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Nafallomorning desktopers!06:59
dufluMorning Nafallo07:22
duflu(which looks a lot like mid-afternoon here)07:22
didrocksgood morning07:33
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flexiondotorgMorning desktopers08:12
didrockshey flexiondotorg08:15
dufluMorning didrocks, flexiondotorg08:19
didrockshey duflu08:20
andyrockgood morning!08:33
Nafalloduflu: morning is a state of mind. coffee-infused state in my case ;-)08:35
Nafallowhere's seb?08:36
dufluHere I think08:36
dufluMorning seb12808:36
seb128hey duflu08:36
seb128good morning desktopers08:36
Nafallosalut seb128! I want to harass you in private when you have time ;-)08:37
seb128hey Nafallo, you can ask, I'm not settled down at the keyboard yet so might take a bit to reply though08:38
Laneyyo ho ho09:03
seb128hey Laney, how are you?09:04
dufluMorning Laney. Is the tree still up then?09:07
Laneyhey seb128 duflu09:10
Laneyseb128: good, I fixed my bike last night, was easy in the end :-)09:10
Laneyduflu: nope, it is now exiled to Siber^Wthe front garden09:11
Laneybut I did see it out of the window looking all forlorn09:11
didrockseeeehey Laney09:12
Nafallopeople are really panicy about meltdown and spectre... but not until their vacations were over. *sigh*09:15
Laneymoin didrocks!09:23
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Laneyandyrock: yo, did you upload the wrong diff for protobuf the second time? it doesn't have 3 patches :P09:27
andyrockwait a moment09:27
LaneyI can probably fix that quickly if you don't have it09:28
Laneyso no big deal09:28
czajkowskiGood morning lovely desktoppers :) Upgraded to 17.10 yesterday - it's rather nice - Thank you09:29
andyrockLaney: are you sure did you pick the correct one?09:29
andyrockit looks like theare are three patches here09:29
didrocksczajkowski: thanks for the feedback :)09:30
Laneyandyrock: errrrrrrrrrr no, but that's not on bug #1735160 ?09:32
ubot5bug 1735160 in httmock (Ubuntu Xenial) "[SRU] Please backport python3-macaroonbakery 0.0.6-1 [universe] from bionic" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/173516009:32
Laneyhmm wait09:32
czajkowskididrocks: de rien :)09:32
Laneyoh yeh /o\09:32
czajkowskididrocks: only thing borked for me is my trackpad, refuses to do right click even when I installed tweak tools :/ but will work out why09:33
willcookehi gang09:34
seb128hey willcooke, how is London ?09:34
seb128hey czajkowski, how are you?09:34
dufluczajkowski, two finger right click?09:34
czajkowskiseb128: all good thanks, just need to shake this blasted cough off before travels kick in :)09:35
willcookeseb128, raining \o/09:35
czajkowskiduflu: 2 or 1 - neither work on a X1 carbon trackpad09:35
willcookeGot to ride on the new trains today, they're 12 cars long now instead of 809:35
dufluczajkowski, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/169903309:35
ubot5Launchpad bug 1699033 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "Two-finger right click does not work in 17.10 gnome-shell" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:35
czajkowskiseb128: on countdown to FOSDEM so that always makes me happy09:35
czajkowskiduflu: ironically I can't click that now :/09:35
czajkowskiduflu: that's it!!09:37
czajkowskithank you09:37
dufluNo worries09:43
dufluOdd that the default doesn't work with modern multi-touch clickpads09:44
dufluIt probably should09:44
didrocksczajkowski: hum, was it a new install or upgrade?09:44
dufluMine is always new install09:45
didrocksok, so its not a synaptic vs libinput, the 2 being installed thingy09:45
czajkowskididrocks: upgrade09:46
czajkowskididrocks: yes but there was some oddness on the upgrade, like who turns off the clock and calendar and a few other little quirks. Once popey told me about the tweaks tool I got everything really sorted bar the right click09:47
dufluInteresting. People reported the clock and calendar was missing and I assumed they had made a mistake09:49
didrockswhat have you changed in Tweaks? That could help us smooth the upgrade for 18.0409:51
czajkowskiduflu: eh no :) it's kinda the one thing I look at daily, one I thing I need to work out is how to show multiple timezones on the clock - used to be able to by adding multiple timezones09:51
czajkowskiduflu: clock and calendar turned on09:51
czajkowskididrocks: ^09:51
