ahasenackcontinuing from my question yesterday,17:38
ahasenackI think this is the problem17:39
ahasenack(my debug)17:39
ahasenack2018-01-13 17:38:38 maasserver: [error] Returning preseed_context={'syslog_host_port': '', 'osystem': '', 'metadata_enlist_url': '', 'server_url': '', 'release': '', 'server_host': ''}17:39
ahasenackit's telling the node to use
ahasenackok, interesting18:18
ahasenackif I fetch the preseed via this url:18:18
ahasenackit returns18:18
ahasenack    metadata_url:
ahasenackbut if I fetch it via THIS url:18:18
ahasenackthen it returns:18:18
ahasenack    metadata_url:
ahasenackit's probably because apache is being a proxy and redirecting the former to localhost:524018:19
ahasenackand that's where the localhost comes from18:19
ahasenackin the response18:19
mupBug #1743142 opened: [2.3] get_enlist_preseed returns for metadata_url <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1743142>18:48
mupBug #1743144 opened: hpvsa-update ppa has no xenial packages <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1743144>19:33
torontoyesCan someone provide the clear steps in creating windows image that will work for MAAS, as I'm having difficulty finding that information.22:12

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