someone_Hi , I put a command to run a program at login in the .profile file but the problem is the program run before kde be loaded this led to stop kde session load00:39
valoriesomeone_: the proper way to run programs is to put them in the startup script via systemsettings00:41
valorieI just use krunner (alt+space) and type startup00:41
valoriethat will take you to the correct place in systemsettings00:42
someone_sorry place of what ?00:42
someone_I think this is a problem in kde , that any program run at login will stop kde session loading00:44
valorieyou don't use .profile to do this00:45
valoriedo it through the startup menu in systemsettings00:45
valorieit works just fine00:46
valoriethat's how I make dropbox work, for instance00:46
someone_Ok, Thanks.00:46
someone_valorie through systemsettings causes the same problem if I put any program such a dolphin run it a login it will run but kde session will not load thus I can't access to desktop. I'm using KUbuntu 16.0401:38
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=== kubuntu is now known as Hg203
Hg203so like i'm trying to install kubuntu with fresh hardware, and using GPT. got the partition table working ok it seems (after earlier issues, but that was with other hardware involved) and now it seems to have issues accessing the cdrom installer files at some point? it didn't say what files03:14
Hg203and i found a forum post but it's from 2010 and it's about an error that does say what files messed up03:14
Hg203oh it's actually a usb stick btw, not a real cdrom03:14
Hg203so yeah like i'm not sure what's up with this. the old solution was apparently to rename some files (to .udeb apparently) and that seems like it may not be the same problem03:15
Hg203where would i even get a log? it didn't produce one somehow03:16
Hg203i'm trying it again and maybe it'll produce an error code or a log of some sort if it does that again03:19
Hg203so strange. the installer just hung this time at 'setting up installed files' or something like that03:24
Hg203why are all the help files for older versions relative to 17.10? it seems like no one's used it yet almost03:25
valorieHg203: did you ensure that your ISO is good?03:26
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows03:26
valoriemost everyone uses a usb stick now, yes03:27
Hg203valorie: yeah i did when i downloaded it, and i think the liveusb creator did a check after it was made03:27
Hg203i torrented the installer anyway so i mean it's sort of hard for it to not pass a checksum03:28
valorietrue, that's what I do as well03:28
Hg203like, the liveusb is fine i'm talkign to y'all through it now03:28
valorieso are you using the NEW iso ?03:28
valorieor the original, which you shouldn't use03:28
Hg203i just found that dpkg stuff was running in bg while the installer had crashed out .. and now it won't run anyway lol03:29
Hg203i should maybe reboot03:29
Hg203what do you mean new?03:29
Hg203how new is new03:29
valorieactually I'm not sure that it has been released again yet03:30
valorieThursday was the day03:30
Hg202ok well i'm here again on the netbook so i can try a reboot03:30
Hg202was this due to the intel/FUCKWIT issue?03:31
valorieyou aren't using lenovo, correct?03:31
valoriethis was about the lenovo bug03:31
Hg202desktop hardware03:31
valoriethe new kernel is in there too for meltdown03:31
ylcocan I connect to mIRC with this Quassel ?03:33
daxmIRC is an IRC client, it's not an IRC network03:34
daxif you're asking about some sort of client/server bouncer setup, then no03:35
ylcoand this is a network?03:35
daxyou're currently on the channel #kubuntu on the IRC network freenode03:35
Hg203ylco: quassel and mirc are different clients03:36
Hg203also, is it normal for the "saving installed packages" step to take a while? i can't remember this being the case last time03:36
ylcoI understand and agree to this, but there is no other connection that I see03:37
Hg203ylco: are you on windows or linux?03:37
Hg203ok so you can't really use mirc then unless you want to emulate it; there are other clients besides quassel though03:38
Hg203lots of them03:38
Hg203i like xchat03:38
ylcoOK I will install it03:39
Hg203*shrug* hopefully they'll figure it out :)03:40
Hg203ok this installer has been at the same stage far too long03:41
Hg203i get this out of ps03:42
Hg203it seems that even if i close the installer dpkg is still trying to do this shit, and it also seems like first it's using python to start shit in perl and then only running dpkg in a way that i understand, and that too isn't working03:43
