wxluh oh https://share.riseup.net/#dzvmSREDqo74ipGXiTKATg06:14
daniellimwsthat's a very long name to ping ;)10:08
Acceleratorpopey: Are you free?10:21
popeyI am about to go away for a couple of hours, what's up?10:22
AcceleratorHi...mind having a look at my task?10:22
Acceleratorpopey: https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5248579520167936/     Thanks10:23
popeysure will10:23
AcceleratorThank you very much10:23
Acceleratorpopey: You still here?10:44
popeyAm away from keyboard so slow response11:01
AcceleratorHmm that's ok with me..just wanted to tell you that i already submitted my work and i will be grateful if you could check it when you get a little free :D11:03
konrad11901popey, which mentors will be active during the weekend?11:04
popeyAccelerator: will do in a moment. Tricky as I am standing in a field at the moment11:07
popeykonrad11901: I am around most of the weekend11:07
Acceleratorkonrad11901: From experience i can say that only tsimonq2,wxl and Mr pope so as not to ping him11:07
Acceleratorpopey: Yeah thank you11:08
popeyHah I don't mind the pings11:08
AcceleratorIt gets annoying when someone does it often so i refrain from doing it unless it's an emergency11:09
popeyI am in UK so closer to your timezone11:10
popeyAlthough I know wx l and tsimon often wake at strange hours11:10
AcceleratorOh only 4 hours difference11:10
popeyI see a permission issue in your task11:11
popeyI think you have run sudo snapcraft at some point11:12
popeyThis breaks things11:12
popeyNever run sudo snapcraft11:12
popeyI think we need to cleanup11:12
AcceleratorHmm will do :)11:12
popeysudo rm -rf ~/.cache/snapcraft11:13
popeyWe need to update our tutorials to make it clear not to use sudo11:14
AcceleratorRight i'm doing it again11:14
popeySo that's a useful outcome!11:14
AcceleratorAh it's still loading so i don't know exactly11:14
popeyYou end up with files owned by root in your home11:18
popeyWhich breaks when you run it without root11:18
popeySo deleting the cache fixes that11:18
Acceleratorpopey: It's still loading...i will let you know if it worked :)11:19
Acceleratorpopey: No..it didn't work11:20
AcceleratorLet me put the error on pastebin11:20
popeyDrop the whole output not just the trace11:22
popeyIn pastebin11:22
AcceleratorHmm yeah on it11:22
Acceleratorpopey: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26377633/11:23
popeyOk. Paste that in the github issue. I will approve the task when you update it. It's clearly broken somehow11:25
popeyWe need to re work these tutorials. All the feedback we have had has been amazing11:25
popeySo useful11:25
AcceleratorSure you are welcome :)11:26
konrad11901popey: that's great that you're active! But do you maybe know something about didrocks or kenvandine and the mentors responsible for tutorials (degville, davidcalle)? :)11:30
popeyI can help with their tasks too if they're not around11:30
konrad11901ok :)11:30
popey(might need to wait an hour when I will be back at a pc. Hard to do all this from a phone in a field) :)11:31
konrad11901so generally, popey, I've created the metadata file for KLines and don't know where to send it - directly to the KLines git repo or somewhere else?11:31
popeyBut feel free to ping me links to tasks and I will look when back home11:31
konrad11901any idea?11:31
popeykonrad11901: got a link to the task?11:32
Acceleratorpopey: I updated the comment.. and no need to hurry :) https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5029466126417920/11:32
konrad11901popey: https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5034934156656640/11:32
popeyAccelerator: done.11:33
popeykonrad11901: looking11:33
AcceleratorThanks :D11:33
konrad11901popey: thank you :)11:33
popeyOk. Need to look into that at home. Ping me again in 2 hours if I haven't replied11:34
popeykonrad11901: ^11:35
konrad11901ok, no problem11:35
Acceleratorpopey: Some of us have  said that we will be contributing even after GCI....is there a place where we can get a list for any documentation,tutorials or bugs that needs to be covered :D11:40
AcceleratorOr is everything tracked on launchpad?11:41
popeyGood question11:56
popeyI have thought for some time that I need to start a new document which lists all the ways to contribute11:57
popeyUnfortunately stuff is a bit spread out. Ubuntu desktop stuff is mostly in launch pad but some other bits are in github11:57
popeyI will start a thread on the community hub11:58
daniellimwspopey, thanks! that's good to hear!11:58
AcceleratorYay i think many of us will be happy to contribute more11:58
daniellimwsI really want to thank all mentors for dedicating their time here helping us11:58
AcceleratorMe too11:59
daniellimwsThere is no reason for you guys to do so, but you guys did11:59
popeyIt's been great to get these contributions11:59
popeyAlways good to see things from a new contributor perspective too11:59
AcceleratorThe mentors were really helpful and i'm really sad that GCI is almost over :(11:59
AcceleratorYeah but i will be staying here though :)12:00
popeyWe will still value the contributions12:02
popeyBut in other IRC channels :)12:02
Acceleratorpopey: ubuntu-release?12:03
popeyDepends on the project but there are a ton of places.12:04
AcceleratorRight thanks for all the information and help :D12:05
QaziOmairAhmed[mit was a very good experience for in the first year of gci. Contributing to Ubuntu was interesting, fun though it was sometimes complicated ;) It also taught many new things. I love the snapcrafting and snaps and iso testing and bug...... And i created a Launchpad account during this period! :) The mentors were friendly and very helpful. We took their precious time in order to help us with the tasks and also12:18
QaziOmairAhmed[mthe other students. Thanks everyone! GCI was really cool. will again join gci. and will not stop contributing to ubuntu and the iso testing :) Once again, thanks everyone! I don't think that I will get time tomorrow coz my exams are beginning. Will never forget anyone of you. Will remember your name Accelerator (Tanesh) 🙂12:18
omairqazihi guys12:20
AcceleratorSame here omairqazi It's been a real pleasure to meet you😄.... and I wish you all the luck for your exams😄12:21
QaziOmairAhmed[mThanks bro12:21
Acceleratornp :)12:23
amitojhi elopio and popey13:10
konrad11901popey: ping!13:35
popeyI'm not sure what to do here13:38
