IamNoobonly USB200:00
TJ-IamNoob: nacc the tech specs for the STK1A32SC says USB2 port 500mA, USB3 port 900mA00:00
naccIamNoob: does the thumb drive work through the USB hub?00:00
TJ-IamNoob: which exact model do you have?00:00
IamNoobTJ-: exact model of what?00:02
TJ-IamNoob: of the Intel Compute Stick - then I can try to find the power specification for it00:03
IamNoobThis is actually MeegoPad T02. A clone of ICS.00:04
naccIamNoob: sorry, but I think you've forfeitted the right to support now00:05
IamNoobTJ-: What?00:05
TJ-IamNoob: that's like me getting you to help with an "IBM PC" and then finding out it's actually a Compaq!00:05
IamNoobTJ-: really?00:05
naccIamNoob: why would deceive for 90 minutes?00:05
TJ-IamNoob: yes! they're made by different organisations!00:05
IamNoobTJ-: But hardware is same00:06
IamNoobsame cpu00:06
TJ-IamNoob: does it have 1 or 2 USB2 ports?00:06
IamNoobI actually don't know what difference it make.00:07
IamNoob2 USB2 ports00:07
TJ-IamNoob: the power control circuitry could be very different, it's well known that many cheap devices cannot supply the full 500mA to a USB port00:07
TJ-IamNoob: ok, so it's the T02 model variation00:07
TJ-Well, their support is terrible. No full tech spec, no user manual.00:09
TJ-IamNoob: so, we'll go with the "insufficient power" unless provem otherwise00:10
IamNoobTJ-: Right.00:10
IamNoobI will check it and come back here if there is any update.00:10
IamNoobBut thanks a million for all your efforts and time. I am really very grateful to you all.00:11
TJ-IamNoob: connecting the disk drive to a powered hub and testing that hub connected to a PC and then to the MeegoPad is another test you can do. if it works for the PC but not for the MeegoPad then it might not be a power issue00:14
coffeeguyIs there ubuntu tablet?00:20
TJ-I wish there was... to cure all Ubuntu bugs!00:20
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linuxlovehello guys00:37
linuxlovei asked in ubuntu-server00:39
linuxlovebut no body answered00:39
linuxlovei want to know is swift server side ready for deploy on linux and production00:40
nacclinuxlove: is itan ubuntu package? do you mean the openstack component?00:44
nacclinuxlove: also i don't think you should ever take anyone online's advice for what to put into productioon00:45
linuxlovenacc, i mean an entire back end implemention with swift00:45
nacclinuxlove: what do you mean by swift? the openstack object storage?00:45
linuxlovei just want to know is every think okay for deploy on linux00:45
linuxlovei mean swift language00:46
nacclinuxlove: wouldn't that be a question for the swift folks?00:46
linuxlovethey say every thing is okay on mac but i want to know about deploying on linux00:47
esdaalguien habla españoL?01:15
d3vb4r\msg NickServ devster <password>01:47
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JTechI can't format this USB stick that I put an Ubuntu installer on. gnome-disks is giving the same errors about physical block size being different from what Linux says it is.02:16
tsarompyJTech, have you tried opening it with cfdisk?02:19
oerheksJTech, hello02:19
oerheksJTech, fix that disk on your windows, we tried for hours now02:19
JTechoerheks, heh. hello. I think I got 1 hour of sleep.02:19
JTechThere's no Windows.02:19
oerheksmaybe there is a virus on it, could well be the case..02:19
tsarompyif you open it with gparted and create a new partition table (DOS) you oughta be fine02:19
oerhekstsarompy, he has 5 ntfs partitions already, i think he does not want to loose its data02:20
JTechUbuntu gets viruses? That might explain why my mom's new laptop had trouble restarting and the wireless just died on it after I attempted to get my USB installer to boot on it.02:20
tsarompyfive partitions on a usb drive?02:20
oerheksusb connected external hdd02:20
tsarompyhe just said usb stick02:21
tsarompynot external hd02:21
JTechwhat? you're thinking of someone else.02:21
tsarompy “I don't go so far as to think that the only good Indians are the dead Indians, but I believe nine out of every 10 are,”02:21
tsarompyoh jeez02:21
tsarompyold clipboard haha02:21
tsarompy<JTech> I can't format this USB stick that I put an Ubuntu installer on. gnome-disks is giving the same errors about physical block size being different from what Linux says it is.02:21
tsarompyyou said usb stick02:21
tsarompyhave you tried opening it with gparted or cfdisk02:21
JTechtsarompy, hm. no.02:22
oerhekserr yes you did..02:22
tsarompymaking a new partition table should fix your problem02:22
tsarompythen you can dd whatever youre trying to put on it, on it02:22
JTechoh boy this is fun. after attempting a couple times in gnome-disks it's not showing up when I plug it in.02:22
tsarompyhave you checked for errors in dmesg02:22
JTechI'm trying to copy the ISO file instead of writing the image to the USB stick, because I want to try to run it off my other system, since it can't boot USB.02:23
tsarompyi mean02:23
tsarompywhy dont you just burn a cd/dvd02:23
kk4ewtJTech,  what os are you talking to us on02:24
JTechbecause I don't have a CD drive.02:24
tsarompyhes on ubuntu02:24
tsarompywell, assuming he02:24
kk4ewtstop assuming and lets find out02:24
tsarompyi just did a ctcp version...02:24
* tsarompy rolls eyes02:25
tsarompyfine, you help them02:25
kk4ewtJTech,  what os are you talking to us on02:25
JTechkk4ewt, I'm on a spare laptop using Xubuntu. attempting to install Xubuntu onto a desktop's brand new SSD and HDD. I'm thinking I need to install it through a half-dead HDD that has Debian on one half and my non-functional old Xubuntu installation on the other {where I want to get my files from}02:25
kk4ewtok plug in the usb to this computer02:26
JTechSomeone advised me to copy the installer ISO onto the USB instead of creating the disk image on it like you normally would.02:26
kk4ewtopen a terminal02:26
JTechok. dmesg | tail shows a sdb... :S02:27
kk4ewtsudo fdisk -l and paste the output to a pastebin please02:27
JTech... why does gparted think this /dev/sdb is 14.93GB? it's like a 2GB stick.02:28
JTechguess I was wrong. fdisk says it's Disk /dev/sdb: 3.8 GiB, 4008706048 bytes02:28
kk4ewtsudo fdisk -l and paste the output to a pastebin please02:28
kk4ewtbingo the usb drive has been created as efi02:31
kk4ewtsudo fdisk /dev/sdb02:32
JTechwhen I'm using gnome-disks or whatever, it won't let me format the whole thing, and then when I try to delete existing partitions it just fails with an error.02:32
kk4ewtrm all the partitions02:32
JTechthere's no rm command02:33
kk4ewtJTech,  anytime the gui tools are not working then its time to go back to the cli tools02:33
kk4ewtJTech,  hold on02:33
JTechok nevermind02:34
JTechd for delete.02:34
JTechonly 2 partitions listed02:34
JTechboth deleted.02:34
kk4ewtenter enter enter02:34
JTechis that all?02:35
JTech{bootable won't matter. my motherboard is incapable of booting from USB. or it's insanely difficult. It's a known issue with Gigabyte motherboards}02:36
kk4ewtworks on mine02:36
JTechw write to disk and exit?02:37
kk4ewtthen w02:37
JTechit's an issue with many Gigabyte motherboards, including mine. Apparently there are ways around it, timing when you plug in the USB stick after it's booting up, but I haven't been able to figure it out.02:37
kk4ewtsudo mkfs.vfat  /dev/sdb102:37
JTechthanks for the step-by-step help, kk4ewt.02:38
JTechcan I copy files to it now?02:39
kk4ewtunplug and plug it back in02:39
kk4ewtso it will automount02:39
JTechcrap. I forgot to eject02:39
kk4ewtno problem it wasnt mounted02:40
kk4ewtok i have to run02:40
kermytwell a couple of days ago an update broke my ubuntu gaming rig. wouldn't reboot at all. in fact it could only see my windows boot for whatever reason. so I was forced to rebuild my OS. I have an acer aspire laptop with one of those stupid hybryd graphics card setups.02:47
kermytthe upside was that the latest and greatest xenial install seemed to be able to install the proprietary nvidia drivers automagically with additional drivers. (that failed the first time I installed it and I had to install manually.02:48
vonnojimonwhich board are you guys talking about02:49
kermytsadly however it seems to have isntalled broken openGL libs02:49
kermythang on I will collect some info02:49
kermytbeen working on this for three days now02:49
kermytit's a 940M02:52
kermytweand intel skylake on the other side of the hybrid card02:52
kermytI have the prime software installed and I can switch libs at will02:53
kermytbut the nvidia side is totally gorked02:53
Bashing-omkermyt: What kernel ' uname -r ' ?02:54
kermytone moment02:54
kermytthere is a uname -a in the paste above02:55
kermytin one of them02:55
kermytthe first oen02:55
Bashing-omkermyt: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1742095 . try the 87 version driver from our PPA .02:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1742095 in linux (Ubuntu) "kernel 4.13.0-24 not working with nvidia drivers, monitor flickering" [Medium,Incomplete]02:56
kermytok will try it02:56
kermytthank you02:56
Bashing-omkermyt: There are several bug reports with that kernel . The 87 version driver did work on one report .02:58
kermytthe 87 is the driver ready for the new memory isolation patches?02:58
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kermytheartbleed or whatever02:58
Bashing-omkermyt: That should be 387 version driver .02:59
jtechsi cant do the simplest thing ever03:16
jtechsplug ethernet cable in. still can't get internet on Debian03:16
jtechsi cqant get internet working on Debian.03:20
jtechsI can't fucking type. I have to keep unplugging and replugging the keyboard03:21
krytarikjtechs: And why do you seek support in #ubuntu then?03:21
jtechswhy am I such a useless piece of shit03:21
jtechsI'm desperate03:21
krytarikWell, there is #debian too.03:21
jtechsI was trying to set this all up on this Xubuntu installation, installing Xubunto on the target machine. but now I'm at a point where I have to use Debian to install it.03:22
jtechsyeah. I have a feeling that #Debian is going to expect more from me.03:22
krytarikAlso, please no swearing.03:23
jtechsI'm going to ruin everything. :(03:23
kermytBashing-om, the 387 installed perfectly but still fails to work03:24
kermytsame output from glxgears03:25
jtechsI don't know what I'm doing on any scale ever.03:25
jtechsI wonder if I should disassemble my computer in order to attempt to boot the USB Xubuntu installer ISO off the other Gigabyte motherboard. I know I had issues with that one as well but I don't know if they were related to Gigabyte motherboards being unable to boot USB or not.03:26
jtechsit seems like that hell might be relatively easier than just attempting to get internet to work on Debian in order to download a new program to attempt to load the Xubuntu ISO installer from there.03:27
kermytmaybe I should just back down to an older kernel03:27
jtechsI just don't know. It's such a big mess. like my life.03:27
jtechsmy skin's getting wrinkly and I'm only 40.03:28
jtechsmy hands look like an old person's.03:28
stillunt1tledI'm having a bit of a problem with GNOME03:28
jtechsI keep wanting to smash this computer.03:29
stillunt1tledThat menu (im assuming its called 'Activity Menu', or something like it) that pops up when you press the superkey03:29
Bashing-omkermyt: Sorry - this issue with the new kernels breaking nvidia is over my skill level: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1742302 .03:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1742302 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel 4.13.0-25 broke nvidia driver" [Medium,Confirmed]03:29
jtechsI don't exist anywhere03:30
kermytlol no worries. I suspected there was a real bug at play here03:30
kermytsounds like if I wait a few days patches with be forthcoming03:30
stillunt1tledhey, kermyt,03:31
stillunt1tledI was wondering if anyone else has been having a problem where if you hover over nautilus or the appllications menu on GNOME, the entire screen except the desktop background will disappear?03:31
kermytI don't use gnome anymore. I have much GTK+ but I run XFCE03:32
stillunt1tledim using 16.0403:32
stillunt1tledwell its kind of annoying03:32
kermytso my file manager is thunar03:33
stillunt1tledbecause reinstalling gnome via apt-get03:33
stillunt1tleddidnt help03:33
jtechswhat do I do03:33
stillunt1tledim still confused03:36
stillunt1tledi did apt-get upgraded03:36
bugtraqim all-ways confused03:37
stillunt1tledi apt-get install --reinstall gnome-shell03:37
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stillunt1tledand still its unstable03:37
Bashing-omkermyt: The developers in the bug reports are pushing upstream kernels . Do not know the results .03:37
kermytyeah I got my 387 from the launchpad ppa03:38
kermytthe nvidia release builds then fails on a DRM module03:38
Bashing-omkermyt: any other hints on ' cat /var/log/gpu-manager.log ' ?03:40
kermytooh interesting lemme check03:40
jtechsmaeybe this problem with my useless motherboard not booting USB means I should buy a whole new computer.03:41
jtechsI wonder if I should go back to the botnet. Intel CPU and Windows OS03:41
jtechsnot that AMD is any safer than Intel....03:42
jtechswhat am i going to do03:43
jtechswhat am i doing03:43
kermytgonna pastebin this Bashing-om, there are some things in there that don't jive.03:43
jtechsi have nothing03:43
Bashing-omkermyt: figgers :)03:44
jtechson a damned waiting list for therapy for 2 years.03:44
jtechsit didn't help any of the dozens of therapists I had before03:44
jtechsjust go through life dysfunctional because there's no other choice.03:45
kermytok notice that it says nvidia is blacklisted and nouveu is not03:45
kermytbut the opposite should be true03:45
kermytI tried blacklisting the oss drive03:45
krytarikjtechs: This is not the place for that.03:45
jtechswhat do i do03:46
krytarikTry and be more descriptive of what actual technical issues you have.03:46
kermytthankfully eve online works well with the intel drivers03:48
kermyton a side note I am starting to think the 32 bit libs work but the 64 bit libs are broken03:48
kermytI can run kerbal space program in 32 bit mode fine with nvidia03:49
jtechsI can't install Xubuntu onto a new SSD & HDD. Gigabyte motherboard is victim to common issue of being uncable to boot USB {the workarounds seem difficult if it's even possible for mine, something about the timing of when to plug the USB device in during booting}. I can't get Debian to a point where I can run the ISO from there because I can't even get internet working on it in order to download debootstrap to run the ISO file.03:49
kk4ewtjtech look for a bios update03:53
Bashing-omkermyt: Ouch " Is nvidia blacklisted? yes" what shows ' ls -al /etc/modprobe.d ? .. >> ' cat /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-graphics-drivers.conf ' ??03:53
jtechsevery task I need to perform I'm incapable of doing. I suck at research. I just want it installed, I don't want to spend a few days learning systems administration. but then if I did I wouldn't be struggling so much.03:53
jtechsthat's assuming there is a bios update that fixes this issue.03:53
hank_whats your issue03:54
hank_maybe I can help....help research03:54
hank_updating the bios is not so bad.03:54
fishcookerwhat's the meaning this output http://vpaste.net/Q6iDo03:54
kermytlrwxrwxrwx   1 root root    49 Jan 12 22:23 nvidia-graphics-drivers.conf -> /etc/alternatives/x86_64-linux-gnu_nvidia_modconf03:54
jtechsnotorious "Gigabyte motherboard won't boot USB" issue03:55
kermytit's a symlink03:55
hank_waking usb03:55
Bashing-omkermyt: FYI prosecuting same " Error: can't access /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:01:00.0/driver " : https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2382312 . Just starting to make a bit of headway there .03:55
oerheksjtechs, is it an UEFI bios?03:56
jtechsoerheks, not sure. it's only 3 years old. I forget what kind is it. someone named 2 things and it was one of them. Agent or something?03:56
oerheksjtechs, then look it up in the manual, online??03:56
jtechslike the type of BIOS.03:57
jtechsoerheks, hold on. I'll restart the computer. I have to unplug my keyboard to do that. because my setup is a mess.03:57
kermytbumblebee.conf got left after I removed bumblebee03:57
kermytit's blacklisting everything03:57
kermytok I jsut removed the bumblebee.conf and I will just reboot to make sure I have a clean slate03:59
oerheksjtechs, that is just the brand03:59
Bashing-omkermyt: ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' ?03:59
oerheksjtechs, go in it, do you see UEFI anywhere??03:59
jtechsoerheks, right. what info do you want?03:59
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI04:00
jtechsoerheks, hold on. let me unplug my keyboard again. I'm going to destroy my USB ports just working on this.04:00
kermytBashing-om, https://pastebin.com/fEdLqEqV04:02
kermytBashing-om, my GPU-manager log is much better looking now04:04
kermytbut it still isn't working04:04
jtechsoerheks, I couldn't find UEFI anywhere, no. I think I saw something like UFI or EFI for CD drives.04:04
kermytjtechs, you may need to look in your BIOS setting for a "Legacy boot mode"04:05
kermytthat mode will turn off UEFI if it's active on your hardware04:05
jtechsI have a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 rev.6.004:06
fishcookeri have issue preventing immediate-wake-up-from-suspend-and-or-hibernation http://vpaste.net/Q6iDo04:06
kermytI don't know every BIOS04:06
jtechsyeah just that it took me 5 minutes to switch my keyboard and look manually and maybe I shouldn't have done that to try to find this info.04:07
Bashing-omkermyt: 'sudo apt purge bumble* ' a conflict with nvidia-prime . nvidia-prime is now prefered . // do not know if that also removes " primus " .04:07
fishcookerwill the lid affect the suspending mybox http://vpaste.net/Q6iDo04:07
kermytyep two packages got pushed out04:08
kermytand yes it removed primus04:08
kermytbut that's fine I think04:08
jtechskermyt,  no mention of UEFI in the manual for this motherboard.04:08
oerheksjtechs, good, that skips the uefi thingy04:09
kermytthat's odd newish MB's normally are sporting it by default04:09
jtechsit's good? oh. I thought it was a new thing I wanted.04:09
kermytUEFI complicates things04:09
kermytlegacy boot is easier albeit less secure in a meatspace sense.04:10
jtechsUSB Storage Function. Determines whether to detect USB storage devices, including USB flash drives and USB hard drives during04:10
jtechsthe POST. (Default: Enabled)04:10
Bashing-omkermyt: reboot and let's see what the graphic's situation is now .04:10
jtechsstrange. I don't remember seeing that setting04:10
kermytok 3 min04:10
fishcookeri think the network manager wake up from the suspend state http://vpaste.net/TYrFi right?04:11
jtechsdo I search for a BIOS update that will let me boot USB {if the info on whether a BIOS update even explicitly has that capability} or do I go looking for existing BIOS settings?04:13
kermytBashing-om, same old same old.04:13
kermytI'm curious why nouveu gets loaded even though the nvidia module is also loaded04:14
kermytI would have figured it would be "Either or" rather than both.04:15
jtechsdo i want to disable legacy usb storage?04:15
jtechswell that didn't work04:16
fishcookerwhat's the impact with disable it jtechs04:16
Bashing-omkermyt: Installing nvidia should have blacklisted nouveau :(04:19
kermytjtechs, first things first make certain your bios is up to date. a more modern bios will also sometimes have more options to choose from as well as hopefully having less obvious bugs.04:19
kermytit's blacklisted but loaded nonetheless04:20
kermytmy gpo manager log says it's blacklisted04:20
jtechskermyt, is it possible to update my bios if I can't boot USB and the only other access I have to the motherboard is through a Debian installation with no internet?04:20
