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tombusbyhi there19:26
lotuspsychje_tombusby: you upgraded from wich version?19:26
tombusbyjust upgraded to 18.04 and I'm stuck in a login loop19:26
tombusbyin the past this was caused by nvidia drivers, but those steps don't resolve now19:26
lotuspsychje_tombusby: that isnt reccomended yet, bionic is still in development branch19:26
lotuspsychje_tombusby: if you want to help, clean install 18.0419:27
tombusbywell that's pretty annoying then, given that I got a dist upgrade prompr19:27
lotuspsychje_you had a window saying upgrade to bionic?19:28
lotuspsychje_tombusby: can you prove this with a pic?19:28
tombusbyIt wasn't exactly the type of thing I documented for posterity, I just ran the upgrade19:28
lotuspsychje_tombusby: but did you enter a dist upgrade command?19:29
tombusbyI did it via the software update GUI19:29
tombusbygot a prompt to update dist, so I did it19:29
lotuspsychje_tombusby: that shouldnt be happening19:30
lotuspsychje_tombusby: you sure it was 18.04?19:31
tombusbyaparently not, especially since I thought I had only LTS versions enabled, so to hear that this is still development branch... that's not great19:31
lotuspsychje_tombusby: can you lsb_release -a plz?19:31
tombusbysure, 1 mo, I'll SSH in19:31
tombusbyNo LSB modules are available.19:32
tombusbyDistributor ID:Ubuntu19:32
tombusbyDescription:Ubuntu Bionic Beaver (development branch)19:32
lotuspsychje_what the heck19:32
lotuspsychje_tombusby: you sure you didnt enter a command youself like with -d ?19:32
lotuspsychje_or messed with proposed19:32
tombusbyso, essentially, I have to do a full reinstall is the long and short of it then? my install is knackered?19:32
tombusbyna mate, logged in, got the prompt, ran it19:33
lotuspsychje_tombusby: that should not be happening, can you bug this please19:33
lotuspsychje_tombusby: you ahd 16.04.3?19:33
tombusbywhatever the LTS version was, I'd been holding off doing an upgrade because I got log-in loops, but a previous update (non-dist) gave me login loops, I fixed that, so this time when I got the prompt to update dist, I decided why not19:34
tombusbybut yeah it was 16.0419:34
lotuspsychje_tombusby: its supposed to upgrade in june19:35
lotuspsychje_16.04 to 18.04.119:36
tombusbyI'm guessing there's no way to reliably downgrade?19:36
lotuspsychje_officially LTS to LTS19:36
lotuspsychje_tombusby: i think things will got scrambled now19:36
daxbionic isn't in meta-release-lts (or meta-release, for that matter), so I do not know of a way it'd upgrade without do-release-upgrade -d or something19:37
tombusbyok, no worries, well, I better get to work on fixing this then. that's all I can tell you19:37
daxbut yes, if you're on 18.04 and want to be on something lower, the only supported method is a reinstall19:37
lotuspsychje_tombusby: did you enter that -d command?19:37
tombusbynot that I know of, just prompted and his install19:38
lotuspsychje_tombusby: you didnt mess with anything else unofficial?19:38
tombusbynot to my knowledge. I don't like to do anything that could make my conf unstable19:39
lotuspsychje_tombusby: might be interesting to see your sources.list ?19:39
daxi assume sources.list is just gonna be normal bionic, since the upgrader would have poked at them19:40
lotuspsychje_dax: wouldnt we see his ppa's or other stuff too?19:40
tombusby# See http://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes for how to upgrade to19:40
tombusby# newer versions of the distribution.19:40
tombusbydeb http://pl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ bionic main restricted19:40
tombusby# deb-src http://pl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ xenial main restricted19:40
TJ-tombusby: was this system previsously release-upgraded from some other release to 16.04 ?19:40
tombusby## Major bug fix updates produced after the final release of the19:40
tombusby## distribution.19:40
lotuspsychje_dax: seems like your right19:41
daxlotuspsychje_: sure, and I guess it's theoretically possible someone has a PPA that contains modified updater packages that point somewhere other than changelogs.ubuntu.com19:41
daxbut that seems unlikely 19:41
lotuspsychje_never heared of a pre-release upgrade notify before..19:41
dax'cause they don't happen. like, i entirely believe that it happened in this case, but i am at a loss as to how19:42
TJ-tombusby: can you show us /etc/update-manager/meta-release19:43
TJ-if the URLs have been changed we don't know what was pulled19:43
lotuspsychje_he should bug this19:43
daxlotuspsychje_: yeah, if the output from what TJ- asked for is all changelogs.ubuntu.com, i agree19:44
tombusby# default location for the meta-release file19:45
tombusbyURI = http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release19:45
tombusbyURI_LTS = http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts19:45
tombusbyURI_UNSTABLE_POSTFIX = -development19:45
tombusbyURI_PROPOSED_POSTFIX = -proposed19:45
TJ-Also, we should check for all installed cron jobs, and the /var/log/dist-upgrade/ dir19:45
TJ-!paste | tom 19:45
ubottutom: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:45
dax(drone probably also sent you a PM with the same instructions)19:45
daxanyways, gonna leave this one with TJ-, seems like he's about 5 minutes ahead of me on this one19:46
dax(also, it's lunch time)19:46
lotuspsychje_tombusby: ddi you enable proposed or so?19:46
daxproposed shouldn't cause this19:46
tombusbyno worries, but I have to go really tbh. I'll put a bug report in when I get a moment.19:46
lotuspsychje_dax: bon apetit mate19:46
tombusbyand no I didn't19:46
lotuspsychje_just thinking what could have triggered this19:46
TJ-tombusby: was the prompt in the GUI?19:47
tombusbyjust the standard one to upgrade dist19:47
TJ-tombusby: right, in the GUI?19:47
TJ-tombusby: OK, that's a clue19:47
tombusbybut I honestly have to go guys, I've gotta take care of my son for a bit. I'm sorry to drop this on you and disappear19:47
lotuspsychje_no sweat come back later & bug it okay19:48
lotuspsychje_we aint see nothing yet19:48
TJ-if I recall correctly - I may be wrong after so long - at one time the GUI from update-manager was triggered by a file existing under /var/ somewhere... it's feasible something triggered that, but what doesn't make sense is how it knew about the new release codename/URL, since changelog. doesn't have it19:48
lotuspsychje_and what does he mean from in the past this already happened lol19:50
TJ-"in the past" in reference to solving a log-in loop due to nvidia drivers19:51
lotuspsychje_its a weird story to me19:53

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