Hg203ok. so, am i correct in assuming that i can set up a new install in the cli at all? or is that no longer supported?03:46
Hg203i can't find stuff other than the obvious "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop" command which i don't know what that'd do in terms of also installing say, a user, or whatever else i need03:47
Hg203like grub things for starters03:47
Hg203also anyone know how accurate this still is: https://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php/64088-Quick-how-to-Perform-a-text-mode-or-command-line-install03:48
valorieHg203: the installer seems to take far longer than it should03:48
valorieyou can do a mini iso and go from there03:49
valoriebut if you are using 17.10 please wait until tomorrow03:49
valorieto be safe03:49
Hg203why tomorrow?03:49
Hg203no one answered me about what's up with new versions03:49
valoriethere were a very few people who had their boxes bricked, so ubuntu pulled all the 17.04 ISOs until the bug was verified fixed03:51
valorieit's a very weird bug and hard to test, but we're confident that it is fixed03:52
Hg203..but it's 17.10 not 17.0403:52
valorie17.04 is almost out of support03:52
Hg203but i'm not using 17.0403:52
valoriedo 16.04 if you want LTS03:52
valoriethat was not affected03:52
valoriewell, 16.04.3 to be precise03:53
Hg203oh i see, it says on the d/l page that it's because of lenovo stuff03:53
Hg203which someone said maybe you03:53
Hg203i don't have that hardware so i'd guess it's no big deal03:53
Hg203which still makes me wonder wtf is happening with this installer03:53
Hg203also i can totally update the kernel in July or whenever, even sooner, if needed03:54
Hg203i'd just like a working box at all right now03:54
valoriethe new kernel is out now, but I was misinformed -- it is not on the new ISO because that was spun last week03:57
valoriewe've been testing it all this week03:57
Hg203i hope it fixes the lenovo users' issues :)03:57
valoriebut the first update will get it for you03:57
valorieI believe it does, yes03:57
valorieI mean, it wasn't an Ubuntu bug, but somewhere between lenovo and the kernel, but the kernel is now successfully fixed03:58
valoriekernel devels have been working at white-hot for weeks now03:58
valoriebetween that and meltdown/spectre03:58
Hg203i was hearing stuff last week especially03:59
Hg203ok so, i guess i can try this but i'm curious why the installer would break this way03:59
Hg203also is there a place on the usb drive i can add files for later?04:00
valoriehmm, maybe I spelled it wrong04:01
ubottuTo have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence04:01
valoriethere ya go04:01
Hg203wait i can do this to the liveusb i'm using right now? in this session?04:03
Hg203and then just reboot?04:03
Hg203oh right no i just saw that i can't.. which makes more sense lol04:04
valorieoh, I think you have to write it a different way04:04
Hg203i'll unplug it and use my netbook to do it04:04
valorieit's been awhile since I did it04:04
Hg203yeah sure04:05
Hg203k, i'm still here on the other box04:05
valoriesome people use it for banking while they are traveling, for instance04:05
valorieon public machines04:05
Hg202yeah i know04:05
Hg202there's a lot of applications. i used to have one like that but when i made this one i guess i was in a hurry and didn't do that04:06
Hg202i may have gotten an error. can't remember, but i was in windows then04:06
valoriedd works the best04:06
Hg202easier in linux04:06
valoriebut it doesn't allow persistence04:06
Hg202i don't remember what i did now04:06
Hg202but first i want to try one thing04:07
valorieI usually just use the kubuntu application04:07
Hg202i just remembered that i saw some old forum post say not to boot on usb3 but i was04:07
valoriebut it doesn't do persistence either as I recall04:07
Hg202i can use cli commands it's cool04:07
valorieoh pff04:07
valoriewell, it's built in04:08
valoriejust man dd for specs04:08
[Relic]has anyone gotten anything past nvidia 384 to work with the new kernels?04:10
valorie[Relic]: I had to roll back to a previous kernel04:11
[Relic]got a black screen when I did it finally tried 384 and that works04:11
valorieI now have 384 but haven't rebooted yet04:12
valoriegood news that it's working for you04:12
valorieit's my recommended driver according to driver-manager04:12
[Relic]tried using the lastest (and recommended) and get black screen04:13
