tgBot3<Waldbursche> Hi. Does LoquilM work with jabber. When i try to log in the app do nothing.00:56
tgBot3<Yance> How stable ubuntu touch on nexus 5 for now?01:05
tgBot3<ahsanit> Do not support fast charging mobile01:11
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tgBot3<Howard> Hi everyone. Sorry to bother you guys and I hope this is the right group to post this in (if not, sorry about that and please redirect me to the correct group). … I have Ubuntu Touch 15.04 Devel (r285) installed on my Nexus 5. I'm currently using a Japanese SIM, which operates on the NTT DOCOMO network. … The SIM is recognised. The problem is, when I select the Carrier (NTT DOCOMO) and press "Back", the Carrier is set to "None". All of my APN se03:26
tgBot3correct. As an aside, the provider also requires you to select "PAP or CHAP" for security. However, in the APN settings in Ubuntu Touch, this option isn't available. … Viewing the "Network" tab in the drop-down menu, my Nexus is set to "Searching" for about 5 minutes and then gives me the "Denied" message. This process is repeated. … There is a similar issue opened on GitHub from a User with a Korean SIM and I have commented below his post on my attempts03:26
tgBot3problem. I have not been able to find a solution thus far: … https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/405?_pjax=%23js-repo-pjax-container … Thank you very much for any help provided!03:26
tgBot3<Techgreed> Hi, can you guys help me with … Must have apps … And, things to do after installing Ubuntu touch OS.03:29
tgBot3<Techgreed> Or anything that will help me get started with Ubuntu touch OS.03:30
tgBot3<BlueKenny> @Techgreed, Hey, yes sure, how can I help you?05:41
tgBot3<Javacookies> it really happened! my battery was 54% and when I woke up around 7 hours after, I heard it dropping fast and dead when I actually look at it :D05:49
tgBot3<Javacookies> I"m still impressed that I got ~140 hours but the battery percentage was deceiving :P05:49
tgBot3<jonny> @YougoChats, Where to find a FP2 chat?06:05
tgBot3<YougoChats> Fwd from YougoChats: https://telegram.me/joinchat/AI_ukwlaB6KCsteHcXD0jw06:11
tgBot3<jonny> @YougoChats, Thanks06:33
tgBot3<peternerlich> @Howard, Okay, I cannot give you an answer, but I can welcome you in the meantime while waiting for someone with the knowledge to show up and notice this post. So, hi! I'm part of the Welcoming Team. To help you get up to speed, please read https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome and if you find someone to help you, consider moving to the Newcomer Room, as this will probably become a rather lengthy conversation. Also, if you don't receive an07:55
tgBot3answer soon, try reminding of it at different times throughout the day. Not the whole story, something along the lines of 'sim not working, cannot select carrier', details then in the welcome room. If you don't receive an answer in, say, three days, reach out to me again and I will try to find someone who knows.07:55
tgBot3<milkor73> @Techgreed, Hello Techgreed and welcome!  I'm part of the UBports welcoming team.    … To help you get started, please take a look right away at our newcomers welcome page (https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome) and thanks again for joining us! :)08:11
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> @Yance, Very.08:14
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tgBot3<Stereofont> @YougoChats, Best if it comes to the welcome room. Most obviously,  he needs to use 15 second fastboot installer and update the phone driver in device manager09:31
tgBot3<Stereofont> @tylnesh, Working fine on my FHD09:36
tgBot3<Stereofont> @alwayslevelup, Hello Nigel.Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!09:39
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Techgreed, Welcome Room is good for that 👍09:41
tgBot3<delijati> anyone tried https://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/speed-up-your-linux-system.html on ubports?10:08
tgBot3<samitormanen> @delijati, feel free to try. i have tried many many things and mostly i have ended to flash my phone again because messed up system.. 😁10:20
tgBot3<delijati> :D10:44
tgBot3<delijati> the problem, is  is kind of hard to messure a performance boost for slickness :/10:44
tgBot3<Howard> @peternerlich Thank you very much for your reply and I'll leave a reminder every so often. If I find someone who can help, I'll move to the Newcomer Room. … I have done further testing and added it to the Github Issue.12:12
tgBot3<蔡 荣诠🐕> hey12:21
tgBot3<蔡 荣诠🐕> what io?12:21
tgBot3<蔡 荣诠🐕> (Photo, 578x960) https://irc.ubports.com/kfqqcuRC/file_3711.jpg12:21
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @Yance, Why am I hearing from some people that N5 is really awesome and stable and from others 'unstable' ? My answer to your question is "I mostly hear that it's stable".  I will be apparently obtaining an N5 very soon so let's figure this out together.  :)12:22