czajkowskididrocks: battery amount left - now turned on09:51
czajkowskididrocks: buttons to the LEFT :D not for everyone but am so used to it I had to put them back09:52
czajkowskididrocks: right clicking of the track pad was borked so tried to fix that it's working just not everywere so I think there is an actual bug with it09:52
didrocksok, so battery/buttons are things that we wanted that way (and not tweaking that hidden % option :p)09:52
didrockslet me look at the clock/calendar options09:52
czajkowskididrocks: but why would you not want t know what amount of battery is left :)09:52
didrocksczajkowski: the icon is enough to know where I'm at :)09:53
didrocksand I have a notification when it's really low09:53
didrocksso, when I need to plug it in09:53
czajkowskisee this is why it's so nice to be able to configure things :)09:53
didrocksgot used to only using the icon when android did this09:54
didrocksyes! :)09:54
didrocksczajkowski: I don't find any settings in Tweaks about date/calendar09:54
didrocksah, apart from adding seconds and weeks numbers09:55
didrocksbut those are adjusting them to add more infos09:55
didrocksnot that they don't appear at all09:55
czajkowskiin TOp bar09:56
didrocksyep, there is clock: add date / seconds09:56
czajkowskimy clock was off for date.09:56
czajkowskibut I didnt add seconds09:56
didrocksyeah, it's expected, the default is name of the day + hour09:56
didrocksthat's what you got by default, correct?09:57
czajkowskiok cool09:57
czajkowskithank you :)09:57
didrocks(I thought you didn't get any clock displayed?)09:57
willcookeTrevinho, what's your github nick?09:57
didrockswillcooke: ahah, had to find it to ping him this morning as well :)09:57
willcookedidrocks, :DDD09:57
andyrock3v1n0 guessing :D09:57
didrockswillcooke: 3v1n009:58
didrocksit is09:58
didrocks@3v1n0 doesn't work though09:58
didrocksin a bug report on the ubuntu project09:58
dufluBut it says he's in Italy09:58
dufluThat's hardly ever true09:58
didrockslies, indeed!09:58
tjaaltonduflu: I see you added me to ubuntu-audio-dev, but I was just asked to sponsor some uploads :)09:59
willcookebah I give up.  Trevinho I've tried to "@" you on this:  https://github.com/CanonicalLtd/desktop-design/issues/5109:59
duflutjaalton, Doesn't matter... turns out you're already elite enough to be a member indirectly09:59
dufluvia other teams09:59
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers10:18
oSoMoNstupid paperwork kept me afk almost all morning :/10:19
andyrockwillcooke: maybe he's not part of CanonicalLtd10:19
andyrockah he is10:20
czajkowskiwould be a harsh way to find out you're in the group anymore :)10:20
Laneyandyrock: would a good changelog entry for py-macaroon-bakery be "Backport from Bionic to Xenial" "Allow the version of six that we have in Xenial" and "Use protocol buffers version 2 as this is what is available in Xenial (3 is in Bionic)"?11:03
andyrockyup, maybe you could mention also python3-requests and python3-tz11:04
andyrockah no forget about it11:06
andyrockLaney: it's fine as you said11:06
andyrockthanks for taking care of this <311:07
Laneyandyrock: hmm, py-macaroon-bakery needs nacl 1.1.2 but xenial only has 1.0.111:30
andyrocki remembered I did something about that before holidays11:36
andyrocklet me check11:36
andyrockif I remeber correctly I lowered done the nacl dependency but there were a small change in the code11:38
andyrockbut it's not in the debdiff11:39
andyrockfor sure in the ppa11:39
* andyrock is not used to work with debdiffs11:39
andyrockLaney: ^^^11:41
andyrockif you want I can  make a new debdiff11:41
andyrocksorry about that :(11:41
andyrockbackporting python3-nacl was not an option11:43
Laneyandyrock: alright, no worries, thanks for the diff11:51
Laneythat sounds better than backporting more stuff indeed :P11:51
andyrockalso I just realized I removed that python3.patch from the series but not the actual file :O11:52
andyrockhey hey sil210011:53
andyrockgood timing11:53
andyrocksil2100: do you mind taking a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/httmock/+bug/1735160/comments/1411:53
ubot5Launchpad bug 1735160 in protobuf (Ubuntu Xenial) "[SRU] Please backport python3-macaroonbakery 0.0.6-1 [universe] from bionic" [Undecided,In progress]11:53
andyrockin a nutshell we need to SRU py-macaroon-bakery from B to X11:53
