Work^Seonywhat do you mean, "configure"?00:07
KingParrotmakes the ubuntu smile when it cryies00:09
Work^Seonywhat is your problem exactly?  can you please paste your error message?00:10
KingParrotbut Ronda bakes potato stew like no other can00:12
KingParrotI installed libwxgtk2.8-0 (>= but it told me that it is not configured.00:13
Work^Seonyhm, i've never seen that error message from any library packages... then try "dpkg-reconfigure libwxgtk"00:15
KingParrotI have seen message like that many times00:16
KingParrotIt is in the list and it seems to be working.00:20
Work^Seonydpkg-reconfigure command worked?00:20
KingParrotIt is in the list and it seems to be working.00:22
KingParrotpython-wxgtk2.8 seems to be up and running even though I did nothing about the config issue00:23
KingParrotplease specify a package to reconfigure00:24
KingParrotWork^Seony is knolwalablle00:24
KingParrotsudo dpkg-reconfigure python-wxgtk2.800:25
KingParrotI will try that to see if that works00:25
KingParrotsudo dpkg-reconfigure python-wxgtk2.800:25
KingParrotpython-wxgtk2.8 is broken or not fully installed00:26
KingParrotI was wrong that was not it in the list.00:32
Work^Seonyah i see.  it was good to know though00:33
KingParrotlibwxgtk-media2.8-0:i386 is not configured yet00:34
KingParrotlibwxgtk-media2.8-0 is broken or not fully installed00:36
KingParrotKittySnake will nerver have a real release date because it is a NSA project.00:42
KingParrotIt is in time for the steam boat convention.00:49
KingParrot--selinux-user SEUSER01:01
KingParrotmaybe he pee his pants07:37
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