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valoriehey claycorn, it's been awhile05:16
valoriehow are ya05:16
claycornfinally back on linux05:19
claycornim doing well thank you05:19
claycorninstalled kubuntu on a netbook again05:20
claycornits working better than xp05:20
valoriewelcome back to the community05:21
claycornthank you valorie :)05:21
valorieany problems so far?05:22
claycornhmm mune is not dowloading05:22
valorie!info mune05:23
ubottuPackage mune does not exist in artful05:23
valorienot sure what that is?05:23
claycorni have 14.0405:23
valorieis that vivid?05:23
valorieoh, muon05:24
claycorni got freedoom but thats it05:24
valoriemuon is better than discover IMO05:24
valorie!info muon vivid05:24
ubottumuon (source: muon): package manager for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:5.2.2-1-0ubuntu4 (vivid), package size 274 kB, installed size 1882 kB05:24
valorieso, that's a package manager *not* a software store05:25
valorieI can't recall if discover was started that long ago or not05:25
valorieclaycorn: any reason you aren't using 16.04 at least?05:26
valorieI think you are still back in KDE4, right?05:26
claycornim 14.405:26
valorieyes, so you said05:27
claycornshould i upgrade05:28
valorie16.04 is mighty good05:28
valoriedunno if I would upgrade though05:28
valorierather than a fresh install05:28
claycornoh ok05:28
valorieyou can always download 16.04.3 and try it out05:29
claycornits running on 2 gigs of memory05:29
valorieimo Plasma has gotten easier on memory, quicker to start, etc.05:29
claycornan older netbook05:29
valorieover time05:29
valoriethe newer the better IMO05:29
claycornbut its running much faster now than xp05:30
valoriewell, xp is a dinosaur05:30
* DarinMiller agrees with valorie05:30
claycornif it was a transformer it would be a dinobot05:31
claycornok bad joke sorry05:32
valorieno it's fine, but that last transformers movie didn't look that good05:33
claycorngot any sites for tips for me05:34
claycornbeen a while since i used kubuntu05:35
valoriewhat sort of tips?05:35
valorieseems like the biggies are kubuntuforums.net and askubuntu05:35
claycornwant to add more screensavers and i forgot this one cool screensaver05:36
claycornhas bricks like tetris05:37
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valoriemy favorite was asquiaquarium or so05:38
claycornnot that one05:38
valorie!info asciiquarium vivid05:38
ubottuPackage asciiquarium does not exist in vivid05:38
claycorni know of it05:38
valoriedoesn't run recently05:39
claycorni remember it used blocks and made neat designs05:40
valorienot sure05:41
valorienever used anything but built-in or the aquarium05:41
valorieand don't use them at all now05:41
claycornok no worries05:43
valoriekubuntu forum might know however05:43
claycornasquiarium will work for me05:48
claycornasquiarium will work for me /05:50
claycornwhere are you from valorie?05:50
valorieI'm a life-long Washingtonian05:51
valorieliving south of Seattle05:51
valorieand you?05:51
claycornsouth carolina05:52
valorieyou've had quite the weather this winter05:53
claycornyes we did05:57
claycornxscreensaver is the one i want06:09
valorie!info xscreensaver vivid06:11
ubottuxscreensaver (source: xscreensaver): Screensaver daemon and frontend for X11. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.30-1ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 532 kB, installed size 2392 kB06:11
valorieso apt-get install xscreensaver will do it06:12
valorieor use muon06:12
zergutHello when trying to load Linux image via uefi it says no default or UI configuration directive found06:25
valoriezergut: did you verify the ISO?06:29
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows06:29
valoriekubuntu has been good with uefi for years06:29
zergutvalorie: no, but I've downloaded it from official torrent link07:11
valoriethat's auto-verified07:12
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI07:12
valoriesome of the link might help, zergut07:12
zergutvalorie: yeah I see, but a man used same ISO on another pc07:14
zergutAnother man07:14
zergutAnother pc and everything looks okay07:14
zergutvalorie: aight in case hashes is okay what can be next?07:16
valorieso there might be something peculiar about your computer07:16