valorie[Relic]: please file a bug04:13
Hg202so yeah i tried booting up using a usb2 port and it seems to stupidly still sit there on 'saving installed packages 0%'04:14
Hg202anyone ever see that?04:14
valorieI never notice which port I'm using04:14
Hg202like the physical port where you plug in the stick04:16
Hg202i just assembled this box so like, i know which ones are usb2 or 3 lol04:16
Hg202anyway that did nothing to change things so it wasn't the problem04:17
freetownHg202: nice that you have usb3 ports...I don't on my box...boohoo...04:17
* freetown is bored04:17
Hg202well the mobo is new. though it's LGA1150 so not the newest socket04:18
freetownyou can't boot on that usb port?04:18
Hg202it's got all the basics covered just about. pretty nice for $7004:18
Hg202no i can04:18
freetownok...but...it's slow?04:19
Hg202i just read on a forum post that kubuntu installer can fuck up on usb3 ports, but it was posted like a couple years ago so i ignored it. just wanted to try a usb2 port just in case04:19
Hg202no difference04:19
freetownusb3...well...if it was the first generation chipsets...they were buggy...04:19
valorielanguage please04:20
Hg202no idea, but it was some software issue they were talking about with regards to accessing files on /cdrom04:20
* freetown cringes at remembering the 2012 Asus AIO USB3 ports...04:20
Hg202but it doesn't seem to apply to my case04:20
freetownah, just realized that I am way over due for a hardware upgrade...geez Linux sure makes you make good use of your stuff...04:21
Hg202i'm taking a break to watch an ep of Vikings. but i'll be back on after to try to make my usb stick persistent at least04:21
Hg202then i can not have to redo everything every time i reboot onto it04:21
Hg202like settings or whatever04:21
Hg202..i still am unclear why i can't install this shit though but i might take y'all's advice and redo it to the LTS version04:22
Hg202i'm going to download it now04:22
freetownanybody running an AMD Ryzen/Threadripper box?04:22
Hg202ok so i guess vikings didn't record right. not watching it lol04:35
Hg202ok so i'm checking out the persistence file and it's sort of strange. it says to format with anything (i'm using ext4) and label the part as casper-rw04:43
Hg202it then is like 'ok do that' and then stops short of any steps talking about like, how to actually put the liveusb image on there properly04:43
Hg202anyway i'm wiping my usb stick and writing the part table the way they want. i guess i'll take another look at the normal liveusb instructions for the rest04:45
Se7enLCI'm on kubuntu 17.10 - any idea why alt-shift-tab doesn't walk windows in reverse anymore?04:46
DarinMillerSe7enLC: alt-shift-tab works in reverse here.  Might check your shortcuts in Sys. Settings to ensure everything is correct.04:50
Hg202ok well, i'm using the gui tool to create the persistent liveusb, but just not sure it'll actually be persistent even though the tool does let me specify to save settings and files with 4gb of the stick04:52
Hg202..makes me wonder what the hell the rest of the stick will be used for lol04:52
Se7enLCI am able to set the shortcut to alt-shift-tab, and when I press it, it opens up the switcher, but it only moves to the first window04:53
Se7enLCas in, I have to let go of alt to get to the next one04:53
Se7enLC(hold alt and shift, press tab tab tab doesn't keep switching, but holding just alt and pressing tab tab tab does)04:54
DarinMillerSe7enLC: very strange, I have never seen that issue and I am baffled as to the cause.  By chance can you log in as different (new) user to see if problem persists?04:57
DarinMillerThis would determine if a kde/plasma desktop file is corrupted vs a bizarre hw issue.04:58
Se7enLCgood call. made a new user, switched to it. alt-shift-tab seems to work fine there.05:02
Se7enLCany idea what settings I should look for?05:03
DarinMillerOK, now to figure out which file to rename....05:03
DarinMillerSe7enLC: have you tried resetting your KWin shortcuts to Default (under Global Shortcuts in Sys Settings -> Shortcuts?)05:05
DarinMillerObviously, this will reset any Kwin shortcuts you have customized, but they are easy enough to set up.05:07
Se7enLCJust did it. Apparently the default for kwin doesn't have anything defined for walk or walk-reverse05:07
Se7enLCnot sure how that's possible. the brand new user had alt-tab and alt-shift-tab defined, so they must have been the default05:08
