DoubleDeeoof! my switch is broken.... rip wifi for wverything else in my room01:05
pranavgade20Hi there!08:31
pranavgade20is elopio here?08:32
pranavgade20hi guys08:41
omairqaziballoons wxl tsimonq2 mallen Carla Sella: there is a problem with this testcase http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/385/builds/164228/testcases/1689/ It does not refer to Lubuntu Alternate amd64.11:48
omairqaziballoons wxl tsimonq2 mallen Carla Sella: there is a problem with this testcase http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/385/builds/164228/testcases/1689/results It does not refer to Lubuntu Alternate amd64.12:32
daniellimwsdidrocks, regarding this task, https://codein.withgoogle.com/tasks/5411356859695104/?sp-organization=5133577048031232&sp-is_beginner=False, are the changes to be made to .bashrc?12:35
didrocksdaniellimws: that's one option, indeed, basically, it's looking at what fedora is doing and see if that can apply to us. Their solution is working for some releases from what I heard12:40
konrad11901sergiusens: could you check my submission please? It's been in "Submitted for review" state for about 66 hours. If you think that something should be corrected, please say so. Thanks!12:41
daniellimwsdidrocks, ok thanks :), will be taking up that task if there's still time after I finish my current one12:42
didrocksdaniellimws: sounds awesome! :-)12:43
daniellimwsdidrocks, my blender keeps crashing halfway through rendering the videos on my crappy computer but i'm rendering them now to individual png files and will be combining them to ffmpeg, should be able to send you the files very soon12:44
daniellimwshehe taking 1.5 hours to render less than one minute worth of video12:44
didrocksdaniellimws: yeah, unsurprised ;)12:46
daniellimwsparth_, hi, welcome!13:08
parth_thak you13:08
coolpolygonsy is this link's http link giving me a copy of 17.10 lubuntu :(13:12
coolpolygonsi need to re-do my test because of that :(((((13:13
coolpolygonsdoes anyone have a link to the bionic version of lubuntu for QA?13:13
coolpolygonsnvm its just 18.04 shown as 17.10 during installation, lemme file a bug report13:19
popeythe installer is always outdated13:22
popeythe slides in the installer never usually get updated until quite late in the development13:22
coolpolygonstsimonq2: can you review mine? (We talked this over but whatev still uploading here also) https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/6683038199054336/13:32
balloonsomairqazi, you are right. Can you file a bug for it? You could even attempt to fix it13:44
omairqaziballoons: i already did so when doing iso testing https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-tests/+bug/174266513:45
ubot93Launchpad bug 1742665 in ubuntu-manual-tests "Testcase not reflecting to correct Lubuntu Version" [Undecided, New]13:45
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Nissaaranyone completed the package an electron snap task ?15:50
Nissaari need help15:50
m4sk1nNissaar: how can we help you?16:01
coolpolygonstsimonq2 can you review mine if you got the time? https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/4805088310722560/ thank you :D16:04
daniellimwshi are degville and davidcalle around? I've submitted a couple of tutorials hope you guys can check them before gci ends.16:24
degvilledaniellimws: yep, we're both here.16:25
daniellimwsdegville, can you have a look at these if you are free? https://github.com/canonical-websites/tutorials.ubuntu.com/pulls/daniellimws16:27
davidcalledaniellimws: hey, the debugging one is on my list of things to review this week,  no worries :)16:31
degvilledaniellimws: I'll take a look, but I can't see you linked to the task instances in gci? eg. Connecting to an iSCSI target.16:32
daniellimwssorry I haven't claimed any of them yet16:32
daniellimwsjust did them in advance hope that does not violate any rules16:32
degvilledaniellimws: I'm not sure, but there's obviously a risk someone else may assign themselves a task while your tutorial is waiting for review. I'll look at the iSCSI one asap though.16:38
daniellimwsdegville, thanks a lot16:42
Nissaarhttps://gist.github.com/popey/7803cfbda9b337fab792c403e50e4709 i actually followed this tutorial. and when it comes to npm run dist or npm run lint(since this is what contains the scripts section) this is the output: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26366666/17:00
