michael2so if `apt-get dist-upgrade` was used instead of `apt-get upgrade` then the mariadb upgrade would actually happen automatically?00:01
zomaar_Some high level features of mysql might not instantly work in mariadb so they don't want to risk disrupting some installation00:03
lucas-argany good software like pspp for data analysis??00:03
michael2are the packages somehow tagged (say in the control file in the .deb archive).  to state "dont upgrade me non-interactively" and thats how apt/dpkg differentiate between them?00:03
zomaar_nacc has the answer to that00:03
zomaar_But I am pretty sure the answer is yes00:04
zomaar_dpkg doesn't know it though00:05
michael2it would be good to know, as you could potentially do a `apt list --upgradeable` to see what will be upgraded, then if you could distinguish those packages before runnig the upgrades - that would be helpful00:05
zomaar_Oh I might be wrong00:08
zomaar_But anyway00:09
zomaar_It's about new dependencies00:09
zomaar_If a package has new dependencies, it is held back00:09
zomaar_So kernels come in new packages00:11
zomaar_The linux-generic package is upgraded and gets a new dependency on the new kernel package00:11
michael2why would new dependencies be considered risky?00:11
zomaar_Maybe just for this purpose00:12
zomaar_mysql is also upgraded in this way00:12
zomaar_When you upgrade mysql-common, it actually installs mariadb00:12
zomaar_So this is how they change subsystems around00:13
zomaar_They upgrade a package that already exists00:13
michael2where mariadb is a new dependency?00:13
zomaar_And this new version has different dependencies00:13
zomaar_And it also removes stuff00:14
salamanderrakedid a 'sudo apt-get install lldb-5.0' which is from clangs apt repo, and its having conflicts with python-lldb-4.0 'trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/lldb', which is also in package python-lldb-4.0 1:4.0-1ubuntu1'00:14
zomaar_salamanderrake: If you want to easily solve it you can dpkg-divert the one you don't want00:15
salamanderrakeI tried fixing it by removing the *lldb-4.0* packages, but it won't get past lldb-5.0 even though its not installed.00:15
salamanderrakeak ok00:15
zomaar_But you may need to repeat this a couple of times00:15
michael2packages will regularly specify new _versions_ of dependencies - but that doesn't count as a new dependency, its only if its a completely different package the the parent package previously didnt need?00:15
salamanderrakezomaar_: do I need to specifgy the deb file?00:16
zomaar_salamanderrake: but lidb is supposed to be a directory00:17
zomaar_salamanderrake: No this works for individual files00:17
zomaar_salamanderrake: Oh00:17
salamanderrakeit is a folder00:17
zomaar_salamanderrake: You can fix that by running sudo apt-get -f install00:17
zomaar_Or dpkg --configure -a00:18
zomaar_apt-get -f install will probably remove something00:18
salamanderrakenope, just failed.00:18
zomaar_then run dpkg --configure -a first00:18
salamanderrakenope either.00:19
zomaar_Then you need to show some logs00:19
zomaar_dpkg also as sudo00:20
salamanderrakeyes, first time was a mistake00:20
zomaar_but what is output the second time00:20
salamanderrakeits part of the log00:21
salamanderrakegive me a sec00:21
salamanderrakeI updated the gist00:21
zomaar_But you can't remove the 5 version?00:22
salamanderrakeIts not installed00:22
salamanderrakeThat is the one I tried to install00:22
zomaar_Did you run the apt remove command?00:23
salamanderrakehold on00:23
salamanderrakesudo apt-get remove python-lldb-4.0 lldb-4.0 lldb liblldb-4.0 liblldb-4.0-dev codelite lldb-5.0 liblldb-5.0-dev did it00:23
zomaar_no no no\00:23
zomaar_the 500:24
zomaar_oh ok00:24
salamanderrakeOk, working now00:24
salamanderrakelldb-5.0 is installed.00:24
zomaar_when you install and it fails, it leaves the package in an unconfigured state00:25
zomaar_but it is still installed00:25
zomaar_or something of the kind00:25
salamanderrakethanks for pointing that out.00:25
zomaar_or not installed but broken00:25
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tatertotsBobby: do you have a issue "technical" in nature?00:42
abdouhello ,00:45
gordonjcpabdou: hello00:46
abdouwhere i can install gnome from00:46
ubottuGNOME was the default desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10. To install the GNOME Shell, type [ sudo apt-get install gnome-shell ] in a !terminal. For the GNOME-based !flavor of Ubuntu, see !ubuntu-gnome00:47
mg55`you prefer gnome over unity?00:48
naccmg55`: not ontopic for this channel00:48
naccsorry, above 'k' was stray, sorry00:48
naccabdou: what version of ubuntu are you on?00:49
naccabdou: you cann install the gnome-desktop package, i believe00:49
abdoushould i download it first00:49
naccabdou: download wht?00:49
naccabdou: i'm not sure i undrestand00:50
naccabdou: if you are already on 16.04, then you can install the metapackage i just said00:50
naccabdou: if you are going to reinstall, then you can install the ubuntu gnome iso, if you wannt00:50
abdoubut how i can do that.. im new with ubuntu00:51
naccabdou: how can you do what? i gave you two options.00:51
abdouhow can i install the gnome desktop pakage00:52
naccabdou: open a terminal; `sudo apt update; sudo apt install gnome-desktop`00:52
naccabdou: i thik you could also search for the same from any of the GUI tools00:53
naccabdou: although if you are that unfamiliar with ubuntu, i would suggest you first get used to ubuntu then do that kinnd of tweaking/installation00:53
abdouhmm oky thanks :)00:53
dm_compI'm bit confused how Ubuntu handles firewall. So iptables is installed but I get Failed to start iptables.servcie. What gives?00:55
dm_compalso ufw status Status: inactive00:56
dm_compufw: Active: active (exited)00:56
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo00:57
oerheksit is active, without any rules, standard00:57
redphoneare the updated isos for 17.10 out?00:57
oerheksredphone, not yet, i just checked, but they are released today, 11th00:58
dm_compoerheks: I've disabled and stopped ufw. Why can't I start iptables. I want to manage my firewall using iptables.01:02
dm_compusing systemctl01:02
oerheksdm_comp, remove ufw completely first perhaps? sudo apt-get purge ufw01:03
dm_compokay, let me try that01:04
redphoneoerheks, it's well past midnight in some areas of europe already, just curious since i need to install a clean image on a new thinkpad01:10
adman120anyone know if it is possible to export a fuse mount over nfs01:11
oerheksredphone, nothing we can do to speed it up.01:13
jeffmrDoes anyone know how to bring up the transparent shortcut menu that appears when you boot ubuntu unity for the first time?01:14
oerheksjeffmr, hold the windows key01:14
jeffmrI don't have one.  Just an alt and ctrl.01:15
xs2can I restore entire default /usr/share/icons/mimes/*?01:20
redphoneoerheks, where are the images being built? in case i can grab a build farm iso or such01:20
oerheksredphone, i don't know that, or if that is even possible, just be patient01:24
oerheksjeffmr, i am looking around, you have an Apple keyboard?01:24
jeffmrIts an asus chrome keyboard so just like a chrome keyboard.01:25
jeffmrProbably not a key on here for it.  I think.01:25
jeffmrCan it be invoked at the command line?01:25
pauljwjeffmr, maybe you can go into settings > keyboard > shortcuts(?) and see if it's assigned to the superkey and edit it so it is assigned to an unused key combo on your keyboard?01:29
jeffmrSure. Thanks.  I'll try that.01:29
pauljwjust a guess...01:29
oerheksi didn't find it there, maybe overlooked?01:30
jeffmrI don't see it there.01:31
jeffmrWhat is that thing called?  Do you know?01:31
oerheksi see it in unity-tweak-tool, [unity] > [switcher]01:32
oerheks!info unity-tweak-tool01:33
ubottuunity-tweak-tool (source: unity-tweak-tool): configuration tool for the Unity desktop environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0.7ubuntu4 (artful), package size 362 kB, installed size 2722 kB01:33
oerheksmaybe you can remap it to ALT+r01:33
groggday, ive got a nanoPi neo running their ubuntucore 16.04 image, i'd like PPS support and am wondering if someone could point me to the relevant kernel/module re/building documentation... i need PPS_CLIENT_LDISC (but seems to be dcd only and i'd like cts) and/or PPS_CLIENT_GPIO (to use any pin)01:34
jeffmrSure.  I have to find it.01:34
jeffmroerheks, so is it called the switcher?01:36
jeffmrI don't see it in mine.01:38
oerheks1st row unity, switcher01:38
oerheks* you have to install the tweak-tool first01:39
jeffmrNo, I have switcher but its just the gesture to switch between programs.01:39
jeffmrI did.01:39
jeffmralt tab01:39
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oerheksjeffmr, err .. last item, additional ( sorry)01:40
oerheks' show the launcher '01:40
jeffmrOh, I see.01:40
pauljwdon't think that's it, oerheks it called display shortcuts and it seems to be a enabled/disabled function.01:41
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snadgewhen building a debian package.. how does one apply the patches in the debian/patches directory.. without actually building the package01:42
pauljwin the additional tab is where you find the ck box.01:42
jeffmrIt worked.01:43
jeffmralt r brings it up.  Have to continue holding it down.01:43
pauljwah, great!01:43
jeffmractually, it doesn't now for some reason.01:44
makpafis3what do u mean01:45
explodesSo on this fresh install of 17.10, my wifi drivers are missing.01:45
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oerheksjeffmr, maybe you need to logou/login to let it take effect?01:45
explodesTrying to install the package, dkms is missing.01:45
jeffmrCould be.01:45
jeffmrI'll be back.01:46
explodesTrying to install dkms build-essentials is missing.01:46
explodesDid I download the wrong version of 17.10 from the official site?01:46
explodesI can't connect to the internet on that computer :|01:46
oerheksexplodes, you need to install build-essentials first, maybe by the !offline method ?01:47
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD01:47
makpafis3ok bye01:48
explodesoerheks: so on osx I install Synaptic?01:48
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline01:48
oerheksthose tools are not for osx01:49
oerheksyou need to do that manually, https://askubuntu.com/questions/778743/how-to-download-packages-on-mac-os-x-to-install-to-ubuntu-16-0401:50
explodescan someone on ubuntu paste the results of: apt-get --print-uris --yes install dkms | grep ^\' | cut -d\' -f201:52
explodesthis will give me a list i can wget on my connected computer01:52
explodesplease. and thank you01:52
explodesif i try to manually download each dep of build-essentials I'm going to be here all day01:54
explodesall week, really01:54
oerheksi am on 17.04 ( still) http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/d/dkms/dkms_2.3-3ubuntu1.2_all.deb01:54
explodesdkms has unmet dependencies thanks01:55
explodesthose deps are not included in the live cd01:55
oerheksi think it is the one you want, http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/d/dkms/?C=M;O=D01:55
TheNH813DKMS based driver install? The deps are likely build-essential and linux-headers.01:56
explodesoerheks: dpks -i live_cd/pool/main/d/dkms*.deb says its missing ^01:56
explodesoerheks: ^01:56
TheNH813I'd download them off archive.ubuntu.com if you're having issues with the disk. Or download part one of a full installation disk (if they still have those).01:57
oerheksTheNH813, yeah, doing this on osx, never done that before01:58
adman120hey is it possible to export a fuse mount over nfs?02:02
casey_Hey guys. I need a teeny bit of help. My computer outputs these error messages while booting up: https://imgur.com/u38YldJ02:03
casey_Sometimes the computer will boot up okay, but other times the computer will reboot several times before I can log in.02:04
mellowwhen I startup  my laptop there's always a page writes error:no symbol table. After few seconds it will startup normally.so why?02:05
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adman120hey is it possible to export a fuse mount over nfs?02:11
trincyoloHi, I closed my Ubuntu LTS laptop last night and the login screen wouldn't load this morning. Tried to reboot, but no luck. I chose advanced options on boot and tried booting from another kernel and now I' m on a frozen screen "loading linux generic"02:23
trincyolowhat do I do?02:23
jerso i'm planning on dual booting this machine with windows; i've installed ubuntu into sda (using lvm with an encrypted filesystem); the windows drive is presently sdb... it's been a decade or so since i installed windows, does it still require to be the first hard drive in the system if anyone knows, and if so, is there an easy way i can move ubuntu's drive w/o screwing up my ability to boot?02:24
Ben64jer: it doesn't need to be the first hard drive, grub can boot windows for you02:26
=== thehubbi is now known as hubbi
trincyoloI just tried to do a recovery mode and the last line of the output reads: "[ end Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount from root fs on unknown-block(0,0)02:27
=== hubbi is now known as thehubbi
trincyolothat sounds pretty pad02:27
jerBen64, thank you; then windows will touch the mbr on the drive it's being installed on and leave grub alone, right?02:28
jerapologies for the stupid and borderline off topic question02:28
Ben64jer: oh windows isn't installed yet?02:28
jerinstalling windows *after* ubuntu onto a different drive02:28
Ben64i would unplug the linux drive just to make sure it doesn't break it02:28
jergood call02:29
Ben64then you'd have to update grub to get it to find windows02:29
trincyoloalso getting: VFS: cannot open root device "sda2" or unknown-block(0,0): error -602:29
trincyoloSo basically does this mean that my HD is dead?02:30
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jerBen64, alright that doesn't sound too difficult, thank you02:30
cjs226Anyone know how often Canonical security's "rounds" are?  Per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/SpectreAndMeltdown?_ga=2.131468365.370049590.1515279335-1085782496.1515279335 "This initial round will address CVE-2017-5754 (aka Meltdown or Variant 3) for x86_64. We will address CVE-2017-5715 and CVE-2017-5753 (aka Spectre or Variant 1 & 2) in a subsequent round. We will also address additional architectures in subsequent rounds."02:32
frostschutzcjs226, fixes depend on upstream too, so doing more rounds doesn't really help, the dust has yet to settle ;)02:43
cjs226frostschutz, so we don't know when the spectre fix will be ready then, right?  i'm just trying to determine if i should push forward patching my environment or if i should wait a day or so02:44
oerhekscjs226, patched kernels are out, AFAIK02:45
ubottuMeltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti02:46
frostschutzcjs226, if you're not a high risk target (like - you host vm or give shells to random people on the internet) - you should be fine with regular updates as it were and not worry too much about it (compared to people who are still running windows 95)02:46
cjs226oerheks, from the link i provided above, it doesn't appear the fixes are ready for spectre yet02:47
cjs226frostschutz, thx.02:47
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AxiomaUYGood night everyone, i'm a not expert user of linux | Ubuntu03:03
AxiomaUYi'm dealing with some hdd issue, i'm getting a message of not enuff space in the hdd, and i can't mount one of my other hdd to expand my sistem root linux partition, someone can help me?03:03
Bashing-omAxiomaUY: Pastebin ' df -h ; df -i ' . see where this space is consumed . Then see what can be done .03:05
VystyYo! Anyone have much experience with kdenlive in here?03:05
AxiomaUYBashing-om ok let me pastebin it03:05
AxiomaUYhere Bashing-om https://pastebin.com/uH4zZ9KK03:08
AxiomaUYBashing-om some time, i try some tutorial from YouTube...this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2dBY_7E1R8&t=288s03:14
AxiomaUYbut i'm block in some point, some commands don't get results03:14
Bashing-omAxiomaUY: try ' sudo apt autoremove ' .03:15
thehubbiAxiomaUY, well, you do only have around 10 GB of space for your root partition, I don't think that's enough especially if your /home is also in the same partition03:15
AxiomaUYlet me see03:15
KingParrotAnyone here ever use python3-tk?03:18
AxiomaUYBashing-om i got 0 packages updated, 0 packages news and  308 packages not updated, but sudo apt autoremove is like a Cleaning command...03:19
BenderRodriguezKingParrot: nope03:19
BenderRodriguezand no one will03:19
BenderRodriguezunless you ask your question03:19
AxiomaUYthehubbi, in the fisrt time i only need one partition...but new i need more space...03:20
AxiomaUYshit happens jajaja03:20
Bashing-omAxiomaUY: Is true . removing obsolete packages - old kernels inclided . Making progress ?03:20
AxiomaUYBashing-om no progress at all03:21
coffeeguyAnyone have any problems after the reboot update?03:21
AxiomaUYBashing-om may be you know some hard way for mount the hdd03:21
coffeeguytrying to figure out why my system locks up03:21
AxiomaUYi have one partition reconiced but linux can't mount it...if we can mount thats partition, may be i can use Gparted o some tool for resize my root partition with free space i have got in the other partition thats i cant mount...03:23
Bashing-omAxiomaUY: Lost the context, what has "some hard way for mount the hdd" got to do with "out of disk space" ?03:23
KingParrotWell Axioma what is it you are trying to mount a partion or a device?03:27
AxiomaUYBashing-om when i talk about "the hard way" i mean, some process i can do with live usb image, apply some comands for reconice all partitions and all hdd and mount it, use Gparted o some tool and resize the root partition, after that run the system in the normal way03:27
AxiomaUYKingParrot i'm trying to maunt a hole device, with only one partition03:28
glassresistorfor my servers on the cloud do i need to restart after doing my security updates related to spectre03:29
AxiomaUYno hole...i mean full devie hdd03:29
KingParrotThat is instresting I have not had much exsperance tampering with such things.03:29
als1Akame, are you here?03:29
KingParrotI do understand the linux file system.03:29
glassresistoralso is trusty patched yet?03:30
KingParrotI currently have 5 Distros on this HD all working fine.  Gparted is awusum.03:30
AxiomaUYyes i know KingParrot03:30
AxiomaUYi use Gparted in every installation i make...buy03:31
AxiomaUYthis one, the last...I did not anticipate that I would need more space than I assigned when I installed03:32
KingParrotI mostly use it to wipe the drive but when setting up instalation I just use what is availble with that distro03:32
AxiomaUY¬_¬ wike is my last resourse...03:33
AxiomaUYi have some apps and configurations thats i don't want to do again03:33
KingParrotI recently distoryed ubuntuMATE.03:34
Bashing-omAxiomaUY: Agreed that 9,8G is way to small of a partition for an operating system . Show us ' sudo fdisk -lu ' in a pastebin .03:34
KingParrotIt was very intresting first time I ever killed a Linux distro03:34
AxiomaUYfor me wipe now is not an option03:34
AxiomaUYsure Bashing-on03:35
AxiomaUYsure Bashing-om03:35
KingParrotseems like most Linux distro sorta need around 12 GB min.03:35
KingParrotDepends on what a person is going to do with it though.03:35
Hensteplhaving trouble using my VPN I just bought in 17.1003:35
Bashing-omKingParrot: I see often 30 gigs .03:35
AxiomaUYhere is https://pastebin.com/UL846Ypp03:36
KingParrotI have deliebritly made 2 distroes at 45 GB each for testing out VirtualBox03:36
AxiomaUYmmm i'm dealing with 10 Gigs only for FontEnd develop...03:36
AxiomaUYno common user files...03:37
AxiomaUYlike images or music03:37
Bashing-omAxiomaUY: Think'n .. what is "  WinRE NTFS oculto " ? .. A recovery partition that you can copy off and then re-use that partition ?03:39
Hensteplhow do I do a VPN in 17.10 via GUI03:39
AxiomaUYlet me see Bashing-om03:40
AxiomaUYjaja USB DataTraveler conected03:40
AxiomaUYjajaja my bad03:40
Henstepli feel like if i do VPN from GUI i just have to have a terminal open at all times and that bothers me03:41
AxiomaUYwith some virus or malware or some thing like...03:41
KingParrotI have one distro currently installed on 13 GB03:41
AxiomaUYKingParrot are you the KingOfDistros maybe? jajaja03:42
KingParrotKing of Distros?03:42
KingParrotI perform test.03:43
AxiomaUYits a joke03:43
KingParrotI have over 25 Distros that had some sort of issue that I could not use on this Lap top.03:43
KingParrotWhat good is a Distro if it will not install or will not work.03:44
AxiomaUYBashing-om "450M WinRE NTFS oculto" is not a USB conected...may be is some MBR partition or something...03:44
KingParrotis he running it on a Raspbarry pie or something most use ext4 the root install.03:45
AxiomaUYKingParrot, i don't test distros, i use it and its all...03:45
Bashing-omAxiomaUY: That is a partiton - sda3 - Now if it is a recovery partition for windows . then it is possible to copy it off to DVD and use that partitipn to expand sda4 that holds the linux system .03:45
xwanyone else?03:46
KingParrothello xw03:46
AxiomaUYok Bashing-om but is only 450 Mibs03:46
AxiomaUYDisposit.  Inicio     Start     Final  Sectores   Size Id Tipo03:47
xwhao to change resolution?03:47
KingParrotI attempted to delete a distro out of multie boot set up and killed all the OS on that drive03:47
KingParrotand an other time I attempted to over wright one of the OS and that also killed all the distros on that drive.03:48
Bashing-omAxiomaUY: Ouch .. good point . Will also have to then mess with sda2 .. to get the room to expand . Oh boy . Will take someone experienced with Windows to guide further .03:48
KingParrotresulution on what?03:48
xwh5 board03:49
=== precise is now known as precise|snek
KingParrotI have not installed any Windows OS alone side a linux distro in a long time.03:49
=== hc_ is now known as Guest24289
AxiomaUYok Bashing-om03:49
EriC^^AxiomaUY: where do you want to get the free space from? /dev/sda2 100gb?03:50
AxiomaUYBashing-om Thank you very much for your time and your suggestions, it was very helpful anyway03:50
Bashing-omAxiomaUY: In oefer to grow a partition, one has to have unallocated space adjacent to the partiotion to be grown . on your case that is resizing 2 NTFS partitions .03:51
KingParrotAnyone here ever use python3-tk?03:51
AxiomaUYEriC^^ i want to get more space in /dev/sda403:51
EriC^^AxiomaUY: from /dev/sda2?03:52
Guest24289hi everyone03:52
AxiomaUYfrom /dev/sdb203:53
Guest24289do you copy03:53
AxiomaUYcheck my pastebin here https://pastebin.com/UL846Ypp03:53
EriC^^AxiomaUY: /dev/sdb2  264192 976773119 976508928 465,7G Microsoft Storage Spaces03:53
AxiomaUYyep EriC^^03:53
=== precise|snek is now known as crypticone
EriC^^AxiomaUY: you'll need to put it on a separate partition, like having a separate /home03:54
xwresize2fs /dev/sda2 5G03:54
AxiomaUYbut I start to think that it will not be possible to achieve it03:54
AxiomaUYI do not know how to do that ... it is possible to do it with Gparted EriC^^03:55
KingParrotpython3-tk I have never used it03:55
EriC^^AxiomaUY: yeah, first you need to shrink the filesystem and partition, then with the unallocated space create a ext4 partition and move your /home to it and edit fstab03:56
EriC^^!homepartitiong | AxiomaUY03:56
EriC^^!homepartition | AxiomaUY03:56
EriC^^!home | AxiomaUY03:56
ubottuAxiomaUY: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving03:56
xwhow to change resolution on armbian h5 board?03:57
AxiomaUYthanks EriC^^ and ubottu03:57
=== crypticone is now known as precise
KingParrotLooks like some crafty stuff EriC03:57
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xw- - ?03:58
KingParrotIt think it would be cool to have the skill to delete sda6 with out messing up the exstended partoin and or killing any of the other OS on the drive.03:59
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AxiomaUYwow move the home directory looks like a database migration...sound dangerous...03:59
EriC^^AxiomaUY: it's incredibly simple04:00
KingParrotIt is dangours but mostly if u have vital data on it.04:00
EriC^^you just move the files, and tell fstab to mount that partition under /home (using its uuid)04:00
KingParrotbut if you have some distros ready for a live boot off a usb to install it's not a big deal.04:01
AxiomaUYi have teamviewer if you want to do it for me...04:01