DarinMillerOK, what happens if you manually set?  (use the "walk" for a filter the list).05:09
Se7enLCmanually setting alt-tab for walk works fine05:10
DarinMillerWalk through windows should be set to alt-tab, Walk through windows  (reverse) shoulld be set to Alt-shift-tab.05:10
DarinMillerStange that a new user and default do not have the same settings.... (sounds like a bug...)05:10
Se7enLCmanually setting alt-shift-tab for reverse walk is the same as before when I set it. Pressing it opens up the switcher, but you can't switch more than one05:10
Se7enLCYeah, I wish I remember when this bug started05:10
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freetownanyone here using AMD's SLS with multiple projectors?05:11
DarinMillerSe7enLC: I suspect a file in your ~/.config directory is corrupt.  I recommend renaming the kwin* files one at a time and restarting kwin after each rename.05:15
DarinMilleri.e.  mv ~/.config/kwinrc ~/.config/kwinrcbu05:17
DarinMillerkillall kwin_x11 && kwin_x11 &05:17
DarinMillerthen test....05:17
Se7enLCsounds good. I did find something online that explains some of it. Apparently the defaults get stored in your .config dir, not somewhere else on the fs05:18
DarinMillerIf no luck, next try kwinrulesrc05:18
Se7enLCso the defaults in this user account are themselves corrupted, too05:18
DarinMillerSe7enLC: yes, sounds like the defaults are messed up... making a new user now to test the Default rest on my machine...05:19
Se7enLCok, moved kwinrc and restarted kwin.05:20
Se7enLCthe switcher changed to a different one05:20
Se7enLCalt-tab works05:20
Se7enLCalt-shift tab....same behavior05:20
DarinMillertry kwinrulesrc05:21
Se7enLCfile was pretty much empty, but removing it and restarting the wm didn't fix it05:22
Se7enLCbe right back, trying to log out/back in05:26
DarinMillerbtw, resetting kwin shortcuts here also clears the walk thru options, so its definitley a bug.  (will need to file).05:27
Se7enLCno dice.05:28
DarinMillerbtw, resetting kwin shortcuts here also clears the walk thru options, so its definitley a bug.  (will need to file).05:28
Se7enLConce you've cleared it, does it not work again?05:29
DarinMillerI had to re-assign at-tab and shift-alt-tab to re-enable....05:29
Se7enLCbut when you reassigned it, it worked again?05:29
Hg202ooh 99%05:30
Se7enLCseems like I have something else...05:30
DarinMillerSledgehammer option: logout, hit ctrl-alt-f1, login the terminal and mv .config to .configbu05:30
DarinMillerthen log back in..05:30
Se7enLCat this point, why not. It's a good a day as any to reconfigure things :-)05:30
DarinMillerSe7enLC: yes, they worked fine when I re-assigned.05:30
Se7enLCwell, that certainly reset a lot of things.05:32
Se7enLCbut alt-shift-tab is somehow still broken!05:32
Se7enLCThe fact that it worked with a new user account is baffling05:33
Se7enLCit's got to be in a dotfile somewhere05:33
Se7enLConly other thing is that the normal account has an encrypted home dir, the test user did not05:34
DarinMillerNot sure what stays running after logout.. maybe try a restart "just to be sure"....05:34
DarinMillerand if everything is still weird, you can rename your .configbu back to .config. '05:35
Se7enLCmay as well. I'll try removing a few other directories on my way05:35
Hg202when installing (16.04, LTS that i just got) off of liveusb, in the gui tool where it wants me to select device for boot loader part (in manual partition), i use the /boot part right?05:38
Hg202it defaults to using the drive itself without a part number.. like it was set to /dev/sda not /deb/sda7 where i have /boot05:38
Se7enLCholy fsck, it's working.05:38
Se7enLCI also moved my .kde directory out of the way, and rebooted05:39
Se7enLCNot particularly helpful for finding the bug, but I suppose I could move my configs back in and binary search05:39
Se7enLCorrrr I could just use this as an excuse for a clean sweep05:39
Se7enLCthanks for the help05:40
DarinMillerSe7enLC:  np.  Glad to help a little... :)05:40
Se7enLCany of you happen to know if the order of plugins in krunner can be modified?05:41
DarinMillerHg202: you need to select the device like /sda or /sdb  etc.05:41
DarinMillerSe7enLC: maybe search for krunner plugin file and compare your list with the order in the file.05:42
DarinMillerOK, time for bed.  GN all.05:44
valorieniters DarinMiller05:44
Hg200oh, right! i forgot to see if anyone said stuff about the boot loader part06:20
Hg200but i'm guessing it's supposed to be /boot06:20