Acceleratorpopey: Mind reviewing my task again? Promise this is the last one-https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/6015981593821184/13:51
konrad11901popey: so what do you suggest? Should I submit the task for review or wait for the mentors (but tbh, waiting until Monday is quite a bad idea, because I'm working now on other tasks which I want to submit before the end of GCI)?13:55
konrad11901or something else?13:56
QaziOmairAhmed[mtsimonq2 or wxl: Should i submit a passed report or failed if a face a bug that is not preventing me to install14:29
AcceleratorAh QaziOmairAhmed[m no one is online yet14:31
QaziOmairAhmed[mcan you tell me what shoul i do passed or failed?14:32
Accelerator Normally there should not have been any bug that is preventing you from installing14:33
AcceleratorTry again and see if the bug persists14:33
QaziOmairAhmed[mbugs like they show wrong version on welcome slide14:34
daniellimwsyea, then that should be reported I think14:34
QaziOmairAhmed[mno option power source14:34
daniellimwsmain point of the tests is to make sure everything there is correct, I believe14:34
QaziOmairAhmed[mdaniellimws: i know but should i submit passed or failed?14:34
daniellimwsoh hmm14:34
QaziOmairAhmed[mya it says If all actions produce the expected results listed, please submit a 'passed' result.14:34
QaziOmairAhmed[mIf an action fails, or produces an unexpected result, please submit a 'failed' result and file a bug. Please be sure to include the bug number when you submit your result.14:34
QaziOmairAhmed[mso failed right?14:35
daniellimwswait, I thought the power source option is part of the tests?14:35
daniellimwsoh yea then it should fail14:35
AcceleratorAlright submit a failed report14:35
Acceleratornp :)14:35
Acceleratorwxl: ^^14:36
daniellimwsQaziOmairAhmed[m], I thought in the past you reported as failed?14:36
QaziOmairAhmed[mjust got curious coz everybody else submit passed14:37
daniellimwsoh that's weird14:37
daniellimwswell, wxl did say you did a great job, so, hehe maybe that's the correct way14:37
daniellimwsor let's wait for them14:38
AcceleratorYeah because you are testing all correctly14:38
QaziOmairAhmed[mit is the correct i think because testcase say failed if unexpected result14:38
wxlto be frank, there's no one philosophy on this14:38
QaziOmairAhmed[mwill do other testcases and ask them14:38
wxlby the letter, you should fail it14:38
QaziOmairAhmed[mfailed it14:39
wxlbut some people think that failing it can cause red flags that are sort of false positives. some release managers may prefer to see a passed result and only see failures for things which prevented the installation or software from working correctly14:40
wxlafter all, we're not really testing the testcase (we shoudln't be), but we're testing the images14:40
QaziOmairAhmed[mbut people like my sister would hate xubuntu for such kind of mistakes14:41
wxlas a mentor i have not espoused either philosophy since for the purposes of general ISO QA testing there's no one answer :)14:41
wxlwrong version on the welcome slide is definitely a bug, but one that i can tell you from experience is almost always wrong in development versions, though it will get fixed in the final versions14:41
wxlwe're still relatively early in the cycle (remember this is 18.04 so it will be released in the fourth month of 2018) so there's still more work to do14:42
QaziOmairAhmed[mi thought like people like my sister so i failed the image test14:42
wxlyou're fine to do so QaziOmairAhmed[m :)14:43
QaziOmairAhmed[mmy sister says how can i big company make even typo errors LOL :) . i tell her that will be released later it is still in testing process14:44
wxlalso remind her it's not a company14:44
QaziOmairAhmed[mya good point :)14:44
wxlsure there's a company behind the infrasturcture of ubuntu and there are paid employees who work on ubuntu, but that's a very small part of the whole ecosystem14:45
QaziOmairAhmed[mthere are normal people contributing to ubuntu14:45
wxlyep. normal people like you and me :)14:46
wxllast night i found myself mentoring people on using the windows command prompt, which is very strange, since i don't use windows at all XD14:47
wxldaniellimws: don't you got a task to complete for me?14:47
QaziOmairAhmed[mRAI is one of them LOL14:47
daniellimwswxl: yea, but I abandoned that for a while to take the command line notifications integration task first, hope you don't mind :)14:48
wxldaniellimws: oh i don't care. i guess i didn't notice you abandoned it. it's still floating about in the regular queue14:48
daniellimwsoh, I'll take it on monday14:48
wxlokie dokie14:49
heesen_elopio,could you please take a look at this14:49
Acceleratorwxl: GCI is almost over 😭😭14:50
konrad11901By the way, wxl, you asked popey earlier if it wasn't too late to publish a new task. What's this task about and will it be published?14:50
wxli know :(14:50
wxlkonrad11901: i haven't got to writing it but i was thinking about throwing up a task to add image support to pastebinit14:50
elopioheesen_: at what?14:50
wxlit's a python project but one that will require a little ingenuity14:50
ubot93Pull 1871 in snapcore/snapcraft "support .tar.lzma cleanly in snapcraft" [Open]14:50
wxlthat said, it's not an easy one!14:50
konrad11901wxl: mhm, interesting task :)14:51
daniellimwswxl, I'm guessing converting image data to be something that can be sent over?14:52
elopioheesen_: I recommended you to start improving your python with smaller tasks. In that pull request, you removed 4 spaces that completely change the behaviour of the function. You added a function that's not called by anybody, and you call a function that doesn't seem to be defined anywhere.14:54
elopioheesen_: that's normal when we are learning python, of course. I would be happy to continue mentoring you, but we need to follow a clear path to improve your python.14:54
wxldaniellimws: tbh i've not even looked at it. :) i know of another tool for one particular paste service that supports image uploading and i'm imagining we can see what they do. or maybe go the other way and look at a particular image host service and see what their API requires. there's a couple ways to attack it, but like i said, it's going to require some inventiveness14:54
daniellimwswxl, sounds like something I'd want to use, if anyone claims that task please let me know :D14:55
