linuxloveis swift server side ready for production on linux ?00:38
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sdfgsdfgis ubuntu server stripped down version of ubuntu desktop ? just without the desktop manager or ?09:26
tomreynsdfgsdfg: roughly, yes. it also has some different defaults.09:26
sdfgsdfgany examples ?09:27
tomreynsdfgsdfg: i thinkt he installer will not try to setup a wireless connection by default and you won't have the tools installed to connect to wireless after a non customized server installation.09:28
sdfgsdfgI thought the NetworkManager was part of ubuntu's base09:28
sdfgsdfgwhy would they leave it out for the server09:28
sdfgsdfgthat's weird09:28
tomreyni didnt say network manager wasnt included09:29
tomreynjust the wireless tools are notincluded for servers, since servers usually have wired connectivity.09:29
tomreyni'm not even sure that's actually correct, though, things have changed over time, also for server installs.09:30
sdfgsdfgok so they do include the NetworkManager but you mean wireless firmware is not included or some other tools that youre referring to ? why would they include networkmanager but not the firmware that's really odd09:34
sdfgsdfgthis is really weird09:34
sdfgsdfgand kinky at the same time09:34
tomreynnot weird at all. why include software you wont need anyways?09:38
sdfgsdfgwow, its 2018, that's a highly weird thing to say09:39
sdfgsdfgwont need wireless ?09:39
sdfgsdfgwhat do you mean09:39
sdfgsdfgthis is getting super weird09:39
sdfgsdfgall pc wireless why make servers an exception09:40
tomreynbecause servers need stable connectivity, not 'best effort'09:43
tomreynit's 2018 and wireless is still sketchy wireless09:43
jellysdfgsdfg: your expectations seem to be different from actual server usage; out of ~500 servers I have around, none use wireless11:31
patdk-lapI can't remember wireless even being an option when buying a server15:27
patdk-lapnot from hp, dell, ibm, ...15:27
Hensterplease help me i need to create more space https://paste.ofcode.org/39HV5gEpKrAHFZCBD9JW47y my system OS is on my sda1 drive , i tried deleting some files on my home directory but still get this - bash: cannot annot ment: No space left ocreate temp file for here-docun device19:59
tomreynHenster: what kind of server is this?20:45
tomreynHenster: also, what was the command that provided the above error message (which is half garbled)?20:46
HensterDescription:    Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS20:46
tomreynHenster: that's good to know, but i was referring to the hardware / form factor20:47
Ussatif its a VM just add a disk to the VM and expand the LV20:47
Henstera free standing pc20:47
UssatOK, so not a LV seems20:48
tomreynHenster: can we see the output of : lsblk20:48
masonHenster: Did you try apt-get clean?20:48
Ussatwhats all the /home stuff ? drives ?20:49
Henster/dev/sda1: UUID="cfe403cf-ac9f-4588-b0a9-a5ce3f7b8812" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="2f89b04a-01"20:49
masonHenster: Did you try apt-get clean?20:49
tomreynHenster: if you need to type the lsblk output, then dontr20:50
tomreynHenster: indeed, give "apt-get clean" a try first. also /var/tmp/ may contain files you can delete20:51
Henster@mason yes i did try autoclean and clean20:51
masonHenster: Is /tmp clogged up?20:51
tomreyndu -sh /tmp20:51
tomreyndu -sh /var/log20:52
masonls /tmp | wc -l20:52
tomreyndu -sh /root20:52
tomreynsee what's consuming your disk space on /20:52
Hensterthe tmp id only 32k20:52
masonSomething in /var then I bet.20:53
tomreyndu -sh /var/tmp20:53
masonAlso, look at other things in /home since everything but the hennster stuff is on /20:53
masonwell, even /home/hennster is on /20:53
tomreyndu -shx /home20:54
Henster4.9T    /home/henster20:55
tomreynhmm then either i or you did something wrong on this command20:56
Hensterdu -shx /home20:56
Henster is 866g20:56
tomreynmaybe you can move soem data from /home or /home/henster to /home/henster/sdc1/20:57
tomreyn /home/henster/sdc1 is /dev/sdc1 which has 822G unallocated space available20:57
tomreynhow much is "du -shx /home/henster"20:58
masonI think that's his 4.9T20:58
Hensterok let me move all my files over to /dev/sdc120:58
tomreynyou wont be able to move ALL of them, it wont fit20:59
Hensterno i domnt know why its sjhowing my eniter home directory is 4.9t .. its just mounting points in the home dir to my other dirves ..eg ... /dev/sdb1       1.8T  1.7T   90G  95% /home/henster/sdb121:00
tomreyndf -h will add up all space available on any subdirectory (and file systems mounted there) unless you you use -x21:01
tomreynsorry i mean 'du', not 'df'21:02
Henstershoudl i unmount everythig ? and boot it up shoudl it make a diffrance ?21:03
tomreynno, it wont make a difference, since you root file system will still be full21:04
tomreynyou need to identify what consumes so much space on it (and did not before / is not supposed to do that) and either delete or move that data21:04
Hensterill move the half of my one foilder called series quick ,,21:06
tomreynso far you told us that on the root file system (mounted at /) there is the /home directory which, on the same file system, consumes 866 GB.21:06
tomreynthis may be an issue, or may be intended, we cannot know.21:06
Henstercorrect and its ia 1tb hard drive21:06
tomreynyes, so it my not be intentional?21:07
Hensterok cool let me move quick can i givwe you feedback when your back online21:07
tomreynsomeone will still be around, if not i, then someone else. you can mention my nickname when you'Re back and see if i'll respond21:08
Henstersweet tx ,, imm so scared to update and upgrade now ,, worried that this system wont boot aftrewards21:09
DelemasTrying to patch Intel issues. On 16.04 4.13.0-26 is part of it but incompatible with xtables-addons-dkms package. Anyone found a build that works with that kernel?23:15
DelemasAh fruit it is sitting there in proposed...23:18

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