Hg200i thought it meant pick out the /EFI part for a bit there06:27
Hg200well, it's stalled at 'saving packages' again though06:27
Hg200let me try again06:27
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Hg200shit. the installer messed up and it's still running dpkg processes in the background. how do you ensure you kill them all?06:42
Hg200i tried to kill the ones i saw but new ones pop up06:42
hateballWhat installer? The regular Kubuntu installer?06:44
valoriehow are you sure that it messed up, Hg20006:51
valorieit doesn't take as long as upgrading, but longer than you think06:51
Hg200valorie: it messed up because it hung on the same step in the process as before, and then after i closed the installer (it asked me to confirm then seemed to do so) it still runs random processes, just not the gui07:01
Hg200i used ps to check and it was for a while.. but they're all done/gone now07:01
Hg200and now the installer won't start lol07:01
valorieI wouldn't stop it07:02
valoriejust let it go07:02
valorieit won't go forever07:02
Hg200yeah but it wasn't going that i could notice07:02
Hg200it stayed at 0% for like, 15 minutes during an earlier attempt07:03
Hg200but, i was selecting the /boot part as where the boot loader goes.07:03
Hg200except the boot loader is grub right?07:03
Hg200i'll ask again in #grub07:03
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub207:04
valoriethe latter will help the most07:04
Hg200yeah this isn't that useful since i'm not actually messing with grub manually, i'm just using the installer07:10
Hg200i asked before if there was a cli way to install the o/s but no one replied07:10
valorieI said you can use the mini-iso07:13
valorieand build what you want on top07:13
valoriethere is also net-install07:13
valoriea few of the flavors still have an entirely cli install07:14
valorielubuntu I think07:14
valorieor xubuntu07:14
Unit193(Xubuntu doesn't have the alternate installer, just mini.iso like Kubuntu.)07:16
valoriethanks, Unit19307:18
valorienet-install is just for server, I think07:18
Hg200oh i see07:19
Hg200but aren't there instructions on how to just go through the process to install the o/s manually?07:19
Hg200i mean it's a few apt-get commands and some sort of make world style thing, and a user config07:19
Hg200other than having the part table set up, which i can do in the partition manager programs07:20
Hg200i know y'all do a lot of work making nice gui scripts for us but i'm thinking of like, how to strip it down so i can go through it in a console to see where the problem really is07:20
Hg200there aren't any errors being displayed07:20
valorieHg200: keeping that sort of thing current is harder than you think07:24
valorieI dunno how the lubuntu team has time to do it, but we Kubuntu do not07:24
valorieif it was as easy as you say, we'd have it07:25
Unit193I've not been following, does he want to check the logs in /var/log/installer/?07:25
valorieHg200: ^^^07:28
Hg200valorie: ah ok07:35
Hg200Unit193: does the liveusb create those logs when using the gui install kubuntu program?07:36
Unit193Ubiquity?  Yep.  Also logged to syslog.07:36
Hg200no i looked.. while interesting, /var/log/installer doesn't contain what i was trying to figure out07:42
Hg200unless that was about someone else07:42
Hg200well, i do have a persistent liveusb for now07:43
Hg200so i can at least use a stable desktop environment for doing other things07:43
valorieglad one part of all your work was successful07:44
Hg200ok what the hell is /usr/lib/python3 /usr/lib/ubiquity/bin/ubiquity kde_ui08:42
Hg200because that shit is taking up an entire core of my CPU08:42
lordievaderGood moring08:45
valorieubiquity is the installer08:47
valorieplease watch your language08:47
Hg200oh sorry08:48
Hg200ok so, i'm guessing then that that's why it won't start again. because it *was* still running08:48
Hg200somehow i thought it was a different component and ignored it08:48
Hg200is this part of the installer as well? root         1  0.0  0.0 185232  5944 ?        Ss   00:34   0:04 /sbin/init maybe-ubiquity splash ---08:49
Hg200i thought it was the initial liveusb splash screen.. somehow still there in the background08:50
valorieI suppose so08:51
valoriegetting off irc now and going to bed!08:51
valoriebest of luck, Hg20008:51
Hg200ok, thanks for the help :)08:53
Hg200so if anyone else is around, i realized one error was that yeah the device it wanted for boot loader was just /dev/sda .. according to a ubuntu handbook page i didn't find before, but it seemed like it was for the wrong version i guess if i did see it09:03
