tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @TartanSpartan, as i noted, it is a front for ffmpeg. It is still ffmpeg that does the work. It took 2-3 hrs because that is how much it takes for ffmpeg on your platform to process.  … And added value of my software is that u get GUI instead of CLI, which is somwtimes what u want, and somwtimes not. The CLI version of my tool also makes an output that is easier to parse than the ome that ffmpeg creates. So the added value is if u want to00:07
tgBot3automate the ffmpeg. Parsing output will be easier.00:07
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @TartanSpartan, that is bwcause i did not upload armhf version. but yes it compiles on ARM.00:08
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @Cesar_Herrera, well u said nothing except you were not able to. No error terms no nothing. Ican only blindly guess you have not authorized raspi keo on ut.00:09
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> i already have written an ezplanation. U can use this tools to import key from raspi to ut: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ssh-pull-id/00:11
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> and here is theory part that you should probably read:  … http://kriscode.blogspot.hk/2017/12/ssh-and-ubuntu-touch.html00:11
tgBot3<andreasimonetti> (Photo, 2560x1440) https://irc.ubports.com/fwgZGX9Z/file_3748.jpg01:18
tgBot3<andreasimonetti> unity401:18
tgBot3<andreasimonetti> I realy want to congratulate with all of you.. ubuntu-touch is running so good even on legacy devices.. thank you ubports people!01:26
tgBot3<Kieran> Does anyone know how big the /cache partition should be on turbo?02:30
tgBot3<Kieran> mine's 495.9M and it runs out of space installing xenial02:31
tgBot3<Kieran> nevermind, apparently it should be 700MB02:43
tgBot3<gab11010> I'm trying to follow the anbox instructions, but the images don't download. @neothethird @Flohack03:22
tgBot3<gab11010> It's just me? Can anyone try? cdimage.ubports.com/anbox-images/03:24
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @andreasimonetti, unity 4... nice. ha03:31
tgBot3<gab11010> where can I post an anbox issue?04:12
tgBot3<Rekols> @andreasimonetti, wow, i love cat.04:44
tgBot3<Rekols> because i'm a cat.04:44
tgBot3<ajyotirmay> @Rekols, you're a cute one04:48
tgBot3<Howard> Donated to UBports and am now a Patreon. Keep up the brilliant work everyone, you're all fantastic! Thank you so much!05:01
tgBot3<Ern_st> Thanks  ^^05:07
tgBot3Keith Vladimir was added by: Keith Vladimir07:06
tgBot3<Jyoti> Hospital abandona mulher doente na rua ao frio > TVI24 … http://www.tvi24.iol.pt/internacional/baltimore/hospital-abandona-mulher-doente-na-rua-ao-frio07:22
tgBot3<peternerlich> @Keith Vladimir, Hi Keith! I'm part of the Welcoming Team. Please read https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome to get up to speed and feel free to ask any question, especially in the Newcomers Room!07:47
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tgBot3<G1ott1> @Rekols, Me too ;-)08:20
tgBot3<PacoIgnazioTaiboII> Did the Ubports team make any change/fix to the original Ubuntu Touch Music app?08:48
tgBot3Mojahed_Yavazi was added by: Mojahed_Yavazi09:20
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Mojahed_Yavazi, Welcome Mojahed! Ask questions, join in. Glad to have you in our community. https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome for lots of newcomer information 🚪09:47
tgBot3<DanChapman> @PacoIgnazioTaiboII, DOesn't look like there has been any recent commits https://github.com/ubports/music-app/commits/master what exactly are you wanting fixed?10:10
tgBot3<Vijaypraj> Equliser settings should be add in music app10:23
tgBot3joancipria was added by: joancipria10:27
tgBot3<onajjar> https://t.me/TheMinimalD … Pls guys add this channel10:30
tgBot3<Stereofont> @joancipria, Welcome Joan! Ask questions, join in. Glad to have you in our community. https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome for lots of newcomer information 🚪10:30
tgBot3<DanChapman> @onajjar, why?10:30
tgBot3<onajjar> Sorry sorry10:30
tgBot3<onajjar> Mistake10:30
tgBot3<onajjar> Not meant to this group10:31
tgBot3<Stereofont> Spam?10:31
tgBot3<onajjar> Nope10:31
tgBot3<onajjar> Design channel10:31
tgBot3<onajjar> Sorry again10:31
tgBot3<DanChapman> @onajjar, 👍10:31
tgBot3<onajjar> 🌹10:31
tgBot3<Stereofont> @joancipria, May I ask what is your first language? We have Catalan and Sardinian groups 😎10:32
tgBot3cyr r was added by: cyr r11:03
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> @PacoIgnazioTaiboII, No but now canonical server shut down so iirc album and arist info/covers won't be loaded11:20