kermytit also claims it's unloaded however but lspci -k says different04:20
kermytjtechs, not easily no04:21
jtechskermyt, hahahaha.04:21
Bashing-omkermyt: ' lsmod | grep nouveau ' shows nothing ?04:21
kermytjtechs, some boards can be upgraded with a serial connection jumpered straight to the MB. but mostly they require you are running a modern version of windows04:22
jtechsso I need to go on another adventure just on the HOPES it will solve the issue04:22
kermytBashing-om, that seems to indicate it is not loaded04:23
kermytso what I see in lspci -k is possibilities and not current module states?04:23
jtechskermyt, so should I attempt to find out how to update my BIOS, or should I attempt to find out how to run the Xubuntu installer ISO through GRUB2? which one is less insanely difficult for a retard like me?04:24
kermytjtechs, first find out if your bios is up to date04:25
kermytif there is an update then worry about how you will get it installed04:25
jtechskermyt, I dunno. it's a 3 year old motherboard and I've never updated the BIOS04:25
Bashing-omkermyt: Yepper . .. // ' ls -al /etc/X11/Xorg.conf ' ? As this is optimus, maybe messed up ?04:25
kermytI don't seem to have an Xorg.conf04:26
kermytI have an xorg.conf.failsafe04:26
kermytthat is all04:26
Bashing-omkermyt: and you do have hybrid graphics ? gotta have it in that case .04:27
kermytI'm using it right now without one04:27
kermytthere is no file in /etc/X11/ called Xorg.conf or xorg.conf04:28
kermytyet I am currently using it to talk to you now04:28
kermytwith hexchat04:28
rflemingGreetings!  Is there a mini.iso for 18.04?04:28
Bashing-omkermyt: Think in this case - were me - I would again purge and re-install the nvidia-387 driver / EFI system ? and secure boot disabled ?04:29
kermytthis is a fully UEFI enabled install04:29
kermythas been for over a year without issue04:29
Bashing-omkermyt: thing is that the config file controlls switching graphic's sets .04:30
kermytnow let me say04:30
rflemingthat's a +1 question... disregard04:30
kermytthis thing that happened that made me have to reinstall04:30
jtechsis there a BIOS update to download here? I can't find anything. https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-78LMT-USB3-rev-60#support-cpu04:30
kermytthat may have been UEFI related error04:30
jtechsoh nevermind. I think I found it04:31
oerheksrfleming, i don't see them, minimal nor netboot :-(04:32
jtechs.... version 2 BIOS date 2014/11/25. I have a feeling that was before I bought this.04:32
kermytIf I reinstall with legacy boot I will need to reformat my drive and I will lose my home installations and all installed games04:32
rflemingyeah, I don't either... just the desktop.  I'd like to install vanilla gnome04:32
kermytas it was I was able to reinstall without a full format (but therein may lie some of my issues)04:32
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jtechsyup. it's F2, the latest. so no BIOS update for me.04:33
oerheksrfleming, use the server, install gnome-session, and run sudo systemctl set-default graphical.target to get the desktop login ?04:33
Bashing-omkermyt: Noooo .. no re-install of the OS ( we hope ) . thunk we do best to purge the driver and start all over with secire boot disabled .04:34
jtechswait what's this? It looks like it's BIOS related but it doesn't say what it's for. @BIOS (AMD)04:35
jtechs(Note) Support AMD FM2+/FM2/FM1/AM3+ series MB (support may vary by model).04:35
jtechsah well whatever. similar release date04:35
kermytBashing-om, that's not the answer I wanted to hear... but it's not totally unexpected.04:35
Bashing-omkermyt: Not even to the point to consider that nuclear solution !04:36
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rflemingoerheks: krytarik in #ubuntu-devel pointed me to the QA builds here http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/384/builds04:36
kermytI totally misunderstood04:36
kermytI thought you were advocating a reinstall without UEFI04:37
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dingbatAhoy, anyone know why I can't mount an HFS+ drive (with journalling turned off) on Ubuntu?04:37
kermytI'm not certain that can be done without formatting.04:37
dingbatUsing 14.04.5 LTS, with hfsplus, hfsutils, hfsprogs installed04:38
kermytsorry dingbat that wasn't pointed to you04:38
dingbatwhen I run 'sudo mount -o force -t hfsplus /dev/sdg1 /mnt/8202/', I get "mount: unkown filesystem type 'hfsplus'"04:38
dingbatWhich I don't understand because I installed hfsplus....04:39
kermytok Bashing-om I may be missing something but I think you are saying I can change boot modes without being destructive to my current partitions.04:40
jtechsI heard I needed to use the installer to setup encryption. can I get the installer to run through GRUB2 or will I have to ... like... install it normally and then reinstall over itself to setup encryption?04:41
kk4ewta lot easier to do the encryption during the install04:42
Bashing-omkermyt: All I am advoating is to purge the current nvidia driver, clean up .. and re-install the 387 driver . as the driver is 3rd party secure boot will have to be disabled in bios .04:42
jtechswhatever. I better figure out how to get the installer to load through GRUB2.04:42
kermytoh ok that's quite easy04:42
dingbatargh this seems so silly. Basically, there is _no_ filesystem type that allows me to transfer large files between linux and Mac, as far as I can tell04:43
jtechskermyt, an easy task? challenge accepted to make it as difficult as possible.04:43
jtechsI have this page from last time: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot04:44
Bashing-omkermyt: ' sudo apt purge nvidia ; sudo apt autoremove ; dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{print $2}' | xargs sudo dpkg -P ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' . should do it with secure boot disabled .04:45
jtechsit looks like I want the ISO file raw instead of the image restored...04:46
jtechshmmmm... maybe not?04:46
jtechswait, this uses apt-get commands? is this going to work in GRUB2? I'm confused. do I do this in advance of loading GRUB2?04:50
kermytthat dpkg command really shows me how my there is still I don't know about cli.04:51
jtechsmy GRUB2 is only accessible through the drive with a Debian installation with no internet.04:51
jtechsI'm totally screwed.04:52
kermytautoinstall pushed me to 39004:52
Bashing-omkermyt: Did not know that one was here yet :)04:53
kermytit's installing now. makes me very hopeful04:54
jtechsmaybe I need to find this same info but for Debian? I wonder if the commands are any different. and of course I'd have to use a method that doesn't use the internet to download packages. .... I have a feeling "manually editing the GRUB files" is a method that requires no downloading of packages.04:54
kermytit's downloading super slow. launchpad must be swamped right now.04:56
Bashing-omkermyt: Maybe .. all getting the new 17.10 spon after the patches are in ?04:57
chenwjwhat package like libstdc++6-6-dbg is for?04:58
kermytI'm guessing I'm not the only one experiencing this issue04:58
jtechsis Debian part of the Ubuntu family?04:59
kermytubuntu is a debian meta distro04:59
jtechsor are all the Ubuntu's just like Ubuntu with a letter in front of it?04:59
Bashing-omkermyt: Was not aware of how affected the issue was untill I got involved with in from the forum; finally looked on launchpad for bugs .. bunches !.05:00
jtechsoh. hrm. I wonder if I can just use those instructions for Ubuntu on Debian then.05:00
pippenhi ppl just wondering if i need lsb moduals for Ubuntu 17.10 (think my machine is messed up and i wanna try fix it)05:01
jtechswhy would I want to boot the ISO without a GRUB menuentry?05:01
kermytif you know what you want to boot way boot a bootloader first?05:02
jtechsI'm not sure what that means. because I can't boot from the USB device, so I need to use the GRUB2 that will boot.05:03
jtechsdid I get that right?05:03
jtechsI don't know what a bootloader is05:04
kermytgrub2 is a bootloader05:04
jtechsah ok.05:04
oerheksif you copied the iso to usb, no wonder that it does not boot ( just read back)05:04
oerheksyou need to write it there as image05:04
jtechsno. my motherboard is incapable of booting from USB.05:05
oerheksbut then again, ask in debian?05:05
oerheksyou are fooling us for hours now05:05
jtechsI have two USB sticks. one has the ISO installer ... written to it, while the other one has the ISO file copied straight over.05:05
jtechsthey're not going to help me in #debian05:05
oerheks /ignore05:05
lotuspsychjejtechs: thats why there are seperate channels to help users on different Os05:06
jtechsi want to die05:06
jtechswell I've been doing most of this work so far in xubuntu.05:07
kermytthe angst is palpable05:07
jtechsnow I gotta switch over. maybe. I don't know.05:07
lotuspsychjejtechs: its not difficult..type /join #debian05:07
jtechsI can't tell if I do this all in the GRUB2 command or if I do any of this in my Debian installation that the GRUB2 loads05:07
Ben64ask in #debian05:07
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=== Israphel_ is now known as Israphel
kermytBashing-om, Success! I have full 3d on the nvidia side now05:13
pippenhi guys can anyone please tell me what this means and how to identify and repair root cause of my problems05:13
Bashing-omkermyt: Well ! Good things can happen :)05:13
pippenbrb will reply to any msg in about 5mins thank you to all05:14
kermytand I also learned a little more about secure boot05:15
Ben64pippen: don't ask a question then leave :|05:15
pippenim still here05:15
pippenill stay05:15
kermytsecure boot and UEFI are not mutually inclusive05:15
kermytI can still use UEFI with secure boot off05:15
Ben64pippen: what about that is confusing? you have duplicate lines in the file it says on the lines it says05:15
Bashing-omkermyt: linux is a fast moving target .. we never stop learning :)05:16
pippeni dont know to remove the duplicates i am a noob....can i open that file with a txt editor then delete the duplicates and save05:16
Bashing-omkermyt: Now that the software ( trusted ) is installed you should now re-enable secure boot .05:17
pippenor will that not work/mess something up05:18
Ben64pippen: yes that would work fine05:18
kermytBashing-om, something is still broken05:18
Ben64pippen: i suggest 'sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list'05:19
Bashing-omkermyt: as in - broken ?05:20
kermytit seems so...05:20
kermytglxgears runs so that much is fine05:20
kermytand it reports it's runinng on the nvidia drivers05:21
kermytbut steam errors on start and eve also crashes... glxchoosevisual failed05:21
Bashing-omkermyt: steam and games are out of my experience range .. No help there :(05:24
kermytand playonlinux complains about 32 bit opengl libs05:25
kermytwell things work more than they did anyhow05:25
kermytso headway has been made05:25
Bashing-omkermyt: show ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo apt -f install ' . See what I can do .05:26
kermyt38515 frames in 5.0 seconds = 7702.946 FPS05:26
kermytoh you want to chase it still? sure I'm game.05:26
kermytand oddly enough it's updating the 390 install again05:28
Bashing-omkermyt: well of POL has a problem, we can look and see ^^.05:28
kermytthis is a different version than what I got a few minutes ago05:28
pippenthank you05:30
pippenwhich lines should i delete or add an # to05:31
pippendont want to mess things up more05:31
kermytok Bashing-om that was done. I rebooted and still same issues :/05:39
Bashing-omkermyt: 'sudo apt -f install ' showed nothing missing ?05:40
Bashing-omkermyt: Then I have nothing else to add :(05:41
solhey folks.  I can't for the life of me figure out how to get rid of the 'sudo' package by itself.05:43
solwhen I apt remove sudo, I get; The following packages will be REMOVED:05:43
sol  gksu* sudo* ubuntu-minimal* unetbootin*05:43
bazhangsol, why would you want to do that05:43
solI don't want to remove ubuntu-minimal or unetbootin!05:43
solbazhang; because I don't trust it, I consider it terrible opsec05:44
soland I never use it, on top of that :)05:44
bazhangsol, thats how ubuntu is, we dont use the root account, sorry05:44
lotuspsychjekermyt: to get your issue solved, re-ask in the channel with all details in one line so other can read05:44
solbazhang; I use the root account plenty05:44
kermytwell Bashing-om thank you for all of your help. you certainly made headway... I am thinking there is still something buggy happening between kernel and drivers.05:44
solI use 'su' every time I need to do something administrative05:45
bazhangsol, then thats you, sudo is what supported users do05:45
bazhangsol, sudo -i is how to do that05:45
kermytoh jeeze lotuspsychje we have covered so much ground in the last hour and a half ;P05:45
solwell, if you want to use extremely insecure software that's fine05:45
solI'll just rm `which sudo` if there's no supported method05:45
bazhangsol, this not the place for that chatter05:45
Bashing-omkermyt: More than welcome . I too made headway here on the same forum issue .05:45
solwhy, is it CIA-run?05:46
solI didn't know spooks ran IRC chans.05:46
bazhangsol, please take the chatter to a non-support channel05:46
kermytbut lotuspsychje what it boils down to are broken openGL libs when linked against nvidia proprietary drivers.05:46
lotuspsychjesol: try ubuntu-discuss for example05:47
solsounds good, ty05:47
lotuspsychjekermyt: what ubuntu and driver version?05:48
kermytso I just installed the latest xenial. and currently I am using 390.12 nvidia drivers from the launchpad ppa. with the 4.13.0-26-generic kernel05:50
lotuspsychjekermyt: have you tested other driver version?05:50
lotuspsychjekermyt: ubuntu-drivers list to check whats on your system?05:50
kermytI have been through three different versions in the last 2 hours05:51
lotuspsychjekermyt: they all broken glx?05:51
kermythttps://pastebin.com/fimhP4RZ output of ubuntu-drivers list05:52
kermytand yes all broken glx05:53
kermytthe current 390.12 works a little better05:53
kermytat least with this version glxgears -info works05:53
lotuspsychjekermyt: have to tested go back to nouveau, to check if that fixes?05:53
kermytI have not tried that however nouveau drivers are an indaquate solution to my problem in the long run05:54
kermytI will try it if you want to see the outcome of a test05:55
=== mate is now known as Guest16350
kermytbut I intend to use nvidia drivers as this is a gaming machine and the nouveau drivers do not perform nearly as well.05:56
lotuspsychjekermyt: i would try this as a test, perhaps it might fix fresh05:56
lotuspsychjenot as longterm solution05:56
lotuspsychjekermyt: then try reinstall 384 perhaps, or one driver that came by default?05:57
lotuspsychjekermyt: look at this, this way on a fresh install it would probably work right?05:57
kermytthis started with a fresh install lotuspsychje05:57
lotuspsychjeGuest16350: we see you05:57
lotuspsychjekermyt: oh, thats another thing..can you recall wich version of driver?05:58
Guest16350buhui wan a05:58
kermytI started with 384. that was broken on a fresh install05:59
kermytbut there are many reported bugs with the kernel I am using05:59
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic xenial05:59
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 13 kB05:59
Guest16350i am a chaina06:00
lotuspsychjekermyt: system not up to date?06:00
kermytso I upgraded to the launchpad ppa working on a new nvidia driver and first upgraded to 387 then to 390 then a few minutes later 390.12 appeared.06:00
lotuspsychje!zh | Guest1635006:00
ubottuGuest16350: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw06:00
kermytsystem is up to date06:00
lotuspsychjekermyt: lsb_release -a?06:00
Guest16350join #nbuntu-tw wo shi06:01
Guest16350bu xing a06:01
lotuspsychjekermyt: looks good, your on hwe kernel?06:01
lotuspsychje!hwe | kermyt06:02
ubottukermyt: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack06:02
lotuspsychjekermyt: try sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade plz?06:03
kermytsure ok reading about the HWE thing one moment06:03
kermyt0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.06:04
kermytI'm up to date06:04
lotuspsychjekermyt: how about you test a liveusb with xenial latest and see the glx06:08
kermytI can do that easily... give me a few minutes06:09
lotuspsychjekermyt: not sure yet why your on that kernel version06:09
kermytthat is what installed from the xenial latest I downloaded yesterday06:10
kermytxenial-desktop-amd64.iso no version number on the image06:12
kermytit's Ubuntu-GNOME 16.04.3 LTS amd6406:14
lotuspsychjekermyt: ok06:15
kermytok be back in a few going to reboot to the live06:15
lotuspsychjekermyt: allrighty06:15
=== deathonater is now known as Smeef
kermytwell the liveDVD doesn't have any tools to actually test the openGL libs. I did manage to confirm that the nouveau drivers are loaded however and seem to work. but only the intel side of my hybrid card seems to be interacting with the DRI.06:28
lotuspsychjekermyt: uname -a plz?06:29
kermytLinux games 4.13.0-26-generic #29~16.04.2-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jan 9 22:00:44 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux06:30
lotuspsychjekermyt: https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-3522-3/ this shows kpti bug should be higher kernel for your xenial06:33
kermytso I just learned something06:34
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic xenial | kermyt is the kernel you should be on06:34
kermytthe 64 bit openGL libs work it's only the 32 bit libs that are broken now06:34
ubottukermyt is the kernel you should be on: linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 13 kB06:34
kermytso what actual version number should I have?06:35
kermytlinux-image-extra-4.4.0-109-generic I should install this kernel lotuspsychje ?06:38
pippenhi guys i need to delete some files in my /etc/apt/sources.list:44  because i have duplicates can anyone walk me through it06:38
pippenpastbin comming up06:39
lotuspsychjekermyt: you might be on hwe06:40
=== test is now known as Guest97955
kermytI didn't do it intentionally lotuspsychje06:40
pippenhopefully using nano or gedit06:41
acheronukkermyt: the 16.04.3 iso installs the meta packages for the HWE kernels. when the iso was made, that installed the 4.10 kernel, so that was what was on the 16.04.3 iso06:49
acheronukbut the point of having that meta is that it will update you to new HWE versions when they ship via updates, which is what happened early for meltdown fixes06:50
acheronukso a system installed from the 16.04.3 iso should quite right now be upgraded to 4.13 kernel when you do a full update06:51
lotuspsychjekermyt: ok that fixed, try change to nvidia driver now from nouveau?06:52
kermytso to change to nouveau I need to uninstall the nvidia?06:55
kermytor is there a less destructive method?06:56
lotuspsychjekermyt: no i mean test nvidia on the live?06:56
kermytthere is nothing to test there. no GLX tools and no GLX apps06:57
kermytthe drivers load but I have no way to see if it works06:57
pippenno reply ppl06:58
lotuspsychjepippen: hastebin us your sources.list06:58
kermytbut I am interested if I could back down to the 4.4 kernel before all of these patches and see if it works06:58
lotuspsychje!sources | pippen06:58
ubottupippen: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.06:58
pippencan you pls tell me what dmesg i need to show you that06:59
tatertotspippen: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no06:59
tatertotspippen: open terminal07:00
lotuspsychje!mainline | kermyt07:00
ubottukermyt: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds07:00
tatertotspippen: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit07:00
tatertotspippen: let me know when done...or wait for someone else to reach a hand out to you07:00