KingParrotJust make sure u have your vital data on something other then the PC u are working on.04:02
EriC^^AxiomaUY: i'll guide you through it04:02
EriC^^AxiomaUY: did you shrink the /dev/sdb2 yet?04:02
AxiomaUYhow i do it...04:02
EriC^^ok, open gparted and shrink it from there04:02
AxiomaUYwith de GUI or with the terminal?04:05
EriC^^gparted is a gui program04:05
EriC^^not sure what you mean04:06
AxiomaUYlet me show you04:06
mbffHello! I am trying to configure my interfaces file to get pfsense working inside KVM. Currently my /etc/network/interfaces file looks like this: https://gist.github.com/marshallford/cbf917a9cf8cbd8d23c641b04c193569 What gives? my WAN NIC passes though but the LAN isn't working at all04:08
AxiomaUYEriC^^ https://drive.google.com/file/d/11PxbfVUhhAJwoc4H5s2QrWthm_9EkkAd/view?usp=sharing04:08
EriC^^AxiomaUY: yeah, that's it04:08
mbffTo follow up my question: The Ubuntu Host OS should have the ip and allow enp8s0 (LAN NIC) to hook up to a switch or access point.04:08
AxiomaUYok, but i cant run it EriC^^04:09
EriC^^AxiomaUY: are you using ubuntu unity?04:09
AxiomaUYUbuntu 16.0404:09
EriC^^AxiomaUY: open the dash and type gparted04:10
AxiomaUYand unity...04:10
AxiomaUYShow nothing04:10
EriC^^AxiomaUY: try typing 'gksu gparted' in a terminal04:11
AxiomaUYlook https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QNuZzpMd7p-OXUMMZj1WpFd-dF01tqaF/view?usp=sharing04:12
AxiomaUYlet me try04:12
AxiomaUYaxiomaabsurdo@axiomaabsurdo-System-Product-Name:~$ sudo su04:12
AxiomaUYroot@axiomaabsurdo-System-Product-Name:/home/axiomaabsurdo# gksu gparted04:12
KingParrotHave you ever used Mageia 4.1?04:13
EriC^^AxiomaUY: try just 'gparted'04:13
AxiomaUYsays not installed...04:14
EriC^^AxiomaUY: try 'apt-get install gparted'04:15
Lenany idea how can I skip password prompt when installing mysql-server on ubuntu server 16.04?04:15
AxiomaUYok i try04:16
AxiomaUYsays i have it i my resent version...04:17
Lennvm.. found answer :-)04:17
AxiomaUYmatrix glich...04:17
AxiomaUYgparted ya está en su versión más reciente (0.25.0-1). means... gparted is currently installed in your most resent version04:18
AxiomaUYi have installed linux in Spanish04:18
EriC^^AxiomaUY: try 'ls -l /usr/sbin/gparted'04:18
AxiomaUYthe file or directory not exist04:19
KingParrotI have  gparted 0.25.0 and also the one binanary packaged needed for it to work on file.04:20
AxiomaUYit's very weird ... I have a disk utility, but it allows me to see details not apply modifications04:21
KingParrotSo even if I have not any access to any internet depending on the Distro I can still install Gparted.04:21
KingParrotI should track down a rpm of Gparted also.04:21
EriC^^AxiomaUY: maybe the filesystem is mounted read-only04:21
KingParrotand also all the nessasary binary packages for it to run..04:22
AxiomaUYEriC^^ look https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zirTUcEWsUIkqrc1r4ZxCpmbkair7r28/view?usp=sharing04:22
EriC^^AxiomaUY: try 'apt-get install --reinstall gparted'04:22
AxiomaUYroot@axiomaabsurdo-System-Product-Name:/home/axiomaabsurdo# gparted04:24
EriC^^AxiomaUY: did it say it installed the files?04:25
EriC^^AxiomaUY: try 'ls -l /usr/sbin/gparted' again04:25
AxiomaUY-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 6875 feb  2  2016 /usr/sbin/gparted04:27
AxiomaUY__0xbadc0de__/usr/sbin/gpartedbin: error while loading shared libraries: libgtkmm-2.4.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory04:28
AxiomaUYerase the __0xbadc0de__ of the line04:28
adman120hey anyone here good with fuse?04:28
Ben64adman120: ask your question to find out04:28
EriC^^AxiomaUY: was that /usr/sbin/gparted ? or /usr/sbin/gpartedbin?04:29
EriC^^what you ran04:29
adman120is it possible to export a fuse mount over nfs4?04:29
KingParrotHas anyone here made a Desktop from scrach?04:30
AxiomaUYi use the comand ls -l /usr/sbin/gparted' again and i get -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 6875 feb  2  2016 /usr/sbin/gparted04:30
KingParrotsudo chmod [*]+x04:31
AxiomaUYinside of [*] whats i write???04:32
stp1It already has execute. shouldn't need it.04:32
KingParrotsudo chmod [*]+RH04:32
KingParrotoh then u need this one.04:32
KingParrotsudo chmod [*^*]+w04:33
fishcookerif i plug the charger i can suspend but if i unplugged the charger the suspend will ended in 2-3 seconds04:33
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KingParroton turn it down to Hz3.304:34
KingParrotand on the other dial turn it up to Mhz 29.0004:34
KingParrotbut don't for get to add more oil to the deep fryer04:35
adman120hey so im using containers and wanted to know if it was possible just to mount a folder from one to a folder of another04:36
adman120not using nfs04:36
EriC^^AxiomaUY: try typing just 'gparted' in a terminal now04:36
KingParrotNSA Asked Linus Torvalds To Install Backdoors Into GNU/Linux04:36
AxiomaUYRoot privileges are required for running gparted.04:37
EriC^^AxiomaUY: run sudo -i04:37
EriC^^then gparted04:37
AxiomaUYroot@axiomaabsurdo-System-Product-Name:/home/axiomaabsurdo# gparted04:38
KingParrotyes Gparted is very deadly tool so it is best they have it as a root user access only04:38
EriC^^AxiomaUY: try from that prompt '/usr/sbin/gparted'04:38
KingParrotI have Gparted on a USB so I never need root so I can tweek or kill any pc I plug that usb into.04:38
EriC^^something's wrong with that root shell04:39
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EriC^^AxiomaUY: try sudo apt-get install gksu04:46
EriC^^then 'gksu gparted' from the normal shell not root one04:47
EriC^^did it open?04:47
EriC^^what'd it say?04:48
AxiomaUYonly show me a windows for write my admins pws04:48
AxiomaUYand nothing happens04:48
EriC^^AxiomaUY: did you type your password04:49
EriC^^i guess yes?04:49
AxiomaUYand nothing happens04:50
EriC^^AxiomaUY: ok, try sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean04:51
EriC^^maybe something fishy is going on cause of the lack of space or something04:51
EriC^^that should give few free space to work with04:52
EriC^^try 'df -h /'  after that and see if it's better than 5% now04:52
AxiomaUYlets see04:55
BromsklossWhat drive does Ubuntu install on in the standard installation procedure? Do I get to choose, or even see, that without doing manual partitioning?04:58
KingParrotsda1 sda2 and sda3 for most Distros are the main file mounts05:00
EriC^^Bromskloss: no you don't you have to choose manual partitioning i believe05:01
KingParrotBrom are u doing a clean install?05:01
BromsklossKingParrot, EriC^^: I05:01
KingParrotI use manual everytime05:01
KingParrotI do custum installation each and every time I do a distro install.05:02
BromsklossKingParrot, EriC^^: I'm installing onto an SD card (and want to make sure I don't overwrite any other drive). All I want to choose is the drive, but otherwise let Ubuntu make its default choices.05:02
KingParrotmany people only put one distro on a HD but I very seldom do.05:02
Ben64Bromskloss: unplug every other drive to make sure05:03
KingParrotif u can disonconect all other drives this is a sure fire way to ensure you don't tamper with them.05:03
BromsklossBen64: It's a borrowed laptop, I'm afraid. I can't mess with it.05:03
KingParrotyes I just said what Ben said05:03
KingParrotDisconect is the safest sure fire way to make sure you dn't mess up other drives or devices.05:04
KingParrotI did a install once long ago to a PC and for gotten to unplug the external hard drive.05:05
BromsklossKingParrot: OK. I was hoping that there would be a drop-down list of drives that I got to choose from during the installation.05:05
Ben64there is05:05
BromsklossBen64: Without doing manual partitioning?05:05
KingParrotI wiped the entire external hard drive because I was stupid and for gotten to unplug it.05:05
Ben64Bromskloss: just do manual partitioning, you'll have better results05:05
KingParrotBen to do custum installations I think u need a tool like Gparted for drive selection.05:06
KingParrotyes Ben is right once again.05:06
Ben64the live usb comes with everything necessary05:06
BromsklossBen64: All right. I'll do it. I have 16 GB on the SD card and 8 GB memory in the computer. I'm guessing that I shouldn't bother with a swap partition or a swap file, right?05:07
KingParrotif u select manual then you can directly see what you are installing to what partion on what drive.05:07
Ben64Bromskloss: i wouldn't for an sd card, but then again i wouldn't install ubuntu on sd card anyway05:07
KingParrotdo about 8 GB of swap if u can.05:08
KingParrotIt is best to have swap on the same drive as your ext4 root install.05:08
KingParrotunless someone knows something I don't know.05:08
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KingParrotBrom I do not now much about setting up on that type of device.05:10
KingParrotis it a Ipad or a phone?05:10
KingParrotIf someone here has installed on a Ipad or a Phone that has successfuly installed any linux on it maybe they could be more informative.05:11
lotuspsychje!phone | KingParrot05:11
ubottuKingParrot: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch05:11
lotuspsychje!iphone | KingParrot05:12
ubottuKingParrot: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod05:12
BromsklossBen64: Can I get full-disk encryption also when doing the partitioning manually?05:13
lotuspsychjeKingParrot: you want ubuntu on your phone?05:13
Ben64Bromskloss: idk, i never use encryption because it's pointless05:14
BromsklossBen64: Oh, why is it pointless?05:14
Ben64because either nobody cares about your data, or they do and will bash you with a wrench until they get it05:15
lotuspsychjeBromskloss: i also agree with Ben64 if you have sensitive data, store it external and burry in the ground somewhere, not connected to the net05:16
lotuspsychjeKingParrot: there is now #ubports for phones, but they havent added iphones yet05:17
BromsklossBen64, lotuspsychje: What I have in mind is if the computer gets stolen or I discard the drive. It feels good not to have to worry that any of my stuff will be readable on it.05:17
lotuspsychjeBromskloss: i think thats what Ben64 just meant, they will wrench your data until they get it, even encrypted05:18
lotuspsychjeBromskloss: if you dont like someone getting your data afterwards, perhaps a script to zero your drive full?05:19
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KingParrotwell I can tell you Brom many linux distros u can set up a encripted home folder and from my paying around I have never busted into one yet.05:19
Hg202you don't have to bury hard drives. you just have to shoot them a few times. haven't you seen any hollywood action stuff ever? :D05:19
KingParrotLinux in many ways is very secure05:20
Bromsklosslotuspsychje: If they are serious about getting to me, yes, but for all other cases, such as if someone steals my computer and casually looks through it, it helps.05:20
Hg202..more realistically, there are magnets strong enough to wipe them they're just really expensive05:20
lotuspsychjewere getting a bit offtopic here, lets go #ubuntu-discuss ?05:20
lotuspsychjeits a nice channel05:20
KingParrotoh just use Gpared on a HD just formant it a few times useing diffrent types of formats and it will be dead.05:20
BromsklossAnyway, I settled for the home-directory encryption that the installation procedure nevertheless offered.05:21
KingParrotif you formate a entire drive in ext4 it takes takes longer to formate a drive like that05:21
KingParrotBrom make sure to set up an other user account05:22
KingParrotIf u do online stuff never do it logged into as a sudo account.05:23
KingParrotI very seldom go online with a sudo account.05:24
lotuspsychjeKingParrot: keep it ontopic please05:24
KingParrotmost the time in my sudo accounts I don't even have them set up to go online05:24
KingParrotwhat is the current topic?05:26
lotuspsychje!support | KingParrot05:26
ubottuKingParrot: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com05:26
lotuspsychjeKingParrot: only support question on ubuntu here mate05:27
lotuspsychjeKingParrot: #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discuss to other chat05:27
KingParrotAnyone here ever install Xfce on a unbuntu server?05:27
lotuspsychjewe dont do polls neither KingParrot05:28
lotuspsychjeKingParrot: ask an actual issue05:28
KingParrotIs it possible to run a web brower such as firefox on a unbuntu server?05:29
lotuspsychjeKingParrot: yes05:30
KingParrotI could be wrong but I think a person needs some form of GUI like a desktop emvierment do they not?05:30
lotuspsychjeKingParrot: correct05:30
KingParrotI installed firefox on ubuntu 16.04 server but because I have not way to cut and paste I did not bother to take note of all the binary packages it called for.05:32
lotuspsychjeKingParrot: you need to install a GUI desktop enviroment to run things graphicly05:32
lotuspsychje!info openbox | KingParrot example05:33
ubottuKingParrot example: openbox (source: openbox): standards-compliant, fast, light-weight and extensible window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.6.1-5 (artful), package size 276 kB, installed size 1270 kB05:33
lotuspsychje!encrypt | Bromskloss05:34
ubottuBromskloss: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory05:34
KingParrotwell I was looking into the Open box but I want something smaller.05:35
KingParrotI need to learn how to make a mini desktop GUI05:35
KingParrotI should try to install a Openbox to gain esperance05:36
lotuspsychjeKingParrot: apt-cache search window manager05:41
bodomHi there! I have installed rocketchat-server snap and it does not run... what now? "server.rocketchat-server[15421]: Mongo is not available, can't start"05:52
KingParrotidk what u can do about that05:58
KingParrotwritten in Haskell05:59
hanabishihello everyone06:05
hanabishiwhat we should to do to day?06:06
KingParrotI am testing something06:06
lotuspsychje!chat | hanabishi06:07
ubottuhanabishi: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:07
BromsklossBen64, lotuspsychje: Thanks for your help! The installation is complete. Ḯ'll try to reboot now.06:07
hanabishi!chat ??06:09
ubottuhanabishi: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:09
hanabishiubottu : how can i register with my nickserv? and want next?06:11
ubottuhanabishi: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:11
KingParrotHana test the bot06:11
hanabishi??? this is test???06:11
KingParrotHana ask the ubuntu bot about Manjaro06:11
hanabishiubottu : what hemean about manjaro06:12
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:12
KingParrotor maybe ask about RedHat06:12
hanabishiubottu : what about RedHat06:12
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:12
KingParrotif u really want to be funny ask the Bot about Snow Leapord06:12
alkisghanabishi: "ubottu" is a program that takes notes and shows them when we use !note06:12
alkisglotuspsychje called it to tell you that this is a support channel06:13
alkisgSo if you have an ubuntu question, ask it. If you want to learn about bots, go elsewhere.06:13
KingParrotthe bot sounds like a spy06:13
alkisgKingParrot: the same goes for you too06:13
lotuspsychjeKingParrot: you also, please keep it ontopic06:13
hanabishiokey, what ever, how can i register my mail06:16
KingParrotwhat mail?06:16
alkisg!register | hanabishi:06:17
ubottuhanabishi:: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.06:17
KingParrotThe NSA does not build topics for Ubuntu chat rooms.06:17
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lotuspsychjeKingParrot: please stop it, dont you understand offtopic?06:18
KingParrotCompiling For Multiple Architectures06:21
KingParrot14.04 Ubuntu does not looke like snow leaperd.06:21
alkisgMaybe KingParrot is a chat bot that needs to be banned...06:22
KingParrotbioinic beaver06:23
lotuspsychjeKingParrot: come to ubuntu-discuss06:23
KingParrotis it 18.04?06:24
lotuspsychjeKingParrot: type /j #ubuntu-discuss06:24
michael2lol is 18.04 LTS called "bionic beaver"?06:25
KingParrotsudo apt - get fluffy bunny06:25
lotuspsychje!ops | KingParrot does not understand offtopic06:26
ubottuKingParrot does not understand offtopic: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax06:26
KingParrotI dumped some happy GUI into the beavers water bowl and then he goten mad at me.06:27
KingParrotnow the beaver barfed up a RedHat06:27
KingParrotI never seen a unity desktop on a Linux mint.06:28
hanabishihello, me comeback again.for secound me just change host name??? it will made me into a problem06:31
KingParrotmaybe u set up irc on your own server hana06:31
lotuspsychjeKingParrot: stop that06:32
hanabishi????? why me should do like that06:32
hanabishiit danger????06:32
KingParrotit can be danger hana06:34
KingParrotmostly do data not so much if someone is going to steal your pet aguana06:34
hanabishihow?? KingParrot06:35
mg55`off topic06:35
mg55`get the ubuntu police06:35
KingParrotu can build a chat server on top  of ubuntu police hana but not ontop of an agauna that has a RedHat06:36
KingParrotonly drunk people never see agaunas with Red hats on there head.06:36
DalekSecKingParrot: Hi.  Can you stop doing whatever it is you're doing?06:37
KingParrotthe topic is ubuntu06:37
hanabishiwhoa whoa.clam down everyone i don't knows what u said but it importal??/ rigth?06:38
DalekSecKingParrot: This is the Ubuntu support channel, for help with the Ubuntu operating system.  Nothing more.06:38
hanabishiok everyone,how can i learn about live on this ubuntu channel??06:38
KingParrotThey did not build the plate form on c++06:39
hanabishibecause i'm a newbie06:39
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B105PH3REhey is there a pastbinit type program but for images?06:57
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:59
alkisgB105PH3RE: not program, site06:59
Weereewlooking for some chems... maybe some buffout or med-x can anyone help me?06:59
B105PH3REalkisg: so there isn't a program like pastbinit but for images I guess then...07:01
alkisgB105PH3RE: afaik, no07:01
B105PH3REthanx for the info alkisg07:01
alkisgB105PH3RE: you could file a bug report for pastebinit to support images... if you didn't leave :D07:01
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hateballI was about to say... there are programs that do it, but I dont think any are in the repos07:11
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yorwoswondering on meltdown and spectre bugs on intel cpus , will the hotfix in ubuntu be permanent or will we have the option to turn it off at times (eg.rendering or something) ?07:27
=== pal_ is now known as pally
ubottuMeltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti07:31
ubottuKPTI is a mitigation for the !Meltdown security issue. With some workloads on some processors, KPTI has a significant performance impact. KPTI can be disabled by adding "nopti" to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT line in /etc/default/grub. This should only be done if absolutely necessary because it will disable protections against Meltdown and thus allow any malicious user process to read memory and probably escalate to root.07:31
alkisgyorwos: the second one there ^07:31
alkisgA grub parameter07:31
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yorwoslooks like im upgrading to 4.13 ,using ub.studio 16.0407:37
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iNeedHealinghey guys07:53
iNeedHealingI can't access port 7005 for some reason even though I allowed it in firewall07:53
iNeedHealingany idea why ??07:53
iNeedHealingit's a web server on port 700507:53
=== bs_ is now known as bs
iNeedHealingso I just done `sudo ufw allow 7005/tcp`07:54
hateballiNeedHealing: And you are trying to access this how?07:54
iNeedHealing`git push`07:54
iNeedHealing`git remote add origin http://myServer.tld:7005/repoName && git push origin master`07:55
geirhawhat does   nc -zv myServer.tld 7005   say?07:56
Low-N-SlowYay irc install worked07:57
iNeedHealingtakes a while07:57
iNeedHealinggratss Low07:57
geirhaso it's not immediately dropped07:57
iNeedHealingit's still busy so no07:58
iNeedHealingit times out07:58
Low-N-SlowI put HexChat on my ubuntu VM, is that a pretty good client?07:58
iNeedHealingHexChat isn't updated much iirc07:59
iNeedHealingor was that xchat .. :/07:59
iNeedHealingI'm using a discord bot nowadays for my IRC so ..07:59
Low-N-SlowI think it was xchat before it became hexccccccccccccccccccccccccccchat,07:59
iNeedHealingyea hexchat's discontinued08:00
iNeedHealingaccording to wiki08:00
Low-N-Slowinstalling ubuntu updates too, looks like kbd interrupts are having some fun08:00
iNeedHealingkbd ?08:00
iNeedHealinganyway, anyone got any idea why my connection to my server's port 7005 times out ?08:01
iNeedHealingnc: connect to myServer.tld port 7005 (tcp) failed: Connection timed out08:02
iNeedHealingI can connect to port 22 just fine08:04
Low-N-Slowsounds like a firewall blocking you08:05
geirhaand the web server is listening on or the right device?  sudo ss -nltp08:05
Low-N-Slowor software not listening on that port08:06
iNeedHealingdoesn't say what it's listening on08:07
geirhajust *:7005? then it's listening on all interfaces08:07
iNeedHealingI assume it's this08:07
iNeedHealingLISTEN      0      128                                        :::7005                                                   :::*08:07
Low-N-Slowah ubuntu security updates completed... reboot required?  really?08:07
geirhaLow-N-Slow: for kernel updates, yes08:08
iNeedHealingprobably updated kernel stuff08:08
iNeedHealingcan no one help me ? :/08:17
iNeedHealingI can push fine from localhost or
=== Elimin8r is now known as Elimin8er
iNeedHealingI'm trying to connect to an http server but the connection keeps timing out08:19
iNeedHealingI can use it locally fine and I've opened the port08:19
mg55`was luke skywalker a drunk?08:19
siddywant to test packet injection support of my wifi adapter without installing aircrack. any way out there?08:21
TDO|AquinaHello! I saw linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic linux-tools-generic with linux-meta ( trusty; urgency=medium // * Bump ABI 3.13.0-139. Ubuntu wesite tells me https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/3.13.0-139.188 its KAISER / KPTI patches for Linux.08:22
TDO|Aquina My question is the sage as stated in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1741609/comments/408:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1741609 in Kernel SRU Workflow security-signoff "linux: 3.13.0-139.188 -proposed tracker" [Medium,Fix released]08:22
lotuspsychjesiddy: try the #aircrack channel08:22
tatertotsiNeedHealing: what do you need help with "specifically"?08:28
iNeedHealingI can't connect to TCP port externally, it just times out08:28
tatertotsiNeedHealing: are you chatting from the computer with linux right now? yes or no08:29
iNeedHealingfrom a computer with linux yes08:29
iNeedHealingnot from the server08:29
tatertotsiNeedHealing: in terminal> sudo apt install inxi pastebinit sosreport08:29
TDO|AquinaAh I found an answer to the KAISER problem (https://askubuntu.com/questions/991874/how-to-disable-page-table-isolation-to-regain-performance-lost-due-to-intel-cpu). Thanks anyways! :-)08:29
iNeedHealinggot it08:29
tatertotsiNeedHealing: let me know when done...or wait until someone else feels sorry for you enough to extend a hand08:30
iNeedHealingI'm done08:30
tatertotsiNeedHealing: in terminal> inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit08:30
tatertotsiNeedHealing: share url/link here08:30
tatertotsiNeedHealing: sudo sosreport08:31
iNeedHealingcase id ?08:32
tatertotsiNeedHealing: press enter08:32
tatertotsiNeedHealing: let me know when done08:32
iNeedHealingI'll whisper you08:32
geirhaiNeedHealing: aws ... so it's behind a NAT, right? have you made sure to forward the port?08:32
auronandaceTDO|Aquina: i hope you realise why page table isolation was put in place08:32
iNeedHealingI'm sure I've forwarded the port08:33
iNeedHealinglet me double check08:33
iNeedHealinggeirha: yea it appears to be port forwarded08:45
genosi want to curl "website" > 1.txt and parse it for some info. but it has some stupid javascript thing so i cant find it. how do i go about the info? i can see it when i just use firefox btw08:46
iNeedHealingin the outbound/inbound rules08:46
tatertotsiNeedHealing: your network adapter configuration isn't detected properly08:48
iNeedHealingwould I be able to ssh in though ?08:49
genosplease help08:49
tatertotsit's amazons aws so i'd hope so08:49