elopioheesen_: but if you want us to help you in your learning process, we need you to follow our advice. I gave you a first task to get started, packaging the doge project to start preparing you to more complex tasks14:55
QaziOmairAhmed[mFor the ones who were offline before14:56
QaziOmairAhmed[mit was a very good experience for in the first year of gci. Contributing to Ubuntu was interesting, fun though it was sometimes complicated ;) It also taught many new things. I love the snapcrafting and snaps and iso testing and bug...... And i created a Launchpad account during this period! :) The mentors were friendly and very helpful. We took their precious time in order to help us with the tasks and also14:56
QaziOmairAhmed[mthe other students. Thanks everyone! GCI was really cool. will again join gci. and will not stop contributing to ubuntu and the iso testing :) Once again, thanks everyone! I don't think that I will get time tomorrow coz my exams are beginning. Will never forget anyone of you. Will remember your name Accelerator (Tanesh) 🙂14:56
wxlwell meanwhile there's https://github.com/Upload/upclient14:56
daniellimwswxl, the main difference is pastebinit allows you to set whichever domain you want?14:57
* wxl high 5s QaziOmairAhmed[m 14:57
elopioheesen_: also, you seem to be making those changes directly on github. That doesn't let you test locally.14:57
QaziOmairAhmed[mwhy my nickname is coming as Qazi......14:57
wxldaniellimws: well, pastebinit is also in the repos XD but yes it does support multiple services for text. just not images.14:57
daniellimwsit's too long :D14:57
wxlthat's probably your name on matrix, QaziOmairAhmed[m ?14:58
QaziOmairAhmed[mthanks wxl14:58
daniellimwsi think the ending ] got truncated14:58
daniellimwsnot sure from the screen or from the actual nickname14:58
QaziOmairAhmed[mbut then i changed it to omairqazi14:58
AcceleratorThe nickname probably14:58
QaziOmairAhmed[mlet me come here again14:59
heesen_elopio, i tested locally then put on github14:59
wxloh gosh darnit popey i approved the wrong task. can i unapprove?14:59
elopioheesen_: ok. We also need to work on some style to make your work easier for you and others to review. patch-12 is not a good branch name15:00
wxli'm about to head out for a bit but popey if you can unapprove this one, it's not complete. https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5743894174105600/15:00
elopioheesen_: we can go over all of that, slowly, if you want. As I said, I'm happy to continue helping you even after the code-in finishes.15:00
popeywxl: I see no option to do that15:01
coolpolygonspopey: hey popey, may i ask you a quetion on snapping an electron app?15:01
QaziOmairAhmed[mi am back again15:02
QaziOmairAhmed[mwhat is my nickname now?15:02
daniellimwsstill the same15:02
daniellimwsi think it could just be a matrix problem?15:02
daniellimwstry /nick?15:02
coolpolygonspopey when i try to snap an app it says to specify an author and email, but what should I do if i don't know the email of the original dev? should i use my email?15:02
wxlon matrix, your matrix nick will be shown15:03
wxlif you want to change your irc nick on the bridge you need to use appservice15:03
heesen_elopio, what should i do15:03
elopioheesen_: I suggested you to make a snap package for https://github.com/thiderman/doge15:04
Acceleratorpopey: Seems you are back to your pc hehe.......https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/6015981593821184/  :D15:04
elopioheesen_: the code-in task about making your first python snap contains detailed instructions15:04
heesen_ok will do15:04
QaziOmairAhmed[m!nick irc.freenode.net15:07
ubot93QaziOmairAhmed[m: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:07
elopioheesen_: you know what? let's do this one, seems more useful: https://github.com/guessit-io/guessit15:08
QaziOmairAhmed[mfollowing https://gist.github.com/fstab/ce805d3001600ac147b79d413668770d15:08
daniellimwsQaziOmairAhmed[m], you need to do that to @appservice-irc:matrix.org I think15:08
kinshukhi iam kinshuk and i am 13 years old15:36
daniellimwshi kinshuk, welcome!15:38
AcceleratorHi kinshuk15:39
kinshukaccelerator tera koi naam nahi hai kye15:39
Acceleratorkinshuk: Normally you have to speak english here but i will humour you... nahi mera naam Accelerator hai15:40
kinshuksaale naam batade bhi15:41
Acceleratorkinshuk: I don't like your tone...watch what you are saying15:43
kinshuktum sab chutiya ho kya????15:49
kinshukchal english bolta hun15:50
kinshukFuck you15:50
wxloh jeez can't we be nice?15:50
wxlkinshuk: if you have a serious question, we're happy to help. but tone the language down.15:51
kinshukwxl: tu kon hai kutte?15:51
wxlkinshuk: the mentors that i know only speak english. you're welcome to use the likes of google translate if you're not good with english.15:52
Acceleratorwxl: He is saying bad words in hindi15:52
wxloh nice15:52
kinshukmujhe 1000rs dede ya bhaag ja yaha se15:53
daniellimwstypical high school kids?15:53
kinshukor let me win gci15:53
coolpolygonselopio: there?15:53
wxlkinshuk: please speak in english or leave.15:53
kinshukgive me 1000rs or run from here15:53
Acceleratorwxl: Kick him out15:54
wxl!ops kinshuk15:54
ubot93Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax15:54
kinshukor let me win15:54
coolpolygonswxl: yeah15:54
wxlunfortunately i don't have ops but i'm sure someone can help15:54
daniellimwskinshuk you need to calm down man15:54
wxlpopey: ^15:54
coolpolygonskinshuk: please refrain from doing anything offensive...15:54
coolpolygonswe want to make this place as friendly as possible15:55
wxlfor now, don't feed the troll, folks. someone will clean up the mess shortly.15:55
coolpolygonsthere we go xD15:55
wxlthanks popey15:56
konrad11901hey, popey, you haven't answered my question :(15:56
popeyI don't know that I can15:56
AcceleratorThe nickname probably;915:56
coolpolygonspopey: may i ask you a question about snapping an electron app?15:57
coolpolygonsok so i am snapping an app called Wanna15:57
coolpolygonsand as i was following the directions, i found out that in the packages.json, there was no "dist" : "build" in the scripts section15:58
coolpolygonsshould i add it manually?15:58
popeyThere will be some other way to build15:58
popeyMaybe their readme explains how?15:58
kinshuk_assholes you knwo how to kick only15:58
wxlpopey: gateway/web/freenode/ip.
