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KingParrotAnyone here ever use python3-tk?03:20
Unit193In the context of having it installed and used something that used it, I believe.  Myself?  No.03:21
KingParrotI attempted to install  python3-tk? on 2 diffrent linux distros and both asked for the exact same binary packages.03:22
KingParrotI searched for the one some what exsaneivly and could not find it.03:23
KingParrotand the other I found one that is slightly newer then the one it ask for.03:23
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Unit193Not entirely sure what you're trying to do here.03:27
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PCLine_I was just trying to connect and stay connected!03:39
Unit193Nah KingParrot was asing about python3-tk, possibly the ability to install it (which I see no issue with.)03:39
PCLine_I didnt think that was for me but thats all I seen on my screen - Hello Unit193.03:43
Unit193Howdy, PCLine_.03:43
Unit193Looks like connection issues since your IP kept changing.03:43
PCLine_I think it was a Dell Update (or Windows Update) that was installing.03:45
Unit193Yes, meltdown patches would be good to apply.03:46
PCLine_I dont know if its Windows10 or Dells Hardware - But the Wireless on this system stinks!  Right now the ICON shows a Red X - No anything!03:47
KingParrot python3-tk I have never used it03:51
KingParrotHave you ever used Mageia 4.1?04:13
KingParrotsudo chmod [*]+x04:31
KingParrotsudo chmod [*]+RH04:32
KingParrotNSA Asked Linus Torvalds To Install Backdoors Into GNU/Linux04:36
KingParrotThe NSA does not build topics for Ubuntu chat rooms.06:18
KingParrot14.04 Ubuntu does not looke like snow leaperd.06:22
KingParrotsudo apt - get fluffy bunny06:26
KingParrotI never seen a unity desktop on a Linux mint.06:29
KingParrotI think the ubuntu cops booted me.06:41
Unit193For saying nonsense in #ubuntu, yep.  They did ask you to stop.06:41
KingParrotAguanas with big red hats are nice this time of year.06:44
KingParrotI don't like the unity desktop never did.06:51
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