oerhekswhat is this, live-server ??? ubuntu-17.10-live-server-amd64.iso01:51
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lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:11
lotuspsychjelotuspsychje@R00TBOOK:~$ uname -a05:23
lotuspsychjeLinux R00TBOOK 4.13.0-25-generic #29-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jan 8 21:14:41 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux05:23
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic bionic05:23
ubot5linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 14 kB05:23
alkisgGood morning guys06:04
lotuspsychjehey alkisg06:07
lotuspsychjewe need a voteban system lol06:36
Ben64would be cool, but abused for sure06:55
lotuspsychjemorning EriC^^07:07
EriC^^morning lotuspsychje07:07
lotuspsychjebionic stuff releasing in #ubuntu-release07:17
ducassegood morning all07:27
lotuspsychjehey ducasse07:29
lotuspsychjemorning mate07:29
ducassemorning lotuspsychje - how are you?07:37
lotuspsychjegreat here mate07:42
lotuspsychjeand you?07:42
jinklotuspsychje: Those bunnies have been outside for months, they have winterfur. :P07:48
jinkAccusing me of animal cruelty and all... :/07:49
* lotuspsychje hides & gets some coffee07:49
ducasseall good here, lotuspsychje - still cold, though.07:52
lotuspsychjejink: fatal attraction bunny07:54
lordievaderGood morning08:45
ducassemorning, lordievader - how are you today?08:52
lordievaderDoing good here 😁 How are you?08:52
ducasseall good, thanks :) although i need to go out today, not looking forward to that ;)08:53
EriC^^morning all08:56
EriC^^hey ducasse lordievader08:56
lordievaderHey EriC^^08:56
lordievaderHow are you doing?08:56
EriC^^good you?08:57
lordievaderDoing good here. Trying to fix a bug.09:00
ducassehi EriC^^09:06
EriC^^hi ducasse how are you?09:06
ducasseEriC^^: all good, got the heat turned way up :) and you?09:13
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BluesKajHowdy all12:24
pauljwhi everyone12:46
BluesKaj'Morning pauljw12:51
pauljwhey BluesKaj12:52
BluesKajraining here ...not uncommon in jan , we usually get a january thaw, but it normally lasts 3-4 days, this one's only 212:54
pauljwBluesKaj, we're about the same here, warm today, almost 70F.  tomorrow early rain, turning to ice, turning to snow and staying frigid for the next week.13:14
BluesKajyup, that's about the same here, only 50F here, but 10F tomorrow13:17
BluesKaj10F is quite normal for Northern Ontario13:31
lotuspsychjegood evening to all17:17
ducasseevening, lotuspsychje17:20
lotuspsychjehey ducasse17:20
BluesKajHey lotuspsychje, ducasse17:23
lotuspsychjehey BluesKaj all good?17:23
ducasse\o BluesKaj17:23
BluesKajyup, fine hare and you, lotuspsychje17:23
lotuspsychjefinished work, now lil irc chill :p17:23
* BluesKaj nods :-)17:24
lotuspsychje2 new factoids17:26
ubot5KPTI is a mitigation for the !Meltdown security issue. With some workloads on some processors, KPTI has a significant performance impact. KPTI can be disabled by adding "nopti" to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT line in /etc/default/grub. This should only be done if absolutely necessary because it will disable protections against Meltdown and thus allow any malicious user process to read memory and probably escalate to root.17:26
ubot5Current Ubuntu 17.10 ISOs contain a bug that makes firmware memory read-only. https://pad.lv/1734147 contains more information and fixes for users affected by this issue. The kernel in the 17.10 repositories has been updated and will not trigger this bug, so upgrading is now safe. Ubuntu 17.10 ISOs will be re-released on January 11th with updated, safe, packages.17:26
BluesKajyup, the kernel came down the pipe yesterday17:27
lotuspsychjethe kernel fixes the nopti grubline right?17:28
nacclotuspsychje: 'fixes'?17:34
lotuspsychjenacc: i mean the nopti line in grub, do you have to add it even after the new kernel updates or not?17:34
nacclotuspsychje: welll "have to add" is dependent upon the context of the faq17:35
nacclotuspsychje: you never "have to add" it17:35
nacclotuspsychje: you can choose to add it, and it onlly makes sense on kernels where KPTI exists17:35
nacclotuspsychje: if you choose to do so, you're vulnerable17:35
nacclotuspsychje: so i'm not sure what your actual question is :)17:36
BluesKajlotuspsychje, I've rebooted with grub twice today, no probs17:36
lotuspsychjenacc: my question is, why has this trigger been added, what you reccomend users17:36
nacclotuspsychje: well, the faq says17:37
nacclotuspsychje: kpti has a perf. impact17:37
nacclotuspsychje: some customers may not care about security17:37
nacce.g., on firewalled systems that have no network17:37
naccbut they may care about perf.17:38
nacc(e.g., HPC clusters doing non-networked calculations)17:38
lotuspsychjeah i see17:38
nacc(that's just a thought, not something i know for sure)17:38
lotuspsychje!info harmony bionic18:39
ubot5Package harmony does not exist in bionic18:39
BluesKajtry concordance18:41
lotuspsychje!info concordance18:43
ubot5concordance (source: concordance): configuration tool for Harmony remotes. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.2-1build1 (artful), package size 16 kB, installed size 53 kB18:43
BluesKajthat's what comes up in muon search for harmony18:43
BluesKajon bionic18:44
lotuspsychjekk tnx18:44
lotuspsychjei was checking new releases in #ubuntu-release18:45
lotuspsychje_KingParrot: you gonna start again?19:11
lotuspsychje_1482 users neat19:16
lotuspsychje_hey EriC^^19:22
EriC^^what's up?19:23
lotuspsychje_chillin irc after work :p19:23
lotuspsychje_gonna throw myself in front of the tv soon19:24
EriC^^chillin in bed eating nachos and stuff19:27
lotuspsychje_cookie monster you19:27
lotuspsychje_EriC^^: :p19:34
lotuspsychje_hey Bashing-om19:34
Bashing-omlotuspsychje_: Back with the wolf pack :P19:39
lotuspsychje_EriC^^: almost 1500 users :p19:54
lotuspsychje_allrighty tv time guys19:56
lotuspsychje_have a nice night19:56
lotuspsychje_and dont do what lotus would do..19:56

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