Hg200it *is* for the wrong version, but still it seems to work the same with that gui installer09:04
Hg200right now it's still at 'saving installed packages' but the CPUs are doing things and it's using RAM so i suspect it's actually doing stuff this time09:04
Hg200whoo! i got it to get past that09:18
Hg200it's like each problem i've fixed leads me to be able to figure out what the next is. but hopefully there won't be more problems now09:18
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Hg202so yeah it said it was installing ok, seemed to and stuff, and then rebooted.. and then right after booting up froze on me, forcing me to reboot again09:49
Hg202now i'm trying to see if i can get it to boot up or what09:49
Hg202..i tried with the usb stick out just in case but that made it not boot right. it's at least displaying some stuff with it in there.. but it's very slow boot time. not sure if it's doing things and not telling me or what09:50
Hg202ironically turning fast boot on in the uefi settings seems to have made it mess up, since i was like 'oh let me do that now that i remember' but, disabled it goes to the grub menu and enabled it doesn't seem top09:52
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Hg202wellp, it booted ok and seems to be working10:01
Hg202i'm not sure why it wanted the usb stick in there for the bootup but *shrug*10:01
Hg202it was being super slow due to updating pim apparently10:02
hateballmaybe you installed grub to your usb stick10:03
markus_dI installed kubuntu on my machine at work and it works like charm10:24
markus_dMy colleages did not even notice yet that this is not windows 10 anymore :D10:25
markus_dInstalled 17.0410:26
bjoern_Hey, I have a problem with my lenovo thinkpad l570 mouse (touchpad works, external mouse works, mousebuttons and "mousepin" [red bubble specific to lenovo] integrated not work) after todays security-updates and several newstarts... could you help?10:29
bjoern_...thats on ubuntu 4.13.0-26-generic and kde x64_6410:30
hateballmarkus_d: 17.04 is EOL, you should upgrade10:36
hateballwell, EOL soon enough10:36
markus_dWill upgrade to 18.04 as soon as it is available10:38
bjoern_...and with Ubuntu 16.04LTS, hope not forgot another detail...10:39
hateballmarkus_d: well you cant upgrade directly from 17.04 to 18.04, so you'd need to move to 17.10 first10:46
hateballmarkus_d: only LTS -> LTS are supported upgrade paths, otherwise you need to upgrade every 6-9 months10:46
markus_dDamn. Okay. Will do that then10:47
Hg200yay my box seems to be working ok now. i think the first bootup it just had some issues10:51
Hg200i broke the screen resolution and had to go into another shell login and kill kde, and it restarted automatically to log me back in10:51
Hg200and remembered my settings thus far10:51
markus_dupdate is running... :)10:51
Hg200woo. things appear to be working fine so far11:22
Hg200however, i can't seem to get steam to run properly11:22
Hg200which is not a big deal really in many ways. i'll have to mess with it11:22
bjoern_how does it work here? how to get suitable answers?11:25
bjoern_and how long normally to wait/reask?11:26
Hg200bjoern_: entirely depends on how many people are around11:31
Hg200but just ask stuff if you have questions11:31
Hg200ooh i think i got steam working11:32
bjoern_yeah... I have a problem with my lenovo thinkpad l570 mouse (touchpad works, external mouse works, mousebuttons and "mousepin" [red bubble specific to lenovo] integrated not work) after todays security-updates and several newstarts... could you help?, thats on ubuntu16.04.3LTS and kernel 4.13.0-26-generic...11:33
markus_dokay. I am on 17.10 now. Updated works smooth11:37
markus_dOnly php7.0 got disabled. So I enabled 7.111:37
markus_dI can can have different pictures on my two screens now ;)11:37
hateballHg200: what problems do you have with steam?12:13
hateballoh nm see you got it working12:13
hateballHg200: use repo packages if you can, those set up udev rules properly, unlike the package from valve12:14
BluesKajHowdy all12:24
floogy gedit does not show recent opened files on ubuntu 16.04.3 I had formerly no zeitgeist installed, but installed it now. The issue didnt go away. I got such messages on zeitgeist restart:12:55
floogy  ** (zeitgeist-datahub:25610): WARNING **: zeitgeist-datahub.vala:229: Unable to get name "org.gnome.zeitgeist.datahub" on the bus!12:55
