craigbass76This is barely related to ubuntu-studio... I'm volunteering and teaching a music class at a local Christian school. I was hoping for a group that were already familiar with their instruments, but got a load of people who know nothing. There's an alto sax. When the piano plays C, he's playing his Eb, right?04:04
craigbass76It will be ubuntu studio related when we record something at the end of the year.04:04
OvenWerksOK, sounds like fun  ;)04:42
craigbass76OvenWerks: yes. Way more fun that I was planning on, but it should prove interesting. There are two ukes and a mandolin too...05:11
OvenWerksUke is the same as a guitar (with capo) and the mandolyn is the same as the violyexcept with frets.... or a guitar upside down...05:12
craigbass76On top of all this, my wife and kids got me a a fretless 5-string. I traded my last fretless in for a Pedulla in '97, and got rid of my upright a couple years after that, so I'm relearning how to play bass on top of all this.05:12
craigbass76OvenWerks: uke is tuned in fourths?05:13
craigbass76I thought it was a single string version of a mandolin, but from Hawaii05:13
OvenWerksuke is tuned like the bottom 4 strings of the guitar05:13
OvenWerks(5 fretts up)05:14
craigbass76A, D, G, B?05:14
OvenWerksThe top string is an octave up but that doesn't make any difference to chord shape.05:14
OvenWerksNow I have to think :)05:15
craigbass7620 people under 13 are depending on you!05:15
OvenWerks(top to bottom05:16
craigbass76I've got one kid that doesn't play at all. But this school used to be a church, so I was going to show him how to run sound and call it good. That's technically just like another instrument, as far as having to leanrn the technique. At least as far as I'm concerned.05:17
craigbass76Always be nice to your sound guy...05:17
OvenWerksFinding a good sound person is really hard.05:17
craigbass76I don't know if I'm going to go Ubuntu-Studio or just anything running Ardour, but I'm also in the process of getting my regular studio moved to something other than a Mackie recorder we got in the early 2000's.05:19
craigbass76I'm recording a test album here at the house with someone we record on 1/2" reel-to-reel back in the day that never finished.05:20
craigbass76I told him I'd totally recut his album (the tape machine is long gone) if he sang a couple songs for me. I'm a bass player. When I sing, either everybody has to be drunk, or they all start running for the hills.05:21
craigbass76I wrote a song on my wedding night 13 years ago, and need it recorded.05:21
craigbass76Is there a "hey I need a bass track" type of site where folks can trade favors?05:21
craigbass76I'm going to need a steel guitar, and haven't gotten any bites yet when I put it to a facebook page a month or so ago.05:22
OvenWerksI do some sound, but I want to play... I play an Ibenez SR 5 string fretless05:23
OvenWerksWhen we have another bass player I will play guitar or mandolin05:24
OvenWerks I started on drums, but am way out of practice05:24
OvenWerks(it has been a long time since my teens)05:24
craigbass76My wife and kids just got me a 5 string fretless kit for Christmas. I got us three kits last year (me and eldest Tele's, the younger a bass -- http://fatherandsonsguitars.com/wp-content/uploads/images/guitar_bass_stable.png ) and they sounded good. For 150 bucks or so, I'm prety impressed with the 5 string kit I got, just need to relearn fretless.05:26
craigbass76I played upright a while and learned the Semandl (maybe spelling error there) method, but I traded my last fretless in for the Pedulla in '97 or so.05:26
craigbass76byoguitar.com is where I got the kits. I was shocked at the sound, and would not be a bit ashamed to take any of them on the tonight show.05:28
OvenWerksI have a beat old squire I played with, I took the frets out and filled them with epoxy. That was what I learned fretless on. I started using it full time because I was carrying things on my sholders at work and the 13 pount rick was too heavy.05:28
OvenWerksAfter a while I decided I wanted a real fretless... it made a big difference.05:29
craigbass76I dunno man, Jaco did the epoxy thing... Of course, someone beat him to death, but...05:31
craigbass76In high school I played a 73 Precision. After I left, I offered to get it ready every year. Someone stole it at some point...05:31
craigbass76From the school.05:31
OvenWerksThe hardness of the fingerboard makes a huge difference, the squire was soft, it worked, but the ibanez holds notes a lot longer with less finger pressure.05:32
craigbass76I picked up an sr 4 string once upon a time, but wasn't impressed. That was years ago though. The hollow body Ibaniez guitar I have now... Kind of like the kits we have -- I'm shocked at the sound.05:34
craigbass76Whoah -- it's 12:30. I've got to get up with the kids. Nice talking to you. I'll leave the chat open if anyone else can answer, definitively, my sax question. C on a piano is what on an alto sax?05:36
OvenWerksThey have the regular line and a workshop line (and some others) I have this one: http://www.ibanez.com/products/u_eb_detail17.php?year=2017&cat_id=2&series_id=51&data_id=100&color=CL0105:38
OvenWerksThe name seems to change on it every year05:39
OvenWerksIt was pricey (for me) at around $1k but less that other brands.05:40
craigbass76kit was like 150, but my pedulla was around 3500, back in the 90's. They've gone up a bit last time I checked.05:46
craigbass76frightening, when you've got a mortgage...05:46
OvenWerksThat was my outlook as well... I make sure I don't try anythingnthat might be nicer :)05:48
OvenWerksThis one is so much better than what I had, I can be happy.05:48
studio-user684I am just so thrilled to be installing Studio 16! I have been anxiously awaiting it! the "test drive" was sweet!06:29
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sven_hi there. Can someone help with audacity?22:50

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