tjaaltonRAOF: hi, did you have a chance to look at the mesa mir patches yet?06:12
RAOFtjaalton: I started looking, then got distracted.06:13
RAOFSince this bug that I'm working on is driving me crazy, maybe a change of pace back there would be niceā€¦06:14
tjaaltonbtw, the pkg-xorg repos migrated to salsa.debian.org06:14
RAOFtjaalton: Entirely unrelatedly, Xorg reproducibly dies when logging in for me: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/174261206:17
ubottuError: launchpad bug 1742612 not found06:17
RAOFThis makes using my desktop somewhat less fun :)06:18
tjaaltonwhich release?06:19
tjaaltonthere is a mesa regression in xenial, caused by a backported patch which broke gen4/gen5 intel if not using -intel06:19
tjaaltonbut guess it's not that06:20
RAOFIntel is also the only mainstream GPU vendor not being driven by that X server :)06:21
tjaaltonalright then :)06:22
tjaaltonlaunchpad says that page doesn't exist06:23
RAOF'twas private, although you should be able to see anyway?06:28
RAOFTry again06:28
tjaaltonI should yeah06:32
tjaaltonhaha, apport closed it as invalid06:32
tjaaltonthe stack should be mostly the same as on artful though06:35
RAOFOh, yeah.06:40
RAOFThe stack will be broken because it's the stack from my -O0 nostrip build.06:40
tjaaltonah :)06:40
RAOFHm. How do I get my salsa login, I wonder...06:43
tjaaltonuse https://signup.salsa.debian.org/ 06:45
tjaaltoniirc you're not a dd?06:45
RAOFAlways meant to apply, never quite get around to it :)06:46
tjaaltonfind -name .git | while read d; do sed -i 's,= 06:46
tjaalton                  .*\(git\|anonscm\)\.debian\.org.*pkg-xorg/,= git@salsa.debian.org:xorg-team/,' $d/config; 06:46
tjaalton                  done06:46
tjaaltonto migrate cloned repos06:46
tjaaltonnice paste06:46
tjaaltontseliot is almost done with nvidia repackaging to work with glvnd, so I'll merge that too for bionic06:47
tjaaltonwithin the next month or so06:47
RAOFThe X-side of that is not quite done yet, right?06:49
tjaaltonright, serverside-glvnd isn't merged yet06:49
RAOFMy amazing desktop is not going to get to try NVIDIA binary + Radeon :)06:49
tjaaltoncould be we get both at the same time06:49
tjaalton1.20 should get it though, and the plan was to release it this month :P06:50
tjaaltonmore likely february06:50
tjaaltonRAOF: once you have the accound, apply for xorg-team07:13
RAOFCool, done.07:15

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