tgBot3<DanChapman> Yeah the thumbnailer library needs updating to use another service (like https://www.discogs.com/developers/ if someones up for the challenge)11:23
tgBot3<Stereofont> @cyr r, Hello Cyr. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!11:35
tgBot3KuranKaname was added by: KuranKaname11:38
tgBot3<Stereofont> @KuranKaname, Hello Kuran. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!11:38
tgBot3<vince1171> what is changing in system.img  when I add ubports-boot to the device tree?11:39
tgBot3<vince1171> I have 2 device tree … One  with ubports-boot … One without … Both compile … The system.img from ubports boots … The system.img from the other tree don't boot … Any idea why?12:15
tgBot3<JBBgameich> The system.img has nothing to do with booting. ubports-boot and hybris-boot do the initial work and system.img is mounted later12:16
tgBot3<JBBgameich> If you want to debug Halium without ubports-boot, use hybris-boot12:17
tgBot3<joancipria> @Stereofont, Oh nice! Catalan is my first12:18
tgBot3<mimecar> hi Joan, there is a spanish group of UBports12:55
tgBot3<mimecar> https://t.me/UBPorts_ES12:56
tgBot3<Stereofont> @joancipria, https://t.me/UBports_ca13:06
tgBot3<Rekols> I Love ubports14:56
tgBot3CristianSW was added by: CristianSW15:05
tgBot3<milkor73> @CristianSW, Hello Cristian and welcome!  I'm part of the UBports welcoming team.    … To help you get started, please take a look right away at our newcomers welcome page (https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome) and thanks again for joining us! :)15:16
tgBot3<ajyotirmay> @Rekols, 😁15:20
tgBot3<per_sonne> @dohbee, But it is exactly what's happening. When on WiFi, great stand-by battery life. As soon as I switch to mobile data, it starts eating battery like a motherfucker with no usage whatsoever. When I stop Ubuntu push client: back to normal. So...something's up.15:33
tgBot3<per_sonne> @Mattias, YES.15:38
tgBot3<DanChapman> Hmm i keep getting  … ```2018/01/13 15:55:16 error pushing: failed to copy '/home/dan/.cache/ubuntuimages/gpg/image-master.tar.xz' to '/cache/recovery//image-master.tar.xz': Permission denied```15:56
tgBot3<DanChapman> when trying to flash my device. ANyone know how to resolve it?15:56
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> `sudo chown dan:dan ~/.cache/ubuntuimages -R`15:57
tgBot3<DanChapman> @UniversalSuperBox I tried that but still get the same error 😐15:58
tgBot3<DanChapman> https://paste.ubuntu.com/26378825/ is the full output15:59
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> Hmm, remove the ubuntuimages folder altogether?15:59
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> And run without sudo, you probably have udev rules for that phone.16:00
tgBot3<DanChapman> ack trying now16:00
tgBot3mehmetkose was added by: mehmetkose16:14
tgBot3<Stereofont> @mehmetkose, Welcome Mehmet! Ask questions, join in. Glad to have you in our community. https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome for lots of newcomer information 🚪16:16
tgBot3Ashutripathi was added by: Ashutripathi16:27
tgBot3<Stereofont> Hello Ashtosh. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!16:29
tgBot3<Ashutripathi> Thank you lionelb16:30
tgBot3<Stereofont> https://t.me/UBports_India16:31
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Ashutripathi, Anything we can help with?16:31
tgBot3<Ashutripathi> I have few devices not in use,if they can get ported on ubuntu … I am ubuntu desktop user since 2003 and so this is very close to my heart. My goal is to see ubuntu devices in market and i understand this will be challenge for me as well to identify and manage all the stake holders.i hope you will guide me to step ahead... … I am a business analyst and a superfan of ubuntu. more details... https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashutrip16:38
=== Piece_Maker is now known as Acou_Bass
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Ashutripathi, We have a few supported devices. The difficulty is that each one needs a purpose made port. Also, we cannot simply adopt those which lineage support. If you have a device which runs UBports we can get started straight away. Otherwise, it takes a particular type of developer to start work on porting a new phone16:44
tgBot3<Stereofont> I suggest you install on something like a Nexus 5 or OnePlusOne to start, so that you can see how Ubuntu Touch functions16:46
tgBot3<Ashutripathi> Unfortunately i have motorola and samsung devices, i can talk few developers who were earlier with samsung and qualcomm, lets see if i can convince them16:48