tatertotspippen: .07:00
kermytthank you I will read07:01
tatertotspippen: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit07:01
tatertotspippen: share url/link here..if you do not get a url/link...say so07:01
tatertotspippen: i want you to look at the information07:03
tatertotspippen: where it says "repos"07:03
tatertotspippen: do you see it?07:03
tatertotspippen: yes or no07:03
tatertotspippen: do you see "duplicates" ? yes or no07:04
tatertotsjust yes or no07:04
pippeni dont see the duplicate but i will look carefully and try ctrl f and copy paste to find if you want07:05
pippenur call07:06
tatertotspippen: these "duplicates" you speak of....07:06
tatertotspippen: can you take a screen shot and post to imgur.com and share a link so i can be on the same "level" as you and see these "duplicates" you speak of?07:07
pippenwhat the key shortcut for 17.1007:08
pippennevermind got it07:08
tatertotspippen: wow..now you're asking me hard questions i don't know the answer to07:08
pippenprint screen didit07:08
pippenhang ill find the image and post it to the site in a sec07:09
tatertotsbecause i wasn't going to be of any help in that regard lol07:09
tatertotscool beans07:09
pippeni think i did it right tatertots07:13
tatertotsthank your sir for being expeditious07:13
tatertotspippen: this is what you are concerned about?07:14
acheronukpippen: did you pastebin the contents of /etc/apt/source.list ?07:15
oerhekssome old ppa there, https://launchpad.net/~ole.wolf/+archive/ubuntu/rarcrack07:15
tatertotsacheronuk: maybe look at the "repos" section07:16
acheronuk /etc/apt/sources.list ?07:16
tatertotsacheronuk: maybe look at the "repos" section https://paste.ubuntu.com/26376553/07:16
tatertotsacheronuk: it kinda says what the "dealio" is right there07:16
tatertotsbut i'll step aside and let you two gentlemen figure it out.....mmmmkay07:16
pippenwhat do i need to do guys07:16
pippenpls i just need it sorted07:17
oerheksodd, that rarcrack does not appear in the paste.ubuntu.com url07:17
pippeni dont care by whom i am just grateful for the help07:17
acheronuktatertots: yes, but the previous error message gives the exact lines numbers in the sources.list where the supposed duplicates are. lines 41 and 4407:18
pippenhow do i get there and carry out the deletion pls07:19
pippenwhen i tried to find the file it didnt exist or was empty so i am doing sthing wrong hence need guidence07:20
redphonehmm, did the 17.10 new isos finally come out?07:21
pippenit did07:22
redphonepippen, why is the website not saying so then? i do see isos with recent timestamps in a mirror, but not ubuntu.com07:22
oerheksredphone, yes07:22
oerhekssome patients is needed, 2 huge bugs, testing, bios-corrupting iso's ( and a lot more problems ).. so sorry, that the website is not up2date07:24
acheronukredphone: release team have supposedly notified the 'web team' to get the warning removed and links updated on ubuntu.com07:24
redphoneunderstood, thanks guys07:24
redphonegrabbing and testing the iso. ill be running the new install off a nvme ssd so i was in a rush to test it07:25
acheronukmost flavours have direct control over their sites hence DL links. ubuntu.com obviously has more admin layers to get through for changes!07:25
pippenwe digresss07:27
pippenhow do i delete the duplicates please ppl07:29
alkisgGood morning everyone07:29
alkisgpippen: can you give a summary of the issue for newcomers?07:30
oerheksduplicates, check the  /etc/apt/source.list.d/  folder07:31
pippensure i have duplicates in my /etc/apt/sources list i dont know how to delete them need s1 to walk me through07:31
pippenwill pastbin now07:31
alkisgpippen: what's the output of this command? grep -r . /etc/apt/sources.list*07:31
alkisggrep -r . /etc/apt/sources.list* | nc termbin.com 999907:31
oerheksor check the  /etc/apt/source.list , sudo nano etc07:31
acheronukW: Target Packages (main/binary-amd64/Packages) is configured multiple times in /etc/apt/sources.list:41 and /etc/apt/sources.list:4407:32
oerheksalkisg, we already seen that  https://paste.ubuntu.com/26376553/07:32
acheronukwas the warning posted^^^07:32
redphonebtw anyone here used ovirt on ubuntu? i dont mind running a host for ovirt with centos, but i use ubuntu everywhere else and our own stuff is built for it, including config syncs07:32
oerheksgreat, from a pastbin to a pastebin...07:33
acheronukpippen: can you please 'cat /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit'07:33
alkisgoerheks: well, that doesn't include the actual lines, it's formatted using some tool that could miss syntax errors etc07:34
alkisgThis seems duplicate:           deb https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/ubuntu/ artful main07:34
alkisgpippen: copy/paste this: ( sudo sed '/wine/d' -i /etc/apt/sources.list; sudo apt-get update ) | nc termbin.com 999907:35
oerhekscat, not cd07:35
alkisgAll of it, including the parentheses07:36
zergutHello when trying to load Linux image via uefi it says no default or UI configuration directive found07:37
zergutWhat could be the problem?07:37
alkisgzergut: how did you create the usb stick?07:38
alkisgRufus? Unebootin?07:38
pippennoj@nojimon:~$ ( sudo sed '/wine/d' -i /etc/apt/sources.list; sudo apt-get update ) | nc termbin.com 999907:38
pippen[sudo] password for noj:07:38
pippenW: Skipping acquire of configured file 'main/i18n/Translation-en_AU' as repository 'http://linux.teamviewer.com/deb stable InRelease' doesn't have the component 'main' (component misspelt in sources.list?)07:38
pippenW: Skipping acquire of configured file 'main/i18n/Translation-en' as repository 'http://linux.teamviewer.com/deb stable InRelease' doesn't have the component 'main' (component misspelt in sources.list?)07:38
alkisgpippen: use pastebin, don't paste here because the bot will silence you07:39
alkisgYou will be un-silenced in a few minutes now, wait07:39
alkisgSo, you don't have a duplicate sources entry anymore, and now you need to remove the problematic teamviewer and wine entries07:39
alkisgRun this: software-properties-gtk07:39
alkisgAnd in the second tab, "sources", remove teamviewer and wine, and press apply.07:40
pippenwell thought i did if you say so07:40
zergutalkisg: unetbootin07:43
tatertotspippen: hi..just finished my dinner, thought i'd check on your progress......so....tell me?07:43
alkisgzergut: unetbootin doesn't support uefi, use rufus or dd07:44
pippenfollowing instructions to remove stuff in the sources gui07:44
tatertotspippen: still got that whole "duplicate" thing going?07:44
pippeni mean other software gui07:45
EriC^^zergut: checksum the iso too if you havent07:45
pippenremove wine and teamviewer im told my duplicates are gone07:45
pippenall done07:45
alkisgpippen: ok, now run `sudo apt-get update`, and if you see errors, pastebin them again07:45
tatertotspippen: cool...glad you got that sorted.....I remember you did not observe any of these "duplicates" in your system info https://paste.ubuntu.com/26376553/07:46
zergutalkisg: on another pc everything looks okay07:46
alkisgtatertots: the duplicate line was:            deb https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/ubuntu artful main07:46
pippenhow many entries does that "other software" have by default install 17.1007:47
alkisgzergut: then it doesn't use uefi. See the upstream bug report: https://github.com/unetbootin/unetbootin/issues/3307:47
tatertotsalkisg: ah cool you found it07:47
acheronuktatertots: duplicate wine repo hiding in there07:47
* acheronuk too slow07:47
tatertotscool beans07:47
pippenyes wine and teamviewer07:47
pippeni think im sweat thank you all for your help07:48
zergutalkisg: I see, but other pc also have uefi07:48
pippensweet lol07:48
tatertotstake care07:48
zergutCould it be it doesn't involve uefi in loading?07:48
alkisgzergut: the other pc may automatically use bios mode , and this one may not. Just use rufus or dd.07:48
pippenlikewise hope karma returns some good to you07:49
zergutBooting, I meant07:49
pippento you all07:49
zergutalkisg: okay, thank you07:49
pippengonna try install wine now can anyone tell me if its possible on 17.10 and easy07:49
* alkisg considers karma as the new bitcoin... hmm... nah :)07:49
alkisgpippen: sure, you install wine with: sudo apt install wine07:50
pippenur rich ill bet07:50
pippenwhen i try it gives me a funny output about choosing one when i enter the one stable it wont take it07:51
pippenwill try fresh now07:51
pippenwine has no installation candidate07:52
pippenwhat gives guys07:52
alkisgpippen: what's the output of this? apt show wine | nc termbin.com 999907:53
alkisgYou may still have the wine ppa in your sources, intefering...07:53
alkisgAh, 17.10, I think something was changed then...07:53
alkisgRight, so, try: sudo apt install wine-stable07:54
alanpare the patches in -proposed supposed to cover both spectre variants, or just variant 1?07:55
pippenits in the middle of installation07:56
pippenwill get back to u07:56
alkisgpippen: ok, so you installed wine07:56
pippeni think so i will look for it in the activities area07:56
pippenno i cant find it in when i type wine in07:57
alkisgpippen: what's the output of this? wine --version07:58
pippenbut in the software centre it says its installed (i have never used b4)07:58
pippenand it wont launch when i find it07:59
alkisgpippen: you didn't answer07:59
pippenone moment07:59
pippeni tried to install as root "sudo apt-get install wine32" like it said to08:01
alkisgpippen: output of this? dpkg -l '*wine*'|grep ^ii08:01
alkisgpippen: you have packages from the ppa which you need to purge08:03
pippenok lead the way08:04
alkisgsudo apt purge --auto-remove wine-devel wine-devel-amd64 wine-devel-i386:i386 wine-stable wine6408:05
alkisgand after that: sudo apt install wine-stable08:05
pippenshould we check b4 install wine stable or nah08:06
alkisgIf it shows errors, wait08:06
alkisgIf it doesn't, go on08:07
pippenok here goes no errors08:07
alkisgOK, and now wine --version08:08
alkisgIf that works, you have wine08:08
alkisgYou don't "launch" wine, you double click on .exe files from the file manager, and wine is used to run them08:08
pippenyou are the most wonderful person in my universe atm thank you more than words can express08:09
alkisgkarma +2 :P :D08:09
pippenthis is going to take a while but i will let you know wen it fins08:09
pippenlol done no errors08:09
pippenloving life and you ur awesome mad love to you08:10
pippenthanks for the help08:10
pippenlike a boss (u are)08:10
alkisgYou're welcome08:10
=== pippen is now known as vonnojimon
sadmoleHi , is anyone else also running into this issue today: Err:27 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-updates/main amd64 Packages                                                                                      Hash Sum mismatch08:19
=== lotuspsychje_ is now known as lotuspsychje
sadmolewhen trying to run apt-get update08:19
lotuspsychjesadmole: perhaps ask in #ubuntu-mirrors for known apt issues?08:20
lotuspsychjesadmole: wich country are you?08:20
sadmoleRSA / ZAR08:21
lotuspsychjesadmole: did you add external ppa's of any kind to your system that could scramble?08:23
sadmolelotuspsychje: No, it is just vanilla sources.list and I also have the same issue inside docker images today which also use vanilla sources.list.08:24
tatertotssadmole: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no08:25
lotuspsychjesadmole: ok and with xenial release are you on?08:25
lotuspsychjesadmole: ok great, ask in mirrors plz if they know more08:27
sebsebsebok I am having odd issues.  I have tried various USB's that been made, with UEFI bios enabled even one or two with legacy,  but basically I get grub up,   but it won't load up Ubuntu.  I have disabled secure boot,  I put fast boot off in Wndows even.  I am wondering what is wrong here.  This lap top used to have Linux on it before a new hard disk and motherboard.08:47
lotuspsychjesebsebseb: how did you create the usb's?08:48
oerheksdisable QuickBoot/FastBoot and Intel Smart Response Technology (SRT), says the uefi manual08:49
alkisgAlso, what is the exact error message when it doesn't load ubuntu?08:50
sebsebseblotuspsychje: Etcher that didn't work properly, moved onto unetbootin that apparnatly didn't work as well,  then for my recent ones,  I have used done like every option in refus, but here's the thing  old usb's from wheneveer also not booting up, everything just goes to a black screen.  even persistent usb's I was given with mint mate,  that need legacy boot to work, even those won't do anything but grub or memtest08:50
oerhekstry nomodeset08:50
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:50
sebsebseboerheks: Intel Smart Response Technology SRT,  I don't remember disablilng that before on this lap top like two years or so ago, but maybe I did,  that's what I was thinking, is there something else in the uefi bios that I  didn't disable, but things seemed to look ok.  is that in the bios  I guess so srt ?08:51
sebsebseboerheks: not so sure momodeset would be the thing, I mean its just a Intel card in here,  used to work well08:52
oerheksyes, but i don know what menu srt is in..08:52
sebsebseboerheks: this black screen thing is like what the why08:52
oerheks... oke, then don't08:53
alkisgsebsebseb: an error message of "security prevents kernel loading" would lead to a completely different advice from a "kernel loading and then black screen" message08:53
sebsebseboerheks: well that's a kernel paramater ?08:53
alkisgsebsebseb: disable quiet splash, and mention the error message08:53
oerheksread that url, i don't copy pste08:53
sebsebsebalkisg: there is no error message at all. it just does grub, and that's it.  when I put say try ubunt or install ubuntu,  no error message, just black screen08:53
alkisgsebsebseb: "disable quiet splash"08:53
alkisgThat will allow you to actually see the error08:53
sebsebsebquiet splash is also a kerenel paraater hmmm   those are a pain to try and change usaully from grub08:54
alkisgYou just press "e" in grub08:54
alkisgThen add/remove things, and F10 to boot08:55
sebsebsebI think i'll look for srt first then hmm08:55
sebsebsebhmm maybe I changed kernel paramateers like two years ago, when  Linuxing this lap top, I really don't remember08:57
xs2where is Mousepad's config file located? like number of spaces, showing line numbers, and stuff08:58
sebsebsebwhat would my kerenl line be08:59
sebsebsebor i just put quite splash and nomo thing in it ?08:59
xs2I tried editing ~/.config/Mousepad/accels.scm but it didn't work out08:59
alkisgvonnojimon: have we talked before? I don't remember you08:59
alkisgvonnojimon: direct your question to the channel, not to specific persons, unless they're already working in your case09:00
vonnojimonyes i had another nick but you helpd me with duplicates and wine09:00
sebsebsebalkisg: oerheks   what woud my kernel line be ?09:00
oerheksxs you might need to logout/login to let that take effect?09:00
alkisgvonnojimon: well how would I know, if you change your nickname :)09:00
oerhekssebsebseb, come on, it is all written there...09:00
oerheksi don't copy paste, lazy dude09:01
xs2well I'll try09:01
alkisgvonnojimon: it looks like this installer is trying to install wine, which doesn't exist in 17.10, in other words it doesn't support 17.10. Use 16.04 instead.09:01
vonnojimono man09:01
sebsebseboerheks:  uhmm right09:01
* sebsebseb has an idea. makes a pastebin of this chat, to put up on phone, then re boot computer and do some changes, and hopefully get some Linux booting properly :;d09:02
vonnojimonwill a bootable usb let of 16.10 let me install it alongside  17.10 or will i hav to look it up09:02
sebsebsebalkisg: Wine doens'te xist in 17.10 or its just got re named to wine-stable09:03
vonnojimonre sizing partition blah blah09:03
alkisgsebsebseb: the second09:03
sebsebsebalkisg: by the way  vonnojimon   was here yesterday with a wine that had gone wrong from the ppa,  tried to get one from the repos someone tried to help him more than I did, not sure what his progress etc is now09:03
alkisgvonnojimon: 16.04, which is lts, not 16.10 which is not supported09:03
vonnojimonso how to make the llinux install.sh work (edit it but where)09:03
alkisgsebsebseb: I helped him fix the sources issue09:03
vonnojimoninside Fightcade09:04
alkisgvonnojimon: non-ubuntu programs are not supported here, you should contact its developers for that09:04
vonnojimonyou awesome sebsebseb09:04
vonnojimonmad love09:04
vonnojimonand more09:04
sebsebsebvonnojimon: I am awesome how so ?09:04
vonnojimonfor ur help09:05
sebsebsebvonnojimon: uhmm right ok09:05
sebsebseboerheks: alkisg   thanks for your help, hopefully I can get Ubuntu loaded up properly soon :)09:06
vonnojimonif i understand i am runing a ./ which is a script that might  be written in python can i edit it to take into account the name09:06
vonnojimonof wine that has changed right?09:07
vonnojimonso i can get Fightcade to run is that possible09:07
vonnojimoncheck this out09:08
vonnojimonguys i wanna show you all a picture i love you all and thank your for teaching me more about linux09:24
vonnojimonnah i got Fightcade working thank to you guys09:26
sdfgsdfgis ubuntu server stripped down version of ubuntu desktop ? just without the desktop manager or ?09:26
vonnojimonand yes wine is sorted09:26
xs2does anyone know where is whiskermenu's layout config file placed?09:26
sdfgsdfgwhat is whiskermenu09:26
xs2I can't see the layout in /home/smartalex/.config/xfce4/panel/whiskermenu-1.rc09:27
xs2it's like start menu09:27
xs2in xubuntu09:27
jeremiesSometimes my computer freezes after suspend, why?09:27
sdfgsdfgcan you use that thing with unity09:27
sdfgsdfgin 16.0409:27
xs2I wouldn't know really09:27
sdfgsdfgI mean 17.04 *09:27
sdfgsdfgwhat are you using it with, gnome ?09:28
xs2why am I using xfce with xubuntu?09:28
sdfgsdfgoh you're using xubuntu ?09:29
sdfgsdfgno really, whats the difference its not worth it, unity is the best09:29
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:29
alkisgsdfgsdfg: ^09:29
alkisgThis is for support...09:29
vonnojimonha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa playing street fighter here i come09:30
sdfgsdfghadou ken09:30
sdfgsdfghadou ken09:30
sdfgsdfgare there any 4k screensavers for ubuntu ?09:31
sdfgsdfglike the ones on apple tv09:31
sdfgsdfgI really like the HD aerial footage, I couldn't find it anything relevant in repositories09:32
tatertotssdfgsdfg: I'm sure if you could manage to obtain "physical" possession of a 4K image, you could create your own screen saver.09:40
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest6025
sdfgsdfgno I meant videos09:40
tatertotssdfgsdfg: keep in mind some images are copyright09:40
tatertotssdfgsdfg: insert the word or term or phrase "video" above where i wrote the term "image" same rules apply...09:41
sdfgsdfgI found it by the way09:42
sdfgsdfgso I dont see how copyright is relevant09:42
tatertotsbottom line..do you have possession of of what you want as a screen saver...be it gif,jpg,bmp,mp4,mpg,avi,wmv, asf, rm files09:43
tatertotsi shouldn't have to name every file extension in the world09:43
tatertotsbut i hope it's clear09:44
sdfgsdfgapparently apple already has an api serving those copyrighted material09:45
sdfgsdfgas linked above09:45
tatertotsthe "method" in which a person "personally" at their own "discretion" chooses to use to obtain gif,bmp,mp4 is a personal responsibility/liability09:45
tatertotsjust saying ....09:46
sdfgsdfgyou can calm down now I think09:46
sdfgsdfgjust sharing and helping others09:46
oerheksjust spamming and not helpfull at all09:47
V7Is it possible to check if system's locales are set correctly in case of scipt ?10:21
wabbeOpening the file viewer there is an entry "network". But when I use a program (firefox or office rtc) and try to "open" from the file menue then I don't see an entry "network". What need I do to have access to files over the network. Anywho here who can give a hint?10:21
