diddledandaftykins: I've found your next kitty: https://twitter.com/AMAZlNGNATURE/status/95126513939893452801:33
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:26
foobarrypopey: did you get anywhere with a flameshot snap?08:58
MooDoohowdy all09:12
diddledanmy path to world domination has progressed. I'm now "well-known" and "trusted": https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/alias-request-for-newsboat-podboat/3434/316:41
daftykinslittle does he know...16:42
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AzelphurHi folks, completely offtopic random question. Does anyone know of some PoS software I could use on an Android tablet? Needs to work offline, doesn't need to be amazingly featured, it's for a tuck shop in a club.16:55
daftykinshttps://www.clover.com/ ?16:57
daftykinspaypal have a thing also, but lol paypal16:57
Azelphurdon't need card processing either, just cash, logging what has been sold is pretty much the only requirement16:58
daftykinsthen libreoffice calc ;)16:58
Azelphurhaha, that amusingly could be an answer, I bet it supports buttons and images.16:58
Azelphurwould need a bit of scripting, but I bet it's possible16:59
Azelphurexcept for the fact that it's an android tablet, so no libreoffice :(16:59
daftykinsmmm, never done much beyond very basic things with google sheets17:00
Azelphurme too17:00
AzelphurI feel like there must be something out there to do it, it's just hard to find17:00
daftykinsi think this is one of those tasks that you can get done sooner than you can find17:04
Azelphurdaftykins: probably17:29
NafalloPayment of Service? I read it as Piece of S**t ;-)17:56
daftykinspoint of sale (: but i also read that first xD18:04
foobarryAzelphur: i thought yuo'd retired and bought an island with bitcoin profits by now..19:43
foobarrysounds like the sort of 3rd year project or even school computing project would produce quite a few of those type of apps19:44
Azelphurfoobarry: well, the former part of that statement is more or less true19:45
Azelphurquit my job back in October19:45
zmoylan-pinow looking for the perfect volcano lair that's kitty friendly? :-)19:47
AzelphurI'm living a fairly modest retirement at age 27, can't knock it.19:47
Azelphurwouldn't mind getting back into work though, just something a bit more sane than my last job :)19:47
daftykinsand closer to home? ;)19:48
Azelphurhaha, remote work never bugged me, if anything I preferred it19:48
Azelphurmuch better working remote and having no commute time / cost :)19:48
daftykinscommuting is an alien concept to me, furthest i've ever been was crossing from the centre to the north-east of the island, a 15 minute cycle19:49
daftykinsat least in my fitter youth19:49
Azelphurfor me, unless it's remote, it's London19:49
Azelphurwhich is a ~2 hour train journey, screw that.19:49
foobarrywhat was the last job?19:49
Azelphurfoobarry: Python/Django web dev stuff19:50
foobarryif i'm making youtube screencasts to put on our docs site, i don't need to show a picture in picture with my face too do I?19:55
foobarrypeople seem to have a habit of doing so but it doesn't seem to add anything20:00
daftykinsi wouldn't bother, as long as the audio of your voice is decent quality20:03
daftykinsif that's what you're doing even20:03
foobarrytalking over mainly linux terminal20:04
foobarrymost linux screen/webcam studio apps seem abandoned :(20:08
ali1234OBS works fine for me20:09
foobarryhadn't seen that one (OBS) before20:09
ali1234it's the one everyone uses for twitch, if they don't want to pay or prefer FOSS20:10
daftykinsit's just not the friendliest :>20:11
foobarryneed to find out how to screen zoom. compiz used to be awesome for that20:12
ali1234xfce has the same feature20:12
ali1234but you have to press alt20:12
foobarryjust disovered typora which is a nice "live edit" markdown writer20:12
foobarryelementary has super key and +/- but ot the same slick compiz way with mouse20:14
ali1234KDE is the same20:14
ali1234you can bind it to any possible keyboard shortcut, but not mouse buttons20:14
foobarryactually its not too bad once you get the hang. it zooms around wherever the pointer is. maybe its enough20:15
foobarryfinding that lots of users can't be bothered to read the docs that have been lovingly made20:16
foobarryso the youtube generation might prefer some vids20:16
zmoylan-pitoo late20:19
foobarrythe one that got away20:20
foobarryits funny. computerphile are one of the least professionally produced vids on youtube but v popular regardless20:21
zmoylan-pii'll get my harpoon gun... :-P20:21
foobarrywobbly camera and marker pen+ fanfold paper20:21
foobarrywhere do they get all that green printer paper?20:22
foobarry1980 stocks?20:22
zmoylan-pilots of that paper still in use20:22
zmoylan-piwerever there is a dot matrix printer...20:22

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