plujonChallenge: I'm running Arch Linux, I have 4 HDDs, and I want to install lubuntu on one of these 4 HDDs without a CD or USB stick.  Can it be done?00:00
Unit1931. grub loopback.  2. debootstrap.00:01
Unit193Eg, grml-rescueboot makes adding the iso to grub real easy.00:01
plujonUnit193: Sweet!  I've never heard of grub loopback, debootstrap, or grml-rescueboot, but that all sounds promising.00:02
plujonIt sounds like I can mount an iso from grub ..?00:02
Unit193That'd be option one.00:02
plujonOh, those are two options.  I see.  debootstrap sounds nifty; I'll see how far I can get.00:03
Unit193Oh, unsupported option 3: loopback mount the iso, unsquashfs the filesystem, chroot in and remove ubiquity and casper, add your user, etc. ;P00:03
Unit193Either using tasksel or installing the lubuntu task rather than meta is the way to go.  Also the ISO by default disables recommends, so that's something to keep in mind if using the debootstrap method.00:04
tsimonq2But but but Unit193 there's a guide for debootstrap00:20
tsimonq2That's how I install *all* of my systems.00:20
tsimonq2plujon: ^00:20
plujontsimonq2: Cool; thanks.00:22
* plujon partitioning ...00:22
Unit193I do it differently, and that seems to not account for Ubuntu not using ifupdown. ;P00:25
plujondebootstrap seems to fail:01:03
plujonmknod mknod -m 666 /mnt/irenaeus/dev/null c 1 3 # exit 101:03
plujon/mnt/irenaeus/dev does not even exist...01:03
plujonmkdir /mnt/irenaeus/dev && debootstrap ... # gets farther, but then fails again:  chroot: failed to run command 'dpkg-deb': No such file or directory01:06
plujonsudo debootstrap --arch amd64 xenial /mnt/irenaeus file:///mnt/cdrom # hm01:09
plujonI notice the debootstrap instructions are inconsistent: In D.4.3. Run debootstrap, the instructions allude to a url in the example below, but the example shows no url.01:11
plujonMaybe I'll try grub loopback ...01:11
plujonIt seems that debootstrap fails much, perhaps in part due to `set -e` and insufficient checking if debootstrap has already been run once.  I'm also surprised to see it try to run: `chroot /mnt/irenaeus dpkg-deb -f '' Version`  That doesn't make much sense to me.01:28
plujonMeanwhile: sudo cp ~/Downloads/lubuntu-16.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso /boot/grml/01:30
plujoncp: error writing '/boot/grml/lubuntu-16.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso': No space left on device01:30
plujonMaybe I can use ubuntu's mini.iso and convert to lubuntu after install.01:33
plujonapt-get install lubuntu # ???01:33
tsimonq2apt install lubuntu-desktop^01:33
plujonUgh, even mini.iso does not fit on /boot/grml .01:34
Unit193(FWIW, I actually use my own packaged version of arch-install-scripts for some of the heavy lifting. >_> )01:35
plujonThat's enough trying for today.  Maybe I'll get it tomorrow.01:41
ZebsHey folks, any idea what's up with this? https://i.stack.imgur.com/v33HT.jpg08:00
ZebsThe thread I found it on seems dead, and I'm finding this issue with a pair of Acer AspireOne ZG5 Netbooks.08:01
ZebsFresh install of current release, they both have the issue, unsurprisingly.08:01
farruinnI've had the same issue. A grub command fixed it, one sec I'll let you know08:06
farruinnOh, no sorry. I had to revert to an earlier kernel.08:07
hateballZebs: tried nomodeset ?08:08
farruinnZebs: add nomodeset to your grub line in /etc/default/grub to get a bootable system. Then install kernel version 4.1108:10
farruinnZebs: the relevant bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/172463908:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1724639 in openSUSE "Bug in Kernel 4.13 : Intel Mobile Graphics 945 shows 80 % black screen" [Critical,Confirmed]08:12
ZebsAhh, awesome!08:14
farruinnZebs: yw, I recognized that screen right away!08:15
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bo_burned the disc now how do i install19:55
wxlboot it19:56
bo_is there a way to do that without restarting windows?19:57
wxlhere's an ubuntu-specific tutorial on it but lubuntu is more or less the same except it looks different https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-install-ubuntu-desktop#019:57
bo_ok so i have to do that in the bios?19:57