wxlooh wait he's changing ips, too15:59
popeySorry, on mobile so not effective15:59
coolpolygonspopey: their github shows nothing about snaps tho15:59
wxlthat's always fun15:59
popeycoolpolygons: it won't but it might explain how to build normally16:00
AcceleratorSorry to disturb your conversation..popey i already installed nodejs but it's still not working16:00
popeyAccelerator: did you add the nodesource PPA? The error message suggested you have an old versions of node16:00
AcceleratorOk i will check it out thanks16:01
popeyThe nodesource link links to the place that details how to install the newer version16:01
AcceleratorOh thanks16:02
* popey afk16:02
wxli just now unignored joins parts quits modes and nicks as i usually do. did kinshuk leave?16:03
Acceleratorpopey: Nope i have the newest version installed16:03
daniellimwsyea kicked and banned16:03
wxlah good16:03
wxlof course that's only for a particular client session on a particular ip16:04
wxli'm sure he'll be back16:04
AcceleratorWell you are lucky...he did say offensive words in hindi16:04
daniellimwshe's interesting though xD16:04
wxlif i had a dollar for all the similarly "interesting" cases i've seen over the years on irc....16:05
wxlsome of them are quite good actually. like really hard to get rid of.16:05
wxlthis one's rather boring in that regard :)16:05
coolpolygonspopey: does npm install generally take this long when doing electron postinstall16:05
Nissaarpopey: for this task: https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5353633833025536/. is the tavern app still available ?16:05
popeycoolpolygons: depends on the app16:06
coolpolygonsso i should jus tbe patient right?16:06
popeyYa :)16:07
Acceleratorpopey: Overload of pings XD.....but installing nodejs didn't work...i already installed the newest version :(16:07
popeyWhat does node -version say?16:07
popeyI think that's the command16:07
wxlor -v16:07
Acceleratorv 9.4.016:08
Acceleratorwxl: the --version worked16:08
wxltypically abbreviated switches are preceeded by a single dash and full switches doubles16:09
Nissaarpopey: ?16:09
popeyCan you pastebin the full  output, not just the end, when it fails?16:10
popeyNissaar: I don't know16:12
popeyWithout looking for it16:12
Acceleratorpopey: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26378888/16:13
popeyAccelerator: did you run npm install?16:14
popeyI don't see it there16:15
Acceleratorpopey: Its there...not very noticeable though :)16:15
wxlabacles: you got a short time to organize that ubuntu hour XD16:15
wxlhey gurshant what's up?16:15
abaclesyes @wxl16:16
abaclesI have a programming club at school though16:16
wxlvery cool!16:16
abaclesSo I can just call a meeting16:16
gurshantnothing bro......what to do next from here16:16
wxlwhat languages do you normally work with?16:16
Acceleratorpopey: line 13116:16
abaclesC and python16:16
wxlgurshant: claim a task, work on it, and submit it16:16
wxlnice, abacles. i look forward to hearing about how the meeting goes!16:17
gurshanti claimed.....and i this im doing what was discripted in task16:17
wxlgurshant: well incidentially there's more than one task so you'd have to let us know which one you're talking about, but the task description should explain what to do. coming here is just for getting help if you need it16:17
gurshantoh got it....thanks16:18
daniellimwswxl, I think it's because the task asks to come here and say hi?16:18
daniellimwsthen students just assume the next step will be given here, perhaps16:18
wxldaniellimws: i think that's a fair assertion :)16:19
coolpolygonspopey: there?16:21
abacles@wxl oops my bad... I didn't realize I only have 3 days. Maybe I'll try another task :(16:22
kkkhi am kinshuk sorry16:22
wxlabacles: yeah there's plenty of other ones16:22
=== kkk is now known as Guest17019
wxlplanning on being nice, Guest17019 ?16:22
wxlcuz we can kick ban you and all your ips all day long :)16:23
Guest17019who are the winners16:23
wxlif it gets really hairy, we'll just sick the freenode ops on you and then it gets really difficult16:23
wxlthe people that did the work16:23
daniellimwswxl, by the way, has there been people who organised ubuntu hour in their school before?16:24
wxldaniellimws: i *THINK* so. let me see if i can check that16:24
Guest17019who are the winners16:24
Guest17019please tell me16:25
wxlthey aren't announced yet16:25
wxlbut they are the people who do the most work16:25
Guest17019why are ignosing me16:25
AcceleratorYeah it will be announced on 31 jan16:25
Guest17019who do you think wxl16:25
wxlwe're not, but you didn't listen to the answer16:25
wxlyou might find your answer here Guest17019 https://gci-leaders.netlify.com/16:25
daniellimwsI can assure you that wxl won't be the winner16:25
wxlawww man :(16:25
m4sk1nwxl: not the most work, more like best work16:26
wxlm4sk1n: well, the most, then the best, but yes.16:26
Guest17019wxl you have some names16:26
daniellimwswxl, sorry :)16:26
Guest17019wxl whom doyou think will win16:27
Nissaarpopey: what screenshot should i add to the readme.md file ?  for this: https://github.com/Nissaar/Tavern-snap-creation/blob/master/README.md16:27
wxlGuest17019: probably one of those names on the link. here's the rules https://developers.google.com/open-source/gci/faq#how_are_the_grand_prize_winners_chosen16:27
coolpolygonspopey: i checked Wanna16:28
coolpolygonsand their readme says to run npm i && npm electron16:28
coolpolygonsbut when i run that after modding the packages.json it doesn't create a snap...16:29
coolpolygonselopio: there?16:31
Nissaari have an issue with packaging a snap task16:32
Nissaaranyone can help ?16:32
wxlNissaar: probably but not if you don't ask the question first :)16:33
Nissaarhere it is in the paste bin16:33
Nissaarwxlm: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26378968/16:34
wxladmittedly i'm not necessarily the right person to help but i'm sure if you stick around someone will help Nissaar :)16:34
daniellimwsNissaar, can you share you snapcraft.yaml?16:34
