PCLine__Hello everyone.02:09
JackFrostHowdy, PCLine__.  Long time no see.02:10
PCLine__Yes - It has been a Long While.02:11
PCLine__Hows things with you02:11
JackFrostMy time of year, nice and cold.  You?02:11
PCLine__I am great today.  I dont mind the weather but I could have done without the Ice yesterday.02:14
PCLine__I think Ubuntu is now a permanent fixture in my home!  Unsure if that is good or bad at this point.02:16
PCLine__Hello yano.02:23
yanohi! :)02:23
=== PCLine__ is now known as PCLine_
PCLine_Oh I feel more like myself now.03:26
JackFrostWhy have the tail at all?03:26
PCLine_its not a Tail  its a Line03:37
=== JackFrost is now known as Unit193

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