floridagram-bot<RazPi> The latest Python humble bundle is enticing04:13
floridagram-bot<Ivoriesablaze> Oh yeah, I meant to get that04:13
floridagram-bot<Ivoriesablaze> @RazPi I just got them, I'll send them to you tomorrow04:27
floridagram-bot<RazPi> oh cool, any catch your interest?04:28
floridagram-bot<Ivoriesablaze> Pretty much all of them, I want to get pretty deep into python, I've been working on a personal python project whenever I'm at lunch, lol04:29
floridagram-bot<Ivoriesablaze> I'm gonna get to bed, night04:29
floridagram-bot<Ivoriesablaze> https://gizmodo.com/highly-competent-white-house-spends-22-minutes-trying-t-182204037815:29
floridagram-bot<govatent> https://pcem-emulator.co.uk/19:34
floridagram-bot<govatent> I setup this emulator on my machine. It's soo cool for playing 16bit and 32 bit games19:34
floridagram-bot<chuckr> cool play old games again20:10
floridagram-bot<govatent> If you are compiling it for Ubuntu 17 it needed a few packages to be installed20:13
floridagram-bot<chuckr> are they listed on website?20:34
floridagram-bot<SivaMachina> I've been using dosbox with dbgl and freedos mostly for dos games and software20:59
floridagram-bot<SivaMachina> http://members.quicknet.nl/blankendaalr/dbgl/21:02
floridagram-bot<SivaMachina> http://www.freedos.org21:04

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