dadu042Hello I wish to warn about a serious issue (loop reboot after updates on 2018-01-13), I have a laptop on Xubuntu 17.10 (32 bits I think) used only for web browsing. It’s a old HP 6730s (CPU Intel Celeron T1600). After one week without admin logging, I have logged in order to do some updates, automatic security updates occured because I could launch myself the updates, the OS asked me to reboot. Now every time I get on the GR08:40
dadu042(my email: david.ducassou@   g.M.aiL.)08:41
dadu042Note I use Xubuntu since 3 years on 3 PCs.08:42
dadu042_Sorry I had to reboot, because the mouse on this PC (Ubuntu Mate ! 16.04.3 LTS) has gone crazy again. 08:50
dadu042_From the GRUB menu, when going to ‘Ubuntu advanced options’, I can see that the current kernel version is  ‘’ . When selecting the previous kernel ‘’ I can run Xubuntu !.09:02
bluesabremorning everyone10:23
dadu042hi bluesabre. 10:26
bluesabrehello dadu042 10:26
bluesabrefeel free to report a bug using "ubuntu-bug linux" so the kernel maintainers can get some eyes on the issues you're experiencing... none of us are particularly kernel-savvy10:29
dadu042thanks bluesabre.  I have asked my question on  https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-meta/+question/66303710:35
dadu042I will look at "ubuntu-bug linux"10:35
flocculantdadu042: run ubuntu-bug linux in a terminal and it will do it's thing10:43
flocculantbluesabre: morning :)10:43
* flocculant has a pink highlight in gtk3 :p10:43
bluesabremorning flocculant 10:43
flocculantseeded ~ 20 iso's since we released 17.10.1 10:44
dadu042flocculant: thank you.10:47
dadu042Je vois que plusieurs suggestions de traducitons en français du site web Xubuntu sont en attente de validation dans https://translations.launchpad.net/xubuntu-docs11:04
dadu042Etes vous au courant ?    Merci de faire suivre.   Et j'aimerais bien faire partie des validateurs (j'ai déjà participé à traduire sous le pseudo  Yosha872 ).11:04
flocculantdadu042: umm - English in here please11:05
dadu042I see that many french translation are not yet validated ( https://translations.launchpad.net/xubuntu-docs ). Are you aware ? it not please forward the info.  And I am interrested to be one of the validators for french (I already translate under the nickname Yosha872).11:35
knomethe xubuntu documentation translations and validations go through the ubuntu translators group, so you'll want to be in touch with the french subteam there12:01
knomenote that it's common that the content on these pages can be (very) old12:02
knome^ dadu042 12:02
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krytarikThe issue reported by dadu042 earlier today is LP bug 1742933.17:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1742933 in intel-microcode (Ubuntu Bionic) "Regression in 2018-01-08 updates" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/174293317:48

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