tgBot3<dohbee> @UniversalSuperBox, Looks like perm issue on phone side16:50
tgBot3<Stereofont> Most if the more 'open' devices are Qualcomm powered, so that is a good start. Although there are not obvious targets there are some Wileyfox devices, based and very small in UK but very popular in India and Turkey. They are budget devices. Users here from Turkey are very enthusiastic about them16:51
tgBot3<Stereofont> For more mainstream devices should look at the porting work done by the Halium project. It aims to create a compatibility layer over an Android base, to present a uniform foundation for UT, Plasma etc16:55
tgBot3<Ashutripathi> Yes, i was talking to vijay for connecting me to halium16:56
=== Piece_Maker is now known as Acou_Bass
tgBot3<vince1171> @JBBgameich, so why do I have this when I boot pure halium...?  … (I don't use ubports-boot I only use hybris-boot)16:58
tgBot3<vince1171> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc.ubports.com/3BYMMsAa/file_3752.jpg16:58
tgBot3<vince1171> I don't understand why I have a Ubports warning on a pure Halium device ^^17:00
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Ashutripathi, There are partial ports which could be taken forward more actively or there are hundreds of devices not even considered. Not only are very closed proprietary next to impossible to address, they also don't really suit what we are trying to do17:00
tgBot3<JBBgameich> @vince1171, system.img is contains the minimal android system and drivers. hybris-boot or ubports-boot contain the kernel and a few scripts for booting17:01
tgBot3<JBBgameich> @vince1171, Looks like you flashed ubports-boot17:02
tgBot3<JBBgameich> At least not hybris-boot17:02
tgBot3<XavierXX> What will be different when you flash hybris-boot vs ubports-boot?17:02
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Ashutripathi, Motorola G5plus?17:03
tgBot3<Ashutripathi> @Stereofont, Yes exactly17:03
tgBot3<vince1171> okay … nop I'm sure I don't ^^ … I redownload the entire tree juste to be sure that I'll not have any ubports-boot's part in my compiled images17:03
tgBot3<JBBgameich> Don't use the old initrd-builder in github.com/halium for porting btw17:03
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Ashutripathi, I have got it wrong once before but I think that is one being ported17:04
tgBot3<Michele> why can I see only gps and accelerometer dat in SensorStatus with the nexus5? shouldn't it have more sensors?17:04
tgBot3<vince1171> @JBBgameich, I don't use any initrd  … I only use fastboot hybris-boot.img … and your halium-install script halium-rootfs-20170630-151006.tar.gz system.img … did I miss somethings very important?  like adding another image? ^^'17:09
tgBot3<vince1171> sorry for all this annoying questions but It's my first try to port a device17:12
tgBot3<JBBgameich> @vince1171, Did you run `fastboot flash boot hybris-boot.img`?17:22
tgBot3<vince1171> yep … the go to twrp … copy system.img from hilum/out/the/path/to/system.img and the rootfs to my clone of your halium intall script … then … launcher.sh install halium-rootfs-20170630-151006.tar.gz system.img17:24
tgBot3<vince1171> *rootfs I downloaded from the link in docs.halium.com17:25
tgBot3<Stereofont> @vince1171, You are welcome to use Lab1 if you wish. JBB can invite you17:25
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> There's a link in the Halium docs to the Halium group. I'd suggest that one17:26
tgBot3<vince1171> it is a dedicated groups for beginners like me? ^^17:27
tgBot3<vince1171> for the Halium group i'm already in … but I asked my question here because of this17:27
tgBot3<vince1171> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc.ubports.com/s3YdNS4l/file_3752.jpg17:27
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> Update the ubports-boot repository. That was fixed this week.17:28
tgBot3<vince1171> the curious thing is that I dont have ubports-boot in my tree ^^17:29
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> Clean then bild17:30
tgBot3<vince1171> (Photo, 928x1056) https://irc.ubports.com/olvbcQoo/file_3754.jpg17:31
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> Yes, do `make clean` then build again.17:31
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> Also, terminal output is more useful than screenshots.17:31
tgBot3<vince1171> ok I'll use pastebin the next time … cleaning in progress...17:33
tgBot3<vince1171> done17:33
tgBot3<vince1171> I'll rebuild … It take me +- 25-35 min17:34
tgBot3<vince1171> @Stereofont, Is lab1 an helping group?17:41
tgBot3<Stereofont> @vince1171, Good for lengthy one on one meetings but there is nobody routinely there to help with ports. So good if someone has already offered17:43