alkisgwabbe: usually network shares that you connect via the file manager, are accessed via "gvfs" in /run/user/your-uid/gvfs10:23
wabbealkisg need I edit gvfs?10:24
wabbealkisg I cannot find a gvfs10:27
michael2hi I just st installed a fresh10:28
Ben64wabbe: mount the share somewhere then use it normally10:28
wabbealkisg now I followed the directory chain /run/user... and found ath the end a smb-share directory which contains files to net devices too, egz the router10:36
vivek__msg/ hi, i am new to python can any one suggest best tutorial or website  for learining python10:36
wabbeBen64 thank you for the hint but how can I "mount the share somewhere..."10:37
Ben64depends what type of network share it is, might be able to right click it and hit mount, or might have to type a command10:38
wabbeBen64 where can I find the "share" to right click it?10:41
alkisgwabbe: in general, when you mount things using the file manager, type "mount" to see where it went, e.g. /run/user...10:50
zomaarMake it rain10:55
zomaarI pressed ctrl-L so the rain was also at the top of the screen10:56
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wabbealkisg when I type "mount" I get dozens of entries11:07
alkisgwabbe: yes, there are dozens of things mounted11:07
alkisgmount | grep /run/user ==> can limit if you want to limit the output11:08
wabbewhat I want is to see my WLAN router from within a program like e.g. office11:08
alkisgwabbe: your router shares files with samba, as a windows share?11:09
wabbegrep | /run/user shows two entries11:09
alkisg(01:09:03 μμ) alkisg: wabbe: your router shares files with samba, as a windows share?11:10
alkisgAnyway gotta go, later...11:10
jeremiesHow to enable pulseaudio over xdmcp?11:10
wabbeyes I think it is samba but there is also an installation of  cifs11:11
bjoernhey, have a problem since last kernel update: my normal keyboard and mouse on thinkpad lenovo l570 dont work after startx command or logging in. they work on virtual shell (strgaltF1). external usb keyboard/mouse work. system is 4.13.0-26-generic on ubuntu 16.04.3LTS with normally plasma11:11
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zomaarWho says you're not star potential, who says you're not presidential?11:38
tatertotswabbe: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no11:47
tatertotsbjoern: do you have the same symptom(s) when booted to livecd/liveusb? yes or no11:48
tatertotsbjoern: if you do not know....go find out11:49
bjoernI'll try, chere to get it?11:58
zomaarbjoern: The standard DVD/USB installer is a Live DVD12:00
sebsebsebah  can't boot past grub still after everything!  on the live usb.12:00
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BluesKajHowdy folks12:16
tatertotsbjoern: did you boot livecd/liveusb? yes or no12:21
=== SyntaxASI|AFK is now known as SyntaxASI
bjoerntatertots: did download, now getting the disc...12:23
tatertotsbjoern: ten four, i roger your "negative"..roger that12:23
Sven_vBmy attempt to install systemd on trusty seems to have broken my syslog. the only messages I get in the last hours are about wifi failures, no matter how often I try to run the "logger" command with different texts. also, SSH, apache and tor usually logged much stuff, now not even when I restart them. :( any ideas how to fix?12:27
fickoCould someone give me a hand? I'm getting errors installing xrdp on a rpi. It has always worked, but but now it doesn't seem to work. Log: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26377877/12:27
oerheksSven_vB, systemD on trusty? what guide did you follow? i guess the best and fastest way is re-install12:28
Sven_vBoerheks, no guide. I just ran "sudo aptitude install systemd".12:28
* Sven_vB headbutts keyboard12:30
Sven_vBwas way easier. just figured out the local syslog is called rsyslog12:30
Sven_vBthat one I could restart and now it works12:30
Sven_vBwell, asking in IRC does help at times. :))12:32
oerhekstrusty was the first with an early systemd, i wouldn' t reccomend it..12:32
oerheksah good..12:32
Sven_vByeah, I was blinded by bad xinetd tutorials that claimed it couldn't do TCP+wait socket activation, so I thought systemd's socket activation was the hot new thing.12:33
Sven_vBnow that I have syslog back, hopefully I can debug why xinetd wouldn't work. :)12:34
zomaarSven_vB: It is sort of systemd-journald now12:34
Sven_vBzomaar, I still expect my messages in /var/log/syslog12:34
* BluesKaj wonders why anyone would want systemd without it being installed by default12:35
zomaarYarr, that's an option too12:35
Sven_vBwell now they're there again, so all seems well for now.12:35
Sven_vBBluesKaj, as said, I wanted socket activation, and some bad xinetd tutorials claimed it couldn't do it.12:36
zomaarThe entire reason for journald was, apart from the fact that it has "systemd" in the name12:37
zomaarThat you cannot alter those logs after the fact12:37
BluesKajSven_vB, why not just upgrade to 16.04 ?12:38
zomaarSo it is "opaqueness" on purpose12:39
zomaarThou Shalt Not Change Your System12:39
Sven_vBBluesKaj, too much PHP5 legacy still12:39
Sven_vBzomaar, if I wanted a system that I couldn't hack on, I'd use iOS12:40
zomaarThe entire reason for systemd-networkd, is just that it has "systemd" on it12:41
zomaarOr systemd-resolved I mean12:41
oerheksphp5 could be a valid reason, but still.. well, you solved it, good find12:41
Sven_vByeah, the apache stuff is the primary showstopper for xenial atm. I even shimmed the missing bluetooth tools so I can use xenial on some of my machines, but for those with webservers, it will take a lot more effort before I can upgrade.12:43
zomaarSame problem I have with Debian 8 -> 912:43
zomaarMore than that they dropped Owncloud from Debian 9 and some more things12:44
zomaarWhich makes upgrading really a pest12:44
Sven_vBdon't they have sth like PPAs for that?12:45
zomaarDk, you can get it from the next installment (testing has it again) but Owncloud has an upgrade path that cannot skip versions12:46
zomaarTo keep the same database you are required to do all intermediate steps12:46
zomaarUsing intermediate versions12:46
bjoerntatertots: on live dvd everything is fine, and now keyboard works again (forever or just from time to time, dont know), mouse dont works yet12:46
zomaarSo that's fun, you have to download upstream packages, get it to work with your database, upgrade, etc.12:47
zomaarUntil you end up on the version you want12:47
zomaarBut maybe they have PPAs for this purpose yeah... :-/12:48
zomaarBut Jessie version is 7, they are now at 1012:49
xs2can I say to apt or dpkg to --asume-ok and then --assume-yes or --assume-anything-positive till the end? Some installers ask you to accept the license, like oracle java installer or mscorefonts12:49
Sven_vBsounds like a ploy to convince users to switch to opaque commercial clouds12:49
zomaarThey had a fight (Debian had) with the Owncloud people, I don't remember what12:50
xs2what users12:50
xs2I'm automating my own system12:50
zomaarOh yes, Owncloud thought Debian was putting users' databases at risk12:50
xs2so, ... can I do this or not?12:51
=== addictedTS_ is now known as addictedTS
Sven_vBxs2, there's a better approach, i'll look it up12:51
xs2ok nice, thanks Sven_vB12:51
xs2oh sorry12:52
xs2I thought you were talking to me12:52
zomaarBut the Ownclouders are a bit high and lofty and think they have the most astounding cloud offering12:52
tatertotsbjoern: I'm glad your symptom(s) do NOT occur when booted to livecd/liveusb....that is very informing and "isolating" for those that understand trouble shooting methodology correctly.12:52
zomaarA bit like some carpenter that will only sell you a table if he can prototype it 3 times...12:52
Sven_vBxs2, may I flood you some code in query?12:53
zomaar(So the end result is no table... :()12:54
bjoerntatertots: and what to recover my thinkpoint-thingy again?... its quite unhandy...12:54
tatertotsa bit like ...the symptom(s) are isolated to the "human installed OS" that's plausibly/possibly tainted with all sorts of ill will....can i make it more clear...sure12:55
tatertotshuman linux admins believe it or not are far from expert(s) or perfect12:56
tatertotshuman error is real12:56
zomaarPartitularly the things you just forgot about momentarily12:56
chat_when i add multiple remote apt repositories for different versions of a software. why does apt install only know one package? i am talking about mongodb. i expect there to be something like software-versionnumber instead of just 'software'12:56
zomaarLike that computer power plug that is just not connected12:57
zomaarchat_: This only works if the different versions have different package names12:57
oerhekschat_, why would you add multiple versions/ ubuntu would see the latest only, unless you start pinning12:58
chat_i added 3.4 and 3.6 but i have no clue then which version apt install would actually install then12:58
bjoerntatertots: seams to be, yeah... but i dont have a clue how to proceed... if i would know the things i missed.... :D bad thing is that it happened after the update/reboot without other config-things done as root...12:58
tatertotsbjoern: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no12:58
zomaarchat_: Notice how python27 and python3 are different packages12:59
bjoernyes with external keyboard12:59
tatertotsbjoern: you are booted to livecd/liveusb right now? yes or no12:59
zomaarchat_: What oerheks is saying is that normally you get the latest version12:59
tatertotsbjoern: open terminal12:59
inflexIs there a turn-key apt get'able crypto wallet that works for a good portion of currencies for Ubuntu yet?12:59
gambl0rei thought ubuntu comes with python 3 but when i check the version it says i have 2.7?12:59
tatertotsbjoern: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit sosreport13:00
tatertotsbjoern: let me know when done13:00
zomaargambl0re: Default "python" symlink will be changed to python 3 I think in 18.0413:00
gambl0redo i have to manually install python 3?13:00
zomaargambl0re: If you execute python3 directly you will have python 313:00
zomaarJust run python313:01
zomaarE.g. even unattended-upgrades on Xenial uses python313:01
gambl0redo you know the best way to install anaconda13:02
=== rolf is now known as Guest55451
tatertotsbjoern: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit13:02
tatertotsbjoern: share url/link here..if you do not get a url/link..say so13:02
chat_python2 and python3 are very different things. ok. but what if there was a python package with some package version like python/from-repo-xy 2.4 amd64 and python/xenial-updates 10.10 .. but apt install only lists python as a package. no version shown there. it this something to specify with pinning?13:02
gambl0reare you sure i have python 3?13:03
gambl0rewhen i do - python -V it shows 2.713:03
zomaarThe pinning will only effect a single package name, and put it to the older version13:03
zomaargambl0re: Then maybe run python3 -V as said13:04
gambl0rei did that13:04
gambl0reit says 3.713:04
zomaarNo you did python -V13:04
zomaarJust type which python3 okay13:04
bjoernshoud be arrived as private message13:05
gambl0rezomaar, i have 3.413:06
zomaarWell then13:06
gambl0rebut if i need 3.613:06
gambl0rebut i need 3.613:06
zomaarYakkety has 3.513:06
zomaarI assume Zesty may have 3.613:07
kk4ewtgambl0re, most distros have anaconda13:07
gambl0rekk4ewt, i have ubuntu 1413:07
gambl0rei dont see it13:07
kk4ewtgambl0re,  and how would you normally install a program in ubuntu13:08
gambl0reapt get13:08
zomaarIs there a bot here that will easily show versions of packages?13:08
zomaarLike Debian13:08
zomaar,v python313:08
ioria!info python3 trusty13:09
ubottupython3 (source: python3-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default python3 version). In component main, is important. Version 3.4.0-0ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 8 kB, installed size 100 kB13:09
kk4ewtgambl0re, https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiUmvOpgdXYAhXjk-AKHfHaDdYQFggwMAE&url=https%3A%2F%2Faskubuntu.com%2Fquestions%2F505919%2Fhow-to-install-anaconda-on-ubuntu&usg=AOvVaw22tkKytQgFGMcwePwkSNn613:09
zomaar!info python3 trusty-backports13:09
ubottuPackage python3 does not exist in trusty-backports13:09
firstrowjoin #logvoyage13:09
zomaar!info python3 xenial-backports13:09
ubottuPackage python3 does not exist in xenial-backports13:09
gambl0rei thought you said anaconda comes with ubuntu?13:09
kk4ewtgambl0re, https://askubuntu.com/questions/505919/how-to-install-anaconda-on-ubuntu13:09
zomaar!info python3 zesty13:09
ubottupython3 (source: python3-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default python3 version). In component main, is important. Version 3.5.3-1 (zesty), package size 8 kB, installed size 67 kB13:10
zomaar!info anaconda trusty13:10
ubottuPackage anaconda does not exist in trusty13:10
zomaar!info anaconda xenial13:10
ubottuPackage anaconda does not exist in xenial13:10
ioriaanaconda is RH13:10
zomaar!info python3 artful13:10
ubottupython3 (source: python3-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default python3 version). In component main, is important. Version 3.6.3-0ubuntu2 (artful), package size 8 kB, installed size 67 kB13:11
gambl0reif i download 3.6v if i have 3.4v will it make a differnce?13:11
zomaar17.04 is the first Ubuntu version with python 3.613:11
zomaarMaybe you can just download an older version13:11
gambl0rei only see 2 version on their site13:12
kk4ewtuse whats in the distro13:12
chat_apt-get install app=1.2.3 is possible to install a specific version, not the latest. but that does not solve for the same package name from different repository with maybe the same version number.13:12
zomaar17.10 I mean13:12
zomaarchat_: That's what I said, what you want is not possible13:12
zomaarchat_: How would they even install on the same system with the same filenames?13:13
chat_zomaar: ok, thank you for that info13:13
oerheks!info python3.613:13
ubottupython3.6 (source: python3.6): Interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 3.6). In component main, is important. Version 3.6.3-1ubuntu1 (artful), package size 171 kB, installed size 300 kB13:13
zomaarchat_: What you can do is download the package and unpack it locally but13:13
zomaarchat_: If you download the package you can do something like dpkg --instdir=/usr/local -i <package.deb>13:15
zomaarchat_: But it will still conflict I think13:15
zomaarchat_: However at that point you have the files on your system13:16
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto13:16
sw0rdyhi guys, in the wiki it says to add Canonical Partners software and install adobe-flashplugin to get flash working on chromium, but apt-get is saying it will have to remove flashplugin-installer ... my question: is that okay/better?13:17
chat_zomaar: ok. i was just trying to upgrade a mongodb server. 3.2 is running. 3.4 was configured as their own repo. (already confusing) and 3.6 is available. but apt install just shows one version. so i held back to just install some random version.13:18
zomaarchat_: apt-cache policy mongodb13:18
chat_will check that13:18
chat_(next week)13:20
zomaarchat_: Oerheks is saying you can prefer the PPA version over the distribution version using pinning13:21
zomaarchat_: Even though it has a lower version13:21
zomaarBecause she is sweet13:22
chat_i will read that up. how to pin with apt13:23
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forgonDownloaded a live CD for 16.04-3 LTS Xenial, a long-time stable version. Yet receive 404 warnings when trying to install a package.13:27
zomaarsudo apt update13:28
zomaarUnfortunately the repositories start to diverge after release13:28
forgonOkay, thanks.13:29
zomaar(Which is really annoying when you are on limited data)13:30
zomaar(Because the update is at least 40MB ;-))13:30
forgonOtoh, if you're very concerned about system size another distribution may be better.13:31
zomaarUbuntu is rather slim compared to some others though13:32
zomaarOpenSUSE installer is at least 3GB13:32
pizzaburgerHi! I'm having trouble keeping my second monitor on while closing the lid of my laptop. Running lubuntu. I edited  /etc/systemd/logind.conf HandleLidSwitch=ignore but the screen still turns off. Any ideas?13:44
zomaarRun xrandr --auto13:45
zomaarIt is also possible to have it run on a udev trigger of the monitor turning off/on13:46
zomaarBut on KDE KScreen interferes and possibly on LXCE also?13:47
zomaarpizzaburger: Or run xrandr --output <port> --primary --mode <resolution> --output <port2> --mode <resolution> --same-as <port>13:49
gabrielcHi all. on ubuntu 16.04 I have the package intel-microcode-3.20180108.0~ubuntu16.04.2 but when I run 'dmesg | grep microcode' I see the previous version. I have already restarted the computer once after updating the microcode package. what is missing?13:50
ReichtangleAnschanyone know how to install updates13:53
gambl0reafter i installed anaconda. i tried running the command "navigator-anaconda" but i was getting "command not found"13:53
gambl0rethen i ran  export PATH=~/anaconda3/bin:$PATH13:53
ReichtangleAnschisnt that fedora stuff?13:53
gambl0rethen i ran "navigator-anaconda" again and it worked13:53
gambl0reReichtangleAnsch, no13:53
gambl0reanyone know why it does that?13:54
zomaarReichtangleAnsch: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade13:54
ReichtangleAnschi mean i want to update to 17.10 with like gnome dextop13:54
zomaargambl0re: I am unsure why you know how to set the search path13:55
zomaargambl0re: The search path is where the shell looks for programs13:55
gambl0rezomaar, im a noob. should be obvious by now13:55
gambl0rewhy do i have to export?13:56
forgonMmh, looks like 16.04.3 LTS does not have qtscript5-dev ?13:56
zomaarforgon: Check if it is not libqtscript5-dev13:56
zomaarforgon: Debian/Ubuntu adds lib to many packages13:56
forgonAt least ^ should exist, but `Unable to locate package libqt5script5`.13:57
brainwash!info qtscript5-dev xenial13:57
ubottuqtscript5-dev (source: qtscript-opensource-src): Qt 5 script development files. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.5.1+dfsg-2build1 (xenial), package size 17 kB, installed size 155 kB13:57
zomaarstrange yes13:58
forgonNot so strange, I've never used this distro.13:58
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zomaarforgon: No I am on limited sources.list so I sometimes miss something13:59
brainwashforgon: is the "universe" repository enabled? check the output of "apt-cache policy"13:59
forgonbrainwash: No, it isn't.14:00
forgonI see there was some DB error when running `sudo apt update`14:00
zomaarforgon: fix for that14:00
zomaarforgon: sudo mv /var/cache/appinfo/..... hmm14:01
zomaarThere is a file that is wrong because of the overlay14:01
zomaar /var/cache/appinfo/default or something14:01
zomaarYou have to move it to /tmp, and then back14:01
zomaarThen it works14:01
zomaarAnnoying bug in Xenial live...14:02
forgonzomaar: ... and then back?14:03
forgonDid you mean I should try something in-between?14:03
zomaarlink problem14:04
zomaarJust move it back14:04
zomaar /var/cache/app-info/xapian/default14:05
zomaarsudo mv /var/cache/app-info/xapian/default /tmp; sudo mv /tmp/default /var/cache/app-info/xapian14:05
zomaarStupid isn't it ;-)14:06
zomaarBut there is something wrong with the overlay14:07
forgonI still don't find the package :|14:07
forgonand see no universe in `apt-cache policy`14:07
sw0rdywhat is the version of top that is less clustered and more organized again?14:07
forgonsw0rdy: htop, atop?14:08
sw0rdyahh thanks, I forgot was trying to do something like toph or top -h :P14:08
zomaarforgon: try qtscript5-dev now14:11
forgonzomaar: I suceeded by running14:12
forgonsudo add-apt-repository universe14:12