tatertotselse you'd have no way to administer it08:50
iNeedHealingyea I can ssh08:50
tatertotsiNeedHealing: did you see the errors i sent you from it?08:50
iNeedHealingyea, that's because I use the wrong user no ?08:50
iNeedHealingI've only tried to access 7005 3 times08:50
hanabishihello everyone, i want to knows about most of security everyone like and love it08:52
tatertotsiNeedHealing: https://gist.github.com/d2260aebe2d6292720d33e033e9b331108:55
tatertotsiNeedHealing: looks like you have a route to the network08:56
gracious1join #palemoon08:56
tatertotsiNeedHealing: so i believe you when you say you can ssh08:56
iNeedHealingI'm not using that IP, that's the internal IP08:57
iNeedHealingit's fine for now, I can just disable the server and let the others handle it's load08:57
iNeedHealingI need to eat08:57
iNeedHealingbefore they kill me08:57
tatertotsiNeedHealing: that's the only IP you can use according to what i see08:57
tatertotsiNeedHealing: i'll show you08:58
TDO|Aquina@<auronandace>: Yes, I do but we run on AMD and virtualized 64/32 bist sthus only one bug affeects us (Spectre 2) which there is currently no real patch for.08:58
iNeedHealingI use
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iNeedHealingwhich is the public ip08:58
iNeedHealingbrb tho, 10 min08:58
tatertotsiNeedHealing: http://termbin.com/hu5f08:59
tatertotsiNeedHealing: no collisions or major loss of packets http://termbin.com/1fes09:04
tatertotsiNeedHealing: so you just want to get to a specific port#09:04
tatertotsiNeedHealing: its probably blocked ...standby09:04
tatertotsiNeedHealing: no you did good covering your bases in that regard......http://termbin.com/4im409:06
tatertotsiNeedHealing: you want #7005 correct??09:06
tatertotsi guess you left09:07
iNeedHealingtatertots: yes09:12
tatertotsoh you made it back09:12
tatertotswell so i figured out your woes09:12
iNeedHealingyea sorry my mouth was on first09:12
tatertotsdid you have a chance to view the links i shared yet?09:13
iNeedHealingfire *09:13
tatertotswell you opened firewall for communication on #7005 tcp for ipv4 and ipv6 my friend..and thats good news09:13
andyworkwhat kernel is supposed to be on 16.04 on an updated system?09:14
tatertotsso we can safely toss that aside09:14
iNeedHealingok, thans09:14
iNeedHealingI'll contact amazon then09:14
iNeedHealingI have forwarded it too09:14
tatertotsi do notice nothing is "listening" on 700509:15
iNeedHealingyea I stopped the service09:15
tatertotsand that might be a system "admin" issue09:15
tatertotsand i'm sure amazon engineers will point that out fairly quickly09:15
iNeedHealingI stopped the service before I ran the sos command09:16
tatertotsoh okay...i accept your "excuse" ...nod / wink09:16
iNeedHealingI can run the command while it's started if you want me to but I sighup'd it so I don't have to open another ssh session09:17
tatertotsno its fine i believe you09:17
tatertotsjust didn't want you to spend $ to speak with amazon engineers and the level 1 engineer laugh at you09:18
iNeedHealingwell I doubt they'd do that09:18
tatertotsphones have a "mute" button...and they do..trust me09:19
iNeedHealingI won't contact them through support or whatever09:19
iNeedHealingI can go directly to a level 3 professional09:19
iNeedHealinganyway we got it working, thanks09:21
tatertotsyou might get the "kit glove" / "white glove" treatment....heck they might just do the "admin" stuff for you ...depending on how much $ profits are in the Tier plan you have09:21
iNeedHealingI've got my servers and support for free09:21
za1b1tsuHello, I can't connect to my wifi https://paste.ubuntu.com/26365066/09:32
za1b1tsuI can connect to my wifi using my win laptop and my android phone, so the wifi is ok09:32
za1b1tsuI could connect to my wifi yesterday and today morning with my ubuntu, but suddenly it refuses ti I tried NetworkManager.conf fix for random Mac, but no results09:33
tatertotsza1b1tsu: have you connected a ethernet cable and "temporarily" hardwired the computer to the network? yes or no09:47
za1b1tsuYes. When my connection did not work for my first time, I connected my phone to the wifi and then connected the phone to the laptop to access the Wifi09:51
za1b1tsutatertots: Yes, with my phone to the laptop09:52
za1b1tsuit showed as a ethernet connection09:53
msanchezHi there, sorry if this is not be the right channel to report things, but I have a quick question I hope someone here will be able to answer09:59
msanchezfor bugs strictly related to packaging (of chromium-browser in this case) is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/+filebug the right place to file them?10:00
* msanchez realizes it sounds like a dumb question, still would like to confirm10:00
someone_Hi , I have installed Ubuntu on a flash memory but I don't know why it does not boot , there is an error how I can fix it without reinstall ubuntu again on the flash memory10:01
bazhangsomeone_, installed using what tool or method10:02
someone_bazhang I installed it on a usb flash memory by using another flash memory.10:04
bazhangsomeone_, you just dragged the iso from one to another?10:04
alkisgmsanchez: if you know who wrote that part of the code (e.g. debian), file it there. If you don't know, use the ubuntu launchpad page, yeah10:04
someone_bazhang No , I installed in normal way as when install on hard disk , I restart computer and boot use usb flash memory and installed Ubuntu on another flash memory.10:07
Trippzhello ! someone can help me to configure an archive HD (ntfs) to be writeable?10:08
bazhangsomeone_, you haven't told us yet what the 'normal' way is, using what tool or method10:08
tomeaton17Apparently the fix for 17.10 was meant to come today but I cant see anything on the website :(10:08
Trippzplease because is very urgent!10:08
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Trippzsomeone can read me?10:10
bazhangTrippz, how is this ubuntu related10:10
bazhangTrippz, ntfs is a windows fs10:10
someone_bazhang there is no any tool , I used unetbootin to burning ubuntu on a flash memory then I used this flash memory to install ubuntu on another flash memory.10:11
Trippzi need to mount and write a disk on linux, so its related i think10:11
msanchezalkisg: I've checked and this packaging bug is Ubuntu-specific10:11
alkisgmsanchez: then the ubuntu launchpad page is the correct place to file it, yes10:11
bazhangsomeone_, then you need to redo it, unetbootin is not what you want for this10:11
msanchezwhich kind of makes sense, since Debian and Ubuntu package chromium in a completely different way10:11
Trippzi can only read the files, but i need to write data on this ntfs disk!10:12
msanchezcool, thanks for confirming10:12
TJ-someone_: what error occurs when the 'Flash' device is selected to boot?10:12
msanchezalkisg: in case you're curious: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/+bug/174265310:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1742653 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "chromium-browser 63+ package includes a 44MB binary only needed at build time" [Undecided,New]10:12
Trippztried fuse, ntfs-3g but i still cant write data10:12
alkisgmsanchez: nice; I think there was another package that included a whole lot of temporary photoshop files that the author happened to have in his build tree :D10:13
Trippzi need help10:13
Trippzplease its important10:14
mich1x_Ask your question10:14
bazhangTrippz, you are on ubuntu, and wish to write to a ntfs drive?10:14
msancheztbh, I'm not surprised this big binary slipped into the package. Packaging chromium is already hard enough and chromium has a tendency to make so many changes between releases that's hard to keep up to date10:14
Trippzmich1x_: well i need to write data on a ntfs archive hard drive10:14
alkisgTrippz: what message do you see when you mount the drive? E.g. does it tell you it's hibernated or in use by windows?10:14
someone_TJ- I think it was about can't find boot loader or something like this , I don't remember the message.10:14
Trippzalkisg: its already mounted, but i can only read files10:15
alkisgTrippz: unmount it and try again so that you see the error message10:15
msanchezwe (Endless) noticed because we maintain space-constrained installations and this 44MB were contributing to an extra 300MB size increase in the new release that we need to deal with if we want the OS image to be installable in certain devices10:15
Trippzbazhang: yes10:15
Trippzalkisg: ok10:16
mich1x_Maybe its windows drive and password protected10:16
ubuntuuserhello, i am having issues on boot of ubuntu-server 17.10 that is installed on my laptop. 1st systemctl disable systemd-networkd-wait-online.service does not disable it, it adds 60seconds approx to boot time10:16
Trippzmich1x_: yes its a windows archive drive, so ntfs....10:16
ubuntuuser2nd, modprobe bbswitch works perfectly fine, but if i write it in modules file, i get error on boot saying module not found10:17
TJ-someone_: so probably coming from the system firmware. That suggests that when you installed to the device, you didn't check that the bootloader target device was the same as the OS was being installed on. I've noticed in the past that when there are USB and fixed disk/SSD devices, the bootloader target defaults to a fixed disk/SDD (presumably assuming the USB device is the LiveISO medium).10:17
TJ-someone_: you can fix that by booting with the original LiveISO USB, then mounting the installed USB Flash to /target/ and chroot-ing into it, and installing GRUB manually10:18
Trippzalkisg: https://pastebin.com/JqpTgbHm10:18
alkisgTrippz: eh, what command did you give? You were supposed to run something like sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt10:19
someone_TJ- and bazhang Thank you so much .10:19
Trippzfor that i used the fdisk -l to show you the drive10:20
alkisgTrippz: ok, now run the mount command which is what we want to see10:21
alkisg`sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt` or something similar10:21
genosbunch of fucking idiots no one answered fucking ubuntu faggots wow i asked somewhere else go neck yourselves omg fagbuntu10:25
Trippzalkisg: im working on it :D10:25
alkisgTrippz: eh, this is again the wrong command10:27
alkisgLet's start over10:27
alkisgsudo lsblk --fs | nc termbin.com 999910:27
Trippzok im sorry10:28
alkisgWhat's the output of that10:28
tatertotsza1b1tsu: you near the computer?10:29
za1b1tsuI'm on it right now, connect with USB tethering10:29
alkisgTrippz: ok, now: sudo umount /dev/sdb1; sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999910:30
tatertotsza1b1tsu: open terminal10:30
tatertotsza1b1tsu: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit sosreport10:30
hanabishihi everyone, i want to knows about IP chat room, i saw in die hard 4 when matt farrell talk with warlock10:30
tatertotsza1b1tsu: let me know when done10:30
hanabishiit so cool10:30
tatertotsza1b1tsu: or just wait on someone else to help you10:30
za1b1tsutatertos: done10:31
Trippzalkisg: http://termbin.com/qynl10:31
tatertotsza1b1tsu: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit10:32
alkisgTrippz: ok, now read the message. Is it clear enough or do you need explanation?10:32
tatertotsza1b1tsu: share url/link here..if you do not get a url/link..say so10:32
Trippzso i need to go on windows, shut down and its ok? i think not because ive already done this steps10:32
alkisgTrippz: you need to disable "fast shutdown" on windows, or do a reboot, which is not "fast/unsafe"10:33
Trippzalkisg: how to disable fast shutdown? O_O never done that10:33
alkisgTrippz: so boot windows, run a chkdsk on that disk, then reboot, and at the time it's rebooting, turn off the power10:33
alkisgTrippz: that's a windows question, if you google "disable windows fast shutdown" you'll find thousands of tutorials,10:34
alkisgi also told you one way with reboot, and another is to press win+x and select shutdown from there10:34
tatertotsza1b1tsu: rfkill list|pastebinit10:34
Trippzalkisg: so i go on windows, run a chkdsk on that disk then reboot ad shut off the power when rebooting?10:35
alkisgTrippz: sounds like a good plan, yes10:35
za1b1tsutatertots: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26365334/10:35
Trippzthanks master, i try this!!!10:35
Trippzi suppose that the forced power off dont write tha disk cache?10:36
Trippzits correct?10:36
alkisgTrippz: at the time when you see the "bios screen", the disk is not in use, so it's safe to unplug the power10:36
Trippzok i try! i come back soon10:37
Trippzand thanks10:37
MintoMaI`m running Ubuntu 16.04 with kernel 4.10. From what I can tell, it isn't (nor will it be) patched against SPECTRE and Meltdown. What is the recommended action?10:46
hateball!hwe | MintoMa10:47
ubottuMintoMa: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack10:47
hateballMintoMa: that way you get 4.13 which is patched10:47
alkisgMintoMa, hateball: hwe is 4.10 on xenial, and it includes the patches10:49
hateballalkisg: oh, my bad10:49
hateballtoo much stuff going on atm10:50
alkisghateball: actually you are right and I'm wrong, 4.13 arrived today :)10:50
TJ-alkisg: are you sure? "The Rolling HWE kernel for Ubuntu 16.04 will go to 4.13 early, instead of also fixing 4.10 HWE kernel."10:50
alkisgMintoMa: so just update10:50
MintoMahateball: thanks10:50
MintoMaalkisg: are you sure?  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/SpectreAndMeltdown10:51
TJ-MintoMa: for clarity, 4.13 replaces 4.10 as the HWE kernel for 16.04 :)10:51
alkisgMintoMa: I was wrong, see above10:51
hateballhah! small victories10:51
hateballalkisg: it's fine, hard to keep track of all things10:51
jacko115Hello. I have an Ubuntu 17.10 computer connected to a tv as a media box. I turn off the TV at night (at the wall), which causes the logged in user to be logged off (not sure if it is a log off or a X server restart). The computer used to be on 16.04 and didn't have the problem before. Does anyone know how to stop this or know the cause?10:52
TJ-Looks like there are more PTI patches coming to fix regressions and bugs, before mainline 4.15 is released10:52
TJ-jacko115: is the 17.10 system using Wayland or Xorg ?10:53
MintoMaI ran the command 'sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-hwe-16.04 xserver-xorg-hwe-16.04 ' to install hwe, but nothing is installed ('linux-generic-hwe-16.04 is already the newest version ('). However, uname -r says 4.10.0-42-generic. What am I missing.10:53
TJ-MintoMa: you've not rebooted?10:53
MintoMaThat could be it. Checking now, its been a few days since I installed and its a remote machine.10:54
jacko115TJ-: Xorg I believe (standard desktop install)10:55
MintoMayup, all god now10:55
MintoMathanks guys10:55
alkisgMintoMa: you didn't need the command, since you already had hwe10:55
alkisgJust apt-get dist-upgrade was enough10:55
TJ-jacko115: for 17.10 Wayland is the default unless it has problems with drivers (e.g. nvidia), in which case Xorg is used. You can also select the session type at the greeter screen before log-in10:56
TJ-jacko115: we've seen a lot user-facing regression with the way Wayland behaves compared to Xorg10:57
jacko115TJ-: Ah. Indeed it is using Wayland. Will give it a shot with Xorg10:58
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axisysfailing to install fio on xenial..  https://paste.ubuntu.com/26365462/ , any suggestion?11:06
axisysE: Package 'libaio1' has no installation candidate11:07
* zomaar_ a squirrel makes some noise on the forest floor11:11
sdfgsdfhello, its on the news that with new ubuntu patch people can't even boot thier PCs11:11
sdfgsdfis this true ? is this fixed11:11
zomaar_It has been fixed11:11
sdfgsdfits still in the headlines though11:11
sdfgsdfubuntu rekt11:11
TJ-sdfgsdf: it was fixed wtithin 4 hours11:11
TJ-sdfgsdf: never let the facts get in the way of a sensational news headline :)11:11
zomaar_There has been some chaos here yes11:12
brainwashaxisys: I would check the output of "apt-cache policy" and "apt-cache policy libaio1"11:12
sdfgsdfbut fake news can be sensational11:12
zomaar_It wasn't really fake because people's machines updated automatically11:12
zomaar_And then didn't boot so couldn't update to the fixed version11:12
sdfgsdfso we rolled out a bug to humanity for a sec :(11:13
sdfgsdfthats unfair11:13
sdfgsdfdont people check before they push something11:13
Ben64if people had automatic updates enabled, and rebooted in the time before the good version11:13
axisysbrainwash: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26365619/11:13
Ben64and even then they could boot an older kernel11:13
sdfgsdfthats a whole lot of assumptions11:14
zomaar_Not without help11:14
TJ-zomaar_: There's always older kernels to start with, and the GRUB<>OS good boot flag so GRUB knows to stop at the menu if the last boot failed11:14
raubDo I need to list the interfaces that belong to a bridge in /etc/network/interfaces?11:14
sdfgsdfmost wont even know theres a second backup kernel11:14
zomaar_raub: Yes with ports11:14
brainwashaxisys: that's only the output of the second command11:15
sdfgsdfwhen exactly was pti introduced ?11:15
zomaar_raub: Well they can also be dynamically added11:15
sdfgsdflast year ?11:15
zomaar_raub: The option name is "bridge_ports"11:15
axisysbrainwash: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26365624/11:15
sdfgsdfor 5 jan ?11:16
zomaar_There was also someone with failing virtualbox after the patch (kernel hangs)11:17
raubzomaar_: I meant having a separate entry for each interface. What you said was listing in the bridge interface definition which interfaces are part of it. Which I agree the brdige better know that.11:18
indistyloAll of sudden my audio stopped working, it say "Dummy output" Seems some sound card issue > My initial troubleshooting didn't worked, for driver details see this please : https://paste.debian.net/1004602/11:18
zomaar_indistylo: Did you already log out and in again, or reboot?11:19
indistylozomaar_, reboot11:19
jacko115TF-: Just tried it on Ubuntu on Xorg and had the same issue. Have gone onto Unity and don't have the issue11:19
raubzomaar_: i.e. http://pastebin.centos.org/492281/. Do I need lines 4-6?11:20
zomaar_raub: You want an IP address for each part you mean?11:20
TJ-jacko115: that points the finger at the desktop environment then11:20
zomaar_raub: Some people advise against putting IP on the constituent parts11:21
zomaar_raub: But the interface does need to be configured aside from that11:21
zomaar_raub: But you can put it to manual11:21
brainwashaxisys: did you disable the "main" repository?11:22
axisysbrainwash: not intentionally.. but I guess it looks missing?11:22
zomaar_raub: Then put the IP on the bridge itself...11:22
raubzomaar_: so, do I *need* to declar enp0s25 as mentioned in the pastebin, be it static or manual? The question is still whther I need the lines.11:22
axisysbrainwash: yes.. looks like I do not see this11:23
axisysbrainwash: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial/main amd64 Packages11:23
zomaar_raub: Yes you do11:23
raubzomaar_: the ubuntu wiki examples do not have that11:23
zomaar_At least I think so11:23
zomaar_Well then test without it11:23
zomaar_But I can't test on my running system11:23
axisysbrainwash: yep it is unchecked on my desktop.. doh! good catch11:23
brainwashaxisys: also, -updates is missing11:24
axisysbrainwash: yikes11:24
brainwashaxisys: and -security :D11:24
axisysbrainwash: even the -security11:24
brainwashaxisys: I wonder how you managed to disable those11:24
axisysbrainwash: not sure.. hmm..11:24
raubzomaar_: I understand. I followed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkConnectionBridge. It worked for months but on last reboot the bridge stopped working for my vm guests11:25
jacko115TJ-: indeed. From the journal Jan 11 11:00:45 _____ gnome-shell[1200]: JS ERROR: Exception in callback for signal: monitors-changed: TypeError: monitor is undefined11:25
zomaar_Okay so i am wrong11:26
zomaar_Did you upgrade to newer kernel btw?11:26
raubzomaar_: actually my bridge is a bit more complex (http://pastebin.centos.org/492291/)11:26
raubzomaar_: Yep11:27
TJ-zomaar_: according to "man bridge-utils-interfaces" : "bridge_ports ... shouldn't have any stanzas defining them on the interfaces file"11:27
raubzomaar_: Well, 4.4.0-83-generic11:27
TJ-raub (sorry zomaar_ !) according to "man bridge-utils-interfaces" : "bridge_ports ... shouldn't have any stanzas defining them on the interfaces file"11:28
raubTJ-: so http://pastebin.centos.org/492291/ looks proper?11:28
zomaar_raub: Okay so you are on older kernel, so nothing happened there11:28
zomaar_TJ-: Right, I think I was using it to perform some manual ifup commands, not sure11:29
raubzomaar_: Newer kernel has weirdness? I am on 16.04LTS11:29
zomaar_raub: Well could be11:29
zomaar_raub: Just to rule it out you know11:29
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raubzomaar_: I appreciate any help. I have been fighting this since Monday and still have gone nowhere slowly11:30
TJ-raub: that looks sane, although I'd move it to /etc/network/interfaces.d/bridge  rather than altering the package-supplied /etc/network/interfaces - tha way, on package upgrades, you won't be prompted whether to keep or replace the existing interfaces file11:30
zomaar_raub: I have no clue what could be wrong either, my setup is a lot more complex but11:31
jacko115TJ-: Thanks for your help. Will post the bug with Gnome11:31
zomaar_raub: I define a virtual bridge and then LXC adds ports to it11:31
raubTJ-: I can do that since it just includes everyone in interfaces.d per line 5. You mean just the br0 declaration.11:31
TJ-raub: you'll notice 'interfaces' is doing "source /etc/network/interfaces.d/*" to include all files from that directory11:31
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raubTJ-: which is what I meant when I said line 5 in my pastebin :)11:32
TJ-raub: correct, for the bridge interface. having one file per interface/related group also makes admin easier and more logical11:32
TJ-raub: sorry; my eyes skipped over some messages :)11:32
bipulHello TJ-11:32
bipulGood to see you here :)11:32
zomaar_raub: I assume you have attempted using that brctl tool yourself?11:32
bipulI just wanted to change runlevel's permanently in Ubuntu.11:33
zomaar_raub: Any recent upgrades from /var/log/apt/history.log?11:33
TJ-raub: if the bridge isn't starting the logs should give some clues, maybe "journalctl -u networking.service"11:33
zomaar_bipul: What version of Ubuntu?11:33
raubTJ-: http://pastebin.centos.org/492306/11:34
TJ-bipul: runlevels haven't been used in a long time for service control11:34
zomaar_bipul: Is your goal non-graphical boot?11:34
raubI will get the journalctl entry if different11:34
bipulzomaar_ 12.04.5 LTS11:34
zomaar_try to delete the bridge11:35
bipulIt should be 3 and 511:35
TJ-raub: reproduce it with debug info with "sudo ifup -va" see if there's more clues; probably a syntax issue11:35
zomaar_use brctl to delete the bridge11:35
sdfgsdfis there an auto update for ubuntu ? I thought we would manually have to do this11:35
zomaar_then use ifdown --force on the interface br0, or do that first11:35
zomaar_then use ifup br0 again11:36
TJ-bipul: 12.04 is not longer supported, you should upgrade to 14.04 or 16.0411:36
bipulAfter that11:36
zomaar_bipul: I also have no knowledge of it11:36
raubzomaar_: you are those for me or someone else? I was going through was TJ- is suggesting11:36
zomaar_raub: For you11:37
zomaar_Just try it11:37
raubzomaar_: give me an hour to be in front of the machine. Not doing that remotely11:38
bipulT-J upgrading it11:38
raubTJ-: I will check output from ifup also in an hour. Doing this from a 11" screen laptop is getting interesting. And I now need to rush to go to work11:38
axisysbrainwash: thanks for your help!11:39
zomaar_raub: Cya. ifdown --force br0 && brctl delbr br0 && ifup br011:40
=== sdfgsdf is now known as chill_pill
brainwashaxisys: you're welcome :)11:43
linuxrHi all. Yesterday I upgraded my system (using apt dist-upgrade), and a package broke my system, so I removed that package (using apt purge). Now I hear a fixed version of the package is available, but I can't see it (apt-update)...help, anyone?11:48
TJ-linuxr: it would help if you told us what the package is, and on which release of Ubuntu11:49
IhrFusselQuestion: Which signal does the init process send to all others in case ACPI/power is pressed?11:50