tgBot3<Yohann> Gay12:24
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> Sorry.. my brain isn't working (just woke up).  I think i mis-read this message.  I will delete the message I just wrote about N5 above, but for anyone who read it my apologies.12:25
tgBot3<DiogoConstantino> http://asknoahshow.com/elimination vote for Ubuntu12:51
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tgBot3<tsimonq2> @DiogoConstantino, +113:09
tgBot3<Lorxu> I voted for Fedora. Sorry not sorry13:09
tgBot3<tsimonq2> @Lorxu, Literally the only person13:10
tgBot3<DiogoConstantino> Lol13:10
tgBot3<DiogoConstantino> My Star Wars quote: No! There's another.13:11
schmittlauchhi, as far as I understood ubports often uses Android drivers (e.g. using libhybris)13:16
schmittlauchbut ubuntu uses AppArmor while Android went with SElinux. I've read that some android drivers already use SElinux.13:17
tgBot3<Michele> is it ok that the n5 drains the battery so much? from about midnight to 7am the battery went from 60% to 30% without using it... I remember with the e4.5 (before ota3) the battery could keep his charge if you don't use the phone13:17
tgBot3<Michele> (Photo, 1080x1920) https://irc.ubports.com/zv5eUsbC/file_3713.jpg13:17
schmittlauchHas someone made any experiences regarding the coexistance/ conflict of these 2 systems? Or do you just disable SElinux completely and hope that also future drivers won't fully require it?13:18
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> @DanChapman, phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ text2ngram -n 2 -l -f sqlite —append -o /usr/share/presage/database_en.db /home/phablet/Downloads/war_of_the_worlds.txt … bash: text2ngram: command not found13:30
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> @DanChapman  not sure where to go with that...13:30
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> @DanChapman, gearbox@playbox:~$ text2ngram … The program 'text2ngram' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing: … sudo apt install presage13:32
tgBot3<milkor73> @inchw0rm, Hello /b/polar turd and welcome!  I'm part of the UBports welcoming team.    … To help you get started, please take a look right away at our newcomers welcome page (https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome) and thanks again for joining us! :)13:46
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @Michele, But... is it really at 30%?  :) … I've noticed that there 'may' be an issue with properly showing what the battery is really at.   … It would be interesting for us to track: … a) how long the battery lasts from full until it shuts off (write it down) then  … b) track the percentages as it goes down … c) note when it shuts off again and see how those percentages compared to reality... … Something like that13:47
tgBot3<samitormanen> ubuntu-push-client service drains battery a lot when mobiledata on. Michele you could try to open terminal and type "stop ubuntu-push-client". In my case it helped a lot.. However telegram and gmail notifications wont without that service.13:59
tgBot3<Michele> @samitormanen, really? but why a push service drains so much the battery? I also tried to switch off automatic brightness as I heard it could help... can anyone confirm this?14:00
tgBot3<samitormanen> There is a bug report in github. I think no one really know whats wrong with it right now..14:04
tgBot3<alan_griffiths> @wayneoutthere, Yes, the figures are unreliable so it is hard to extract useful data. … But I've found consistent differences on N5: … 1. leaving browser & telegram running is worse than closing them by 5-10% overnight. … 2. Leaving data on is worse than "flignt mode by 5-10% overnight. … 3. Just closing all apps and switching to flight mode is 5-10% worse than rebooting and immediately switching to flight mode.14:04
tgBot3<dohbee> @samitormanen, gmail isn't using push anyway. and it would be really weird if push client started eating battery, and only if on cell data. that sounds more like push would be getting hit as a side effect of the real problem14:06
tgBot3<samitormanen> Wifi ON battery drains ~1% per hour … With mobiledata on AND push-client running it drains ~5-7% per hour. When I shut service down, it is same as wifi then. It is polling mail 5min interval by default..14:11
tgBot3<YougoChats> @Stereofont, Where is this welcome room? If someone clicks through ubports.com>get ut>fp2>support he ends up in the fp2 thread, and thats where he is now.14:13
tgBot3<dohbee> @samitormanen, ubuntu-push doesn't poll gmail. account-polld is the thing which polls gmail/twitter for notifications14:14
tgBot3<samitormanen> Well, i dont know but if i stop push client, i wont get any notifications anymore14:15