zomaarBut that should be activated on Live DVDs...14:12
forgonor, so it seems. I'll have to install quite a few things now, which might still have problems.14:12
zomaarSure sure, but don't run ahead of things14:13
forgonexposure to computers has done much to increase scepticism in forgon :|14:14
zomaarI sometimes curse the day I ever got into Linux14:14
zomaarWhich is like 20 years ago14:14
forgonI remember it well. Installed Arch without knowing anything about Linux, and running into a device driver problem.14:15
forgonbut I got addicted, a bit like https://xkcd.com/456/14:16
zomaarI had a developer CD with SuSE, Slackware, Red Hat, Debian14:16
zomaarI think I only installed SuSE and Red Hat from that set to try out14:16
zomaarBut I couldn't go online in Linux because i had a win-modem ;-)14:17
zomaarI did nothing other than try some utilities from a book14:18
zomaarI remember how alien sed and awk looked to me14:18
zomaarThen I bought a cheap SuSE 6 dvd or something14:19
zomaarI wonder where it went...14:19
zomaarDownloading CDs at 4KB/s was not very suitable...14:20
zomaarAnd Fl. 1,80 per hour14:20
zomaarDuring the evening, 3,60 during the day14:21
forgonMutations for nocturnality are favoured :p14:22
forgon(after a long time where that wasn't the case)14:23
zomaarThe cartoon is a bit off, haha, doing "autoconf" issues after week 6 ;-)14:23
kostkonzomaar, well Linux gained support for winmodems eventually, around the time dsl was taking off so this whole thing got shelved pretty quickly14:33
zomaarDSL was even much later as far as I remember14:33
zomaarBut I didn't know that, thanks.14:34
kostkonzomaar, depends of the country/region i guess14:34
zomaarNo I mean we got cable first14:34
zomaarAlso 4kb/s14:35
kostkonzomaar, oh, that's a north american thing14:35
zomaarNo in the Netherlands14:35
kostkonzomaar, i mean cable, that is14:35
kostkonzomaar, really? interesting14:35
zomaarSouth-west Netherlands got cable first (in the Hague)14:36
zomaarAs far as I know anyway14:36
zomaarToday cable:adsl is still about 50:5014:36
kostkonzomaar, that sounds just about right, in equilibrium14:37
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zomaarCable still has the advantage of analog TV and radio(!) most importantly14:39
kostkonzomaar, you are still able to receive analog through cable?14:39
zomaarMy only TV is free-to-air DVB-T1 ;-)14:40
zomaar4 channels TV + a bunch of radio14:40
zomaarOn the computer14:41
zomaarCard only works in Linux14:41
zomaarToo old for Windows14:41
kostkonzomaar, as it should i guess. although the amount of tv channels seems low14:41
zomaarThere is for pay version about €12/month14:42
zomaarThat has all the channels14:42
=== bcowan_ is now known as bcowan
zomaarTypical cable/adsl subscriptions cost about €40-50 with TV and telephone included14:43
zomaarADSL also has radio but I think poor user interface (using the TV)14:44
zomaarAnd I think DAB+ never took off...14:44
kostkonzomaar, it hasn't yet14:45
zomaarI wonder if I can split off radio from my DVB-T antenna14:46
kostkonzomaar, no idea :/14:47
gambl0reevery time i want to run anaconda-navigator i have to first type  export PATH=~/anaconda3/bin:$PATH14:48
gambl0reanyone know why? thanks14:49
=== xs2` is now known as xs2
zomaargambl0re: You can put it in your .bashrc14:50
zomaargambl0re: There is a file in your home directory called .bashrc14:50
zomaargambl0re: e.g. you can type "gedit ~/.bashrc"14:50
zomaargambl0re: Then you can put that string at the bottom14:51
zomaargambl0re: And save14:51
gambl0rei put it in my bash rc file already14:51
Exagone313put in .profile too14:51
zomaargambl0re: Then a new shell should have it14:51
Exagone313(and relog, for .profile)14:52
forgongambl0re: Do you know the meaning of $PATH?14:52
gambl0reforgon, what is it?14:53
zomaar((... I didn't say this here... but there is a package corrupt in the yakkety archives ))14:53
forgongambl0re: It's a list of directories to search for executable files14:54
oerheksforgon, gambl0re is crossposting to see who is faster with an answer, his speciality14:54
gambl0redo i have to do this all the time whenver i install an application?14:55
gambl0reoerheks, not sure who you are but ok.14:56
forgongambl0re: Only when you install something to a previously unlisted path.14:57
zomaarShe is just sweet, that's her specialty haha. Just kidding, don't mean bad. I like you14:57
gambl0rei just added export PATH=~/anaconda3/bin:$PATH to my .profile14:57
gambl0reand still doesnt work14:57
gambl0rezsh: command not found: anaconda-navigator14:58
redlegiongambl0re: i usually have to source the damn thing until i log out or reboot14:58
redlegionany time i make a change to .profile, anyway14:59
gambl0reso i should log out/login?14:59
gambl0realso whenver i log out why does all my applications close?14:59
redlegionstuff like keybase that piggyback off systemd won't14:59
gambl0rei thought logging out saves your session15:00
redlegionhm, i'm using ubuntu budgie, not the ordinary flavor15:00
redlegionbudgie doesn't save my session15:00
zomaargambl0r: If you execute from the shell your application will also be in the foreground15:00
zomaargambl0re: Make sure you execute with & at the end to ensure it won't get closed when you close the shell15:01
stillunt1tledjust quick q about xfce15:01
stillunt1tleddo i type 'startxfce4'15:01
gambl0rei logout manually through the menu15:01
gambl0reif i do 'sudo pm-suspend' it will save my session?15:02
stillunt1tledi replaced gnome with xfce15:02
zomaarSession support is limited15:02
gambl0reim using cinnamon by the way15:02
forgonstillunt1tled: startx, and put `startxfce4` in your .xinitrc15:02
_KaszpiR_stillunt1tled startx should detect prefered window manager15:02
stillunt1tledforgon: i have xdm installed so, im assuming just put startx in .xinitrc?15:03
forgonstillunt1tled: Basically, startx is a wrapper that launches your window manager/ desktop among other stuff15:03
stillunt1tledi got xdm installed15:03
forgonstillunt1tled: No, .xinitrc is the file that is executed when you run startx15:03
stillunt1tledso i put startx in .xsession?15:03
forgonI suppose that works as well15:04
forgonAfaik .xsession is a wrapper for .xinitrc15:04
akikforgon: it's .xsessionrc15:06
stillunt1tledxfce's login screen looks spooky15:08
stillunt1tledoh noes i login and it dosnt work whatever shall i do (looks at the stack overflow issue i read a minute ago)15:09
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memo1Hi, im working with and server-client program, where the server have a dinamic IP.  The client needs to constantly logging to the server.  Can you recommend a free/open service ddns?15:22
somvchHey guys, can someone tell me how to install Radeon HD 6320 drivers? The one that I downloaded from ATI website did not installed and crushed15:23
mattcodeHow can I prevent PulseAudio switching to my headphones by default? The headphone detection seems to be broken and it randomly switches my line out, I unplugged my front panel audio connector but it still switches :(15:24
BluesKajsomvch, find the correct driver in the terminal, sudo ubuntu-drivers list ...don't use linux drivers from the mfger , they break on the next kernel upgrade anyway15:25
somvchthank you very much!15:26
PTNapivoskiTaiLopez, hi15:36
stillunt1tledgood morning everoyne :)15:51
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hfpHi all, I see there is a new update to the Intel microcode from Jan 8th. I heard it can cause serious problems (it has bugs and can keep the machine from booting). Do I have outdated info and it's safe to install, or better keep away? Running an i7 3520m16:22
hfpmemo1: Check hurricane DNS, they have dynamic dns too16:23
brainwashhfp: bug 174293316:26
ubottubug 1742933 in intel-microcode (Ubuntu Bionic) "Regression in 2018-01-08 updates" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/174293316:26
brainwash"We have received reports from a few customers of higher system reboots after applying firmware updates. Specifically, these systems are running Intel Broadwell and Haswell CPUs for both client and data center."16:26
qswzsystemctl has a shitload of commands16:28
qswzI did a systemctl reboot something and had a bad surprise :))16:29
brainwashhfp: yours is an Ivy Brigde CPU16:29
brainwashqswz: not sure what you are trying to say16:31
brainwashlike, what happened?16:31
hfpbrainwash: thanks. out of curiosity, when something like this happens, is the update pulled for user on these processors to avoid any issue?16:32
qswzthat there are too many commands16:33
qswzfor common sense16:33
forgonAnyone else finding github slow?16:33
TJ-hfp: The recommendation is to NOT install the 20180108 microcode package, but so far no decision made on removing the package16:34
qswzare they alias?16:34
brainwashqswz: the manual page can answer that question16:34
brainwashI recommend that you read through it16:35
qswzI'll rather need a dictionary at that point16:35
qswznah jk ok16:35
brainwashmaybe tell us what you are trying to accomplish in the first place16:35
qswzI want to pass an env variable, just found how maybe16:37
qswzI thought my local env vars would work16:38
qswzif I use set-env, will it be persisted for next boot? hope, will tell16:38
akikqswz: is set-env a systemd command?16:39
qswzjust too lazy to type it all, but the start of it16:40
hfpTJ-: ooops I just installed it because my CPU is older than the ones affected16:40
akiksoon all configuration becomes systemd owned :P16:40
TJ-hfp: you should be OK then :)16:42
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StephenLynxhey, my audio stops working if I close pavucontgrol16:45
StephenLynxany idea what might be?16:45
StephenLynxapplications start out with sound and become mute after a few seconds if I don't have pavucontrol open.16:45
StephenLynxim using an offboard sound card.16:45
jeremiesHow to suspend xdmcp server?16:47
onio1Looking for an application that I can use to edit mp3 metadata I would to be able to set custom genre. Any suggestions?16:47
kostkononio1, EasyTag is a good one16:47
onio1I tried it but it, but it did not seem to save custom genre16:48
kostkonStephenLynx, for starters, delete your ~/.config/pulse folder and logout16:48
kostkononio1, custom theme? hmm16:48
kostkongenre sorry16:48
onio1kostkon: yep16:48
ofekI'm using iostat and I'm trying to test the -N option (Display the registered device mapper names for any device mapper devices. Useful for viewing LVM2 statistics.) how can I change sda to some_name?16:49
ofekI tried `ln -s /dev/sda /dev/mapper/some_name` but iostat still reports sda16:53
goodafternoonhi there16:55
goodafternoonI have no wifi from ifconfig but my chip is prompted with lspci16:56
jeremiesWhat is the best vnc server?16:56
StephenLynxkostkon, no difference.16:58
StephenLynxdeleted it, rebooted, same behavior.16:58
StephenLynxwith pavucontrol closed audio stops after a few seconds.16:59
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ascheelI have a Samba mount (Ubuntu guest, Synology host).  It's mounted through fstab, but I cannot modify anything in the share (or create, delete, etc) without sudo or root login.  What can I do differently to allow this to mount correctly?  https://superuser.com/questions/1285213/samba-mount-only-allows-modification-if-root17:02
trekkie1701cascheel:  Make sure you have write permissions on the machine where it's being mounted at.17:06
trekkie1701cAnd BRB and stuffs, kernel update.17:07
BillD73goodafternoon: how are you attempting to start your wife command line? sudo infconfig wlan0 up replacing your wlan0 with what ever your wifi connection is named17:08
TJ-StephenLynx: does audio play *before* opening pavucontrol? I'm wondering if pulseaudio server isn't running until pavucontrol starts and is stopped when pavucontrol exits17:11
guererohi peeps17:12
guererowonder how i could use my LAN pcs to mine BTC , anyone ?17:12
goodafternoonBillD73 no my wifi is not prompted by ifconfig17:15
TJ-guerero: that's not really an Ubuntu support issue; ask folks involved in bitcoin mining17:15
oerheks!info cgminer17:15
ubottucgminer (source: cgminer): multi-threaded multi-pool Bitcoin miner. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.9.2-1build1 (artful), package size 368 kB, installed size 1154 kB17:15
StephenLynxTJ-, yes, it does play. but stops after a few seconds.17:16
TJ-StephenLynx: so it plays without pavucontrol... does it also stop even if pavucontrol is never run?17:16
oerhekstons of howto' s online, guerero17:16
TJ-StephenLynx: so we can rule out pavucontrol and focus on why pulseaudio server is failing17:17
StephenLynxi just find it relevant as to what is pavucontrol doing that is causing sound to not fail.17:17
TJ-StephenLynx: by default pulseaudio should be logging to /var/log/syslog; see if there are any clues there17:17
StephenLynxJan 13 14:56:41 sergio pulseaudio[1570]: [pulseaudio] authkey.c: Failed to open cookie file '/home/sergio/.config/pulse/cookie': No such file or directory17:19
StephenLynxJan 13 14:56:41 sergio pulseaudio[1570]: [pulseaudio] authkey.c: Failed to load authentication key '/home/sergio/.config/pulse/cookie': No such file or directory17:19
BillD73goodafternoon: assuming you have lspci to fin whether or not your chipset is supported?17:19
StephenLynxJan 13 14:56:41 sergio pulseaudio[1675]: [pulseaudio] pid.c: Daemon already running.17:19
TJ-StephenLynx: I thought that might be it, was just typing "cookie" when you posted that17:19
StephenLynxthe file does exist, though.17:20
goodafternoonBillD73 yes it's supported17:20
StephenLynxis owned by the current user with rw permissions.17:20
TJ-StephenLynx: check that the user 'sergio' is the owner of ls -l "$HOME/.config{,/pulse}/ "17:20
StephenLynx-rw-------  1 sergio sergio   256 Jan 13 14:56 cookie17:20
BillD73goodafternoon: is it currently conencted to a wired lan?17:21
barnexSo my joypad is spamming Keypressed/keyreleased events in XEV, even though I'm holding the button and not pressing/releasing it, is that normal?17:21
BillD73goodafternoon: what is the chipset name17:21
barnex(Also spamming some characters in my terminal)17:21
goodafternoonBillD73 no I don't have any ethernet chip17:21
StephenLynxhm, your command is saying the file doesnt exist. are you sure it is correct?17:22
goodafternoonIntel wireless 826017:22
StephenLynxsergio@sergio:~/.config/pulse$ ls -al ~/.config/pulse | grep cookie17:22
StephenLynx-rw-------  1 sergio sergio   256 Jan 13 14:56 cookie17:22
newcomercd #csharp17:23
TJ-StephenLynx: do the .config/ and /.config/pulse/ directories both have the +x permission for traversing?17:23
StephenLynxdrwx------ on both17:24
TJ-StephenLynx: have you done any customisation of the pulse/client.conf ?17:24
TJ-StephenLynx: is it currently running ? "ps -efly | grep pulseaudio"17:25
StephenLynxaside from disabling the hdi audio card and onboard audio card using pavucontrol17:25
StephenLynxit is as it was created after deleting just now17:25
barnexalso here's my dmesg magically making X-box 360 pad when I connect my non-xbox pad, leaving me with two joypads connected https://paste.ubuntu.com/26379393/17:25
StephenLynxS sergio    1570  1323  0  69 -11 11624 163879 poll_s 14:56 ?       00:00:07 /usr/bin/pulseaudio --start --log-target=syslog17:25
TJ-StephenLynx: OK, let's kill it and run it in foreground, see if that behaves differently. "pulseaudio --kill" then "pulseaudio -vvvv --start"17:26
barnexI don't have xboxdrv nor xpad installed, so I have no idea where that xbox pad comes from17:27
BillD73goodafternoon: what is the ubuntu vers?17:27
StephenLynxok, ran both commands.17:27
TJ-StephenLynx: actually, don't use "--start" !17:27
StephenLynxit says pa was started17:27
TJ-StephenLynx: kill it again, and start it without "--start" - that makes it daemonized again which we don't want17:28
StephenLynxrun -k again and let the game start it on demand?17:28
TJ-StephenLynx: I misread the man-page :)17:28
StephenLynxok, audio for a few seconds, now mute.17:28
TJ-StephenLynx: any messages in the terminal?17:29
StephenLynxa shitload, you want everything or just something after a certain point?17:29
StephenLynxor just the latest few?17:30
yychi: please help me find a link, i am not sure how to form the question. Request: i have two HDs, each already with ubuntu and win10 installed. Request: would like to have dual boot of these two OS without reinstall. Thanks.17:30
TJ-StephenLynx: maybe we can capture them to pastebin? kill the process, then do "pulseaudio -vvvv |& tee /tmp/pa.log" ... reproduce the issue, then kill PA and do "pastebinit /tmp/pa.log"17:31
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StephenLynxill copy what it output after wow started17:31
StephenLynxif thats not enough ill grab everything17:32
alkisgyyc: put the ubuntu disk first, but with it, run `sudo update-grub`, and you'll get a menu for windows too17:32
StephenLynx> [pulseaudio] module-suspend-on-idle.c: Source alsa_input.pci-0000_04_07.0.analog-stereo idle for too long, suspending ...17:32
StephenLynxthis is suspicious tbh17:32
alkisg*but => boot17:32
goodafternoonBillD73 16.04 LTS17:34
yycalkisg: wow, that is way simipler than i thought. thanks. so put ubuntu disk on sata0, win10 on sata1, boot and run update-grub?17:34
alkisgyyc: exactly17:34
yychillarious. i was not prepared for that tidy fix. thanks17:35
StephenLynxbtw,wow is running under wine using playonlinux, but ff and the linux port of psychonauts show the same issue.17:35
yycwill have a go17:35
TJ-StephenLynx: 'ff' being Firefox?17:35
StephenLynxalso, my pa is not from any non-standard repository.17:36
=== gremble is now known as Guest1399
StephenLynxits from the default ubuntu 16 repo17:36
StephenLynxjust eliminating possibilities.17:36
TJ-StephenLynx: I think that message might be unrelated; it's suspend of the PCI *input*... messages before that refer to the PCI *output* being busy17:36
TJ-StephenLynx: I think the clue is the next message which seems to say the entire device is being suspended: "[alsa-source-CMI8738] alsa-source.c: Device suspended..."17:37
StephenLynxwhy though? audio resumes as soon as pavucontrol opens17:37
TJ-StephenLynx: previously there seem to be a lot rewinds due to underrun17:38
TJ-StephenLynx: is the audio device USB?17:38
TJ-StephenLynx: oh, of course, silly me! I was wondering if the power-profile was causing the device to go into a low power mode. Check 'dmseg' or /var/log/kern.log for any indications the PCI device is changing state17:39
StephenLynxwhat do I look for on kern.log?17:40
StephenLynxtbh, my power supply is 400 and nvidia recommends 600 for this vga17:40
TJ-StephenLynx: anything related to the CMI873817:40
StephenLynxoutput of cat /var/log/kern.log | grep CMI817:42
TJ-StephenLynx: it's possible this could be caused by something in the user profile, so as a test, create a new user, log-out of this one, log-in to the new user, and do the test again see if this is system-wide or just user-profile related17:42
TJ-StephenLynx: I wonder if "error: could not parse configuration for card C-Media CMI8738" is significat17:43
StephenLynxi dunno, that kind of error seems that would cause bigger issues.17:43
joenoHi, I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 for some time and have a tiny bug to report about the openjdk-8-jre behaviour. Where should this be reported to?17:44
StephenLynxanything else before I log out to see if the new user doesn't bug out?17:44
alkisgjoeno: ubuntu-bug openjdk-8-jre17:44
TJ-StephenLynx: apt-file doesn't show any packaged /usr/share/alsa/ucm/ files related to CMEDIA so I think we can ignore that17:45
TJ-StephenLynx: no, go ahead17:45
alkisgjoeno: this will guide you to file an appropriate bug report on launchpad17:45
joenoalkisg, thanks!17:45
StephenLynxno cigar17:47
StephenLynxexactly same issue17:47