linuxrTJ-,  ubuntu 16.04, package linux-image-4.4.0-10811:52
zomaar_linuxr: Having fun?11:52
zomaar_I know I am11:52
linuxrzomaar_, I would not call that fun11:53
zomaar_linuxr: Uhuh11:53
zomaar_linuxr: So why is 109 not available to you then?11:54
linuxrzomaar_, that's exactly the question...apt-date update && apt-get dist-upgrade does not suggest any new packages, and I'm on 104 currently11:54
zomaar_(Maybe I am confusing the same username here)11:54
TJ-linuxr: that's because that package was retired and superceded by a different version11:55
zomaar_linuxr: Did you remove linux-generic?11:55
jabloAnyone using VirtualBox on Dell XPS 9560 with Ubuntu 16.04? No matter which Virtual machine I start my laptop immediately locks up completely and only a hard (power cycle) can bring it back to life.11:55
zomaar_jablo: Someone else had the same issue11:56
tatertotsjablo: open terminal11:56
tatertotsjablo: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit11:56
TJ-linuxr: you only need to ensure "linux-generic" or "linux-lowlatency" are installed (or for HWE linux-{generic,lowlatency}-hwe11:56
zomaar_linuxr: If you reinstall linux-generic it will update to something newer11:56
tatertotsjablo: let me know when done11:56
tatertotsjablo: or just wait for someone else to help you11:56
jablotatertots: thanks. Will try immediately.11:56
zomaar_jablo: And try to show uname -r11:57
linuxrTJ-, zomaar_ thanks..I'll try to install linux-generic...that actually suggests 10911:57
zomaar_linuxr: linux-generic was removed when you removed 108, but it is responsible to "upgrading" kernels to later versions11:58
linuxrwhile downloading, there's time for a prayer that the system will reboot11:58
TJ-linuxr: the way kernel packages work is  top-level 'meta' package that declares a Depends: on a specific linux-{image,headers}-<version> so an update to the 'meta' package (linux-generic) will automatically pull in the correct kernel11:58
floogygedit does not show recent opened files on ubuntu 16.04.3 I had formerly no zeitgeist installed, but installed it now. The issue didnt go away. I got such messages on zeitgeist restart:11:59
floogy** (zeitgeist-datahub:25610): WARNING **: zeitgeist-datahub.vala:229: Unable to get name "org.gnome.zeitgeist.datahub" on the bus!11:59
linuxrTJ-, thanks for the explanation, that all makes sense now11:59
jablo1Ok, I installed it, tatertots.12:00
zomaar_jablo1: What is the output of "uname -r"?12:00
jablo1zomaar_: 4.13.0-26-generic12:00
rosesI have 2 HDD and they dont stop spinning after I eject them (with the gui). I have to unplug them. I fear I may be shortening the lifespan of these HDD. Is there any package I can install?12:01
zomaar_So you have the Meltdown patch right12:01
floogyI also tried to zeitgeist-daemon --quit && rm -rvf ~/.local/share/zeitgeist/fts.index/ && zeitgeist-daemon --replace12:01
rosessamsung and toshiba satas with an aluminum enclosure12:01
zomaar_jablo1: The meltdown patch may have introduced problems with Virtualbox12:01
TJ-roses: are these disk drives attached via USB?12:01
rosesTJ-, yes12:01
rosesusb 312:01
jablo1zomaar_: Ok, so I might need to back down kernel version?12:02
zomaar_jablo1: Yes12:02
tatertotsjablo1: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit12:02
tatertotsjablo1: share url/link here12:02
zomaar_jablo1: Correct12:02
linuxrok, fingers crossed..going to reboot12:03
zomaar_roses: You can write a script to run hdparm -Y on the disks after unmounting12:03
jablo1tatertots: the inxi command just hangs; does it only work once?12:03
zomaar_roses: But I have no ready answer for you12:03
TJ-roses: if I recall correctly the auto spin-down power save was disabled many years ago due to some disks having problems with frequent/rapid spin-up/spin-down, but I thought that had been resolved long ago. I'd have expected the driver to issue a power down command. have you tried using 'hdparm' to spin-down manually to prove the USB>disk interface allows/passes the command ?12:04
jablo1zomaar_: I think I have a slightly older kernel I can select at boot.12:04
tatertotsjablo1: if inxi hangs..sounds like your system is unstable12:04
tatertotsjablo1: reboot and rerun the above command and report results12:04
zomaar_jablo1: You can downgrade "linux-generic" and then put it on hold, or fix a older kernel in /etc/default/grub to boot the older kernel always12:05
jablo1I'll try both then be back here. cya.12:05
rosesTJ-, so is this a drivers problem? I mean, it can only be solved with drivers from the vendor?12:06
linuxrwow, reboot successful...and no noticeable performance drop. -109 includes the meltdown mitigations, right?12:06
kostkonlinuxr, cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep pti12:06
geirhalinuxr: apt changelog "linux-image-$(uname -r)"12:06
TJ-roses: do the 'hdparm' spin-down test first. Once you know whether the USB enclosure passes the command you can investigate further12:06
linuxrkostkon, what should that show?12:07
zomaar_roses: Try to see if "lsblk" will show you the names of the drives12:07
zomaar_roses: Then run "sudo hdparm -Y /dev/name"12:07
kostkonlinuxr, it's the new cpu flag related to the meltdown patch12:07
TJ-linuxr: "dmesg | grep isolation" should show "Kernel/User page tables isolation: enabled"12:07
zomaar_Hi Jablo12:08
jablotatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26365829/12:08
linuxryes, it does indeed, TJ-12:08
jablozomaar_: I forgot to change kernel, so I'll have to reboot again and see.12:08
linuxrkostkon, I doubt you would see that in /proc/cpuinfo?12:09
zomaar_linuxr: Doing is the ender of all doubts12:09
tatertotsjablo: good...inxi doesn't lock up when run in a stable environment12:10
Ben64TJ-: doesn't show that on my system :o12:10
jablotatertots: I probably was just impatient12:10
kostkonlinuxr, you would. Looks like it creates a new flag, i believe only on affected cpus, i might be wrong12:11
tatertotsjablo: now that its stabilized somewhat from a reboot...try your vm's again12:11
jabloThis is a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04.03 from yesterday evening. Only added a few packages and my home directory from my older machine12:11
tatertotsjablo: same result?12:11
kerneledin an uptodate Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS boot partition is 100% full ... older kernels dont seem to be deleted12:11
jablotatertots: I'll try. If it locks up, requires a reboot though. I'll be back12:11
tatertotsjablo: ok12:11
TJ-Ben64: what version/arch ?12:11
linuxrzomaar_, kostkon : I suppose you would see any related microcode updates in /proc/cpuinfo, right? but not the meltdown fix (pti)12:11
kerneledcan I manually delete older kernels in boot?12:11
zomaar_linuxr: You can only find out by checking12:12
TJ-kerneled: does "sudo apt autoremove" help?12:12
kostkonlinuxr, just that new flag (that's all i know)12:12
linuxrzomaar_, I see the output in dmesg, but nothing in /proc/cpuinfo12:12
Ben64TJ-: 16.04 amd6412:12
TJ-kerneled: generally, there should be 3 versions in place, and all other should be removed by autoremove12:13
Ben64Linux ben64 4.13.0-25-generic #29~16.04.2-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jan 9 12:16:39 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux12:13
TJ-Ben64: did dmesg overflow since boot? it's a ring buffer12:13
Ben64only been up 6.5hrs12:14
kerneled_TJ: there are about 20 kernels in /boot ... 'uname -a' gives the oldest of the list ... should I still issue 'autoremove'?12:17
tatertotsjablo: did it lock up on ya12:18
TJ-kerneled_: that is 'weird'!12:18
zomaar_kerneled_: Looks like you manually installed a kernel12:18
TJ-kerneled_: can you show us "pastebinit <( apt list 'linux-image*' --installed )"12:18
zomaar_kerneled_: Question is which one do you want to keep using12:18
jablo1tatertots: Still complete lockup when I start a virtual machine12:19
zomaar_jablo1: Kernel changed?12:19
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jablo1I'm on kernel 4.10.0-28-generic now, so will try with that12:19
tatertotsjablo1: sudo apt install sosreport12:19
rosessudo hdparm -Y /dev/sdb spins the hdd down, but thunar still shows sdbas plugged in, and the led indicator in the enclosure is still activated. I dont know how to continue TJ-12:19
kerneled_TJ: the laptop had been bought off ebay with ubuntu preinstalled ... looks like manual install is possible ...pastebin?12:19
tatertotsjablo1: let me know when done12:19
tatertotsjablo1: also your Nvidia installation was NOT successful12:20
tatertotsjablo1: and that can manifest itself in weird ways12:20
zomaar_kerneled_: Not just manual install but also has set the default to the oldest kernel12:20
TJ-roses: I'm not familiar with thunar's behaviour so I can't help there12:21
zomaar_roses: I already gave you the answer Roses, but TJ- will save you.12:23
SimonNLroses: on right clicking does it show disconnect or something in that order12:23
jablo1tatertots: WIth kernel 4.10.0-28-generic virtualbox seems to work fine and does not lock up my whole system. Nice with a workaround.12:23
SimonNLhi tatertots good seeing you active here.12:23
kerneled_TJ, zomaar : pastebinned output for 'apt list 'linux-image*' --installed'12:23
zomaar_jablo1: I said so, you're wasting your time, the Virtualbox people are probably working on this12:23
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BluesKajHowdy all12:24
rickardo1On identical vps servers different kernels are installed "Linux srv01 4.4.0-92-generic", "Linux srv 4.4.0-104-generic" after "apt-get dist-upgrade" how can they differ?12:24
roseszomaar_, I dont know to write scripts12:25
zomaar_roses: If you want one it's simple.12:25
kerneled_zomaar : can I install latest kernel and manually point to it and then make it autoate updates in the future?12:25
zomaar_roses: But I need to know if you are okay something shoddy and with waiting 10 minutes before they spin down?12:25
roseso wait, it spinned down, and I dont know if its due to sudo hdparm -S 25 /dev/sdb12:26
zomaar_roses: Also you can probably get them to also spin down while still active12:26
zomaar_roses: Ah you set a sleep timer12:26
rosesill test a bit12:27
zomaar_roses: Yes that's what I mean, that is even much easier12:27
kerneled_TJ, zomaar: fyi the laptop owner in desperation has moved some of the big vmlinuz files in /boot away to another folder ... he may have lost some files too ... is it best to reinstall or try correct this?12:27
tatertotsSimonNL: hi there12:27
zomaar_kerneled_: It is just best to manually delete (remove the packages) of the X middle kernels12:28
zomaar_kerneled_: Where is your pastebin?12:28
=== dildar is now known as hodor123456
zomaar_kerneled_: Just take the 60% of kernels in between and delete those first12:28
jablo tatertots: Still complete lockup when I start a virtual machine12:28
tatertotsjablo: glad you found how to use virtualbox without experiencing a lockup12:28
kerneled_TJ, zomaar: ah! https://paste.ubuntu.com/26365907/12:28
jablotatertots: me too.12:28
jablothanks for hte help12:29
tatertotsjablo: no prob12:29
TJ-kerneled_: notice the "auto-removable" mentioned? "sudo apt autoremove" will remove those12:29
kerneled_zomaar: TJ: ok will try 'autoremove' and be right back ... in case the system goes down (using the machine to irc) should I symlink somethign to point to the latest kernel?12:31
zomaar_You can also run: for i in 70 72 75 78 79 81; do sudo apt remove linux-image-4.4.0-$i-generic linux-image-extra-4.4.0-$i-generic; done12:31
zomaar_That will remove everything but the first and the last12:31
zomaar_But ask for confirmation at each step12:32
TJ-kerneled_: no manual intervention should be necessary12:32
zomaar_He's afraid his oldest kernel will be removed12:32
TJ-unless there's a GRUB default over-ride in /etc/default/grub the latest kernel will be booted12:33
zomaar_Yes and he has booted the oldest12:33
zomaar_kerneled_: No symlinks12:34
zomaar_kerneled_: Only maybe run update-grub12:34
TJ-kerneled_: if files have been deleted/moved manually then once the autoremove is done and space is available (check with "df -h") then you should do "sudo apt --reinstall install <package>" for the remaining kernels to ensure you've not problem them12:35
TJ-zomaar_: update-grub is run as part of the kernel install/remove process12:35
kerneled_zomaar, TJ: ok thanks ...may go offline12:35
zomaar_I know, but just in case12:35
matglasI there. I would like to know if and how its possible to configure a apt repo and only retrieve information for a specific package and its dependencies. But dont look at is for example for a general apt-get update and apt-get upgrade.12:36
zomaar_matglas: You mean a newer version of the same distribution right12:36
matglaseuhm no.12:37
alkisgmatglas: the information is per repository, not per package12:37
zomaar_matglas: A PPA then?12:37
alkisgSo you would need to pull at least all the repository details12:37
alkisgmatglas: for code example, see software-properties-gtk12:37
matglasFor the time beeing I would like to install the kernel from the 16.04 repo in my 15.10 version. But the rest of the installation needs to receive its updates from the 15.10 repo12:37
alkisgRunning software-properties-gtk, and adding a source, it pulls only the data from that one source12:37
zomaar_matglas: That's a newer version of the same distribution12:38
matglaszomaar_, true. sorry misunderstood12:38
alkisgThat's apt priority and apt pinning12:38
rosesnow im curious: if you run HDD in enclosures bought separately, do you run sudo hdparm -S 1 /dev/sda or udo hdparm -y /dev/sda each time you dont need the unit anymore?12:38
alkisgYou can put repositories with lower priorities etc12:38
zomaar_matglas: You can fix your distribution to Apt::Default-Distribution = <name of 15.10>12:39
rosesor, what file manager do you use, that automatically spins HDDs down, after ejection (in the gui)?12:39
alkisgroses: udisksctl poweroff -b /dev/sdb12:39
zomaar_roses: hold on a sec rose12:39
alkisg(or, nautilus/caja)12:40
matglasalkisg, I'll look into that. thanks12:40
matglasalkisg, priority.12:40
zomaar_matglas: I only know that you can pin your distrition to 15.10 while having 16.04 in your sources12:40
zomaar_matglas: Then it will never automatically use 16.0412:40
zomaar_matglas: But to use it you have to specify apt install <package>/xenial12:41
asdadaHey guys. Is the mini.iso affected by the bios bug?12:41
alkisgmatglas: a good page for reading is https://wiki.debian.org/AptPreferences12:41
asdadamini.iso for 17.10 *12:41
zomaar_matglas: This is done using Apt::Default-Distribution12:41
alkisgPackage: * Pin: release a=unstable Pin-Priority: 80012:41
zomaar_On that page12:41
TJ-kerneled_: I just cobbled together a command-string to automate the reinstall of the kept kernel packages: " apt --reinstall install $( apt list 'linux-image-*' --installed 2>/dev/null | sed -rn 's,^(linux-image.*)/.*,\1,p' )   "12:41
kerneled_TJ:  ok thanks ... I'll put everything back in to /boot and then try the command-string ...unless advised otherwise ..12:43
zomaar_roses: I have no experience currently with external devices, don't use them on this computer12:44
zomaar_roses: Not knowing how otherwise to solve it, I would quickly write the script I was mentioning12:44
zomaar_roses: But that's just what I would do12:44
zomaar_roses: Maybe Nautilus has options as said12:45
rosesquestion for the whole room: Is nautilus your prefered file manager?12:49
TJ-roses: no; I am my preferred file manager12:49
zomaar_This would be the kinda script I'd write: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26366021/12:50
zomaar_And then just put it in /etc/rc.local, probably solved for now12:50
zomaar_roses: I am using KDE so I have Dolphin12:51
zomaar_roses: But I don't think Linux file managers are that great, Nautilus is probably better12:51
akikzomaar_: are you missing some feature in dolphin?12:52
zomaar_Dolphin in 16.04 tries to open the network .desktop file in a file viewer instead of executing it12:53
zomaar_I mean that's just one example12:53
=== shab is now known as crytospider
zomaar_I don't know how to elevate privileges, and networking (samba) has always been really poor with Dolphin to my understanding12:54
rosesillgoogle some more12:55
zomaar_(Personally I also don't like the "search" features on the left, and would like to see libraries there)12:55
zomaar_Overall the GTK things are somewhat better integrated... Nautilus and Cinnamon12:56
matglasalkisg, zomaar_ thanks that pionter to priority in apt worked.12:56
sruliis it possible to use "pass" in portable mode? i want the key and pass store on a flash drive and be able to add / view directly on drive without needing to import gpg key12:57
akikzomaar_: ok we use it in a bit of different way. i haven't found a need to use sudo with dolphin and i've connected my network mounts with autofs12:57
alkisgmatglas: np12:58
akikzomaar_: i have "places" on the left pane of dolphin where i can set my own locations (libraries?)12:58
oxbffffbig world hey12:59
oxbffffchange my font12:59
Harishello all13:01
augustin6584my ubuntu boots only into read only system13:01
Hariscan we install mysql 5.5.x on 16.x ?13:01
augustin6584how can i fix it?13:01
oxbffffaugustin6584, usb ?13:01
alkisgaugustin6584: run fsck either from the initramfs or from a live cd13:01
Ben64Haris: no13:02
augustin6584oxbffff: what do you mean?13:02
alkisgaugustin6584: actually the easiest way would be friendly-recovery, i.e. select "recovery mode" in grub13:02
wasutton3so /dev/shm is limited to a maximum of 50% of the system ram. Is there a way to change that?13:02
alkisgaugustin6584:  And from that menu, select to check file systems13:02
JonelethIrenicuswhen I do snap list it only shows the newest version of some software even though things like filelight reports the previous version still exist as "disks"13:02
Harisnothing from before mysql 5.7 ?13:02
augustin6584alkisg: that doesn§13:02
JonelethIrenicusI have 3 previous version of a software taking up about 250mb each13:03
JonelethIrenicushow can i get rid of them13:03
augustin6584alkisg: that doesnt work13:03
alkisgaugustin6584: what is the error message?13:03
augustin6584alkisg: i choose fsck, then it show all finished message and change the filesystem stat to read/write13:04
TJ-wasutton3: /dev/shm is provided by tmpfs where 50% is the default; mount can chan change the size for tmpfs mounts; not sure about shm though13:04
oxbffffdid u install on usb stick ?13:04
Ben64Haris: no13:04
augustin6584but if i choose continue it will boot into read only again13:04
augustin6584oxbffff: no13:04
TJ-augustin6584: is this on a laptop?13:05
Harisok, that would be through official way. how about un-official way ?13:05
augustin6584TJ-: yes13:05
oxbffffaugustin6584, so you installed on cd ?13:05
alkisgaugustin6584: to clarify: you can get to writeable mode from recovery? Where you can e.g. touch /hello and it will work?13:05
TJ-augustin6584: check if it has "laptop-mode-tools" installed: "apt list -a laptop-mode-tools --installed"13:05
augustin6584it was woorking quite good then i just booted into rescue mode several times and then it stopped working13:05
wasutton3TJ-, I've tried to change it in the fstab, but theres some other limitation13:05
TJ-augustin6584: there's a known bug due to interaction with l.m.t. and systemd that causes / to go read-only13:06
Ben64Haris: that would be a Bad Idea™13:06
augustin6584TJ-:  right now only if i drop to root shell13:06
Harisin what way ?13:06
oxbffffhis laptop is fucked13:06
oxbffffmay aswell throw it away13:06
Ben64Haris: in the way of running unsupported software13:06
TJ-wasutton3: Last time I looked at that it was reading the kernel source, and the Documentation/fs/ stuff on it13:06
DevrimI'm running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS atm, when I do uname -r it says I have kernel version 3.14.32 but the ubuntu spectre and meltdown page is talking about kernel 4.13/4.4, am I doing something wrong?13:06
oxbffffLinux oxbffff 4.4.0-31-generic #50~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jul 13 01:06:37 UTC 2016 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux13:07
Ben64Devrim: is that all uname says?13:07
DevrimBen64 it says 3.14.32-xxxx-grs-ipv6-64 for uname -r13:07
Ben64its a vm then, and you're using the kernel they have13:07
kerneled_TJ: I had to issue 'apt -f autoremove' along the way ...df -h shows /boot is only 27% used  now ls -l /boot is as here: <https://paste.ubuntu.com/26366087/>13:07
augustin6584TJ-: what should i do?13:08
DevrimOk Ben64 it's an OVH box, they sey they are busy patching the servers on the hardware side so I guess I will wait on them13:08
oxbffffaugustin6584, smash ur laptop13:08
TJ-kerneled_: do the --reinstall operation I recommended to ensure none of the installed kernels are broken, then a reboot should be safe13:08
oxbffffyeh install linux13:08
TJ-augustin6584: does apt report laptop-mode-tools is installed?13:09
Ben64Devrim: wait is it a vm? google is telling me that kernel might not be13:09
DevrimI don't think so Ben6413:09
DevrimIt's a dedicated server from OVH13:09
Devrimso not shared or anything13:09
Ben64oh then get rid of that crap and use the standard ubuntu kernel (but backup first)13:09
augustin6584TJ-:  no i dont use this13:10
DevrimDo you happen to have a guide Ben64?13:10
kerneled_TJ: you mean issue the command-string again? (ie "apt --reinstall install $( apt list 'linux-image-*' --installed 2>/dev/null | sed -rn 's,^(linux-image.*)/.*,\1,p'" ))13:10
kerneled_TJ: you mean issue the command-string again? (ie "apt --reinstall install $( apt list 'linux-image-*' --installed 2>/dev/null | sed -rn 's,^(linux-image.*)/.*,\1,p'" ))13:10
Ben64Devrim: found this online, your results may differ https://www.kiloroot.com/switch-to-standard-ubuntu-kernel-on-ovh-or-kimsufi-servers/13:10
TJ-Devrim: see : https://serverfault.com/questions/786499/change-kernel-of-centos-ovh13:11
Devrimthanks Ben64 and TJ- will take a look at it later today13:11
TJ-kerneled_: if you've already done that you don't need it again, you're done13:11
oxbffffwhat distro are you running augustin658413:11
TJ-augustin6584: OK, so the bug I had in mind isn't causing your read-only root-fs issue13:11
augustin6584TJ-: yes it definitely different thing13:12
oxbffffaugustin6584, what are you running13:12
TJ-augustin6584: check for disk I/O errors in "dmesg"13:12
zomaar_akik: autofs gave troubles for me with samba13:12
kerneled_TJ: so at the next kernel update the oldest will be automatically removed?13:12
oxbffffubuntu ?13:12
augustin6584ubuntu xenial13:13
zomaar_akik: And I know there is places but you have to always configure everything yoruself13:13
augustin6584there are some ext4-fs errors13:13
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xshellhi all13:14
oxbffffaugustin6584, what you need to do is reinstall13:14
augustin6584oxbffff: please shut up13:14
xshellI'm trying to script "apt-get dist-upgrade" but it throws a couple f menus . .13:14
xshellso how can i get rid of that and automate this . ?13:14
xshellapt-get dist-upgrade -y doen't work13:15
zomaar_xshell: --nointeractive I believe13:15
oxbffffmight have a shot13:15
akikzomaar_: i had to put the mount to autofs. otherwise on reboot, the network interface was shutdown before the mount was umounted13:16
TJ-xshell: you'll get prompts if you've changed package-supplied config files, so the solution is to move those customisations if possible to other files, or temporarily switch the files to the package-supplied version in your script whilst apt runs13:16
augustin6584EXT4-fs error device sda2: ext4_journal_check_start:61: Detected aborted journal13:16
zomaar_akik: Systemd fun13:16
alkisgaugustin6584: when you're running fsck from recovery, do you just check, or also fix the errors?13:16
augustin6584EXT4-fs remounting filesystem read-only13:17
xshellThanks TJ- but how can I keep the same configs/vendor version ? ?13:17
TJ-xshell: e.g, in the easy case where a package uses run-parts, you could move custom stanzas from /etc/network/interfaces to a new file at /etc/network/interfaces.d/myconfig13:17
xshellis there a way to let the promots use the default option and proceed with that13:17
akikzomaar_: systemd stupidity, i'd say13:17
zomaar_akik: If you put _netdev as option in fstab the mounts should get dependency on network-online.target though so that should not happen13:17
TJ-xshell: the solution depends on which packages are affected and which files13:17