bo_thats what i needed thanks19:58
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Guest6007i burned the 64 bit desktop to a dvd. It has folders with files etc and a folder named install but there is no setup.exe and it doesnt boot20:41
Guest6007i burned the 64 bit desktop to a dvd. It has folders with files etc and a folder named install but there is no setup.exe and it doesnt boot22:05
Guest6007it seemed to burn ok22:06
Guest6007it verified ok22:06
wxlit's not a windows program22:06
wxlthe ISO is a disk image22:06
wxlyou don't copy it over to media22:06
wxlin other words, you don't copy it over to a media with an existent file system22:06
wxlthe image contains a file system22:07
Guest6007i was referencing the screenshot from here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootFromCD?_ga=2.7548402.1943848156.1515695132-2072536755.151569513222:07
Guest6007it has a setup.exe22:07
wxlso when you direct your BIOS to boot from it, it boots\22:07
Guest6007so that was kind of my question22:07
wxlah yeah no don't worry about that22:07
Guest6007i guess i need the instrucs for getting bios to boot from it22:07
wxlthat's from when we use to have wubi, which we don't have anymore22:07
wxlthey differ for every single computer22:07
wxlbasically you need to get into your BIOS and change your settings so that it will boot to the DVD before it boots to the hard drive (where your windows is)22:08
wxlsome computers also have separate settings for enabling or disabling booting to external media, so you'd have the twiddle that too22:08
wxlthat link you sent kind of covers it22:09
wxlbut you need to look at it generally than specifically22:09
wxlyou may want to check with the manufacturer of your computer and see if they offer instructions22:09
Guest6007ok thanks22:09
wxlespecially if you have a windows 8+ computer, it probably uses a "fast boot" thing22:10
wxlwhich means you don't even see the BIOS screen22:10
wxlso you'll have to figure out which key to press in order to get to it22:10
Guest6007i will realign my expectations with what i need to do here.22:17
Guest6007i have an old laptop sitting around that will work for my training purposes22:18
wxlyou can do it!22:18
wxlsometimes the best solution is just to hit every f key and/or escape while booting XD22:19
Guest6007yeah been three22:19
Guest6007i was thinking it would boot naturally from the instructions22:19
Guest6007so i can be pretty sure the image burned ok if i see folders etc22:20
wxlpretty sure22:21
Guest6007ok thanks22:21
wxlso here's the thing, there are two possibilities for failure22:21
wxl 1. download errors22:21
wxl 2. copy errors22:21
wxlregarding #1, there are published hashes that you could calculate and compare to22:21
wxli assumed that's what you meant when you said you verified it?22:22
Guest6007the utility had a verify option22:22
Guest6007that ran with no errors.22:22
wxlwell that *MAY* deal with #222:22
wxlbut if #1 fails that's a verified system that won't work entirely right XD22:22
wxlso let me get you a tutorial on that22:22
wxlyou still have the iso file i assume?22:22
wxlbefore you start doing this, let me add something22:23
wxlyou probably don't need to do the gpg steps22:24
wxlit's a good solution to verify that the file posted is the file ubuntu intended to post, but, really, if it's on their server, it's probably a non-issue22:24
wxlso just get the sums and check the iso22:24
wxlthere's a link to a tool for windows there and instructions on how to use it22:25
Guest6007i have no reason to suspect the download is the issue but anyway if i boot to it and it installs i will know it was intact.22:25
wxlit's a fairly common problem unfortunately22:27
wxla single bit being flipped could result in some very strange behavior22:27
wxland after you've spent a bunch of time trying to get everything going only to find out in the middle of the installation that sometthing doesn't work right..... it's probably just worth checking right from the beginning22:28
wxlregarding #2, the verification *SHOULD* take care of that, but there's also an option on the boot menu to check the disc for defects22:28
Guest6007ok point well taken22:31

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