StephenLynxdisable hdmi audio, disable onboard audio, audio plays if pavucontrol is open, mutes a few seconds after it is closed.17:48
TJ-StephenLynx: instead of disabling HDMI and Builtin devices, how about *moving* the stream to the CMEDIA device, see if the problem still happens17:50
StephenLynxhold on17:50
TJ-StephenLynx: it could be PA is incorrectly thinking when those are disabled (especially if one is the default device) that there's nothing to do and so suspends17:50
BillD73goodafternoon: do you have any available otpion to connect to wired with a USB adapter or a USB wifi stick? It would seem that you need to update the wifi firmware iwlwifi17:51
StephenLynxre-enabled them17:51
StephenLynxthe issue persists.17:51
StephenLynxhow do I set the stream to use a particular device?17:51
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
TJ-StephenLynx: in the list of playback streams there should be a button on the right side of the stream which shows the alternative devices17:52
StephenLynxnot on pavucontrol17:52
alkisgBillD73: are you asking about internet (wifi) connection sharing via wired ethernet?17:52
StephenLynxall streams show nothing more than applications show.17:54
BillD73alkisg: no goodafternoon is having problems getting his 6260 intel wifi to load17:54
BillD73err 826017:55
BillD73it has no available eth port17:55
alkisgBillD73: eth port? Isnt' that a wifi card, that would appear like wlanxxxx?17:56
BillD73alkisg: his laptop does not have and eth port, it has built in wifi using intel wireless 8260 but it is not being recognized  from what im reading its a common issue regarding a need to update iwlwifi firmware which will require some sort of connection without the use of KeryX which is not a default install for  ubuntu17:58
BillD73goodafternoon: your wifi worked fine from live?17:59
goodafternoonBillD73 yes17:59
BillD73 ok what does ifconfig -a output? does it list a device18:00
goodafternoonno it's the same, no wlan18:01
BillD73my wifi is called wlp2s0  obviously you should have lo as the local loopback18:02
StephenLynxany new idea, TJ- ?18:02
goodafternoonyes I have only lo18:03
TJ-StephenLynx: not so far, been trying to reproduce with an external USB CM10618:06
stillunt1tled>when nautilus works on xfce18:06
BillD73goodafternoon: what laptop is this?18:07
marekw2143hello, I have few partitions on disk18:07
marekw2143is it easy to install ubuntu  witch fs encryption on one of that partitions without data loss on others?18:08
tomreynmarekw2143: you can setup encrypted home directories without breaking your other OS. "full disk encryption" (for linux only then, but still on a multi-boot system with two / more OS on one disk) is also possible, but may not be straight forward to setup.18:12
newcomerGuest3337, hala mohamed. kefak?18:12
tomreynand he's gone18:13
TJ-StephenLynx: for your reference, with pavucontrol, here's how the 'move' operation looks18:17
TJ-StephenLynx: http://iam.tj/projects/ubuntu/pulseaudio-stream-move-to-output.png18:17
StephenLynxthat didnt show up to me18:18
TJ-StephenLynx: which suggests PA was not 'seeing' the output devices18:19
bobbysworldcan anyone recommend me an article on how to work with apt on an offline computer?  I'm trying to set up a secret chemistry laboratory and I need to make sure that only people that have access to the radios inside of the chips in my motherboard can see what I am doing....18:22
Stephenlaptop froze, did you say anything after pa not seeing the output devices?18:24
TJ-Stephen: no. Just wondering, does the sound work on the other devices without suspending?18:25
Stephendont know, i dont have anything to plug on hdmi and onboard is busted18:26
Stephenhence the offboard one18:26
bobbysworldI need to keep my secret formula for converting gold into lead a secret...please help me!18:28
tomreynbobbysworld: do you have an ubuntu support question?18:29
bobbysworldYes, if I want to install a package but my computer is not connected to the internet, how can I do it?18:29
compdocbobbysworld, I can keep it safe for you18:29
TJ-Stephen: so is the 'busted' onboard causing this maybe?18:30
bobbysworld(with dependencies and all)  Can anyone recommend an article on the subject?18:30
bobbysworldcompdoc: give me your gold and I will show you18:30
tomreyn!info apt-offline | bobbysworld18:30
ubottubobbysworld: apt-offline (source: apt-offline): offline APT package manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.1 (artful), package size 45 kB, installed size 223 kB18:30
bobbysworldtomreyn: thank you :)18:31
Stepheneverything is possible, but why would pavucontrol prevent the issue by just being open, TJ-18:31
TJ-Stephen: I have no idea, but it would seem as if the PA daemon goes to sleep unless the client is connected18:32
TJ-Stephen: failed hardware is an obvious thing to follow up. Have you blacklisted the kernel module for the built-in device so ALSA/PA don't see it?18:33
Stephenno, how do i do that?18:34
bobbysworldtomreyn: in a few months I'll let you know how it goes and maybe send you some lead18:34
bobbysworldtomreyn: (from inside of a piece of a tree, not a cylinder of metal)18:35
TJ-Stephen: identify which module it uses then unload it. Try this to ID the module: "lspci -nnk -d ::0403" (0403 is the PCI audio class so should show just audio devices)18:36
nagyghi all18:36
kostkonnagyg, hi18:36
nagygcan anyone help me with an usb headset problem? I plug it in (Ubuntu 17.10) and it says that device not accepting address, error -7118:38
nagygI tried all USB ports18:38
nagyg(on laptop)18:38
TJ-Stephen: once you know the module, check if anything has it open with "lsmod | grep <modulename>" - the last column needs to contain 0 for it to be unloadable. If it isn't 0 then ensure pulseaudio isn't running and then check again, once it is 0, do "sudo modprobe -r <modulename>"18:39
TJ-Stephen: at that point re-test pulseaudio behaviour18:39
Stephenok, ill look into that18:42
Stephenyou think its possible to disable it at all on the bios, though?18:43
ramsub07Hi, I have installed Ubuntu a few days ago and i am not able to find my internal Hard drive in the mountable devices option, it's not connected by USB and is getting detected at BIOS while my system starts18:44
=== jpp is now known as Guest97370
Guest97370Hi everyone - ever since the new year, I have been having a problem with Ubuntu.18:48
Guest97370Is this room ok to ask support questions?18:48
BluesKajramsub07, the file manager/nautilus should show the drive in the panel devices18:49
Guest97370Whenever I move my mouse over to the Unity bar on the left, the screen freezes, goes blank, then gives me a "Sorry, Ubuntu 16.04 has experienced an internal error" message.18:49
Guest97370The error message is very long, and I can't copy and paste it.18:49
Guest97370What are the key fields I should look at to post the error to ask for help?18:49
tomreynramsub07: does "lsblk --scsi -o MODEL" list it?18:49
ramsub07BluesKaj: yes, i see two devices there18:50
ramsub07one i suppose is my SSD on which I have installed ubuntu18:51
ramsub07and the other should be my Hard drive18:51
ramsub07BluesKaj: can i check it's size before confirming ?18:51
BluesKajramsub07, run df -h inthe terminal18:51
ramsub07BluesKaj: that didn't show18:52
BluesKajramsub07, sudo fdisk -l18:53
BluesKajor tomreyn's suggestion above18:56
StephenLynxTJ-, disabled the onboard audio entirely on bios, it doesn't show on available devices. do you think disabling the kernel module would make any difference/18:56
tomreynramsub07: lsblk --scsi -o NAME,SIZE,MODEL,SERIAL | sort18:56
kostkonramsub07, more likely due to this regression: bug 173559418:56
ubottubug 1735594 in mesa (Ubuntu Artful) "[regression] compiz crashes after Mesa upgrade" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/173559418:56
ramsub07tomreyn: i get the device, and i confirm it's the right one18:56
kostkonmeant for Guest9737018:57
IntelCoreHi, Had the Kernel 108 not workin, got this update.  ClamAV ran, then back to grub.. then wait, and ubuntu ran.18:57
kostkonGuest97370, https://launchpad.net/bugs/173559418:57
TJ-StephenLynx: if the built-in device doesn't show up in lspci then the module won't get loaded18:57
=== mohammad_ is now known as Guest40732
kostkonGuest97370, a fix is on the way18:58
tomreynramsub07: run "sudo adduser $USER disk" and logout and login again18:58
ramsub07kostkon: how to mount it?18:58
ramsub07tomreyn: instead of disk there, i should give it's serial ?18:58
ramsub07BluesKaj: that command didn't show my device18:59
tomreynramsub07: no, you can just copy and paste it as i wrote it18:59
IntelCorecaniocal on hp 15 i5.. is ubuntu kern 109 going to boot like this.. all time now?18:59
StephenLynxwelp, this is getting hairy18:59
BluesKajramsub07, how do you know, paste the output in pastebin19:00
tomreynramsub07: which ubuntu release are you running by the way? this command will tell: "lsb_release -ds"19:00
Term1nalin an attempt to upgrade 14.04 to 16.04, I keep getting these errors about some regex stuff in perl that scrolls on the screen too fast, but it ended up not finishing.19:00
Term1nalI attempted to 'reboot' and it said I had to install reboot via apt-get O.O19:01
IntelCoreTerminal, did you --re-install upstart ?19:05
tomreynTerm1nal: this sounds like your release upgrade was interrupted. this usually happens when you had (unsupported) third party packages installed. you can try to fix this with help from this channel, but it'll likely be a lengthy process. a faster approach may be to just (re)install 16.04.19:06
BluesKajTerm1nal, did you update and upgrade your existing packages in 14.04 before upgrading to 16.04 ?19:07
IntelCore15 didn't have upstart in same place19:08
MWMI am having trouble with the amdgpu-pro driver.  after installl I could not log in at all.  CTL + ALT + F2 worked to remove it but now I am still confused about installation19:10
Term1nalI managed to get it to work with apt full-upgrade19:10
StephenLynxi had a really bad experience with amd drivers in general using centos and couldn t get it to work at all19:10
Term1nal(found on google somewhere)19:10
Term1nalI believe the main issue was something about failing regexes in some perl package19:11
Term1nalsince that's the only error I saw19:11
ramsub07Jeez! I landed into a login loop19:12
MWMthis isnt the only time ive had an issue with the amd driver, and normally I would just use the provided drivers, but the doctor ordered the AMD drivers this time :(19:12
* mans82 19:12
ramsub07now whe I enter parted -l, i see Error: /dev/mapper/nvme0n1p3_crypt: unrecognised disk label19:12
ramsub07http://dpaste.com/2ECNAPY is the full traceback i get19:13
ramsub07and this is the device that I want to mount19:13
IntelCoreMWM - ubuntu 16.? 17?19:14
MWMfresh install of vanilla ubuntu 16.04.319:14
tomreynramsub07: The "Error: /dev/mapper/nvme0n1p3_crypt: unrecognised disk label" message is to be expected, parted has no concept for dmcrypt-LUKS encrypted partitions.19:14
IntelCoreYes is there on askubuntu.com19:14
ramsub07tomreyn: sorry about that, check my new message with the link to the paste19:15
ramsub07that's more accurate of my problem19:15
tomreynramsub07: the fact that the sda partiton table cannot be read, though (is there is any), is going to prevent you from mounting any file systems on it, however19:15
tomreyn* "(iF there is any)"19:16
tomreynramsub07: how was this disk used before?19:17
ramsub07tomreyn: just now setup my computer and OS19:17
tomreynramsub07: so disk sda (the 3 TB Seagate HDD) was never used before?19:18
ramsub07tomreyn: yep19:18
tomreynramsub07: i see. so if you want to make use of it you'll need to create a partition table and partition son it. you can use the gnome-disk utility for this purpose.19:19
MWMmost of what I can find on google lists nearly the same procedure for install, but thats what already didnt work.  Not to mention that I am really not sure what went wrong in the first place.  The OS is supported, the GPU is supported.  Fresh install complete with updates.  WHat else is there?19:20
tomreynramsub07: be careful to pick the ciorrect device, though, this utility allows you to make changes to any disk, and you can loose data that way.19:20
ramsub07tomreyn: i open the device GUI and i could see my 3tb drive19:21
ramsub07it shows serial number19:21
IntelCoreMWM - I see the amdgpu install problem on askubuntu.com, and it is saying that -- try install without a sudo command.19:22
StephenLynxTJ-, any possibility this is a bug on pa's package that ubuntu got?19:22
=== lynn_ is now known as gryphon
ramsub07i want to mount it to /media/ and want the mounting to happen durin the boot time as well?19:22
tomreynramsub07: i'm not sure what the "device GUI" is. which desktop are you running? default ubuntu (unity or gnome)? which ubuntu release (lsb_release -sd)?19:23
ramsub07I'm running 16/0419:23
TJ-StephenLynx: I've never seen nor heard of it, and could not find any bug reports similar19:23
MWMIntelCore:  I dont think I used sudo but I very well could have.  Ill give it a shot .  If you dont see me in here again then you will know it worked :D19:23
StephenLynxfew people use pci sound cards19:24
ramsub07and it's the 'disks' app that i see on the search bar19:24
StephenLynxand theres always the first report19:24
ramsub07tomreyn: should i create a new partition image to the destination that I want it to be mounted ?19:24
StephenLynxthis is a fresh install, only major thing is nvidia driver19:24
StephenLynxon board audio is disabled19:25
StephenLynxI didn't customize anything19:25
BluesKajramsub07, sudo blkid and use the uuid entry in /etc/fstab without the quotes19:25
StephenLynxand behavior changes consistently based on software state.19:25
tomreynramsub07: you should 'format disk'19:25
StephenLynxeither we need someone with more knowledge on the subject, or we ran out of possibilities.19:27
tomreynramsub07: once you've created a partition table (choose GUID/GPT) and created a partiton and a file system on it, here's how you can have that auto-mounted: https://askubuntu.com/questions/783061/automount-in-16-0419:27
tomreynramsub07: other options are discussed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions19:28
ramsub07tomreyn: i've formatted and mounted19:28
IntelCoreMWM -- if you use the system admin, and software updater, then get a panel that shows 'settings' a tab for drivers is there.. that goes to fetch your drivers19:28
TJ-StephenLynx: I'd be reading the dmesg boot log line-by-line looking for clues19:29
IntelCoreSp kernel 109 is the one... It changed the way my pc boots.. just wondered if this was the case now?19:30
sebsebsebright I really don't know what is wrong, tried lots of things, and still Ubuntu won't boot up past Grub,  get black screen instead. starting wonder if I got some werid new motherboard issue, since my motherobard got replaced in lap top19:30
IntelCoreMWM -- system admin, and software updater, then get a panel that shows 'settings' a tab for drivers is there.. that goes to fetch your drivers19:31
Bashing-omsebsebseb: I have just joined. Is this nvidia graphic's driver ?19:32
StephenLynxis that it TJ- ?19:32
kostkonIntelCore, what kind of change you mean19:32
IntelCoreWull Kernel 109 showed my power state, acpi, then my clamAV ran... then it went back to grub once, and then ubuntu loaded19:33
sebsebsebBashing-om: no it's intel19:34
MWMIm getting a message about microcode for AMD CPU's but nothing about drivers.19:34
sebsebsebBashing-om: intel graphics, and no added nvidia in here19:34
sebsebsebBashing-om: it's happenign with all the recent usb's i made and testd, iso's I put on usb etc, it's even happenign with old ones19:34
ramsub07tomreyn: i see now on /media/data/ehD19:34
ramsub07tomreyn: when i do df -h <path>i see all the available memory19:35
ramsub07is this fine or should i make it mountable at the startup as well?19:35
kostkonIntelCore, have you booted only once since you installed kernel 4.4.10919:35
kostkonIntelCore, well it might be different next time19:36
IntelCoreer, i think I just did a software update check, from about my computer19:36
tomreynramsub07: that's entirely up to you.19:36
Bashing-omsebsebseb: A victum of the recent bios vulnerabilities ? Is the system fully updated with the new kernel ?19:36
ramsub07tomreyn:  i want to be mounted at startup, what should i do?19:36
kostkonIntelCore, it might take a few ms more for the new kernel to rebuild the dkms modules that you may have in use for example19:37
IntelCoreYes.. it could be back to normal next time..It's clamAV I need to know more about, as well.19:37
tomreynramsub07: again, that's discussed here https://askubuntu.com/questions/783061/automount-in-16-04 and here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions19:38
IntelCoreAny other bumps, will check back ya later - Thanks19:38
TJ-StephenLynx: reading the dmesg and checking the motherboard user manual, I'm wondering if you've got PCI port IRQ sharing conflicts19:40
StephenLynxdid you get what I pasted with the other nick?19:40
StephenLynxim nowhere familiar enough with hardware to make anything out of that.19:40
StephenLynxor kernels19:40
kostkonStephenLynx, this? https://pastebin.com/Z2rLqH3T19:41
TJ-StephenLynx: in what was is the built-in audio device broken? is it the audio connectors or the chipset itself faulty?19:41
StephenLynxaudio wouldn't come out.19:41
StephenLynxits been like that for years and years.19:42
sebsebsebBashing-om: I am in ##linux to, where they trying to help as well, but  I had the hp partner company replace the motherboard since issues with it, over heating before, and now I get this stuff instead19:42
StephenLynxover 4 or 5 years.19:42
StephenLynxthen the off board I got died too and I got a new offboard, which is the one in use.19:42
sebsebsebBashing-om: I can't boot past grub / memtest if on a ISO, get a black screen instead when trying to load up a kernel, that's versions of Ubuntu, minte mate even, and Magiea even, everything, including old usb's I made before ages ago etc19:42
kostkonStephenLynx, an external one? usb?19:42
TJ-StephenLynx: did the add-in PCI CMEDIA sound work correctly at one point and then developed this problem, or has it always been a problem19:42
StephenLynxkostkon, pci19:43
TJ-kostkon: internal CMEDIA PCI19:43
StephenLynxwhat is that? is just the onboard audio?19:43
StephenLynxit used to work.19:43
StephenLynxif I remember correctly19:43
dartonhy all19:43
dartonis there enyone from hungary?19:43
kostkonthat caught my attention: "Handle vga_switcheroo audio client"  hmdi in the mix too?19:43
StephenLynxI got the first off-board to just get a better quality, then it stopped working.19:43
TJ-StephenLynx: it just seems strange that both the built-in and a PCI sound device both have problems of one sort of another19:44
StephenLynxkostkon, my graphic card has hdi19:44
StephenLynxand so the mobo19:44
StephenLynxbut I never used it.19:44
TJ-StephenLynx: your point about the PSU being 400W but the GPU recommending 600W might be relevant19:44
StephenLynxbut why would pulseaudio prevent the issue in that case?19:44
StephenLynxsome energy conservation thing?19:44
StephenLynxI mean19:45
TJ-StephenLynx: power-saving could be it; it's a very strange symptom!19:45
StephenLynxand for some reason pavucontrol being opened would prevent the energy conservation feature to kick in?19:45
TJ-StephenLynx: I can only shrug :D19:45
StephenLynxits really odd19:45
TJ-StephenLynx: there aren't any clues in the kernel log, I went through it lone by line19:46
StephenLynxlet me try removing the graphic cards19:46
kostkonStephenLynx, are you running a latest nvidia card off a 400w psu? what's the model19:46
TJ-StephenLynx: besides the PCI CMEDIA card, are there any other PCI devices in there? Also, have you tried moving the CMEDIA card to one of the other 2 PCI slots?19:47
StephenLynxno other cards besides the graphic and audio19:47