zomaar_akik: I think those words mean the same ;-)13:17
Haristhank you all13:18
xshellTJ-: actually this is default image (amazon ubuntu 16.04 image)13:18
zomaar_xshell: --nointeractive13:18
xshellso I'm even not sure which files are change so want to proceed with promots and using the default options13:18
augustin6584alkisg: i just hit fsck from the menu and then i get fsck from util-linux 2.27.113:18
zomaar_xshell: Oh can't find it myself now13:18
augustin6584Started remount root and kernel file systems13:18
augustin6584Finished please press enter13:18
alkisgaugustin6584: read below, does it say "corrected" or does it say " found errors"13:19
oxbffffgoogle no help ?13:19
TJ-xshell: then you should be able to do "apt-get --yes --force-yes -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confdef" -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confold" dist-upgrade "13:19
augustin6584alkisg: no, there isnt anything else13:19
zomaar_Wait that is a flag of dpkg-reconfigure13:19
oxbffffLinux oxbffff 4.4.0-31-generic #50~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jul 13 01:06:37 UTC 2016 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux13:20
zomaar_I knew that one too13:20
oxbffffdoes firefox keep data ?13:20
oxbfffffuck this13:21
alkisgaugustin6584: reboot, go to recovery, select root shell WITHOUT selecting fsck first13:21
oxbffffi just download movies13:21
alkisgaugustin6584: then, run: fsck -f /dev/sda1; reboot13:21
TJ-!language | oxbffff13:21
ubottuoxbffff: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList13:21
alkisgaugustin6584: and see if it fixes errors and if it boots13:22
xshellTJ-: it still throws the prompt :)13:22
oxbffffubottu, ok sorry mate13:22
ubottuoxbffff: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:22
TJ-xshell: which package ?13:22
xshellapt-get dist-upgrade TJ-13:23
augustin6584alkisg: it asked if i want remove dirty bit so i did and now reboot13:23
matglasHi there, I have vps where the kernel is mounted by my provider. I am not able to find out where the kernel is configured. Or what the file is that is used. I need to install my own kernel as they have installed a kernel that is to high and not matching with my distro version13:24
TJ-xshell: but *which* package is asking the questions?13:24
alkisgaugustin6584: I'm afraid you put the wrong device there. You have windows and sda1 is your windows and sda2 your ubuntu? Put sda2 then.13:24
oxbffffwtf u on about augustin6584  ?13:24
augustin6584alkisg: but it looks like the sda2 is corrupted somehow13:24
augustin6584sda1 is just /boot13:24
augustin6584sda2 is /13:25
augustin6584but i cant fsck sda2 while it is mounted13:25
oxbffff /13:25
zomaar_matglas: There is kexec but otherwise you would have to contact your provider?13:25
oxbffffis ur whole partiton13:25
=== DrWatson_ is now known as DrWatson
xshellTJ-: there were two packges, let me run that again . .13:25
xshellsorry it totally skipped my mind . .13:26
TJ-matglas: generally, a more recent kernel is not an issue. A different config, however, can be.13:26
TJ-matglas: does your VPS provider not publish the kernel source and config ? Maybe make a support request for it?13:26
alkisgaugustin6584: when you are in the recovery console, it's mounted read-only, so you can fsck it13:26
matglasDifference is that it runs 4.14 but the my distro version is working with the 3 range13:26
alkisgaugustin6584: follow again my previous instructions, just put the correct device there13:27
dragosdrgm12i try to host a game server13:27
matglaszomaar_, I will but thought maybe I could fix it quickly.13:27
dsaiI have a binary under /usr/lib/mydocument/mybinary. How can I create a shortcut on Desktop so that someone can double click on it to run the binary? I right click on the binary, but the "makelink" option is disabled. I tried ln  -s /usr/lib/myfolder/mybinary /home/x/Desktop/shortlink, but it is not runnable13:27
TJ-matglas: is the /proc/config.gz node not provided ?13:27
oxbffff /exec -o13:28
zomaar_matglas: Your only chance is to chain-boot a different kernel but you make it appear as if there is never a boot menu13:28
matglasYes I looked into that file.13:28
oxbffffboot something13:29
alkisgdsai: ls /usr/share/applications ==> see what .desktop files are, copy one, adjust it to your needs, put it to your desktop, and chmod +x it13:30
augustin6584alkisg: /dev/sda2 is mounted13:30
oxbffff-ls -a13:30
oxbffffls -a ?13:30
augustin6584alkisg: e2fsck: cannot continue aborting.13:30
alkisgaugustin6584: yes, in read only mode, and so you can fsck it13:30
alkisgaugustin6584: did you select "root shell" directly?13:30
augustin6584yes i did13:30
augustin6584this is what i get from read only mode13:31
augustin6584after i run fsck -f13:31
augustin6584i just umounted it13:31
oxbffffWARNING!!!  The filesystem is mounted.   If you continue you ***WILL***13:31
oxbffffcause ***SEVERE*** filesystem damage.13:31
xshellTJ-: it also shows the following msg at the end of the execution. "W: mdadm: /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf defines no arrays."13:31
xshellW: --force-yes is deprecated, use one of the options starting with --allow instead.13:31
augustin6584and does check for errors now13:31
alkisgaugustin6584: eh, you can't unmount it, you need the programs for that. Now you may break it13:32
xshellnot sure if it worked or should I go for some other option (and not --force-yes)13:32
TJ-xshell: the mdadm warning sounds like a result if an update-initramfs run13:32
alkisgaugustin6584: fsck from that point works fine here. If you think you're doing it correctly and it doesn't work, use a live cd13:32
xshellTJ-: so I'm assuming that it worked (as kernel got updated) so just thinking if I've to change --force-yes13:33
TJ-xshell: ahh, for the --force-yes check the man page for your version13:33
oxbffffhmm man13:33
TJ-xshell: sounds like it, yes, the actual config prompts are done by dpkg not apt, and you're passing options to dpkg to control that13:33
dragosdrgm12help me13:34
dragosdrgm12how to host servers for games13:34
xshellTJ-: yes there are there option (for replacing --force-yes) --allow-downgrades, --allow-remove-essential, --allow-change-held-packages13:34
augustin6584alkisg: it worked13:34
dragosdrgm12how?? to host games server13:34
matglasdragosdrgm12, can you be more specific?13:34
dragosdrgm12i make gta server and i don't know how to host from ubuntu13:35
xshellTJ-: sorry, I'm more of a CentOS guy and never faced such issues there in upgrade system (automatically via chef) . .13:35
dragosdrgm12can you help me13:35
matglasdragosdrgm12, well its kind of a general question. Like what would be a good computer to buy13:36
TJ-dragosdrgm12: each time you visit the channel you ask questions which are not Ubuntu support matters. The specifics of hosting some non-Ubuntu software is not something we can support.13:36
TJ-xshell: let me look, those don't really sound like true replacements do they13:36
matglasdragosdrgm12, maybe you could give some context.13:36
matglasmake things more specific13:37
xshellTJ-: yes they don't seem to be13:37
TJ-xshell: actually, try it without --force-yes, it may not be necessary!13:37
TJ-xshell: seeing as the conf  activity is done by dpkg and you've passed it the required options13:38
xshellTJ-: let me try without --force-yes13:39
xshelland also I've to export the non-interactive using something like "export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive"13:39
xshellbefore the commands, only than they run non-interactively13:40
TJ-xshell: in case you're unaware, 'dpkg' handles just Debian PacKaGes, whereas 'apt' Advanced Packaging Tool deals with maintaining lists of packages from archives and fetching them, and managing inter-package dependencies13:40
sliptteesGood morning guys13:41
xshellTJ-: it worked without --force-yes . .13:41
sliptteesi try "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y" and i have some errors "grub2 install" error it's not a directory" any help fix it?13:42
alkisgslipttees: put all of the upgrade process including the errors to pastebin13:42
sliptteesalkisg: okay bro13:43
dreamerhi all, after just running the full updates for meltdown on my 16.04 machine a simply 'vagrant up' now freezes the entire computer. I haven't tried running another kernel yet but is anyone aware of any issues like this?13:43
xshellTJ-: woudl request if you can explain this command for me:) "Dpkg::Options::="--force-confdef" -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confold""13:43
xshelljust thinking what it does13:43
sliptteespaste: pastebin.ubuntu.com/26366223/13:45
alkisgslipttees: what's the output of this command? sudo LANG=en_US.UTF-8 LANGUAGE=en update-grub13:46
TJ-xshell: apt uses those options to control the options to  underlying calls to the 'dpkg' tool - see "man 4 apt.conf" and search for "dpkg"13:47
sliptteesalkisg: output Generation grub configuration file... grub-probe: error: not a directory13:48
TJ-xshell: "force-confdef" = "force config default" "force-confold" = "force old (existing) config13:48
alkisgslipttees: again, use pastebin13:48
TJ-xshell: "man 5 apt.conf" even!13:48
sliptteesalkisg: thats all output13:48
alkisgslipttees: also include this: ls -lhaR /boot | nc termbin.com 999913:48
sliptteesalkisg: termbin.com/1xpp13:49
TJ-alkisg: I think we're going to see a lot of slipttees issue with this rapid PTI-indiced kernel upgrades due to /boot/ running out of space13:50
alkisgTJ-: you think this is an "out of space" issue? It doesn't seem so... slipttees, what's the output of `df -h | nc termbin.com 9999` ?13:51
TJ-alkisg: not this one in particular, but I wouldn't be surprised, but already seen several due to the PTI releases :)13:52
sliptteesalkisg: termbin.com/ppj013:53
TJ-alkisg: I've switched initramfs-tools to MODULES=dep rather the =most to keep the initrd.img sizes under control13:53
sliptteesalkisg: clean install here13:53
alkisgTJ-: you can also remove plymouth and a few others if you want to make it really small :)13:53
alkisgslipttees: sudo LANG=en_US.UTF-8 LANGUAGE=en strace -e trace=file update-grub 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999913:54
TJ-alkisg: plymouth-splash but not plymouth13:54
alkisgTJ-: it's been a long time, but I believe i did remove plymouth and all the related font dependencies13:55
zambawhat does the output of systemctl status <unit> mean?13:55
zambafor CPU and Memory? is that the total amount of memory it's currently consuming?13:55
zambaor a tally?13:55
alkisgTJ-: there's a FRAMEBUFFER=y that needs to be removed somewhere in the initramfs-hooks or scripts...13:55
TJ-alkisg: plymouth is hooked into all input during initrd processing now13:55
alkisgTJ-: I tried that on 16.04, I don't know about newer releases13:55
TJ-alkisg: the main issue I was dealing with was no need to have almost every kernel module copied into the initrd, only the ones required to boot13:56
sliptteesalkisg: http://termbin.com/7blf13:57
alkisgTJ-: I was trying to boot with as little ram as possible. The default needed 160 mb ram, I think I got it down to 48...13:57
TJ-alkisg: ahhh, the good old days!13:57
alkisgThin clients can run well with e.g. 128 mb ram, but the default initramfs doesn't fit there :D13:58
alkisgI got xorg running with less than 20 MB RAM in use13:58
alkisgslipttees: sudo LANG=en_US.UTF-8 LANGUAGE=en strace -fe trace=file update-grub 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999913:58
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alkisgI added an "f" there13:58
sliptteesalkisg: http://termbin.com/ymr714:00
sliptteesalkisg: i see 'f'14:00
alkisgslipttees: eh, that was too long and termbin truncated it14:01
alkisgAnother one:14:01
alkisgslipttees: sudo LANG=en_US.UTF-8 LANGUAGE=en strace -fe trace=file update-grub 2>&1 | tail -n 200 | nc termbin.com 999914:01
hateballalkisg: if for translation purposes, I personally use "LC_ALL=C" since it's shorter to type :o14:01
TJ-alkisg: It looks like /etc/grub.d/00_header::check_writable() is failing14:01
sliptteesalkisg: http://termbin.com/qgv514:02
alkisghateball: non utf8 locales sometimes break sripts14:02
mopdprobeLFENCE or not?14:02
mopdprobeShould I defend against spectre variant 1 will LFENCE?14:02
loginoobso I have setup my JAVA_HOME and java -version command is giving me openjdk version. But javac command us not working14:03
alkisgslipttees: sudo LANG=en_US.UTF-8 LANGUAGE=en lsblk --fs | nc termbin.com 999914:03
mopdprobeshould I defend against spectre variant 2 with retpoline?14:03
loginoobI also did update-alternatives --config java and the path it gives me that is what i have setup in my JAVA_HOME14:03
alkisgTJ-: it seems to me that it's searching for sda5 which doesn't exist14:04
sliptteesalkisg: http://termbin.com/uar914:04
loginoobstill javac -version command is not running14:04
TJ-alkisg: sda5 exists, "access("/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1f.2/ata1/host0/target0:0:0/0:0:0:0/block/sda/sda5/uevent", F_OK) = 0"14:04
loginoobplease someone address my problem14:06
alkisgslipttees: does this help? sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc14:07
sliptteesalkisg: package is broken14:07
=== evilnewbie is now known as beaver
sliptteesalkisg: --configure  -a same problem14:08
alkisgslipttees: cat /var/log/apt/history.log | nc termbin.com 999914:08
TJ-alkisg: how about adding verbose logging to grub-probe calls, using "sed -ri 's/(grub[-_]probe)/\1 -v/' /etc/grub.d/00_header" ?14:11
* alkisg was thinking to put a set -x on top of it...14:12
TJ-alkisg: it looks like a probing issue, but set -x will help too, although may need one in /usr/lb/grub/grub-mkconfig_lib, too14:12
TJ-alkisg: I was doing just this yesterday :D14:13
alkisgTJ-: haha, feel free to pick this up too :D14:13
raubTJ-, zomaar_: I am back. http://pastebin.centos.org/492391/ shows the output of ifup -va.14:13
TJ-alkisg: actually.. Huskies just called, I have to go run them into the ground :)14:13
sliptteesalkisg: http://termbin.com/c8c214:13
raubLine 25 is when it barks. br0 existed and someone else wanted to create it again?14:14
TJ-raub: did you remove the br0 before running that?14:14
alkisgslipttees: did you say this is a fresh install?14:14
BluesKajTJ-, huskies ?14:15
raubzomaar_: I think the solution is what you suggested: blow br0 and recreate it. But I just want to know who did it14:15
raubTJ-: Oops. Not yet. I was hoping it would fail gracefully. Lemme blow it up14:15
TJ-raub: with br0 removed ifup -a should be OK, so if it fails on boot it suggests *something else* is creating br0 first (looking at you, systemd :p)14:16
sliptteesalkisg: yes14:17
sliptteesalkisg: my brother maybe use it... i have password14:17
alkisgslipttees: I don't have much time, do you mind if we do that over screen sharing with vnc?14:17
=== dw_ is now known as Guest5668
alkisg(or if someone else can continue with this...)14:18
sliptteesalkisg: teamviewerw14:19
alkisgslipttees: no need, sudo apt --yes install x11vnc; x11vnc -connect srv1-dide.ioa.sch.gr14:19
sliptteesalkisg: ok14:21
ppfassume i made a mistake configuring /etc/default/keyboard. what log would that show up in?14:22
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CaribouHello, I'm trying to find out if someone has been able to install Ubuntu on recent Macbooks that have keyboard @ trackpads hooked to SPI14:24
Caribouwhen starting the installl, both are inactive and the installation is impossible14:24
EriC^^!mac | Caribou maybe you can find something here?14:25
ubottuCaribou maybe you can find something here?: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages14:25
CaribouEriC^^: thanks, I'll look at this14:26
raubTJ-, zomaar_: Here is me deleting it and then bringing it back up: http://pastebin.centos.org/492396/14:27
EriC^^Caribou: no problem14:28
raubIs it me or in line 12 the ifdown deleted br0?14:28
sliptteesalkisg: how fix it?14:29
TJ-raub: aha! You seem to have the ubuntu/canonical 'fan' installed14:29
raubWhat is it? Sounds like fan controller thingie?14:29
raubI used something else in centos14:30
TJ-raub: It's a Caonical designed fan-out network structure14:30
raubI don't need it. Don't know how it got installed.14:30
alkisgslipttees: I haven't fixed it, grub-probe still fails, I only hide it for a while for apt to work14:31
raubBut, I see that could be the bad guy here14:31
TJ-raub: But, it looks like that system has /etc/network/if-uo.d/ubuntu-fan script installed but not the binary /usr/sbin/fanctl14:31
TJ-raub: hang on, let me check which package provide those14:31
TJ-raub: right, both are installed by "ubuntu-fan" but it seems you've removed/damaged /usr/sbin/fanctl. Check if it exists and is executable14:32
TJ-raub: failing that "sudo apt --reinstall install ubuntu-fan"14:33
raubTJ-: dpkg -s /etc/network/if-up.d/ubuntu-fan does not like me14:33
raubAh, wrong S: ubuntu-fan: /etc/network/if-up.d/ubuntu-fan14:34
alkisgslipttees, TJ-, everyone: so, the problem is that `grub-probe --target=fs /boot/grub` returns "error: not a directory", even after reinstalling grub, or even if trying with / instead of /boot/grub14:34
raubTJ-: You type faster than me ;)14:35
alkisgslipttees: hm, although, with /home, it works; it sounds like something's wrong with your /14:35
TJ-alkisg: is /boot/ a separate FS?14:35
alkisgNo, just / and /home14:35
alkisg...and swap14:36
TJ-alkisg: is there an ACL set on /boot/grub/14:36
TJ-alkisg: assuming /boot/grub/ is generally readable/writeable ?14:36
raubTJ-, zomaar_: much happier now. So ubuntu-fan was the guilty party14:36
alkisgTJ-: it fails with any dir under /, e.g. /tmp14:36
TJ-raub: indeed, the verbose logging is a life-saver sometimes14:36
alkisgTJ-: e.g. mkdir /test; grub-probe --target=fs /test => fails14:37
TJ-alkisg: so broken file-system metadata... did someone "dd of=/dev/sda5 ..." by mistake I wonder14:37
raubI do agree. And as a bit of a snide, that is one thing I do wish at time windows had14:37
alkisgslipttees: do you have a live cd to boot from, and fsck your /?14:37
sliptteesalkisg: yes.14:38
TJ-raub: it was a big reason for me dropping Windows entirely in 2004, that plus no access to source to be able to fix bugs14:38
sliptteesalkisg: wrong install?14:39
TJ-alkisg: anything in dmseg / kern.log ?14:39
TJ-alkisg: if the FS mounted without issue and kernel doesn't show I/O errors something overwrote the FS metadata/superblocks at some point, it would seem14:40
raubTJ-: I wish I could do that at my current work, but they sure like Windows. At least I can run Linux here and there14:41
raubI wonder if I need to restar all the guests and/or libvirt14:41
alkisgTJ-: nothing that I can see. termbin.com/srpo14:42
TJ-raub: not sure on that one. Were they using br0 ? I didn't see any other virtual eth devices attached14:42
alkisgslipttees: I think you should use the live cd :/14:42
raubTJ-: Yep14:42
sliptteesalkisg: yes... now14:43
raublet me first see what systemctl tells me14:43
TJ-alkisg: possibly kill-inducing test: "mount -o remount,rw /" - does it choke on that?14:43
alkisgHe restarted14:43
sliptteesalkisg: fsck /?14:43
alkisgslipttees: from the live cd you would start with sudo fsck /dev/sda514:44
alkisgfsck -f /dev/sda514:44
sliptteesalkisg: okay man14:44
TJ-alkisg: what's with the 4 zram nodes being created?14:44
cpaelzerraub: I think there was a recent fix for that14:45
cpaelzerraub: note ubuntu-fan is a way to get more networks14:45
cpaelzerraub: FYI https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FanNetworking14:45
cpaelzerseems related enough that it could be https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/173764014:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1737640 in ubuntu-fan (Ubuntu Bionic) "[SRU] /usr/sbin/fanctl: arithmetic expression: expecting primary | unconfigured interfaces cause ifup failures" [Undecided,In progress]14:46
sliptteesalkisg: /dev/sda5 clean, 220664/1831424 files, 1915337/7323904 blocks14:46
cpaelzerwhile you are not running into the same error it could be something similar to e.g. let the hook fail after the remove14:46
TJ-alkisg: good look :)14:47
cpaelzerraub: if you don't mind I'd ask you to report your case at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-fan/+filebug14:47
V7Is it possible to check if cut command is insatlled without calling it ?14:48
V7Which package is it ?14:48
V7coreutils ?14:48
V7How to check if this package is intstalled on system ?14:48
cpaelzerwell - looking more in detail at your error message it almost seems it really didn't find the binary14:48
cpaelzerwhich is a script actually, but well14:49
PiciV7: coreutils is installed on all Ubuntu systems14:49
V7Yes, but how to check ?14:49
sliptteesalkisg: maybe reinstall solve14:50
alkisgslipttees: good idea, also tell ubuntu to format the whole disk so that it fixes any partition issues14:50
sliptteesalkisg: yes14:50
cpaelzerraub: oh I see how that happened14:51
cpaelzerI'll file a bug for you14:51
PiciV7: for ubuntu, you could check if cut exists at /usr/bin/cut, but if you want to see if cut exists at anywhere in the $PATH, see http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/08114:52
PiciV7: also #bash and http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ are great resources for bash scripting, which is what I assume you're doing.14:53
V7)) Thank you Pici14:54
cpaelzerraub: filed bug 174271214:57
ubottubug 1742712 in ubuntu-fan (Ubuntu) "package removal leave scripts that fail lacking the binaries" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/174271214:57
V7How to check which command, i.e. kill uses which package ?14:58
V7I.e. ls or cut, cat are from coreutils, but what about kill or ifconfig ?14:58
geirhakill is a shell builtin14:58
V7geirha: So how then check if kill command exists ?14:59
PiciV7: dpkg -S $(which cut)   or if you don't have the package installed look at apt-file (you'll need to install it from the repos)14:59
geirhaV7: As it's a builtin, it will always exist14:59
V7geirha: you're 1000% sure that it always exist ?15:00
hggdhactually kill is procps15:00
geirhaV7: no, I'm 100% sure. The other 0.001% is when the user is doing something extremely weird, like disabling the kill builtin. There's no point in guarding against such actions though15:01
geirhahggdh: yes, there's also an external kill command15:01
V7geirha: So in case of this point it's should be checked15:01
V7Isn't it ?15:01
geirhaV7: Use the type command at the start of your script, with a list of all the commands your script requires. E.g.   type curl jq recode >/dev/null || exit15:01
geirhaV7: Well, if someone has gone to the extreme length of disabling a builtin, they might have disabled the builtins you need to check if kill exists too ... you can't win that fight, and there's no point in being that thorough15:02
V7Thank you geirha very much15:03
geirhabut if it makes you feel better, you can add it to your list of commands for the type builtin to check15:03
V7very much geirha *15:03
geirhaThere's also not much point in checking the existance of standard commands like cut and cat; I generally only check for the non-standard commands my script requires15:04
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geirha(if standard commands like cut and cat are missing, your script is far from the only script that will fail horribly)15:07
zomaarraub: The deleting was just a quick thing that would be it, as I had something weird like that once15:15
zomaarraub: But I'm glad you got it sorted15:15
xtrongetting lightdm 1.18.3 crash due to SIGHUP issue, want to update to 1.19. can someone tell me how?15:17
xpolicemancomment connaitre les ports ouvert sur ubuntu15:18
hggdhxpoliceman: pas de français ici, nous parlons anglais.15:19
xpolicemanje ne parle pas bien l'anglais car suis coloniser par la france15:21
=== sgautam is now known as GautamS
Pici!fr | xpoliceman15:21
ubottuxpoliceman: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:21
zomaarxpoliceman: sudo netstat -tlp15:24
xpolicemanok thank you.15:24
coffeeguyhi installed the new patch for the  kpti and now my ubuntu install freezes sometimes with the harddrive working sometimes not. I'm running minergate and a ip cam and this chat... i'm thinking i've reached the crusp of my performance?15:24
coffeeguyit's not a mission critical install of ubuntu. i could download a fresh usb media of ubuntu and reinstall?15:25
ubottuMeltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti15:27
=== sgautam is now known as GautamS
