gouris there any repo having brz package for fedora?10:53
mgzI'm not aware of a fedora package, was going to bug a mate of mine to make one, but haven't yet11:06
mgzjelmer and I are both on the debian side of the divide11:06
gouri see...what is the status of bzr-explorer? still usable with brz?11:08
gouranother concern of mine is whether bzr/brz can be used as 2-way bridge with git, iow. to clone from github, pull/push etc.? that's not possible with fossil and although i use it for personal projects, one has to change gears when contributing to git(hub) projects. having brz to serve such purpose as higher-level tool would be awesome11:37
gourshould brz-3.0 have complete python3k support?12:02
mgzexplorer should be portable, but will require quite a few name changes12:50
mgzI think the answer for clean github integration is using the git format locally,12:51
mgzrather than trying to have bzr format on disk then convert back and forth from git12:51
mgzbrz 3.0 is aimed to be full python 3 compat, I have a good way to go yet12:51
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gourbased in what i see, the blessed gui will be qbrz, right?12:58
gournice to hear about 3.0 and py3k12:58
gouri'm not clear in regard to git(hub) integration...bzr/brz cannot use git format (yet), right?12:59
gourhaving 'clean github integration' would be big 'pro' for me to migrate from fossil to brz...13:01
jelmerhi gour14:21
jelmergour: I did some work to create a qbrz, in the hope that somebody picks it up14:22
jelmermostly because it's in a better state than bzr-gtk, and works on all of our platforms14:22
jelmerI'll reply to your email about git integration14:22
gourjelmer: ok, i remember you well from the glories days of bzr. ;) btw, thanks to you, i've found out about m.css - I like such stuff :-)14:24
gourjelmer: bzr-explorer is too old code to be revived?14:24
mgzbzr-explorer depends on qbzr14:24
mgzso, qbzr is step #114:24
gouri was not using gui a lot with bzr, but it was always great selling point when introducing bzr to not so tech-savvy people14:25
jelmergour: :)14:25
gourahh, i forgot about that, thanks mgz14:25
gouri'm sure that dvcs-world deserves something better than just git14:26
jelmergour: I'm hesitant to revive any of the GUIs myself, as I don't use them. It would be great if somebody could revive their development.14:28
gourbtw, i'm also looking which static-site-generator to use (to repalce my PHP-CMS sites) and between hugo (go-powered) and nikola (python-powered), I'm leaning towards the latter...moreover, python seems to be better investment of my time for hobby programming than Golang14:28
gour...although few days agi i read a post from the rinohtype author complaining that 'Python is fast-enough' for some projects, even with PyPy or cython (http://www.mos6581.org/python_need_for_speed)14:30
jelmerI've been very happy with pelican, but haven't tried the others you mention14:30
gourNikola is very nice (https://getnikola.com/)14:31
gourit is funny how many people tend to choose/use worse option...lp's email interface was so better than github's, but the flock went into another direction :-(14:42
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