tgBot3<dohbee> ubuntu-push-client connects to a single server endpoint. it also has standoff reconnect for errors. so if it's reconnecting that often, something is causing it to get disconnected every few minutes, while it keeps successfully reconnecting14:16
tgBot3<samitormanen> Ok. Push-client log shows alot of pinging with 1min interval.14:18
tgBot3<samitormanen> I dont know anything but could it cause some unnecessary wakings14:19
tgBot3<samitormanen> However, i will keep push service stopped when on the road and i check mails and messages manually. Like this I get so much more longer battery life. I hope it get fixed soon..14:22
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @alan_griffiths, that's good data to know about.14:33
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @YougoChats, This is the best 'go to' page for your answer and more: … https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome14:34
tgBot3<YougoChats> i vote for the support telegram links on ubports.com  to all point to the welcome site. this prevents people to end up in threads that are not as suited for 'customer suppport'14:44
tgBot3<YougoChats> (Photo, 1014x117) https://irc.ubports.com/SbtnJQ6A/file_3715.jpg this i mean (right now it points to the FP2 group)14:48
tgBot3<Owen Roe> Is there a way to run/install .click packages on ubuntu for testing?14:58
tgBot3<technicalbird> @alan_griffiths, How is the experience? Are you enjoying?15:00
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @YougoChats, thanks for the feedback.  Feedback received.  We are already thinking about this kind of stuff but it's a big elephant to chew...15:04
tgBot3<alan_griffiths> @technicalbird, It works for me. OTOH my wife would hate it more than she hates iOS (which she tolerates with a lot of complaining).15:05
tgBot3<Daniel> @samitormanen, This is how I can use my FP2 as a daily driver: stop the push client and enjoy very good standby time.15:10
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @alan_griffiths, you should listen to our audiocast here.  Joe has a lot of good analogies on this topic of UT quality: … https://ubports.com/blog/the-audiocasts-3/post/ubuntu-touch-audiocast-018-radical-robotulism-11015:12
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> "the better car"15:12
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> this discussion is really important...15:12
tgBot3<neothethird> github is down15:22
tgBot3<neothethird> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/vYzhVnRw/file_3716.mp415:22
tgBot3<clannad> @neothethird, Gerrit is up tho15:22
tgBot3<JBBgameich> The github API works15:24
tgBot3<JBBgameich> One minute later: the github API is down too15:26
tgBot3<garrogarri> (Photo, 603x456) https://irc.ubports.com/deytW0xH/file_3718.jpg It’s always better than github... … https://redd.it/7pghne … by @programmer_humor15:26
tgBot3* delijati Feierabend15:26
tgBot3<JBBgameich> (Photo, 1280x241) https://irc.ubports.com/zOaSOuAP/file_3720.jpg15:28
tgBot3<lduboeuf> this is a reminder for us to always still backup things :)15:28
tgBot3<JBBgameich> I have my own gitea instance that mirrors my important repositories15:29
tgBot3* delijati wants a distributed github ...15:30
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> Git is distributed15:30
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> https://status.github.com/messages15:31
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> i like sourceforge, it has svn got and mercurial15:34
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> just yesterday saw it rewamped UI, i still havent gotten to like it, got used to the original one15:34
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> and it's up again16:05
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> 17:43 EETEverything operating normally. … 17:39 EETWe've addressed the source of the exceptions and are continuing to monitor as the site recovers. … 17:38 EETWe are investigating reports of elevated error rates. … 17:20 EETWe are investigating reports of service unavailability16:05
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> 23 min of downtime16:05
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tgBot3<Xray2000> WHen i try to update to 16.04/devel i got a baclk screen on reboot on my meizu pro 5 anyone have a idea?16:41
tgBot3<milkor73> @Carihm, Hello Carihm and welcome!  I'm part of the UBports welcoming team.    … To help you get started, please take a look right away at our newcomers welcome page (https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome) and thanks again for joining us! :)16:43
tgBot3<RavengamerSpace> Hi everyone, … Can someone know how I can port Ubuntu Touch for a another phone ?18:57
tgBot3<ebetonro> @RavengamerSpace, I think you need to check the Halium project for this and learn a tone of stuff if you do not know anything about this kind of stuff19:07