ubottuKPTI is a mitigation for the !Meltdown security issue. With some workloads on some processors, KPTI has a significant performance impact. KPTI can be disabled by adding "nopti" to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT line in /etc/default/grub. This should only be done if absolutely necessary because it will disable protections against Meltdown and thus allow any malicious user process to read memory and probably escalate to root.15:27
`ajvenHello, its possible to install ubuntu without preinstalled DE, office package and rest usless software ?15:28
coffeeguythat's probably it "significant performance issues15:28
zomaar`ajven: ubuntu-server15:28
coffeeguyi'm using a platter hard drive too15:28
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beaver!netinstall | `ajven15:28
ubottu`ajven: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate15:28
zomaarcoffeeguy: I would doubt it, there is probably a real issue, better revert back15:30
zomaarcoffeeguy: Or try that nopti flag first15:30
`ajvenbeaver, thank you for link, i see netinstall but if i will install DE using meta package like i dont know cinnamon it wont install me tons of useless depedencies like openoffice ?15:31
zomaarcoffeeguy: by significant they don't mean something more than 15% at max15:31
coffeeguyi was probably running system resources pretty high to begin with so i think 15% would make a diff. mining alt coin15:32
zomaarcoffeeguy: And only if you do something explicitly kernel-heavy15:32
beaver`ajven: exactly15:32
`ajvenbeaver, thank you very much15:33
coffeeguyit's no biggy to reinstall, just want to know if the download page has the patched current version15:33
zomaar`ajven: http://termbin.com/jou815:34
zomaar`ajven: rdepends of cinnamon-desktop-environment15:34
`ajvenzomaar, damn a lot of usless pacakges also :/15:35
`ajvenso best way is to install cinnamon core15:35
zomaar`ajven: I guess and cinnamon15:37
zomaarOh that's already in it15:37
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zomaarcoffeeguy: Don't have the answer to that, but you can also revert to a previous patch, also if you install fresh15:51
charvijain16_I am new to IRC15:58
greglI have a gforce 9500 I want to use the nvidia driver,but in the past the instillation would trash my system,, I have searched the Internet,but I keep coming up short.. Would anyone have any suggestions?15:59
charvijain16_anyone willing to guide me for artificial intelligence15:59
BluesKajgregl, sudo ubuntu-drivers list, this should show the correct avialble drivers for your gpu16:02
BluesKajavailable even16:03
greglBluesKaj, Yeah, I have done that,but every time I try to install it boots to a black screen and as you know it's very hard to recover from that.. !6.04 works fine,but not 17.10... I run xorg not waylan so I think it should work..16:05
BluesKaj!nomodeset | gregl16:06
ubottugregl: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:06
greglThanks for that.. I will check it out16:07
eschhello all, I'm installing server 13.04 on a machine, and the ehternet drivers are not installed/detected so I cannot configure network during install. I was able to download a tarball with the drivers, but I can't install because 'make' is not installed16:09
eschhow can I install make without apt-get being available?16:10
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electricmilkesch, You can download the .deb file and use dpkg -i16:10
eschelectricmilk: will I need to worry about dependancies? or will the .deb file be enough?16:11
kostkonesch, 13.04 is not supported anymore16:11
xpoliceman bonjour j'ai un souci je n'arrive pas installe JDK sur Netbeans pour les developpements android que dois je faire merci d'avance16:11
kostkon!fr | xpoliceman16:12
ubottuxpoliceman: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.16:12
electricmilkesch, It will tell you what dependencies are missing. I really don't know though16:12
eschkostkon: yeah I know, I'm using the machine for ROS, the package I'm using and ultimately the ROS installation supports 13.0416:13
eschelectricmilk: gotcha, thanks16:13
za1b1tsuCan someone help me, my disk space is shrinking rapidly16:15
za1b1tsuI went from a couple of gigs to 648 mb16:15
za1b1tsuin a couple of minututes16:15
za1b1tsumy log file is getting bigger and bigger16:15
eschhm actually I wonder if I should try installing the nonfree firmware .deb first16:15
sliptteesalkisg: Back... install again16:15
za1b1tsu30 gb is rigt now16:15
za1b1tsu30 gb is rigt now16:16
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ickefesi have a laptop with windows installed on a UEFI installation and the drive is sda. I want to make an image of this one so I can restore it if I change my mind. Is it enough to do "dd if=/dev/sda of=/media/save/sda_disk.iso" ?16:20
za1b1tsuJan 10 11:13:25 bogdan-X541UAK kernel: [   66.336429] pcieport 0000:00:1c.5: PCIe Bus Error: severity=Corrected, type=Physical Layer, id=00e5(Receiver ID)16:21
za1b1tsumy log file is keep getting bigger and bigger16:22
Neo4what grep comand does ?16:27
Neo4grep -r GMW_Form_Init * this is used for search in folder?16:27
akikNeo4: grep finds text for you16:27
Neo4what there star means?16:27
Neo4grep text * ???16:28
akikNeo4: * is for all files16:28
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akikNeo4: -r is for recursive so it goes through all the sub dirs too16:28
Neo4in all files where exists that phrase16:28
leftyfbNeo4: http://www.dummies.com/computers/operating-systems/linux/common-linux-commands/16:28
Neo4grep [options] pattern [filesname]16:29
Neo4option -4 pater is text and filesname is *16:30
Neo4and pater can be regular expression?16:30
leftyfbNeo4: https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-use-grep-command-in-linux-unix/16:30
Neo4grep -r /d{3} * it should be find 3 digits near16:31
Neo4this nice http://www.robelle.com/smugbook/regexpr.html16:32
Neo4I know regular expression well16:33
naccNeo4: perhaps you want to read `man grep`.16:33
Neo4in general this 'grep' is used for fast seek files16:33
stephen101got this weird error on last reboot16:35
sliptteesalkisg: Hi bro?16:35
stephen101says bug. softlockup of cpu2.16:37
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Neo4stephen101: probably CPU is broken )16:37
stephen101when i tried to get terminal ctrl alt f3 same error continued, had to force the power button16:38
stephen101its working in top atm...?16:38
stephen101btw i dont have cpu216:38
stephen101Tasks: 195 total,   3 running, 192 sleeping,   0 stopped,   0 zombie16:39
stephen101%Cpu0  :  6.7 us,  2.3 sy,  0.0 ni, 90.6 id,  0.0 wa,  0.0 hi,  0.3 si,  0.0 st16:39
stephen101%Cpu1  :  7.3 us,  1.4 sy,  0.0 ni, 88.9 id,  1.7 wa,  0.0 hi,  0.7 si,  0.0 st16:39
naccstephen101: grep -c '^processor' /proc/cpuinfo16:40
stephen101nothin on that command16:41
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sliptteesalkisg: clean install and now works without problem :-)16:52
sliptteesalkisg: change partition scheme16:52
whitebeastIm not sure why but i cannot login to any user.. The screen just goes black and askes for the password again.. Any ideas on how to resolve this?16:54
sliptteesalkisg: thx for u time bro...16:54
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stephen101i had same exact issue other day. i had to open terminal and do distro update.16:58
BluesKajwhitebeast, have you tried the recovery kernel in grub, then using the "repair' option in the dialog?16:58
stephen101and following remove nvidia driver and reinstall. came after some system updates from ubuntu.16:59
whitebeastHow do i get to the options? My system boots quickly16:59
stephen101clt alt f3 gets you to command17:00
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whitebeastIs 16.04 still lts?17:00
stephen101think mine updated to 16.04.117:01
dabbai'm on 16.04.317:01
zomaaresch: did you have your solution?17:01
BluesKajwhitebeast, hold the left shiftkey down to see the grub bootloader right after the POST page17:02
eschzomaar: was able to get make installed by redoing the installation and selecting packages manually, now I'm working on getting the driver installed17:02
eschgot to the point where I am trying to load the module with modprobe, it loads but still no ethernet interface17:03
BluesKajanyway too many cooks ...bbl17:03
eschfollowing their readme https://downloadmirror.intel.com/15817/eng/readme.txt17:03
whitebeastThanks you guys17:03
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eschwhere it says to run 'modprobe <e1000e> [parameter=port1_value]' I am assuming that the command ends up being 'modprobe e1000e' but how do I specify the port as eth0?17:05
eschI tried parameter=eth0 but it didn't work17:05
akikesch: they're set in /etc/modprobe.d17:06
qwipBy mistake while being in su (root) mode in /root/etc/ I issued the command rmdir *17:07
eschso load module via modprobe then go to /etc/modprobe.d and set?17:07
akikesch: e.g. create e1000e.conf and put in there "options e10001 ..."17:07
akikesch: when the module is loaded, it'll get the options from that file17:07
TJ-stephen101: will the system reboot into an older kernel so you can capture logs?17:07
eschoh I see, I wonder why their readme doesn't have me make a conf first17:08
eschthanks akik17:08
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qwipHelp! By mistake while being in su (root) mode in /root/etc/ I issued the command rmdir *. and some folders got deleted. what to do?17:09
stephen101anyone have any ideas how to fix screen tearing? happens randomly mainly when i open files in gedit17:10
stephen101the photo ss shows the issue.17:10
TJ-qwip: "rmdir" only works on empty directories17:11
qwipTJ-, sure? i think I deletes the folder if it does not contain any folder17:12
qwipnot sure though17:12
qwipahh, thanks for reminding me. so I am safe. TJ-17:13
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TJ-esch: the format for options is "options e1000e <parameter>=<value for port1>[,<value for port 2>[,<value for port 3>]]17:14
TJ-esch: e.g: "options e1000e InterruptThrottleRate=16000,16000"17:16
eschTJ-: yeah I saw that example in the readme, but I'm still unclear on how to set the interface.. I don't that "option" name listed17:17
eschsorry if I'm being a bit dense I'm just not familiar with this17:17
TJ-esch: you don't have to specify paramters, those are if you need to alter the default values (for tuning performance)17:18
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eschTJ-: sure that makes sense, but when I try and load the module using 'modprobe e1000e' it does not "create" an interface17:19
TJ-esch: what does "dmesg" show?17:19
greglBluesKaj,  Earlier you helped me out with a nvidia driver problem... With the info you provided I can report success.. Thanks for your time..17:19
shazbotmcnastyhey there - running ubuntu 16.04 mate, trying to make a SMB share that's available to 'everyone' and 'anonymous logon' to a specific location like "\\fog\deployment\images\windows\Win7\pro\" -- does anyone have a good place to start?17:20
BluesKajgregl, np :-)17:20
TJ-!cookie BluesKaj17:20
* TJ- pokes ubottu17:20
BluesKajHey TJ- :-)17:21
eschTJ-: not currently on that machine and there's no network access so I can't copy/paste anywhere. eth0 does show up, but there are errors17:21
eschsec I'll just take a picture and upload17:21
lotuspsychje!samba | shazbotmcnasty17:21
ubottushazbotmcnasty: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html17:21
stephen101smb share transfers are slow between windows and ubuntu17:22
stephen101unsecure ftp if sharing only inside your network has faster transfers17:22
stephen101ftp can be mounted just as easy as smb within windows17:23
eschTJ-: https://i.imgur.com/RwXIVI5.jpg17:23
shazbotmcnastystephen101: so it wouldn't make much sense to have windows deployment images being shared from a linux machine? That's what my intention is.17:24
shazbotmcnastyI can put them on a windows server - i would just prefer my pxe server and my windows deployement server to be the same machine.17:25
stephen101idk i didnt have much luck using smb, it was slow.17:26
stephen101i think maxed speed was like around 2mbs17:27
V7Hey all :)17:27
V7So tput is from ncurses package, but I might don't have this one, but why then tput exists ?17:28
akikstephen101: samba can do faster than that. i'm currently transferring at 7 MiB/s over wireless17:30
brainwashV7: what?17:30
brainwashV7: package name is ncurses-bin17:30
stephen101i was also using cat5 both machines17:31
stephen101ftp went to around 25mbs17:31
jacko115TJ-: After a reporting the bug report on Gnome, they pointed the finger at Dash. I installed vanilla gnome and didn't have the issue (gnome crash when only monitor is disconnected https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=792428)17:32
ubottuGnome bug 792428 in general "Gnome crash on disconnection of only monitor" [Normal,Resolved: notgnome]17:32
V7brainwash: How to check which command for which packet ?17:33
V7package *17:33
akikstephen101: do you mean megabits per second?17:33
stephen101yes MiB/s17:33
brainwashV7: dpkg -S tput17:33
akikstephen101: that's mibibytes per second17:33
V7Why mEgabytes are MiBs ?17:33
nicomachusV7: not on topic for this channel, feel free to google it.17:34
V7Thank you very much brainwash17:34
V7Roger that nicomachus, sorry17:34
stephen101the transfer speed smb v. ftp from ubuntu to my windows 10 machine was like night and day17:35
bnasonIs there any way to ungroup windows in the dock in 17.10?17:36
bnasonOr a replacement dock that you can do that in?17:37
TJ-esch: seems pretty clear: you've specified something called 'parameter' as a parameter but there is no parameter called 'parameter' !17:40
eschTJ-: yeah was just unclear when I was trying to follow the readme, I've done modprobe -r e1000e but it doesn't get rid of that stuff17:40
eschI've never used modprobe before so I'm sort of blind here17:41
TJ-esch: you've got some bad entries in the config file you're created17:41
eschwhere would this config file be?17:41
eschit's not in modprobe.d17:42
TJ-esch: didn't you create a file containing the options - I thought that was what you were doing17:42
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
eschno, it was suggested and I went to do that but there's nothing about doing a config file on their readme, so again I'm blind and sort of guessing17:43
eschTJ-: when I installed the ethernet hardware did not work so I had to compile/install them, and am getting stuck at loading the module and getting it to work17:44
eschinstalled meaning initial operating system install17:44
TJ-esch: did you edit /etc/modprobe.conf adding the entries they show under "Configuring the Driver on Different Distributions"? Because your photo shows errors that indicate it is finding those 2 'alias' and 1 'options' line17:45
eschthere is no /etc/modprobe.conf17:45
TJ-esch: search with  "sudo grep -n 'alias eth0' /etc/"17:46
eschTJ-: grep doesn't like that, returns /etc/ is a directory17:47
akikTJ-: i told him to use /etc/modprobe.d/e1000e.conf17:48
eschakik: I did create that file and added alias eth0 e1000e but it generated an error and didn't do anything, and is probably what is causing some errors17:48
akikesch: the syntax needs to be correct for it to work17:49
eschi imagine so17:49
soee_anyoen able to run VB on 4.14 Kernel? I'm having this error https://pastebin.com/gx7MZ2pj17:50
TJ-esch: sorry, should be -rn not -n !17:50
eschTJ-: no worries, that query returns nothing17:50
eschor is that removing the entries17:51
esch(sorry I'm clearly not as competent as I thought I was... heh)17:51
TJ-esch: did you create a file or not? you just told akik you did, but a few moments ago you told me you didn't17:51
eschI would just man grep but man is not installed17:51
eschTJ-: i did but since it didn't work i removed it17:51
eschsorry for being unclear17:52
TJ-esch: OK, so those messages in the kernel log are from previous bad configs17:52
TJ-esch: "lsmod | grep e1000e"17:52
eschshould I expect something to return there17:54
lotuspsychjesoee_: there's an existing bug on it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/virtualbox/+bug/163931017:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1639310 in virtualbox (Ubuntu) "Failed to start LSB: VirtualBox Linux Kernel Module" [Undecided,Invalid]17:54
TJ-esch: and why is the kernel version 3.8? That's not been supported in a long time17:54
TJ-esch: if the module is loaded, yes17:54
TJ-esch: if nothing was returned do "sudo modprobe e1000e" and then re-run the "lsmod | grep e1000e"17:54
soee_lotuspsychje: thanks, i just added myself as affecte17:55
lotuspsychjesoee_: did you check dmesg also?17:55
lotuspsychjesoee_: wich ubuntu are you on?17:58
soee_lotuspsychje: 16.04 (Neon)17:58
soee_btw (not VB related), is this error in dmesg any important: https://pastebin.com/0mBXQbhP ?17:59
lotuspsychjesoee_: how did you install kernel?17:59
soee_lotuspsychje: kernel is downloaded from mainline18:00
lotuspsychjesoee_: did you try VB on previous kernels?18:00
soee_lotuspsychje: not yet, maybe ill try on 4.1318:01
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic xenial | soee_18:01
ubottusoee_: linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 13 kB18:01
eschTJ-: I know, the intended use for this machine is for ROS, and the module I intend to use for ROS requires I use an older version and the latest version of ubuntu it supports is 13.0418:01
eschTJ-: lsmod | grep e1000e returns "e1000e 168510 0" and "ptp 18189 1 e1000e"18:02
lotuspsychjesoee_: added other ppa's to your system?18:03
lotuspsychjeriko: welcome, how can we help you?18:03
soee_lotuspsychje: ppa's with what? i have some but they are not related to kernels or vb18:03
eschTJ-: unfortunately I have to leave now for work, but I'll leave this session connected so if you have any further answers/advice it would be appreciated, and I will continue the work tomorrow18:03
tatertotsriko: sup , do you have a issue technical in nature?18:03
lotuspsychjesoee_: well with ppa's added we cant possibly know what scrambled your system right18:04
lotuspsychjesoee_: i suggest testing it on a vanilla ubuntu, then if you like try mainline .1418:04
rikoHow reply to user in IRC-client?18:05
soee_ill try 4.13 first, maybe the problem is that im on 4.14.8 not the latest 4.14 because they fail to run with nvidai propriety driver18:05
lotuspsychjesoee_: also a thing you could test, graphics drivers18:05
JonelethIrenicusI installed the android sdk from the repos18:06
JonelethIrenicushow can i launch it18:06
tatertotsriko: i don't know....personally what i do, is type the first few letters of a "username" and press tab18:06
tatertotsriko: but that's more a habit picked up outside of IRC....it just happens to work for me "inside" irc as well YMMV18:06
tatertotsYMMV= your mileage may vary18:07
rikotatertots, it works, yeah!18:07
tatertotsriko: so that was your "technical" issue?...i put my coffee down for that? lol :)18:09
rikotatertots, i have no technical issues, all system works done. I join in this chat just for fun18:11
xs2hey might someone know why does xfce panel disappear, i.e. it gets covered by windows resized by xmonad? https://wiki.haskell.org/Xmonad/Config_archive/eschulte_xmonad.hs this is the config file18:15
TJ-esch: lsmod shows the module had loaded correctly so there will be interfaces you can configure, check with "ip link show" - probably they are named emX where X is a number18:15
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JonelethIrenicushow can i download a deb file to my current directory?18:20
mst89change to directory then wget file.deb18:20
deadbumAfter installing linux-image-generic for the meltdown/spectre patched kernel (3.13.0-139-generic) when I reboot it's still selecting the old kernel version (3.13.0-100) for some reason. I have confirmed that /boot/grub/grub.cfg has the 3.13.0-139 version as the top kernel and /etc/default/grub:GRUB_DEFAULT=0  Anyone know why it wouldn't be booting the most recent kernel? Ubuntu 14.04 LTS18:20
JonelethIrenicusmst89: but from the repos18:22
TJ-deadbum: at boot-time access the GRUB boot menu, highlight the first entry, press 'e' to edit it, navigate down to the line starting "linux ..." and check which vmlinuz-<version> you see there, then boot that entry and use "uname -r" to ensure the running version matches what grub showed18:24
JonelethIrenicusi installed android-sdk but can't use the "sdkmanager"18:24
JonelethIrenicusis it called something else on ubuntu?18:24
hodor123456How can I know that my ubuntu 16.04 lts installation was correct?18:25
lotuspsychjehodor123456: when it boots?18:25
TJ-JonelethIrenicus: "apt-get --download-only install <package>" - packages will be in /var/cache/apt/archives/18:25
deadbumTJ-: this is a cloud instance so I don't have access to an interactive grub menu18:25
deadbumfrom what I understand it's supposed to boot the top kernel from /boot/grub/grub.cfg?18:26
kostkonJonelethIrenicus, how did you install it18:26
TJ-deadbum: then presumably your provider has some way to configure the kernel to use18:26
JonelethIrenicusTJ-: thanks18:26
JonelethIrenicuskostkon: it is in the repos18:26
deadbumTJ-: considering I have hundreds to reboot into this new kernel filing a ticket for them to touch each one seems ill advised. Is there no way to specify the kernel to boot before rebooting?18:27
deadbumliterally never encountered this before, normally I update a kernel package and that's that, it reboots into the newest one18:27
JonelethIrenicusTJ-: does that place the files into some directory?18:28
kostkonJonelethIrenicus, well, there's a better way, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-make18:28
TJ-JonelethIrenicus: as I said, /var/cache/apt/aarchives/18:28
kostkonJonelethIrenicus, remove the one you've installed from the repos and use Ubuntu make to install the latest version of the sdk18:28
JonelethIrenicusTJ-: oh sorry didn't catch tthat18:29
TJ-deadbum: so you don't have any net-console access ?18:29
JonelethIrenicuskostkon: ok18:29
deadbumTJ-: correct, I can only reach it once it's booted and ssh is up. I could have the provider manually intervene but that won't work for hundreds of machines.18:29
hodor123456lotuspsychje: It booted well,internet is working,but when I am trying 'ping google.com' or anything.It just saying 'Unknown host'.Where maybe the problem is?18:30
TJ-deadbum: what hypervisor is it, do you know? KVM maybe? I'm trying to think of explanations for what you're seeing18:30
JonelethIrenicuskostkon: that is useful18:30
eliaand for CW ? c'è qualcuno che fa telegrafia ?????18:30
lotuspsychjehodor123456: wifi or cable?18:30
kostkonJonelethIrenicus, yeap18:30
lotuspsychje!it | elia18:30
ubottuelia: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)18:30
deadbumTJ-: it's AWS, so Xen I believe18:31
TJ-deadbum: this article seems to deal with at including showing how to enable grub console: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/UserProvidedKernels.html18:33
TJ-deadbum: pay particular attention to the sentence "GRUB can fall back to another kernel in the event that the new kernel fails. "18:34
deadbumTJ-: ah ok. That is disconcerting considering this is the only LTS kernel that addresses meltdown/spectre.18:34
deadbumfor 14.0418:34
TJ-deadbum: we've had several iterations to fix bugs so far; you may have hit another. If you can identify it via enabling the GRUB console to collect evidence, join #ubuntu-kernel and report it as a bug too, it'll be acted on almost immediately18:35
deadbumok, I'll see what I can do. Thanks18:36
=== xs2` is now known as xs2
jeri'm getting an error from grub when trying to boot windows that file /grub/x86_64-efi/ntldr.mod is not found... yes the file doesn't exist, but not sure where to get it from18:50
jer(or how do i generate it?)18:51
=== claudio is now known as Guest98755
TJ-jer: it would be installed by "grub-install"18:52
TJ-jer: you'll need to tell grub-install where to install to, check the man-page18:52
jerTJ-, so windows and linux are on separate drives, and i don't want to blow away the windows bootloader on the second drive (because it shouldn't be needed) -- so i can't install grub on that drive; unless i'm misunderstanding18:53
TJ-jer: grub-install will install the GRUB EFI loader (/boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi) and all it's own modules under /boot/grub/x86_64-efi/ - check the latter directory now, you should see a lot of *.mod (module) files18:55