daniellimwsmost likely something is wrongly configured in there16:35
AcceleratorYeah seems like it16:35
popeycoolpolygons: ok I will take a look in 30 mins16:35
Nissaariwxl: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26378974/ its in there. with the error16:35
Acceleratorpopey: Don't forget about me too ^.^16:36
Nissaarpopey:https://paste.ubuntu.com/26378974/ can you take at this pls16:36
wxldaniellimws: you saw Nissaar 's second paste with the snapcraft.yaml?16:37
* wxl hangs his head in shame for not being a snapper16:37
daniellimwsyea I'm taking a look, Nissaar16:37
daniellimwsjust that my success rate in packaging snaps is like 20% :)16:38
Acceleratorwxl: Same as you...not much of a snapper but i'm looking into Nissaar's yaml rn16:38
AcceleratorNissaar: I don't know if not putting the source tag there does something wrong..but put it there just to be sure16:40
Nissaaruhmmm as per the tutorial it should have been the version of the snap. and since this one does not have any previous version. i think that i cannot put anything16:41
Nissaarpopey: correct me if im wrong16:41
daniellimws[m]yea that should not affect16:41
daniellimws[m]I think the problem lies within the app: section16:41
Nissaaryes right16:42
* daniellimws[m] is pulling right now16:42
daniellimws[m]Nissaar, can you provide a link to the upstream repo of tavern?16:43
daniellimws[m]I believe we are calling it the wrong way, would be great to know what features they provide16:44
Nissaardaniellimws[m]: this ?16:44
daniellimws[m]Nissaar, yup, alright as we can see the way to call it is tavern-ci16:45
daniellimws[m]I'm giving it a try here16:45
Nissaari should rename it tavern-ci then16:46
Nissaardaniellimws[m]: ?16:46
daniellimws[m]yup change the command16:46
NissaarIT WORKED16:46
Nissaarthank you so much16:46
daniellimws[m]yup worked for me too!16:47
Nissaarwhich snap did you packaged ?16:47
daniellimws[m]I made one called uber-cli16:48
daniellimws[m]well thats the only one :)16:48
daniellimws[m]kept facing into errors for the others and kinda got lazy to try anymore16:48
coolpolygonsdaniellimws[m]: if ur done with nissar, would you be willing to help me?16:54
daniellimwsI can try16:54
coolpolygonsits snapping an electron app16:54
coolpolygonshang on16:54
coolpolygonsu want the fresh packages.json, or the one i tweaked?16:55
daniellimwsI'll leave in 15 mins, if I don't understand what's wrong on first try then byebye :)16:55
Nissaarwhen registering it seems the name tavern is already taken. guess someone already snapped it. right?16:55
Nissaarelopio: ?16:55
Nissaarpopey: ?16:55
Nissaarwxlm: ?16:55
Nissaarwxl: ?16:55
daniellimwscoolpolygons, not sure, whichever you need me to look at16:55
Nissaardaniellmws: ?16:55
daniellimwsNissaar, yes it's taken but not sure if snapped16:55
daniellimwscan you try to install it?16:56
daniellimwsuninstall the one you snapped first to avoid conflicts16:56
Nissaardaniellimws: should i procede then ?16:56
daniellimwsproceed with?16:57
Nissaarpublishing the snap ?16:57
Nissaarim actually registering16:57
daniellimwsyou can do tavern-nissaar16:57
Nissaarahhh thx16:58
Nissaarwhat does that mean ?**using the preferred upstream name*16:58
daniellimwsit refers to the name that the upstream repo used16:59
daniellimwsin this case, tavern16:59
Nissaarits already taken16:59
Nissaari should other one then ?16:59
daniellimwsand they set it up as "pip install tavern" as well, so yea tavern should be it16:59
daniellimwsit's ok you can use tavern-nissaar17:00
Nissaarok thx17:00
daniellimwsFor example, most people would expect ‘thunderbird’ to be published by17:00
daniellimwsMozilla. They would also expect to be able to get other snaps of17:00
daniellimwsThunderbird as 'thunderbird-$username'.17:00
daniellimwsas shown by snapcraft when you try to register17:00
daniellimwscoolpolygons, the parts section is not there?17:00
coolpolygonsparts section?17:01
Nissaarwhat screenshot should i add to the readme file ?17:01
daniellimwsa screenshot of you running tavern-ci with the example yaml17:02
Acceleratorhmm do readmes usually contain screenshot or pictures?17:02
daniellimwsscreenshots are always nice to let people know what to expect imo17:03
konrad11901woah, I haven't added any screenshots to my snaps' readme files :D17:03
AcceleratorWell i never added any screenshots  in readmes either17:04
daniellimwsin my projects I like to add a screenshot on top17:04
konrad11901but of course it's nice to have them, I just think it's not needed in these tasks17:04
konrad11901I also add screenshots to my projects actually17:05
konrad11901not to snaps though xD17:05
AcceleratorWell i add screenshots only to tutorials17:05
Nissaarhelp : https://paste.ubuntu.com/26379144/17:05
AcceleratorShouldn't u change tavern to tavern-ci in the app section?17:06
daniellimwscoolpolygons, one thing you missed was the script property17:06
daniellimwsAccelerator, no that's settled17:07
coolpolygonswhat is a script property?17:07
daniellimwsNissaar, there's an example on how to use tavern-ci in the github repo17:07
coolpolygonsand where am i missing that17:07
daniellimwslook at under "Packaging for operating systems"17:07
daniellimwsin the tutorial17:07
coolpolygonsthe "dist":"build" ?17:08
daniellimwsNissaar, https://github.com/taverntesting/tavern#quickstart except without pip install since you "snap install"ed it instead17:08
daniellimwsoops sorry you had the scripts17:08
daniellimwsbut not the dist17:09
* daniellimws goes off to bed17:09
* popey returns17:10
Acceleratorpopey: https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/6015981593821184/17:10
coolpolygonswe missed you popey17:10
popeyhahah :D17:10
AcceleratorYeah very much17:10
coolpolygonspopey: here's what i got so far: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26379313/17:11
coolpolygonsand btw the thing didnt have dist:build in the script17:11
popeyAccelerator: replied, looks like network error on your end17:12