tgBot3<ebetonro> And hi by the way19:07
tgBot3<RavengamerSpace> Ok thanks19:08
tgBot3<ebetonro> @RavengamerSpace, No problem man I can point you to the Halium telegram channel if you want19:12
tgBot3<RavengamerSpace> @ebetonro, Why not ?19:12
tgBot3<ebetonro> https://t.me/halium19:12
tgBot3<RavengamerSpace> Thanks19:13
tgBot3<ebetonro> glad to be of help19:13
tgBot3<Jyoti> I installed UBports 16.04 on my MQ BQ but I can not complete the updates. For example, there was an update to the Gallery now, it progresses to the end and the installation failed at the last moment ...19:35
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> Updates from there aren't working, and the OpenStore is... also not working correctly.20:18
tgBot3<kristijantkalec> I can confirm that. But the web browser is working, but it acts wierd on some web pages, such as github20:26
tgBot3<kristijantkalec> But there is already big report about it20:26
tgBot3<Javacookies> are we suppose to log bugs for 16.04?20:26
tgBot3<Javacookies> would it make sense now?20:27
tgBot3<YougoChats> latest stable release should say Ubuntu 15.04 (r3) right?20:34
tgBot3<YougoChats> (i'm on devel, so i can't see on my phone)20:34
tgBot3<dohbee> yes, something like that20:46
tgBot3<YougoChats> then an install went succesful20:46
tgBot3<YougoChats> +120:46
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tgBot3<popescu_sorin> hi Sebastian20:56
tgBot3<milkor73> @Sebastian R., Hello Sebastian and welcome!  I'm part of the UBports welcoming team.    … To help you get started, please take a look right away at our newcomers welcome page (https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome) and thanks again for joining us! :)21:02
tgBot3<Sebastian R.> Hi @popescu_sorin thanks for the welcome21:13
tgBot3<XavierXX> So how stable is ubports on the oneplus one currently and will flashing this also wipe internal storage/sdcard?21:18
tgBot3<YougoChats> my fp2 is on devel r280. i haven't seen any system updates lately. https://system-image.ubports.com/ubports-touch/15.04/devel/FP2/ also shows r280 to be latest, released 5th of january. is this correct or has the daily updates gotten stuck somewhere?21:26
tgBot3<dohbee> @YougoChats, i don't think much is happening to 15.0421:37
tgBot3<dohbee> @XavierXX, if you have android on it currently, yes, flashing will wipe all data. if you have ubuntu on it, you can reflash without wiping data21:38
tgBot3<YougoChats> @dohbee, But have the daily builds stopped?21:38
tgBot3<dohbee> if there's no changes happening, what would a daily build build?21:38
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> If nothing changes, nothing builds21:39
tgBot3<dohbee> there are daily builds for 16.0421:39
tgBot3<YougoChats> @UniversalSuperBox, It used to build regardless at some point iirc?21:39
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> Yes, but that wasn't the correct behavior21:40
tgBot3<BrisPete> @XavierXX, I've been using UBports on my OPO for a while now. It's pretty stable and, for me, at least, it makes a good daily driver (using 15.04). My only problemis that the pinch to zoom doesn't work - including on the camera.21:40
tgBot3<YougoChats> @UniversalSuperBox, OK. I agree, i just noticed.21:40
tgBot3<YougoChats> As long as nothing broke21:41
tgBot3<XavierXX> @dohbee, Kk then i will have to backup my sdcard/internal storage  before i flash21:45
tgBot3<dohbee> also, unlocking bootloader will i guess delete user data too, which you have to do before flashing ubuntu (assuming you didn't already do it for an android rom)21:45
tgBot3<XavierXX> To be sure i can just run adb pull /sdcard "destenation"21:46
tgBot3<TopheT> Does Ubuntu touch supports any tablets?21:47
tgBot3<dohbee> i don't know21:48
tgBot3<dohbee> yes21:48
tgBot3<dohbee> bq m10 and nexus 7 201321:49
tgBot3<abdullahcok> (Voice, 2s)https://irc.ubports.com/nlEIihfK/file_372422:02
tgBot3<abdullahcok> (Voice, 2s)https://irc.ubports.com/JLC7JTBX/file_372522:02
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> Browser and amazon prime? Won't play video. Does our browser support html5? Or is it something else that I can quick fix?  … Requirements here:22:16
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> https://www.amazon.de/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=20142281022:16
tgBot3<dohbee> @Lukas Wolfskin, the version of chromium it is based on is too old; and i'm not sure the DRM bits are available22:17
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> Mm, answers all questions...22:18
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> You da man...22:19
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @abdullahcok, You pocketed us.22:23
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @Lukas Wolfskin, 👊👊22:24

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