flocculantbluesabre: I'll check it out this evening - much too morningish right now 05:57
knomeflocculant, will we be pushing this out after the fixed ISOs?11:37
knomeflocculant, poked the article a bit11:38
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Unit193↑ Lies.12:11
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Unit193↑ Lies ↓12:45
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bluesabreflocculant: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~menulibre-dev/menulibre/master/revision/457 :}13:16
flocculantknome: was my intention to do so - don't want to push people to 17.10 if the page still has the warning on it17:53
flocculantbluesabre: :)17:53
flocculantknome: also I guess if EOL slips a bit - then it's just us affected anyway18:19
knomeflocculant, yes, i guessed that and changed the wording to be more assuring for people18:54
knomeand i agree on the EOL slipping... it's not a huge thing18:55
flocculantknome: read the poking - thanks19:12
flocculantif I see artful is released before work in the morning - I'll publish, if not - either someone else can check and publish, or I'll look later19:13
knomesure, thanks19:15
bluesabreflocculant: hopefully there are no more bugs for you to find, the completed list is getting long https://launchpad.net/menulibre/+milestone/2.1.4 :)19:36
Unit193So I looked and the new isos actually enable -updates globally, not just to pull in kernels.19:36
bluesabreUnit193: Seems that is an unwanted thing?19:37
Unit193No?  I did the mistake of presuming minimal change, so did that with Core. :P19:39
flocculantbluesabre: will look in a bit at 'it' in the meantime does "  preventing subdirectories from leaving parent directories" mean that you can't make a sub-dir in an existing and then move it out? Given you said you have to  make a new dir in an existing one?19:47
flocculantok - I'm completely confused by how this is supposed to work :(19:51
flocculantmade a dir - made a launcher in an exsting dir cos it wouldn't create in the new one, moved the launcher into the new dir, deleted the new dir, the launcher went to end of the list - and I can't stop it telling me https://i.imgur.com/MxHai4L.png without killing menulibre19:54
flocculantbluesabre: don't mean to be nitpicky here - but is there a simple way to make a new dir and launchers and then show it in the menu?19:55
flocculantbluesabre: you might want to look here https://bluesabre.org/doku/doku.php?id=menulibre-docs19:57
flocculantour docs link to smdavis - I assume you've a redirect19:58
knomei think our website links to smdavis too19:58
flocculantare not they they same thing?20:02
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knomeis that docs?20:03
flocculantoh right - that redirects ok20:05
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bluesabreflocculant: flocculant ah, that link should be https://wiki.bluesabre.org/doku.php?id=menulibre-docs21:34
bluesabreflocculant: normally you create the new dir, click save, then add launcher, and it goes into the folder... and now I see that it just goes away21:35
bluesabreman, everything is breaking21:36
bluesabreflocculant: seems it's broken when doing that at the toplevel, if you create a subdir in a dir and add a launcher, things work21:37
Unit193Ala http://paste.openstack.org/show/OrAsu9NwXdyIzR8JrpOx then.21:40
ochosibluesabre, knome: so regarding gtk-theme-config: there are a few rough edges to take off but what i can already say is that we'll need some ifs to support greybird *and* adwaita22:32
ochosiand i'm not sure how well this will work for all other themes22:32
ochosithe "problem" is that gtk3 theming has opened so many doors, made things so flexible, it's very hard to properly override the selected_bg_color correctly22:33
ochosiso here's what i think is feasible:22:34
ochosia limited gtk-theme-config that works for greybird and adwaita, with limited functionality, so mostly changing the selected_bg_color and selected_fg_color (although the latter can be problematic, but we can try)22:34
ochosichanging the panel color is also possible, but i'm not sure it's very meaningful as you can already change that through the panel anyway22:35
ochosiand the menus, well, that's possible too, but tbh that part is fairly useless imho22:35
ochosiif you all feel that it's terribly important we can try to get it done, but from my pov it would be the last step22:36
ochosii still need to clean up the code quite a bit more22:37
ochosibut if anyone wants to test this i can push the crude prototype somewhere22:39
ochosioh, and as i mentioned before, we gain a dependency to sassc22:40
ochosibut i may be able to get rid of that, not sure yet22:40
ochosiit's not my top priority atm22:41
Unit193I pressed buttons and stuff on the docs.23:23
bluesabrethanks Unit193 23:35
bluesabreflocculant: fixed that bug23:35
bluesabreochosi: soooo, do you want to do this or drop gtk-theme-config?23:35
Unit193Unfortunatly, as much as the idea of it is nice, I think option 2 makes more sense.23:36
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