andyrockshould we target 17.10 too?11:53
Nafalloare there known issues with turning on bluetooth on 18.04 currently?12:01
Nafallothe menu says Off, and gives me an option to turn it off. settings says it's off and only the color changes when I click on the slide button.12:01
andyrockNafallo: did it use to work in previous releases?12:03
Nafallo17.04 at least. I didn't stay long enough on 17.10 to test :-P12:03
andyrockmaybe didrocks knows more12:03
Nafalloi.e. it last worked on Unity ;-)12:03
tkamppeterseb128, hi12:04
NafalloI think bluetooth is on though... the LED on my Lenovo x201 is on :-)12:04
tkamppeterseb128, can you upload my Avahi package of bug 1736757?12:05
ubot5bug 1736757 in avahi (Ubuntu) "[PATCH] Avahi does not support local-only services via the loopback interface" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/173675712:05
sil2100andyrock: hey! Yes, it's as L_aney mentioned on the bug12:07
andyrocksil2100: thanks12:07
sil2100andyrock: all valid upgrade paths should be satisfied - there are certain exceptions of course, but this is the general rule12:07
andyrockLaney: I'll check what needs to be done12:07
andyrocksil2100: we can forget about 17.04 right?12:08
andyrockLaney: at least we have python3-protobuf in 17.10 \o/12:09
didrocksandyrock: I think it's rather duflu who is the bluetooth expert. bluetooth never really worked when I try it12:12
Nafallonow it turns on for the slider, but says it's off underneath O_O12:15
Nafalloand dmesg said stuff about connecting and disconnecting usb while it was still off everywhere, nothing now that it said on for the slider :-P12:16
NafalloI may want to reboot in a bit and see if that helps :-)12:16
Nafallosame in the menu, off and I can trigger off. but the settings work now :-)12:19
andyrockLaney: I added a comment to describe what needs to be done to backport in Artful12:20
andyrockif you need the debdiffs let me know12:20
NafalloI'll catch teh bluetooth expert later ;-)12:23
seb128tkamppeter, hey, yes, I have a look this afternoon12:29
seb128tkamppeter, uploaded12:35
willcookeandyrock, might be a bit slow here, but I dont think there is much need for 17.10 since LP doesnt run there.  If noone else needs that version of bakery, I'd say its not worth it12:37
andyrockthe problem is not the version of the bakery12:39
andyrockbut all the packages that the backer depends on12:39
andyrockso e.g. py-macaroon-bakery requires py-macaroons12:40
andyrockversion 0.1212:40
andyrockboth in artful and in xenial there is version 0.1012:40
andyrockif we update in xenial to 0.12 we need to update in artful too12:40
tkamppeterseb128, thanks.12:41
willcookeandyrock, ahh, got ya.  bummer12:42
tkamppeterseb128, can you also have a lokk at my NEW packages?12:42
mdeslaurhas anyone found a decent workspace switcher extension?13:08
willcookemdeslaur, not I.  I'm just using hot keys13:14
mdeslauroh! mouse scroll over applications button13:31
mdeslaurthat works13:31
chrisccoulsonmdeslaur, you don't just use ctrl+alt+⭡/⭣ to switch workspaces?13:36
mdeslaurmargarita in my left hand, mouse in my right. You want me to let go of both just to switch workspaces?13:37
mdeslaurmouse scroll over the applications button is great and is just what I was looking for13:38
willcookeAnother satisfied customer13:42
willcookehey cyphermox, can you tell me what the fix was for:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bug/1727237 ?13:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 1727237 in systemd (Ubuntu Artful) "systemd-resolved is not finding a domain" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:43
willcookeWas it "just" a config change?13:43
didrocksmdeslaur: your testcase was exactly the one I thought when enabling the option :)13:52
mdeslaurdidrocks: heh, yours probably had a glass of nice wine ;)13:53
didrocksshhhhhhhhh ;)13:54
cyphermoxwillcooke: more like a workaround than a fix14:54
cyphermoxbut yeah, it looks like the config change was good enough?14:55
cyphermoxthis kind of doesn't make sense since the behavior looks more like no caching and things failing because of that14:56
willcookecyphermox, ack thx.  Is there any more testing we can do with that?  And I assume that backporting to Artful isnt really worth it right?14:59