popeylooks like you need "npm run build-linux" maybe?17:01
m4sk1nNissaar: so it’s the correct output, no errors17:01
popeylint just does checks to make sure it's all valid17:02
m4sk1nyup, that’s what I said17:02
popeyor indeed "npm run linux"17:02
m4sk1nhe asked on askubuntu17:02
popeyah okay :)17:02
Nissaarit showing another things,downloading etc... ill wait and come back to you if anything goes wrong17:04
Nissaarcan you please check this17:09
popeyNissaar: did you update the electron-builder version?17:10
Nissaaruve modified it in the package.json file17:12
popeylooks like it's missing icons2png again17:13
Nissaarpopey: what should be done ?17:15
popeyapt install icnsutils17:15
popeyi think17:15
popeythat's one thing that's missing17:15
popeywow, not sure what's going on there17:19
popeywhat version of electron-builder did you specify?17:19
popeywhat version of node do you have there?17:21
popeynode --version17:21
popeyahh that's likely the issue!17:22
Nissaarwhat should i do ?17:23
popeythe guide I wrote mentions using the latest version of node from nodesource17:23
popeyright near the top iirc17:23
Nissaarshould i install it in the ndm directory ? or in my home directory ?17:24
popeythere's a two-line thing to update node.. one moment17:24
popeycurl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_9.x | sudo -E bash -17:24
popeysudo apt-get install -y nodejs17:24
popeythen in the ndm directory run "npm install" then re-run the npm run you ran before17:25
Nissaarthe version is still the same17:26
Nissaari run sudo apt-get upgrade -y nodejs17:26
Nissaarit seems to be updating17:27
Nissaarit has updated with you commands. thx17:34
Nissaarpopey:https://paste.ubuntu.com/26367255/ can you pllease check this17:35
popeydo what it says on line 1717:36
Nissaarim run the npm rebuild node-sass --force17:36
coolpolygons_wxl there?17:40
wxlhaven't had sufficient caffeine yet, but yes, coolpolygons_17:41
coolpolygons_wxl sorry to hear that :( i signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, you can check it here: https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/4818392508792832/17:42
wxlcoolpolygons_: like i said, i do get notifications XD17:42
coolpolygons_alright :D17:42
coolpolygons_may i recommed a double shot espresso xD17:43
omairqazikyrofa elopio popey flexiondotorg: hi ! please take a look at my submission https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5259110377324544/17:52
* popey looks17:53
daniellimwspopey, regarding my uber snap, is it ready for the task to be approved?17:53
omairqazipopey please reply on gci itself17:53
popeyDone :)17:56
popeydaniellimws: Yes!17:57
daniellimwspopey, is it ok if I claim that tomorrow? going to bed now..17:59
popeysure thing!18:00
Nissaarpopey: can you check as from line 72 please ?18:04
popeyright, there's two options here :)18:05
popey1, install the rpm tools to make it build an rpm18:05
popey2, put snap before rpm in the package.json ;)18:05
Acceleratorkyrofa, Think you could give yet another look at my submission?18:05
Nissaarpopey:how do i download rpm tools?18:05
popeyNissaar: for 1), apt install rpm18:05
popeyfor 2) just put snap before rpm, it will make a snap okay then fail when it gets to rpm.18:05
popeythe best thing is to install rpm, so that works :)18:06
Nissaarthanks im installing rpm18:06
Nissaarpopey: i need help for the 2nd step18:09
popeyoh, you don't need to do 2)18:09
popeyyou either do 1 or 218:09
popeyif you installed rpm, you're done, rebuild and it should work18:09
Nissaari did 1.18:09
Nissaari run nom run build-linux again ?18:10
Nissaarim on it18:11
Nissaarpopey: after running npm run build-linux, i should have obtained a snap file right ?18:15
popeyyeah, probably an rpm and appimage and other stuff too18:15
popeyin the dist/ or release/folder maybe?18:16
Nissaarndm-1.2.0x86_64.rpm is it this one ?18:16
popeywell, that's the rpm :)18:16
Nissaarsnap install dist/applicationname.snap --dangerous what do i do with this command ?18:17
popeyis there a snap file there?18:17
Nissaarinstead of dist it will be releases for me. what about he '.snap' ?18:17
Nissaarno there is not18:17
popeycan you pastebin the log of the build?18:18
popeyall of it18:18
popeyand did you add snap to the package.json?18:18
Nissaarwhere should i add the snap support ?18:19
Nissaari mean in which section ?18:19
Rurecznikhi everyone18:20
