels of snow15:49
cmaloneyrick_h: I can totally relate15:49
cmaloneyEven driving down some of the streets here where the lines are so faded as to be insisible under a layer of salt sucks15:49
cmaloneyadding speed to that is awful15:49
cmaloneyBTW: CHC tonight: https://www.meetup.com/Coffee-House-Coders-Royal-Oak/events/246286800/15:50
greg-grick_h: reminds me of my trip from Northeast MO to Minneapolis one winter. Ended up in the ditch in southen MN. I was getting cocky and counting the number of cars in the ditch, hit a rut the wrong way... done. Spent the night in an armory. Got a couple nice quilts out of the deal that I use in the motorhome still. They closed the highway right after I went passed an offramp, so I was probably the last18:17
greg-gperson to be on that stretch. Oh well.18:17
greg-gnot saying you'll do the same, hopefully :)18:17
waldo323re: snow this weekend, ugh have a meeting on saturday which is a bit of a drive18:19

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