floogy I also tried zeitgeist-daemon --quit && rm -rvf ~/.local/share/zeitgeist/fts.index/ && zeitgeist-daemon --replace12:55
floogy I'm currently running kde plasma, maybe that is the culprit?12:55
floogyHow does System Settings > Workspace > Desktop Behaviour > Activities work? Is that based on zeitgeist or nepomuk?12:57
BluesKajactivities is similar to virtual desktops , but has more options, one can run virtual desktops inside activities for example12:59
BluesKaj!activities | floogy13:00
BluesKaj!info activities13:00
ubottuPackage activities does not exist in artful13:00
BluesKajuntrue, i'm using actitvities13:00
floogykactivitymanagerd and zeitgeist-datahub are processes up and running in ps list.13:01
floogyI think, maybe KDE logs activities different to zeitgeist https://superuser.com/questions/208088/is-there-a-kde-equivalent-to-zeitgeists-activity-logging13:02
BluesKajfloogy, https://askubuntu.com/questions/253990/what-is-a-activity-in-kde-and-what-can-i-do-with-it13:02
floogyI'll try to search rather infos for Activities/kactivitymanager instead of zeitgeist. Thank you for the linkk, BluesKaj!13:03
BluesKajfloogy, np13:04
hateballQuestion is why one would use gedit over Kate when running Plasma13:08
hateballor any other DE :p13:08
floogyHm, it looks like, activities may have nothing to do with recent documents of applications, does it?13:09
floogyWell, in kate recent documents are showing up ... but that doesn't answer my questions.13:10
BluesKajrecent documents works without activities , one can assign apps to different activities13:11
BluesKajI have 6 activities with an app or 2 assigned to each one, since I'm using 2 virtual desktops per activity13:13
TheFocusEvening.  Any ideas why server may not be available in kmail???13:17
BluesKajTheFocus, think you need to start akonadiserver13:21
TheFocusThanks for the feedback.  Its bee na while since playing around with linux...  What is start command again???13:22
hateballTheFocus: akonadictl start13:24
BluesKajTheFocus, or in krunner (alt+F2) akonadiserver13:26
TheFocusThanks...  Is this a normal output???  https://pastebin.com/0NNJjDz913:31
TheFocusI'm using protocal 993 for imap13:33
BluesKajhateball, does that look normal, i don't use PIM/akonadi13:33
floogyBluesKaj, I didn't recognized the different concept of gedit > file > open recent documents > reopen closed tabs over Open > recent documents. So I assumed a different intention of the usage of gedit regarding recent documents. Everything was fine, except I was confused over the programs function.13:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1570227 in gedit (Ubuntu) "Open Recent Items show as always empty in Gedit" [Low,Confirmed]13:35
floogySo, I'm sorry for the noise.13:36
hateballBluesKaj: I dont think it does, but I dont use PIM/akonadi either13:37
hateballTheFocus:  ^13:37
BluesKajfloogy, dunno, I've only used gedit a few times when i tried ubuntu, been on kde for almost 15yrs so i use kate13:37
floogyJohn Pye (jdpipe) wrote on 2016-07-31:  "Looks to me that the 'Recent files' menu item needs to be removed, unless a way can be found to re-port the old behaviour into the Unity menus again. No point having that entry with just 'Reopen closed tabs' in it; it's misleading." Comment 9 for bug 157022713:39
ubottubug 1570227 in gedit (Ubuntu) "Open Recent Items show as always empty in Gedit" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157022713:39
BluesKajfloogy, we assume when someone switches to  kde/plasma  that they'll use the default apps provided ...we're not real familiar with ins and outs of ubuntu default apps13:41
BluesKajat least I'm not13:42
hateballTheFocus: oh I see now, you ran it with sudo13:44
hateballTheFocus: that's not at all what I typed13:44
floogyOk, I was just wondering, why gedit didn't show recent closed tabs (as recent open documents) while restarting the application. I didn't noticed the different purpose to Open > (drop down) recent documents, which I unfortunately didn't recognize.13:46
floogyI think of it as a flaw in ui design, due to expections of users, who are used by other systems or apps.13:48
TheFocusshit.  thats right...13:49
TheFocusAkonadi is already running.  POP3 seems to be OK...13:52
TheFocusIMAP connects to server when encryption is none i.e. 14313:56
TheFocuscheers for your help...14:07
anudeyI had tried to upgrade my Kubuntu 11.x to 16.04 few days back and it failed severely. Now when I try to login, I see a blank screen and nothing happens.14:55
