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flocculanttsimonq2: I think the testcase shown against alternate no network on your tracker  needs changing  bug 174266517:57
ubot5bug 1742665 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "Testcase not reflecting to correct Lubuntu Version" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/174266517:57
flocculantjust fyi :)17:57
tsimonq2flocculant: ack, although I'm going to bounce this to wxl because he's Lubuntu's QA head :)17:59
wxltsimonq2: go make a GCI task for him to fix it :)18:00
flocculantthey can't18:00
flocculantif they can - then I will jump up and down so much - that you'll be getting a tsunami over your side of the pond :D18:01
flocculanttsimonq2 wxl - anyway - I did my bit, made the bug invalid :D18:02
wxlok i see the problem18:03
wxlit's not a testcase issue18:03
wxlit's something the release manager can fix18:03
wxlso off to you tsimonq2 XD18:03
flocculantha ha ha18:04
flocculantyou 2 crack me up :)18:04
wxlyeah it's a constant game of Not My Job™ XD18:05
flocculantI could of course fix it as well - but I've been out of the house for 12 hours, had no tea, could eat a scabby dog, and am still sat in the motorbike waterproofs :P18:05
wxlor at least: It's Your Job™18:05
wxlwe don't typically do this to other contributors :)18:05
flocculantbiab - when I dealt with various things ...18:05
wxloops he lost his head18:06
flocculantoh noes18:06
tsimonq2wxl: Yeah well TECHICALLY you're ALSO an RM but I guess this one time I'll JFDI ;)18:07
wxlbut *ACTUALLY*18:08
wxlyou are it :)18:08
flocculantit's like the Statler and Waldorf show in here :p18:09
tsimonq2wxl: ugh give me the right testcase number18:13
flocculanttsimonq2: it's in the bug report :p18:13
flocculant1700 if I'm right :)18:13
wxland flocculant is never wrong18:14
flocculantha ha ha18:14
flocculantif only that were so - I could make millions :p18:14
wxlyeah i mean jeez look at trump18:14
wxlhe's a genius18:14
flocculantha ha ha18:15
flocculantstablye jeenius he is for sure :p18:15
wxla stable one at that, i hear18:15
wxli'm just going to go ahead and quietly drop this here. just pretend you didn't see anything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WxNRtu8jh418:16
flocculantThis video is not available18:16
wxlaww fooey18:17
wxltrump probably took it down18:17
wxlit's "Mein Trumpf" by MDC18:17
tsimonq2wxl: Soo... I have no idea what I'm doing :)22:12
tsimonq2wxl: How do I edit this from my end?22:12
wxlyou know what i've always done?22:12
tsimonq2No clue :)22:13
wxlkeep clicking at it until it works XD22:14
wxlif you figured out how to fix the links for dot one i'm sure you can handle it22:14
wxltl;dr i don't know for sure22:15
wxlnot joking.22:15
tsimonq2wxl: Here's the thing, I need to edit the test*suite*22:15
tsimonq2wxl: I'll poke around in the website source but I have a feeling I can't do that as a non-admin :/22:16
wxli KNOW there's a way to do it somehow22:16
wxli guess i'll log in and see if i can figure it out22:16
wxl1700 right?22:16
* tsimonq2 greps the source22:16
tsimonq2wxl: yeah22:16
wxlwhich one is the WRONG one?22:19
tsimonq2wxl: I can't access that page.22:19
wxloh really?22:19
wxlare you logged in?22:19
tsimonq2wxl: 1689 in Alternate is the wrong one22:19
tsimonq2Yeah I'm logged in22:19
wxlyou know i do have perms others don't22:20
wxli'm not just release manager, i have testcase/qa-site status22:20
tsimonq2How would I go about getting those if that's a thing people are willing to give me? :)22:20
wxlwell you might want to check with flocculant22:21
tsimonq2flocculant: hi :)22:21
wxlfixed it22:31
tsimonq2k cool22:32
wxli think that's what you want22:39
wxli'm also in https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-testcase but i doubt that gives top level admin access22:39
wxlit's also possible it's hardcoded, as i believe general release manager access is22:40
wxllike there's not *A* team one can get added to to mark things as ready/not22:40
wxlthere's a bunch of hardcoded teams22:41

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