zergutLike what?07:16
valorieit was a bit unclear above -- can you boot into your computer now?07:16
zergutYes it has windows installed, booting is okay07:17
valoriecan you boot into kubuntu07:17
zergutWhen I try to boot from USB stick it show this message and I think asking about another boot decide07:18
zergutNo I can't07:18
zergutDevice instead of decide07:18
zergutI have 2 options uefi: USB stick and just USB stick07:19
zergutWhen I choose USB stick it shows this message, when I choose uefi USB it just load windows somehow07:20
valoriesounds like grub is messed up maybe07:20
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub207:20
zergutBut other pc everything okay07:20
valoriejust running the fix grub command might help07:20
zergutRun where?07:21
zergutFrom working Linux station on USB stick?07:22
valorieplease read that link above to get more help07:22
valoriesorry, I'm heading to bed07:23
valorienearly midnight here07:23
zergutOkay thank you07:23
zergutGood night07:23
valoriebest of luck07:23
valorieseems like this channel is asleep too07:23
zergut Yeah07:23
zergutLooks like07:23
valorieyou might find more help in #ubuntu which is a bigger channel07:23
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trevizehello, did nyone else have nvidia driver issues after last update?08:02
acheronuktrevize: valorie did, but updating the driver as well sorted it08:03
acheronukon artful08:03
trevizedo u know how he  updated it?08:04
trevizeeach time a driver update is released I cross my fingers08:05
trevizeThis one also messed my driver08:05
acheronuktrevize: she update as per https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-3521-1/08:06
acheronuki.e. to the 384.111 driver08:07
acheronukdon't know if that is an option for your card08:07
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BluesKajHowdy folks12:16
jimtendo_Howdy BluesKaj12:18
BluesKajhi jimtendo_12:19
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migloHi! Is this the right place to ask questions about libappindicator?14:01
BluesKajmiglo, you could ask, but that's a somewhat obscure app, dunno if an answer would be forthcoming in a reasonable amount of time14:04
migloI'm looking for a solution to show up again in the system tray the indicator for an application. I've tried some simple example GTK applications that are using libappindicator, but unfortunately an app indicator never appears in the system tray. (I'm using Kubuntu)14:12
migloFor my understanding libappindicator should be an option for none KDE applications to show their own indicator in the system tray under KDE, but I'm not 100% sure, since none of the examples is really working for me.14:14
BluesKajmiglo, which icons/apps are you trying to migrateto the system tray14:29
migloIt's an open source application based on wxGTK for which I'm trying to find a solution.14:30
BluesKajmiglo, what about trying the quicklaunch in the panel approach instead ?14:32
migloI have to ask Google what quicklaunch is14:34
BluesKajok, quicklaunch is a panel widget one can either drag or choose apps to appear there as icons14:36
BluesKajjust use the addwidgets and search quicklaunch14:41
BluesKajsearch for quicklaunch14:41
BluesKajmiglo, https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=6949114:50
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stoissIve been trying to get nordVPN work with kubuntu  but it seems that when i click on one after having imported the openVPN profile and filled in my username and pw for the vpn service nothing happens when i click connect16:46
BluesKajstoiss, make sure you have network-manager-openvpn and openvpn installed if openvpn is your protocol17:01
stoissAllright. Too bad theres no better gui application for managing it. Having a vpn list with both TCP and UDP and about 100 servers per country is kinda impractical to scroll through. Id have loved to be able to sort them in a sub group17:06
BluesKajstoiss, rather than use the GUI I settled for placing the ,ovpn files in /etc/openvpn then using the terminal with this command, which I have aliases for each server in ~/.bash_aliases file...example : alias vpnMo='sudo openvpn --config /etc/openvpn/CA*Montreal.ovpn --auth-user-pass /etc/openvpn/login.txt17:12
