dancingmonkeyThere is a link issue on the website, http://lubuntu.me/downloads/. Look at the normal HTTP links for Alternate, x86 and amd64 are reversed.19:09
dancingmonkeyThe magnet links are correct.19:09
krytarikredwolf: ↑19:11
krytarikdancingmonkey: Thanks. :D19:11
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dancingmonkeyThat was quick.19:40
krytarikOh cool, fixed.19:41
dancingmonkeyI am trying to find a "distro" that is light and easily works with VNC without needing to actually invest time in configuration. I've had great luck in Mint that ran out last upgrade, Debian was as disappointing as CentOS, and now I'm looking at lighter distros in hopes one might just work and use less RAM.\19:43
zleapdancingmonkey: what has run out ?19:50
dancingmonkeyMint was working with Tight/Tiger/Whatever VNC, but after the new install the resolution went goofy19:52
zleapi think the pixel desktop for the Pi has vnc built in,  you can now download the same deb based distro for pc's / laptops19:53
zleapI would ask on #raspberrypi for specific info / help19:55
dancingmonkeyI looked at pixel on distrowatch, I'll give it a try. I have a crap-tastic ESXi node and installing everything is super fun and generally I think everyone should get one.19:56
dancingmonkeyHave you seen pi-hole.net? I am running that with great success.19:56
zleapdancingmonkey: pi hole looks interesting20:44

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