Nissaarpopey: what screenshots should i add to the readme.md file :https://github.com/Nissaar/Tavern-snap-creation/blob/master/README.md17:12
popeyNissaar: you don't need to add screenshots, it's fine without17:13
popeyso long as it builds and runs as a snap, this is fine17:13
Nissaarpopey:   Publish the devmode snap in the Snap store edge channel17:13
Nissaarhow do i do that ?17:13
popeycoolpolygons: does "npm build" work?17:14
Nissaarpopey: ive alread registered it17:14
popeywhat name did you register under?17:14
popeythe yaml hasn't been updated?17:15
coolpolygonspopey it says that it called with no arguments. I tried running npm run-script build, and it says "The build folder is ready for deployment"17:15
coolpolygonsno snap or yaml there tho17:16
popeyoh duh, i meant "npm run build"17:16
coolpolygonsdoes the same thing17:16
coolpolygonsmakes a build folder that has no .snap or yaml17:17
Nissaarpopey: tavern-nissaar17:17
popeyNissaar: i would recommend not adding your name17:17
popeyjust register "tavern"17:17
popeycoolpolygons: :(17:17
Nissaarpopey: i need to pulish it in edge now17:17
Nissaarpopey: it says name tavern already taken :(17:18
popeyyes, it tells you what to do, right?17:18
Nissaaruhmmm no ?17:18
popeylooks like omairqazi registered tavern?17:18
Nissaarpopey: i should do another one then17:19
coolpolygonspopey any suggestions for the next step? btw here's the forked page: https://github.com/wifiproblems/wanna#installation17:20
popeycoolpolygons: I don't know.17:21
popeyNissaar: yeah, might be best17:21
popeybut don't tack your name on it17:21
popeyjust register the name and ping me if it's already registered17:21
Nissaarive already registered it tho17:21
Nissaarpopey: what niw ?17:21
coolpolygonspopey u think i should try another app?17:22
AcceleratorNissaar: The task says to publish?17:22
coolpolygonsand btw i got to building the snap by adding the dist:build in the script, but it cant load the gtk modules after i install the snap and run it17:22
Nissaarpopey: im doing the endorser17:23
daniellimws[m]omairqazi: to add your github to that site, my friend found out that your name there must match your github name17:23
popeycoolpolygons: interesting!17:23
popeycoolpolygons: what version of electron-builder is it using?17:23
daniellimws[m]It just searches github for that name and sees if there's something17:23
coolpolygons19.53.0, according to the packages.json17:24
AcceleratorNissaar: If tavern has already been packaged and published then you should choose another one17:24
coolpolygonsshould i change it to ~latest17:24
popeycoolpolygons: hmm17:24
daniellimws[m]omairqazi maybe just wait a while then :)17:24
popeyif you can get it to build a snap, but that fails to lanuch, i think that's our problem and you should submit the task, with a link to your fork17:25
popeynot submit the PR, but get a non-working fork linked from the task so we can pick it up when gci is over17:25
coolpolygonshow to do that?17:25
daniellimws[m]omairqazi, no your name on the website must be omairqazi, because your github username is omairqazi17:26
coolpolygonsdo i just give u the link to the page i forked?17:26
coolpolygonsand should i merge the modified packages.json with my fork?17:26
Acceleratorpopey: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26379407/....still not working..no network issues this time :(17:27
daniellimws[m]It's ok, I don't really care if my github is there17:27
daniellimws[m]omairqazi, it probably wont do you much by having it up there, apart from letting people stalk you17:28
popeyAccelerator:   Temporary failure resolving 'ppa.launchpad.net'17:28
popeyYou still have network issues :(17:28
Acceleratoraww..let me try again17:29
coolpolygonspopey should i merge my tweaked packages.json into my fork and submit the link to it?17:29
daniellimws[m]Accelerator, maybe try apt update not sure if that's relevant, just suggesting17:30
popeycoolpolygons: yes, just don't create a pull request to the upstream project, but link to your fork in the task17:30
AcceleratorSure thanks for the suggestion daniellimws[m] ...trying again..if it does not work then i will reun apt-get update :D17:30
popeyi need to make food, back in a bit17:32
konrad11901popey, there's one problem. I see that there's a Kubernetes tutorial task, but there is already a tutorial, written in... August17:32
konrad11901shouldn't you remove this task? :D17:32
daniellimws[m]Bye me too17:34
Acceleratorkonrad11901: Maybe it is outdated?17:34
AcceleratorNot sure though17:34
* daniellimws[m] turns off wifi so that I can actually go to sleep17:34
konrad11901Accelerator: it doesn't look so, but maybe I'm wrong17:34
Acceleratorkonrad11901: I don't think so...really think that tutorial is either outdated or missing something17:36
konrad11901davidcalle, degville: anyone there?17:38
Acceleratorkonrad11901: Hehe no mentors are here during the weekend except a few17:39
konrad11901Accelerator: I had some hope that maybe they are there :D17:39
degvillekonrad11901: I'm here but not close to a PC atm17:40
konrad11901degville: there's a Kubernetes tutorial task, but such tutorial already exists.17:41
konrad11901Since August17:41
Nissaarpopey: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26379494/ can you chekc this17:43
AcceleratorNissaar: popey is making food ...17:44
Nissaarhelp anyone ?17:44
AcceleratorNissaar: Seems like a server error..can you try again?17:45
Nissaartry what?17:45
Accelerator`snapcraft prime`17:45
degvillekonrad11901: good spot on the Kubernetes duplicate, although the tutorial on tutorials.ubuntu could be expanded.17:46
coolpolygonspopey there17:49
konrad11901degville: mhm, will consider this. And by the way, I've written the Openstack tutorial, will send it in an hour or so. Will you be able to check it today?17:49
coolpolygonspopey: im trying to run git commit -m, but its giving me an error: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26379536/17:51