BluesKajnow not sure this will work for nordVPN , but it does does PIA vpn, and I think you could set either tcp or udp within the command string..there's alot of good info out there on VPN connections via the terminal17:16
stoissBluesKaj:  PIA have an app for this. Id just prefer to be able to use a gui for it. Im just thinking that it should be possible to make a GUI that would manage many different kinds of VPN services17:18
BluesKajthink that would need to be done in network-manager-openvpn17:23
BluesKajstoiss, maybe this will help https://askubuntu.com/questions/953402/kubuntu-network-manager-openvpn-not-routing-traffic-via-vpn-server17:25
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trevizehello guys, n1 else having problems with nvidia driver 340?19:23
BluesKajtrevize, I'm using the nvidia-340 driver , but no problems here, what's your error?19:27
BluesKajtrevize, did you install it from system settings>driver manager19:29
user|50410hey guys, i'm currently stuck on trying to get kubuntu 17.10 to run on my xps 9560. "normal" ubuntu 17.10 is running fine, but everytime i use the live usb stick system and get to the page where i can decide between install and try kubuntu my computer stucks19:40
user|50410the touchpad "freezes" and when i tap try it seems to completely freeze. any ideas on how to fix that?19:41
trevizehappened to me too19:47
trevizeI just clicked on install and went smoothly19:48
user|50410i'd just want to test it out a bit before installing :D19:48
user|50410already scrawled the web a bit and played around with some boot flags, but that did not really make any difference19:49
trevizethere is no need to test, u'll fall in love with it19:49
trevizeits the best disto out there imo19:49
trevizenew plasma is way stable than the old one19:50
trevizethe only problem I got was with the nvidia drivers but ist not a distro related issue. I run it in a 10 year old computer19:50
user|50410its just that im currently using ubuntu and want to use KDE now... so i'm looking around whether to use kde neon or kubuntu :P19:51
trevizekde is way more customizable if u like to pimp it19:52
user|50410yeah that is why im wanting to witch from gnome to kde19:52
BluesKajkde-neon is supposedly bleeding edge, but that doesn't make it a better OS19:52
trevizewhen I switch back to ubuntu it feels as if I am switching from android to ios19:52
memphistothere is kde-neon lts19:53
user|50410oh no, i started a war :D19:53
memphistoi'm too puzzled kde-neon lts or kubuntu lts19:53
user|50410i dont think there is an absolute answer to what is better. what matters to me is what i like :P19:54
user|50410and i dont like that i cant try it out in live system mode :ÖD19:54
BluesKajtrevize, my pc is 9 yrs old and the pc runs great ..have a few improbvements like more memory and a ssd which makes it much faster19:55
user|50410so.. anyone around here having any idea on how to fix/debug/get around the issue mentioned above from me? system stuck when i click "try kubuntu" on live usb for kubuntu 17.10 on xps 956019:56
memphistodon't know, mybe try editing the grub for "try kubuntu" with nomodeset and stuff like that. it could be anything really19:57
user|50410okay, will look for that, thx19:58
memphistoi'd remove quite and splash20:02
memphistoso you can watch what goes on20:02
BluesKajerr quiet splash20:02
user|50410dead simple... nomodeset did the trick20:02
trevize‎BluesKaj‎, same here I upgraded mypc to an ssd, removed the cdrom and put an 500gb hd instead. and upgraded the ram. it runs perfectly20:03
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BluesKajtrevize, so is your nvidia card misbehaving ?20:04
BluesKajgpu that is20:04
KDEhastooKsthere is not KDE without a K20:04
BluesKajKDEhastooKs, ??20:05
KDEhastooKsCrystalMare on KDE not Crystal but Krystal20:07
trevizelast update messed it up but another one is released a few hours ago and fixed it20:08
BluesKajKDEhastooKs, do you have a question ?20:09
trevizenow I am ok20:09
BluesKajtrevize, good20:09
trevizebut seriously whenever I get a gpu driver update I cross my fingers20:09
BluesKajtrevize, depends where you got the driver20:09
KDEhastooKsBluesKaj, no20:09
KDEhastooKsok now yes20:09