tgBot3<per_sonne> @Ashutripathi, Welcome home!18:29
tgBot3<Ashutripathi> Glad to be back, per sonne18:48
tgBot3szmalc was added by: szmalc18:55
tgBot3<szmalc> I have ub touch bq m10fhd and I want to install ub ports. … I used several methods but it never worked. … From ubunut-device-flash i got  … "Cache formatting was not successful, flashing may fail, check your partitions on device" … then it looked like everything is fine, on tablet was written "Updating ubuntu touch..." but it was displaying for long time and nothing was updated. Does anyone know what is wrong?19:00
tgBot3<Stereofont> @szmalc, Hello Mark. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!19:04
tgBot3<Stereofont> Click on the link to get to the install room19:05
tgBot3Man was added by: Man19:06
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Man, https://forums.ubports.com/topic/263/can-t-get-the-m10-fhd-to-take-the-flash19:07
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Man, Hello Man. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!19:08
tgBot3<Tewel> I have a problem with Owncloud-sync with syncevolution. If I create a contact on the phone or on OC it gets synchronized, if I delete a contact on OC it is deleted on the phone after synchronization. But, if I delete the contact on the phone it will not be deleted on the OC-Server. Does anybody know that issue?19:52
tgBot3Depaulicious was added by: Depaulicious21:08
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> @Depaulicious, \o … Hi and Welcome! … Check out https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome for a warmer welcome!21:13
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> haz you read the news?21:24
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdiIwXK2ssQ21:24
tgBot3<DiogoConstantino> Yes21:25
tgBot3<DiogoConstantino> And already tweeted on it21:26
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/9vzIfNgN/file_375821:27
tgBot3<xreactx> Any word on anbox for the OnePlus One (bacon)22:01
tgBot3<Flohack> @xreactx, Problems with graphics rendering. Seems to affect some Qualcomm hardware. We are on it22:30
tgBot3<xreactx> @Flohack, Good to go. Thanks.22:51
tgBot3<Montefrio> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/C0w7t2Mj/file_3760.png22:54
tgBot3<Montefrio> oh, sorry , wrong place , i want send it to Mongobär22:56
tgBot3<Flohack> Then delete it22:59
tgBot3<Montefrio> Ok22:59
tgBot3<Montefrio> Florian, is it gone ?23:00
tgBot3<malditobastardo> is gone yes23:01
tgBot3<Montefrio> ok23:01
tgBot3<Montefrio> thx23:01
tgBot3<rubencarneiro> now we dont have the armhf resources for vivid23:18
tgBot3<matv1> So, the Canonical app store finaly shutdown23:38
tgBot3<dohbee> Yes23:39
tgBot3<dohbee> @rubencarneiro, Que?23:39
tgBot3<matv1> @dohbee, End of an era23:42
tgBot3<rubencarneiro> @dohbee, és portugues23:43
tgBot3<dohbee> What do you mean about vivid armhf?23:44
tgBot3<rubencarneiro> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc.ubports.com/5q2I3dBJ/file_3762.jpg23:45
tgBot3<rubencarneiro> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/UOi1ez00/file_3764.png23:45
tgBot3<dohbee> Your sources.list is wrong23:46
tgBot3<rubencarneiro> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc.ubports.com/Ljx522uW/file_3766.jpg23:46
tgBot3<rubencarneiro> @dohbee, why23:46
tgBot3<dohbee> It's an EOL release. It moved to old-releases23:46
tgBot3<rubencarneiro> @dohbee, can you provide the link23:47
tgBot3<dohbee> I'm in an airport, so not really23:48
tgBot3<rubencarneiro> can anyone here provide that?23:48
tgBot3<malditobastardo> the internet? just do a 15sec search in duckduckgo23:50
tgBot3<dohbee> If you have a ubports install, copy from the latest phone image23:51
tgBot3<rubencarneiro> uau you all so helpfull23:51
tgBot3<rubencarneiro> how bigger this gets more stupid it gets23:52
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> What are you talking about Ruben23:52
tgBot3<mariogrip> use this http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/23:53
tgBot3<rubencarneiro> whem we were only 100, we will get bet support23:53
tgBot3<rubencarneiro> @mariogrip, thanks marius23:53
tgBot3<mariogrip> http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/vivid/main/binary-armhf/23:53
tgBot3<Gorsh2> This isn't support. This is a community.23:53
tgBot3<Gorsh2> VERY different things.23:53
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> No one knew the link, man. There's no need to get upset at that.23:53
tgBot3<dohbee> This. Is. Sparta.23:53

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