jerTJ-, i do, i do not have ntldr.mod tho18:55
TJ-jer: ooooo nice bug you've found, I think. That file exists in the grub-pc (i386) BIOS package but not the grub-efi (x86_64-efi) EFI package18:58
alkisgI don't think you can load ntldr from efi18:58
jerso i guess my only option at the moment is to either figure out the chainloading paths, or switch boot priority in my bios? =]18:58
alkisgntldr requires bios18:58
jeralkisg, oh?18:58
alkisgAFAIK, yes18:58
TJ-jer: presumably because with EFI the firmware should be loading Windows from its boot menu, not GRUB18:58
jerok that makes sense18:58
shazbotmcnastyhey so i've got that smb share set up on ubuntu - sharing out a folder with installer files in it, but i cannot run them from a windows computer, it says that we don't have permission (from the destination computer) - how do I give everyone read/execute rights to everything in a folge18:59
alkisgyou can load the windows efi loader, but not ntldr18:59
shazbotmcnastyfolder **18:59
TJ-jer: on EFI the motherboard maintains a list of OSes and where their boot-loaders are18:59
TJ-jer: so I guess there's a hot-key at boot to open the manual boot menu so you can select a non-default entry19:00
TJ-alkisg: so long since I messed with Windows!19:00
jerheh me too =]19:01
jerneed to test some code on windows though, so... figured i should set this up properly instead of just switching in the bios every time19:01
Radkoshello can you please help me with info about shutting down ubuntu 14.04 with grace - I mean without SIGTERM the program but wait for it to close - like it was in earlier versions - 10.04 as I remember - there was a dconf option but I cant find it anymore19:01
TJ-jer: EFI does it properly now, not requiring boot loaders to do it, and preventing them over-writing each other19:02
RadkosThe reason i'm asking is firefox being forced to close everytime I shutdown the computer without closing it first and on next firefox start it asks for recovering my tabs19:02
TJ-Radkos: how do you initiate the shutdown?19:03
RadkosI press the powerbutton once19:04
Radkosit asks for action and choose shutdown19:05
Radkosits like doing from the button in the upper right corner19:05
TJ-Radkos: so it is the GUI/DE/WM that is not behaving as you want it to19:05
TJ-Radkos: is it the default Unity desktop ?19:05
Radkosany ideas - its not just my system two others of my friends has the same issue - so it got to be a setting somewhere19:06
Radkosyes the default unity19:06
Radkosone of my friends upgraded from 12.04 - any chance something got messed up with settings from it?19:07
TJ-Radkos: I would have thought it should be sending SIGTERM to all applications it has launched before shutting down. If you send a SIGTERM to firefox manually from terminal does it exit correctly for you?19:07
Radkoslet me check19:07
kostkonRadkos, here's the bug report, #166228119:11
=== shah^ is now known as hb^
kostkonhmm, Bug #166228119:11
ubottubug 1662281 in gnome-session "Firefox shows post-crash page after reboot or logoff" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/166228119:11
Radkosi've done kill -15 and it's incorectly closed19:12
Radkosit seems to be bug-related19:12
Radkoshm doesn anyone knows a workaround as I'm not able to find one19:14
Radkosor i have to close the browser every time before shutting down19:15
DouglasKQuestion... Ubuntu docs say one can share the desktop, but the option to share it isn't available as described in the docs.  I do have vino installed per the docs.  https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/sharing-desktop.html  I'm running Ubuntu 17.10.  Ideas?19:16
kostkonRadkos, you could try this https://askubuntu.com/a/451392/165119:16
lotuspsychje_DouglasK: i see they added remmina to bionic, you could try that perhaps?19:16
lotuspsychje_!info remmina | DouglasK19:17
ubottuDouglasK: remmina (source: remmina): remote desktop client for GNOME desktop environment. In component main, is optional. Version 1.1.2-4ubuntu1 (artful), package size 120 kB, installed size 392 kB19:17
TJ-Radkos: try starting firefox from the terminal in foreground then send the "pkill firefox" and see if anything is reported by firefox about why it is crashing. You can also use the "firefox --debug" to run it under a full debugger session19:18
DouglasKlotuspsychje_, I do have remmina and vino installed... I have the client to connect to a system... just not the ability to share my desktop.19:18
EriC^^sudo apt-get update19:19
alkisgjer, sorry, I was afk; so, why would you want to load ntldr/bootmgr, which is for BIOS, instead of bootmgr.efi, which is for EFI? You cannot load windows in BIOS mode when you're using efi19:19
pizzaburgerTJ-: Hey, how's it going? Is the issue still active/being worked on?19:20
leftyfbDouglasK: personally I use either x11vnc or teamviewer19:20
TJ-pizzaburger: it's stalled, being unable to reliably reproduce it19:21
DouglasKleftyfb, I'll give x11vnc a look ... I avoid teamviewer as I do sometimes use remote access for work, and am not up for the licensing fee.19:21
pizzaburgerTJ-: So it's an abandoned issue?19:22
jimb_DouglasK - Zoom.us has an excellent offering that works well with Ubuntu19:22
alkisgDouglasK: if you want a test, this is all you need to run to share you screen with me: x11vnc -connect srv1-dide.ioa.sch.gr19:23
alkisgDouglasK: that's what I use to support 1000+ schools19:23
TJ-pizzaburger: I've got a separate issue that crashes the kernel and can't get anything done on that and I've pinpointed the cause in the code. ecryptfs is feeling like Abandonware19:23
=== vittorio is now known as Guest47522
tombusbyHi there, I've just updated to 18.04 and I'm stuck in a login loop19:24
tombusbytrying some of the things online doesn't seem to work19:24
RadkosTJ-, it's not crashing actually19:24
tombusbymy nvidia drivers are installed properly19:24
lotuspsychje_tombusby: #ubuntu+1 please19:24
Radkoswith pkill it closes correctly 'kill -15 firefox is the one causing troubles I beleive being used by logout and shutdown script19:25
TJ-Radkos: they're the same thing SIGTERM is -1519:25
=== jackNemrod_ is now known as jackNemrod
Radkosyes i know but i get different results with them19:26
Radkoswith pkill everyting is fine but with -15 is not19:26
TJ-Radkos: ooo, is it because with pkill it sends SIGTERM to *ALL* firefox processes, whereas with "kill -15 <pid>" you're only killing 1 process?19:26
TJ-Radkos: are you using a multi-process version of firefox? ( 1 process per tab kind of thing )19:27
RadkosI have only one firefox process but yes maybe pkill is killing all forks of it - like WebContent - or whatever is called19:27
TJ-Radkos: that would make sense19:28
DouglasKalkisg, I tried, but it error'd out.19:28
DouglasKalkisg, I'll circle back to this in a bit... need to call a customer.19:28
RadkosIt was 4 by default but I've changed it to 119:28
Radkosbut no change19:28
alkisgDouglasK: sure, np, i may be afk for a while but I'll be back later. What was the error.19:28
DouglasKalkisg, I'll /msg it as it's four lines.19:29
TJ-Radkos: you're checking the process list for 'firefox' and all it's child processes (those that list the firefox PID as their PPID) ?19:29
pizzaburgerTJ-: Oh, I see. So just to clear things up - the issue is not going to be solved right?19:29
TJ-pizzaburger: I can't be sure but it seems like the devs behind ecryptfs have got bored and moved on to more exciting projects :p19:30
pizzaburgerTJ-: Okay, that sucks, I had hopes for recovering my data sometime, but oh well.19:31
Radkosi believe kill just closses the main process19:31
Radkoswith killall -15 the result is the same - session restore19:31
Radkoskillall -15 firefox is what I've called19:31
Radkosis there a way to manipulate killing script on shutdown - logoff to use pkill instead of kill19:32
TJ-pizzaburger: I know, it annoys me, but I've spent about a week trying to reproduce your scenario and cannot, I've produced all sorts of alternate broken dirs though!19:32
TJ-pizzaburger: it doesn't give me much confidence in ecryptfs when something goes wrong; better switching to encrypted ext4 or zfs I think19:33
pizzaburgerTJ-: Would having physicall access to the hard drive improve the situation?19:33
fearfearfearanyone know if you can install ubuntu onto imac?19:34
TJ-pizzaburger: It might, but it's a long shot. We pretty much covered all the bases with those marathon sessions19:34
TJ-!mac | fearfearfear19:34
ubottufearfearfear: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages19:34
EzriilcGreets, ya'all.19:39
=== stygian is now known as arktvrvs
EzriilcI've got a noob question:  Is there an LTS distro for Intel 64 bit?  I only see "amd64".19:39
arktvrvsamd64 is the common 64 bit architecture.. unless you're looking for itanium?19:40
EzriilcOh?  I didn't realize that.  Huh...19:41
EzriilcSo, the standard 64 bit download is the one I want, yea?19:41
arktvrvsyes most likely19:41
EzriilcI mean, the "amd64" LTS version is what I want?19:42
Bashing-omEzriilc: AMD holds the patent on the 64 bit architecture is all.19:42
EzriilcFor an old Intel Core Duo...19:42
pizzaburgerTJ-: Alright, I guess I'll finaly reinstall. Thanks for all the help, You're Awesome!19:42
EzriilcGet OUT!  Really?  Dang, I've been out of the game for too long.19:42
arktvrvsamd sort of pioneered x86_6419:42
arktvrvsintels 64bit venture was called itanium, and was kind of a flop19:42
EzriilcWow.  So, all 64 bit chips use AMD's tech?19:43
EzriilcI learn something new roughly every 3 days.19:43
EzriilcThanks very much for the lesson!  Now I'm off to build an HTPC with Ubuntu.19:44
TJ-Ezriilc: I wish my life was that placid!19:44
EzriilcDon't be so sure.  hehe19:44
EzriilcAs you can tell, I'm a bit... out of touch.19:44
arktvrvsplacid polecat19:45
DexterFEzriilc, well, the 64bit extensions, yes. intel still brews a lot of functionality themselves, and until recently they outperformed AMD by far, that recently changed witht he advent of Ryzen (desktop) and Epyc (server), a 14nm chip desing by Jim Keller who designed the original Athlon back then. this fellow seems to be up on his game19:45
DexterFEzriilc, but if you do not know any of this and your life goes ok your doing something right :D19:45
EzriilcOh, thanks for all that detail - very good service here.19:46
BluesKajmy old amd 5200+ still runs fine, just needed a ssd and more memory19:46
EzriilcI do love AMD, and have for a long time, mosty cuz of price.  My latest build has a Ryzen, and we like it very much.19:47
BluesKajEzriilc, nice :-)19:47
EzriilcThanks DexterF!19:47
Ezriilcand all of ya, of course.19:48
DexterFBluesKaj, I have such a museum here in case I need a test rig, too :D has a 10 year old asus m2n-e mobo and apart from a shot NIC PHY works a charm19:48
EzriilcI guess I'll leave this channel open for when I need help with my HTPC build.19:48
zomaarPersonally don't like how the whole motherboard landscape has changed with the APUs, but I like the Ryzens.19:48
zomaarm2n-e here19:48
zomaarterrible usb19:49
EzriilcYea, APUs are an odd bird to me as well, but I can see how they might fit a lot of applications.19:49
DexterFzomaar, bit hot on the bridge, but damn good board. I slammed in an Asus sata6g/usb3 card, all fine19:49
BluesKajDexterF, yeah this HTPC is 9 yrs old now and still chugging away19:49
zomaarI don't know why I have usb issues; even with a usb3 card19:49
zomaarMost it it came down to a stick, not the botherboard an sich I guess, but I still cannot use any hub at a slight distance anymore19:50
zomaarMaybe I just need a cable with amplification19:50
zomaarTalking about 4-6 meters19:51
zomaarI have a powered hub that worked fine before most of the time19:51
DexterFEzriilc, good choice for htpc builds for sure, though I don't know how good AMD+linux are these days regarding video playback. my htpc has done 7 years on intel sandy bridge like a charm (while everyone turns a bad eye to intel for thir gpu bits, but it works), generally thought the word is nvidia, especially if you need it do do funky things like odd framerates while sending the hdmi signal through a receiver.19:51
zomaarOn a 4m extension cord, but everything fails to work in it now19:52
zomaarMeanwhile a 6m extended usb keyboard works fine19:52
EzriilcMy main box runs Winblows, the HTPC build is an Intel e4400.19:52
TJ-zomaar: keyboard uses 1.1 signalling, not 3.x19:52
DexterFzomaar, ubuntu? should be ok, but still in 2018 a lot of linux distros have weird usb stacks. (opensuse, I'm looking at you and your bug I reported in 2010 or so)19:52
EzriilcGotta have that DirectX for all da games.19:52
zomaarAnother hub also fails on the same 4m cable19:52
DexterF4m is a bit far though19:53
zomaarI guess19:53
TJ-zomaar: are you able to test alternate USB3 rated (long) cables?19:53
zomaarI am not really using USB 3 devices19:53
zomaarOnly USB 219:53
zomaarE.g.  a 3G stick19:54
DexterFusb3 is not lenght limited, if the signal goes through usb3 will flag ok. usb2 not. signal might silently degrade.19:54
TJ-I have a 7 metre extension to a ceiling-mounted projector19:54
zomaarDoes that need usb3 controller?19:54
DexterFzomaar, yes19:55
zomaarAnd device I guess19:55
BluesKajMPV player FTW on this pc , i don't bother with much else, just an outboard 1TB drive with all the media on it, and an nvidia card that feeds the TV ansd an m-audio spdif out to the receiver19:55
zomaarSo it needs a USB 3 device too right?19:56
DexterFkodi. took me ages to get it set up this way but now is great.19:56
DexterFzomaar, hmm, yes. what you want is a repeater I geuss19:56
BluesKajkodi works well, it's just too imposing19:56
zomaarThat is easier than testing new hubs19:56
EzriilcKodi is what I plan to use.19:56
zomaarBut a repeater after just 2m is a bit weird19:56
DexterFNFS question: I automount an nfs v4 server with systemd via fstab, now that server was not reachable and then came on again.19:56
alkisgDouglasK: your xorg appears problematic, maybe x2go or thin client or whatever, use x11vnc -noshm -connect srv1-dide.ioa.sch.gr19:57
DexterFbut I cannot access the share anymore. what's the best method to get nfs back on track without a reboot?19:57
EzriilcI'm not very familiar with KODI, but my user (bro) likes it.19:57
trafarethi there19:57
BluesKajEzriilc, kodi's a good choice , there's no doubt19:57
trafaretI need your help guys19:57
Ezriilcoh good, thanks19:57
DexterF16.04 LTS / http://www.happyassassin.net/2011/05/12/cute-systemd-trick-of-the-day-auto-mounting-remote-shares/19:57
DexterFtrafaret, you need to tell us what with19:58
zomaarDexterF: Do you mean stale handles?19:58
trafaretI have installed ubuntu but some feature I can't stand when you have two open terminals session it's hard to use Alt-Tab to switch19:58
DexterFzomaar, could be, could be nfs mapping, I'm lost. when I "ls" in /mnt it just stalls19:58
trafarethow to fast switching between terminals19:58
zomaarDexterF: Maybe use "soft" mount option19:58
DexterFodd enough, when I strace ls it writes it all in the write call19:58
arktvrvsdisable f-keys in terminal options?19:58
DexterFzomaar, ?19:58
zomaarNFS does not timeout by default19:59
zomaarDexterF: NFS has "hard" and "soft" mount options19:59
TJ-trafaret: use a terminal multiplexer like 'tmux'19:59
zomaarDefault is hard19:59
zomaarIt will never timeout when the connection goes away19:59
zomaarThat's why you have hanging ls to begin with20:00
zomaarIt does this to ensure no data is ever lost20:00
trafaretTJ-:  thanks for advice :)20:00
zomaarWeird thing is before I booted Ubuntu 16.04 on this motherboard (m2n-e) I could use a usb2 dvd writer on the hub on that cable on this motherboard20:03
zomaarAfter, I can no longer do so in both Windows and Ubuntu20:03
DexterFzomaar, it üis* possible that the VRM driving that port has deteriorated20:03
zomaarIn fact, I can only still do it on the usb 3 card now20:03
zomaarBut no longer on the hub on the cable20:04
DexterFor the writer motor deteriorated and draws more power now.20:04
zomaarNo it was a sudden break; after my first boot I was really in trouble20:04
TJ-zomaar: is the controller driver configured to to power-saving, we sometimes see issues due to that and have to disable it20:05
zomaarAlso if I reboot from Windows the sd card that boots my Linux doesn't work20:05
DexterFTJ-, but across operating systems?20:05
zomaarTJ-: I don't know20:05
TJ-zomaar: that's an ACPI issue20:05
DexterFzomaar, superweird: ls stalls - "ls | tee" shows me the dir!20:06
zomaarAnd when I rebooted from Linux the first couple of times, all kinds of USB devices kept misbehaving in Windows20:06
TJ-DexterF: depends if there's a cold-boot between OSes or not; with warm boots sometimes the controller power settings can remain20:06
DexterFI noticed when i strace ls | pastebinit, the pastebin actually contains the folder ls20:06
* DexterF is utterly puzzled20:06
TJ-zomaar: sounds like you may benefit from: http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html20:06
zomaarDexterF: Really that's weird (and useful)20:06
TJ-designbybeck: why? you're feeding stdout to pastebinit :)20:07
DexterFzomaar, bash -c ls works, too oO20:07
TJ-DexterF: why? you're feeding stdout to pastebinit :)20:07
DexterFTJ-, I fed strace to pastebinit20:07
zomaarThat's your script :)20:08
TJ-DexterF: "strace ls" - ls output on stdout, strace output on stderr20:08
designbybeck hmm TJ- don't even remember what that was20:12
TJ-designbybeck: sorry, I tab-completed to you by mistake20:12
schultzawhat is the latest version supported by ubuntu?20:13
schultzaer... of firefox20:13
DexterFTJ-, ok but what happens when I just ls? it then stalls20:13
DexterFand why cant I cd to /mnt/server20:14
designbybeckit happens TJ- ;)20:14
ioriaDexterF, offline ?20:14
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
TJ-DexterF: now that I can't tell :)20:14
leftyfbschultza: the latest version20:14
DexterFioria, nope, it was disconnected from the switch for a bit20:14
schultzawhat is the latest version of firefox supported by ubuntu?20:15
DexterFzomaar, I restarted the nfs kernel server, still no good20:15
leftyfbschultza: the latest version20:15
schultzaFF 57?20:15
schultzaOk. I need to reimage my computer.20:15
leftyfbwhy is that?20:15
schultzaum... because / is full and is at 100%20:16
schultzayet, i still have 411 GB available on the drive.20:16
leftyfbschultza: sounds like a problem we might be able to help solve20:16
ioriaschultza, dh -H  and df -i20:17
schultzaI'm not sure / is on an LVM, hence the reimage.20:17
leftyfbwhy not grow the LVM? That's what LVM is for20:17
zomaar_TJ-: Your script is a bit faulty, it shows the new grub.cfg before running update-grub ;-).20:17
schultzaDon't worry about it. I need to update distros anyways. Got to see the new Unity/Gnome setup anyways.20:17
BluesKajautoremove and autoclean usually helps20:17
schultzaleftyfb: again, not sure if it is on an LVM in the first place.20:18
zomaar_DexterF: Yeah the kernel...20:18
zomaar_DexterF: I have had the same issues with CIFS and why I don't use autofs anymore20:18
leftyfbioria: btw, I feel -h is closer to reality20:18
leftyfbioria: it's also a safer bet20:18
leftyfbthat's a network filesystem20:19
ioriaschultza, you don't know if you're using lvm or not ???20:19
zomaar_Just like NFS20:19
iorialeftyfb, yeah20:19
schultzaI'm just used to SMB (samba) over CIFS. That's why CIFS gave me a question mark.20:19
zomaar_autofs was a really nice solution20:21
zomaar_now I am trying to use libpam-mount but it is not so good20:21
zomaar_I would regularly have autofs that didn't work until I mounted the same (!) share on a different tree manually20:22
DexterFzomaar_, cock, I'll reboot...20:23
schultzaI have an HP computer, does the 17.10 image still have bios issues with HP?20:24
ioriaschultza, why you think that ?20:24
schultzaKnown issues on the download page.20:24
ioriaschultza, lenovo20:24
DexterFzomaar_, and works again. shit, would have loved to solve that one20:25
schultzaAlso, is there a way to convert a full Unity to the Unity + Gnome interface in 17.10?20:25
EzriilcGreets again, ya'all.20:25
ioriaschultza, please, state your issue20:26
EzriilcAnother noob question:  Does the LTS .iso file support booting from a USB device?  I'm using Win32DiskImager to "burn" it.20:26
ioriaEzriilc, try rufus20:26
schultzaI'm probably going to install the 16.04 LTS release, but would like to experience the new Unity interface on Gnome UI from the 17.10 release. Is that possible?20:27
Ezriilcum... thanks, but won't Win32DiskImager do the trick?20:27
ioriaEzriilc, there is no new unity 'interface'20:27
Ezriilchehe, wrong person.20:27
schultzaioria: that was suppose to be directed to me.20:27
schultzathought they had a unity look in gnome?20:27
ioriaschultza, sy, yes20:27
ioriaEzriilc, go with rufus, no surprise when booting20:28
JustAPersonIs there anyway to full screen a video (like youtube) to less than the whole monitor? I'm using a large 4K TV as a 4x1080p monitor setup20:28
EzriilcI remember back in the day (random time ago), Win32diskImager would ask what type of bootable thingy I was creating, and let me choose the OS, such as Ubuntu or ...20:29
jimb_Control+Alt+1 (1 from the numpad)20:29
jimb_JustAPerson: Is that what you meant, or also remove the browser bits?20:29
GivenToCodethis might be stupid. I build a custom package and renamed the version (1.0-local instead of just 1.0) and now when i try to install something that depends on this package it complains because it wants 1.0 and not 1.0-local20:29
GivenToCodeis there anyway to rename the package so that apt thinks it has 1.0?20:30
akikmy google search result links become light blue recently. anybody see this too?20:31
akikin firefox20:31
ioriaGivenToCode, i'am not good at packaging, but debian has its strictly rules20:31
naccGivenToCode: build it again with the corret version?20:31
JustAPersonjimb_: wait that's perfect. Might have to figure out an easier key combo20:32
naccGivenToCode: allthough it's bad practice to 'fake' a version like that20:32
ioriaakik, yeah20:32
jimb_JustAPerson... Check out the various numpad combos. I use them quit a bit.20:32
ioriaakik, it goes away: i clean cache and restart20:32
akikioria: which cache?20:33
ioriaakik, firefox , right ?20:33
akikioria: yes20:33
GivenToCodenacc, yes I was hoping to avoid having to do that20:33
ioriaakik, firefox , clean it20:33
ioriaakik, history, i mean20:33
akikioria: what do you mean?20:33
ioriaakik, history - clean recent history20:34
akikioria: didn't help. i'll try erasing the cached web content20:35
ioriaakik, select all the item in 'clean history'20:35
V7Hey all :)20:37
V7Getting these errors: https://hastebin.com/akezagohad.vbs20:37
=== valeech_ is now known as valeech
naccGivenToCode: not sure why? you've already chosen to go down the path of maintenance20:37
V7When upgrading20:37
akikioria: i removed cookies and site preferences and now it's back to dark blue. thanks :)20:38
ioriaakik, good job20:38
bipulHow to change the runlevel permanently in ubuntu?20:38
naccV7: did you look at either output from line 2?20:39
ioriathat's a very good idea20:39
V7Yes nacc20:40
V7It says the same as in this output20:40
V7● i8kmon.service - LSB: Dell fan/cpu-temperature monitor ...20:40
naccV7: you can run /etc/init.d/i8kmon manually, maybe with bash -x to see what's happening20:40
V7nacc: https://hastebin.com/gonuzeqese.bash20:43
V7As you see nothing20:43
V7The main reason: this's not dell20:43
naccV7: well ...20:43
naccV7: i'm assuming you know the basics20:44
naccV7: you obviously need to pass 'start'20:44
naccV7: also why are you installing a Dell specific package on a non-Dell system?20:44
V7Is it possible to remove this package ?20:44
V7It somehow isntalled20:44
naccV7: i'm not sure what you're asking?20:45
naccV7: you can remove any package20:45
ioriaV7, check your /var/log/apt/history.log20:46
xs2hi, why doesn't show desktop 'button' on xfce panel doesn't work when running xmonad?20:47
V7Thank you nacc and iter20:47
V7ioria: *20:47
V7Sorry iter20:48
xs2I click it it just stays pressed20:48
bipulHow to change the runlevel permanently in ubuntu?20:53
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Bashing-ombipul: What is your end goal and what release are you running ?20:53
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oerheksheh, crossposting in ##linux20:56
bipulI am using 16.04 LTS, and i want to switch into runlevel 3 permanently.And after that take a Full backup of my system. Bashing-om20:58