Nissaari think i missed that part18:20
popeyadd a target18:20
Nissaari doing it again18:20
popeyjust add  a line above "deb",  which is "snap",18:20
Nissaarthere already was deb,zip and rpm.18:20
Nissaaris it necessary to add it before deb? coz i added it last ?18:21
popeyIt will build in the order you put them18:21
popeyif you put snap first, it builds the snap first and you can the install it while it builds the others18:21
Nissaarguess ill have to wait now :D18:22
coolpolygons_popey: there?18:22
popeyit should build pretty quick the second time, caching stuff18:22
popeymaybe :)18:22
popeycoolpolygons_: hi18:22
popeyi am, but not for long, i need to go afk soon18:22
Nissaarpopey: btw, can i use this tutorial for the package and publish electron snap task ?18:22
coolpolygons_yeah so if you dont have any errors for the snap tutorials, then do we just attach a screenshot as a proof of install and say "no bugs" in the submission?18:22
popeycoolpolygons_: yup!18:23
coolpolygons_and also i went ahead and did a bunch of them while waiting for a review, so you might get a lot of notifications :P18:23
coolpolygons_alright, thank you :D18:23
popeyI'll look out for them18:23
popeyNissaar: not sure I understand18:23
elopiopopey: here's a new task proposal: https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/tasks/6406667723866112/ what do you think?18:24
popeyelopio: really not sure about that18:24
elopiowas just an idea, feel free to not approve it :D18:24
popeyelopio: i have seen other projects do things like this, seems a bit artificial18:24
Nissaarpopey: i mean for the ' package and publish an electron snap task ' can i use this tutorial : https://gist.github.com/popey/7803cfbda9b337fab792c403e50e470918:25
popeyNissaar: yeah, this is totally for that18:25
elopiopopey: I disagree, of course. I added a requirement to have finished other tasks. But I can understand if you drop it.18:25
elopioalso popey, you never published the lxd one: https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/tasks/5500534314237952/18:26
elopiois it missing something?18:26
Nissaarahh ok thx18:26
popeyelopio: completely missed it, sorry18:26
popeyelopio: done18:26
elopiothank you!18:26
popeyelopio: feel free to get a second opinion about happyness from flexiondotorg  when he's about18:27
elopiopopey: I will tell him tomorrow to take a look.18:27
popeydrop him a mail with the link, he'll probbaly see it quicker18:27
konrad11901elopio: do you maybe have permission to approve the docstrings task? It's been 72 hours since I submitted it for review :/18:28
elopiokonrad11901: I don't know. Can you send me the link?18:28
elopiopopey: will do18:28
popeygoing afk for a bit18:29
popeyback later18:29
konrad11901elopio: https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/6562812467871744/18:29
konrad11901thanks elopio! :)18:33
Acceleratorelopio: Mind looking at mine? https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5319977328443392/?sp-page=218:35
elopioAccelerator: looking...18:36
elopioAccelerator: replied. You can run the static tests locally, take a look at HACKING and TESTING docs. They all need to pass, before we can land your pull request18:38
AcceleratorAlright thanks18:39
kyrofaAccelerator, done18:49
Acceleratorkyrofa, Could i get an extension?18:49
kyrofaAccelerator, of course18:52
Nissaarcan someone review this please ?18:53
Acceleratorkyrofa, Alright thanks18:53
kyrofaAccelerator, mind giving me a link to your task?18:53
kyrofaAccelerator, oh got it18:53
Nissaarkyrofa:https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5373896733753344/ can please review this too ?18:54
kyrofaNissaar, have you built the snap of the selected application and tested that it works as expected?18:56
Nissaarkyrofa: yes18:56
kyrofaflexiondotorg, popey how shall we review those tasks when the real product is the PR they make to upstream?18:59
kyrofaI sort of feel like we should be taking a snap for a test run19:02
Nissaarkyrofa: is there any problem with my task ?19:03
kyrofaNissaar, not necessarily, I'm just not sure how to best review it19:04
kyrofaSo I'm asking the folks who created the task what they had in mind19:04
Nissaarkyrofa: ahhh ok. its night at my place, im going to sleep. ill be wiating for the review. thanks19:05
kyrofaNissaar, sounds good, sleep well!19:05
Nissaarkyrofa: thanks mate19:05

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