seb128cyphermox, willcooke, what was the config change/fix? the bug doesnt have much clue, also it's "fix commited" does it mean the fix is pending upload but not uploaded yet?14:59
cyphermoxwillcooke: seb128: I have no clue why xnox set it to Fix Committed, presumably because he had some code ready, but I do not know15:02
cyphermoxas far as I can tell from comment #12, what worked was disabling caching.15:02
seb128so we assume there is a fix but there is no evidence that's the case?15:02
cyphermoxseb128: ask xnox?15:03
seb128xnox, ^15:03
seb128willcooke, I don't think that issue has been resolved, at least it doesn't look like it's the case from the bug/uploads15:03
willcookeseb128, thanks. Lets see what xnox says15:03
cyphermoxseb128: fwiw, I agree, there needs to be more testing done and there will have to be some fix in systemd code15:04
seb128cyphermox, thanks15:04
seb128cyphermox, oh and happy new year btw :)15:04
willcooketkamppeter, do you know what the source of the "Added printer XYZ...." notifications that pop up quite often is?  I dont get it at home, but in the office an HP something-or-other pops up about once an hour.15:05
willcookeCould be a network blip which causes it to get re-added or something like that15:05
seb128willcooke, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=78949015:06
ubot5Gnome bug 789490 in printers ""Printer added" notification appears every few minutes" [Normal,New]15:06
willcookeah ha! Thanks seb128, I will read that15:06
seb128yw, not very useful though, it's known/reported but nobody looked at it/debugged15:07
willcookesad face15:07
seb128yeah :/15:08
willcookeI think my theory could  be correct15:08
willcookeI think when the DHCP address gets renewed, thats when it pops up15:08
willcookeWill comment on that bug15:09
seb128yeah, could well be15:09
seb128unsure those notifications are ever useful15:09
seb128I get one of those every time I work for a coffee nearby15:09
willcookehmm, I quite like that it says "Hey!  I did a thing and found a printer"15:10
seb128and I neither care about that printer nor have the permission to use it15:10
willcookebut not every 10 mins otr what ever15:10
seb128I guess it's useful when you buy a new printer and connect it and it just works15:10
seb128but when connecting to a random wifi what you are looking for is probably not to know what printers are available15:10
seb128but yeah, tricky to make the difference :/15:11
mdeslaurunless you are actively trying to print something, I don't know why you'd want to get those notifications. my 2c15:13
xnoxcyphermox, willcooke, seb128 - so two things. I did set it to fix committed, when i committed in systemd-git to disable dns caching. But there was no positive responses on the bug stating that that fixes things. Secondly, I have realised that potentially network-manager resolved plugin doesn't correctly mark discovered domains as search-domains, and passes them as routing domains only. I think that bit also needs fixing.15:14
* xnox reads comment #1215:14
xnoxhm, there is a request on how to test things.15:15
xnoxmaybe i should prepare a package in an silo with caching disabled and ask people to test things?15:15
xnoxhmmm maybe UCL uses that wifi hotspot solution15:19
cyphermoxxnox: NM dns plugin setting things as a domain or search-domain would not make a difference for the bug15:21
cyphermoxxnox: as I mentioned yesterday, I can trek out to test with Cache disabled on friday, maybe?15:22
xnoxyeap, you did. And it's the same arubababababah network thing right?15:22
xnoxcause my attempts to find that one in the wild, were so far futile.15:23
cyphermoxstarbucks is evil15:23
* xnox this is like Pokemon Go15:23
cyphermoxI have two locations that "work" in that they exhibit the bug, they're just 40 km out.15:23
xnoxcyphermox, you have incentives ;-)15:28
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tkamppeterwillcooke, the "Printer Added" should be triggered when CUPS creates a print queue. Then CUPS shouts into the D-Bus and some GUIs (like GNOME) make use of these notifications.15:30
tkamppeterwillcooke, print queues are automatically created by cups-browsed, based on DNS-SD broadcasts.15:32
tkamppeterwillcooke, usually a queue is created when a printer is turned on or connected or when the computer enters a network with a printer.15:33
cyphermoxxnox: yeah, I was wondering what the hell this weird email from starbucks was15:34
