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studio-user596just installed ubuntu studio 17.10 on 2009 macbook pro.  have a usb audio box and midi controller.  can't get a sound to work in anything yet.  newb.  any tips or useful sites?18:39
krytarikIt may help if you told us what all you already tried.18:40
studio-user596haha.  ardour.18:41
studio-user596i had a slightly older version running live from a usb yesterday and it was all fine.18:41
krytarikI mean in the way of troubleshooting.18:41
studio-user596nothing seems to work with 17.10 so far18:41
studio-user596didnt have to do anything special yesterday.  so i guess i was wondering if there are some huge known problems with this release?18:42
krytarikNo, there isn't.18:42
Ins0l3ntis there anything out there that is more beginner than demystifying jack?  the fact that i cant plug in and play right now is fuckin ridiculous.19:13
OvenWerksIns0l3nt: try running: cd /tmp && wget http://jackaudio.org/downloads/adevices.sh && bash ./adevices.sh19:21
OvenWerkstake the output and paste it to a paste site let us know the url...19:22
Bear_Hey guys, I do a bit of youtube training videos, photography, some gaming and php development.  I know there are distro's specifically for each ( desktop, server, studio, game ) but I really don't know which would be best suited.21:36
Bear_Is it difficult to install the other "preconfigured" systems that the different variants have?21:37
Bear_any feedback?22:24
krytarikBear_: It's quite fuzzy what you describe, but at least it would seem a server install wouldn't be fitting for you.22:35
Bear_krytarik: probably because I'm fuzzy lol...  I'm a photographer, youtube tutorial creater, php coder using LAMP so it's kinda confusing which version to start with.. does that make sense?22:38
Bear_the thing thats confusing me is I realize the different flavors, like studio vs desktop have the apps/configurations already optimized.. I'm completely unsure how I would apply the studio optimizations if I installed desktop22:39
Bear_does that help?22:39
krytarikThe default Ubuntu Studio install *has* a desktop - does *that* help? :P22:41
Bear_heheh yeah, of course it does, last time I touched *nix ubuntu was in version 722:41
krytarikIf you are thinking vanilla Ubuntu vs Ubuntu Studio, I'd go for the latter.22:42
Bear_@krytarik thats basically what I was wondering...  I've heard to use ubuntu, mint, elementary so I'm pretty confused.22:43
Ins0l3nthey all. had some luck so far getting my guitar into ardour but im having a constant problem stating that my audio backend is stopping22:51
Ins0l3nthavent gotten my midi controller to do anything yet either22:51
Ins0l3ntim added to the audio group, or whatever.  pasuspender just seems to piss qjackctl off.  i just wanna make some noise here.23:01

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