zed1234since updating the kernel, I can no longer boot. I just get a kernal stack trace. Anyone else have this problem?16:44
OvenWerksI am using 16.04 and have not had that problem... maybe I should update and reboot ;)16:45
zed1234I am assuming the kernel update is to fix the Meltdown problem. The datestamp on the new kernel is 01/07/201816:46
zed1234supposedly you can append nopti to the kernel options and bypass the KPTI changes, but this has no effect for me16:46
zed1234btw, I too am using 16.0416:47
OvenWerksI am doing an upgrade now.16:48
zed1234i am at work now, the problem is on my home computer, so I can't remember exactly, but the name of the kernel (w/ the problem) ends in -108. The previous (good) kernel ends in -104. Do you know if you are using kernel -108?16:49
OvenWerksit says 10316:50
zed1234after your update see if it says 4.4.0-108-lowlatency16:51
zed1234or does it say 4.4.0-103-lowlatency after your update?16:54
zed1234be back in about 1 hour16:55
OvenWerksupdate is at 53% download...16:56
OvenWerksIt says it is downloading 10916:59
OvenWerksSo maybe boot on the older kernel and reupdate16:59
OvenWerks~$ uname -a17:14
OvenWerksLinux music 4.4.0-109-lowlatency #132-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Tue Jan 9 20:43:47 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux17:14
OvenWerkszed1234: so I can't answer your question about 108 but guessing from how fast 109 has come out, 108 may have had a problem for others too.17:15
zed1234OvenWerks thanks19:34

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