oerhekshigher runlevel just makes services available to users, it makes no sense to do that for backup. in contrary, you would need lower runlevel to do so.20:59
Bashing-ombipul: 3 runlevel3.target, "multi-user.target" as a grub boot parameter .21:00
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bipulBashing-om, Any documentation?21:00
Bashing-ombipul: ^^ as oerheks advises "you" will have to manage what servixes are started .21:01
oerheksman systemd.special https://askubuntu.com/a/78846521:01
TJ-bipul: "man runlevel" explains how runlevels are obsolete and systemd's compatibilty layer21:02
zomaar_bipul: Did you upgrade all the way to 16.04?21:05
bipuloerheks, For example? which runlevel you use ?21:05
bipulzomaar_, Yes.21:05
zomaar_bipul So you want to go to single user runlevel?21:06
bipulI guess single user mode will be 1. No 3 and 521:06
oerheksbipul, why do you ask ?? singe user is runlevel 1....21:06
zomaar_bipul: There is only still "rescue" runlevel if you want that21:06
bipul3 and 5 runlevel i would like to switch permanently.21:06
zomaar_bipul: Check out systemctl --help, down below21:07
zomaar_default mode is either multi-user or graphical, you can select that if you want21:08
zomaar_ie. you can easily choose to make the default target something else21:08
JustAPersonjimb_: so I tried that in the unity window manager but restarted into unity (with xorg) and now the ctrl-alt-kp_1 doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?21:09
bipuloerheks, just want to assure my self, whether i am correct or wrong.21:09
piranahOK I must be missing something. Running Ubuntu 16.04 I have installed enlightenment but at the login screen there is no option to choose window manager ? All the screen shots online show a lil icon to click on mut its just not there ?21:09
bipulok Thank you Bashing-om oerheks and zomaar_21:09
zomaar_bipul: Check also systemctl set-default21:10
piranahTried rebooting etc but the icon to select window manager just does not show up. Anyone else run into this or know howto fix it ?21:10
akikpiranah: it's probably missing the .desktop file in /usr/share/xsessions21:11
bipulIt says Too few arguments21:11
piranahakik, nope its there first thing I checked.21:11
zomaar_bipul: So there is multi-user/graphical (runlevel 5), rescue (1), and that's about it21:11
zomaar_bipul: systemctl set-default rescue.target21:11
zomaar_bipul: or systemctl set-default multi-user.target21:12
piranahubuntu.desktop and enlightenment.desktop both in that dir21:12
akikpiranah: do you see any errors in "journalctl -u sddm" ?21:13
bipulThank you zomaar_21:13
zomaar_bipul: see man bootup21:13
piranahakik have not looked at that yet let me try :)21:13
piranahjournalctl -u sddm shows -- No entries --21:14
akikpiranah: or is it lightdm? journalctl -u lightdm21:14
piranahOK that has a pile of erros21:15
piranahall of them look like PAM adding faulty module: pam_kwallet.so or sim21:15
piranahakik https://pastebin.com/v4XRWszF21:20
akikpiranah: is the desktop environment selector empty or is it just the button is missing?21:22
piranahbutton is missing21:22
lordcirth_workSo, there are tons of backup tools out there.  We are currently using rdiff-backup, but at 1M files and several terabytes, it now takes over a week to run a weekly backup :P  Anyone know good tools that can handle large scales? What about Borg?21:24
leftyfbrun your weekly against your delta's (daily?). Not against a week ago21:25
TJ-piranah: what does this report? "grep -rn 'show-indicators' /etc/lightdm/ "21:26
akikpiranah: did you check that the enlightenment desktop file has the correct startup command? i saw something that if you only have one desktop environment, it wouldn't show up, or if the session startup file is faulty21:26
lordcirth_workleftyfb, but then we have to create daily deltas, I don't see how that's faster21:27
TJ-piranah: it should include "~session"21:27
raidghostleftyfb: How do i force ubuntu to not randomly change devicenumber for ethernet card ?21:28
piranahhrmm TJ- im getting no results when I run that command.21:29
TJ-piranah: OK, should be using the defaults then21:29
piranahakik, I just followed the guide for installing enlightenment verbatim :)21:29
akikpiranah: i'm using sddm so i don't have lightdm configs here (kubuntu)21:30
oerheksraidghost, it should no do that randomly, there has a recent change from eth0/1 to enp2s0 or so21:30
raidghostoerheks: It was enp03s0 and now it has changed to enp12s021:30
raidghostSo i would like it to STOP changing. cause have to add new interface name in interfaces21:31
oerheksraidghost, on the same system ??21:31
TJ-piranah: it could be the system is missing icon themes21:31
oerheksraidghost, never seen that before..21:33
raidghostoerheks: i was close to reinstall before i figured out why i didnt catch up with ping on that system21:33
raidghostdid check with lshw -C Network and then i figured out that the card had changed name21:34
oerheksraidghost, is it a pluggable device?21:34
leftyfbraidghost: udev rules21:34
leftyfblordcirth_work: if you backup every night, the weekly will be a LOT shorter21:35
lordcirth_workleftyfb, If we backup every night, it will take several days to run each night's backup.  That's the problem.21:35
raidghostoerheks: not pluggable, its on the mainboard21:35
raidghostleftyfb: no such command, udev rules21:36
gordonjcplordcirth_work: incremental backups, maybe?21:36
leftyfblordcirth_work: ok, then every other day21:36
lordcirth_workgordonjcp, these are incremental21:36
gordonjcplordcirth_work: holy hell21:36
gordonjcplordcirth_work: what are you doing that's generating 1TB of diffs every day?21:36
piranahwell I give up for now lol21:36
leftyfbraidghost: https://askubuntu.com/questions/767786/changing-network-interfaces-name-ubuntu-16-0421:37
akikpiranah: maybe reinstall lightdm-gtk-greeter?21:37
piranahakik, ya I think I might give that a try21:37
lordcirth_workgordonjcp, it's not, it just takes ages to diff two ~25TB datasets over the network.  Probably latency-bound.  This is why I want a better backup tool.21:38
piranahThis is a clean install of ubuntu worse case i'll just try bohdi linux ( ubuntu based ) as its packaged with enlightenment as the default21:38
leftyfblordcirth_work: backup smaller portions asynchronously21:38
lordcirth_workleftyfb, hmm, maybe.21:40
zomaar_raidghost: The address will change if you insert a new device on the motherboard21:43
zomaar_raidghost: You can disable predictablenetworkinterfacenames with a variety of ways21:43
leftyfbzomaar_: there are several options to prevent it. One of which I've already given to try21:43
raidghostzomaar_: So if example adding two tvtunercard pci-e21:44
raidghostThen it changes?21:44
whitebeastI cannot login to my system. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? Perferably like your talking to a 5 year old21:44
zomaar_raidghost: Yes21:44
leftyfbraidghost: did you look at the link I gave you?21:44
zomaar_leftyfb: What do you mean, udev?21:44
raidghostleftyfb: Just back from food eating, gonna check the link21:44
leftyfbthere are udev rules you can write to force a name per mac address or product number21:44
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Bashing-omwhitebeast: Well, what do you get to in the attempt to boot ? What happens ?21:45
N0X1A04ESup guys, I need ya'all to give me a benchmark...how much memory does your system use if you have nothing besides a youtube video playing in firefox, and a couple terminal windows open?21:46
N0X1A04EMine is using an abnormal amount (I think), and I'm frankly getting worried21:46
leftyfbN0X1A04E: not only will those "benchmarks" be wildly different, that's not the sort of thing you'll get answers to here.21:47
zomaar_raidghost: This will also easily disable interface renaming21:47
whitebeastBoot works just fine. It gets all the way up to asking for my password works normal (from what i can see) i type in my pass, the screen goes black and asks me again21:47
zomaar_raidghost: echo -e "[Link]\nNamePolicy=kernel" | sudo tee /etc/systemd/network/10-disable-renaming.link && sudo update-initramfs -u21:47
lordcirth_workN0X1A04E, are you sure you're not seeing cache?  free -m or htop will give good numbers21:49
Bashing-omwhitebeast: At this login screen key combo crl+alt+F2 . Can you log into the system from this console ? IF so we see what is not going on .21:49
N0X1A04Ewrong chat21:49
whitebeastBashing : yes i can21:50
whitebeastI can login that way yes.. Not sure what that means21:50
N0X1A04Elordcirth_work: where is the most accurate way to determine meomry usage? screenfetch, free and htop are all giving me drasitcally different results21:50
N0X1A04Elordcirth_work: what*21:51
Bashing-omwhitebeast: Then we want next to know if "you" are authorized to access your desk top . Pastebin ' ls -al .ICEauthority .Xauthority ' .21:51
lordcirth_workN0X1A04E, https://www.linuxatemyram.com/21:52
whitebeastLs-al or lsal or lsat ?? Its not going through.. Just says command not found21:54
konimexls -al21:54
Bashing-omwhitebeast: ls space -al space .ICEauthority space .Xauthority in this F2 TTY .21:55
Bashing-omwhitebeast: those be lower case Ells .21:56
gordonjcplordcirth_work: quite honestly you're starting to get into ZFS territory there21:56
gordonjcplordcirth_work: maybe even looking at the sort of stuff they do clustering FSes with21:56
lordcirth_workgordonjcp, this is actually already a CephFS cluster running on top of ZFS, lol21:57
gordonjcplordcirth_work: right21:57
whitebeast-rw--- 1 name name 36750 jan 10th 10:46 .iceauthority......................-rw-- 1 name name 59 jan 11 15:40 .xauthority.21:58
whitebeastIm paraphrasing name name21:58
Bashing-omwhitebeast: where "name" is the userID of the logged in account ?21:59
beaverhttps://www.google.fr/search?source=hp&ei=k95XWuulB4uesAG4lojwAQ&q=site%3Ahttp%3A%2F%2Fold-releases.ubuntu.com%2Fubuntu%2F+yakkety&oq=site%3Ahttp%3A%2F%2Fold-releases.ubuntu.com%2Fubuntu%2F+yakkety&gs_l=psy-ab.3...1053.4861.0.5181. (yakkety is EOL :s)22:01
Bashing-omwhitebeast: K.. good .. then next is if a GUI driver is loaded . ' sudo lshw -C display | nc termbin.com 9999 ' . Pass the resulting URL back here so we see the status of the driver .22:01
beaverI can not find the yakkety distribution on the site http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/22:02
beaverit's normal ?22:03
whitebeastAs im familiar with termbin.. Im using my phone to speak with you while im working on the computer22:05
Bashing-omwhitebeast: :) At your pace .22:06
funabashi1955/systemd-resolv what kind of service is that?22:06
beaverit's the only EOL version of ubuntu that I can not find22:08
naccbeaver: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/22:09
whitebeastOk... What im seeing is it saying. 'Display unclaimed' and it shows information on my graphics card22:09
naccbeaver: oh you mean the repos?22:09
xuany news on ubuntu touch?22:10
naccxu: what kind of news?22:10
beavernacc: doh, ok, i was the wrong path /ubuntu =! /releases, thank you22:10
TheSovwhen i try to install ubuntu on my system, asus ROG hero 3, I get a neauvous error on screen, and then i hear the X bongo's but theres no gui, just the error.22:10
naccbeaver: /ubuntu would be the repositories, which i agree are not there22:10
xui mean if is possible to begin to use it ...22:11
xunon only try it22:11
beaverok nacc22:11
nacc!touch | xu: afaik, it's sort of done, but you can look there22:11
ubottuxu: afaik, it's sort of done, but you can look there: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch22:11
xuwell i know is discontinued ...canonical...22:13
whitebeastBash.. Is that my grphics card going out or? I did just upgrade to a new one a couple weeks back22:14
xuhope to be able to install it on all my phones in the future22:14
naccxu: you'd need to look at ubports and see thes tatus22:16
naccxu: i think your hope is probably a littel far-fetched22:17
TheSovDoes anyone know why I wouldnt be able to see the gui when i try to run the livecd?22:17
funabashiens3 why interfaces doesnt call ethX anymore? :P lame22:17
naccfunabashi: you're about 2+ years too late to complain about it. https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/22:18
naccfunabashi: and the name shouldn't matter in general22:18
xuok nacc22:18
TheSovall i can see on screen is a neauvous error but i hear the Xwindows bongos22:18
Bashing-om!nick | whitebeast22:19
ubottuwhitebeast: Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.22:19
whitebeast? I didnt know it was changing???? What?22:20
Bashing-omwhitebeast: I bounce ariund a lot, if you do not nick " Bashing-om " I will not see there is a response . GFor now I do need to see that lshw output to know where to go next .22:20
whitebeastI am registerd22:21
nacc!tab | whitebeast: maybe more relevant22:21
ubottuwhitebeast: maybe more relevant: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.22:21
Bashing-omnacc: :)22:24
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timelesshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/SpectreAndMeltdown -- how often does this get updated? one of my systems just got a package for `linux-hwe` (not `linux-hwe-edge`)  which appears to have the fix22:38
Ben64timeless: the usn link is probably more updated22:42
g105bHi guys! I'm running sshd and when a connection comes in I get the following messages before sshd dies: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26368620/22:42
timelessplease excuse my ignorance, which one is that? (the page i linked to has dozens of links w/ usn...)22:42
timelessg105b: line 15 No supported key exchange algorithms22:42
timelessis your remote server (insecure, broken) ssh1?22:43
Ben64timeless: well, all of them, also the main usn.ubuntu.com/usn22:43
g105btimeless: how can I tell? It's just Ubuntu 16.0422:44
timelesshttps://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-3522-4/ <- Unfortunately, that update introduced a regression where a few systems failed to boot successfully. This update fixes the problem.22:44
timelessg105b: `echo | nc remote-host 22`22:44
Romaliomy google chrome crashes _every_ time I open it22:46
timelessBen64: https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-3522-2/ says  "USN-3522-2: Linux (Xenial HWE) vulnerability" ... "A security issue affects these releases of Ubuntu and its derivatives:" "Ubuntu 14.04 LTS"22:46
g105btimeless: SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_7.2p2 Ubuntu-4ubuntu2.2 Protocol mismatch.22:46
Romaliobut only since today22:46
timelessis "xenial" considered a derivative of 14.04 lts?22:46
Ben6414.04 is trusty, so no22:47
timelessBen64: so just someone who failed to search+replace?22:47
nacctimeless: did you read that link?22:47
nacctimeless: it's referring to a package *for* 14.0422:47
nacctimeless: perhaps you don't know what linux-lts-xenial is?22:47
timelessg105b: offhand, your keys are probably not readable by your user22:51
Romalio^ google crashes - may I please ask for help?22:51
RomalioI meant, google chrome22:51
timelessg105b: https://serverfault.com/questions/158151/sshd-shuts-down-with-no-supported-key-exchange-algorithms-error has an example of someone hitting your error22:51
timelessare you trying to run sshd as a non root user or w/ a secondary config in a different place?22:51
timelessanyway, personally, i'd use `strace -s2048 -ff ...` on both the server and client22:51
timelesstypically these things stick out w/ ENOENT or EACCES shortly before the failure22:51
timelessBen64: anyway, thanks for the answers22:51
* timeless wishes everyone luck22:51
g105btimeless: I'm not sure what a host key is :/22:51
timelessg105b: in most forms of two party cryptography, both parties have private keys22:52
timelessthey publish public keys for their peers to know22:52
g105btimeless: does the server always have to have a key?22:52
timelessyour server calls itself `host`22:52
timelesswhen the client connects to the server, the server sends its public key which the client then uses as part of its encryption process as it talks to the server22:53
g105bWhenever I've installed openssh server before, I've just connected straight to it. Now the problem is that there are no /etc/ssh/ssh_host_*_key, it seems.22:53
timelessssh-keygen is your friend22:53
timelessor something22:53
g105btimeless: ah yes I just found that I had to run it with -A for first setup.22:54
g105bNew to me, but it works now. Thanks for helping me debug.22:54
timelessglad to be of service22:54
* timeless really leaves22:55
EzriilcI just installed the latest LTS plus KODI from the Ubuntu Store on an old 2007 HP doorstop, and the entire process was absolutely flawless, as expected.  Once again, Ubuntu FTW!22:58
* g105b pops a beer cap in celebration22:59
TheSovcan someone help me figure out why i cant use ubuntu on my pc? every time i have the install media inside it boots up shows me a neauvous error and then my sound card plays the bongos sound from X but i see only the error on screen23:03
TheSovI have a gtx970 and an asus rog hero 323:03
xzhi there I have Ubuntu 12.04.5 that I would love to upgrade to 16.04. However somebody messed up a python install on it, e.g. /usr/bin/python doesn't exist. What can I do to fix python first before I move onto updating OS?23:03
naccxz: are you paying for ESM?23:04
naccxz: if not, you're not supported, and have to do an EOL upgrade anyways, might as well reinstall, tbh23:04
naccxz: if you are, then ... well, you have support from canonical23:05
xznacc is ESM some sort of paid support?23:05
naccxz: yes23:05
xznacc nope, we don't have it23:05
xznacc the problem with reinstalling it is that the machine is configured for many things already, so it will come costly to start from scratch23:05
naccxz: ok, then unsupported. you can try and reinstall python or whatever23:05
naccxz: the likelihood of a 12.04->16.04 upgrade going smooothly, if you've done stuff like remove python, seems low23:05
xznacc can python2.7 be uninstalled on Ubuntu (any version)23:06
naccxz: i mean, you *can* do whatever you want as root. Should it be, no?23:06
naccrather, Should it be? no.23:06
xznacc yes, but apt-get itself might be using python 2.723:07
naccxz: apt-get doesn't use python, afaik.23:08
naccxz: and if it did, and it needed python2.7, then when you removed python2.7 (which you haven't said you did, you said the binary wasn't there), then it would have removed apt-get23:08
xznacc the problem is person who messed up was moving binaries between /usr/bin and /bin23:12
xzapt-get still works23:12
xzppl on the internet suggest doing apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop23:12
xzI think it's a server version though, is there matching package for ubuntu-server?23:12
xzubuntu-standard maybe? so I could try apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-standard23:15
martinh_Hi! The re-release of 17.10 was announced for today, but nothing has happened. Does anybody know something about it? I'd like to set up some laptops this evening...23:16
acheronukmartinh_: a member of the release team said earlier in there channel that it would likely be out late afternoon their time (UTC-7 I think(, so that possibly puts it in the next 3-4 hrs23:22
martinh_ok, I'm in UTC+1 ;-) Thanks!23:23
naccxz: there is ... no reason that an admin should be moving binaries between usr and usr/bin23:24
naccxz: 1) have you revoked their admin privs?23:25
naccxz: err /usr/bin and /bin23:25
naccxz: you can probably reinstall the python package. but who knows what else this person broke.23:25
xznacc I'm in a joke project23:25
naccxz: honestly, safest route is backups and reinstall23:25
xznacc I would want to download python that can be installed with dpkg, then apt-get remove python and install the one with dpkg23:26
naccxz: otherwise you'd have to do an eol upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 first anyways -- so timewise also faster, honestly (since you should do backups before any release upgrade anyways)23:26
xznacc than apt-get update everything and update OS23:26
naccxz: ... why?23:26
naccxz: sorry, I don't think I can help you23:26
xznacc ok, thanks for your time23:26
Bashing-om!nomodeset | TheSov Try this :23:30
ubottuTheSov Try this :: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter23:30
TheSovBashing-om, After i install will i still need that?23:32
sw0rdyhey guys I didn't install the 3rd party multimedia (codec and stuff) packages during format, how do I install them now, anyone know a tutorial or so23:35
sw0rdyI only thought of it now because I need flash, is installing flashplugin-installer just enough?23:37
skiboysw0rdy: do you just need to play swf files, or do you need them to run in the browser?23:38
sw0rdyI need to play video content on firefox/chromium23:38
sw0rdyskiboy: ^23:38
skiboysw0rdy: flashplugin-installer s what you need then23:38
Bashing-omTheSov: Once instaled then install the nvidia proprietary driver .23:39
partitionmessi've got myself into a bit of a partition mess here. I'm dual booting windows 10 with ubuntu 17.10. The ubuntu partition won't boot so I want to remove it but I'm not sure how to identify which partition to delete. Anyone able to help me figure out which partitions are needed by windows and which are not?23:39
sw0rdyI tried to install html5 h.264 but I read on askbuntu that it actually uses more cpu power than flash (to my surprise because I wanted it instead of flash thinking it uses LESS cpu power)23:39
TheSovso long story short i have a shitty video card eh? looks like im gonna be buying vega sooner than i though23:39
sw0rdyskiboy: sorry again^23:40
skiboysw0rdy: h.264 support in browsers should be come by default23:40
sw0rdyI see.23:40
Bashing-omTheSov: Not at all . just that nouveau can not support that card. where as the proprietary driver does .23:41
TheSovlast question, how do I do the nomodeset23:41
skiboysw0rdy: h.264 is a W3C standard for some baffling reason23:42
skiboysw0rdy: so is h.265, which should be phased out as soon as people adopt AV123:42
Bashing-omTheSov: U also ran into that issue on a new generation nvidia card in 14.04 where the kernel could not match the card to a driver .23:43
skiboysw0rdy: Unsurprisingly, people don't like it when they tell you that you can use their codec for free for a while, and will then spring surprise license fees on them23:43
skiboysw0rdy: Hence, AV123:44
sw0rdyskiboy: was it W3C that did that?23:45
skiboysw0rdy: No, that's MPEG-LA23:45
partitionmess^ screen shot of the current partitions on my machine23:45
skiboysw0rdy: It's a patent pool dedicated to milking as much money from people as possible, for something that should be free in the first place23:46
GuiriI made a bad sshd_config change and did a try-restart.  I think I'm locked out of my Ubuntu box on AWS.  I'm not sure what to do23:46
sw0rdyskiboy: can HEVC come into play here?23:47
Bashing-ompartitionmess: To Windows, there is no other operating system in the world. does not recognize a linuz paeririon. Biit a live ubuntu usb to a terminal and exexute ' sudo parted -l ' . you will see the ubuntu partition(s) - ext4 - .23:48
skiboysw0rdy: The only way we got h.265 support in Firefox is through the plugin made by Cisco.  They paid the license fees, and we can view the source code and use the program under the condition that we don't change the code, because we would have to pay license fees then23:49
Bashing-ompartition Boot a live *23:49
skiboysw0rdy: HEVC is h.26523:49
partitionmessok i'll give that a try, thanks23:50
skiboysw0rdy: And AV1 has been shown to be superior.  It will be completely open, and h.265 will fade into irrelevance.23:50
Bashing-ompartitionmess: If ya get stuck. we are here to help .23:51
TheSovok im gonna try install this now23:54
TheSovhow do i make command changes23:54
skiboysw0rdy: Though h.264 should be easy to decode.  I don't see why flash would be needed23:55
michael2hi, can anyone please point me to documentation which explains how the hashing process is used with dpkg and apt?23:56
skiboysw0rdy: Even if it wasn't, I would rather have the extra CPU cycles than a huge security risk23:56
michael2i.e. does the developer hash the source? then add that to the packages entry in the package.gz for that pocket? etc23:57
Bashing-omTheSov: Sorry. context of " how do i make command changes " ??23:57
skiboysw0rdy: Firefox should be using VA-API or VDPAU for video decoding23:58

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