degvillekonrad11901: thanks for the tutorial. I don't think we'll be able to check it today, but I'll try if I get a chance.17:51
konrad11901degville: ok, thanks :)17:52
degvilleThank you :)17:52
Acceleratorcoolpolygons: he is not online...i'm waiting for him too...stay around17:53
Nissaarany snapper oniline ?17:56
coolpolygonsim a noob snapper17:56
AcceleratorNissaar: not a pro but let us see your .yaml17:58
coolpolygonssorry Nissaar i dont understand...17:58
coolpolygonsoh and Nissaar if u have ur packege.json it'd be nice to upload that also?17:58
AcceleratorRight let me try it here18:01
coolpolygonsany mentors familiar with working with github?18:04
coolpolygonsmore exactly git?18:04
AcceleratorNissaar: Yeah give me a few mins with u18:04
AcceleratorWhile i'm testing Nissaar's snap...tell us your problem coolpolygons18:09
coolpolygonsso i have my edited file locally18:09
AcceleratorHmm ok18:09
coolpolygonshow do i upload it to my github fork?18:09
AcceleratorSo you need to make a pull request and ask to merge?18:10
coolpolygonsnot to the original one, but to the forked one18:10
coolpolygonsi dont want to PR to the original dev18:11
AcceleratorWell yeah but then you will need to ask to merge18:11
coolpolygonsi forked the project to my own repo so i wanna change it there18:11
coolpolygonsso how do i do that?18:11
Acceleratorcoolpolygons: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-create-a-pull-request-on-github....this site helped me18:11
coolpolygonsOh no! Sammy ate the page you were looking for.18:11
AcceleratorUh what?18:12
coolpolygonslink is not showing anyhting18:12
coolpolygonsshowing the "Oh no! Sammy ate the page you were looking for."18:12
coolpolygonsthere we go18:12
coolpolygonsxD the ...this was also hyperlinked18:12
AcceleratorNissaar: Almost finished..sorry for the delay :(18:13
Acceleratorcoolpolygons: Sorry about that XD18:13
coolpolygonsOn branch add-snap-support Changes to be committed:   (use "git reset HEAD <file>..." to unstage)  modified:   package.json  Untracked files:   (use "git add <file>..." to include in what will be committed)  dist/ package-lock.json18:14
coolpolygonswhat are these?18:14
NissaarAccelerator: faire vite ta18:14
NissaarAccelerator: be quick18:15
Acceleratorcoolpolygons: hmm you checked for git status right?18:15
AcceleratorGood..that's still ok...it is showing you what files you modified...follow the rest of the steps now :)18:16
coolpolygonsare the text in red the ones i changed?18:16
coolpolygonstheres a green and red text, the green one says modified and red one says untracked18:17
AcceleratorNissaar: Well seems to be a connection problem from your side as i'm getting specified name.............not executable error18:17
Acceleratorcoolpolygons: Mind giving me a screenshot on prnt.sc?18:17
Acceleratorcoolpolygons: You edited a single file?18:19
coolpolygonsthe dist directory was created once i snapped it18:20
coolpolygonsand yes, i edited packages.json only.18:20
AcceleratorCool..all good..continue with the following steps on the link18:21
coolpolygonswill the new directory be uploaded also?18:21
Nissaarguess ill have to wait for popey18:21
AcceleratorNissaar: Yup...sorry but i still think there is a connection problem unless you need to use a network plug in your yaml?18:22
Acceleratoroh well popey knows more :)18:22
coolpolygonsAccelerator: i cant see my new changes online...18:27
Acceleratorcoolpolygons: You pushed to upstream?18:28
coolpolygons--set-upstream add-snap-support18:29
coolpolygonsi did that18:29
coolpolygonsi meant git push --set-upstream origin add-snap-support18:29
AcceleratorHmm you sure that's the branch name?18:30
coolpolygonsyeah thats the one i created by following the snap tutorial18:30
Acceleratorcoolpolygons: Go where your forked repo is and send me a screenshot18:31
coolpolygonsbtw thanks for staying to help me out18:32
AcceleratorNow did you run this `git add -A`?18:33
coolpolygonsholy shit18:35
coolpolygonsur a genius18:35
AcceleratorHehe...i was confused how to do this too...but i got the hang of it after a few tries18:36
coolpolygonshmm but after git add18:36
coolpolygonsi need to git push right18:36
AcceleratorGit commit....add a helpful message :)18:37
coolpolygonsthere's an error with husky when i do that so i tried to skip it and add comments in GCI instead18:38
AcceleratorAh don't skip any step..each one counts :)18:39
coolpolygonsi get thiserror18:40
AcceleratorHuh never encountered this before...give me a min18:41
Acceleratorcoolpolygons: use git status and tell me what u see18:44
coolpolygonsa LOT of stuff pops up18:46
AcceleratorAlright...since it is one of the rare exceptions and all ;)....do git push directly..When making a PR please put in a useful and helpful msg18:48
coolpolygonsi did it, now where do i check my updated files?18:53
coolpolygonsi still dont see it online in the add-snap-support branch :(18:54
Acceleratorcoolpolygons: send me a screenshot18:54
Acceleratorof your forked repo18:54
Acceleratorcoolpolygons: When git pushing did you see something like this?18:56
AcceleratorCounting objects: 3, done.18:56
AcceleratorDelta compression using up to 4 threads.18:56
AcceleratorCompressing objects: 100% (2/2), done.18:56
AcceleratorWriting objects: 100% (3/3), 336 bytes | 0 bytes/s, done.18:56
AcceleratorTotal 3 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0)18:56
AcceleratorTo https://github.com/your-username /respository .git18:56
Accelerator   a1f29a6..79c0e80  new-branch  -> new-branch18:56
AcceleratorBranch new-branch set up to track remote branch new-branch  from origin.18:56
coolpolygonsBranch new-branch set up to track remote branch new-branch  from origin.18:57
coolpolygonsthis one only18:57
Acceleratorcoolpolygons: Ok so it did not work....18:58
Acceleratorfirst of all use this command `clear`18:59
AcceleratorThen git status18:59
coolpolygonsi see tons of new files and one modified19:00
AcceleratorOk still good19:00
coolpolygonsOn branch add-snap-support Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/add-snap-support'.19:01
