cmaloneyApparently Craig Maloney (UK) changed his address15:45
cmaloneyI know this because Craig Maloney (UK) used my email address on his phone account15:45
cmaloneyso I (Craig Maloney, USA) contacted support to see if they would remove the address.15:45
_stink_heh, my wife gets tons of stuff from a woman with the same name in maryland15:48
_stink_like etsy vendors, her gym, her ob/gyn...15:48
cmaloneyThe agent was a little surprised when I said "I don't have a phone number", meaning I'm not in the UK15:52
cmaloneyand doubly so when I gave a 1-248 number15:52
_stink_listen to me speak.  i am MERICAN.15:54
cmaloneyIt was online chat15:54
cmaloneyscrew calling the UK for this15:54

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