TJ-StephenLynx: with PCI, moving slots can often have unexpected affects; I've solved many weird issues by juggling cards and PCI slots19:48
StephenLynxive moved from the old slot right after installing ubuntu on it this week19:48
TJ-StephenLynx: reason being sometimes several slots might share the same PCI INT (interrupt) line, whereas other slots won't19:48
TJ-StephenLynx: worth moving it again as a test do you think?19:48
StephenLynxwill do19:49
dartonif i intsall play on linux why i do not see the program window just if i make alt tab combinatiton and then only by this and if i want to see the program i cant?19:49
TJ-StephenLynx: from the mobo manual: "When using PCI cards on shared slots, ensure that the drivers support “Share IRQ”"19:49
skinuxHow do we enable rewrite for Apache in Xenial?19:50
TJ-StephenLynx: additionally.. in BIOS settings, Chipset, see if "C1E Support" is enabled and if so, disable it19:50
TJ-skinux: "sudo a2enmod rewrite"19:51
TJ-StephenLynx: and under "PCIPnP" ensure "Plug And Play O/S" is yes19:52
TJ-StephenLynx: on the Power menu, ensure ACPI 2.0 is enabled and ACPI APIC Support is enabled19:53
StephenLynxi cant find c1e support on chiptset settings19:55
StephenLynxadvanced >chipset only have northbridge configuration and internal graphics19:56
StephenLynxnortbridge configuration have dram controller configuration, ecc configuration and19:56
StephenLynxpciex16x something19:57
StephenLynxplug and play was no, setting to yes19:57
StephenLynxacpi 2.0 support is enabled, so as acpi apic19:58
kostkonStephenLynx, that's what pci was build for among other things, plug and pray19:58
TJ-StephenLynx: sorry, it's Advanced > CPU19:58
StephenLynxfound it and disabled19:59
StephenLynxdidnt fiddle with the cards19:59
StephenLynxdecided to try bios settings before19:59
TJ-StephenLynx: C1E is known to cause issues because it halts the CPU when it's idle19:59
TJ-StephenLynx: sorry, when the CPU gets a halt instruction it drops to a very low power mode20:00
StephenLynxstill muting after a few seconds20:00
TJ-OK, card move time :)20:01
TJ-StephenLynx: I don't suppose you have a more powerful PSU you could test?20:01
StephenLynxi just bought this used video card on the cheap20:01
StephenLynxand tacked on this old computer gathering dust20:02
TJ-StephenLynx: maybe just remove the nvidia and use built-in video then, it would have the same effect of reducing power draw to something the PSU should be able to sustain20:02
=== enko-h is now known as enko-w
TJ-If none of these ideas help I'm not sure what else to suggest, we're not seeing any clues in the syslog nor from pulseaudio20:03
StephenLynxim afraid i wont be able to do so, onboard video dont want to work20:03
BillD73StephenLynx: havent been following closely, but have you disabled onboard video in the bios regardless of whether it works or not?20:03
StephenLynxmaybe it will when I remove the vga20:03
StephenLynxi did not20:03
TJ-StephenLynx: hmmm, audio won't work, video won't work? I'm beginning to think the mobo itself is faulty20:03
StephenLynxi remember it working when I forgot to plug the power on the vga20:04
TJ-StephenLynx: internal GPU is Integrated ATI RadeonTM HD 4250 GPU20:05
StephenLynxok, its working with the vga power unplugged20:06
StephenLynxthis is weird, now i can change the device being used20:07
StephenLynxonboard is back20:07
StephenLynxdid the mobo lost its setting?20:08
StephenLynxit paskered me about bios shit on boot20:08
StephenLynxregardless, issue persist with unpowered vga20:08
=== SyntaxASI is now known as SyntaxASI|OFF
StephenLynxgod damned, it reverted settings20:10
BluesKajStephenLynx, in bios peripherals choose the pci gpu instead of the onboard20:14
Hensterhi guys,please help me i need to create more space https://paste.ofcode.org/39HV5gEpKrAHFZCBD9JW47y my system OS is on my sda1 drive , i tried deleting some files on my home directory but still get this - bash: cannot annot ment: No space left ocreate temp file for here-docun device20:16
Bashing-omHenster: Pastebin the results of terminal commands: ' df -h ; df -i ' see what we have to work .20:17
sebsebsebHenster: looks ike your trying to delete tempory files and stuff, like Windows, but this is Linux so uhmm,  make sure your partion is big enough. your /20:18
Henstertotal 7220:18
Hensterdrwxr-xr-x  12 henster henster 4096 Jan 13 19:34 .20:18
Hensterdrwxr-xr-x   3 root    root    4096 Jan  5 16:42 ..20:18
Henster-rw-rw-r--   1 henster henster    0 Jan 13 18:41 badsectors.txt20:18
Henster-rw-------   1 henster henster 8192 Jan 13 19:39 .bash_history20:18
Henster-rw-r--r--   1 henster henster  220 Jan  5 16:42 .bash_logout20:18
Bashing-om!paste | Henster20:19
ubottuHenster: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:19
BluesKajHenster, run sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean20:19
sebsebsebBluesKaj:  hmm so ##linux wasn't much good for my issue it seems20:19
sebsebsebBluesKaj: it's really strange20:19
sebsebsebBluesKaj: I had the motherboard and hard disk repalced in a hp lap top, and now I can't boot up Live usb's prpoerl of ubuntu or mint icinnmaon mageia 6 even.   goes black wehn trying to boot up a kernel20:20
sebsebsebyes it's uefi20:20
Bashing-om!ktpi | sebsebseb Are you affected by the bios corruption ?20:20
Hensterok i have run this run sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean , and20:20
Henster/dev/sda1       913G  898G     0 100% /  still full20:20
sebsebsebBashing-om: no not the news stuff, this is a hp20:20
akikHenster: you have a lot of your own files on that partition20:21
Bashing-om!kpti | sebsebseb Are you affected by the bios corruption ?20:21
ubottusebsebseb Are you affected by the bios corruption ?: Meltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti20:21
sebsebsebBashing-om: I have tried a few versions of ubuntu, mint, and mageia 6. also this lap top used to run Ubuntu and Mageia ok before the hard disk and motherboard got replaced, once i had disabled the secure boot and that20:21
akikHenster: or either a log file that grows uncontrollably20:21
sebsebsebI can't load up the live usb properly20:21
sebsebsebBashing-om: I don't think this is melt down20:21
Hensteryes i do .. i acendelty copyied stuff to this sda1 but deleted some to clear up space ..20:22
akikHenster: you can see the disk usage with "sudo du -sk /* | sort -n" and then dig deeper where you see the usage20:24
BluesKajsebsebseb, how did you creat the usb image ?20:24
pikapikaIs there any method to open files and folders like in thunar within the whisker menu? That is, I type a partial path, the menu displays possible files and folders..., until I type a complete path to a file in which case pressing enter would open the file. Or anything similar to this.20:25
sebsebsebBluesKaj: I have treid v arious ways at making usb's,  etecher, refus,  uhmm some  uh what was that latet one uhmm win32diskmanager20:25
sebsebsebBluesKaj: plus as I mentioend earlier it's my old usb's too20:25
sebsebsebeveything I have treid  to boot up has resulted in same issue20:25
EzriilcGreets, ya'all.20:26
BluesKajsebsebseb, rufus in windows is your best bet20:27
sebsebsebBluesKaj: I have done everyhging iwth that20:27
sebsebsebBluesKaj: mbr and uefi,   gpt only etc etc, like every option in that, and still the same problems20:27
BluesKajseb unless you have another linux computer that you cna use dd to copy the image20:27
EzriilcDoes anyone know of specific issues running KODI 17 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS?20:28
TJ-sebsebseb: GRUB starts and you can get to it's menu?20:28
sebsebsebBluesKaj: that's what htat win32 manager thing does, basically a dd or whatever20:28
BluesKajwhatevewr doesn't cut it . has to be dd20:28
sebsebsebTJ-: yes grub starts and I get it's menu on the live usb, but then when I do try ubuntu, or install ubuntu or anything like that, black screen instead20:28
sebsebsebBluesKaj: the othe program does the whole image etc, i was recomended in ##linux earlier, i don't think it's to do with how i have or haven't burnt a usb20:29
sebsebsebthis is happenign with my old usb's as well20:29
TJ-sebsebseb: have you edited the kernel command line, removed any "quiet splash" and added "debug" ?20:29
sebsebseband  a mint mate perssitent usb even that I was given, but that one evenv has memtest on it, and on that one that loads up as well20:29
TJ-sebsebseb: I'm wondering if we can get it to spew some useful info20:29
BillD73Ezriilc: i dont ahve an issue.. Currently running krypton on my 16.04 lts towe in my living room. feeding all my Pi's via wifi and NTFS20:29
sebsebsebTJ-: yes I treid to put kernel paramaters in those, but issues still20:29
EzriilcKODI seems to lock up the whole machine.20:29
TJ-sebsebseb: also, in firmware settings is "USB Legacy" support enabled?20:29
EzriilcBillD73, nice setup.20:30
sebsebsebTJ-: I have even disabled secure boot only, treidl egacy booto ny for the mint one, and issues still20:30
TJ-sebsebseb: does the kernel start loading and you see messages and then it panics, or you see nothing from the kernel?20:30
JTechis encryption dangerous? I'm getting a little worried at the thought of encrypting a whole system and then something going wrong and losing everything.20:30
BillD73Ezriilc: I like it. Had it done on winders, sucd20:30
sebsebsebTJ-: I see nothing at all just black screen20:30
EzriilcThe machine locks so tight that no input has any effect.20:30
TJ-sebsebseb: Do you have a 2nd PC?20:30
sebsebsebTJ-: not one that works here right now,  except for my gpd win  I guess really or gpd pocket, but those are mini pc's so a bit differnet, but the win can take normal Linux distros, put on there berfore20:31
JTechI already did it once when an old Windows XP installation decided it wanted to check for updates despite being fine for years, and then since I couldn't log into Windows I couldn't access an encrypted folder.20:31
BillD73Ezriilc: so you cannot even ssh in?20:31
TJ-sebsebseb: I'm wondering if it purely a video issue, and if you waited long enough you could explore the network with nmap to see if you can detect it20:31
sebsebsebTJ-: I was going to try booting up a usb there, but  not sure where cable is quite for power, i think would probably load up there20:31
EzriilcWell, I haven't tried that... hmmm...20:31
sebsebsebTJ-:  not sure about video, I mean it's just a intel graphics card in here nothing that fancy, and before my mother board and hard disk got replaced, I had linux on here as well20:32
EzriilcBut pressing the power button does nothing, gotta hold for a hard shutdown.20:32
TJ-sebsebseb: right, but it's a very different thing between the kernel not starting, or it just not displaying anything but running fine :)20:33
BillD73i'd tray that after it "locks" and then try an kill kodi and see if it will resume. I would say remove kodi, clear the .kodi/ from your user dir and try a fresh install20:33
sebsebsebTJ-: Windows works !20:33
TJ-sebsebseb: is it a dual-boot ?20:33
EzriilcYea, I've actually completely reformatted and made sure of a clean install of KODI 17.20:33
sebsebsebTJ-:  it used to dual or even multi boot,  windows 8.1 upgraded to 10, and ubuntu and mageia, and yeah,   before a new mother board and hard disk got put in, I already done the windows rubbbish,  upgrading back to  10 from 8.1 adn all tat,  I thought I was ont he Linux stage but then got into these issues uh20:34
sebsebsebTJ-: putting Linux on is meant to be the fun thing, after all the Windows hassle with updates and re boots and uh, but not this time it seems ah !20:35
TJ-sebsebseb: so right now the HDD has Windows on, but no Linux, and the Linux LiveISOs on USB can't get past the kernel starting, apparently?20:35
sebsebsebTJ-: yes exactly, and the hard disk should be good to go otherwise, since already Linux windows re size itself too20:35
sebsebsebalerady let windows resize itself20:35
sebsebsebTJ-:  when I try and get it to boot up say try ubuntu, or install ubuntu from the grub on the live cd,  the screen just goes black and that's that20:36
BillD73Ezriilc: so I assume the ubuntu install works without flaw? fully updated etc.20:36
MWMWell I got amdgpu-pro installed and can log in now.... but ive got another error20:36
EzriilcYes, it seems fine.20:36
TJ-sebsebseb: this may sounds daft but... maybe in Windows, use a VM to install Linux, and configure the VM to use the host disk? It's possible with Linux hypervisors like QEMU/LVM but not sure about those on Windows. Not sure if VirtualBox supports that, but I've used the VM install method when systems had no DVD and broken USB20:37
MWMamdgpu_device_initialize: DRM version is 2.50.0 but this driver is only compatible with 3.x.x. Please tell me someone knows how to fix this off the top of their heads? :D20:37
EzriilcIt's an old 2007 HP machine with an Intel Core Duo.20:37
sebsebsebTJ-: I think  I read some were before, that something ike that may be possible actsaully, but that seems uh in itself to even try and try20:37
sebsebsebTJ-: altough I am meant to have some kind of hardware virtulisation too, that can be disabled20:38
sebsebsebin the uefi bios20:38
sebsebsebenab led not disable above20:38
BillD73Ezriilc: memory? large enough swap?20:38
Ezriilc4GB, idk about the swap.  I did everything as default.20:39
TJ-sebsebseb: Let's assume there's a problem with the firmware reading the USB device. So, it boots in UEFI mode, loads the GRUB UEFI module, which draws the menu, uses UEFI services to read the linux and initrd.img files into memory and execute them and ... nothing. So you try using Legacy CSM mode, UEFI-BIOS reads sector 0 of the USB device (which'll be isolinux not GRUB), which reads it's menu.c32 and other20:42
TJ-files and shows the menu, then tries to read the linux and initrd.img files and ... nothing.20:42
TJ-sebsebseb: This suggests the mobo firmware is broken in some way20:42
TJ-sebsebseb: is the mobo using the latest available firmware version?20:43
sebsebsebTJ-:  that's waht I am wondering if the firmwiere is borken osme how20:43
JTechdo I need to set the boot order in my BIOS before I setup GRUB2 to boot an ISO? ... wait, I changed the order and I was still able to boot into the installed Debian OS... how did GRUB know?20:43
sebsebsebTJ-: I am not sure if it's the latest I mean I treid to find that out earlier even20:43
sebsebsebTJ-:  looks like it's quite recent though20:43
TJ-sebsebseb: I assume you've done factory/default resets of the firmware config?20:43
sebsebsebTJ-:  but then again the lap top is only about two years old, bought it in 201520:44
TJ-sebsebseb: what's the exact make/model printed on it's label?20:44
sebsebsebTJ-: the restore the bios to hp default setings option, it seems was disababled, so coudn't do that20:44
TJ-sebsebseb: that sounds broken already20:44
sebsebsebTJ-: yes hold on can get that info from windows20:44
sebsebsebTJ-: yeah well it's annoying! I sent it off to get fixed, and paid for that even,a nd now all this uh !20:45
sebsebsebTJ-: you want a name, model and serial number or what?20:45
TJ-sebsebseb: everything there is :)20:45
TJ-sebsebseb: not serial # though20:46
sebsebsebTJ-:   what I am wondering is if the Hp partner company, actsauly put in a replacement motherboard, that has faulty firmwire or something uh20:46
TJ-sebsebseb: just so I can track down the exact model and check firmware plus known bugs20:46
JTechdo I need the HD with GRUB2 on it to boot 1st if I'm using it to install an OS onto another HD, or is it ok to have it boot last, checking the currently blank drives that will later have OSes on them?20:46
sebsebsebTJ-: and yes even when I put it into legacy mode in the uefi bios,  it still loaded up that mint cinnnamon one for example or the mageia or whatever in efi mode grub werid20:46
sebsebsebTJ-: ok so a name and ?20:47
TJ-sebsebseb: what went wrong with the original? was it dead as in no power? they might not have replaced it and done an incomplete repair; certainly what you've described makes me think the mobo/firmware is broken20:47
BillD73Ezriilc: honestly man, you might try the Kodi page and see if someone can help ya with it, I had 0 issues getting it up and going. I also have a purpose built tower attached to my 60" tv using hdmi etc..20:47
TJ-sebsebseb: model number ... they usually have lots of numbers and letters that mean something20:47
EzriilcBillD73, can I PM you?  It's busy here.20:47
sebsebsebTJ-: yes  it over heated, woudn't power on eventually, so  they were meant to replace the mother board, and put in a new hared disk to since my old one was out already20:47
EzriilcDoes SSH need to be enabled in a default 10.40 LTS install?20:48
BillD73Ezriilc: sure i don't mind since you asked lol20:48
sebsebsebTJ-: someone i knew from lug tested my old motherobard it would get power in odd places, but not come on20:48
JTechI tried to search for a GRUB specific IRC channel but didn't see one.20:48
sebsebsebTJ-: they probably only really tesed with windows, ok it loads, fixed !20:49
TJ-sebsebseb: fixed?20:50
=== candidat is now known as neo93
sebsebsebTJ-: no it's not fixesd20:51
sebsebsebTJ-: I meant hp partner company doing a quick job, then being like well windows loads, ok fixed, send back20:51
TJ-sebsebseb: oh! I see what you did there :D20:51
HoodedOh boi20:51
Hoodedwhy u left20:51
TJ-sebsebseb: I thought my reputation for kicking hell out of misbehaving systems had frightened it inot submission :p20:52
sebsebsebTJ-:  HP Pavillion x360 convertiable pc  and it's a touch screen one yeah20:52
BillD73sebsebseb: i havent been following. But I had a board replaced  for my toshiba, when I couldnt boot i found it to be sata support was enabled in bios... drive was not sata20:52
sebsebsebTJ-: and you want what the model number ?20:52
sebsebsebBillD73:  hmm maybe not sure20:52
BillD73sebsebseb: not to interupt or nothing, jsut a thought20:53
TJ-sebsebseb: yes, so I can ID the exact specification20:53
sebsebsebBillD73:  but  yes  they replaced motherobard in hp, and  put in a new hard disk ,done all the windows rubbish, upgrading back from 8.1 to 10 and all that20:53
Fly727sHello, World!20:53
sebsebsebBillD73: thought I was on the fun putting Linux on stage, but got into issues instead !20:53
BillD73sebsebseb: yes but windows bootloader is not grub.20:54
sebsebsebBillD73: maybe some setting is enabled that shoudn't be, but it's quite basic this uefi bios in here, and other things seemed to look ok20:54
TJ-sebsebseb: seems like there's 11.6", 14" and 15.6"20:54
sebsebsebBillD73: it will load up grub from my usb flash sticks, but not go  past that,  try and load up ubuntu, and it goes black screen, or install20:54
TJ-BillD73: it is failing to boot Linux from a USB device of any kind, but does start GRUB20:54
sebsebsebBillD73: siilar stuff for other distros20:54
sebsebsebTJ-: it's the 14 inch20:54
TJ-seb OK, let me dig some more20:54
JTechif lsblk shows my current drive as sdc, taht means I should write my GRUB2 script to point to the ISO at /boot/grml/[xubuntu].iso at (hd3,1) ? (hd3,1) = sdc / ?20:55
JTechplease don't say that20:56
TJ-sebsebseb: which seems would be "HP Pavilion 11-n000 x360 thru 11-n099 x 360 (Intel)" ? presumably you need to check the 11-n000 against your unit serial #20:56
sebsebsebTJ-:  no that looks wrong20:57
frostschutzJTech, the drive letters are random. it might work, but if you want it to be reliable, use UUID20:57
TJ-sebsebseb: I'm almost at the end of this page: https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c0439621120:57
sebsebsebTJ-:  and I can give you a model or serial number20:57
JTechfrostschutz, how do I do that?20:57
sebsebsebTJ-: serial number or product number20:57
sebsebsebBillD73: so on yours why was other setting on you reckon ?20:58
frostschutzJTech, or if it's the same drive grub itself is installed to, hd0 should be fine20:58
TJ-sebsebseb: HP has confused me, I can't tell how they figure out the model numbers!20:58
