simonizorI'd personally recommend Puppy Linux... they just released a new build last month based on Ubuntu 16.04, and it's compatible with Ubuntu packages, so you'll have access to much more software than other niche distros00:00
tsimonq2wxl: What do you think about T15?00:01
wxllooks good00:01
lubot<CapitanSgrakkio> dunno what to do i ll try both00:03
lubot<Wolfenprey> @simonizor, i tested it a little, and works fine00:03
tsimonq2Lubuntu 17.10.1 is marked as ready, working on release notes now @VikingRedwolf wxl @julienlavergne00:04
-queuebot:#lubuntu-devel- Builds: Lubuntu Alternate amd64 [Artful Dot One] has been marked as ready00:05
-queuebot:#lubuntu-devel- Builds: Lubuntu Desktop amd64 [Artful Dot One] has been marked as ready00:05
-queuebot:#lubuntu-devel- Builds: Lubuntu Alternate i386 [Artful Dot One] has been marked as ready00:05
-queuebot:#lubuntu-devel- Builds: Lubuntu Desktop i386 [Artful Dot One] has been marked as ready00:05
lubot<CapitanSgrakkio> http://puppylinux.com/download.html00:08
lubot<CapitanSgrakkio> wich one to choose?00:08
simonizorI'd do the latest release... I would think the eee pc is 64bit, but not entirely sure.00:09
lubot<CapitanSgrakkio> no no!! 32!00:09
lubot<CapitanSgrakkio> processor intel celeron 900Hz00:10
lubot<CapitanSgrakkio> 4Gbdick, 2Gb RAM00:10
lubot<CapitanSgrakkio> USB 2 e card reader crap00:11
tsimonq2wxl: You're the HTTPS guy here... is there the ability to get an SSL cert or something from Canonical to host on phab.lubuntu.me similar to what's on ubuntu.com?00:13
tsimonq2wxl: Assume I know nothing about implementing HTTPS so bear with me here XD00:13
teward*whispers* this is why you pay me *disappears into the shadows again*00:15
tsimonq2True lol00:16
tsimonq2teward: So why don't you tell me then? XD00:16
tewardbecause i'm on my phone, i'm angry at the one client for using Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway which has been EOL for 7+ years as the basis for their email web access control point, and i've had a few drinks00:16
tsimonq2heh :)00:17
lubot<CapitanSgrakkio> i ll go with Antix, i prefer always to be on the looser side..00:20
wxli mean i don't see why they couldn't issue a cert. but it would be good to have one at lubuntu.me first, no????00:25
tsimonq2wxl: Can ya get on it? ;)00:26
tewardwxl: and at that point why not just wait for LetsEncrypt to do Wildcards :P  *shot*00:26
wxlwell um yeah once we have hosting :/00:26
tewardbecause that's coming 'soon' :p00:26
wxlyeah whichever comes first i guess00:26
tewardwxl: wait you mean to say you DO NOT have hosting?00:26
tsimonq2Canonical's being slow about it.00:26
tewardexplains why they haven't responded to my requests for price quotes on Landscape for a client heh00:27
wxlthey've bumped up the priority00:27
wxloh jesus00:27
wxlif they're behind on sales that's fucked00:27
wxl!language | wxl00:27
ubot93wxl, please see my private message00:27
wxlseriously though, not cool.00:27
wxllike it's THAT BAD00:27
tsimonq2HEY: unexpected Phab maintenance starts right now, gonna apply updates and patch stuff00:27
teward*whistles nonchalantly to himself while sipping a drink*00:27
wxldoes canonical sysadmin handle price quotes though?00:28
tewarddoubt it00:29
tewardbut if sales *and* sysadmin are slow00:29
tewardcchances are everything's slow up there, and there's major evil going on somewhere in the chain00:29
wxlyeah well i'm not surpirsed about sysadmins but sales....... sheesh00:29
tsimonq2teward: Have you tried calling them and speaking to sales?00:30
tsimonq2They're very nice, I've done it before.00:31
tewardtsimonq2: not a high priority00:31
tewardfixing up Grade:F security on the TMG thing for this client is higher priority00:31
tewardSSLv2, SSLv3, insecure TLSv1, no TLSv2, no TLSv3...00:31
tewardmajor MAJOR security holes...00:31
tewardyeah that's a bit more important than getting a price quote.00:31
tsimonq2HEY: Phab maintenance done, all patched and stuff, should have the latest Phab updates too00:33
tsimonq2So cool00:33
teward*watches as it subsequently self-ignites itself into a pile of slag because tsimonq2 jinxed it*00:33
wxlwouldn't be the first time00:34
tsimonq2I'm no sysadmin here but it's super easy to maintain :P00:34
tsimonq2wxl: true tho XD00:34
tsimonq2But that's fixed ;)00:34
tewardit really isn't...00:34
wxlyeah at least you're not too bad about cleaning up your messes00:34
teward... and you just *think* it is fixed.00:34
tsimonq2SHUSH IT'S FIXED OK00:34
* teward laughs evilly00:34
lubot* VikingRedwolf licks teward00:59
* teward explodes01:02
lubot<VikingRedwolf> O.O01:03
lubotJyoti was added by: Jyoti05:16
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @Jyoti, o/09:29
lubot<tsimonq2> @VikingRedwolf https://twitter.com/launchpadstatus/status/95133946209244364813:17
lubotRetweet as Lubuntu please13:17
tsimonq2wxl: Dailies are back!22:10
wxlyou know what that means? watch carefully the GCI submissions22:10

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