hateballanudey: but you get to SDDM ?14:55
anudeywhat is SDDM? I am little new to Kubuntu....pardon me14:57
hateballanudey: The login manager. I mean you get so far that you can pick your user and then enter password?14:58
BluesKajanudey kubuntu 11.x ?14:59
anudeyyes, I am able to enter my UID and password and then....after  sometime it returns with a blank screen15:00
anudey11.x - I am not very much sure about the .release number after 1115:01
hateballanudey: can you change to a tty and login? then make sure you are the owner of the file ~/.Xauthority15:01
hateballanudey: but the upgrade went through to 16.04? or are you stuck on 11.04 or 11.10 ?15:01
R13oseI got the 3/4 white and 1/4 gray screen again.  I can go into tty but what can I do to not make this happen ever again?15:02
anudeythe upgrade failed  miserably with many packages not installed...finally the system said that it was not able to upgrade and is going to abort....the system would try to go back to old version15:02
anudeyI waited for 40 mins and nothing happened....the screen just froze15:03
anudeyI finally had to hard reboot15:03
hateballI am not sure how you tried to update, but there's no supported upgrade path to 16.04 from that far back15:03
hateballIt's possible, sure... but15:03
BluesKajanudey, you can't "upgrade" from 11.x, it's too old, need a clean install of 16.0415:04
anudeythe system was prompting for upgrade for many months15:04
hateballanudey: If I were you I would just backup data and reinstall 16.0415:04
BluesKaj!eol | anudey15:04
ubottuanudey: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:04
anudeyyeah so, this is where I need help.....what is the safest way to upgrade to latest version?15:04
anudeyIs 17.10 safe? I have a Sony VAIO laptop15:05
anudeyI see that it has BIOS issues with Lenovo15:05
BluesKajmy lenovo is fine, no bios issues15:05
hateballif you download images *now* it should be OK15:05
BluesKajthe patch is already in15:06
anudeyI still the message in the site...15:06
anudeyThe download of Kubuntu 17.10 is currently discouraged due to an issue on certain Lenovo laptops. Once fixed this download will be enabled again.15:06
anudeythis is what I was talking about15:07
BluesKajthe patch came doen yesterday ...that message should have been edited, it's old15:07
hateballanudey: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/173414715:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1734147 in linux (Ubuntu Artful) "corrupted BIOS due to Intel SPI bug in kernel" [Critical,Fix released]15:07
anudeyok cool...so if patch is released then the link should be enabled15:08
anudeyI can try using the torrent15:08
anudeyso my question is...what is the safest way to upgrade my system to 17.10? Now that my system is corrupted and I have tons of files in there15:09
anudeycan I use a USB drive to boot?15:09
hateballanudey: Do you have another computer to create installation media?15:10
hateballand yes, you can use usb15:10
hateballif you dont have another computer and X wont load, you can still login to a tty and wget or torrent the iso, then put on USB using DD15:10
R13oseAny ideas on my problem?15:11
anudeyI have a macbook15:11
hateballanudey: I dont think the Kubuntu images have been rebuilt by the looks of things15:11
hateballanudey: that is, they do not contain the fix, if you use 17.10. 16.04 should be OK tho15:11
hateballanudey: and you can upgrade 16.04 -> 18.04 in a few months time when it is out15:12
hateballanyway... I must be off irl15:12
anudeyok I can live with 16.04 for now15:12
anudeycan I simply use the USB  drive to boot and then install?15:13
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qwipHelp! By mistake while being in su (root) mode in /root/etc/ I issued the command rmdir *. and some folders got deleted. what to do?17:11
qwip^ ignore that. problem solved17:13
BluesKajqwip, you probly needed your pw to remove that dir it's in / (rrot017:14
BluesKajdon't do that again :-)17:14
qwipthank god. i am safe17:14
qwipBluesKaj: I had also reinstalled ubuntu and kubuntu and still fonts looks same (bad)17:15
BluesKajqwip, normally just oprn dolphin clicking on root in the left pamnel finding the required dir and after making changes you'll be asked for your pw17:15
BluesKajwhy did you install ubuntu as well?17:16
qwipnope. I installed ubuntu and then installed kde plasma through apt17:17
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