coolpolygonsshows that too19:01
AcceleratorRight..now git add -A19:01
Acceleratorand then git commit -m "your message"19:02
coolpolygonsand that gives the error19:03
Acceleratorok let me see if there is a solution for that error19:03
coolpolygonsu have the screenshot of it right?19:04
coolpolygonsbut if git commit is an optional task, would it affect the results of git push?19:04
AcceleratorWell imo i think it affects everything since you are comitting19:06
Acceleratorcoolpolygons: Give me a sec19:07
Acceleratorcoolpolygons: Give this a try https://github.com/typicode/husky/issues/16419:08
ubot93Issue 164 in typicode/husky "Different outputs when running `npm run precommit` vs `git commit`" [Open]19:08
Acceleratorcoolpolygons: U still there?19:13
coolpolygons4:13 am but im good19:13
Acceleratorcoolpolygons: try git commit -m "message" --no-verify19:15
coolpolygonsi think im using the right node version because i installed v.9.x and husky was using v.9.619:15
coolpolygonsill do jus thtat19:15
coolpolygonsTHERE WE GO19:15
coolpolygonsOH MY GOD19:15
coolpolygonsWHAT DOES --NO-VERIFY DO THO19:16
AcceleratorOh well it bypasses the check that husky has been doing19:16
coolpolygonsOK HUSKY GO BURN IN FIRE NOW19:17
Acceleratorcoolpolygons: Hehe calm down...you still have to make a PR19:17
coolpolygonsoh about that19:17
coolpolygonspopey told me to not make a PR and just submit a link to my forked repo19:18
AcceleratorOh then you finished XD..just submit the link ;)19:18
coolpolygonscuz i told him that i could get the snap running but its failing to load gtk modules, and he said to then just the erroneous one, so that we can work on it later19:19
coolpolygonsyeah Accelerator thank you so much for walking me through ::D19:19
coolpolygonsi cri *sniff*19:19
AcceleratorIt's ok...i'm glad to have helped :) and no need to cry :D19:19
AcceleratorI'm sure you will help me when i need help too :)19:20
coolpolygonswhat can i help you with xD if you need any, that is19:20
Nissaarhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/26379494/      https://paste.ubuntu.com/26379569/19:27
Nissaarhelp ?19:27
AcceleratorNissaar: No one seems to be online19:52
Acceleratorelopio: ^^19:52
Nissaarhow do i start this app ? https://github.com/eth0izzle/the-endorser20:13
AcceleratorHi ILikeCreepers20:14
AcceleratorNissaar: Looks like you have to do a lot to get it running20:14
Nissaarlike what ?20:15
AcceleratorAll you need it Python 3.4+ and do the following:20:15
Accelerator    git clone https://github.com/eth0izzle/the-endorser.git20:15
Accelerator    sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt20:15
Accelerator    Install Graphviz via your package manager, e.g. apt-get install graphviz or brew install graphviz20:15
Accelerator    Download ChromeDriver for your platform (requires Chrome) and place in ./drivers. Alternatively you can use PhantomJS and launch with the --driver phantomjs flag (note phantomjs is 8x slower).20:15
Accelerator    Setup your LinkedIn credentials in config.yaml20:15
Accelerator    python3 the-endorser.py <profile1> <profile2> <profile3> <etc..> <etc..>20:15
Acceleratorm4sk1n: Uh what happened to you? XD20:15
Nissaarshould i do that in the snap folder ?20:16
NissaarYou will note that this project has no requirements.txt file, meaning that there are no non-standard library modules used which would need to be pulled in at build time. If that were the case, snapcraft would have handled this for you, pulling the correct dependencies via pip, itself.  Do not hesitate to open the files to get familiar with them. Once you are done, you can remove that httpstat directory.20:17
Nissaarfound dat in tutorial20:17
AcceleratorNissaar: Since you already packaged it and are using snapping the app then number 1 and number 2 are invalid steps20:17
AcceleratorStart from installing Graphviz20:18
Nissaarin the endorser snap directory ?20:18
NissaarAccelerator: ?20:19
AcceleratorNissaar: You changed anything in your yaml file?20:19
Nissaari ddnt xD20:20
AcceleratorHmm wait a sec20:20
heesen_elopio, for the package and publish task could you please20:23
heesen_elopio,fork your repo into github.com/snapcrafters, transfer the snap name from you to snapcrafters, and configure the repo for automatic publishing into edge on commit20:24
Nissaarheesen: can you help?20:25
AcceleratorNissaar: Check if you have the file "the-endorser.py" in your current directory?20:25
Nissaaryes i have20:25
Acceleratorheesen_: Elopio is not online20:25
heesen_Accelerator: how do you know20:26
Acceleratorheesen_: I am using Hexchat and i can see the status of other people..and if Elopio is not replying so it means he is offline XD :)20:27
konrad11901degville: I sumbitted the tutorial, feel free to look at it in your spare time :)20:28
AcceleratorNissaar: Well nope i cannot help you with this20:28
Acceleratorkonrad11901: Help Nissaar20:28
konrad11901Accelerator: I'm not sure if I'll be able, I'll check the IRC logs and come back in a while20:29
Acceleratorkonrad11901: Sure..i'm not that good at snapcraft20:29
Nissaari thnik it worked20:30
Nissaari changed it to command: snap the-endorser.py20:30
AcceleratorHmm did it snap the-endorser?20:31
Nissaarim having another prblm now20:33
Acceleratorremove "snap"20:33
Nissaari dnt understand20:34
Nissaarif i remove it it doesnt build20:35
Nissaarmkwr mo bzn rstart nkr20:35
AcceleratorWell Nissaar i think you got it all wrong20:35
Nissaarbut what to do ?20:36
AcceleratorWell wait for a mentor...seems no snapcrafter is here...hmm unless konrad11901 finishes reading the logs20:36
Nissaarim sleepy. maybe tomorow20:37
konrad11901Accelerator: sorry, I don't think I'll be able to help, will try to snap it myself, but don't know if I'll succeed20:37
Acceleratorkonrad11901: Yeah sure..it does not work from my side20:38
* Accelerator is going to sleep20:42
degvilleThanks konrad11901, will do.20:53

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