trevizeI get them from ubuntu repo20:09
KDEhastooKshow to tag someone!?!?20:10
krytarikKDEhastooKs: Tag.20:10
BluesKajtrevize, best to use system settings>driver manager20:11
KDEhastooKskrytarlik: hello20:11
KDEhastooKslol KDE can also show the time like a human asnwer at: what time is it?20:14
BluesKajKDEhastooKs, stop trolling please20:17
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trevize‎BluesKaj sadly driver manager does not work with me, it stays on collecting info about your system forever20:29
BluesKajit takes a few minutes yes, but be patient it eventually finds the gpu20:30
BluesKajtrevize, which gpu is it ?20:30
trevizeits an invidia gt130m20:31
trevizeI ran the tool again, I'll report the results20:31
BluesKajtrevize, seems you have the correct driver installed anyway :-)20:36
valoriedriver-manager used to have that bug where it never stopped "collecting info" but that's been fixed for awhile20:37
BluesKajhi valorie yeah I haven't seen that bug for some time.20:39
valorieit still takes long than you would think20:40
valoriebut it works20:40
valorienever steered me wrong yet20:40
BluesKajyeah, I just start the manager and go do something else20:41
valoriegood time to refill the cup!20:42
BluesKajok time to do some errands..take care folks20:45
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[Relic]is there a small plasmoid for network monitoring; rather than the built in one that takes up 1/5th of the bar across the whole bottom of the screen?22:32
someone_I have a problem with KDE I do not know how I can solve it, the problem appeared before weeks, the problem is when ever I write a word in the search feature in launcher or by press on Alt + f2, the taskbars and the launcher will disappear for 3 sec then return again if retry use search many times KDE will freeze thus I have to logout .22:52
someone_this problem was not there before 3 weeks .22:52
someone_a user in #KDE tell me to install Backport repo, I installed it , but Is that will help , How it can help? and How I can use it22:54
valoriesomeone_: what version of Kubuntu are you using?23:21
valoriewhen you type  about system  in krunner (alt+2) what does that tell you about your plasma version?23:22
valorie[Relic]: can you upload a screenshot somewhere?23:22
valoriemy nm applet is little23:22
valorieno bigger than any of the other icons23:23
acheronukvalorie: 'Network Monitor' plasmamoid is not tha same as plasma-pa in system tray23:25
valorietrue, I used to have the bigger more informative one23:27
acheronuki.e. https://i.imgur.com/iCJCL5o.png23:28
valoriebut once I was no longer having problems, I got rid of it23:28
valoriesometimes useful, but it does take a lot of space there23:28
acheronukdunno about a smaller one :/23:28
someone_valorie I'm usibg KUbuntu 16.04 , plasmashell -v = plasmashell 5.5.523:36
valoriesomeone_: and you are fully upgraded and updated?23:43
valoriewe've been doing security updates and so forth23:44
valoriebut yes, if you want a newer plasma version backports is the only way23:44
someone_valorie I update Kubuntu whenever the updates be available, I don't want update kde to a newer version , I just want solve this problem.23:47
valorieI'm afraid I don't have the help you need, sorry23:48
someone_no problem but Is there any tool help me to detect errors in KDE? and if I removed ~/.kde folder Is that may help ?23:53
valoriewell, firstly: there is no "KDE" -- you are having problems in Plasma23:55
valoriesecond, the ~/.kde folder is only used for kde4 applications23:56
valorieI hope you renamed rather than removing it23:56
valoriebecause otherwise you've lost a lot of data that some applications (for instance konversation and amarok) use23:56
valoriethe place configs and other data is now: ~/.config or ~/.local23:57
valorieplease look in there rather than deleting the entire folder23:57
valoriethey are just text files23:57
valorieand can be edited without root23:58
valorieit sounds to me like your baloo indexer is hanging for some reason23:58
someone_Ok , Thank you.23:58
valoriebut I don't know how to fix that23:58
valorieit's always Just Worked for me23:58
valorieeven back in 16.04 days23:59
valoriewhich seems long ago now!23:59

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