tkamppeterwillcooke, the queue is removed when the printer is turned off or disconnected, the computer leaves the network, or cups-browsed stops.15:34
xnoxcyphermox, it was so bilingue!15:34
tkamppeterwillcooke, this should not be every 10 minutes.15:35
tkamppeterwillcooke, can it be that your Wi-Fi connection is very unstable?15:36
tkamppeterxnox, hi15:36
tkamppeterxnox, did you see mu message on #ubuntu-devel?15:37
xnoxtkamppeter, i have15:37
tkamppeterxnox, any idea to get this working again?15:38
Trevinhowillcooke: that was missing a trailing 0 :)  or should I fix this as it was in gnome gitlab? https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOMEInfrastructure/sysadmin-bin/issues/2 :-D15:40
seb128good morning Trevinho!15:40
Trevinhohi seb128, had some pure night hacking back.... This timezone isn't really mine :-|15:41
willcooketkamppeter, ack, thanks.  I'm pretty sure that it's on DHCP renew.15:45
willcookegrrr.  And of course while I have a tail running on syslog it doesn't bloody do it, does it.16:23
willcookexnox, re: n-m/resolved bug - do I understand correctly, you're on the case?16:24
willcookexnox, if so, I'm travelling over the weekend, so will happily test PPAs etc16:24
xnoxwillcooke, i have theories and no access to a bad network to test them.16:28
xnoxwillcooke, and it's non-trivial to test things; as one needs to have cached state locally and/or two machines with different sets of things (as access points tend to "remember" macs / authentications)16:29
Nafallomeh. my friend with an Aruba at home moved to China for a year, or I might have been able to help test stuff :-P16:35
Nafalloxnox: in case you need testing on UBNT UniFi I have stuff :-)16:36
Nafallofwiw etc16:36
xnoxNafallo, you run a wifi hotspot with a 3rd party captive portal by default, at home? =)16:37
Nafalloxnox: my captive portal is in my local dmz, but yeah... :-)16:39
Nafallowell, public and server is setting in the next room ;-)16:39
* Nafallo goes and read the bug properly16:39
tkamppeterxnox, who at Ubuntu is doing systemd?16:43
seb128tkamppeter, xnox is :)16:46
Nafallothe bug mentions several vendors of hotspots, but only specifically starbucks and aruba. do we know which others?16:46
NafalloI'm happy to reinstall one of my 10 laptops with 18.04 or 17.10 and try :-)16:47
Nafallohmm. I have access to cisco guest portal at work as well, coming to think of it :-)16:48
seb128Nafallo, I'm not sure that bug is that well understood16:48
seb128or define on what portals/env have the issue16:48
Laneythose BT fon hotspots are quite good for captive portal testing in the UK, depending on the bug16:48
* Laney can see one from here16:48
Nafallocould it be helpful if I test Cisco and UniFi then? :-)16:49
seb128Nafallo, I guess it would16:49
seb128best thing it works :)16:49
Nafalloalright. I'll go grab 18.04 daily then.16:49
seb128Laney, the issue is bug #172723716:51
ubot5bug 1727237 in systemd (Ubuntu Artful) "systemd-resolved is not finding a domain" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/172723716:51
Laneyseb128: yeah I think I tried it last year and it didn't happen on this hotspot16:57
willcookeLaney, yeah, I dont think it "works" (breaks) on FON16:57
willcookeor, annoyingly, that one that we found from the London office16:57
willcookeright, heading for the train.  layers17:01
jbichaseb128: could you subscribe the appropriate bug teams to woff2 for MIR bug 1742743 ?17:06
ubot5bug 1742743 in woff2 (Ubuntu) "[MIR] woff2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/174274317:06
NafalloUbiquiti UniFi works w/ 18.0417:19
Nafallowill check Cisco ISE tomorrow.17:20
NafalloI just need to connect to a guest network and get the portal page, right?17:21
tkamppeterseb128, there is another bug which needs sponsoring: bug 934291 needs sponsoring of cups-pk-helper with the patch from comment #53.17:21
ubot5bug 934291 in cups-pk-helper (Ubuntu) "Deleting or stopping print jobs does not work" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93429117:21
Nafalloxnox, cyphermox: ^--17:21
NafalloI can probably pop by the train station and test with a Swedish train tomorrow as well ;-)17:22
Nafallonot sure what they run...17:22
seb128tkamppeter, ok17:27
seb128jbicha, done, desktop-bugs subscribed17:29

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