JTechfrostschutz, oh no, really? ok.20:58
MWMamdgpu_device_initialize: DRM version is 2.50.0 but this driver is only compatible with 3.x.x. <-- anybody?20:59
* sebsebseb will not buy HP ever again unless really got to, and bugger Dell, Lonovo, Acer, Asus, and all the rest of them too, I mean anyone that ships with UEFI by default, and Windows :d and doesn't even care about Linux, I think it's Linux specific from now on unless with valid exceptions20:59
TJ-sebsebseb: looks like this page is closer: can you ID your model? https://support.hp.com/us-en/products/laptops/x2-x360-hybrids/20:59
BillD73sebsebseb: I'm guessing do to sata drives becoming a thing... I was still using some old ide 2.5" drives at the time. bios couldnt read the drive properly. heck maybe your usb option is for 3.0 and your using and old drive20:59
JTechso even though I set the blank SSD and HDD to boot first, which I'm going to install a new OS onto, GRUB2 will find the ISO by hd0 relative to itself?20:59
sebsebsebunforutnatlly proper pre installed Linux lap tops by default, usaully cost more too, and lack touch screens as well for example21:00
BillD73sebsebseb:  though i would assume backwards compatibility there..21:00
TJ-sebsebseb: I've got an Asus T300CHI touch convertible tablet/notebook; I've been quite pleased with it21:01
sebsebsebTJ-: the product number is: MOR72EA#ABU  or accoding to this hp  program anyway21:01
sebsebsebTJ-: right but asus don't re install linux, i was happy enough with this hp when it uhmm wasn't over heating, or refusing to poewr on, or or uhmm well these recent issues21:02
TJ-sebsebseb: that model # comes up with "HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab254sa"21:02
sebsebsebTJ-: yeah it might be 15 inch actsaully21:03
streakyi'm finding the discussion a tad hard to follow but you know there's a pavilion x360 recall right? they released a bios update to murder battery charging on them because they catch fire21:03
=== neo93 is now known as candidat
TJ-sebsebseb: doesn't look like a convertible from the user manual illustrations!21:03
sebsebsebstreaky: a re call oh ?21:03
JTechif running update-grub doesn't show that it found my ISO, does that mean I did it wrong?21:03
sebsebsebTJ-: well can move the screen around onto the keyboad, and make it go in a sort of tablet mode21:04
TJ-sebsebseb: folds back you mean?21:04
JTechwell I tried both (hd0,1) and (hd3,1) and still no change.21:05
sebsebsebstreaky: ok thats interesting21:05
sebsebsebstreaky:  loooks like my lap top is one of the effected ones then ?21:05
sebsebsebstreaky: I did mention how it over heated and that at the beginnign dind't i or uhmm21:05
JTechoh wait. I bet it's because setting up a menuentry failed. because Debian doesn't have grml-rescueboot.21:05
sebsebsebstreaky: yeah this one acgtsaully over heated a lot at the begining, when it was new as well !21:05
sebsebsebstreaky: I contacted them about that but uselsss, I told them about that when I sent it off for repair21:06
sebsebsebstreaky: still had to pay21:06
sebsebsebstreaky: since out of warranty21:06
JTechwait ... isn't editing the /etc/grub.d/40_custom file an ALTERNATIVE to creating a menuentry with grml-rescueboot??21:06
TJ-sebsebseb: I think I finally found it: https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-Pavilion-15-bk000-x360-Convertible-PC/1086217521:07
TJ-sebsebseb: apparently there's a known issue, you should read it (affects Windows with a blank screen too!) https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/hp-pavilion-15-bk000-x360-convertible-pc/10862175/document/c0351816521:08
sebsebsebstreaky: ok I had no dea aabout that, so interesting21:09
sebsebsebstreaky: and there's a little program I can downloado n your link to see if I got a bad battery or not21:09
TJ-sebsebseb: also, "... he notebook screen display might remain black when there is a corrupted graphics driver or a problem with the LCD display back light. To test the display, attach an external monitor and restart the computer .."21:09
JTechit's strange. my grub device.map shows the drives listed differently than Debian's lsblk results. I wonder what I'm supposed to do...21:09
JTechI wonder if it's ok to just try randomly21:10
TJ-sebsebseb: step 3 of that known issue details a boot-time hot-key combination to reset/recover the BIOS21:10
sebsebsebTJ-: bkooo ? that doesn't seem right21:10
TJ-sebsebseb: Well, if you can find the correct page...! HP numbering is terrible21:11
sebsebsebTJ-:  windows works on here21:11
sebsebsebTJ-: I got a little hardware info on the back or under it, but could lose irc conneton I guess if trrying to go to that hmm21:11
sebsebsebTJ-: altough I also texted someone my info the other month soh mm actaully21:12
TJ-sebsebseb: right, but the same symptom could be  affecting Linux21:12
sebsebsebTJ-: I can get some info from that maybe too and that phone isn ear me21:12
JTechloopback loop (hd0,1)$isofile I tried hd0, hd1, hd2, hd3. none of them change the results of what upgade-grub find. this is really discouraging. I wonder what I'm doing wrong.21:12
sebsebsebTJ-:  andn ow streaky  got me curious about the battery issue to21:12
sebsebsebstreaky: I don't feel that supprised if there's a possible battery issue, this lap top was never that great really21:12
sebsebsebit had certain issues to begin with as I mentioned above over heating on like day two or whatever etc21:13
TJ-sebsebseb: have you run a system test at boot time?21:13
sebsebsebbut when it worked enough,  it  loaded up linux to etc21:13
sebsebsebTJ-:  which system test ?21:13
TJ-sebsebseb: "Hold the power button for at least five seconds to turn off the computer." ... power on, immediately press Esc repeatedly, about once every second. When the menu appears press F2, click System Tests, then click Fast Test, click Run Once21:14
sebsebsebTJ-:  no not done a test like that21:14
streakyi wub my envy x36021:14
JTechis there a way to check where loopback loop (hd0,1)$isofile is looking? I know in GRUB2 prompt I can look that way. I wonder if I can do the same from Debian. Probably not.21:15
sebsebsebstreaky: what was that?21:15
sebsebsebwillian:  hi21:15
willianbrazilian newbye21:16
akikJTech: you can check it in the grub prompt with "ls"21:16
sebsebsebTJ-:  oh info on ah no text info not going to work now, getting from phone21:17
TJ-JTech: "(hd0,1)" looks like the wrong syntax; it should be either "(hd0,msdos1)" or "(hd0,gpt1)"21:18
sebsebsebTJ-:  and to dark to see info on lap top21:18
sebsebsebstreaky:  TJ-  ok batteyr progarm said my batteyr is ok, also it has our wanted details21:21
sebsebsebTJ-:   HP Pavilion x360 Convertible PC21:22
akikTJ-: maybe it's older grub that used that syntax (hd0,1)21:22
sebsebsebTJ-:  serial number 5CD517229621:22
sebsebsebTJ-:  product number  M0R72EA#ABU21:22
TJ-sebsebseb: right, and the overall name doesn't describe which variant it is, that's the problem21:22
axel09hi group21:22
sebsebsebTJ-: it's the 14 inch one i tink21:23
TJ-sebsebseb: ok, so that is a 13" @ https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-Pavilion-13-a200-x360-Convertible-PC/7527803/model/785156221:23
sebsebsebTJ-: a203na yeah that looks right21:24
=== xs2` is now known as xs2
JTechis there a reason Xubuntu would just start stalling on booting up / turning off, and be unable to access any internet, including updating itself?21:24
JTechthe internet isn't out.21:24
TJ-sebsebseb: latest firmware: "F.37 Rev.A 17.6 MB Nov 20, 2017"21:25
TJ-sebsebseb: so probably you don't have that. if you don't do an update from Windows. https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-pavilion-13-a200-x360-convertible-pc/7527803/model/785156221:25
sebsebsebTJ-:  an upadate for what ?21:26
TJ-JTech: stall would be caused by systemd waiting for the network-online.target to complete if the network isn't available21:26
sebsebsebTJ-:  oh the firm wiere21:26
TJ-sebsebseb: for the firmware :)21:26
sebsebsebTJ-: yeah i looked at that, but21:26
sebsebsebTJ-: it looks odd21:26
sebsebsebsince it was something rev 521:27
sebsebsebon here21:27
TJ-sebsebseb: right, so several versions behind21:27
sebsebsebTJ-:  well its meant to be the same as 2015 when i got lap top21:27
sebsebseba replacement motherboard not upgrade21:27
TJ-sebsebseb: Get the most recent firmware installed, it's the obvious culprit21:28
sebsebsebTJ-: I am a bit hmm to trying to upgrade the bios firemwire as well in  case something goes wrong with that21:28
adman120is there a way to delete all non factory packages?21:30
JTechoh no.... I think the internet problem is because I used two long ethernet cables and somehow it's making the connection unreliable. I plugged it into 2 shorter cables and the internet's fine. T_T21:31
BillD73JTech: how longs to long? I once set my neighbor up with access to my internet witha  200' cat 5 lol21:32
sebsebsebTJ-: I gurss updating the firmewire would  put it back to some nice defaults hough if it works hmm21:34
TJ-sebsebseb: I'd expect it to fix all the problems you're seeing21:36
sebsebsebTJ-: maybe, but why am I having the problems in the first place ?21:37
JTechBillD73, either it's an issue because I'm connecting two long cables together with a connector, or it's possible one of my cables is damaged.21:37
sebsebsebTJ-: also why does hp list the firmwires in a odd way or to me, n ot name of bios uefi firmwiere and rev wahtever, like it says in it21:37
JTecheven though I'm currently using the same connector between cables, maybe it contributes to weakening the signal, where an equal length of a single cable wouldn't have this problem.21:38
TJ-sebsebseb: Ask HP. Use Windows, I'm sure the update won't apply if it doesn't match21:38
BillD73ahh, yeah I used only a single cable. we even used to quake together over it lol21:38
TJ-JTech: Cat5 should be good up to 100 metres (that's required by the specification)21:39
sebsebsebTJ-: or maybe it'x like what BillD73  pt earlier, some odd setting is turend on that shoun't be or something21:39
JTechTJ-, why is the format of my GRUB2 script wrong if the one you suggested doesn't match the site I'm using? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot#Creating_the_GRUB_2_Menuentry21:39
TJ-sebsebseb: the fact you cannot do a factory/default reset suggests it's broken21:39
sebsebsebTJ-: yes seemed that was disabled when I was looking earlier as I put21:40
TJ-JTech: why not just install "grub-imageboot" and put the ISOs in the /boot/grub/images/ directory?21:41
JTechTJ-, because I'm doing this on Debian. {in before "go ask #debian" and then have them tell me "go ask #ubuntu because it's an ubuntu ISO"}21:42
sebsebsebTJ-: I gues updating the bios shoudn't hurt relly21:42
sebsebsebTJ-: or re installing if it was the latest, which it probably isn't21:42
TJ-JTech: actually, the default path for grub-bootimage set in /etc/grub-imageboot is /boot/images?21:43
JTechoh does debian have grub-imageboot?21:43
JTechI'm surprised. so far I've been finding Debian has nothing alike Ubuntu21:43
TJ-JTech: Ubuntu inherits all Debian packages21:43
TJ-!info grub-imageboot | JTech21:43
ubottuJTech: grub-imageboot (source: grub-imageboot): boot iso, harddisk and floppy images with grub2 and syslinux memdisk. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.6 (artful), package size 4 kB, installed size 42 kB21:43
TJ-JTech: also see https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/grub-imageboot21:44
JTechlike Debian doesn't have grml-rescueboot or grub-n-iso_multiboot21:44
pikapikaThere is the "Search Actions" in the Whisker menu settings where I added a pattern for opening a file/folder in thunar. But of course it doesent display the items in the menu itself, and nor does suggest for partial paths21:44
pikapikaIs there any other way?21:44
JTechunable to locate package grub-bootimage. of course.21:45
TJ-JTech: Debian does have grml-rescueboot: https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/grml-rescueboot21:45
JTechis it because my Debian is 2 years out of date?21:45
JTechwhat the hell?? grml-rescueboot looks like it's existed in Debian since 2011! why the hell can't I find it in the package manager??21:46
JTechbetter go ask Debian21:47
sebsebsebTJ-: ok now I know which UEFI bios I got yes it's old21:51
sebsebsebTJ-: now21:52
Bashing-om!ask | Matenz1021:55
ubottuMatenz10: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:55
tomtehi, can anybody help me with non existing sound on a lenovo t40p  I think the problem starts here: https://pastebin.com/5Fx4GVyq21:57
TJ-tomte: is the built-in audio device disabled in the firmware's setup options?21:59
tomteTJ- you mean in the bios? I have to check...22:00
TJ-tomte: Yes, most systems now don't have BIOS, they have UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)22:01
tomteTJ- no such option about audio in there22:03
JTechDebian won't update. I don't know if that's WHY I can't find packages to make this task easier, but I can't get anything done.22:05
JTechI was told: The boot process isn't that hard. Personally, the way I'd do it is to make use of the fact that debian derivatives keep symlinks to the newest kernel and initrd, and add into /etc/grub.d/40_custon a menuentry for it, making use of those files,  /initrd.img and /vmlinuz22:05
TJ-JTech: it would seem so. fix the network, fix Debian22:06
JTechTJ-, I want to go on as few side-tracks as possible. this is gruelling. I got 5 hours of sleep and I don't know what I'm doing even if I were fully alert.22:07
JTechI don't know what's wrong with it22:07
JTecheverything's working against me. my motherboard is defective because Gigabyte motherboards have a wide-spread issue of not booting USB. After spending a whole day torturing myself thinking I wasn't writing the ISO to the USB flash drive properly I only then find that out.22:08
JTechNow Debian is fighting me.22:08
JTechI just want to install this Xubuntu and go back to normal. T_T22:08
JTechI wonder if getting a used desktop PC and then upgrading the video card and RAM would be better than custom selecting the motherboard and CPU and having to pay for Windows.22:10
JTechmy internet might go out as I update Debian.22:12
JTechuhg. maybe not. $270. for only 4GB of RAM.22:15
JTechI mean I guess the case is included but...22:16
JTechI like how people say "just get a refurbished computer. you can get one for $500 or less" of course there's no keyboard, mouse, monitor, or tax. at that point why not just buy custom parts and get something good.22:17
lupuloi try install pycaffe, but it's not possible from apt repository .22:17
JTechI saw a $100 desktop PC with Windows 7. I wonder if that's like getting a low power desktop PC for a few $10s22:24
JTechI don't know how much Windows actually costs22:25
JTechdid update just delete my bookmarks? that'd be funny.22:26
lupuloJTech was it a gameboy with windows inside?22:26
JTechlupulo, Dell.22:26
pikapikaIs it safe/recommended to add folders to root?22:30
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lupulopikapika.. explain safe?22:31
pikapikaI have a dualboot, and I want to add symlinks for my non Linux ntfs drives in root22:31
lupuloJTech, lifemax of VANT is cheap too22:31
pikapikaIn fstab I have mounted them on /media, and also have sym link shortcuts in ~ directory22:31
pikapikaBut typing ~/X is a bit strainful compared to /X22:32
JustAPersonIn 17.10 it seems like you can't set the lock screen timeout without requiring the screen to blank for power saving? What if I want the lock screen to display on my monitor instead of the power saver mode22:36
lupuloxscreensaver-command JustAPerson22:39
lupulopikapika, if you use a normal user and you use sudo for the commands , why do you need the root folder?22:45
pikapikaJust a convenient place to store a shortcut22:45
pikapikaThe actual drives are  normal access area22:46
pikapikaBasically, as I said its a dual boot. So to easily access the Windows drives I have symlinks placed in home directory. But typing ~ is a bit painful, so itd be nice if the shortcut can be stored more conveniently in /22:47
avataris there anybody from USA? i have got a small issue and i need some help22:47
JTechis there any guide on setting up encryption? oh boy. I don't know if I should.22:47
pikapikaOr maybe I should just fstab it to / folder22:47
pikapikaWhich approach would be better? Symlink or just mount it on say /X in fstab?22:48
JTechif I'm using an SSD I wonder if there's a higher risk of complication using encryption.22:50
lupulopikapika, look examples with  man mount.ntfs-3g22:53
JTechdo I want LVM with encryption?22:56
lupulopikapika, look here https://sourceforge.net/p/ntfs-3g/mailman/ntfs-3g-devel/22:57
pikapikaOk, it seems like a way to mount devices to file system locations. That I understand, and since these are permanent have already done via fstab. What I meant is, is it advisable to make the mounting point at root? Ie say setting /somename as mount point22:58
pikapikaInstead of like /media/somename22:58
JTechwhere do I search for a simple explanation of encryption when installing before I actually go and do it?23:03
akikpikapika: it's totally up to you where you put the mount point23:07
pikapikaOf course I know that, but I was asking if it could have any problems/sideeffects if I mounted it at root. I guess since no one said anything about it, it should be okay. I hope...23:08
akikpikapika: no side effects for that (/)23:08
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akikpikapika: i meant /X not / but i think you got it23:15
pikapikaYes thanks23:15
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alex29how to use this chat?23:19
strivealex29: If you're in need of support for an Ubuntu system, just ask :)23:20
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Guest58246im new in linux world, i like it more than windows, but sometimes i need windows, is not possile to use linux 100%? or maybe is because i dont master the os yet23:22
Bashing-omGuest58246: In my case, Windows free sonce 2009 :)23:23
kermytit is very possible to use 100% Open Source software23:23
kermytas ong as you ignore firmware23:24
JTechI managed to get the ISO to boot in GRUB2, but...23:28
JTechError when installing: “unable to find a medium containing a live file system”23:28
JTechand it's not on USB or an optical drive.23:28
MrArmStrong@Guest58246, what is it that you need to use Windows for still?23:29
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Guest58246in my business, for example, sometimes i need to watch my ip cameras on my laptop with internet explorer or using aspel software, its a software for manage my business, but i dont like windows23:30
Guest58246its really slow, virus, i dont like it, so if i study more linux is possible to forget windows right23:30
Guest58246like kermyt told me as long as i ignore firmware23:31
MrArmStrongwell firmware isn't windows anyways...23:31
MrArmStrongbut I get your meaning. So are your cameras controlled by some Windows only software?23:32
Guest58246sometimes i use virtualbox23:32
Guest58246but i like linux, i will keep improving my linux skilss23:33
MrArmStrongthere you go, you'll get it23:33
kermytfirmware is not windows but it it also not OSS.23:36
kermytnot generally anyhow23:36
kermytI look forward to a day when even my computers BIOS is OSS.23:37
trumpOn420you'd need open source hardware23:46
JTechError when installing: “unable to find a medium containing a live file system”23:52
JTechhow do I check the GRUB2 stuff to see if the program I ran in Debian included Casper or whatever it's called that's needed to read the ISO?23:52
lupuloJTech, https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=159929323:58
lupulosection 6.23:58
oerhekslupulo, he has the isoboot wiki too23:59
oerheksanyway, he runs debian, so..23:59

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